Level up Your Leather Pants Outfits with These 10 Shoe Choices

Christine Steuber
Sep 23, 2022
Find the best shoes to wear with leather pants along with outfit inspiration and styling tips in my comprehensive guide.

Do you wish to flaunt your glamorous leather trousers but don’t know which shoes to wear with leather pants? 

Throw your concerns out the window as I take you through the top ten fashionable shoes with leather pants. In addition, I’ll share some outfit ideas for the flawless fall and winter look.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Are Leather Pants Trending in 2022-2023?

Okay, ladies, since most of you probably care about the latest fashion trends, it’s only suitable if I share the current credibility of leather trousers in the fashion realm, right?

So, for any of you who want to show off your trousers in the following seasons, let me assure you that leather pants are trendy. Fashion gurus prioritize this texture for the colder, transitional season. For instance, you can spot pants and other faux leather pieces in Balmain’s fall-winter 2022 collection:

If you’re a fan of Balenciaga, you can also notice many faux leather items, including trousers, in the brand’s winter 2022 collection:

Now that you know for sure that you’ll look fashion-forward this season, let’s move on to the most stylish shoes to wear with leather pants.

10 Shoes that Go with Leather Pants

The “less is more” rule definitely applies when speaking about luxe leather trousers, t. Therefore, picking appropriate shoes that go with leather pants becomes tricky. 

But lucky for you, this is where I’ll help you. Ahead, I’ll share ten stylish shoes to coordinate with this particular clothing item. 

Option #1: Pointed-toe heels

Sam Edelman pointed-toe heels shoes to wear with leather pants
Credit: Sam Edelman

Let’s start our list with pointed-toe heels that are the perfect shoes to wear with leather pants. They have a sharp, pointy toe and are usually made of leather, suede, and synthetic materials. Some even have a rubber sole, which comes in handy in wintertime. 

And if you’re wondering whether it’s better to steer clear of your leather heels to avoid cluttering your look, don’t worry; leather pants pair perfectly with other items from the same material. 

For instance, let me inspire you with this look:

Beige pointed-toe shoes with burgundy leather pants outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

These straight-leg trousers with contrasting pointed-toe heels are a classic way to rock your ensemble for a special occasion or a night out with your girls. 

Extra advice – skip striking shoe colors and choose nude or black heels; otherwise, your outfit will seem like you’re trying too hard. 

Option #2: Block heels

Mr. Price block heals shoes to wear with leather pants
Credit: Mr. Price

Another excellent option for shoes to wear with your leather trousers is block heels. Block heels are wide and chunky, and the heel is typically made of wood or cork. These shoes can range in height to over ten centimeters.

And what I especially love about them is the greater comfort and walkability compared to the average heels. 

So, choose these stunning shoes if you have to walk a lot or do some errands. Not only this, but they also add a hint of glam to your ensemble and look fantastic with wide-cropped leather trousers.

Let me prove you:

Black block heels brown leather pants outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Again, leather pants pair flawlessly with leather block sandals. To top it off, wear a black leather jacket that exudes a dose of “drama” and power.

Option #3: Heeled sandals

Heeled sandals shoes to wear with leather pants Calvin Klein
Credit: Calvin Klein

Are you still looking for the right shoes to wear with leather pants to make you look taller? Well, in that case, heeled sandals should be your go-to option. 

And to perfectly balance elegant and casual style, sports leather pants with heeled sandals are a great way to look fabulous!

Can’t imagine this combo? Let me show you:

Heeled sandals brown leather pants outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

As we can see, heeled sandals are sultry and alluring and will surely steal second glances. If you want to look glam on your night out, a pair of beige sandals and a cute purse is all you need.

Option #4: Ballet pumps

Shein ballet pumps shoes to wear with leather pants
Credit: Shein

Here we come to the best flat shoes to wear on your feet with leather bottoms – ballet pumps. A ballerina pump is a type of women’s shoe similar to a ballet slipper and is usually made of soft fabric and has a low heel.

Wearing leather pants with suede ballerina pumps will make you look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine.

Need proof? There you go:

Beige ballet pumps black leather leggings outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Throwing in a set of ballet flats with your leather bottom creates a flawlessly casual look which is ideal for the office or a shopping spree. 

Option #5: Mules

Marella mules shoes to wear with leather pants
Credit: Marella

Mules are another choice for casual shoes. It is a type of “flip-flops” with a smaller or medium heel.

I know what you’re thinking – aren’t mules only meant to be worn in summer? Well, it’s not a must-follow rule. Actually, mules are an ideal transitional option when you pair them with leather trousers. 

Still don’t believe me? Let me reassure you with the following picture:

Black mules leather pants outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

These black leather pants with straight cut add a touch of edge to this outfit, while mules keep it feminine and flirty.

However, these shoes are only suitable for warm autumn and winter days (assuming winter is not freezing where you live). Wear a warm sweater on top, and you’ll get a perfect balance for a pleasant afternoon stroll around the city.

Option #6: Loafers

Gucci leather loafers shoes to wear with leather pants
Credit: Gucci

Continuing our list of flat shoes to wear with leather pants, we can’t skip loafers that pair perfectly with our clothing item in question. 

Loafers are a type of slip-on shoe, usually low-heeled and made of soft materials such as leather or suede. Both materials pair nicely with leather trousers.

Have a look at this fancy styling:

Leather mules black leather pants outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

There’s no better combo for the ladies who want to appear put-together and polished than wearing leather pants and fancy loafers. I would only add that you should always choose cropped trousers (to the ankle) to highlight the beauty of these elegant shoes.

And here is another reason why these are the perfect shoes to wear with leather pants in wintertime – loafers usually include a fiber sponge sole that reduces friction during walking. 

Option #7: Sneakers

I understand that sneakers may not instantly come to your mind when thinking about items that look good with leather pants. However, they look surprisingly fancy and decent with leather trousers. 

Besides, sneakers are extra cozy and guarantee maximum coverage while ensuring your feet are breathing. Plus, the leather pants & sneakers combo is comfortable and trendy, and the below outfit will make you say, “Sneakers for the win!”

White chunky sneakers flared black leather pants outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

The outfit shows how sneakers effectively dress down the leather trousers to create a wholesome casual look ideal for walks in nature or enjoying a theme park with friends.

However, remember that the color of the sneakers is important. Black sneakers don’t appear as stylish as white ones because white creates a superb contrast with brown or black bottoms.

Lastly, both loose and skinny bottoms are compatible with sneakers, so you can opt for your favorites.

Option #8: Suede ankle boots

Superb suade ankle boots shoes to wear with leather pants
Credit: Shuperb

And let me now ask you something – do you agree that a combo of leather pants with boots is timeless? Things only get better if you talk about suede ankle boots. 

Plus, if you Google a bit, you’ll find out that many fashion gurus hail suede and give it a high rank since it’s perfectly compatible with leather but with a different texture. 

Let’s now see one super-cute outfit featuring leather leggings and brown suede boots:

Brown suade ankle boots black leather leggings outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This poised combo is excellent for professional and laid-back settings. However, don’t forget that the boots only work nicely with skinny leather trousers or leggings. 

So, if you’re looking to add a bit of edge to your outfit, leather pants and suede ankle boots are the way to go.

P.S. This styling looks super cute for some winter photo shoots, like a couple’s session or even senior pictures.

Option #9: Knee-high boots

Boohoo knee-high boots shoes to wear with leather pants
Credit: Boohoo

Looking for something more striking? In that case, knee-high or over-the-knee boots are foolproof shoes to wear with leather pants.

Knee-high boots are great if you want to cover and keep your ankles and calves warm. I don’t think I need to say how fantastic these shoes will go with skinny leather pants. 

See for yourself: 

Black suade knee-high boots black leather leggings outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Let’s face it, we all want to look tall and slim. And there’s no better way to achieve that look than pairing leather pants with knee-high boots.

Here, knee-high boots elongate the legs and pair flawlessly with shiny leather leggings. This combo conveys confidence, style, a sense of “badassery,” and an instant edge. There’s definitely something of the baddie aesthetic here. 

Also, if you want to achieve contrast, you can choose boots in another color, such as brown, beige, or even white.

Option #10: Combat boots

Steve Madden leather combat boots shoes to wear with leather pants
Credit: Steve Madden

Finally, do you want sharp footwear to pair with your leather pants outfits? 

I’ve got just the thing for you! Wear combat boots that can be tough and rugged or polished and chick, depending on how you style them.

And here’s some good news – combat boots and leather pants are a bold fashion choice that will get you noticed.

The following picture will give you some fashion inspo you’re striving for:

Black leather combat boots ruched leather pants outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Something about this style  makes it seem slightly dangerous in a good way! I love the ruched leather trousers as they are super edgy, and it looks like those boots are the perfect match to this combo. 

In addition to sports and baggy trousers, combat boots pair nicely with leggings and skinny pants.

Additional Shoe Recommendations to Wear with Leather Pants in Autumn and Winter (w/Outfits)

Now that I have shown you the best shoes with leather pants, let me focus on the autumn and upcoming winter seasons. Here, I have two additional styles to complete the previous ten outfits, and all of them prove why leather pants are such an irresistible piece of clothing.

Let’s start with the fall inspo:

White sneakers brown cropped leather pants outfit idea for autumn and winter
Credit: Pinterest

There is nothing better than chic brown leather pants with contrasting white sneakers To smooth out the seasonal transition and put you, ladies, right into the fall mood! The combination of skinny leather pants and sneakers conveys a sporty and, at the same time, polished look. 

In addition to classic leather sneakers, you can also choose textile ones, which are, for example, a great option if you’re traveling

Plus, don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Leather pants don’t always have to be black or brown; they can be blue, green, or even beige, as you see in the following example.

Silver leather ankle boots beige leather pants white coat outfit idea for autumn and winter
Credit: Pinterest

All I can say about this outfit is – don’t let the winters restrict your fashion choices. These pointy-toe ankle boots superbly pair with leather pants. 

The breathtaking ensemble includes suede boots in an off-white shade to coordinate with the beige, high-waisted leather leggings, a lightweight sweater, and a white coat on top. 

Although we are used to black or suede shoes, with this example, I wanted to show you that they look fantastic in lighter shades as well.

Over to You

It looks like we’ve reached the end of my guide on shoes to wear with leather pants. Did you learn sufficiently on the topic? I hope you did and are now ready to rock your leather pants confidently. 

Here are the footwear recommendations we’ve discussed:

  • The most appropriate shoes to pair with your leather pants in the winter are ankle, knee-high, and combat boots, 
  • If you want to show some skin and ankles, go with mules, loafers, and ballet pumps. 
  • Pointy-toe heels, heeled sandals, and block heels are best for special occasions.
  • Sneakers create a casual and sporty look.

Enjoyed going through this fashion guide? If yes, I invite you to check out the other fashion-related articles on my blog.

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