37 Blazer Outfits that Deserve a Place in Your Wardrobe

Christine Steuber
Oct 12, 2022
How to mix a blazer into different outfits? Read on to learn all styling secrets and outfit ideas.

Ladies, I’m sure we all own a couple of blazers in the closet and don’t know what to do with them. This is a killer wardrobe staple suitable for all occasions and seasons, but not everyone possesses the art of curating blazer outfits. 

For this purpose, I will walk you through stylish attires with blazers in varying colors combined with other clothing garments. You’ll also gain inspo from different celebs who adore blazers as much as we do.

Let’s see what’s in store for us, shall we?

5 Blazer Styling Rules

Before actually seeing the gorgeous blazer outfits for ladies I have chosen for you, it’s important to learn the basic etiquette of styling this timeless clothing item. 

The following tips will give you fashionable insight into mixing and matching different garments to create unique outfits.

Rule #1: Wear cropped blazers with midi skirts

Here’s the first rule – if you’re fond of midi skirts, only pair them with cropped blazers instead of the standard ones. Otherwise, it will just look tacky. I have added pictures to prove my point. 

First up, here’s the standard size that, in fact, looks oversized and gives your figure a disproportionate look:

Long green blazer silk midi skirt outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

There’s just no flow in this outfit, right? Also, there is no structure or momentum in the attire, and it’s overall pretty boring. 

But let me show you how much better a cropped blazer appears with the midi skirt:

Cropped blazer midi skirt outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Do you see the difference?? This attire is perfect if you want to highlight your waistline, creating an illusion of an hourglass figure. By the way, that’s something banana-shaped women especially strive for. 

Rule #2: Opt for a mid-size blazer to hide tummy

Since many females are concerned about their tummy pooch, I have a practical solution – mid-size blazers come to your rescue, as they help create the illusion of a smaller waist.

Let’s see how it can turn out:

Midi blazer outfit to hide tummy
Credit: Pinterest

This stylish yet practical combination can erase your worries regarding your midsection, so I would recommend it to all apple-shaped ladies who want to hide that stubborn tummy.

Rule #3: Choose high-waisted pants or jeans with a standard-size blazer

Do you only own standard-size blazers? It’s time to learn a new rule – only wear high-waisted jeans or pants with them. 

But why? High-waisted trousers are actually really flattering and can make you look taller and slimmer. So, pairing them with a standard-size blazer balances out the proportions and makes you look put-together.

Let me prove my point with this outfit:

High-waisted pants with standard size blazer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

See how great this ensemble appears and looks balanced? On the other hand, here’s what a standard-size blazer looks like with a low-waisted bottom:

Low-waisted jeans standard size blazer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

The low-waisted skinny jeans erase proportions and make you look frumpy instead. This pants style sits below the natural waistline, creating an unflattering silhouette.

Rule #4: Go for a three-quarter sleeve blazer if you’re a petite size

Petites can also look cute in a blazer, but only if it has three-quarter sleeves – they provide a tailored look that isn’t too bulky.

Take a look to understand what I am talking about:

Three-quarter-sleeve blazer beige jeans outfit idea for petite women
Credit: Pinterest

As we can see, three-quarter sleeve blazers are the perfect solution! They provide just enough coverage to flatter your arms and shoulders while still showing off your tiny, feminine silhouette.

Rule #5: Choose a sweater blazer for casual looks

Let’s be honest: regular blazers have a semi-formal feel which isn’t our goal for casual brunches or parties. For this purpose, opt for a sweater blazer, as they have that simplistic and cozy feel you’re looking for.

Consider something like this:

Sweater blazer shirt jeans casual outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

You may also style a sweater blazer in this way:

Sweater blazer white T-shirt leather leggings casual outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Consider teaming a grey sweater blazer with a white T-shirt and leather pants. To add a touch of style to your look, grab a brown bag, and you’re ready to go!

Since we’ve wrapped up the basic rules, it’s time to go for the styling tips.

How to Style a Blazer with Different Clothes?

Ladies, we’re finally ready to head over to outfit ideas. These stylish recommendations will save you from scrolling Instagram or TikTok for hours as I’ve scoured the fashion world to gather these gems.

Very soon, you’ll know how to style different clothing items with the blazers hanging in your closet. 

1) Jeans

A blazer with jeans is a timeless trend that certainly isn’t going anywhere, and I’m here to help you master it.

Here’s what you should remember while choosing jeans with blazers:

  • You can’t go wrong with skinny models. 
  • Avoid baggy jeans. 
  • Choose tailored models. 
  • Dark indigo or black jeans are the best options.

Now it’s time to check out the stylish outfits I’ve prepared for you ladies.

Let’s start with the first one.

Black standard-size blazer faded blue skinny jeans blazer outfits idea
Credit: Pinterest

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is my fav British celebrity whose fashion sense is appreciated far and wide. Here she’s wearing a plain, solid black blazer coupled with faded blue jeans.

And if you’re a fan of ripped jeans, the next outfit is for you:

White three-quarter sleeve blazer distressed jeans blazer outfits idea
Credit: Pinterest

This distressed look is bang on trend, and the ripped knees add a touch of attitude. The white blazer keeps the attire fresh and summery. Finally, cute heels and a handbag perfectly complete the whole look.

2) Pants

Are jeans not your cup of tea? No problem, as pants are a close alternative since they are equally versatile, as we’ll soon see.

But first, keep these points in mind while choosing pants to go with your blazer:

  • Light-colored chinos are a foolproof option.
  • Grey trousers will work flawlessly with many blazers. 
  • Ensure that the pants are either darker or in the same color spectrum as the blazer. 

Now, time to discover some inspo.

Long blazer wide-leg black pants outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest 

The wide black pants are flattering and comfortable, while the grey blazer adds a touch of elegance. Finally, contrasting white sneakers add a ‘’sporty vibe,’ making the outfit a bit relaxed. 

Let’s move to the next option:

Three-quarter-sleeve blazer gray chino pants outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Here we have the grey chino trousers that flawlessly pair with a grey blazer. Everything screams perfection in this outfit, from the metallic silver flats and a casual shirt underneath to the short sleeves of the blazer.

3) Skirts

For my feminine ladies who desire a completely different vibe, nothing works as great as skirts. In my opinion, pleated midis and pencil models are the best partners for blazers. 

Let me show you my first favorite:

Cropped pink blazer patterned pencil skirt outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

I love the patterned skirt and how it adds depth to this attire, while the baby pink blazer balances it all out. 

Looking for more skirt inspo? Scroll down, ladies.

Cropped three-quarter-sleeve blazer beige pencil skirt outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest 

Here’s another alluring work outfit for spring. The neutral pencil skirt joins hands with a navy blue blazer and floral top underneath. 

4) Dresses 

And now tell me – how many of you know how to ace a blazer with a dress? Allow me to help you in this regard. 

But first, make sure to pair only the following dresses with your blazers:

  • Straight-cut models.
  • Bodycons.
  • Dresses made of thick material. 
  • Knee-length dresses. 

Now let me show you the first outfit option:

Gray bodycon dress standard-size gray blazer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest 

This bodycon dress is perfect for showing off your curves, while the blazer provides a touch of sophistication.

Let’s move to the second attire. 

Pink lace cocktail dress long white blazer outfits
Credit: Pinterest

Don’t we ladies cherish pastel-hued dresses? There’s no reason why your blazer can’t accompany them. As we can see above, it looks fantastic together! 

5) Shirts

When you have no time to put effort into getting ready but still want to appear put-together, shirts and a blazer are an effortless combo.

Opt for the following models:

  • Corduroy 
  • Flannel 
  • Button-down shirt
  • Polo 
  • Tailored cotton dress shirt 

Excited to see some outfit ideas? Here comes the first one:

White buttoned-down shirt oversized brown blazer skinny jeans outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This outfit is perfect for a casual day at work. The button-down white shirt is a great foundation piece, and the oversized beige blazer adds a touch of sophistication. Finally, jeans keep it casual and comfortable.

And what do you think about something like this?

Plaid oversized blazer high-rise jeans baby blue shirt outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest 

If you are looking for a cute and stylish outfit for a Saturday afternoon, try this combination of a baby blue shirt, a plaid blazer, and jeans. It’s comfortable, fashionable, and perfect for lunch with friends or a business meeting.

6) T-shirts

If you have to leave in a hurry, a blazer plus a T-shirt is a killer combo. But first, let’s talk about T-shirt lengths optimal to wear with a blazer. Ideally, the length of the blazer should end at mid to lower crotch. 

On the other hand, avoid T-shirts that are longer than your blazer.

These are my outfit recommendations:

Black blazer logo T-shirt black skinny jeans outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

There’s something so appealing about dark skinny jeans and a black blazer, right? The fun cartoon T-shirt is an interesting addition to this attire, giving it a “high-school” vibe.

And if you are looking for something more elegant but at the same time powerful, I am sure you’ll adore this combo:

Striped three-quarter-sleeve blazer logo T-shirt Mom jeans outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

In this outfit, we can see the striped blazer that makes the look polished, while the T-shirt and heels add personality. 

Here’s an extra tip – the patterned blazers are great options for inverted-triangle shapes since they add volume to your upper body.

7) Sweaters

You must be wondering, “Can I wear sweaters with blazers?” The answer is yes! In fact, this combination is a great way to stay warm and stylish this season. Keeping this in mind, I’ve shared some outfit ideas to inspire you.

Striped sweater black oversized blazer cigarette pants outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Here we have the outfit consisting of black trousers that are a versatile base, while the striped sweater and black blazer add a touch of style. Finally, the ballerina pumps complete the look with a touch of femininity.

Let’s see another sweater-blazer inspo:

Turtleneck sweater oversized light-brown blazer distressed jeans outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

The beige turtleneck sweater keeps you warm, while the ripped jeans add a bit of edge. Finally, the brown blazer pulls the look together, and the white sneakers keep it casual.

How to Style Blazer Outfits Based on Color

It’s impossible to create enviable blazer outfits without knowing the art of styling blazers in varying shades. Therefore, I’ll explain how to style the primary and not-so-popular blazer colors in the following sections.

And whatever colors your blazer falls into, you’ll be able to style it beautifully. 

1) Black blazers

If you’re unsure of what color of clothes to wear with a black blazer, try a classic neutral like white or ivory.

For instance:

Here we have casual attire: beige chinos, a white turtleneck, and a black blazer. These shades are all neutral, including white sneakers that add a dose of sportiness to this fancy attire. Ultimately, a black blazer always makes a statement. 

Still feeling stuck in a fashion rut? Well, in that case, try pairing your black blazer with other black clothes. 

Check this out:

Black shirt high-waisted shorts black blazer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Tuck in your laid-back shirt underneath high-waisted shorts and throw in the blazer on top to curate a glam all-black baddie ensemble. By the way, these blazer outfits in black instantly make you look more polished. 

2) Natural colors (brown, beige, green, gray)

Neutral colors are the backbone of any wardrobe, but they can be a little boring on their own. That’s why it’s important to know which shades pair nicely with neutral blazers to add a bit of interest and personality to your look.

Let me inspire you with the first outfit:

Green standard-size blazer black skinny pants outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Here, we have an olive green blazer with a white sleeveless top and black skinny jeans. As we can see, green perfectly pairs with black, white, and other earthy tones.

Ready for more inspiration? Check this out:

Oversized beige blazer sropped plaid skirt outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Since oversized blazers are frequently seen in transitional seasons, include a lightweight sweater and shorts in your neutral blazer outfits, and you’ll look absolutely fantastic!

3) White blazers

If you’re anything like me, you love a good white blazer -it is professional, chic, and goes with everything. But have you ever wondered which shades of shirts, pants, and shoes pair the best with it?

First, white blazers match perfectly with other white garments, as well as with denim shades, gold, and red details.

Let me prove my point with the following combos.

White T-shirt jean shorts standard-size white blazer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Here we can see a white female blazer with golden buttons. The whole outfit is transformed into casual attire by wearing a white Gucci shirt underneath, jean shorts, and stunning heels. Finally, the red handbag adds a pop of color.

And if you are looking for something more polished, the following combo is for you:

White pants and standard-size blazer Gigi Hadid outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This unforgettable all-white outfit by Gigi Hadid consists of a crisp standard-size blazer and extra-long pants. From this combo, we can also conclude that brown details, like her shoes, look great with a white blazer.

4) Red and burgundy

If you ask me, red blazers are for risky individuals, but we like to take on a challenge! Remember that red and burgundy blazers adore black, white, and grey colors.

To prove my point, I picked two outfits.

Gray mom jeans black turtleneck red oversized blazer Hailey Bieber outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Hailey Bieber always inspires us with her limitless wardrobe, including blazer outfits. This example shows an outstanding autumn outfit with pleated jeans, an oversized red blazer, and a snug black turtleneck. 

Let’s see something more summerish now:

Black crop top lace flared pants standard-size red blazer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This Parisian-inspired ensemble is simple yet sophisticated. As we can see, red and black outfits are always eye-catching and make a great first impression.

5) Navy-blue blazers 

Navy blue looks great with other neutrals like white, black, and grey. So, if you want a classic and professional look, consider pairing your blazer with a neutral top or bottom.

Try something like this:

Skinny jeans white T-shirt three-quarter-sleeve navy-blue blazer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This ensemble by Kimberly Garner looks so poised and put-together. The skinny jeans show off your figure, while the navy-blue blazer adds a touch of sophistication. The white T-shirt and sneakers create a natural contrast with dark shades of blazer and trousers.

Let’s move to something a bit different.

Cropped flared jeans white T-shirt oversized navy-blue blazer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Whether you’re dressing for the office or a night out, this outfit is sure to turn heads. The straight jeans provide a sleek silhouette, while the oversized navy blazer gives you a touch of elegance. Finally, the light buttoned shirt creates a perfect match with the dark blazer, while grey heeled shoes complete the look.

6) Pink and other bright colors

Believe it or not, blazer outfits can also strike a fashion statement in vivid colors, but only if you do it appropriately! 

In fact, various shades go well with bright colors, so it’s almost impossible to go wrong. However, it is best to balance the outfit with white and black pieces.

Let’s first start with the pink and black combo.

Black lace high-waisted short pink three-quarter-sleeve cropped blazer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Add polish to your daytime, nighttime, or evening attires with a graceful lace top, high-waisted shorts, and a mini pink blazer on top. As we can see, this layer in a contrasting pink breaks the monotony of the black clothing items.

Finally, let’s move to the cherry on top:

Orange cigarette pants blouse standard-size blazer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This outfit is perfect for women who want to make a statement at special events like a museum visit or wine tasting. The bright orange color combination is eye-catching and unique, and it will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. 

Winter Blazer Outfits to Keep You Warm

As winter is approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to share blazer outfits for women suitable for the cold. So, in this section, I will show you three attires for chilly weather.

Here’s the first example of how you can style this investment-worthy clothing piece in a unique way:

Bella Hadid oversized gray blazer gray pants winter outfit idea
Credit: Afroswagga

Bella Hadid is the queen of fashion who has introduced countless fashion trends. So if you want to look fancy like her during the winter, just tie your oversized blazer with the iconic Gucci belt for optimum insulation. 

And if you want to add a bit of Parisian vibe to your attire, I am sure you’ll adore this:

Skinny jeans white turtleneck oversized plaid blazer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

If it’s moderately cold where you live, choose an oversized plaid blazer, a white turtleneck, and jeans. 

Now, let’s see the last outfit in our guide.

White sweater dress black standard-size blazer winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This baddie outfit is perfect for days when you want to look pulled together without being overdressed. The black blazer adds a touch of structure over the beige sweater dress, while the knee-high boots keep you stylish and warm.

Over to You

And that’s it, girls! We’ve covered the guide on chic blazer outfits. I hope you enjoyed reading it and are ready to rock your blazers on all occasions! 

The rules we discussed are listed below:

  • Wear cropped blazers with midi skirts instead of standard-size. 
  • Choose a mid-size blazer to hide your tummy pooch. 
  • Opt for a high-waisted bottom with a standard-size blazer. 
  • Petites should wear a three-quarter-sleeve blazer.
  • Choose a sweater blazer for casual looks.

Want to add more style to your wardrobe? Check out the previous fashion guides on my blog and inspire yourself. Thanks for reading!

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