What to Wear to the Airport – 14 Outfit Ideas

Christine Steuber
Jul 20, 2022
Do you have a flight soon and are looking for comfy airport outfit ideas? I have 14 examples in my guide, plus some great tips.

Most of us are back on the road after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially right now, during summer. Many people travel by plane since it’s convenient and fast, but it often involves long layovers, so you need to feel as comfortable as you can to survive a five to ten-hour wait. Following some airport outfit ideas can help add to the comfort. 

So, today, I’ll be sharing some of these ideas to help make your travels more enjoyable and exciting. 

Let’s dive in.

7 Airport Outfit Styling Tips and Recommendations

Traveling can be hectic, with cramped seats, security checks, and stressed crowds. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your travel style at the gate check. 

Are you ready to turn heads at the airport while feeling comfy on your flight? Below are the best tips and advice regarding airport attire for ladies, so let’s start!

Tip#1: Opt for breathable fabric 

Since most of us travel in the summer, it’s crucial to prioritize breathable fabric before even deciding on the clothes. This fabric guarantees hygiene and in-flight comfort. The best breathable materials are linen and cotton.

T-shirt made of breathable fabric to wear to the airport
Credit: L.L. Bean

Fabrics that do not allow air circulation will grasp sweat, probably making you feel dirty. So, always choose breathable clothes for summer travel. 

You can opt for moisture-wicking man-made or even natural fabric. These options will strongly resist sweating and odor, thus making your travel trouble-free. 

Tip#2: Wear loose clothes 

Loose clothing is the best option for long traveling. Are you wondering why loose attire is the best clothes for the airport? 

The long flights pose a risk of deep vein thrombosis because you have to sit in cramped seats for a while, ultimately leading to blood clots. 

Therefore, I strongly suggest you ladies skip too tight and non-stretchy pants on long trips and pick less restrictive garments. When we’re on air travel, we want as much durability and flexibility as we can get.

Loose pants to wear to airport
Credit: Joom

This is exactly what loose attire does – ensuring free movement throughout your flight, no matter how long it is. 

Tip#3: Pack a sweater 

If you suddenly get cold in air-conditioned spaces, a light sweater or jacket can offer much-needed insulation. 

Jumper to wear to airport
Credit: L.L. Bean

What’s more, layers can serve as a pillow or neck rest. In short, always remember to have a light sweater in your travel clothes.

Tip#4: Don’t wear heels 

The first common rule in the airport dress code for ladies is to steer clear of high heels and heavy jewelry. Always choose highly comfortable footwear so that your speed isn’t restricted on long walks in the airport, especially if you’re late for the flight. 

Flats to wear to aiport
Credit: Amazon

Not to mention that you’ll be required to take off the shoes at the security check. Whenever I have to travel, I opt for cozy flats that can easily slip off. Also, don’t wear sandals or boots with complicated zippers and buckles as they demand a long time to take off. 

So, save your heels for the suitcase. 

Tip#5: Avoid clothes with metal in them

Make sure that the clothes in your airport look don’t contain any metal elements. The reason is that metal can set off airport metal detectors, which will cost you precious time. Also, ensure that your bra doesn’t come with any metal.

To avoid an embarrassing pat-down inspection, always wear metal-free clothes and comfy bras. For instance, choose a sports bra or a padded one. 

Yoga bra without metal to wear to airport

In addition to being metal-free, these bras will make you feel much more comfortable and avoid pinching. 

Tip#6: Consider compression socks 

Yes, traveling is incomplete without socks. But why don’t you try compression socks? Since airplanes translate to cramped seats, it can result in swelling. Compression socks are a simple solution to this issue.

Compression socks to wear to airport
Credit: KYMIRA Sport

If any of my readers have a pre-existing medical condition and tend to travel frequently, these socks will ensure optimal blood circulation. When your blood circulation is boosted, there will be no risk of deep vein thrombosis or swelling. 

You can purchase compression socks online or at pharmacies.

Tip#7: Choose a linen dress

You know what’s best about the summer season? You can wear the most comfortable clothes, such as a linen dress. This fabric will make long travel easier without sweating or suffering in the heat. 

Loose linen dress to wear to airport
Credit: WoolOvers

Linen is a great option because this natural fabric permits moisture and air to pass through. There are tons of travel-friendly linen dresses available in the market.

Pick any linen dress showing versatile patterns, designs, and colors, and find the right one for your next summer journey!

3 Comfiest Examples of Airport Outfit Ideas from Celebrities

When it comes to airport outfit ideas, some feel at home with sweatpants, while others love to make the airport their runway. So, who’s got it right? 

I’ll leave the fashion statements to your judgement, but first, let’s see the cutest airport outfit ideas introduced by well-known celebrities. Get ready to gain fashion inspo from your favorite celebs and style gurus. 

Gigi Hadid airport outfit inspiration example
Credit: Vogue

Loose knitwear is my favorite attire to wear at airports, and no one else looks better in it than Gigi Hadid. Above, you can see her wearing a cozy bright brown and orange two-piece, looking super-stylish! 

The lightweight clothing with a beige polo neck slipped underneath completes the overall look. She also played it cool with accessories – a cream tote bag and oversized sunnies look fabulous. This is definitely an insanely comfy outfit for a relaxing trip. 

Let’s continue with Soo Joo Park, who also redefines comfortable yet stylish with an organic cotton oversized blouse and a silk-blend camisole underneath it.

Soo Joo Park airport outfit inspiration example
Credit: Vogue

You’ve heard me praising cotton and silk fabrics in the above sections, and this world-famous model chose to wear both. 

For the bottom, Park decided to wear linen and cotton chino trousers. How genius is that? She went straight to dinner after her flight landed because her comfortable aesthetic attire is ready for meeting friends as much as it’s great for traveling. 

And for all those who want to add a little Parisian glamor during their trip, Diane Kruger is a great inspiration. 

Diane Kruger airport outfit inspiration example
Credit: Vogue

She chose a pink matching set and pearl-embellished shoes for her trip. I have to admit that she rocks this style!

10 Airport Outfit Ideas to Inspire Your Upcoming Journey

Are you still worried about what to wear to the airport? Have you hunted the ends of social media to achieve a killer look for your next flight but found nothing that excited you? 

Look no further because I’ve put together ten cool airport outfit ideas that will enable you to travel with less stress but not lack in stylishness. The next time you have to hop on a plane, your outfit will be sorted out even before packing up the luggage. 

Time to pull back the curtains for the main show.

Outfit #1: Comfy & Stylish

First on our list of airport outfits for ladies is the timeless color combo of black and white. This is perfect for women who don’t feel like standing out.

Two-piece airport outfit idea pants and top

This example shows a loose and classic two-piece ensemble. The grey and white crop top with black, wide-cut trousers pair each other flawlessly. 

The top is loose, breathable, and has a perfect boho-chic sleeve length. Thanks to the light material and loose cut, you will feel comfortable and cozy during your flight.

Pick comfy sneakers and a tote bag in the same shade to seal the deal.

Outfit #2: Pink & Sporty Style

What about choosing some pink shades to wear on the plane? Pink always sounds like a good idea! Take a look at this sporty and, at the same time, fancy outfit for traveling:

Pink top and leggings airport outfit idea

Pair your favorite T-shirt with a hoodie and stretchy leggings. The leggings are very comfortable and allow free movement and normal air circulation, which is very important during a flight.

The various pink shades reflect femininity without overdoing it. Light pink joggers and a rosè pink backpack are the perfect matching accessories.

Outfit #3: Knitted Comfort 

If leggings and shirts aren’t your cup of tea, the next ensemble in my airport outfit ideas will have you hooked on something entirely different. 

Nothing else feels more at home and casual than a long, oversized knitted cardigan. If you’re traveling to a cold region, you should definitely bring it with you.  

Let’s see what it looks like.

Airport outfit idea with large knitted cardigan

While the sleeveless upper and flared pants embody the black-on-black fashion statement, the huge knitted cardigan adds a touch of uniqueness to the overall outfit.

With just one knitted piece, there’s no need to wear more layers as the woolen cardigan will give maximum warmth. Plus, it’s practical due to deep pockets to store your belongings. 

Extra tip: cardigans like this can also serve as a great blanket on the plane so you can sleep well and take some rest. In addition, you can roll them up and make yourself a super-comfortable pillow. It’s a multifunctional piece of clothing I always take with me on travels!

Outfit #4: Casual & Cozy

Let’s go over a typical, casual travel outfit that I personally adore. 

Top and jeans casual airport outfit idea

As I said earlier, I’m not a fan of jeans during travel, but they work fine for short flights. The grey, low V-neck made of breathable cotton fabric with faded jeans is an age-old but practical travel attire. I also advise you to always choose pants made of soft denim fabric and to prefer slightly looser models.

Get your backpack to bring some stuff like a book or headphones, and wear your preferred joggers to feel comfy during the flight.

Outfit #5: A Combination of Simplicity and Elegance

The next dress for the airport also involves a simple white T-shirt, but the whole outfit is raised to the next level thanks to the unique pleated pants. Take a look:

Jean jacket loose pants airport outfit idea

Am I the only fan of the white and blue combo? I’d recommend this to ladies who want to put minimal effort and still look like they popped out of a magazine. 

For an extra layer, choose the buttoned and collared light denim jacket, and you’ll undoubtedly look fantastic!

Outfit #6: Maximum Comfort 

Still confused about what to wear to the airport? Well, this one will definitely help. It’s one of my favorite airport outfit ideas for many reasons.

Full-sleeved tunic and leggings airport outfit idea

I know I’m not the only woman owning a couple of plain black leggings in the wardrobe. But the highlight of this ensemble is the top – going below the knees, this dark green, full-sleeved tunic seals the deal! It’s a perfect outfit for the ladies who will be landing in cold regions. 

The tight neckline allows you to add another layer underneath for better warmth. This baggy attire will not make you nervous and uncomfortable on your long flight. It will also look great on an apple-body shape because it hides the round midsection.

Also, here we have flat footwear that is simple to wear and take off.  

Outfit #7: All-Black Ensemble

Now I have prepared an inspiration for all ladies who prefer black travel outfits. Sometimes, we don’t feel like flaunting any bright colors and vivid patterns, and that’s completely fine. For those days, I suggest you wear this ensemble:

Loose pants Versace top airport outfit idea

An all-black outfit that exudes comfort? Yes, please! A collared crop top with half sleeves and baggy-style pants are super chic and comfy. 

What’s even better about black outfits is that you don’t have to worry about having a visible stain after the ketchup drips from your sandwich during the flight. Black endures everything!

The only women I don’t recommend wearing an all-black outfit are those with fair skin because this way, you’ll create too much contrast and look even paler.

Outfit #8: Chic & Sleek

Did you not get enough hoodie outfits? I got you. I also prefer different hoodies while traveling. It’s a timeless clothing piece, as nothing comforts us more than hoodie airport outfit ideas. 

Check out this stunning combination:

Sweatpants and sweatshirt airport outfit idea

Wear a sleeveless top underneath a hoodie so that you can take off and put on clothes depending on whether you are hot or cold during the flight. You can make any color contrast you want. But if you ask me, white and mauve work best together. 

Outfit #9: Trend & Brand 

For all those who do not like typical airport outfit ideas and prefer branded clothes that stand out, I have prepared a simple and stunning outfit.

Leggings Mochino T-shirt airport outfit idea

Wear a branded loose T-shirt with the visible logo on top to make the outfit stand out. For the bottom, choose simple leggings or trousers.

Of course, you don’t have to go with Moschino; you can flaunt Gucci, Prada, or any other brand you like. If you’re landing in Paris or any other fashion-forward city, this is how you can boast your enviable fashion sense. And of course, complete the outfit with comfortable sports sneakers and a large bag in which you can put everything you need. But if you feel like it’s too heavy to carry a bag while you tour the city, you always have an option to store your luggage.

Outfit #10: Fancy & Travel-Ready

Last but not least, let me show you how to look cute when traveling. And when I say cute, I mean really girly cute.

Dress and jean jacket airport outfit idea

Want to put more effort into your travel ensemble while brimming with a feminine aesthetic? No one’s stopping you from wearing adorable linen dresses for travel.

Appropriate for long travel, we have an off-the-shoulder, buttoned, and patterned knee-length dress which is simple and cute. Since you can feel cold on the plane, a jean jacket on top goes hand-in-hand with the dress.

The sandals are easy to untie and tie, so you won’t waste a lot of time fastening them. Also, bring a hair band and a few hair clips so that your hair doesn’t bother you during the trip. Try to choose plastic hair clips so that you have as few metal objects on you as possible.

Airport Outfit Ideas for Summer Travel

Summer travel can be demanding because sometimes, it is difficult to find suitable clothing for high temperatures. But don’t worry, I’ve added two airport outfit ideas for this suffocating weather. You can still look flawless even if the weather is not on your side. 

Linen two-piece outfit for summer travel

First, for the summer airport outfits, I’ve picked this stylish silk two-piece that will make you stand out in the crowd. 

The front-knot crop top with half sleeves shows your waist and cleavage, so your skin can breathe. I also love the stretchable, flared pants in the same shade. A beautiful woolen wrap serves as an appealing layer. 

And if you, just like me, love skirts and never get tired of them, stay focused because this outfit is for you! I love how they offer coverage while the air still can pass through and make us feel comfortable.

Long skirt and top outfit for summer travel

In the example above, we have a simple white blouse and a pastel blue maxi skirt, both made of cotton to maximize breathability, sweat resistance, and comfort during hot summer.

This type of skirt is a great option for all body shapes since it perfectly hides the tummy area and wide hips.

Don’t forget sunnies and some fancy sneakers made of thin material.

Outfit Inspiration for Those Traveling in Winter 

The last section of airport outfit ideas will cover the attire for the opposite season. Winter travel clothes may appear restricted, but I will demonstrate how you can style up with unique layers. 

If you are traveling to some snowy destination, let these fashionable tourist styles inspire you.

Jeans and sweatshirt outfit for winter travel

Our first outfit consists of a bright yellow hoodie and black jeans at the bottom. Choose soft jeans so that you can wear tights under them if necessary.

A knee-length, oversized puffer jacket will offer maximum warmth and comfort while you’re waiting at the airport.

Let’s now continue with another fancy and super-stylish combination for winter travel:

Sweater and leggings outfit for winter travel

Sweaters are a must to wear on cold days, and they’re amazing as an airport outfit since they provide comfort, softness, and warmth. This long-sleeved, woolen sweater is coupled with tight-fitting leggings.

If you are traveling to a very cold place, I advise you to buy thermal tights. Trust me, this piece of clothing will save you in low temperatures!

Over to You

And that’s it, my ladies! I hope you have learned how to dress for a flight after going through all my airport outfit ideas. 

The factors you should remember while picking out your outfit are personal comfort, flight duration, the weather, your stay at the airport, and style preferences.

Here’s a roundup of the styling tips and recommendations we discussed in the guide:

  • Choose loose clothing and breathable fabric. 
  • Avoid heels and clothes with a lot of metal.
  • Wear compression socks.
  • Pack a sweater.
  • Opt for a linen dress.

To read more fashion-related guides, check out my blog and get some styling inspiration!

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