Which Shoes Go Best with a Sweater Dress – A Full Guide

Christine Steuber
Sep 9, 2022
Check out my selection of best boots to wear with a sweater dress that will make you look fashion-forward all year round!

Autumn is the perfect time to break out the sweater dresses! But what kind of shoes to wear with a sweater dress? What is the best choice when you want to look stylish and stay warm at the same time? Luckily, the options are endless!

In this comprehensive guide, I will go over the best shoe choices to wear with this clothing item. I will also show you some fantastic outfit inspiration to look your best during the colder days.

Without further ado, let’s open our virtual wardrobe!

A Short Guide to Styling a Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is a type of gown usually made of a knit fabric with a loose fitting that comes in various colors and styles. It is an excellent option for a casual look or layering during the colder months.

In this section, I will share some of the best tips on how to style a sweater dress and rock this trend.

Tip #1: Throw in a blazer

Although sweater dresses are a great option for fall and winter, sometimes they can feel a little too casual. So, to dress up this piece of clothing, try adding a blazer – it will give you a polished look that is still comfortable and warm. I recommend wearing a short blazer over the tight sweater dress to look stylish.

Consider something like this:

Blazer with sweater dress outfit idea for women
Credit: Pinterest

You can wear this fancy outfit for various occasions, from the office to a night out. In addition, ankle boots perfectly complete the look, giving it a touch of femininity and boldness.

Tip #2: Add a jean jacket to the outfit

There are many reasons to love layering a jean jacket over a sweater dress. First, it’s a great way to add a bit of edge to your look. But beyond that, it’s also a great way to stay warm on chilly days without looking too bulky. And finally, it’s a great way to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall.

However, always opt for slightly looser jacket models so that you can move easily and feel comfortable.

Here’s a great example:

Jean jacket with sweater dress outfit idea for women
Credit: Pinterest

As we can see, the denim breaks up the monotony of the pastel tones and creates a more attractive look. So next time you struggle to figure out what to choose for layering, reach for your jean jacket. This is also a great combination if you are looking for the ideal outfit for your senior picture because it exudes youth and a positive vibe.

Tip #3: Choose long pieces for layering

If it seems to you that your sweater dress is too boring and lacks some catchy details, add a dose of uniqueness with long layering pieces. 

Layering with long pieces helps keep you warm without adding a lot of bulk. This is especially important when you’re wearing a sweater dress, which can already add some extra volume to your outfit. Accordingly, pair your sweater dress with a long, warm coat, and you’ll look stunning.

Let me inspire you with an outfit:

Long coat with sweater dress outfit idea for women
Credit: Pinterest

There isn’t much to say because this combo simply looks fantastic. Besides, long layering pieces visually elongate the figure and achieve a perfect body balance.

Tip #4: Try on a leather jacket

There’s something about a leather jacket that just looks great, no matter what you’re wearing. It adds an edgy touch to any outfit and can really make any styling stand out. So if you’re looking for a way to spruce up your style, a leather jacket over a sweater dress is a great option.

For instance, check this out:

Leather jacket with sweater dress outfit idea for women
Credit: Pinterest

This beautiful brown sweater dress goes perfectly with a black leather jacket and thigh-high boots. Everything looks so cozy and wintery, doesn’t it?

Tip #5: Opt for the right accessories

If you’re looking to dress up your sweater dress, the right accessories can make all the difference. However, accessorizing very much depends on the occasion. You can wear it with a simple belt and a matching bag for a casual look like in the example below:

Sweater dress accessorized with belt and purse
Credit: Pinterest

And if you want to add a touch of bling with earrings and dark tones for a night out or a cocktail party, consider this combo:

Sweater dress accessorized with golden bracelets and black purse
Credit: Pinterest

A sweater dress is a very versatile piece of clothing, so you almost can’t go wrong with jewelry and fashion accessories. 

15 Best Shoes to Wear with a Sweater Dress by Type

Okay, now that we covered the basics, it’s time to find the perfect footwear. Depending on the style of the dress and the occasion, there are different shoes to wear with a sweater dress.

Whether you’re looking for flats, heels, boots, or something else, I am here to help you. I’ve also put all my picks in this cute graph below:

15 Best Shoes to Wear with a Sweater Dress - First for Hers

Now, let’s see how to pair each of these shoe types with sweater dresses.

1) Sandals

Sandals to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Asos

Have you ever wondered whether you can wear sandals and a sweater dress together? Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, you absolutely can! And here’s why.

The sandals will add a touch of summery fun to your outfit, while the sweater dress will keep you warm and comfortable. Plus, these two pieces will work together to create a stylish and practical look.

The key is to accessorize and style the outfit in a way that looks intentional and put-together. For example, let’s see how Kourtney Kardashian rocks this trend:

Sweater dress with sandals Kourtney Kardashian outfit example
Credit: Pinterest

Let’s face it, Kourtney proves that her camel sandals are the perfect shoes to wear with a sweater dress.

2) Flat shoes (ballerina pumps)

Ballerina pumps to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Zalando

Another great shoe type to pair with a sweater dress is ballerina pumps. Why? First, it’s a classic look that never goes out of style. Additionally, this combo is versatile, and you can wear it for different occasions. But most importantly, it is super comfortable.

So if you’re looking for a new go-to outfit, consider pairing ballerina pumps with a simple black sweater dress like this:

Sweater dress with ballerina pumps outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

As we can see, this combination is not only comfortable but also stylish. You’ll be able to wear it for any event or activity without having to sacrifice your style. 

3) Pumps

Black pumps to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Wittner

There’s something about pumps and sweater dress combo that just screams “put together.” It’s the kind of outfit that can take you from the office to drinks with ease. And, best of all, you can find them with a very low heel, so you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort.

 Let me show you why you should give it a try:

Sweater dress with white high-heeled pumps outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Let’s be honest; one of the best reasons to pair a sweater dress with pumps is because they’re just so stinkin’ attractive together! This combo will make you feel feminine and pretty and exude confidence and grace. Wear it to the office, lunch, or night out. You just can’t go wrong with these cute shoes.

4) Mules

White mules to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Harrods

And are you wondering if you can wear mules and a sweater together? The answer is: absolutely! Mules are stylish, comfy, and easy to walk in all day long. 

Besides, they are modern and elegant, making them perfect shoes to wear with a sweater dress for work, casual or formal evenings.

Let me prove my point with this combo:

Black sweater dress with black mules outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Mules are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit if you don’t prefer high heels. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style!

5) Trainers

Trainers to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Adidas

If you are looking for other comfy shoes to wear with a sweater dress, go with your favorite trainers! Oh, yes, pairing a sweater dress with them is a great way to show off your personal style. They are versatile, and you can wear them for different occasions.

For instance, if you’re going to a more formal event, you can add some accessories or jewelry to dress up the look. For a more casual outing, you can keep the look simple and relaxed.

And here’s an outfit inspo for you:

Sweater dress leggings trainers outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

The best mix of sporty and classy style in one pic, right?

Here’s one more tip: in the colder months, you can wear tights or leggings underneath your sweater dress. So, if you are planning to spend the whole day outside or maybe you’re visiting Disneyland or some other theme park, trainers would be your perfect shoes to wear with a sweater dress.

6) Chunky sneakers

Chunky sneakers to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Lyst

And hey ladies, have you ever wondered if you can get away with wearing chunky sneakers and a sweater dress combo?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can! Chunky sneakers are great shoes to match a sweater dress because they will bring a certain level of “cool” to your outfit.

Let me convince you with this fancy style:

Black sweater dress with chunky sneakers outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

In this cute combo, you’ll be able to walk (and dance!) all day and night without sacrificing your style or comfort. Plus, chunky sneakers make you a bit taller and visually elongate your figure, which is an additional advantage.

P.S. This is my favorite style with a sweater dress; I simply adore this skirt underneath!

7) Loafers

Loafers to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Asos

Another great option to look good and feel comfortable is pairing your sweater dress with loafers. This way, you’ll get a chic and polished outfit that is still cozy enough to wear all day long. You can wear a sweater dress with loafers for work, weekend errands, dinner dates – everywhere you want. 

The key is to find the right style of the sweater dress, like the oversized and long one, and a pair of loafers to suit your needs. To help you with this matter, I found one fantastic outfit to inspire you:

Sweater dress with loafers outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

So, if you are looking for comfortable shoes to wear with a sweater dress that still look elegant, loafers come in handy! This item of clothing paired with loafers is a timeless look that will never go out of style. 

8) High heels

High heels to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Lyst

Let’s continue our list with high heels. With them, you can rock any outfit – whether it’s a long sweater dress or a mini skirt. These shoes are perfect for a date night or girls’ night out, but you can also wear them to the office or some business meeting.

Also, wearing a sweater dress with high heels is a great way to make a fashion statement like this:

White sweater dress with high heels outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

When you look good, you feel good. And with an outfit like this, your confidence will definitely boost to the maximum!

9) Lace-up heels

Credit: Amazon

As the temperatures drop, you may wonder if you can still wear your favorite lace-up heels. The good news is, with a few styling tips, you can absolutely rock these shoes during the autumn and winter months! A combination of a sweater dress and lace-up heels will add a nice touch to your outfit. Besides, your legs will look longer and slimmer.

Consider something like this:

Striped sweater dress with lace-up heels outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

These lace-up heels make the simple sweater dress look so feminine! Just make sure to choose darker color shoes to go with your fall and winter wardrobe. Black, brown, and burgundy are all great choices.

10) Ankle boots

Ankle boots to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Liu Jo

And if you are looking for something warmer than classic heels or sandals, ankle boots with a sweater dress are the option for you!

Ankle boots provide extra coverage and warmth, which is perfect when it starts getting chilly. Furthermore, this combo is cozy yet stylish, and you’ll be able to wear it all day without feeling discomfort.

I suggest ankle boots with a block heel because they are comfortable, easy to walk in, and at the same time, they look lovely.

Go with something like this:

Sweater dress blazer ankle boots outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Looking at this chic combination, you can understand why ankle boots are great shoes to wear with a sweater dress.

11) Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Bloomingdales

And do you want to make your outfit a bit wild? No problem! In that case, go with a sweater dress and cowboy boots combo! The dress is the epitome of coziness, while cowboy boots are a synonym for boldness.

Let me now show you how pairing these two can give you the perfect mix of both worlds:

White sweater dress with cowboy boots outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This sweater dress alone can look too sweet and simple, right? But by throwing on a pair of cowboy boots, this girl instantly added some edge to her outfit. Whether you’re going for a country look or a city walk, this outfit will let your unique style shine through.

12) Thigh-high boots

Thigh-high boots to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Amazon

Do you want to wear thigh-high boots and a sweater dress, but you’re unsure if it’s acceptable? The answer is simple – yes, it is! Wearing thigh-high boots with a sweater dress can give you extra warmth and coverage in cold weather. Additionally, it can add a touch of sensuality to your outfit and elongate your legs.

Wondering how to style it? Here’s another idea for a sweater dress with boots combo:

Grey sweater dress with thigh-high shoes outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Always keep the rest of your outfit simple, and let your thigh-high boots and sweater dress be the star of the show. A little handbag will finish off your look flawlessly.

13) Combat boots

Combat boots to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Amazon

If you want to add a little warmth and edge to your outfit, combat boots are your choice to pair with a sweater dress! It’s a great way to show that you’re not afraid to take fashion risks and mix different styles. This unexpected juxtaposition of girly and rocker styling will look fantastic this autumn.

Are you still in doubt? Let me convince you:

White sweater dress with black combat boots outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

In this outfit, we see that you can still look feminine while rocking a pair of combat boots with your favorite sweater dress. It’s an excellent combo for city walks or night-outs when you don’t feel like wearing heels.

14) Slouchy boots

Slouchy boots to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Asos

Slouchy boots are another footwear that will make your outfit look unique and fashion-forward. Also, a sweater dress can sometimes feel a bit heavy or bulky, so wearing slouchy boots helps balance the look and shows off your legs in the best possible way.

The key to making this particular outfit work is to ensure that the two pieces have enough differences in texture and color, so they don’t blend. The best way to do this is to wear a light sweater dress and dark slouchy boots.

What about something like this?

Organge sweater dress with animal pring slouchy boots
Credit: Pinterest

The slouchy boots give the whole outfit a chic vibe that pairs nicely with the sweater dress. These are the best shoes to wear with a sweater dress for work or a night out with friends. They are so versatile!

15) Booties

Booties to wear with a sweater dress
Credit: Nordstrom

Last in our ‘best boots for a sweater dress’ category are booties. A sweater dress and booties create another classic combination that has stood the test of time. The contrast between the hard and soft fabrics and the range of textures provided by each piece results in an elegant, comfortable, and versatile outfit. 

The ideal pair of your booties should have a small heel, block heel, or wedge for comfort and stability.

Let me show you how to pair them with the sweater dress this fall:

Sweater dress with booties outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

If you ask me, this is an outfit you can wear on all occasions, from morning to evening. The booties and sweater-dress combination is a great way to layer your look this season and look fabulous!

How to Choose a Proper Shoe Material

When shopping for shoes that go with a sweater dress, it’s essential to know how you will wear them. It’s imperative to match your shoes with your outfit, which means choosing a shoe material appropriate for the activity. 

If you wear flats throughout the day at work, you need something like suede leather. On the other hand, if you plan to wear them on a night out, classic leather would be the best option. Both of these materials are durable, breathable, and easy to clean.

The best way to tell if a pair of shoes is made from high-quality material is by inspecting the stitching. Quality materials won’t fray or come apart at the seams quickly, which ensures sturdiness that will stand up to wear and tear over time.

4 Sweater Dress Outfit Ideas

Okay, girls, if you’re tired of wearing the same old sweater and jeans combo, this section is for you. I’ll share four sweater dress outfit ideas that will keep you looking stylish and comfortable during the cold season.

Let’s get started!

Outfit idea #1: Long sweater dress & white sneakers

If you want a new way to spice up your fashion style this fall, consider pairing a long sweater dress with simple white sneakers. This combo is a great way to add a little edge to your outfit and stay warm.

Here is the first outfit I created to inspire you:

Wrap sweater dress white sneakers outfit idea for fall

This style features a long sweater dress, white sneakers, and a tote bag. The long sweater dress is comfortable and easy to wear, while sneakers add a touch of sportiness to the overall outfit. Finally, the tote bag is perfect for carrying all of your essentials.

Another tip – if you have broad shoulders, always choose sweaters like these with a V-neck to visually slim the upper body.

Outfit idea #2: Black sweater dress & fancy booties

In the second outfit inspo, I’ll show you how to style a black sweater dress and booties for a trendy look. You can wear this outfit for a night out or a casual day at the office.

Take a look:

Black sweater dress pink blazer black booties formal outfit idea

The black sweater dress is comfortable and warm, while the pink blazer adds a touch of style and boldness. To complete the look, I paired the dress with black boots and a matching pink bag.

Outfit idea #3: White sweater dress & elegant loafers

And how about pairing a white sweater dress with loafers? Wear this cute combo to stay warm and stylish this fall. It is the perfect outfit for both casual and formal events. The white sweater dress is comfortable and flattering, while the loafers add a touch of sophistication.

Let’s see how it looks when we put it all together:

White sweater dress black loafers casual outfit idea

This pretty white sweater is worn over a white lace dress, and it looks spectacular, doesn’t it? If you want to look even fancier and dressed up, a sweater over a dress is an excellent option.

Outfit idea #4: Midi sweater dress & pumps

It’s no secret that the midi sweater dress and pumps combo is a timeless choice. But why does it always look so good? Is it the simplicity of the silhouette? The way the dress hugs your curves? Whatever the reason, this is one outfit that always looks chic and put-together.

Let me show you:

Emerald green midi sweater dress black pumps outfit idea

I’ll reveal one secret formula for looking fantastic in this combo – always choose the dark bodycon sweater dresses and the classy black pumps.

3 Sweater Dress Styles for Fall and Winter

Looking for more stylish sweater dresses to keep you warm this fall and winter? Check out more great styles that will keep you looking fashion-forward all season long.

Let’s start with the turtleneck sweater dress, which is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your look. Pair it with high boots and a nice coat, and you’re ready to go.

Take a look:

Turtleneck sweater dress black coat white thigh-high shoes outfit idea for fall

Or maybe you want to feel more comfortable? No problem – go with an oversized sweater dress. This practical style is perfect for lazy weekends and walks in nature. Pair it with leggings, sneakers, and a parka for a stylish and warm look.

Grey sweater dress leggings parka sneakers outfit idea for winter

Finally, here is one classic style that will never go out of fashion. The cable knit sweater dress is the perfect choice for holiday parties. Dress it up with slouchy boots and jewelry, and you’ll look flawless.

Cable-knit white sweater dress coat slouchy boots outfit idea

When choosing jackets and coats to layer your sweater dress, always opt for slightly more comfortable models (oversized or teddy coats) that will not restrict your movements.

Over to You

And that’s it, my ladies! Now you know how to style a sweater dress with different types of shoes. To sum it up, here’s what we covered today:

  • A lot of shoes look good with a sweater dress – from sneakers to high heels.
  • Wear tights underneath your sweater dress if you want to add extra warmth.
  • The jackets you wear should be loose since sweaters are usually thicker.

If you found this article helpful and want to read more fashion-related content, visit my blog and enjoy the reading!

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