26 Winter Baddie Outfits to Bring Forward Your Rebellious Spirit

Christine Steuber
Oct 7, 2022
Keep up with your baddie aesthetic by trying on these cute outfits this winter.

Are you a fan of the baddie aesthetic but are not sure if you can maintain it throughout the cold season?

Well, I understand your concern. This style often requires showing some of your skin, and it’s barely possible (and sometimes not desirable) if you live in a place where winters are freezing and windy. 

So, should you just pack up your clothes and wait until warmer days?

Of course not. I’ve dug around and devised some baddie winter outfits you can steal. Most of them are suitable for really cold weather, so you won’t have to compromise your style to feel comfortable. 

Let’s see what we’ve got! 

A Quick Overview of the Baddie Style

The baddie style or baddie aesthetic is a trend linked to beauty gurus on YouTube and Instagram influencers/models. These influential individuals strive to follow conventional beauty standards. In short, you can be a baddie by wearing current trendy clothes and striking makeup

But did you know that this style first appeared in the early 1990s? It rejected the white beauty standards and was made famous by BIPOC artists, taking its roots from hip-hop. 

Today, celebrities often adopt this laid-back and chill trend. To prove my point, let me show you some spicy celebs’ outfits:

Emily Ratajkowski baddie winter outfit example
Credit: Pinterest

First on the celeb baddie outfits list is fantastic Emily Ratajkowski. From expressions to her wardrobe, this girl is an embodiment of fearless confidence. She can pull off anything, just like the camo pants, casual white sneakers, and a long black coat in the image above!

Let’s move on to our next celebrity.

Kylie Jenner baddie winter outfit example
Credit: Pinterest

Most fashion enthusiasts believe that the baddie trend is heavily fueled by the Jenners, including Kylie. Her Instagram posts exude all the qualities and styles a girl needs to be a baddie.

Here she wears an oversized puffer orange jacket, baggy pants, and basketball-style sneakers. Attractive makeup and a slicked-back ponytail perfectly complete her dangerous look.

And finally, let’s move to the third baddie celebrity:

Madison Beer baddie winter outfit example
Credit: Pinterest

Madison Beer also reflects an enviable baddie aesthetic through her wardrobe. Just look at that hip jacket with the M & Ms logo on it!

Must-Wear Clothing Items for the Baddie Aesthetic This Winter 

Ladies, let’s officially open the main section of baddie winter outfits! Ahead, you will see all the separate clothing items to flaunt the baddie trend in the cold. 

But before we jump in – here is the list of items to use while creating the edgy aesthetic:

  • UGGs
  • Open-toe boots
  • Combat boots
  • Chunky sneakers
  • Thigh-high boots
  • Leggings
  • Jeans
  • Tracksuits
  • Leather skirts
  • Bodycon dresses
  • Fleece pullovers
  • Chunky cardigans
  • Aviator, puffer, teddy bear, and leather jackets
  • Trench coats 

Not only that, but I will also explain how to flaunt each item individually and share fashionable outfits for ladies to have a better grasp. 

1) Uggs 

Let’s start our list with timeless UGGs boots. If you do a quick Google research, you’ll see many celebs wear this cozy, warm nostalgic footwear that pairs nicely with all kinds of bottoms like jeans, leggings, and sports pants.

Here’s how you can style your UGGs for a major baddie moment:

Jeans jacket ripped jeans crop top Uggs baddie winter outfits
Credit: Pinterest

This streetwear casual ensemble displays a two-piece jeans outfit with a contrasting white bra. Furthermore, the brown UGGs are definitely in the limelight here. Plus, an oversized patterned jacket perfectly seals the deal!

2) Open-toe boots

And now tell me – is there anyone who doesn’t love peep-toe boots? This footwear is both sophisticated and classy. Open-toe shoes can absolutely oomph your casual ensemble and strike a fashionable statement. 

I especially love the sleek lines of open-toe boots and the possibility of showing a nice pedicure.

In my opinion, baddies can take advantage of this edgy footwear, as Kim did it below:

Kim Kardashian black ripped jeans hoodie open-toe boots baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Baddies have a soft spot for an all-black look, as this color exudes boldness and confidence. Here, we can see the Kardashian queen wearing an oversized hoodie, tight-fitting jeans, and high-heeled open-toe boots. 

In my opinion, an all-black outfit is simply a foolproof choice that always looks striking. This might be one of the most killer baddie winter outfits on the list. 

3) Combat boots

Combat boots are another type of edgy footwear, no matter how you style them. You can wear them throughout the year with all kinds of attires, including baddie ones.

The best part? They will make even the most basic outfit completely powerful and stunning.

Wondering how to fit them in this style? Let’s see:

Combat boots black tracksuit pink purse baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

All-black outfit with combat boots? Yes, please! These leather shoes and an equally edgy black look with a contrasting pastel-hued purse are all impressive. 

And let’s admit it – there’s something about a pair of combat boots that just oozes badassery. Maybe it’s the tough vibe or the fact that they look like they could take on anything. Whatever the reason, they’re the perfect finishing touch to any baddie outfit.

4) Chunky sneakers

And if you want your baddie winter outfits to have practicality, then no other footwear will suit you better than chunky sneakers. They will add height, make walking easier, and pair perfectly with any clothing.

Here’s how to style them:

White sports pants oversized jacket chunky sneakers baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

An oversized jacket, sweatpants, and cool accessories combine nicely to create a chic outfit with chunky white trainers. As we can see, the trainers add an instant dose of a cool vibe to any look.

Fit for almost all occasions, this footwear will amplify your fashion game and make you look like a real baddie!

5) Thigh-high boots

Next, thigh-high boots are a cult favorite among women for good reasons. First, they make you appear more stylish. Second, they protect your legs from the cold. And as winter officially calls for this footwear, inspire yourself with this combo:

White sweater dress jean jacket red thigh-high boots baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Depending on how cold it is in your location, you may opt to wear a bottom or keep your legs bare underneath the thigh-high boots. 

In the picture above, a white sweater dress and an oversized jeans jacket keep the outfit cozy, while red boots have their moment of fame. This is exactly how you allow one clothing item to stand proudly in the limelight.

Finally, if you add some stylish sunglasses, your baddie look is guaranteed.

6) Leggings

Leggings are essential routine wear, which we can’t live without. They are also the perfect way to show off your curves while still delivering comfort. But how to wear this essential wardrobe item in a baddie style? 

Here’s how:

Black leggings white sweatshirt sneakers baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This casual ensemble includes tight-fitting black leggings, white sneakers, and a cozy oversized hoodie to keep you warm.

The black and white combo is great, and the overall outfit is comfortably fashionable. Ultimately, a black purse with silver chains adds a touch of baddie to this sporty look.

7) Jeans

Baddie fashion is all about being confident and stylish, and jeans are the perfect way to complete any outfit. But why do they always look so good? First, jeans are the OG bottom, which stays reliable in all seasons. They also create an ideal balance between a sophisticated and casual look.

Plus, some jeans come in thicker materials, making them more winter-appropriate. But let’s get back to the topic – how to style jeans to look baddie? Let’s see:

Wide-leg jeans Adidas sneakers sweatshirt baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Here are simple high-waisted jeans with a snug grey hoodie. Throw in a small bag, minimalistic jewelry, and black sunnies, and you’ve got yourself one of the comfiest baddie winter outfits!

Oversized, oversized, and more oversized, please! That’s what this style prefers, and the above outfit is a perfect representation of that.

8) Tracksuits

We all know that feeling when you see someone walking down the street in a tracksuit, and you just think, “Damn, they look good.” But have you ever wondered why tracksuits look so good in baddie outfits?

So, for the girls who are too lazy to make an effort to look like a cute baddie, tracksuits come to the rescue. This clothing also keeps you low-profile if that’s your intention. 

Let’s see how you can look super-trendy:

Brown tracksuit white chunky sneakers baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Whether you have to play sports, run errands, or tackle your appointments, tracksuits are perfect for daily matters. 

9) Leather skirts

There’s something about a leather skirt that just screams “baddie.” Maybe it’s the rebellious edge it gives off or the way it hugs your curves. Whatever the reason, leather skirts are the perfect way to add a little bit of attitude to your outfit.

Baddie winter outfits with leather skirts are perfect for a winter date or a fun night out. Just pull on a chic leather skirt to elevate your look, like in this example:

Leather skirt black top with logo on the back baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

It’s totally up to you and the intensity of the cold to decide on the skirt’s length. For instance, you can style a white leather skirt showing an irregular silhouette and a long-sleeved warm shirt. 

And to keep your belongings, a crossbody bag is both chic and practical. 

10) Bodycon dresses

As a female myself, I find bodycons absolutely irresistible. If you’re on the same page with me, we can luckily don a bodycon even in the cold. Whether you’ve got killer legs or a curvaceous figure, a bodycon dress will help you show it off in style.

Consider something like this:

Blue knitted bodycon dress white sneakers baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Show off your feminine curves in a pastel-hued maxi dress that snugly hugs your body. 

And if you want to keep things baddie-like, simply slip on neutral sneakers and high socks. You may also opt for heels or sandals with minimal height if there’s a special occasion. 

11) Fleece pullovers

Winter baddie outfits for women also have fleece pullovers as an integral part. Not only is this layer practical, but unbelievably warm at the same time. And these are the goals for any chic winter ensemble, right? 

If you’re curious how this clothing turns out, here’s an idea:

Fleece pullover velvet pants sneakers baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

These neutral fleece pullovers with flared pants and a white shirt underneath are ideal for wearing at home or any other casual occasion. 

Fleece pullovers are perfect for chilly days or when you want to layer up without looking bulky. Also, it would look great to combine this sweater with corduroy pants.

12) Chunky cardigans

We’ve discussed chunky trainers, but there’s also another clothing item to get the flawless look – a chunky cardigan. They definitely belong to baddie winter outfits and come in all sizes, colors, and patterns.

So, if you want to look baddie in a cozy cardigan, consider something like this:

White knitted chunky cardigan black pullover black leggings baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This white cardigan runs below the knees and is tight at the wrists to protect you from the cold wind. It’s used to make a black & white combo by adding black leggings, black leather boots, and a black shirt. Oh, and throwing in a black bag sweetens the deal and creates baddie-aesthetic attire.

13) Aviator jackets

Girls, do you know what aviator jackets are? Well, this jacket was originally made for pilots but has now merged with fashion apparel. Aviator jackets are a great way to make a fashion statement and show off your personal style.

Many baddies adore this casual clothing item, and if you take a look at the following pic, you’ll understand why:

Aviator jacket ripped jeans combat boots baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Here, you can see a woolen flight jacket coupled with faded jeans, black combat boots, and a white hoodie underneath. 

All items in this outfit are snug and stylish. Make a fun hair bun and wear sunglasses, and you’re all set to look like a baddie!

14) Leather jackets

A leather jacket is something we all wear in the winter, irrespective of gender. But what’s the allure of this clothing item? Is it the bad-girl image it projects? The feeling of being tough and invincible it gives you? Or is it simply because it looks damn good?

I would like to say that it’s a timeless piece that never goes out of style. Let’s see how to fit it into the baddie outfit:

Leather jacket faux leather pants baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Hailey Bieber is a fashion icon who loves wearing an all-leather and all-black ensemble to look like a real baddie. This outfit screams edginess as it’s all leather from top to bottom.

And as seen above, there’s no need for this layer to be tight, as baggier clothing pieces will keep you warmer and look more attractive. 

15) Puffer jackets

Next on our list of baddie outfits for winter are puffer jackets. They are usually made from a synthetic material such as polyester or nylon and filled with synthetic insulation. Hardly any influencer hasn’t promoted this epic layer in enviable styles. 

And you can don a puffer jacket like this:

Puffer jacket wide-leg jeans sneakers baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

While we mostly observe this jacket with tight-fitting jeans or bottom, the above picture shows it’s even better with baggy pants, especially if you’re on board with the baddie aesthetic. This slouchy bottom is as baggy as the jacket itself – and this creates a continuum.

16) Trench coats

At the peak of cold, trench coats are perfect layering pieces to add to winter outfits. They are usually made of heavy fabric and are knee-length or longer. Trench coats can be worn in a variety of ways, including belted, buttoned, or open. But are they appropriate for a baddie aesthetic? 

Just see for yourself:

White sports pants white T-shirt olive-green trench coat baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This light green full-length coat gives sufficient warmth, while the clothes underneath are equally cozy. Sweatpants aren’t the first option our mind goes to when paired with long coats, but this is how things run in the baddie world.

And it all looks so fantastic, isn’t it?

17) Teddy bear jacket

The last item on our list for cold weather winter outfits is a teddy bear jacket. Teddy coats are big, cozy, and cuddly – perfect for keeping you warm all winter long. This comfy piece of outerwear is the perfect way to make a statement without sacrificing comfort.

Let’s see why the teddy coat is such a great addition to any baddie’s wardrobe.

Long teddy coat baddie winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Again, you see the sweatpants & coat combo. This ultra-chic outfit shows a light color palette with an old pair of sneakers, sunglasses, and a hat. If you desire to look like a boss baddie, there’s no better way. 

3 Baddie Outfit Ideas for Christmas 

Ladies, we can’t talk about fashion in winter without mentioning a much-awaited holiday – Christmas. We prepare so many things for these winter holidays, but if you wish to ace your fashion game to impress your loved ones this year, no one should stop you (ahem), not even cold.

So, if you’re wondering how to continue the baddie aesthetic through Christmas, here are three outfit ideas for inspiration. 

Beige wide-leg pants knitted turtleneck sweater white chunky sneakers baddie winter outfit idea for Christmas
Credit: Pinterest

The first outfit for baddies on Christmas includes a slouchy beige bottom, an oversized white turtleneck, and chunky trainers. It’s a pretty laid-back look that will also pull attention from everyone. 

Let’s now take a peek at something edgier:

Patterned pullover leather skirt thigh-high leather boots baddie winter outfit idea for Christmas
Credit: Pinterest

Show up to the Christmas party with this killer Christmas baddie outfit that includes a leather skirt, thigh-high boots, and a patterned sweater.

The all-brown outfit is a sight for sore eyes since the shade is warm and inviting. Overall, you won’t be shivering and will be looking divine at the table. 

And now tell me – do you prefer more elegance at Christmas? If yes, you’ll love this:

Olive-green high-waisted skirt silk shirt white knee-high boots baddie winter outfit idea for Christmas
Credit: Pinterest

This last outfit ensemble also adds thigh-high boots. A high-waisted skirt and silk, baggy shirt tucked underneath make a classic fit.

As we can see, only the skirt is in a varying shade, which leads to an interesting contrast, making you look like such a baddie.

3 Baddie Looks to Wear During Snowy Days

Unfortunately, winter isn’t only about fun and fashion, as sometimes we have to cope with the stubborn snow. 

But don’t worry, my lovely readers – this section will share three practical cold wardrobe solutions that will allow you to be a baddie slaying through the snow.

Let’s see our first ensemble. 

Oversized puffer jacket black leggings black combat boots baddie winter outfit for snow
Credit: Pinterest

First in the cold weather outfits, we have an all-black look, including a puffer jacket, combat boots, and gloves. So, if you are looking for the most stylish ensemble to wear when surrounded by snow, you’ve found it!

Armed with maximum insulation, you can arrive anywhere on any occasion with this incredible style. 

Let’s move to another snowy attire:

Olive-green puffer jacket black leggings knee-high boots baddie outfit for snow
Credit: Pinterest

This has to be one of my fav baddie winter outfits. There’s something adorable yet definitely baddie going on – from the knee-high boots and cozy leggings to a short puffer jacket. You can play in the snow outside with this carefree and superb ensemble. 

And let’s now see what the last outfit on our list is:

Oversized olive-green puffer jacket leather leggings combat boots baddie outfit for snow
Credit: Pinterest

Ladies, answer one question – what is a winter wardrobe without a killer snow outfit featuring a long puffer jacket? In the pic above, it lays on top of a white turtleneck, with thigh-high boots and leather pants, looking so stylish together!

Over to You

And that’s it, girls! Here I end my comprehensive guide on winter baddie outfits. I hope you have gained valuable styling inspo to elevate your fashion game in the coming cold.

Here are the styling tips we discussed in the guide:

  • Sweatpants, chunky trainers, oversized t-shirts, and hoodies are the best items to wear for baddies. 
  • Thigh-high boots, open-toe boots, and combat boots add height and edginess to outfits. 
  • Puffer, teddy bear, and leather jackets are all stylish layers.
  • Trench coats, fleece pullovers, and chunky cardigans are further options to add warmth while looking baddie.
  • Jeans, leggings, and slouchy pants are excellent baddie bottoms.

Think your wardrobe could use more help and get improved this winter? Read the previous fashion guides on my blog and boost your fashion knowledge!

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