What Is the Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy – Most Useful Reviews and Tips

Are you looking for the perfect tummy-control swimsuit for your shape? So what is the best swimsuit to hide tummy? These stylish swimsuits will flaunt your curves and meet all your wardrobe needs. The best thing about these swimsuits is that they’re all slimming.

Slimming swimsuits act like shapewear that you can wear to the beach. The compressive fabric offers bust support as well. And with a stylish back that you flaunt under the sun.

If swimwear is something you’re constantly worried about. Don’t be with these best swimsuit choices that hide your tummy. You can still look sexy and feel comfortable while wearing it.

Panache Swim Women’s Balconnet Anya One-Piece Swimsuit#7Polyamide, Lycra Elastane Balconette
I2Crazy Women’s One Piece Swimsuit#6Polyamide, Lycra Elastane Halter
Miraclesuit Women’s Tummy Control Oceanus Swimsuit#5Nylon, SpandexV-Neckline
Gottex Profile Women’s Bandeau Flyaway Swimsuit#4Polyamide, ElastaneBandeau
Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit#3Nylon, SpandexPlunge
Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear#2Nylon, SpandexHalter
Ekouaer Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit#1 - Top PickNylon, SpandexPin-Up

7. Panache Swim Women’s Balconnet Anya One-Piece Swimsuit - Best hourglass swimsuit

	 Panache Women's Anya Bra-Sized Balconnet One Piece Swimsuit, Black, 40 JJ

For a simple and shapely swimsuit piece, try the Panache. It offers an excellent range of swimsuits for most female body types. It’s a very supportive choice for busty women. It’s not all that common to find the ideal fit for a woman with big breasts.

So the Panache is a more tailored and sophisticated choice for you. It fits right out of the box. It’s not too tight or baggy around the bust. The sleek ruching front ensures that your tummy looks slim and tucked out of the way.

It’s not a struggle to get into and take off. Even if the swimsuit is all wet. The sizing is accurate and fits according to your preference. The fabric is lined everywhere from the front. Even though the fabric is thin and light, it’s not see-through.

If you’re looking for something inexpensive and long-lasting, the Panache should be your pick. It is a great swimsuit, very supportive, and accommodating of large sizes.


  • Fits perfectly well from the back and waist.
  • Strong and flexible fabric.
  • Fitting is true to size.


  • Not for tall torsos.

6. I2Crazy Women’s One Piece Swimsuit - Best swimsuit for well-endowed women

I2CRAZY Tankini Swimsuits for Women Sexy Vintage Print Beachwear - S,Flower-07

The I2Crazy One Piece Swimsuit is going to be the best swimsuit piece you’ll ever buy. It’s ideal for sizes small through large. And then some. It’s available in a variety of colors and patterns. So I highly recommend you buy more than one in this style.

The swimsuit covers everything perfectly well. It’s ideal for well-endowed and curvy women too. The fabric feels not too tight or body-fitting. The eye-catching print takes the attention off your tummy.

This is a push-up swimsuit with a slimming shape. The deep plunge design makes the entire outfit look really sexy and flattering. It’s also easier to run around in on the beach or by the pool. Whether you’re in the water or outside, it stays on without any fuss.


  • It hides the tummy and waist really well.
  • The fabric is soft and smooth.
  •  The swimsuit fits true to size.


  • It’s a bit lose for small breasts.

5. Miraclesuit Women’s Tummy Control Oceanus Swimsuit - Best waist cincher swimsuit

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Must Haves Oceanus Tummy Control V-Neckline One Piece Swimsuit, Black, 10

The Miraclesuit Oceanus Swimsuit has a controlled and sleek neckline. It’s a waist and tummy minimizer. And it’s one of the top-performing choices to pick. The bust has a built-in underwire that adds lift and support.

This is not just designed to hide your tummy. It’s also an excellent waist cincher. The wrapping and ruching front slims the waist effectively. But without squishing or pinching the skin. It makes you look slimmer and sleek without you buying a smaller size.

I highly recommend you buy this swimsuit. The material is thick and supportive. But it feels lightweight and soft for long-term use. It definitely holds your stomach and waist in. It’s slimming all the way to the back.

The hips don’t feel too up or low. It has enough coverage for you to feel confident in. The top seams are thick, strong, and flexible. No amount of stretching will lead to tears.


  • The minimizing waist and tummy are great.
  • Contoured and shapely bust support.
  • The fabric feels smooth and breathable.


  • None so far.

4. Gottex Profile Women’s Bandeau Flyaway Swimsuit - Best maternity swimsuit

Profile by Gottex Women's Bandeau Flyaway Tankini Top Swimsuit, Indigo Girl Multi, 8

You won’t find everyone wearing the same style of swimsuit to the pool or beach. Another flattering swimsuit style is the bandeau swimsuit. It’s light and comfortable. And does a better job of hiding the tummy that any other swimsuit I’ve ever seen.

This best swimsuit to hide tummy doesn’t have a compressive fit. But it’s slimming and flattering, nonetheless. It has adjustable and removable shoulder straps. The fit is true to size. It flows very naturally along your body.

The bust support is impressive too. If you like swimsuits that make your bust look slightly bigger, then go for it. For a regular torso, this is the ideal pick for a swimsuit. Since the swimsuit’s straps are adjustable and removable you can style them easily.

In terms of comfort and durability, this is a classy choice. It offers good coverage, support, and size. You can pair it with some good bottoms to go with the eye-catching print. And it’s just as stylish and supportive as any one-piece suit.


  • Removable straps are adjustable and fitting.
  • Lightweight and supportive mesh fabric.
  •  Not too exposing or conservating.


  • Bust padding can get worn out quickly.
  • The size runs slightly small.

3. Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit - Best contouring swimsuit

Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit High Neck V-Neck Mesh Ruched Swimwear Black L

This is the kind of swimsuit you’d buy again and again. It’s available in so many different colors. And it’s one of the top-rated swimsuits for women. It has a slight ruched front to hide the tummy. And a flatteringly sexy mesh fabric at the back and chest.

The style of this swimsuit is undeniably gorgeous. The mesh inserts coupled with the plunge bust support and high neckline. Well, let’s just say you don’t find swimsuits like this so easily. Even more tempting an offer when you look at this swimsuit’s price tag. It’s super affordable!

There’s a band underneath the bust to lift and support your breasts. So that it doesn’t slope downwards and stays up all the time. Whether you’re going in and out of the water or chilling under the sun.

The fabric and fit of the swimsuit are very shaping and contouring. The ruched front gives you a slimming effect. While from the back, the mesh inserts feel well-trimmed and chic.


  • Great bust support and lift.
  • Plenty of coverage and contouring.
  •  The mesh fabric is see-through and smooth.


  • Less butt coverage.

2. Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear - Best slimming swimsuit

Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear Black Halter One Piece Swimsuit Ruched Padded Bathing Suits for Women Slimming Vintage Bikini

Nothing sells better than a product that has thousands of ratings! The Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear is attractive and comfortable to wear. Made from spandex, nylon, and polyester lining. It is a functional swimsuit to hide the tummy 100%.

If you have a short torso, then an extra-long swimsuit is never going to fit you well. Thanks to this swimsuit, you don’t have to settle anymore. This swimsuit is perfect for women with shorter torsos.

What about women with slightly longer torsos? Well, the best you can do is buy a single larger than your usual. This swimsuit will fit you just the same. This swimsuit makes you feel confident and protected. It is snug and skin-tight but it gives you the best tummy control feature.

It holds your muscles firmly and supportively. Even if you bend over or lay down, the fabric doesn’t feel too stretched. It’s easy to re-adjust the fabric as it’s smooth and flexible. Think of this as a staple for your summer shopping trip. It’s sag-free, wrinkle-free, and affordable.


  • It holds everything in without feeling too tight.
  • Excellent bust and back support.
  • Very comfortable and light to wear.


  • The straps feel a little tight.

1. Ekouaer Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit - Top Choice

Ekouaer Women's Elegant One Piece Swimdress Floral Colorful Swimsuit(PAT 3,Large)

I highly recommend this one-piece swimsuit to most women. Its clever ruching front makes anyone look curvy and sexy. And it does one hell of a job hiding the tummy. This vintage-inspired swimsuit comes in a variety of prints and colors.

It’s perfect for the hourglass-shaped, petite, and straight-body. The fabric feels soft and comfortable on the skin. And in terms of size, it’s not too tight or baggy. Just make sure you refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart.

Even for a swimsuit, this pick is quite a crowd-pleaser. It has adjustable straps for back and bust support. It hugs the body without squeezing anything too aggressively. Also note that the colors look very attractive and eye-catching, even at a distance.

So if you’re looking for something comfortable and smart to wear at the beach. This swimsuit is very smooth and flattering to wear. As a swimsuit, it’s elegant and supportive. With a soft material and adjustable straps that are built to last.


  • It doesn’t get saggy or wrinkle in water.
  • Easy and quick to get in and take off.
  •  Light and seamless contoured padding.


  • The darker colors are prone to fading.

Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy - Buying Guide


Swimsuits are not that hard to shop for. A good swimming suit is supposed to feel even better than it looks. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

That’s why I’m here to help you sort through the mess.

There are so many flattering swimsuit styles to buy. But you want something that is specific to hiding your tummy.

Swimsuits like that are stylish and go perfectly with any body type. So it’s not such a drag when you know what swimsuit works for you. And after reading this guide, you’ll most definitely know what does.

Size Matters

First and foremost, the only thing that matters in a swimsuit is size. If you don’t start with proper sizing, you’re never getting the swimsuit of your dreams.

Most swimsuits take the bra measurement into consideration. So this is not about the size of your dress, but rather the size of your bra. If you buy a swimsuit in a shop, you’re more likely to try it on before buying it.

That is where shopping for swimsuits online gets a bit tricky. You want proper bust support first before anything else. And if the swimsuit is unable to support your breasts. Even if the rest of the swimsuit feels fine, you will not buy it.

So here’s what you have to do.

Take your bra measurement one more time before you finalize a swimsuit online. You need to take measurements of your bust and band size. That is the fullest part of your breasts and the underbust.

For swimsuits, you also have to size your waist and hips. Based on these measurements, compare the bust and the band size of the swimsuit. And then you can fall back on the dress size to find the ideal swimsuit fit for you.

Tummy Control


What to do for tummy control? Between a bikini and tankinis, the ideal swimwear choice for hiding your time is a swimsuit.

It’s the ideal choice for curvy women. And for women with breast sizes D or larger. So yes, well-endowed women will benefit the most from this style. Swimsuits offer relatively more coverage of the body than other types of swimwear.

They cover the body from the top of the bust down to the upper thighs. But this just one reason why women buy swimsuits rather than bikinis. A primary reason is tummy control and shaping.

Swimsuits are made of one synthetic blend fabric. This shapes the body in the same way a shapewear garment does. Only that swimsuits are not too tight or restrictive.

The fabric smoothens and flattens your stomach. You can buy something that cinches your waist slightly for slimming. You can bend, lay back, and move around in a swimsuit. And it won’t expose too much. It keeps everything under wraps sophisticatedly.

One of the top features of a swimsuit is the ruching front. With the help of wrapping, it hides the tummy section very effectively. This is not only incredible for women who are shy. But it’s the perfect choice for maternity and new moms.

Do All Swimwear Offer Tummy Control?


Bikini and tankini are not the ideal choices for tummy control. They flaunt your stomach rather than shaping it the way swimsuits do. Here’s the difference between a swimsuit and a bikini and tankini.

Bikinis are bras and bottoms. You can buy different bra shapes in a bikini swimwear suit. And the same applies to matching bottoms that go with the bra. You can opt for wireless or wired bras. A balconette, plunge, strapless, full cup, demi-cup, and halterneck bra.

Bikinis do not offer any coverage of the abdomen region. It covers and protects your bust region and your nether regions. Unless you’re wearing something over a bikini, you can’t expect any tummy control from a bikini.

Tankinis are great for women who want more coverage. They are tank tops that go down to the belly button. And matching bottom that sits below it. You can also pair a tankini with swim shorts if you lower body coverage.

In terms of tummy control, tankinis are not 100% effective. They offer no padding or swimsuit structure. So were you to wear a tankini top with brief shorts, your stomach will still show.

It doesn’t over support and coverage on the lower section of the stomach. So there is a possibility that your stomach will pop out from the area between the tank top and bottoms.

The quick and simple answer to the question is no. Only swimsuits offer an excellent fit and style to hide the tummy.

How to Wear the Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy?


What do you have to do to be able to wear the best swimsuits to hide tummy? Whether it’s summer or not, getting swimsuit ready is always a tempting offer. And if are already on top of your fitness and health game, it’s time to make these simple adjustments too!

You’ll find an overwhelming range of swimsuits to wear. But there’s no guarantee that all of them will suit you well. Once you find your ideal swimsuit style, here’s how you can make the most of it.

Sit upright

You won’t believe the effect this has on your favorite swimsuit. Slouching can make your swimsuit look wrinkled and saggy. And it makes you look short and rounder. To hide your tummy well in a swimsuit, make sure you improve your posture - sitting and standing.

It’s scientifically-proven that posture matters during weight loss.

This way, you’ll avoid fat rolls where there actually are none! Your tummy looks tighter and flat. And with your shoulders and back straight, you can improve the way your body looks and feels.

Start exercising daily

A good way to feel slim and stoned in a swimsuit is to keep moving around. Make sure you exercise daily and use the stairs whenever you can. Studies suggest that even 7 days of daily exercise can change the way you feel about your body.

Jogging, cycling, and even dancing can change the way your body feels in a swimsuit. So don’t skip out on this amazing experience.

The most effective way to get ready for the swimsuit season is push-ups. Push-ups are the most versatile exercise. It tones your biceps, deltoids, abs, pecs, and triceps all at once. If you’re a beginner, you can do a knee push-up. But make sure you maintain proper form and technique while doing so. 

Cut salty food to avoid bloating

 If you’re eating too much salt, one of the ways it shows is bloating. Higher salt intake can cause stomach bloating - and here’s the proof. When you’re trying to fit into a swimsuit, you don’t want to feel bloating while doing so.

The best way to get back on track after a salt binge is this. Drink lots of water so that the salt in your system gets flushed out faster. Make sure you consume potassium-rich foods. Potassium helps reduce sodium naturally. So eat foods like bananas, leafy vegetables.

Adding fiber to your diet is also a good way to de-bloat. Stick to veggies, fruits, and whole grains to stay healthy and fit.

And lastly, sweat it out. Sweating releases toxins in the body which reduces bloating. A high-intensity workout that gets your heart rate up. And a good steam session afterward might help.

Tips for Buying Swimwear Online


Are you buying swimsuits online for the first time? There’s no doubt you’re confused about a lot of things. Let me simplify it for you with few quick-to-get tips about finding swimwear online.

Never look back

Everyone gets a little crazy online. It’s only natural. And when it comes to swimwear, versatility is the number one priority. So don’t hold yourself back if you find something different online.

Make sure you buy a swimsuit that matches your every need. If it doesn’t work across your outfit needs, then don’t even bother investing money in it.

Quality over everything

What the swimsuit is made of is very important. Proper seam, lining, and stretch protection. There’s no point buying a swimsuit that will last for only a month. Make sure the fabric you’re buying is high-quality and durable. It should be able to retain its original shape season after season.

Flaunt what works for you

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about here. If you want a swimsuit to hide your tummy, that’s completely natural. But that doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt other parts of your body if you want to.

This means showing off parts of your body that you absolutely love. A plunge neckline, low-back design. There are swimsuits that offer tummy control and look sexy as hell!

Final Thoughts

Going to the beach or spending your time at the pool has never been this simple. With the best swimsuit to hide tummy, you can stay relaxed and comfortable. Such swimsuits don’t only look great but they feel super supportive as well.

It lets you protect your stomach without looking baggy or awkward. Such swimsuits have all the basic elements to make conservative dressing look good. So your style is as unique and chic as somebody wearing a bikini!

Just like the Ekouaer One-Piece Swimsuit which is a great choice. It’s a top-competing swimsuit for women. And it won’t damage that easily no matter how many times you step out in it. It’s durable, supportive, and 100% tummy-friendly.



Top 12 Best Anti-Cellulite Leggings and How to Choose Them

If you’re bad at buying proper leggings, can I suggest you look at these best anti-cellulite leggings instead? Here you’ll find leggings that are tight but stretchable, stay up, and don’t sag.

Whether you’re buying anti-cellulite leggings for a workout or running errands. You probably need to know what’s hot right now. And these incredible picks are suitable in every way. They have proper waistbands, the ideal length, and modified compression. So the fit and style are suited to your body type.

You can buy both cheap and expensive leggings. But what you shouldn’t buy are poor quality “make-do” leggings. They are the worst! You’ll find different styles and colors in these anti-cellulite leggings. Most women swear by these for reducing cellulite and dimples.

Anti-Cellulite Leggings – Table Comparison & Reviews

What makes leggings so great? Leggings are most women’s first choice. And not just for the workout, but for running errands and lounging. A good pair of leggings has a lot to do with fit and style. The perfect combination of style and functionality is all packed in one.

And the following picks are some of the best anti-cellulite leggings for women. They are honestly endorsed by real women. So it’s your turn to figure out your ideal most fit. 

Homma Premium Thick High Waist Tummy Compression Leggings#12Nylon, SpandexAnkle Length
Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants#11Polyester, SpandexAnkle Length
Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Pants Leggings#10Nylon, SpandexAnkle Length
IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants Stretch Leggings#9Polyester, SpandexFull Length
Ewedoos Yoga Pants High-Waisted Leggings#8Polyester, SpandexAnkle Length
CompressionZ Compression Capri Leggings#7SpandexCapri Length
Brazilian Belle Weight Loss Neoprene Pants#6NeopreneCapri Length
DIBAOLONG Women’s High-Waist Yoga Pants Leggings#5Polyester, SpandexAnkle Length
CompressionZ High Waisted Pants Leggings#4Spandex, PolyesterFull Length
TrainingGirl Neoprene Thighs Slimming Body Shaper Leggings#3Neoprene, PolyesterAnkle Length
SEASUM Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants Slimming Leggings#2Spandex, PolyesterFull Length
90 Degrees By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Tummy Control Leggings#1 - Top PickSpandex, NylonFull Length

12. Homma Premium Thick High Waist Tummy Compression Leggings - Best high compression leggings

Homma Activewear Thick High Waist Tummy Compression Slimming Body Leggings Pant (Large, Black)

The Homma Premium Compression Leggings is a squat-friendly choice. It has a high-quality fabric that’s not at all see-through. It’s a popular choice among women for its comfortable fit and style. It’s thick, breathable, and very stylish.

Made from nylon and spandex, it’s the best compression leggings. The material is firm yet soft. It stays where you are even as you move around. This means its compression is always consistent and felt.

You don’t have to pull the waistband up or down. The material of the crotch feels less awkward and more supportive. It’s designed to pull your buttocks up and keep them firm. As for removing visible cellulite and dimples, the seamless and strong compression takes care of that.

Good for everyday wear. These leggings give your body a great, flattering shape. They have a tighter fit but feels very comfortable and easy. Just in case you want less compression, you can buy a size larger to eliminate the extra lift and support.


  • Very comfortable anti-cellulite leggings.
  • Great for muffin top, postpartum use.
  • Thick and breathable material.


  • Smaller sizes may be too tight.

11. Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants - Best leggings with pockets

Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants - Yoga Pants with Pockets Tummy Control, 4 Ways Stretch Workout Running Yoga Leggings (Grey, X-Small)

The Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants is a good and classy choice. It offers tummy control and a 4-way stretch. With improved elasticity and zero chances of appearing see-through. These best anti-cellulite leggings are perfect.

For workout pants, these are great. They fit as expected. You have multiple pockets for keeping your phone, keys, and other IDs. The pockets are on both sides of your thighs. So they’re well-supported by the waistband.

Speaking of the waistband, this one is great. The quality is amazing and long-lasting. The length is sufficient, even for a short person it doesn’t seem too long. Nor does it seem short for a tall person.

The texture from the inside is soft and smooth. The fit and style flatter most women’s body types. So it will easily hold up to long-term use. For the price point, I don’t see you getting anything better than this. It’s slimming, high waist, and anti-cellulite for sure.


  • Large pockets with plenty of space.
  • Ideal for short and tall women.
  • Supportive, comfortable, and breathable.


  • Do not wash very regularly.

10. Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Pants Leggings - Best affordable leggings

Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Pants with 4 Inner Pockets in High Waist Athletic Pants Tummy Control Power Stretch Workout Yoga Leggings (Small, Black-2 Inner Pockets)

The Dragon Fit Compression Leggings have 4 pockets and a 4-way stretch fit. It pulls in your waist and buttocks to compress. This is what makes it the best anti-cellulite leggings for most women.

The fabric is firm and smooth. It doesn’t roll down or ride up. Even while working out, the fabric stretches along the seams comfortably. The fabric won’t fold or create waves behind the kneecaps or at the crotch. It’s comfortable, body-fitting, and slimming.

You won’t find better leggings than these. Especially after knowing that they’re also very affordable to buy. You will definitely feel the compression in your legs and buttocks after wearing the leggings. Plus, it also scores high marks on tummy control for weight loss.


  • Firm and smooth waistband fit.
  • It hides the muffin top easily.
  • No sagging or pilling of the fabric.


  • Not the most long-lasting leggings.

9. IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants Stretch Leggings - Best stretch leggings

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets, Tummy Control, Workout Pants for Women 4 Way Stretch Yoga Leggings with Pockets

The IUGA Leggings are the only leggings you’ll need to wear. These fit comfortably. And they allow you plenty of room to move around in. And the waistband won’t slide down or roll up when you do.

The size and fit of these leggings are impressive. The material is incredibly soft and stretchy. But the performance-driven fabric ensures proper tightness. So it hides cellulite and flattens bulges and dimples.

The 4-way stretch is not its only major advantage. It also has a crotch gusset texture to minimize chafing. For women who do not have a thigh gap, which is more than normal, it’s fine. The fabric doesn’t pill nor does it rub against your skin.

Overall, if you’re looking for leggings that adapt to your body, go for these. The leggings will move as you move. The pockets hold keys, cards, or IDs. The leggings are quite durable and, most importantly, very affordable to buy.


  • High-quality fabric and great fit.
  • The material is thick and breathable.
  • Smooth and silky inner texture.


  • Poor quality waistband.

8. Ewedoos Yoga Pants High-Waisted Leggings - Best comfortable leggings

Ewedoos Women's Yoga Pants with Pockets - Leggings with Pockets, High Waist Tummy Control Non See-Through Workout Pants (EW320 Black, Small)

Ewedoos Leggings have an amazing fabric that feels soft and comfortable. With pockets under the waistband, it’s also a sophisticated choice. It has a 4-way stretch made from high-quality fabrics. The fit is just the way tummy control leggings are supposed to be.

If you’re not so keen on buying leggings that show you’re sweating. Then these best anti-cellulite leggings should work just fine. It’s exactly the way yoga pants are made. A perfect blend of fit and functionality.

For large hips even, it won’t over-stretch or chafe. The texture of the fabric is soft and it also supports your buttocks. So the thick material is there for better compression and slimming. While also keeping you protected and cushioned.

The thickness of the fabric also ensures a non-transparent appearance. You can squat, bend, and stretch in these leggings. And they won’t spill anything!


  • Soft, thick, and stretchy fabric.
  • Maintains its original fit for a long time.
  • Pockets are spacious and seamless.


  • The fabric gets a bit fuzzy.

7. CompressionZ Compression Capri Leggings - Best running Capri leggings

CompressionZ Compression Capri Leggings for Women - Yoga Capris, Running Tights, Gym - High Waisted Pants (Black, L)

When you step out for running, breathability is key. Without it, you will experience chafing, itchiness, and you’ll end up feeling more flushed than usual. The CompressionZ Capri Leggings is all about comfort and support.

It doesn’t irritate the skin the way many running tights do. It’s the perfect and best anti-cellulite leggings for outdoor wear. The breathable and sweat-wicking fabric is long-lasting. It really shapes up your lower body starting from your hips.

The fabric is not see-through which is a huge plus. You can do squats or stretch before your run outside. And you don’t have to worry about the fabric getting overly-stretched. I recommend you buy a size up for a better fit. But all-in-all, it’s a reliable and sophisticated choice for most women.


  • Superior and breathable material quality.
  • The fabric is not shiny or translucent.
  • Ideal for hot, sunny runs in the park.


  • It loses its firmness after a couple of washes.

6. Brazilian Belle Weight Loss Neoprene Pants - Best Capri leggings

Brazilian Belle Weight Loss Pants - Neoprene Sauna Anti Cellulite, Slimming Benefits Black

The Brazilian Belle Weight Loss Neoprene Pants is not like any other anti-cellulite pants. It works great and fixes most problems women have with cellulite. You can walk confidently into any room with these on.

What’s so great about this best anti-cellulite leggings is that they’re versatile. You can wear them to the pool, gym, and yoga class. These are Capri leggings that offer excellent durability. The compression regulates proper body temperature for extra sweating.

It cushions your buttocks, thighs, and hamstrings well. So your skin feels tight and firm. While the texture of the fabric doesn’t cause chafing or pilling. The leggings are designed to flatten out dimples and bulges.

The color and fit of the Capri leggings are quite appealing. The style is amazing. The fabric doesn’t bunch up, fold down, or ride up. Besides, they really make you sweat which is crazy.


  • High-quality and stretchable material.
  • It maintains proper body posture.
  • Keeps skin comfortable even while sweating.


  • The fabric makes a squeaking noise.

5. DIBAOLONG Women’s High-Waist Yoga Pants Leggings - Best stylish leggings

DIBAOLONG Womens High Waist Yoga Pants Cutout Ripped Tummy Control Workout Running Yoga Skinny Leggings Dark Gray XXL

These high-waist leggings are so soft and comfortable to wear. It has a subtle and attractive style. With stylish rips or cutouts that make it the best anti-cellulite leggings to wear. Made from polyester and spandex, these have an incredible stretch.

But the fit is tight and dense nevertheless. So it offers slimming and shaping while looking gorgeous. The fabric is also designed in such a way that it keeps sweat at bay. It doesn’t trap strong body odors.

If you’re working out in them, the fit doesn’t feel awkward. It doesn’t slip down or ride up. The fabric is non-see-through. They’re not intense workout leggings like the previous pick. But they’re perfect for light sessions.

The tightness of the fabric allows maximum compression without feeling constricting. Your skin will easily adapt to the fit and style of the leggings. Flattening out all bulges, wrinkles, cellulite, and dimples along the skin it covers.


  • Super soft and breathable to wear.
  • Great tummy control and shaping.
  • Strong and super stretchy seams.


  • Not the best choice for intense sweating.

4. CompressionZ High Waisted Pants Leggings - Best active workout leggings

CompressionZ High Waisted Women's Leggings - Compression Pants for Yoga Running Gym & Everyday Fitness (Black, Medium)

CompressionZ is a popular brand to look out for. And these leggings are pumped-up for uncompromising compression. The 4-way stretch of the fabric is outstanding and foolproof. It provides comfort and support in hot or cold weather. And it’s sweat-wicking and chafe-free.

You can wear these leggings for fitness, work, and lounging. The fact is it’s stylish enough to be worn for casual outings as well. Lots of women wear CompressionZ Leggings for running. They are the number one choice for a chafe-free and odor-free experience.

The compression starts from the hips all the way down to your ankles. That’s right. These leggings gently but firmly shape your calves, hamstrings, and quads too. The seams are strong and comfortable.

Even if you order a large size, they won’t feel loose or baggy. You’ll immediately notice a difference in your walking after you put them on. The waistband is supportive and holds everything together well. So you have nothing to worry about.


  • No bumps, dimples, or wrinkles pop out.
  • The length and fit are great.
  • The fabric feels tight but stretchy.


  • The waistband might lose its elasticity after a while.

3. TrainingGirl Neoprene Thighs Slimming Body Shaper Leggings - Best tummy control leggings

Women Weight Loss Hot Neoprene Sauna Sweat Pants with Side Pocket Workout Thighs Slimming Capris Leggings Body Shaper (Full Length Black, M)

These anti-cellulite leggings are a bit different. They make you sweat like crazy. But all the same time, they feel comfortable and firm. Some call these leggings “sweat shorts for weight loss.” But I think of them as a must-have for yoga enthusiasts.

The style of these leggings is snug and fits like glove. You will be able to wear them around the house. Since the material is durable and well tied-together, they’re perfect for outdoor use. The fabric won’t stretch a lot while doing squats or yoga. The seams are strong and flexible.

If you want to sweat more during your workouts, this is what you need to buy. It controls odor without the fabric rubbing against your skin awkwardly. Even if you do not have a thigh gap, it doesn’t causing pilling.

Another important thing to note is that this is a squeaky pair of leggings. The fabric is light, comfy, and compression-specific. But you might hear the fabric rubbing against itself around the thighs. This can be a deal-breaker for a lot of you. But considering the style and fit, it’s a pass.


  • Hot and sweaty neoprene fabric.
  • It doesn’t show cellulite at all.
  • Perfect for tummy control.


  • The fabric makes a rubbing noise.

2. SEASUM Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants Slimming Leggings - Best honeycomb-texture leggings

SEASUM Women's High Waist Yoga Pants Tummy Control Slimming Booty Leggings Workout Running Butt Lift Tights M

This pick is on every list for the best anti-cellulite leggings. It has a unique style and fit that’s stylish and impressive. Seasum High-Waist Slimming Leggings has a honeycomb texture. This does a great job of concealing cellulite and dimples on your butt and thighs.

There is a significant difference between this type of slimming and compressing. It’s shaping and contouring as well. The high-waist waistband gives your body a smooth and sleek look. The polyester and spandex blend wicks away moisture well. And it feels supportive from all sides.

The wide variety of colors are for those who can never settle on a single choice. You can buy darker colors to enhance the look of the slimming leggings. This is great when you feel a bit insecure about your cellulite or dimples at the gym or yoga class.

These leggings lift your buttocks a bit to give you a more rounded appearance from the back. It’s lightweight, sweat-absorbent, and odor-free. Perfect for daily use as much as for fancy occasions.


  • Squat-proof and sweat-absorbent fit.
  • It completely conceals dimples, fat bulges, and cellulite.
  • No camel toe, pilling, or chafing.


  • The honeycomb texture might feel itchy.

1. 90 Degrees By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Tummy Control Leggings - Top Pick

90 Degree By Reflex - High Waist Power Flex Legging – Tummy Control - Black Large

The 90 Degrees By Reflex Leggings is all about comfort and support. It has an incredible stretch of the fabric and high-waist tummy control. The slimming waistband, lightweight fabric, and breathability. All these factors make the 90 Degrees Reflex High Waist a good choice.

The best part about them is that they’re not see-through. Lots of other leggings look slightly thinner and see-through. Not when you’re wearing them around the house. But when you’re outside, running or exercising.

These leggings feel firm and smooth while doing squats. The band doesn’t ride up or roll down. The seams are well-equipped at handling constant movement. The waistband is not too tight. But, at the same time, it doesn’t leave any room between the skin and itself.

The hidden pocket is an added convenience. Even with it, the fabric feels soft, light, and comfortable. The waistband is high rise so it sits well without rubbing against the skin. Allowing you to keep your keys, some cash, or an ID in the pocket easily.


  • Soft compression with the squat-proof fit.
  • It is not see-through at all.
  • The nylon/spandex fabric fits like a glove.


  • There is a bit of pilling between the thighs.

Best Anti-cellulite Leggings - Buying Guide


If you have dimples on your buttocks or thighs, you can wear anti-cellulite leggings. Cellulite is a natural phenomenon. Even more so considering it affects 90% of women. So you don’t have to be alarmed if you have cellulite.

But knowing other women have it too doesn’t make it go away, right? What might help you is knowing what to do about cellulite? And how you can reduce the appearance of cellulite by wearing proper leggings.

Compression technology in activewear is not new. It has been around for a while now. And the fact that it’s still working means it is a foolproof and effective fashion trend.

Anti-cellulite leggings reduce dimples by flattening them by 20%. So the skin looks 1-2 inches flatter.

The catch is that once you wear such leggings, you’re never going back. Such leggings are addictive in that they shape and smoothen your body. You can wear such leggings for hours and hours without feeling the heat.

So if anti-cellulite leggings are brilliant and work flawlessly. What do you need to know about them?

And most importantly, do they actually work? Before I can answer that question, let’s understand what cellulite actually is.

Why Do Women Get Cellulite?


The reason behind cellulite is simple and clear. Under the topmost skin layer is a fatty layer that consists of the fascia. The fascia lines come in between the muscles and the skin sitting on top. The number of fat cells in the skin don’t fluctuate. They stay the same from the day you are born.

What changes is the size of those fat cells. When you gain weight, the fat cell increases in size to accommodate fats. So every individual fat cell stores fat as you gain weight.

As these fat cells fatten up and increase in volume. They push against the fascia and the layer of the skin. This is what causes cellulite on the body.

Having said that, there have been many theories about the causes of cellulite. Some believe it is caused by sitting on soft surfaces. Stuff like eating chocolate or wearing the wrong pair of leggings causes it. All these are wrong as they are not scientific.

The truth is that cellulite is caused due to natural changes in the body. It is not necessarily tied to weight gain and/or poor diets. Honest factors that influence cellulite are blood circulation, sun exposure, and skin’s elasticity.

Once you understand what is cellulite, you can stop believing in false claims about its treatment. And instead, focus on wearing the right clothing to reduce its appearance from outside.

What Do Anti-Cellulite Leggings Do?


Anti-cellulite leggings are designed as tight-fitting and stretchy leggings. They do not get rid of cellulite. But they do reduce the appearance of cellulite when you wear them. By flattening out bumps and dimples, it makes your leg muscles look toned and fit.

Anti-cellulite leggings help keep the buttocks and lower body firm and shapely. They differ from standard leggings in that they are tighter and offer compression. Because they’re tight does not mean they’re uncomfortable.

In fact, quite the opposite. The best anti-cellulite leggings offer a strong grip. The synthetic fabrics minimize cellulite with the help of strong seams. On the flip side, cotton fabrics lose most of their firmness/tightness only after a few washes.

Buying anti-cellulite leggings, for the first time, can be quite challenging. If the leggings are a little bit too tight, they can get quite uncomfortable. So make sure you buy the right length, size, and fit.

Some anti-cellulite leggings also offer temperature regulation. Along with compression, they induce more sweating so that you burn calories faster. Neoprene fabric is one such effective fabric for compression.

It absorbs the body’s heat to tone the muscles and reduce cellulite. Such leggings also offer tummy control for muffin top, love handles, and/or postpartum use.

This brings me to the following question.

How to Pick the Right Leggings?


Buying full-length or capris leggings is an important decision. It matters what you wear especially when you want to wear anti-cellulite leggings. So follow this guide to find your most ideal fit.

#1 Fit and Length

The length of the leggings you’re going to buy is quite important. You will find three types of leggings - full length, 7/8, and capris. For anti-cellulite leggings, full length or capris is the right way to go.

Full-length leggings go all the way down to your ankles. They’re ideal for winter wear. And even for gyms with their cooling systems on full blast. Full-length leggings keep you warm, comfortable, and protected.

Capris extend right down to your knees, sometimes a bit below the knees. Mid-calf length is ideal for capris. Since they are shorter in length than full-length leggings, they offer more breathability. Especially around the calf region and ankles.

Capris are good for women who sweat a lot. Running outdoors, CrossFit training, hot yoga. It’s ideal to wear capris leggings for all these things.

The next important quality of leggings is their fit. Leggings have either a mid-rise or a high-rise fit. Anti-cellulite leggings are best high-waisted. As they offer proper shaping and tummy control. Along with flattening out bulges, wrinkles, and cellulite.

High-rise leggings sit above or at the belly button. They’re very popular for activewear. And they offer incredible compression for various activities including cardio, spin class, functional training, and yoga.

#2 Materials

While standard leggings are made up of cotton blends since they’re more breathable and soft. Anti-cellulite leggings are made of synthetics. Such as nylon, spandex, and polyester. Synthetic materials have properties that ensure better visible results.

Cotton is not the right choice for compression. It sags and wrinkles with heat and sweat. And it cushions, but not compresses, the skin which is good for comfort. And not when you want extra support and compression to flatten dimples.

Synthetic blends also offer moisture-wicking or sweat-absorbent properties. They do not hold on to odor or dampness. So when you work out in synthetic leggings, you feel dry and cool.

Synthetic blends are tight but stretchable. They are lightweight but thick. And very importantly, they stay warm or cool depending upon the climate while also retaining the original shape.

#3 Waistband

The waistband can be either too tight or too loose. This is why most women want to try a pair of leggings first before buying them. It can make or break your entire outfit. And also your mood!

The right waistband sits on your waist without squeezing into your stomach. For high-waist leggings, this is an important factor of consideration. You cannot expect to do high-intensity workouts or even run with a tight waistband.

It can cause bloating, nausea, and acidity. Other discomforts, that may not be internal, but persist nevertheless. Such as irritability, breathlessness, and perspiration. You won’t believe what a really tight and uncomfortable waistband can do to your mind and body.

If the waistband feels smooth and flexible, then it’s the right choice. Make sure you can go through an entire day without feeling suffocated in a new pair of leggings.

#4 Size

To find the right-size leggings, you have to eliminate a few wrong sizes. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, finding the right size on your first try is impossible. But this might help.

These are all the areas you have to measure using a measuring tape.

Outer leg - From the waist to bottom of the ankle.

Inseam - From below the crotch to the ankle.

Hips - Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Wherever your hips are the fullest, wrap the measuring tape around that region. Make sure the tape is parallel to the floor for an accurate number.

Waist - Wrap the measuring tape around the narrowest part of your waist. Keep the tape horizontal.

Find the nearest size of leggings based on your size. If you’re still confused, consider buying a higher size to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit.

#5 Additional Features

What other features do anti-cellulite leggings offer? Anti-cellulite leggings offer pockets for storage. They are not as big as the pockets in denim. But they’re spacious enough to put your keys in or ID cards.

Some pockets are big enough to keep a smartphone in. The seams lining the pockets are strong and flexible. So they don’t irritate the skin from the inside. Nor do they overstretch or tear when you exercise. 

The ideal place to have pockets in leggings is below the waistband or along the thighs.

How to Reduce Cellulite Naturally?


While I do not recommend wearing anti-cellulite leggings in the hopes that you can get rid of it. There is something you can do, along with this, to prevent more cellulite from forming.


Sticking to your prescribed daily calorie intake is essential. Keeping yourself hydrated also plays a major in preventing weight gain. If you have any underlying medical condition, it’s best to consult with a doctor for proper medication or diet plans.

A good trick to avoid overeating is to drink 2-3 glasses of water before mealtime. That way, you’ll feel fuller during your meal and end up eating an appropriate amount.


A good way to buy fat faster is cardio. Running is the quickest way of getting your heart rate fast. That way you burn more calories while toning your butt and leg muscles.

Exercise and sweating also improve the elasticity of your skin. It promotes blood circulation, gets rid of toxins, and keeps the skin healthier.

When you tone your leg muscles, it tightens the skin as well. This can prove very helpful at preventing deep dimples on the surface of your skin.

Skin Care

Wearing sunscreen when you step outside is a must. Lack of sunscreen can cause premature skin aging, wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes. But when it comes to showing off your legs under the sun, sunscreen is necessary there too!

Most people forget to put sunscreen on their bodies, rather than the face. If you have sensitive skin, massaging your body with sunscreen before leaving the house is very important.

Apart from building lean muscle and sweating it out, you need a proper skincare regime to take care of cellulite. It’s the only thing that comes in between beautiful and soft skin and premature aging.

The first thing you must do to avoid cellulite is body brushing. It re-energizes your skin, kills dead skin cells, and restores youthfulness. With time and a proper skincare regime, you can bring back your skin’s natural and firm appearance. Body brushing stimulates blood flow which makes this process happen faster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long can I wear anti-cellulite leggings?

If you’re looking for a quick-fix, wearing anti-cellulite leggings is the right choice. But you should know that this is, in no way, medical treatment for cellulite. Anti-cellulite leggings only reduce the appearance of cellulite. They do not cure cellulite in the skin.

While it’s okay to wear anti-cellulite leggings all day, or night. The ideal time to wear it is during intense workouts. Such as running, functional training, spin class, Zumba, or yoga.

Lots of women wear workout leggings outside of the gym. For running errands, taking a walk, going for coffee, etc. If you’re one of them, 6 hours is the ideal time just so long as you’re staying active.

Lounging or sleeping in anti-cellulite leggings can feel a bit uncomfortable. They are not like normal cotton leggings. The compression, when your body is relaxed, may bother you.

2. Do I need squat-proof anti-cellulite leggings?

What are squat-proof leggings? It’s the only leggings you’ll ever wear in a gym. And it’s the only leggings that aren’t see-through. If you plan on doing a lot of squats, deadlifts, and other such functional movements in the gym. One thing you need to consider is what kind of leggings are you going to wear.

Your average leggings, even if it’s made from synthetic fabrics, are not enough. When you bend over or squat, the fabric stretches and becomes thin. As a result, in a gym which is a well-lit place, you can see through the fabric.

This also happens in old leggings that have been worn and washed for a long time. Sweat spots, camel toe, and panty line. All this is possible in leggings that aren’t squat-proof.

Factors such as elasticity, moisture-wicking, and waistband play an important role. You can leggings that are tailored to be worn inside a gym. So that even after a 60-minute session, the fabric doesn’t look worn out or overstretched.

A good balance between construction and comfort is necessary. And that’s exactly what squat-proof anti-cellulite leggings have to offer.

Besides buying non-see-through leggings, you also have to think about fit. In any kind of squat you do, the waistband has to stay where it is. The last thing you need is to pull up your leggings every now and then in the gym. It’s frustrating and embarrassing!

A pair of smart and sexy anti-cellulite leggings that do not slide down as you squat feels like dream come true!

3. What are the benefits of wearing compression leggings?

Compression leggings boost blood circulation by applying gentle pressure to the legs muscles. So if you sit or stand for long hours throughout the day, wearing such leggings might help. Most women with compression leggings while working out. This gives them that extra boost of toning and muscle recovery afterward.  

Final Thoughts

What do you make of the best anti-cellulite leggings? There are plenty of reviews to fall back on. What you need right now is a quick and smart choice. If you don’t know what to buy, go for the 90 Degrees By Reflex Power Flex Leggings.

In terms of fit and style, these leggings are superior in every way. The material is relatively thick which in anti-cellulite leggings is a huge advantage. It gives you excellent compression to flatten out dimples and wrinkles. And lastly, accentuate your curves unlike anything else.

If the leggings you’re wearing now might slip or tear at any moment. Then it’s time for you to buy something new and upgraded. A secure and firm waistband, ankle-length, and stretchy fit. All these features make this the best anti-cellulite leggings for most women - even for you!



Top 12 Best Bras for Sagging Breasts – Reviews & All You Need to Know

“Live your life and forget your age” - a common quote we often come across on social media. And truth be told, you should live your life that way. But the natural process of aging gives rise to physical changes. That isn't easy to forget. For women, it’s the sagging of their breasts. So if your bosoms are drifting southward, then you need the best bras for sagging breasts.

Breasts, more often than not, get saggy because of common factors like genetics, drastic weight gain or loss, larger breast size, and some more. This means fairly young women might also have to deal with sagging breasts. It’s not entirely an aging-related concern among women.

Your breasts can start to droop even if you wear the wrong bra size. Did you know that? Most women across the globe make the mistake of choosing an incorrect bra size and even style.

The support your breasts demand comes from bras. It’s the only way you can lift them up to defy the force of gravity. In that case, the bra better be well-equipped. In terms of size, support, comfort, and design to keep your twins looking and feeling perky.

If that’s what you desire from your everyday bras, then do take into some serious consideration the following styles…

Best Bras for Sagging Breasts - Table Comparison and Reviews

Natori Women’s Pure Luxe Custom-Coverage Contour Bra#12Nylon, SpandexContour
PrimaDonna Deauville Full Cup Bra#11Polyamide, Polyester, ElastaneFull-Coverage
Maidenform Women’s Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra#10Nylon, ElastaneFull-Coverage
Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Push Up#9Nylon, Rayon, SpandexPush-Up
Elomi Women’s Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra#8Polyester, Nylon, ElastaneFull-Coverage
Wingslove Women’s Push Up Everyday Basic Bra#7Nylon, ElastanePlunge
Glamorise Women’s Full-Figure Plus Size MagicLift Wirefree Bra#6Nylon, Polyester, SpandexFull-Coverage
Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra#5Nylon, SpandexFull-Coverage
Bali Women’s Double Support Wire-Free Bra#4Nylon, SpandexFull-Coverage
Vanity Fair Body Caress Full Coverage Wirefree Bra #3Nylon, SpandexFull-Coverage
Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire Free Bra#2Nylon, SpandexFull-Coverage
Warner’s Women’s Full-Coverage Underwire Bra#1 - My ChoiceNylon, SpandexFull-Coverage Underwire

#12 Natori Women’s Pure Luxe Custom-Coverage Contour Bra - Best bra for small breasts

Natori Women's Pure Luxe Custom Coverage Bra, Black, 32B

Women just can’t get enough of this custom-sized contour bra. It has a simple and refined design. Comfortable with a soft lining and stylish fit. Even though this is an underwire contour bra, it doesn’t have a thick lining.

The bra is very defined and pretty. There’s lace on the inside of the cups area. You can wear it under light and flowy dresses. And even if it shows, it looks nice. Under skin-tight tees, it looks smooth and feels breathable.

This bra is super soft and has an incredible fit. It spends less fabric but ensures all-round support. Especially for women with sagging breasts. The band under the cups and around the back feel great.

As far as cleavage goes, it gives you a sophisticated appearance. Nothing too flashy nor too hidden. Your chest will look relaxed and supported no matter what you wear over this bra.


  • Not too tight around the back.
  • Best for contouring under t-shirts and shirts.
  • Not at all pinchy or stiff.


  • The cups lack proper padding.

#11 PrimaDonna Deauville Full Cup Bra - Best bra for large breasts

PrimaDonna Deauville Full Cup Underwire Bra White 30E

The PrimoDonna Deauville Bra is a good, stylish, and long-lasting choice. It’s a full-figure and full-cup bra for most bra sizes. It has a custom elastic fit, which sits well on each cup. Providing a good unlined stretch from the top and sides.

The back of this bra has a narrow frame. And that’s exactly why it’s one of the best bras for sagging breasts. It prevents sagging by pulling your breasts up and flat against your chest. But not in a smothering manner at all. Just enough to lift and support your breasts.

The close-set back also supports the adjustable straps. Making it easier for you to wear the bra comfortably. The padding feels light and breathable against the skin. Along with the bottom band, it doesn’t dig into the skin. There’s a bit of stretch in the band to take the pressure off.

The size and style of the bra are amazing as it is. It doesn’t need altering. It’s not too structured or bony. It’s just what women need to support their breasts from looking saggy.


  • The padding around the underwire feels smooth.
  • Easy to take on and off at any time.
  • Soft, supportive, and comfortable fabric.


  • None so far.

#10 Maidenform Women’s Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra - Best bra for side and back smoothing

Maidenform Women's Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra, Black/Body Beige,38D

The Maidenform Comfort Devotion Bra works wonders for women with sagging breasts. It has an underwire but it feels like it doesn’t. The soft and supportive elastane fabric does most of the heavy lifting for you.

It has a CloudFoam stretch and support that feels wonderful. Straps that fit on your shoulders rather than digging into the skin. And cups that have extra coverage for a comfortable and flattering shape.

The bra is easy to put on and take off. It’s available in a wide range of sizes. And it has smoothing pads around the back and sides. This eliminates all fat and skin bulges. Especially from areas that are more noticeable. That is from under the band at the back and near the underarms.

If you’re nervous about showing your natural breast shape. You can stay rest assured that this bra will simplify and accentuate your breasts naturally. So that you feel comfortable and your chest looks more natural and effortless.


  • Ideal for fuller breasts.
  • The cups conceal nippage very well.
  • No bulging, gaping, or wrinkling.


  • The lace detailing looks awkward.

#9 Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Push Up - Best push-up bra

Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Push Up, Latte Lift Black, 36B

For the ultimate lift, the Maidenform Love The Lift Push Up is perfect. It’s known for its seamless lift and support style. It’s the ideal bra for most bra sizes and sagging breasts. And it comes with side slings that do most of the heavy lifting.

This is a push-up bra with unique straps. The criss-cross shape of the straps at the back is very appealing. But they also perform a noteworthy function. Because of their extensive back support, they keep your breasts up and firm.

While the side wings ensure a clean, sophisticated, and bulge-free appearance. Making it the best choice for quick outfits. Because the straps are adjustable, this bra is easy to put on and take off.

It holds your breasts even while you move, bend, or lean forward. There’s enough padding to prevent gaping or bulging. And the cups support and elevate your breasts without making them look pointy and awkward.


  • No protruding or awkward cleavage.
  • It feels nice and light against the skin.
  • Comfortable and itch-free side slings.


  • Too low for small breasts.

#8 Elomi Women’s Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra - Best support bra with side slings

Elomi Caitlyn Side Support Bra, 36E, Raspberry

Why does anyone wear an underwire bra? For extra support and structure so that your breasts don’t spill out. The outstanding backbone that is the band of this bra makes that possible. It’s one of the best bras for sagging breasts.

Not a single inch of the fabric is wasted. This bra provides support from all sides. Especially the sides to prevent side spillage. It has full cups that are smooth and soft against the skin. The top half of the cups are embroidered while the bottom has a satin padding.

This style is aesthetically-pleasing and stylish. The shoulder straps have a slight stretch to make up for the fact that they’re not adjustable. The side slings keep the bra in the right place. So there’s less shifting, sliding, and no poking whatsoever.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and proven choice, go for this one. It’s the best choice for heavy and broad breasts. And it shows no trouble when sitting, standing, or leaning forward.


  • Great for mobility and sitting/standing still.
  • Sizing is accurate.
  • No back or chest pain from day-long use.


  • The cups lack a bit of stretch.

#7 Wingslove Women’s Push Up Everyday Basic Bra - Best t-shirt bra

Wingslove Women's Push Up Everyday Basic Seamless Lightly Padded Underwire Plunge Demi T-Shirt Bra, Black, 38C

The Wingslove Push-Up Basic Bra fits well and stays in place. It’s ideal for day-long wear and has the perfect coverage for a push-up bra. For the price, this bra is of great value. It holds true to size. It fits well with cups that are supportive from under the bust, the sides, and the top.

For breasts that are slightly concave, this push-up bra is essential. It complements and contours the natural shape of the breasts. So you’d be wearing a bra for your breast shape. And not trying to squeeze your breasts into the rigid structure of the bra.

This t-shirt bra has less padding under the bust. This reduces the bra’s volume so that there’s less gaping and protrusion. This is not only good for supporting the under-bust region. But it reduces gaping from the top to avoid an awkward cleavage.


  • Great for supporting and lifting the breasts.
  • The cups are smooth and breathable.
  • Adjustable hooks for proper fit.


  • The underwire needs more padding.

#6 Glamorise Women’s Full-Figure Plus Size MagicLift Wirefree Bra - Best full-figure bra

Glamorise womens Full Figure Plus Size MagicLift Original Wirefree Support Bra #1000, Burgundy, 36B

The Glamorise MagicLift Wirefree Bra works wonders for big women. It’s hard enough to find a bra that fits well-endowed women. This bra suits big breasts that are sagging. It’s one of the most comfortable bras for women.

Made from a blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon. It’s wireless and supportive. The seams around the cups prevent a cone-like shape of the breasts. It has soft cups that feel light and airy against the skin. The cone shaping of the breasts is to the minimum. Instead, it’s well-contoured and firm.

In terms of durability, this is a direct winner. It doesn’t lose its shape or fade with time. You can put this bra in a mesh bag and pop it in the washing machine. It won’t wrinkle or sag. And you can wear this bra all day long without feeling trapped or clammy in them.


  • Easy to put on and wash.
  • Comfortable for all-day wear.
  • The bra lifts each breast separately to minimize.


  • The shape of the cups is slightly pointy.

#5 Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra - Best strapless bra

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Strapless Full Figure Underwire Bra 74380, Midnight Black, 34C

The Vanity Fair is a special and unique bra for sagging breasts. It’s a strapless bra. Now, I know what you’re going to say. How can I wear a strapless bra for saggy breasts? Well, that’s the thing. For a strapless bra, this is quite impressively supportive.

It’s a full-figure underwire bra with a nylon and spandex stretch fabric. It’s good for smoothing out bumps and bulges in visible spots. This, for most women, is around the back and the sides.

Being strapless, the focus is on the under-bust where the underwires are padded. There’ll be no protrusion, poking, or slipping. All thanks to the no-slip silicone-free under-bust padding. It’s breathable and feels smooth against the skin.

If you have saggy boobs and find it difficult to keep your breasts in a strapless bra. This bra is absolutely supportive. It not only holds your breasts in. But it also cushions and holds the breasts up to get rid of back fat. With less bulging around the sides and back, you feel at ease.


  • The cups stay in place and do not slide down.
  • Ideal for well-endowed women.
  • No cup digging or poking underwires.


  • Do not hand wash regularly.

#4 Bali Women’s Double Support Wire-Free Bra - Best wire-free bra

Bali Women's Double Support Wire-Free Bra, White, 46B

This brand is known for its seamless and incredibly supportive bras. So when it came out with its new and improved wire-free bra, women fell in love with it right away. For saggy breasts, it doesn’t get any better than this.

It has a seamless lining that supports and cushions your body. Soft and light but at the same time supportive without causing pain. The molded lines around the cups offer shaping from the top and sides. This prevents bulging and looks smooth over tight tees or shirts.

The double supportive cups don’t feel at all tight or hot. The upside is that it offers a minimizing effect. So even if you are heavier, it doesn’t cause any sort of irritation or sweating. This bra is valuable and simple. Ideal for plus-sized and petite women.

Soft and supportive around the shoulders. All thanks to the adjustable strap design and seamless lining. The light padding of the cups feels soft against the skin. So there’s no protrusion from the sides or top over your clothing.


  • Non-elastic shoulder straps are supportive.
  • The band offers a perfect fit.
  • Ideal for shaping and minimizing breasts.


  • Do not wash very often. 

#3 Vanity Fair Body Caress Full Coverage Wirefree Bra - Best full-coverage bra

	 Vanity Fair Women's Body Caress Full Coverage Wirefree Bra 72335, Damask Neutral, 42B

Made from nylon and spandex, this wire-free bra is another one of my favorites. It has full-coverage cups with an elastic band for better bust support. The straps are convertible and adjustable so you won’t fall short of options on how to wear it.

For an all-around stretch, comfort, and support, this bra is perfect. It gets top scores for suiting different breast shapes as well. And it’s so easy and quick to put on. You’ll no longer have to wrestle with the straps or the fabric to get through.

The bra is wire-free but it has an elastic band under the cups for stability. It vows to keep your breasts elevated and firm. So that while wearing the bra, you don’t feel like you’re wearing it. The fabric is really breathable and light. It doesn’t even itch when it’s hot and humid outside.

So if you’re looking for something comfortable and airy to wear. But also supportive enough to cushion saggy breasts, then buy this bra right now.


  • Very comfortable and breathable to wear.
  • It looks smooth and slim under tight clothing.
  • Best t-shirt bra to wear all day.


  • The cup size runs a bit large.

#2 Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire Free Bra - Best bra for lift and support

Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-free Bra, 36D, Nude

Across the board, women loved this wire-free bra. It has the best lifting and supporting bra design for sagging breasts. And it’s without an underwire, which makes it a treasure to keep. Nylon, polyester, and spandex with cotton lining. So it’s support and comfort combined.

It’s a versatile bra choice for many reasons. You will be satisfied with this bra and find no faults while wearing it. It’s a neat and modern wireless bra. With a broader fit across the cups so that your breasts stay in.

The padding under the cups and around the back is well-constructed. So instead of your breasts drooping downward, they look and feel elevated. Fastening the straps is easily done. You can do it yourself since it has a cotton lining. So it won’t rub against your skin while you do so.

All in all, this is a classy and functional choice for women with sagging breasts. The cups have an excellent volume, so they give you a smooth and sleek look. The 4-way support ensures no bulging and sagging for big and small boobs.


  • Quick and easy to wash.
  • The straps are supportive and irritation-free.
  • Light and firm cup support.


  • No underwire reduces support’s shelf life.

#1 Warner’s Women’s Full-Coverage Underwire Bra - Top Choice

Warner's womens This is Not a Bra Full-Coverage Underwire Bra,Toasted Almond,32D

If you don’t want your breasts to feel squished in, then go for this underwire bra. That’s right. It’s an underwire bra and it’s so comfortable and supportive. The nylon and spandex do a lot more to the fit of the bra than you think.

For starters, it doesn’t give you skin bumps around the back or sides. There is no weird tugging sensation by the shoulder straps. And most importantly, they lift and support your breasts. For sagging breasts, this is a huge relief. Because it makes you look slimmer and more upright.

These are the best underwire bras that actually stay in place. A daily essential must-have if you want your breasts to look slimmer and less awkward. You can finally wear the skin-tight top you’ve been wanting to wear. Because no bra lines will be seen through the shirt.

The padding around the underwire is a huge plus. It provides cushioning and breathability. Completely eliminating pinching, squeezing, and sagging of the material. Something to think about when you want the best possible bra fit for sagging breasts.


  • Excellent padding around the fasteners.
  • Smooth, bulge-free appearance.
  • The band is super comfortable and well-made.


  • The plastic strap rings are noisy.

The Definitive Buying Guide of the Best Bras for Sagging Breasts


The majority of women are worried about their sagging breasts. Because many factors contribute to the southward drooping of the boobs. Now it goes without saying that beauty is more internal than external. Even so, sagging breasts tend to make many women feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

So it’s only natural to look for the best bra for lift and side support. So your breast tissue, all of it, can get a natural-looking, comfortable lift. But there’s a lot more revolving around the topic of sagging breasts. And it’s time to dive deeper. This means you can make better decisions. With regards to your lifestyle and bra choices to keep your breasts from sagging.

First Of All, What Are the Most Common Causes of Sagging Breasts?


The inevitable, natural downward pull of gravity. And also the inevitable, natural process of your skin losing its elasticity. These are the most common causes of sagging breasts. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other major contributing factors as well. For example, your genetics.

Breast tissue shape, more often than not, is built into your DNA. And that comes from parents. This means you’re more likely to have breasts shaped like your mother’s.

Needless to say, other factors also play a huge role when it comes to the perkiness of your breasts. Such as drastic or sudden weight changes, moderate to heavy smoking, larger breast size, not wearing a proper-fitted, supportive bra, etc. Even habits like neglecting to apply sunscreen to prevent sun damage, which often results in your skin losing its elasticity.

Irrespective of the cause though, when your twins are looking droopy, it’s reason enough to give them a lift. This could be a temporary solution. Such as wearing the best bras for sagging breasts. Along with more permanent remedies. Like doing chest exercises on a daily basis. And consuming a healthy, anti-aging diet.

Common Myths About Sagging Breasts


And now it’s time to debunk some of the most common myths circulating around the sagginess of breasts.

#1 Breastfeeding causes breasts to sag

This is FALSE information, not based on any factual content. In fact, recent research studies have proved that breastfeeding doesn’t lead to ptosis (a fancy term for drooping). The actual guilty party here is your pregnancy. And not breastfeeding after pregnancy.

When pregnant, most women tend to put on weight. And weight gain at the time of pregnancy causes the stretching of your breast ligaments. This, in turn, creates the drooping effect post-pregnancy. So the best way to avoid this is to maintain a comparatively healthier weight gain during pregnancy.

#2 Wearing a bra prevents sagging breasts


Once again, this is not entirely true. What the best bras for sagging breasts do is give them the lift, shape, and support you find desirable. But these bras do not and cannot prevent potential sagging. Because sagging breasts, more often than not, are a result of gravity and the loss of skin elasticity.

One thing is for sure though. That wearing a sports bra during high-intensity activities like aerobic exercises keeps your bouncy boobs from moving. And that means your breast tissue remains unaffected. Even though you’re performing high-impact movements. So, is a sports bra good for sagging breasts? The answer is a loud and clear YES.

#3 Sun-tanning and smoking do not affect the appearance of breasts

Let’s apply simple logic in this case. The natural UV rays of the sun are harsh and harmful to your skin. They have the ability to cause skin damage. And this means the breakdown of collagen and elasticity.

Even smoking has the same negative reaction on the skin. The heat produced from cigarettes alters your skin’s elastic fibers and narrows down blood vessels. The former creates collagen loss. And the latter restricts blood supply.

So you have yet another compelling reason to quit smoking. And to apply sunscreen on a daily basis.

#4 Going braless causes breasts to sag

There’s no scientific evidence whatsoever to back this particular claim. Now I’m not saying that you should not wear a bra at all. Unless you decide not to wear one for your own reasons. But the fact remains unchanged that bras, even the best ones for support and lift, fix the issue of sagging breasts only temporarily.

And if you skip wearing a bra altogether, it’s not going to cause any more sagging that is already going to happen with a bra.

Features Included In the Best Bras for Sagging Breasts


There are hundreds and thousands of supportive bras out there. That comes in all kinds of shapes. But if you want to get your hands on and your boobs in the best brassier. Then make sure it meets the following criteria…

Stretchable fabric construction with low to moderate give

Reinforced or boned siding


Narrow-set straps

T-seamed, full-coverage cups

Wide band

If you want your bra to keep your breasts from looking saggy. Then these features matter a great deal. If not all, make sure the bra style has at least most of them. These factors, ultimately, are responsible for providing support, comfort, and lift. So without them, you simply cannot expect the bra to make your bosoms look uplifted and perky. No matter how expensive!

Most Suitable Bra Styles for Saggy Breasts


There are plenty of bra styles, aren’t there? You may be wearing the correct bra size. But if the structure of the bra doesn’t suit your sagging breast tissue, then what’s the point! When the bra is properly fitted and shaped for your breasts. Then it’s bound to turn that frown upside down. Irrespective of your age!

In that context, here are the most common bra styles women with sagging breasts choose…

1. Full-Cup Bras

This means bras with full-coverage cups. They work best for women that have large sagging breasts. The full-coverage structure of the cups offers sturdy support. Simply by preventing your breast tissue from spilling from the top and sides.

Full-cup bras shape your breasts very naturally. While also providing a gentle, comfortable lift. They are often built with molded cups. That is responsible for all the much-needed, comfortable shaping of sagging, large, and/or disfigured breasts.

2. T-Shirt Bras

The best t-shirt bras have a sleek, seamless design. And features that give your breasts the smooth lift and support they demand. T-shirt bras also feature molded cups for maximizing the support factor. On top of that, they create a naturally round shape with a slight lift.

Most women opt for t-shirt bras when wearing body-hugging tops and dresses. Because this particular style lifts sagging breasts the most seamlessly and supportively in the case of tight-fit clothing.

3. Underwire Bras

Make the underwire your breast friend when it comes to boosting bra support. No doubt, underwires bring tons of boob support into the picture. To lift your sagging breasts!

This type of bra may or may not be padded. It all depends on what you find the most comfortable. There are many lightweight, padding-free underwire bras that don’t cop out support. In fact, the underwire is the only thing responsible for naturally lifting the shape of your breasts. Be they big or small!

4. Balconette Bras

For fewer firm breasts, how about trying on a balconette or demi-cup bra style? These bras are sure to give your bosoms a perky and rounded look. Simply because balconette bras are designed to reveal more top breast tissue and inner breast tissue.

Most balconette bras have wide-set straps. These are perfect for holding up your breasts. Just keep in mind to choose the padded balconette style in the case of sagging breasts. As this particular version is better equipped to support your boobs. While also creating the intended round appearance.

5. Push-Up Bras

Push-up bras and sagging breasts go hand in hand. In fact, the answer to what is the best bra for saggy breasts after breastfeeding? And what is the best bra for small saggy breasts after weight loss? The answer, more often than not, is a push-up bra.

What the push-up effect does is defy the force of gravity. Thus, lifting your breasts the most effortlessly. Push-up bra styles have a plunge neckline ideal for your favorite deep-neck tops and dresses. This plunge feature also offers support. And makes your breasts look closer together.

It’s the official anti-sagging bra if you ask me!

How to Shop for the Most Comfortable Bra for Sagging Breasts


Get Professionally Fitted By A Bra Expert

There is no shortage of lingerie stores, right? So why not head to one and get fitted by a bra professional! Someone who’s familiar with how the brand designs its bras and determines the fit.

If you ask any bra expert, she’s more likely to tell you that the majority of women shopping at the store purchase the wrong bra size. And that says a lot about how much we give importance to the sizing factor.

With that in mind, get professionally fitted by a bra expert. And then buy your bra online. So you’ll have a better, more accurate understanding of the sizing guidelines every manufacturer provides.

Not All Brands Use the Same Sizing Standards

Your particular breast measurements are important. You should always keep your cup size and band size in mind when choosing bras. But don’t get hung up on any one size. Simply because different brands use different sizing and fit standards for their bra styles.

This means your collection can include 2-3 unsimilar sizes of bras by different brands. So make it a point to check the manufacturer’s size guide chart at the time of buying the bra.

Experiment with Sister Sizes

It often happens that when the band fits perfectly, the cups seem too big or too small. If that occurs, then feel free to go for the sister sizes. Meaning going one size up or down in the cups. With one size up, the band size should go one size down. While with one size smaller cups, the band size has to move one size up.

For instance, is your regular bra size 34C? Then your two sister size options are 36B and 32D.

Don’t Hesitate to Splurge

If you really look for a comfortable, supportive bra within your budget. You’re highly likely to come across not one but many. Nevertheless, expensive bras are truly worth it. As long as you’re buying the proper size and style.

Also, these are high-quality bras that offer all the comfort, support, and lift you need. And they last for a longer time. So you don’t have to buy bras very often.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Fix Sagging Breasts?

You may not be able to prevent sagging completely. But you can surely postpone, slow down, or minimize the effects of the process. Simply by incorporating these habits into your daily life…

Strengthening your pectoral muscles by performing chest exercises. Such as push-ups, dumbbell chest press, up and down the plank, dumbbell fly, etc.

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. There are foods to reverse the effects of skin aging. At the same time, avoid a crash or extreme diet. That tends to cause sudden, drastic weight loss. Because when that happens, your skin loses its natural firmness. Thus, causing your breasts to sag.

There’s no denying that a well-fitted, supportive bra keeps your breasts lifted. Like the best bras for sagging breasts I’ve reviewed in the article. But this is more of a temporary fix than a permanent solution.

Sleeping on your back instead of snoozing on your side goes a long way indeed. The latter cause your boobs to dangle downward. Therefore, stretching the ligaments. The former, on the other hand, keeps all your breast tissue weight supported fully on the chest. And that helps in retaining their perky appearance.

How to Measure Bra Size for Sagging Breasts?


So how to find the right bra size for sagging breasts? You start by measuring the under-bust region. This is your band size. For the cup size, measure around the fullest part of the breasts. And in the case of sagging breasts, keep the following instructions in mind…

Bend over, so your breasts are dangling down at a 90-degree angle. And now measure your cup size to get a properly fitted bra.

Take your measurements at least two times to compare the numbers. The goal here is to get the most accurate measurements of your cup size and band size.

And in case you have small sagging breasts, then refer to bra sizing guides that include smaller cup sizes. Such as AA and AAA cups.

Final Words

Needless to say, the roundup of the best bras for sagging breasts is a result of hours and hours of research. Along with tests and trials. I have also gone through hundreds of genuine customer reviews. So the top 12 bra styles shortlisted in this post are bound to give sagging breasts a perky, rounded, and lifted appearance.

These bras may not reverse the effects of the natural process of sagging. But they certainly minimize the saggy look. And also prevent any further drooping of your heavy or small bosoms.

And if you decide to choose a bra that’s not on the list, that’s okay too. Just make sure it’s well-equipped with features like underwire, wide band, narrow-set straps, full-coverage cups, etc.



How to Make A Strapless Bra from Your Regular Bra? (5 Most Useful Idea)

Most women can relate to the dilemma of bra straps not working with some of their outfits. So, at such times, it’s only natural to wonder how to make a strapless bra out of your regular bra.

Let’s just say that you bought a gorgeous strapless dress. And you don’t want any bra straps to interfere with your naked shoulder. Or even your back. But you can’t go a day without wearing your favorite or most flattering bra style either. Because its straps are definitely going to show. Unless your favorite or most flattering bra style is a strapless bra of course!

Let me make one thing very clear here. That it’s extremely simple to tweak your regular bra. So it fits into your strapless dress. While also providing the much-needed support and not peaking out from anywhere.


How to Make A Strapless Bra


The World Wide Web does indeed offer all kinds of bra hacks that actually work. So much so that you end up wondering how in the world did you ever survive without them!

Now allow me to discuss the most popular i.e. effective bra hacks that transform any regular bra into the most comfortable and supportive strapless version. Keep in mind that when your bra is right, it can make a huge difference. The best fit, with or without straps, is sure to create a solid foundation.

As for the strapless designs, these are a bit tricky, no doubt. Especially if you want to pair them up with strapless, off-shoulder, and backless dresses and tops. But worry not! Here are the most useful ideas for a DIY strapless bra for big bust, small bust, saggy breasts, side spillage, and whatnot!

You can always choose to go bra-less if that’s an option, and if you’re confident enough.

#1 Choose A Bra with Removable Straps

You can learn how to make a strapless bra simply by using just a single removable strap of your regular bra. First, hook the strap at the back. Now make sure you adjust the strap to its loosest point. Now pull the strap around your back and then the front i.e. below your cups. Strap it around all the way to the other hook at the back.

No doubt, this particular technique feels extra supportive. In fact, it also keeps from slipping. And that means you’re free to perform any kind of movement. And not have to worry about an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

#2 Convert Your Regular Bra to Strapless

You can do so with the help of sewing. Cut your regular bra straps and then sew this strapless version directly into your dress or top. This is the most common method when it comes to wearing backless, low-back, and strapless dresses.

But what if you don’t know how to sew? Then turn to a professional tailor or seamstress to get the job done for you.

#3 Use Bra Converting Clips

With the help of a large paper clip or a bra converting clip, you can uncover the best strap hack for your backless outfits. You simply don’t want your bra straps to peek out, right? So how about cinching these straps inward at the back? Using nothing but a paper clip or bra converting clip!

Such bra hack accessories are easily available on Amazon. And even at specialty lingerie stores. And they work flawlessly well when it comes to transforming your regular bra into a backless or strapless version.

You can also use bra strap converters. These links to your bra closure for pulling the center of the band downward by around 10 centimeters. So you can flaunt backless dresses and tops. While also providing all the support and comfort your breasts demand. And keeping the bra band and hooks hidden.

In the case of low-back converters for bras, the hook part connects to the converter’s eye. Or the other way around. Converter straps wrap around your stomach near your navel.

Here’s a very interesting and effective bra hack for low-back or backless dresses. So you know how to make a backless bra!

#4 Tuck the Straps Into Your Bra Cups

This is a quick fix when it comes to making a bra strapless. Obviously, you cannot expect this particular method to provide support. Or to work for a longer time. But it’s a very effective last-minute strapless remedy for snapping a picture in your beautiful off-shoulder, backless, or strapless dress.

Just make sure the bra you’re wearing has a snug fit. So it stays put even without those straps.

#5 Use Double Stick Tape

How to make a regular bra strapless without removable straps? You first start by cutting off the straps entirely. After you do that, apply double-sided sticky tape on the cups of the bra. Stick the tape at the top of the cups to prevent gaping.

Just avoid putting on lotion. Otherwise, the tape is more likely to come off and not stick to your skin.

Is A DIY Strapless Bra Right for Me?


It’s not easy finding the most comfortable bra, let alone buying a strapless bra. Factors like fit, support, and comfort are a priority. And so is the discretion of straps. In case you decide to wear your regular bra with your new strapless or backless dress/top.

Those who don’t want to go through the trouble of hunting for the perfect fit can use their favorite daily wear bra. One that already fits snugly yet comfortably. Because, let’s face it, finding a strapless bra for your particular body shape can be tricky, annoying, and time-consuming. And the task gets even more complicated in case you have large breasts. Or sagging breasts.

Enter your very own DIY strapless bra fashioned from your regular bra. When you customize a bra that your breasts are already used to, you’re creating the perfect shape for strapless necklines.

At the same time, transforming your regular bra into a strapless style requires no dollar spending. All you need is maybe some basic sewing knowledge, double-sided stick tape, bra strap converter, or a removable strap.


So feel free to experiment with the 5 hacks I’ve discussed for how to make a strapless bra. Figure out which one works best for your breasts. But keep in mind, no matter what you choose to do, that comfort and support are very important.

As long as your regular, everyday bra has removable straps, you can tweak it to pair it up with your strapless dress or top. And if removable straps aren’t a part of the picture. Then just cut off the straps. And then sew the bra cups into your item of clothing. Trust me, it’s as simple as that!



How to Measure Inseam for Jeans, Pants, Leggings – The Best Method

Measuring your inseam can change the way your jeans fit. You won’t even realize this but if your jeans don’t fit you well. There is a possibility that your inseam measurement is all wrong. The inseam length runs from the crotch to the end of the jeans (the leg opening).

If you get yourself sized at a tailor’s, this is how she’ll do it. She’ll run the measuring tape along your legs right down to the opening. Starting from the below your crotch right down the ankle where the jeans end.


How to Measure Inseam


But how to measure inseam yourself? There are two ways of going about it. And here’s a detailed guide on both of them.

1. Measuring inseam on the table

You can lay the jeans out on the table to measure the inseam. It’s simple and quick. But you will need a pair of well-fitting pants to get you started. It’s best to go with the jeans that already fit you well.

Lay it out on a table in front of you. For a more accurate measurement, make sure you buy the exact style of the pants you’re measuring the inseam of.

For jeans, measure a pair of well-fitting jeans. And for pants, measure a pair of comfortable pants.

Sometimes brands print out the inseam measurement right on the tag. If your jeans do not have the inseam measurement, follow the next steps carefully.

Place the jeans on the table and fold them. Fold them so that the legs of the jeans lined are on top of each other. Now lift the top leg up and over the waistband. So it will reveal the crotch, which marks the starting point of the jeans’ inseam.

Do not wrinkle or fold the jeans any more than is necessary. Make sure the jeans are flat on the table. Now take a measuring tape and place the starting tip below the crotch. This is where the crotch seam is. The last point from where both legs go their separate ways.

Run the measuring tape all the way down along the sides to the end. Do not stop halfway or even an inch above the ending. You’re supposed to join the crotch inseam to the ankle inseam of the jeans leg.

Take that number down in centimeters or inches or both. And refer to every time you go for jeans shopping.  


If you plan on wearing high heels, it’s best to increase the inseam measurement by .5-1 inch. You can also measure the heels. And add that to your inseam measurement for an accurate length.

Or if the jeans material is prone to shrinking in size after a few washes. Make sure you round up the inseam measurement to the closest .5 inches. So that even if the jeans do shrink, you won’t lose your length.

Most jeans shrink after wash. Adding half an inch is the best way to avoid tightness.

2. Measuring inseam in front of a mirror

If it’s not simple enough to measure inseam the first way. You can always have someone measure your inseam while you’re wearing the jeans/pants. Like I’ve already said, wear the best fitting jeans you have in your closest.

Do not wear heels or shoes. Stand barefoot against a wall to ensure you’re not slouching. Have someone place the start tip of the measuring tape below your crotch. That’s the crotch inseam. And then follow it along the side of the pant leg right to the end. That’s where the ankle inseam is. 

If you want the length to be a bit longer, you can take it to the ground or lower than the ankles.

Lots of people measure inseam in front of the mirror. While this may be tricky to do so, you can do it yourself. The best clothing item to wear while measuring is a tight-fitting legging. Even workout leggings work if it fits you well.

Make sure you unroll the tape slowly as you move toward your ankles. Stop as soon as the measuring tape reaches your ankles. And take down the number that you can see. If you wish to round up the number, stick to the closest .5 inches for a more accurate fit.

Types of Jeans


To measure the perfect pair of jeans, you have to keep these terms in mind. How to measure inseam, hips, and waist. This can transform the way you wear your everyday denim. 

Different types of jeans have different inseam measurements. Here are some basic ones you need to know about.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have an average inseam measurement of 28 to 36 inches. This works for most body types. And it’s a skinny fit with a tight and narrow length.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are shorter than skinny jeans. Their length is about 27 to 29 inches. This is because Boyfriend jeans have plenty of room around the hips. So the cropped length adds volume and looks baggy rather than skinny and narrow.

Straight-Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans and skinny jeans are quite similar. However, straight leg jeans are more open at the bottom than skinny jeans. The inseams on both sides of the leg run parallel to each other. While in skinny jeans, they slightly narrow toward each other. Creating a prolonged and slim look.

So straight leg jeans have the longest inseam of up to 36 inches.


As you can see, the inseam affects the style of the jeans you want to wear. While it also depends on your body type and jeans measurement. It’s best to know the standard inseam and how to measure inseam before proceeding.

It’s important to know which jean style suits your body type and size. Not every pair of jeans fit the same way. Some may be too tight while others may be too baggy. Inseam plays a significant role in how jeans fit you.

You can measure your jeans’ inseam without anybody’s help. And buy yourself some comfortable and stylish pair of jeans without a fuss.


Discovery the Best Bra for Side Spillage – What Is the Most Comfortable Bra?

When buying a bra, it’s not just the position of the straps and the size of the cups that matter. There’s a lot more that goes into the design. Especially when looking for the best bra for side spillage!

When you want your bra to fit and shape your breasts perfectly, even support plays as major a role as style. Because without the former, spillage is only inevitable.

Cups should create the perfect shape. Straps should support your breasts without digging into your skin. The back of the bra should be smooth and also sit parallel. And the most important thing of all, the side of the bra should support your side breast tissue. Thus, pushing them forward toward the center.

So if side spillage is a concern. Then here’s a list of the best bra for side support with qualities that score the highest marks in the test of no-boob-spillage from the sides or anywhere else.

Best Bra for Side Spillage - Top 10 Reviews 2020

Product NameOur RatingMaterialType
Panache Women’s Jasmine Balconette Bra#10Polyamide, polyester, elastaneBalconette underwire bra
Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoothing Minimizer Bra#9Nylon, spandexMinimizer underwire bra
Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Underwire Bra#8Nylon, spandexFront-close underwire bra
Lilyette by Bali Women’s Tailored Minimizer Bra#7Nylon, elastaneWire-free minimizer bra
Hanes Women’s Comfort Evolution Bra#6Polyester, spandexWire-free comfort bra
Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Front Close Lace T-Back Wonderwire Bra#5Polyamide, polyester, elastaneFront-close T-back bra
Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra#410-piece setWire-free convertible strapless bra
Warner’s Women’s No Side Effects Wire-Free Contour Bra#3Nylon, spandexWire-free contour bra
Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Original Full Coverage Bra#2Nylon, spandexFull-coverage underwire bra
Warner’s Women’s No Side Effects Full Coverage Underwire Bra#1 - Editor's ChoiceNylon, elastaneFull-coverage underwire bra

#10 Panache Women’s Jasmine Balconette Bra - Best balconette-style bra

Panache Jasmine Balconnet Underwire Bra (6951) 28F/Animal Black

This bra has the perfect fit and style. It holds your breasts closer together but without causing spillage. The narrow gore, narrow wires, and slim cups are perfect. It ticks all the boxes for preventing side spillage.

It’s also ideal for women who are fuller at the top. Oftentimes, cups can feel too constrictive which causes side spillage. So you need cups that do not dig into your skin. While also cupping your breasts from the top and from the underside.

The bra has a stretchy lace that looks good and feels light. It has a soft and comfortable fabric. The polyamide, elastane, and polyester material fit like a glove. Even while bending over, the bust-centralizing side sling prevents spillage.

You can also thank the laminated cup support of the bra. It’s functional and comfortable. Perfect for wearing every day. The supportive fabric holds up well to long-term use. Be it formal or casual or fancy outfits. This bra is one of the best balconette-style bras for a sophisticated style.


  • It has a slimming effect from the sides
  • Feels light and smooth under outfits
  • Perfect for fuller breasts from the top, sides


  • The underwire is not padded

#9 Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoothing Minimizer Bra - Best back fat smoothing bra

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Smoothing Minimizer Bra 76080, Damask Neutral, 36D

If you’re looking for an effective minimizing bra, go for the Vanity Fair. It is a slimming and smoothing bra. The kind of bra that doesn’t pinch or squeeze your breasts. It has comfortable straps. And a supportive back band that also prevents bulges.

Ideal for women with fuller breasts from all sides. The Vanity Fair is made of nylon and spandex. So it’s breathable and soft against the skin. The straps are super soft to touch. They sit smoothly on your skin rather than digging. And they sit wide so as to avoid slipping.

The bra has hooks on the back which complement the softness of the band. Even if you wear a size slightly tighter, it doesn’t pinch your skin in any way. The fabric really contours and shapes your upper body. So that it looks smooth and flattering under tight clothing.

If that’s something you’re worried about, the firmly-lined cups and smooth binding will suit you. A minimizer bra that not only looks attractive but feels super light and breathable.


  • It smoothens out bulges and spillage
  • The underwire is soft and padded
  • Supportive and breathable cups


  • The straps make a slight rubbing noise

#8 Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Underwire Bra - Best front-closure bra to prevent side spillage

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra, Nude,38DD

What does it mean to wear a front-close shaping bra? If you haven’t tried wearing one yet, try this one first. It has a classic and sophisticated style. The Bali Revolution Underwire Bra offers excellent shaping features. Perfect for side spillage as it closes in the front rather than at the back.

For the price, this is a great and supportive bra. It will fit your size without feeling tight or loose. It’s also a minimizer bra that has a slimming effect. So it’s perfect for side spillage if you’re fuller at the sides than the top.

This bra doesn’t have an elastic band that feels uncomfortable. And since it closes from the front, it’s a lot more supportive at the back. If you want to change the way you dress, starting from the bras. You need the comfort and ease of wearing such a bra.

You’ve never worn anything like this bra before. It won’t lose its shape even after washing. The fabric is thick but only so that it lasts for a long time. Otherwise, it feels light and smooth against the skin.


  • Lightly-lined with smooth underwire
  • Adjustable and supportive clasp closure
  •  Easy to wash and quick to dry


  • The cup size is a bit large

#7 Lilyette by Bali Women’s Tailored Minimizer Bra - Best minimizer bra for side spillage

	 Lilyette by Bali Women's Tailored Strapless Minimzer Bra, Body Beige, 40C

The Lilyette is another one of Bali Women’s special bra. It’s elegant and modern-looking. And it works as a slimming and minimizing bra. The best kind of bra is when you don’t need to think about one while wearing it. The bra that is soft and smooth to wear.

The sweetheart neck and versatile strap design of this bra are impressive. They’re convertible, removable, and adjustable straps. If you hate wearing the straps the traditional way. You can criss-cross them across your back. Or go demi to wear more flattering dresses.

The customized fit of this bra is also worth noting. It contours and smoothens your body. And it retains its original shape once you take it off. So nothing feels out of place. For example, the cups do not allow the skin to bulge out. To find this in the best strapless bra is the best feeling ever.


  • Seamless and smooth lining
  • Strapless, minimizing bra shape
  • The underwire is not stiff or inelegant


  • None so far

#6 Hanes Women’s Comfort Evolution Bra - Best wire-free bra for side spillage

Hanes Women's Comfort Evolution Bra, Charcoal, Small

The Hanes Comfort Evolution Bra is made from polyester and spandex. It doesn’t rise up as you bend over. Nor does it pull or ride down from the side as you stand up straight. It’s one of the most supportive bras to wear for side spillage.

It offers sufficient support without the use of an underwire. So you can only imagine how it feels during the summer months. Completely free of sweat, pinching, and stuffiness. The fabric is very breathable and offers cushioning where you need it the most.

It has a quick-drying fabric. The seamless lining is smooth and light. From the back to the front, it has a sleek and fine silhouette. The kind that looks neat and slim under most outfits. The contrast sheen trimming makes the bra look less shabby even if it shows.


  • The fabric is sheer and non-stiff
  • Stretchy and firm support
  • Supportive cups without underwire


  • The sweetheart neckline is not deep

#5 Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Front Close Lace T-Back Wonderwire Bra - Best T-back bra for side spillage

	 Glamorise Women's Full Figure Front Close Lace T-Back Wonderwire Bra #1246

If you’re busty and are struggling to find a comfortable, well-fitted T-strap bra for support. Then look no more because Glamorise comes to your rescue. This Wonderwire bra features a front closure while also taking care of side spillage and quad boob. It also avoids lumps at the back. Certainly, you’ve found the ultimate bra that solves all common breast problems.

The Wonderwire structure is such that it delivers all the comfort you demand. In the form of a well-cushioned band. Along with an underwire that doesn’t poke or even touch your body.

With front closure, putting on and removing the bra becomes much more convenient. Speaking of which, the straps are adjustable and also stretchy enough. And what makes it all better is the addition of pretty lace on the full-coverage cups.


  • Side smoothing and shaping panels
  • Cushioned comfort band and underwire
  • Front closure with T-back design


  • Visible cup seams

#4 Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra - Best full-figured convertible bra

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Strapless Full Figure Underwire Bra 74380, Midnight Black, 34C

How about a strapless bra that’s ideal for full-figured women who demand some back smoothing action from their bras? This Vanity Fair Beauty Back style is such a convertible bra. It converts four different ways; halter, crisscross, strapless, and traditional.

The contoured cups are lightly lined. So your nipple protrusions remain hidden in case it gets cold. And the best part is that the underwire doesn’t poke. And the silicone that allows the bra to stay put doesn’t slip either.

But what matters the most is the inclusion of a 4-way stretch. It smoothens and shapes your bulges not only along the sides but also the back. It’s the most perfect style for holding your breasts up. And as for hiding or preventing side boob spillage and back rolls, the wide band takes care of that.


  • Strapless full-figured underwire convertible bra
  • 4-way stretch to smooth out side and back bulges
  • Anti-poke underwire and anti-slip silicone
  • Lightly padded contoured cups


  • Cups are not true to size

#3 Warner’s Women’s No Side Effects Wire-Free Contour Bra - Best seamless t-shirt bra

	 Warner's womens No Side Effects Wire-free Contour Bra,Toasted Almonthsnd Beige,34A

Trust me on this, you’re very unlikely to come across a wire-free seamless t-shirt bra like this Warner’s design. Let me also tell you that this isn’t the only Warner’s bra I’m reviewing from their No Side Effects collection. Even the top choice is by the same brand. But that one’s an underwire bra.

As for the current wire-free contoured style, it features extra coverage panels on the sides. These do their best when it comes to smoothening out your underarm bulge. And with elastic-free back and sides, you don’t have to deal with any bulges from anywhere.

Moreover, the cups may be wire-free, but they’re plenty supportive and also flexible. The perfect fit for those with large breasts even.


  • Lightweight, breathable mesh wings
  • Seamless, wire-free comfort
  • Foam-lined, moderately padded cups
  • Front adjustable straps


  • Smaller/tighter straps not ideal for broad shoulders

#2 Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Original Full Coverage Bra - Most comfortable bra to prevent side spillage

Playtex Women's 18-Hour Original Comfort Strap Wirefree, Teal Regatta, 38C

If comfort is key, which should be in the case of a daily wear bra, then here’s the ultimate choice for you. The Playtex 18 Hour Original Full Coverage Bra relieves pressure often accompanied by wearing the wrong size or style of bra. And this one is sure to not dig into your skin.

The fabric blend makes you feel both supported and comfortable throughout the day. Many women choose this Playtex bra because of its beautiful floral jacquard pattern. If you don’t believe me, simply have a look at the positive feedback it has attracted on Amazon. There are over 19k ratings!

There’s soft shoulder padding that keeps the straps from poking into your skin. The level of support the bra provides to large breasts is genuinely extraordinary. It separates ad lifts your bosoms. Thus, eliminating the excessive pressure from the upper body.

Also, the side underarm coverage smoothens out any possible bulges. In all, the Playtex bra supports a large chest without causing the straps to dig into your skin.


  • The floral jacquard pattern adds feminine appeal
  • Wide, padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Suitable bra for large, fuller breasts
  • Higher sides for side boob coverage


  • Not a very durable bra

  • The cups have a weird pointy shape

#1 Warner’s Women’s No Side Effects Full Coverage Underwire Bra - Top Choice

Warner's Women's No Side Effects Full Coverage Underwire Bra, Black, 36C

Now it’s time for the top choice to grab your attention. And it certainly grabs a lot of attention as well as praise because of the full-coverage cups and elastic-free side panels. The former and latter combine to eliminate the bulge not only from the sides. But the Warner’s No Side Effects Underwire Bra also smoothens back bulges.

Constructed using nylon and elastane, this bra is sure to feel comfortable. Nylon, after all, is the best for its resistance to heat and also for its stretch/elasticity. Along with the ability to provide maximum durability. As for elastane, the material allows the bra to stretch to your comfort.

Your breasts get a contoured lift. Including your side breast tissue, which receives all the coverage it demands. In order to keep from creating the unwanted underarm bulge.

Moreover, the shoulders straps are adjustable. And there’s the double hook closure in the back. But the best part, unquestionably, is that the full-coverage cups go all the way around your sides. And that means no visible side boob bulge.


  • Extra side coverage to eliminate underarm bulge
  • Front-adjustable shoulder straps
  • Elastic-free side panels smoothen back fat


  • The bra rises high in the armpit region

Best Bra for Side Spillage Buying Guide - Understanding Side Boob Spillage


Side spillage, more often than not, is a common concern among women. Sometimes the cause lies in the way your shoulders are shaped. And sometimes it happens because you forget to tighten your bra straps. Neglecting the fact that straps are highly susceptible to becoming loose over time. They are, after all, bound to lose their elasticity at some point.

But if you check all these boxes and still have to deal with side spillage, then what? Then it’s pretty obvious that you’re wearing the wrong bra size or style. The best bra for side spillage is not one that features widely spaced straps. Because when straps are wide-set, they tend to cause even greater side spillage. Plus, they keep slipping off your shoulders.

Most women dealing with side spillage have a fuller bust. So all the extra breast tissue is likely to spill out from the sides. But that’s only if you don’t wear the proper bra design or size.

Now I know that the best bras out there that offer the most amount of support don’t come cheap. But your breasts demand all the special support components. And what’s better - buying a cheap bra without any support panels or slings? Or buying a high-quality bra that, no matter what, prevents side spillage?

Causes of Side Spillage In Bras


When it comes to fit, 8 out of 10 women choose the wrong size bra. And it goes without saying that an incorrect fit gives rise to lots of problems. This includes side spillage. It’s either the wrong size or style of bra.

So it’s very important to measure your breasts the correct way to determine the proper size. Once you have that number, it becomes easier to choose the best bra for side spillage.

Moving on to the style of bra, here’s something you might want to know. Band and cup designs of all the bra sizes do not work similarly. Meaning some provide more coverage while some less coverage. Despite being the same size!

For example, if you have widely spaced breasts. Then you require a completely different bra style than those crafted for large breasts. When a bra is not well-equipped to support your breasts, it tends to push the breast tissue toward the sides. Therefore, giving rise to a side bulge. That not only looks unappealing but also feels very uncomfortable.

Choosing the Best Bra for Side Spillage


So now you know how important it is to choose the right bra size and style. The size part you can figure out on your own using a measuring tape, right? But how about the bra style? How do you decide what bra prevents side spillage?

Simply take the following factors into consideration…

1. High Coverage Cups


For the amount of coverage your breasts demand, you have to take into account their natural shape. Are your breasts rounder and fuller in the top region? If yes, then more coverage is bound to keep them well supported. And less coverage is required in case your breasts are fuller at the bottom.

More coverage is an inevitable part of full coverage cups. Then there are balconette bra styles for less coverage. But if you want to prevent side spillage, always choose high coverage cups.

2. Side Shaping Panels


Now it’s time to find out how your breasts naturally rest on your chest. Are they spilling toward the sides? Fuller breasts are usually more inclined to do that. And that means side spillage. So in order to reverse the effect, bras with side shaping panels are a must.

What side shaping panels do is push your breasts forward toward the middle. While also providing optimal side support to prevent side spillage. And mind you, side spillage is not just a curvy woman’s issue. It’s all about the type or shape of breasts you have.

3. Side Smoothening Wings


There is the best bra for side and back fat too. Because sometimes side spillage extends to back spillage as well. So why not hit two birds with one stone! Simply by choosing a bra equipped with side wings made using Powernet mesh material. This mesh fabric creates a firm, comfortable hold. To keep your back spillage under control.

Also, the best bra for side spillage consists of three hooks for extra support.

Wrapping It Up

Your favorite bra can also cause side spillage if it’s not shaped to support all of your breast tissue. Including the front and the side. So how about preventing potential boob or bra malfunction by choosing the best bra for side spillage.

Breasts peeping out from the sides is often a result of the absence of full coverage cups. And/or the lack of side shaping panels. The two most important features that are a part of the top choice - Warner’s Women’s No Side Effects Full Coverage Underwire Bra.

Just make sure you measure your breasts properly before even deciding to buy a new bra. Be it for side spillage, top spillage, wide-set breasts, etc.

Generally speaking, to prevent side boob spillage, bra styles with wider bands and higher-cut sides are the most ideal. These push the breast tissue, all of it, together toward the center. So it’s okay if your natural breast shape is not what you expect or desire. You can always fix the problem by wearing the right bra.



How to Add Padding to A Swimsuit – The Most Useful Guide

Some women find the whole idea of adding pads to their swimsuits loathsome. But then there are some women who think it’s a brilliant way to bring about more support. After all, the goal is to feel comfortable and more confident in whatever you’re wearing, right? So here’s how to add padding to a swimsuit.

Let me point out that there are plenty of swimsuits out there that don’t feature padding. This type of swimwear consists of plain fabrics. That, more often than not, does not support the chest. So if you’re comfortable wearing these, then good for you.

But if you want to add padding in the form of cups for sharpening your swimsuit. Then that’s not an issue either. Because not all women feel comfortable in a swimsuit that doesn’t pad their nipple protrusions. In that case, you can add padding without having to buy a new one-piece or two-piece altogether.


How to Add Padding to A Swimsuit


If you think it’s a complicated, difficult, and time-consuming undertaking. Then let me assure you that it’s nothing of the sort. Swimsuit padding liners are available in various sizes. What you now need is a set of useful instructions to get the job done.

Step 1. Select the pad you want to stitch into your swimsuit

Don’t just randomly purchase any pair of pads. You have to choose only the best swimsuit padding inserts that also fit your bust size. Otherwise, you’re just inviting unnecessary discomfort, irritation, and inconvenience at the pool.

Needless to say, padding comes in various sizes as well as designs. But, out of these, only a few accomplish the aim of fitting a swimsuit while also providing coverage and support. And here they are…

Enhancement Bust Pads

To give your chest a supported look, nothing works better than enhancement bust pads. These firm up your breasts in the form of providing maximum support.

Penetrable Pads

Also known as waterproof pads, these don’t give rise to any irritation or discomfort. In fact, they feel very comfortable. And are specifically designed for swimsuits.

Push-Up Pads

The goal here, as the term suggests, is to lift your breasts upward and forward. They push up your bust to give your chest a supported, perky lift. Push-up pads are very commonly used in swimsuits as well.

Shaping Pads

For those who want to make their bosoms look fuller inside a swimsuit often buy shaping pads.

Step 2. Position the pads in the perfect spot

DIY swimsuit padding is all about placing the pads, no matter what type, in the correct spot. And that perfect spot is the bust or chest region of the swimsuit. Don’t just stitch it into your swimwear anyhow. Be very careful when it comes to the exact location.

Start by positioning the pads where you want them to be on your swimsuit. But before that, put on your suit. So you can mark the spot for both your breasts. Failing to wear the swimsuit is only going to produce the wrong results.

Keep in mind that adequate bust coverage is necessary. Also, the pads should blend in with your swimsuit, and not stand out. So when marketing the spot, use a pin or something like that. This way you don’t end up losing the location of the exact spot.

Step 3. Sew the pads into your swimsuit

For this part of the process, you require a thread and needle. How else are you going to sew in the pair of pads into your swimwear!

Once you decide where the pads go, meaning once you mark the spots. Turn your swimsuit inside out. Then clip each pad to the inner fabric of the suit. And start sewing from the bottom up. Go round till the pad is completely stitched into your swimwear.

Here are some hand sewing tips that might be of immense help. That is in case you’re new to sewing. In that context, make sure the line of the thread you’re using doesn’t show on the outside. And if it does, then loosen the stitches and do it again. You have to sew the pads into the suit’s inner lining. So it doesn’t cross over to your swimwear’s front.

And you know what, you don’t necessarily need to buy a separate pair of pads for your swimsuit. Maybe you already have a bra with removable pads lying somewhere. So you can use these pads as well to sew into the swimsuit.

But what if the bra doesn’t have removable pads? In that case, just use the bra cups for the task. If it’s an old or worn-out bra, then you can go ahead with this option.

Just get rid of the straps of the bra first. Now place the cups in the exact spot of your swimsuit. Hold them down using pins. And then simply sew the cups around till they’re completely attached to the inner lining of the suit.

Why Wearing A Bra Under Your Swimsuit Is A Horrible Idea


You may have thought, at some point at least, to put on your regular bra below your swimsuit. Simply to add more support to your bust. In that case, let me tell you that normal bras are not constructed to be worn under swimsuits.

So here’s why you should avoid even entertaining the idea of putting on a bra and then a swimsuit on top of it…

#1 The bra will be visible

No matter how hard you try to hide those straps, they will pop out at some point. It doesn’t even matter if you succeed at hiding the bra cups as well. Your bra is not equipped to stay put inside a swimsuit.

And just the thought of adjusting the cups and straps all the time sounds irritating. So why put yourself through all that trouble. When you can just as easily learn how to add padding to a swimsuit!

#2 The bra will spoil the fit and shape of your swimsuit

More often than not, swimsuits, mostly the one-piece version, have a tight fit. So wearing a bra under this inevitably creates an odd bump. One that doesn’t look flattering at all.

Let’s say you can’t sew pads into your swimsuit. What do you do then? Why not consider wearing one of those sticky bras inside the suit?

#3 The bra will soak up a lot of water

After all, swimwear is made of fabrics that dry faster. The same cannot be said about bras obviously. And if you’re still adamant about wearing one, then make sure it’s built using silicone.


So now you know how to add padding to a swimsuit. And also why wearing a bra under your swimsuit is nothing but a bad idea.

Let me tell you that adding pads or cups is very easy. At the same time, it completely transforms the look of your swimwear and breasts. Making the latter feel more supported and comfortable.

So follow the step-by-step instructions I’ve discussed for DIY swimsuit padding. And you can hide your nipple protrusions at the pool!



Cluster Eyelash Extensions – What Are They and How to Make Them Last?

Here’s the thing about cluster eyelash extensions in comparison to other types of eyelash extensions. When placed together, they feel heavier. On top of that, more glue is required to stick them. And that means using them right is crucial to the process.

No wonder not many salons don’t have listed on their service menu eyelash extension clusters. Because you end up doing it the wrong way, you know what happens? You run the risk of losing all or most of your natural lashes. At the same time, skin damage around the eyes takes form. Eye infections are also common as a result.

That said, let’s kick start the article with some need-to-know information…


Cluster Eyelash Extensions - What You Need to Know Before Reading On


Clusters of eyelash extensions are bunched up together. Meaning they consist of individual thicker lashes that create a cluster. Correct? This is not the same as volume lashes where each lash is made thicker and placed closer together.

In the case of a cluster, lashes aren’t interspersed between the natural lashes. Instead, they’re clustered or blended together. These extra eyelashes make the extensions heavier, no doubt. And that also means more glue is necessary for keeping them in place.

Also, the clusters of eyelashes themselves are bound using an adhesive. So you have to add more glue to put them into their proper place. All this does indeed sound like a messy deal in case you get the whole thing or even a part of it wrong.

But then why are cluster extensions still being sold if they’re so complicated and time-consuming to apply? Well, it’s because there are many women out there who know how to get the job done right. And also because volume lashes cannot fix wispy lashes as cluster eyelash extensions do. Only with the latter can you get thick and lustrous lashes.

You just have to take the right steps, that’s all. First things first, make sure you buy a glue that’s the product tested. So it doesn’t give rise to unwanted skin irritation or eye infections. Then comes the part where I tell you to pick the right lash size for your eyes. Because extensions do not come in a single size. In fact, the variety of sizes is not limited in any way.

Next, how long do cluster lashes last? It’s highly advisable to not keep them on for over a month. You can use simple logic here to answer the question. The glue and heaviness of the eyelash extensions are more likely to cause some form of damage if you don’t take them off sooner.

The longer they stay on your face, the greater the chances of developing eye infection and/or skin irritation. To be more specific, by longer, I mean more than 7 days.

Now let’s get to another very important part related to the topic at hand…

How to Make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer?


Eyelash extensions, whether cluster or individual, demand high maintenance. Plus, the process of putting them on and then taking care of them is also time-intensive. And let’s not forget that this is not an inexpensive habit.

That said, you might want to keep the following points in mind to make the experience more to your liking…

1. Do Not Curl Your Natural Lashes

You have to show up at the salon bare-faced. And that means no curling your natural eyelashes. Otherwise, a crease forms and then it becomes difficult to place the lash extensions. And it all ends up looking poorly done, uneven, and clamorous.

Apart from skipping your mascara, also don’t apply any eye makeup, eye cream, and oily skincare. In short, anything that may or may not interfere and mess with the extension glue should be eliminated.

Another very important point many women neglect is not getting their new eyelash extensions wet. So take your shower after 24 hours of applying for the lash extensions. You have to give the adhesive a maximum of 24 hours to dry entirely.

And for a week following the salon appointment, keep from wearing the waterproof kind eye makeup. Because it tends to create an invisible layer that keeps your expensive lashes from gluing together fully.

2. Choose Custom Eyelash Extensions

No doubt, the best cluster eyelash extensions are expensive. The cost actually differs from one salon to another. Generally speaking though, the starting price is around $120. And it goes up to $300. The former being the most basic eyelash extension of course.

But your choice depends on the shape of your eyes. Along with the lash length you like. And your lifestyle as a matter of fact. What looks good on one person doesn’t necessarily complement the face and eyes of another. And that’s only natural to happen.

Most salons and eyelash studios offer a catalogue of eyelash extension options. It’s like a guide book that contains the simplest as well as the boldest lash extensions. Those with round eyes, more often than not, choose the longest eyelashes. Some women go for cat-eye extensions as well. These are very popular for opening up the eyes even more.

Now let’s talk about the material used for these custom eyelash extensions. The most common ones are faux mink and silk. The former looks the most natural and fluttery. While the latter has a slightly more shiny appearance. Thus, it pops more.

Then comes the curl type and length; J, C, and D. J shape have a bit of a curve with a longer length. While the other two have the most flipped shape.

And finally, how many eyelashes to apply? An experienced eyelash artist often combines different lengths for creating a natural wispy look. For example, a minimum of 4 various lengths for each style of extensions.

3. Cluster Eyelash Extensions Are Not the Best Choice

Many salon experts and lash artists recommend not using cluster extensions. Because these have the tendency to weigh down natural lashes. Therefore, leading to breakage.

Now I know that those with sparse lashes can benefit a great deal from clusters. They do indeed create a more voluminous appearance. So here’s what you can do. Make sure every single extension is placed to just one natural lash. With no visible glue. And without the extensions touching your eyelid.

Just keep in mind that if the eyelash extensions look fake, then they’re probably going to feel too heavy as well.

4. Eyelash Extensions Do Feel Weird Initially

If your new extensions are feeling weird, then it’s only natural for this to happen initially. With eyelash extensions, it’s highly recommended to sleep on your back. Because if you sleep on your stomach or your side. Then the chances are your fake lashes are going to get crushed. And that means you’re compelled to remove them.

In that case, feel free to sleep on a travel pillow. Something that keeps your head elevated while also keeping your body resting on its back.

5. Adjust Your Daily Skincare Routine

As I already mentioned, keep oily skincare products away from your face. So if your skincare routine consists of any formula with rich, nourishing oils. Then you might have to keep it on the sideline. For the sake of your new, lustrous eyelash extensions of course.

But what if your skincare routine includes applying an eye cream? If that’s the case, then why not use the eye cream in your morning skin routine. This way it keeps from interfering with your lashes, unlike nighttime application. Also, make sure the eye cream is not infused with greasy ingredients like mineral oil.

On the whole, apply only non-oily skincare and beauty products.

6. Adjust Your Makeup Routine

If you’re tweaking your daily skincare routine, then it’s much the same for your daily makeup routine. Speaking of which, do you know that there are extension-friendly mascaras as well? These work toward enhancing the shape and appearance of eyelash extensions. And not jeopardizing them.

As for what not to do, avoid applying any waterproof kind eye makeup. Because when you try to remove it, the makeup is only going to weaken the glue holding your lash extensions together. Likewise, stay away from glittery or loose powdery eyeshadows. These tend to accumulate over the roots of the lashes. Therefore, once again weakening them and also causing breakage.

What about liner? Can you use a liner with eyelash extensions? You can if it’s liquid-based or gel-based. It shouldn’t tug at those lash roots that’s all.

7. Change the Way You Wash Your Face

Bumping your expensive eyelash extensions accidentally is a very common occurrence. Many women have lost their lash extensions this way. So how about you take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening with you as well. And the technique is quite simple.

Stick your head as low as possible into your skin. Splash water gently over your forehead and the bottom part of the face. Now carefully sud up both areas. Then rinse your face by gently dabbing it using light, upward circular motion to cover the whole face.

For getting the cleanser off around your eyes, use your ring fingers to dab the area with clean water. Don’t scrub your face at any point.

8. Thoroughly Clean Your Eyes

Before you get any ideas in your head, let me explain.

Combine distilled water and tear-free baby shampoo formula (a little of both). Use this mixture for cleaning your top lids and the bottom part of your eyes. This gets rid of any residue buildup along the lash line. And do this irrespective of whether you apply eye makeup or not.

With extensions, your eyes certainly demand extra attention.

9. Brush Your Eyelash Extensions

Just like your hair gets messy and tangled up after a shower, even eyelash extensions go through the same. Most salons and lash artists provide you with a soft spoolie for combing the extensions daily.

Look down, use the pointer finger to support your eyelashes. Then twirl that spoolie gently over the top part of the lashes. It’s the opposite movement of applying mascara. This only takes 5-10 seconds. But it has desirable long-term effects.

10. Avoid Picking Your Eyelash Extensions

If you want to get them removed, then head to the salon. Because if you try to pick them on your own. You’re running the risk of breaking your natural eyelashes too.

Speaking of removing lash extensions, they cycle off on their own over time. That means you can expect your false eyelashes to last for around 3-4 weeks when properly cared for.

Cluster Eyelash Extensions - Final Words

There are many women who simply can't get enough of eyelash extensions. Especially the cluster kind in the case of sparse natural lashes. They add a lot more volume than you can imagine. And that’s why they’re so addictive.

Cluster eyelash extensions do what a mascara, no matter how expensive, is never able to achieve. Your scarce, thin lashes transform into the most curled, flutteriest, and thickest. With no clumps. And with that perfect tapering shape from the roots to the tips. The only issue is maintaining them the right way.

But when done right, eyelash extensions can last for around 3-4 weeks. At the end of which, they wear out on their own. Meaning you don’t have to go through the trouble of removing them.



Micellar Water vs Toner – When and How to Use? (All You Need to Know)

Micellar water vs toner is thought of and used as skincare products. What they each do for the skin is not that different either. They cleanse the skin to remove makeup, dirt impurities, and other unwanted particles from the skin.

If you want to choose between micellar water vs toner. Then, it is a matter of personal preference. But read this before you come to a fixed decision.

Most people have a skincare routine that they do every morning and night. If you wear make-up, you need a flawless skincare routine to prevent acne and dryness. To allow your skin to rest at the end of the day. You need to use a cleanser like micellar water or a toner.

But what do these products do?


The Beauty of Skin-Cleansing Products


Micellar water and toner are a part of the same category. They are skincare products for cleansing and hydrating. It’s the first thing you use to remove dirt and makeup from the skin.

They contain what you call “surfactants” that break down makeup, creams, dirt, and sunscreen on the skin. They also unclog your pores to hydrate the skin from the deeper layers.

So for a deep clean with the help of an efficient cleansing product, read this.

Micellar Water


Micellar water is a cleansing product made up of purified water and micelles. It is a transparent liquid which contains micelles with soft water. The micelles molecules cleanse out the pores in your skin.

It does everything from getting rid of makeup, dirt, and sunscreen. The micelles are mixed with soft water already in the bottle. So you don’t need to use rose water or any other water-based product along with micellar water.

  • It doesn’t contain alcohol.
  • No stinging during and after use.
  • Good for gentle cleansing.
  • It already contains water for rinsing.
  • Not the strongest skin cleanser.



Toner is a cleansing product with multiple chemicals such as antioxidants and glycerin. The average toner contains hydrogen and oxygen with less water. So you will have to use water along with toner to remove makeup from your face.

A toner does everything micellar water does. It cleanses the skin, tones, and purifies from the pores. It has a stronger cleansing effect than micellar water. But that’s mainly because micellar water contains soft water molecules. And a toner doesn’t.

  • It cleanses your skin thoroughly.
  • Good for blackheads and dead skin cells.
  • Skin toner and exfoliating agent for oily skin.
  • Excessive use may cause dryness and skin irritation.

Why Use Micellar Water vs Toner?


Micellar water is a light and effective cleansing product. It contains purified water which has a gentle quality. You can also buy micellar water with additional ingredients. Such as glycerin for moisturizing and other cleansing agents for hydrating.

These surfactants give your face a glow and smooth look after you use the water. It’s one of the reasons why you can keep micellar water on your face for longer. It doesn’t cause your skin to become dry or brittle.

The surfactants hydrate and moisturize the skin for longer. Preventing dirt impurities and oil-particles from entering your pores. It contains soft water particles so you don’t need to rinse your face after using it.

This gives micellar water an advantage because it’s travel-friendly. You only need a bottle of micellar water to keep your face hydrated after a long day. With toner, you’ll need rosewater or other such skin-care products. Micellar water is a quick clean-up product for people who are always on the go.

The best way to use micellar water is with a cotton pad. You don’t have to rub the water vigorously. Just gently sweep the micellar water over your face. The micelles molecules trap the clusters in your pores that attract oil and dirt.

To sum up, micellar water is a good alternative for sensitive skin. Meanwhile, it’s a light and efficient choice for its skin-balancing benefits.

Why Use Toner vs Micellar Water?


A toner has impressive cleansing and toning properties. It unclogs your pores, refreshes, purifies, and tones. The perfect choice for men and women who wear heavy makeup.

The essence of toner is that it’s powerful and fast. And it’s been around for longer than micellar water. So this also adds the benefits of using toner vs micellar water.

However, some toner products contain alcohol which is bad for the skin. It causes rashes, acne, dryness, and patchy skin. If you use a lot of toner, your skin may eventually become too tight and dry.

This is because the toner you’re using may contain benzoyl peroxide, witch hazel, or salicylic acid. Using salicylic acid on the skin is, to a certain extent, good for acne. But if you use a lot, even without acne, it can cause skin dryness and irritation.

Toner does work deeper into the skin. It’s refreshing and reveals toned and purified skin after use. To put it simply, micellar water may or may not remove dirt impurities along with makeup from the skin. But a toner most certainly does.

But it’s not the best choice for all skin types. Whereas micellar water is because of its pH-balancing skincare ingredients. Micellar water gently removes makeup from your skin. You can even cleanse your face with it without using water, unlike toner.

Final Thoughts

Micellar water and tone can have many benefits. Based on your skin type and skincare routine, you can pick a favorite. Lately, many makeup artists are using micellar water instead of a toner. It quickly removes impurities from the skin including makeup.

The fact that you don’t need any other product to go with makes it better. So it’s versatile and practical to use. Not to mention, it contains soft water molecules that do not cause skin irritation.

Many people struggle with using a toner. The reason for this is that it’s powerful but can cause skin inflammation. Especially if you have acne or sensitive skin in general. But this doesn’t mean that toner is inefficient.

Toner has the upper hand owing to its cleansing properties. It’s fast-acting and gets rid of the toughest of dirt impurities and makeup. Meanwhile, micellar water is lightweight and gentle on the skin.

Now that I have everything laid out for the moment, what do you choose?


How Long Does Shea Butter Last? (All you need to know)

Shea butter is plant-extracted fat. It comes from the nuts that are grown on native West African shea trees. At least most of the shea butter used in beauty and skincare products does. Shea butter has been a part of the cosmetic industry for centuries. It’s packed with plenty of fatty acids and vitamins that benefit the skin to a great extent. But how long does shea butter last?

So for how long is this wonder ingredient good enough to condition, soothe, and smooth your skin? When does it start to go bad? And how to store it the proper way to increase shelf life? All answers you’ll find below. Along with the many amazing benefits of adding shea butter into your daily skincare routine.


How Long Does Shea Butter Last - Shelf Life of Shea Butter


Unrefined shea butter shelf life, typically speaking, is around 24 months. That’s two years from its manufacturing and packaging date. However, the 24-month shelf life is applicable only if the storage is done right.

Shea butter, in its unrefined form, is 100-percent natural. Unrefined means without any preservatives added. Unrefined shea butter also has no chemicals.

On average, shea butter can be used for around two years to nourish and moisturize your skin. However, keep in mind that temperature changes do indeed affect the shelf life of the ingredient. Temperature changes that occur right from the manufacturing and packaging in Ghana all the way to you in America.

In that case, how to tell if shea butter has gone bad or expired?

How Long Does Shea Butter Last - How to Tell If Shea Butter Has Expired?


Does the moisturizing ingredient smell rancid? If yes, then you shouldn’t be using it on your skin. But please note that if you’re using the unrefined form of shea butter. Then it’s highly likely you’re mistaking the smoky, nutty scent of shea butter as rancid. So allow me to help you differentiate.

Rancid-smelling shea butter is more likely to make you gag. Much like olive oil or food that’s gone bad. If your shea butter smells rancid, trust me you would know.

As for the smoky smell of unrefined shea butter, this is more like a burnt scent. Much the same as burning wood or barbecue. Needless to say, that’s a good thing.

How Long Does Shea Butter Last - How to Store Shea Butter?


You can use a plastic or glass airtight container or a ziplock bag for storing shea butter. As long as it doesn’t allow air and moisture to come in. And those using a plastic container or bag, make sure this is food-grade plastic. You don’t want chemicals to fuse into your skincare product.

No matter the type of storage device, it’s best to store shea butter away from direct sunlight and heat. That means leaving it on your table near the window is a bad idea. Or placing it next to a stove, oven refrigerator, or any other heating element is also a NO-NO. Preserve it well, so it lasts longer.

A higher storage temperature only causes shea butter to soften up and then melt. To be more specific, this happens if the temperature is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. So it’s okay to store your shea butter in the refrigerator. This prevents the cycle of constant melting and then solidifying.

And now that you know how long does shea butter last and how to store it. It’s time to read all about its long list of skin benefits.

The Many Amazing Benefits of Shea Butter


The fatty acids of shea butter restore and create moisture in the skin. Thus, preventing dryness.

Shea butter’s natural, chemical-free properties suit all types of skin as they don’t clog pores.

The anti-inflammatory properties of shea butter plant esters reduce skin irritation. Even that caused by eczema.

Shea butter gets easily absorbed into your skin, thus making it look oil-free.

Shea butter antioxidants in the form of Vitamin E and Vitamin A deliver anti-aging skin benefits.

Shea butter promotes anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action too. The latter prevents the formation of acne. While the former fights common skin infections.

It’s a collagen-boosting skin ingredient. So it minimizes the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Shea butter also helps in generating new, healthy skin cells. Along with getting rid of dead skin cells.

Shea butter decreases the appearance of acne scarring and stretch marks as well.

Did you know that shea butter consists of SPF? Even though the SPF rating is very low, it’s good to know that shea butter adds to your daily sun protection.

Many hair care products are also infused with shea butter. Simply because it strengthens the hair and prevents hair breakage.

Speaking of which, shea butter contributes to treating dandruff too.

Where Do So Many Benefits of Shea Butter Come From?


Here’s how shea butter is able to transform your skin. And treat various types of common skin concerns like acne, eczema, skin irritation, etc.

  • Shea butter contains fatty acids like linoleic, stearic, oleic, and palmitic. These are perfect for balancing your skin’s natural oil levels.
  • Shea nut has a fatty part packed with triglycerides. No doubt, this particular fatty acid conditions and nourishes the skin.
  • Shea nut’s waxy part is called cetyl esters. The best thing they do is not only moisturize your skin. But also lock in that moisture all day long.
  • Shea butter has a rich content of antioxidants in the form of Vitamins A and E. And these regenerate skin cells and promote blood circulation.

So there's no denying that shea butter is well-equipped to care for your skin. No matter what type of skin you have. This includes oily, dry, acne-prone, and even sensitive. And that explains why this particular ingredient is so commonly combined with other skin-nourishing and skin-repairing ingredients. (Shea Butter vs. Cocoa Butter)


So now you know how to store shea butter properly in order to increase its shelf life. You can actually use shea butter for as long as two years if you store it the right way.

But there’s no denying that shea butter nutrients begin to break down over time. And this happens more quickly if factors like heat, sunlight, and air are dragged into the picture.

So make sure you store it away from direct sunlight and heat. And that you use an airtight container or bag for storage.

Also, the temperature should be consistently cool. For that, it’s highly recommended to store shea butter in your fridge. Because a temperature higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit softens and melts the ingredient.

And you know your shea butter has expired or gone bad if it starts to smell rancid. Like spoiled food or something like that.