How to Style Green Pants – 10 Outfit Ideas for Guys and Gals

Christine Steuber
Aug 19, 2022
Discover this guide on how to style outfits with green pants to look fashionable and attractive at any time of year!

Let’s admit this – we all have at least one piece of clothing we don’t know how to wear. For instance, green pants can often get overlooked in our wardrobe just because we don’t know how to style them. 

This issue can be common among those who usually prefer standard denim jeans or black trousers, and trying new colored pants can be too much for them. 

Luckily, I’m here to help you out by sharing some trendy outfits with green pants for him and her.

So, without wasting any minute, let’s dive right in!

What Colors Go Well with Green Pants?

The first step in styling green pants is understanding which colors would complement them.

Green is a combination of blue and yellow; therefore, both colors will go well with green pants. However, if you’re wearing a lighter shade of green, you need to pick a shirt in pastel yellow or blue.

Next, if you want to spice up your style with brighter colors, it’s recommended to go for orange, purple, or red. These colors stand on the opposite part of the color wheel, making them perfect for outfits with green pants.

Finally, if you’re wearing khaki or more neutral-colored green trousers, you should also look out for shirts in neutral colors. For instance, you can choose white, beige, black, and tan.

7 Styles of Green Pants and What to Wear with Them

Outfits with green pants are on top of trends this season. You can find them in various designs, and there’s no shortage of styles to choose from. 

Below, I’m sharing the top seven models of green pants fashion and how you can style them

1) Straight

Straight green pants Bershka
Credit: Lyft

This style of trousers is extremely popular nowadays. You can see girls wearing straight pants with large pockets, also known as cargo trousers, in various colors, including green, beige, black, and white. This model is usually high-waisted with slightly wide leg room going down in a straight manner. 

Khaki straight trousers, as well as army green pants, are also widely popular. The best way to style them for girls is with crop tops, while men can wear these pants with oversized T-shirts or hoodies. 

As for the shoes, white sneakers are perfect for creating stylish outfits. You can go for chunky sandals as well. Since the large pockets add volume to the design, I recommend wearing voluminous shoes to maintain balance.

2) Skinny

Skinny olive-green pants Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

Skinny green pants are highly versatile, and you can use them to create formal as well as casual male and female outfits. For creating formal outfits with green pants, men can wear a tucked-in white shirt with a black blazer and classic shoes. Women can style them with a louse shirt, high heels, and a big bag to create an official outfit for business meetings. 

As for casual style, you can wear skinny pants with anything, as their sleek design fits every type of top and jacket. Both men and women can style skinny green trousers with a basic t-shirt and put on a comfy sweatshirt or hoodie when it’s chilly outside.

3) Boot-cut

Boot-cut green jeans from Sanctuary
Credit: Lyst

This style of pants is a combination of skinny and wide-leg trousers. The upper part is slim, usually with a high waist, while the bottom part near the shoes is wider. Outfits with green pants that have a wider bottom can be both formal and informal. 

If the material of the pants is thicker, like in jeans, I recommend styling them with sneakers and sweatshirts for a comfy outdoor look. However, if the material is softer, like silk, these trousers can be styled with heels and a nice blouse to create a more formal look.

4) Flare

Flare light-green pants from SHEIN
Credit: SHEIN

Flare pants are another trendy model for styling casual outfits. The most notable feature of these trousers is the super wide-leg part. You can style them with a mono-colored tank top or a cute top with flare sleeves that matches the pants. 

Also, you can create outfits with green pants of this model with a white tank top and a green blazer but in a darker or lighter shade than the trousers. As for the shoes, chunky white sneakers are the best option.

5) Wide-leg

Dark green wide-leg pants from River Island
Credit: Lyst

Green pants with a wide-leg design are ideal for creating both formal and casual looks. The cut of these pants is narrow at the top and goes wider as it gets lower. You can create a perfect everyday outfit with these trousers by styling them with a black crop top and cute sandals. 

As for a more professional look, you can style them with a loose white button-down shirt, and for a more edgy look, you can choose an animal print shirt. Complete the outfit with stylish hills and a bag in the same color.

6) Palazzo

Palazzo green pants form Gar de Garde
Credit: Lyst

Green palazzo pants are perfect if you’re planning to go out with your friends or looking for an alternative to a cocktail dress. This model is also suitable for formal outfits. Palazzo trousers are known for their unique style with super wide legs that go wide from top to bottom.

To create an evening look with green palazzo pants, make an accent with accessories. For instance, you can wear elegant shoes and a bag with some chic jewelry to complete the look. However, you can style these pants in a simpler way for non-formal occasions, too.

7) Sweatpants

Joggers green sweatpants from Nike
Credit: Nike

What can be more comfortable than a pair of soft sweatpants? To me personally, these are unbeatable when it comes to comfort. Sweatpants are usually used for creating casual and relaxed outfits for both men and women.

You can style green sweatpants with t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies in colors that go well with green. For instance, it can be other shades of green, white, black, beige, or brighter colors like purple and orange. The same color palette works for the sneakers.

5 Green Pants Outfits for Girls

Are you wondering how you can style your green trousers? 

Well, you’re in the right place. Below, I’m going to share five green pants outfits for girls for every season.

Outfit #1: Spring outfit with bright green trousers

Spring Outfit with Bright Green Pants
Credit: Pinterest

Spring is all about colors – nature is blooming, and so is fashion. To create a cute spring outfit, you need a pair of emerald green pants, a white long-sleeve shirt, and white sneakers. 

And if this sounds a bit boring, you can turn your shirt into a crop top, just like in the image above, and spice up the look with green sunglasses and some fashionable jewelry.

Outfit #2: Cute summer outfit with green palazzo ants

Cute summer outfit with green palazzo ants
Credit: Pinterest

Having a comfortable outfit for the summer with loose pants and a breezy shirt is a must to enjoy the scorching hot days. Green palazzo pants come in very handy for this cause. This is my go-to hot summer evening look. 

You can style them with a white crop top, white sneakers, and a loose shirt to create a stylish casual look for the summer, just like in the picture above.

Outfit #3: Casual outfit for fall with a pair of straight green pants

Casual outfit for fall with a pair of straight green pants
Credit: Pinterest

This outfit is perfect for going for a walk with friends, shopping, or heading to a concert. If you prefer a simple yet chic style, this one is a perfect choice. 

Just take a pair of straight green pants and a white crop top and style them with chunky boots and a leather biker jacket. You can highlight the green by adding accessories in the same color, such as a hat or a bag.

Outfit #4: Comfy winter look with wide-leg green trousers

Comfy winter look with wide-leg green trousers
Credit: Pinterest

Who said you can’t look stylish while still being warm in winter? This outfit can prove you wrong. Calm colors are more suitable for this season; hence, a pair of pastel green pants are just right for this time of year. 

You can style them with a warm sweater in the same color tucked inside the pants. The wide legs on the trousers balance out the top voluminous part of the sweater and make your outfit look symmetric.

Outfit #5: Put-together look with green skinny pants

Put-together look with green skinny pants
Credit: Pinterest

You can pull off a smart look with a pair of skinny green pants, just like in the above picture. With a combination of a white shirt, it creates a simple outfit, and if you want to add some spice, wear accessories. 

A brown shoulder bag, a belt in the same color, and some loafers, sandals, or classic shoes in the same color scheme as the accessories complete the look. You can rock this outfit during an important meeting or a catch-up with friends.

Now let’s check out some stylish outfits with green pants for men.

5 Green Pants Outfits for Guys

Green pants can be the perfect addition to every men’s wardrobe, and you can style them to create trendy outfits for every occasion.

Here are five outfit ideas you can use as inspiration. I’ll also provide styling tips for every season of the year.

Outfit #1: Spring look with wide-leg green pants

Spring look with wide-leg green pants
Credit: Pinterest

If you have a pair of loose green pants in your wardrobe, you can create a stylish outfit for spring. Wear a tucked-in T-shirt with wide-leg olive green pants and white sneakers. 

To complete the look, put over a denim jacket in a lighter shade of green, just like in the image above.

Let’s take a look at this next outfit for summer.

Outfit #2: Stylish summer look with straight green pants

Stylish summer look with straight green pants
Credit: Pinterest

If you’re looking to create a summer outfit that’s trendy but, at the same time, requires minimal effort, this example is just for you. Take a pair of straight green pants in the style like in the above image and wear them with a loose button-down shirt in lighter colors. 

You can choose shirts with different patterns, but the base color should preferably be white, beige, or nude. To complete the look, put on some Chuck’s and roll up the bottom of the pants.

Outfit #3: Comfortable fall outfit with bright green pants

Comfortable fall outfit with bright green pants
Credit: Pinterest

Nowadays, cargo pants are a staple item in every guy’s wardrobe. You can mix and match different pieces of clothing to create trendy outfits with green cargo trousers. 

To create a comfy and, at the same time, warm outfit for the fall, you can wear green pants with an oversized sweatshirt and some Chuck Taylor’s or other sneakers. As for the color of the sweatshirt, it should be in calmer shades in contrast to the pants. 

For instance, you can go for gray, white, or black sweatshirts. You can rock this outfit during your everyday chores or while traveling, at the airport, and so on.

Let’s see what you can wear in winter.

Outfit #4: Stylish winter outfit with green skinny pants

Stylish winter outfit with green skinny pants
Credit: Pinterest

Skinny khaki pants are a must in every man’s wardrobe during the winter. This style and color of pants look perfect with winter boots. 

To create a stylish winter outfit, just like in the image above, you’ll need a good pair of dark green pants, a dark-colored pullover, and boots. You can complete the look with accessories in the same color as the boots –  it can be a belt, a hat, or a scarf.

Now, let’s see how to style green pants for formal occasions.

Outfit #5: Smart look with all green

Smart look with all green
Credit: Pinterest

A dark green suit can be perfect for all kinds of formal events. Whether you’re attending a wedding,  planning a business launch, or heading for another important gathering, you can look all classy in a green suit. 

The above image perfectly demonstrates what I mean – a pair of straight green pants, a stylish blazer in the same shade, a white shirt underneath, and white sneakers to break in the color and add accents.

Now that you know how to style green clothes, it’s time to find out what you should never wear with green pants.

What not to Wear with Green Pants?

Even though green pants are easy to style with other colors, there are some colors you better avoid. I definitely don’t recommend wearing green pants with red unless it’s Christmas. Green and red are considered to be the main colors of the holiday, and wearing them together is only suitable during this time of the year.

Also, you should bear in mind the fact that not all shades of green go well together. Some of them contain more notes of yellow, and some are close to blue, so combining these shades of green can look off fashion.

Over to You

To sum up the article, I can proudly say that green pants are very easy to style, and the above examples will hopefully help you out in the process. 

Both men and women can create stunning outfits with green pants. All you have to do is follow the earlier-mentioned color combination tips.

So, how was the article? Follow my blog to stay updated with insightful articles and guides about lifestyle, fashion, and more.

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