What Shoes Go Best with Mom Jeans – Tips and Outfit Ideas

Christine Steuber
Oct 26, 2022
Learn about twelve best shoes to wear with mom jeans and inspire your style with outfit idea for every weather and occasion.

Step aside skinny jeans, as mom jeans are back with a bang! 

I bet all of us ladies are thrilled at the much-needed comeback of the loose, more comfy denim alternative. But there’s a tiny bit of an issue – not everyone knows what shoes to wear with mom jeans.

If you relate to this fashion dilemma, worry not because I’ve got your back. From outfit ideas to best shoe recommendations, there’s so much you will learn from today’s guide. 

What are Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans are high-waisted denim trousers most popularly known for being loose at the bottom and somewhat tight on the thighs. This achieves a slim cut to the high ankle. 

But do you know their origin?

The earliest set of mom pants was a variant of the timeless Levi 501 model in 1935, with the addition of a higher waist. From here on, denim remained a cult favorite among mothers who used to wear them during outdoor work in 1950-60. 

You may be thinking – the 50s were so long ago. Are these jeans still in style?

Let’s find out. 

Are mom jeans in style in 2022?

You bet! TikTok has officially canceled the unforgiving skinny jeans. Instead, mom jeans are entering the scene, promoting style and freedom of movement, no matter what figure type you have.

Elle declares that skin-hugging jeans are dead and names five denim styles that are most trendy right now – one of which is mom jeans.

And if you’re wondering about 2023, fret not, as the following year will continue the hype. This is confirmed by StyleCaster – stating that low-rise skinny denim won’t be IN in the subsequent year. 

Now, let’s head over to the main section of the guide – shoes to wear with mom jeans.

12 Best Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans (w/ Outfit Recommendations)

Let me tell you a secret–

You can pair this jeans model with almost any shoes and create both formal and informal mom jeans outfits. 

Awesome, right?

What’s left is to learn how to style these trousers properly, and that’s what we’re going to talk about next.

Option #1: Chunky sneakers

White chunky sneakers to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

Chunky sneakers are the first shoes on the list to wear on your feet with mom jeans. Also known as dad sneakers, these shoes boast a sophisticated design, an oversized platform, and different colors.

The variety of these sneakers is endless – from the high-top and retro to sporty models. One thing is for sure – the chunky style is eye-popping and adds a punch of youth to your mom jeans attire. 

Here’s how you can style it:

White T-shirt white chunky sneakers with mom jeans outfit idea

The high-waisted cropped jeans and quirky chunky shoes are  a perfect pair if you follow an athletic style. Plus, I’m in love with these oversized white T-shirts as they look so fancy and cool at the same time. 

Option #2: Converse high tops

Converse high tops shoes to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

Need something more sporty? Choose Converse high tops which extend slightly over the ankle. In my opinion, these are the best shoes to wear with mom jeans as they look so retro, just like this jeans model.

This is how you should style these high-top sneakers:

Pink Converse high tops mom jeans pink T-shirt outfit idea

As we can see, ripped mom jeans and high-top sneakers are a timeless combo. Try to roll up the hems of the bottoms so that everyone can see the beauty of your sneakers. 

Option #3: Classic white sneakers

Classic white sneakers shoes to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

If you’re looking for the comfiest and most casual shoes, these would be your perfect option. 

White sneakers with mom jeans pair nicely like peanut butter and jelly. Both styles are very casual and comfortable, so they go well together. Also, mom jeans tend to be a bit loose-fitting, so the white sneakers help balance the look.

But how can you mix white footwear into your attire? See below:

White classic sneakers mom jeans cropped yellow hoodie outfit idea

Although I personally prefer the chic combo of a white shirt with white sneakers, any color will work fine, as we can see above.

Option #4: Combat boots

Combat boots shoes to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

Highly trendy yet foolproof shoes to wear with mom jeans are combat boots. These booties are so comfy that you can shop all day or chase after your kids in them (trust me). 

They cover the entire foot and go a bit above the ankle. With their hard lines, combat boots add a bit of spice to mom jeans.

Soak this outfit idea for inspo:

Black aviator jacket gray mom jeans black sweater black combat boots outfit idea

So, if you’re looking for a way to add some edge, reach for a pair of combat boots. You will be surprised by how well they go together.

Option #5: Ankle boots

Ankle boots shoes to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

The next on our list are minimal ankle boots that are appropriate for all places and occasions if you ask me. Plus, ankle boots look great with mom jeans because they help create a long and lean silhouette. 

And here’s the combination of mom jeans with boots in action:

Brown leather ankle boots brown sknitted sweater mom jeans outfit idea

As we can see, mom jeans tend to be high-waisted and have a relaxed fit, making your legs look shorter. Wearing ankle boots with them helps to elongate your legs and make you look taller and more slender. 

Pair your brown booties with a same-colored sweater and a cute bag, and you’re ready to go!

Option #6: Heels

Black heels shoes to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

And what about mom jeans with heels? 

Why not! Whether you want to watch a movie, go on a hot date, or hit an event, heels and mom jeans are your best friends. 

They can elevate your outfit from casual to formal in a blink of an eye. In my opinion, pointed-toe and jeans are a universal love story. 

Let me prove my point:

Mom jeans heeled sandals off-shoulder black top outfit idea

The off-shoulder black top and mom jeans with a belt make a fine outfit for your girls’ night out. With the illusion of longer legs, heels also add a touch of glamor if that’s what you’re going for.

Option #7: Flat sandals

Flat sandals shoes to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

Do you like to keep your toes out? 

Try investing in minimalist sandals that are a cult favorite in summer and pair nicely with mom jeans. The relaxed and comfortable style of mom jeans is the perfect match for the laid-back vibe of flat casual shoes.

Let me show you:

Off-shoulder top mom jeans flat sandals outfit idea

Wear an off-shoulder, breezy top with your baggy mom jeans to create a fun summertime outfit. Finally, denim goes well with the earthy tones of these cute lace-up sandals.

Option #8: Loafers

Loafers shoes to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

Looking for something more sophisticated? Try loafers. These leather shoes come with a flat heel and are shaped like a moccasin. Excluding shoelaces and straps, loafers are an excellent option for denim. 

Here’s why loafers are great shoes to wear with mom jeans:

Looking for something more sophisticated? Try loafers. These leather shoes come with a flat heel and are shaped like a moccasin. Excluding shoelaces and straps, loafers are an excellent option for denim.   Here's why loafers are great shoes to wear with mom jeans:

Wear these shoes with a casual top and basic accessories to create a casual look. I’d also go for loafers with embellished chains, tassels, or a statement buckle to guarantee extra style. 

P.S. In the cold, you can wear loafers with no-show socks to secretly warm your feet. 

Option #9: Mules

Mules shoes to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

Are you tired of so many flat shoes? Consider heeled mules! Their unique slip-on style makes them user-friendly and super elegant. 

Furthermore, there is something about mules that makes them the perfect shoe to wear with mom jeans. Maybe it’s the way they elongate the legs or add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit. Whatever the reason, mules and mom jeans are a match made in heaven.

For instance, check out this outfit:

White wrap-style top mom jeans brown leather mules outfit idea

Admit it – these mules look so fantastic with basic denim jeans! So if you’re on the hunt for a new go-to shoe to wear with your mom jeans, don’t forget to give mules a try.

Finally, complete the look with a basic off-white cuffed shirt and minimal jewelry. 

Option #10: Ballet flats

Ballet flats shoes to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

Channel out your inner Audrey Hepburn with cute flat shoes. This all-year classic boasts a Parisian vibe and pairs nicely with dresses, skirts, and even mom jeans. 

Yeah, you heard me well – if you’re going after something feminine yet laid-back, look no further. Pair ballet flats with mom jeans like this:

White loose top mom jeans golden ballet flats outfit idea

As we can see, these mom jeans are casual and relaxed, while ballet flats are cute and feminine. When you put the two together, you get a look that is both stylish and comfortable. Finally, don’t forget to level it up with a cute purse and necklace.

Option #11: Espadrilles

Espadrilles shoes to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

Looking for more “style and comfort” options?  You can’t go wrong with timeless espadrilles! They are among the finest shoes to wear with mom jeans. 

Wondering why? Well, for starters, they can be dressed up or down and add a bit of height to your look. 

Let me show you one perfect combo:

Black T-shirt mom jeans blue espadrilles outfit idea

These espadrilles in the soothing sky blue shade match denim bottoms flawlessly. Besides, platform shoes add style to the ensemble without compromising comfort. 

Option #12: Flip flops

Flip-flops shoes to wear with mom jeans
Credit: Pinterest

Finally, we have adorable flip-flops with the bow on our list. There are a lot of great reasons to wear flip-flops with mom jeans. 

For one, they’re super comfortable and practical. But they also have a relaxed vibe that goes well with the mom jeans aesthetic. 

Whether you’re running errands or going out for drinks with friends, mom jeans and flip-flops is a great combination.

Here’s how to pair these two pieces:

Top with ruffled sleeves mom jeans flip-flops outfit idea

Here we have V-shaped sandals that boost elegance along with the patterned shirt. The bow on the sandals and the wide sleeves of the top seem to coordinate with each other, making everything look so nice! 

How to Choose Shoes to Pair with Mom Jeans for Every Season?

Do you think that was it? We still have something to cover, girls! As promised, I will show you how to look good with mom jeans in all seasons.

The next four sections will display stellar shoe recommendations so you can slay your denim game throughout the year. 


Fall, aka the season we are witnessing currently, is a transitional season, so we must choose our outfits wisely, especially footwear (we don’t want wet and cold feet). 

These are the best picks you can blindly trust:

  • Sneakers 
  • Loafers
  • Converse high tops
  • Combat boots

And here’s my first fall outfit idea featuring mom jeans to inspire you:

Lightweight coat mom jeans white sneakers autumn outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

In the crisp autumn weather, consider wearing a lightweight coat on top of a cozy shirt. Comfy sneakers and mom jeans will help you run errands and catch appointments while keeping your feet snug. 

Let’s move to another outfit:

Brown knitted turtleneck sweater mom jeans Converse high tops autumn outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Here we can see that a turtleneck sweater pairs perfectly with mom jeans. Converse high tops are there to elevate your ensemble and protect your ankles from cold. 


Let’s discuss winter shoes that go with mom jeans now. Booties should proudly stand in the limelight for this chilly weather, but you can also try on the following options:

  • Combat boots
  • Ankle boots
  • Chunky sneakers 

And here’s my first outfit idea:

Black combat boots mom jeans jacket winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Combat booties can shine the brightest in the cold as their material and style go the best with winter outfits, including sweaters, jackets, and coats. And if you pair your combat boots with mom jeans, you’ll achieve the edgy aesthetic like the fancy girl above!

Want something more elegant? I got your back again, girl. Check this out: 

Black ankle boots mom jeans black coat winter outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

If the above booties are too edgy for your taste, swap them for ankle boots instead. Not to mention that the added height will work in your favor, especially with mom jeans on!


Here’s my favorite season, and I’m sure many ladies feel the same. The best shoes to wear with mom jeans in spring are mules, sandals, sneakers, or anything you fancy, as the weather approves it all!

Let’s start with something lady-like:

Black blazer mom jeans white crop top Converse high tops spring outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

I’m digging the rolled-up hemline of this denim with the crop top. As spring can be breezy, a lightweight blazer is a stylish way to dress weather-appropriate. Finally, white sneakers are optimum for a laid-back appearance. 

And here’s my second spring-inspired combo:

Black mules black turtleneck sweater distressed mom jeans spring outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

These high-waisted mom jeans look stylish with a tucked-in turtleneck sweater. Finally, the backless mules are the right choice to pair with mom jeans as they’ll create perfect balance with the rest of the outfit. 


Who said that you can’t wear mom jeans in summer? Trust me, you can look and feel fantastic wearing your mom jeans, just make sure to choose the right tops and shoes to pair with them. 

Below are the best summer shoes to wear with mom jeans:

  • Heels 
  • Sandals
  • Espadrilles
  • Flip flops
  • Ballet pumps 

Time to see the first outfit idea:

White blouse mom jeans white sneakers summer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Do you see how good white sneakers and lightweight summer denim look together? Throw in a breezy white blouse to seal the deal. You’ll feel maximum comfort and look badass all day. 

Need more inspiration? No problem!

Black top mom jeans heeled sandals summer outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

As we can see, these beautiful heels form a dainty yet strong silhouette to give a feminine edge to this outfit. Roll up the hem of the mom jeans to highlight all the beauty of the heels.

Over to You

And here’s the end of my guide on choosing the best shoes to wear with mom jeans. I hope you are now confident enough to style your pants with all the recommended footwear solutions. 

Let’s sum up the tips:

  • Converse high tops, white sneakers, and chunky sneakers are best for sporty looks.
  • Combat and ankle booties add edginess.
  • Loafers, mules, flat sandals, espadrilles, ballet pumps, and flip-flops are fancy classics. 

And if you’d like more fashion inspiration, read the previous guides on my blog. Thanks for reading, girls!

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