A Guide to Accessorizing a Navy-Blue Dress for a Wedding

Christine Steuber
Jul 25, 2022
What are the rules of accessorizing a navy-blue dress for a wedding? Check out my guide with tips, outfit ideas, and more.

Are any of you heading to a wedding soon and hunting for a perfect dress but don’t know which color to choose? Are you tired of classic shades and want to go with some unique colors? Well, my ladies, consider the navy-blue! This color is trendy and will always remain timeless! The only thing you have to focus on is accessorizing a navy-blue dress for a wedding in the right way.

Are you wondering what colors match the best with navy? And what accessories can we tag along? 

Well, if you’ve never worn this color before, I’m here to help you out with my fashion guide that will show you all types of accessories suitable for different styles of navy-blue dresses. 

Get ready to look divine!

What Colors Go with Navy-Blue Clothing

A color as versatile as navy-blue can be paired with almost all other colors. This is why choosing a navy-blue dress is always a good idea. You can achieve an interesting look by accessorizing a navy-blue dress for a wedding with details in the following tones:

  • Contrasting brights

Shades sitting opposite each other in the color wheel are a perfect match. A touch of orange or yellow can make an enchanting duo with navy-blue. Alternatively, warm tones of pink or red will also elevate your blue attire. To jazz up your ensemble, go for tangerine or hot pink. 

  • Metallics and neutrals

For low-key enthusiasts, you can blindly choose grey, brown, black, and white. Hunt for accessories in lush mahogany and cognac. Or else, lighten up your combo with beige or tan additions. Finally, silver or gold shades open unlimited fashion possibilities, particularly for jewelry. 

  • Shades of blue 

Don’t be afraid to say “yes” to a tonal approach or find accessories in the same color. Your dress can stand out even more by adding lighter shades of the dress’s color. I suggest you pick an icy arctic azure or smokey sapphire. 

I believe you are now fluent in the wedding dress code in terms of color, so it’s time to move on to accessorizing your outfit!

Accessorizing Different Types of Navy-Blue Dresses

I adore navy-blue dresses – they’re simple yet flattering. You can safely trust this shade because it will not overpower the bride’s dress, but it will still make you noticeable in a subtle way. However, accessorizing a navy dress sometimes can be a real ordeal!

So, let’s unveil the art of accessorizing a navy-blue dress for a wedding. As always, I’ve created outfit ideas perfect for any wedding ceremony – casual or formal.

1) Long-sleeve dress

A winter wedding calls for long sleeves, so I’ve picked one navy dress that you can repeatedly wear for all sorts of formal events and look spectacular.

Navy-blue long-sleeve dress outfit with accessories

This navy-blue dress for a wedding is a beautiful choice, especially for women who want to keep a sophisticated and elegant look. To make this simple outfit shine, add some metallic silver accents and accessories. The elegant jewelry, heels, and clutch seem like best friends with this attire.

2) Casual dress

Let’s dance the whole night in this flowy casual dress, ladies! The following design is great for summer, especially for beach weddings. Take a look:

Navy-blue casual dress outfit with accessories

The ruffled hem creates a feminine look, while the smocked waist gives a flattering fit. 

Turquoise accessories pair perfectly with this deep, navy-blue dress, creating a cooling effect. This outfit is a great example of how you can get all eyes on you in the simplest way. 

3) Cocktail dress

For a more daring and bold look, nothing is better than a cocktail dress. Cut just above the knees with the cinched waist, it makes your best assets pop out. The broad straps and a deep neckline display some cleavage and look super attractive. Check it out:

Navy-blue cocktail dress outfit with accessories

Regarding the accessories, go with a hot pink shade to achieve a funky and fancy look. This shade of pink is very striking, breaks the darkness, and adds vividness to the whole outfit. Dangling earrings, a mini purse, and heeled sandals are a breathtaking combination.

4) Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are my favorite, and I believe every woman reading this guide must own at least one maxi in their wardrobe. If you’re thinking about wearing a navy-blue dress at any future wedding, see the following maxi dress inspiration.

Navy-blue maxi dress outfit with accessories

The one-shoulder-off style keeps this dress flirty and feminine, whereas the thigh-high slit shows your stunning legs.

Here, the all-black concept of accessories guarantees maximum class. Dangling earrings and a beaded bracelet add to the dress’s elegance. 

5) Wrap dress

If you are looking for a dress that determines modesty and style, go with wrap gowns. 

Let me show you one lovely dress with an asymmetrical hemline and enclosed long sleeves that looks super classy:

Navy-blue wrap dress outfit with accessories

The contrasting bright yellow accessories add a vibrant splash of color. Since the dress permits you to show the shoes, choose some stylish pair of heels of the same shade!

Also, I have to point out one thing that might be helpful.  If you have a pear-shaped figure, this dress style is a great option because it adds volume to narrow shoulders and thus creates body balance. 

6) A-line dress

Want to look extra flattering? Safely pick an A-line dress – it will boost your fashion game immediately! Let me prove my point with this beauty:

Navy-blue A-line dress outfit with accessories

I am literally in love with this navy dress with a low V-neck and lace short sleeves. The smocked waist makes the dress look puffy and hides all imperfections in the midsection, so it’s an ideal option for all apple-shaped women

To elevate the ensemble, add some bright orange accessories that will “wow” the crowd. The fire-shaded accessories, including earrings, a necklace, sandals, and a handbag will boost the color of your dress without overwhelming the attire. 

7) Draped gown

For a superior ensemble, opt for a draped gown that redefines grace and femininity. Take a look at this wonderful silky dress:

Navy-blue draped gown outfit with accessories

This blue dress for a wedding with a one-shoulder-off wrap style will make you look absolutely fantastic. 

The white accessories, including the pearl bracelet, dangling earrings, cute bag, and elegant high-heels, pair flawlessly with this dark shade of blue.

8) One-shoulder neckline dress

I know we have covered some dresses above with the one-shoulder neckline, but here’s another masterpiece that deserves its place on the list. Take a look at this navy-blue beauty:

Navy-blue one-shoulder neckline dress outfit with accessories

If you have feminine shoulders and take pride in them, why not pick a dress to show them off? This form-fitting dress with the bow on one side looks super classy and unique.

But this outfit wouldn’t be complete without the right accessories. Even though pairing red with navy-blue sounds like a high-risk task, we can see that it, in fact, looks spectacular and seductive.

9) Grecian-style gown

Speaking of gowns, the other style that will look flawless in navy-blue is a Grecian gown. There’s a reason why this dress has been cherished for centuries and has become a symbol of femininity.

Check out this ombre navy-blue dress with a lovely sweetheart neckline:

Navy-blue grecian-style dress outfit with accessories

While the dress itself throws a formal vibe, the one-shoulder neckline makes you feel casual. It’s fully lined and all geared up for a night celebrating love! 

Also, if you prefer alternative ideas for your wedding that don’t include a white gown and other strict traditional rules, this is a dress you can wear as a bride.

When it comes to fashion accessories, what better suits a Greek goddess than gold details? Golden sandals, a handbag, and earrings suit the blue dress in the best possible way.

10) Navy-blue pantsuits 

Pantsuits are the latest trend in the fashion world. For anyone who wants to break stereotypes in a classy way, pantsuits are the best bet.

Navy-blue pantsuit outfit with accessories

This elegant pantsuit with golden buttons, side pockets, and long sleeves is the perfect choice for ladies who dislike showing a lot of skin. You can also wear a blouse or short-sleeved T-shirt underneath if you prefer a more casual look.

Since this outfit is somewhat “business” and classy, the watch is an indispensable part of the combination. Focus on gold and beige tones that will maintain the sophisticated look of this outfit.

What Jewelry Goes Best with Navy-Blue Dresses

Almost any jewelry pairs well with a navy-blue dress, so it looks like you can’t make some huge mistakes while accessorizing. However, it is important not to overdo it and not to choose jewelry that will be too kitsch instead of elegant. This is where I’ll be helping you out. 

The following sections will give insight on the best accessories for a navy-blue dress so that you can expertly choose earrings, bracelets, rings, and other jewelry pieces.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some glitzy glam. 

Which jewelry color to choose?

It’s impossible to talk about any jewelry without first knowing what jewelry colors go well with the navy-blue dresses. To accessorize a navy-blue dress for a wedding, consider factors such as the weather, venue, dress style, and your personal preferences. 

For quick options, you can always pick warm yellow tones, gold, silver, neutrals, and cooler blue shades for your jewelry. Also, any metallic shade can jazz up your navy-blue ensemble. When it comes to the colors to avoid, dark green and purple don’t pair well with navy.


Add oomph to your navy dress by picking the right necklace. However, ensure that it doesn’t show too many details, otherwise, it’ll clash with the dress.  

Here is one jewelry set that you can use for accessorizing a navy-blue dress for a wedding:

Silver necklace and earrings by Alora to accessorize navy-blue dress
Credit: Alora

This minimal silver cubic zirconia necklace boasting high polish and a fold-over clasp is an excellent addition to all navy dresses.

And for ladies with an edgy fashion taste, this bright orange statement necklace that contains big beads and two strands will be a flawless choice:

Coral-color necklace to accessorize navy-blue dress
Credit: Etsy

Bridesmaids can definitely rock this funky piece, and I recommend combining it with some chic cocktail dress. 


The earrings you wear can either make or break the outfit. Not only this, picking the right earrings can bring the vibe you want – seductive, simple, or dramatic. 

In my opinion, the best earrings to wear with a navy dress are dangling gold ones.

These gold drop earrings feature an irregular shape, which is unique yet aesthetic. It’s both subtle and eye-popping and will pair greatly with the navy gown.

And if you prefer studs instead, the shine flicker diamond studs are an exquisite and minimalistic option you should go for.

Golden stud earrings to accessorize a navy-blue dress
Credit: Kirtilals

The lightweight, glistening studs add a touch of glamour and pair perfectly with any dress’ length or style.


Bracelets are icing on the cake and can raise your outfit to the next level. Plus, navy-blue adores bracelets, so here’s the first graceful bracelet you can opt for:

This golden bracelet embellished with tiny diamonds adds a dose of luxury to any outfit. The bracelet alone is enough to stand out – no need to worry about putting on any other jewelry!

And if you are not a fan of gold, consider pearls. Simple and sweet are the words that best define the following pearl bracelet.

Pearl bracelet to accessorize a navy-blue dress
Credit: Pure Pearls

Small pearls give a delicate and elegant touch to a dark navy outfit. You can also add a pearl necklace to have the perfect jewelry set on the wedding day.


I know what you’re thinking – who even wears a brooch nowadays? But for the women who truly want to dress up, this jewelry piece will fulfill your purpose. Trust me, a brooch looks spectacular on a navy-blue dress.

Golden broche with pearls to accessorize a navy-blue dress
Credit: DH Gate

Above, we can see a gold brooch with crystal imitation and a pearl flower which embodies wedding glory perfectly. 

Accessorizing a navy-blue dress for a wedding is also possible with a smaller and more decent brooch like this:

This floral piece reflects minimalism and Victorian-era style and would look amazing with a long-sleeved navy dress.


Accessorizing a navy-blue dress for a wedding is incomplete without adding a touch of glamour to your hands. And is there any better way to highlight your hands and fingers than with beautiful rings? 

Rings can look spectacular and add a touch of uniqueness to any outfit. But if you want that ring takes your attire to the next level, you have  to choose the right one!

By the term “the right one” I mean the appropriate shape, color and quantity you’ll opt for.

But what rings can you wear with a navy-blue dress? Which shades to choose? Bright or dark ones? What style would look the best? Simple or glamorous? 

There is no universal rule because, at the end of the day, it all depends on the type of dress you wear. However, I decided to single out two versatile rings that would fit perfectly into almost any outfit.

Here’s the first idea.

This delicate pave ring features a brilliant cut oval diamond. The 14k champagne and gold stone look remarkable with a navy-blue dress and make your outfit appear super glammy!

And if you want something more dramatic, the following example is for you. 

Blue diamond ring to accessorize a navy-blue dress
Credit: Dana Walden

Believe it or not, the same color ring looks good, too, as it complements the dress and makes it pop out even more. This half-moon diamond with a sapphire gemstone is a perfect choice to combine with some elegant maxi dress.

Which Shoes to Choose for a Navy-Blue Dress? 

While accessorizing a navy-blue dress for a wedding, we just can’t forget the shoes. As a general rule of thumb, pick comfortable heels that won’t exhaust you by the end of the event. 

Here is the first pair of shoes I recommend you to wear with your navy-blue gown:

Beige high heel shoes to wear with a navy-blue dress
Credit: Express

Beige is the safest color when it comes to styling a navy-blue dress. These trendy, pointed-toe pumps boast a celebration-ready appearance with the ankle tie strap.

And if beige is too monotonous for you, don’t be afraid to opt for more vibrant color. Consider the cooled-blue sandals that will go very well with your glamourous navy gown.

Light-blue shoes to wear with a navy-blue dress
Credit: Amazon

Besides guests or bridesmaids, these cute heels are a great option for the brides. I also found the perfect wedding garter set that you can combine with these adorable shoes!

Blue wedding garter to wear with a navy-blue dress
Credit: Etsy

Different shades of blue will add a touch of freshness and vividness to your wedding outfit, so don’t be afraid to take some little risks – it’s really hard to go wrong with blue!

How to Choose Purses to Go With a Navy-Blue Dress?

In the last section on accessorizing a navy-blue dress for a wedding, we’ll talk about purses. Choosing the right handbag revolves around balancing functionality and looking stylish.

Consider wearing a light-red baguette shoulder bag that matches with navy-blue in the best possible way.

Coral handbag to accessorize a navy-blue dress
Credit: Pedro

This type of purse offers enough space to accommodate your belongings, while the gold accents serve as an aesthetic intrigue. This way, you will create a complete contrast and add vividness to your navy wedding outfit.

And if you don’t want your bag to stand out, go with this black tweed chain strap bag. It couples modernity with a vintage twist.

The classic tweed is used to execute a dark black and gold combo. This bag will pair perfectly with all kinds of navy dresses – from short cocktail dresses to luxurious maxi gowns.

Accessorizing a Navy-Blue Dress for a Summer Wedding

If you have a summer wedding coming up soon and are not sure how to incorporate navy-blue into your outfit, don’t worry.

Ahead, I have shared one fabulous navy summer dress you can use as inspiration for your wedding outfit.

Navy-blue dress summer outfit with accessories

Summer outfits have to be breathable and allow proper ventilation, and this is exactly what this midi dress is about. The navy-blue buttoned dress with a delicate diagonal bow and short sleeves reflects grace and style simultaneously. 

Plus, the brown accessories, including a purse, block sandals, and earrings, absolutely seal the deal. 

Want something artsy? Try this patterned, low V-neck dress with a cinched waist and ruched style.

Navy-blue flower dress summer outfit with accessories

This flowy dress will sway with the summer breeze and make you look splendid. Finally, spice up your attire with rose-colored accessories like dangling earrings, a chain bracelet, heeled sandals, and a long-strapped bag.

Over to You

Okay, ladies, here ends my detailed guide on accessorizing a navy-blue dress for a wedding. I really hope you liked my wedding gown ideas appropriate for bridesmaids and guests. As a roundup, we discussed the following recommendations:

  • Metallics, contrasting brights, neutrals, and all shades of blue pair perfectly with navy color.
  • The best jewelry colors for a blue dress are gold, silver, warm yellow shades, orange, red, and cool blue tones.
  • Avoid dark green and purple while accessorizing a navy-blue dress.

And that’s it! 

If you want more fashion and wedding inspiration, check out my blog!

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