27 Best Summer Travel Outfits that Will Rock Your Vacation in 2022

Christine Steuber
Feb 21, 2022
It's always a struggle to come up with summer travel outfits that are both stylish and practical. But don't worry - I've got you covered with…

We have only a few months left before summer, and we are all excited to travel. But even though it is a favorite time of year to many people due to warm days, sunbathing, and swimming in the sea and pool, no other season challenges your fashion sense as much as summer, as the question of what clothes to wear becomes a real problem.

So, if you’re among those who have no idea how to sort your wardrobe for different occasions, especially during traveling, I got your back. In this guide, I will share ideas of summer travel outfits, with examples and styling tips. So, sit back, relax, and allow me to dissuade your fashion distress. 

6 Tips for Styling a Summer Outfit

Let’s admit it – we all love eye-popping summer colors and the breeziness of the light fabrics. But to make the most of it, you have to be aware of some crucial styling tips that will help you combine all the summer clothing pieces together organically. I’ve listed the key tricks below.

1) Add and wear light colors

Light colors don’t absorb heat as much and always reflect summer vibes. Just look at how cute the combination in the picture below is – a thin denim dress in light-blue color is a great option for the summer heat, and no dark shades radiate the same energy:

Denim dress in a light fabric summer outfit idea

Also, try to throw in a knitted bag, elegant square sunglasses, and simple flip-flops to complete the whole outfit.

2) Dress yourself in loose and comfortable clothes

Summer travel outfits are all about wearing long dresses, flowy tops, and skirts that float in the wind. These clothes are usually available in cotton, chiffon, silk, crochet, linen cotton, and lace, which are all ideal for tolerating heat. 

Aren’t sure if a loose top will look good on you? Check out the following outfit if you need inspiration:

Loose top outfit idea for summer

A perforated shirt and linen shorts are an unmistakable choice. Buckled sandals, chic glasses, and a bucket bag also give a special flair to the whole look. 

3) Show your shoulders this summer

Each year in the heated season, off-the-shoulder clothes are hyped up in stores. The reason is that it’s a permanent staple and will never fail to make you look sexy. This cute dress below definitely deserves a place in my wardrobe:

Off-the-shoulder dress summer outfit idea

Flowers are an indispensable detail on light summer clothing pieces, and open shoulders add a dose of attractiveness to this stylish floral dress. I also recommend cotton fabric for such dresses. It allows better air circulation, more sweat absorption, and it provides a cooling effect.

4) Wear long sleeves and breathable fabrics

Loose, long sleeves made of breathable fabric such as cotton and linen are ideal for hot days, especially if you are planning to be in the sun for a long time. They will protect your skin and reduce the risk of burns. Also, it’s very easy to style sleeved shirts with white pants for a flirty summer look:

Long-sleeved shirt summer outfit idea

This blue linen shirt with white cotton pants looks beautiful and refined. I’d also throw in the brown shades of slippers, backpack, sunglasses, and necklaces to add a special touch to the whole outfit.

5) Choose the right glasses

Sunglasses are a must-have piece of your summer travel outfits, but it’s important to find the ones that suit your face shape. If your face is square, your choice should be rounded frames. However, if you have a round face, opt for square frames.

In my opinion, all the sunglasses in the following picture are absolutely fantastic. And what are your favorites?

Sunglasses shapes

All of these models will be trendy this summer andб depending on your face shape and overall outfit, choose the ones that will suit you best.

6) Finish your summer travel outfits with the right hat

Hats are a must-have in summer. They protect you from sunlight and are an undeniable fashion statement, but it’s always a problem to find a hat that suits your face.

Here, the rule is to analyze your face shape first before making a choice. Fashion expert Marilyn Hellman advises to follow these basic rules to help you find the right hat style:

  • If you have a round face, brims should be worn on an angle, not straight. You should also avoid flower details.
  • If you have an oval or triangle face, you can wear almost any model of hats. Just make sure that the crown is never narrower than your cheekbones.
  • For square faces, she recommends wearing asymmetrical shapes.
  • Oblong faces should avoid narrow and tall hats.

My personal preference lies towards rancher-style – you can see how to style it in the picture below:

Rancher style hat outfit idea

A short sleeveless dress in pastel color and a beige shade of hat along with other fashion accessories are perfect for a vacation in the countryside.

My second favorite is the fedora hat because it is multi-purpose, so you can wear it with dresses and in casual combinations like in this outfit:

Fedora hat outfit idea

Gentle shades of brown and beige predominate in this outfit, and a fedora hat fits snugly over your head, so you don’t have to worry that the wind will blow it off.

21 More Outfit Ideas for Different Summer Vacation Destinations

What are your plans for this summer, ladies? 

Whether you’re escaping to the countryside, traveling to big cities, or exploring foreign cultures, you will definitely need casual and comfortable attire. So, no matter what your destination might be, I’ve illustrated 10 different outfit examples so that you can look your best and feel comfy!

1) Summer travel outfits for a one-day trip

One-day trips are a great way to relax and recharge. If you’re planning a one-day getaway, it’s important to look laid-back rather than over-dressed for this trip. But you definitely still want to look stylish, so I’ve put together three travel outfit ideas for your short voyage! 

For starters, the denim-on-denim bandwagon is a chic outfit option for summer. In my opinion, the trendy combo in the picture below should belong in all women’s wardrobes. Just add cool sunglasses, backpack, and soft sneakers to the outfit, and you’re ready to go!

Jeans outfit idea for one-day trip

Next, jumpsuits are all the rage in the summer heat for all the right reasons! These are stylish, comfortable, and feminine. The floral jumpsuit in the picture below looks perfect with basic sneakers, sunnies, and a transparent bag in royal blue color:

Jumpsuit outfit idea for one-day trip

Think about it – even if your trip takes just one day, wearing fitting pants or skinny jeans is still a hell of a struggle in the hot summer days. So, a flowy jumpsuit is a perfect substitute in this case. Or, I also recommend loose culottes – a type of pants made out of breezy fabric. I wore such pants during my journey to Victoria Falls – they saved me from the relentless heat and humidity:

Culotte pants summer outfit idea for one-day trip

These are perfect for striking a fashion statement while giving enough space to your legs. This easy-peasy and travel-ready attire can be coupled with a fancy backpack and comfy sneakers.

2) Clothes to wear on a plane

What should one wear to the airport? Such clothes are all about comfort rather than looking good. However, it’s still possible to put together a stylish look. I’ve picked three ways below how you can look top-class with super comfort!

First up: leggings. These are insanely comfortable with a breathable fabric, which allows for easy movements and will look decent on you even after a long flight. 

You can pair black leggings with a white or any neutral-color T-shirt and some hoodie in case you’re cold. A simple backpack will add practicality to your outfit, and the sneakers are the best pick if you want your feet to feel comfortable: 

Airport outfit idea with leggins

The next outfit is for those who want a classic all-white look. Snug joggers with a long-sleeved top will keep you cozy throughout the flight:

Airport outfit idea with joggers

You’ll appear super chic in this outfit. And, if you don’t mind wearing jewelry during flights, add some gold hoops. You can finish the outfit with brown or any other neutral color sneakers. 

Finally, if the cold air in the plane doesn’t really bother you, try wearing a sleeveless crop top made of a cozy material. For the bottom, pick sweatpants in a contrasting shade and opt for fitness sneakers, like in the example below:

Airport outfit idea with a sleeveless top

However, pur a sweatshirt hoodie in your backpack just in case – you don’t want to get sick on the plane. For accessories, a gold watch and hoops are a perfect match. A bucket hat adds a final touch to this ideal airport outfit. 

3) Countryside vacation outfits

Summer travel outfits for a countryside vacation don’t always have to be boring. Believe it or not, there are tons of clothing inspirations fit to wear in the rural areas. That’s why I’ve let my creativity lose to come up with outfit ideas, so you could pick the one that resonates with you the most!!

To me, nothing screams countryside like a red checkered top. You can also throw in a jeans skirt and leather boots to complete the look: 

Red top and a jean skirt outfit idea for a countryside vacation

This combination is ideal for your pastoral getaway. A heart-shaped basket adds to the look, making it cute and romantic. 

The second outfit I recommend is based on silk and denim. From the jean shorts to a headscarf and a sleeveless silk top, this outfit looks perfect: 

Silk top and shorts outfit idea for a countryside vacation

Beige-colored toe sandals, bucket bag, sunnies, and tiny, floral earrings wrap up this silky smooth look. 

Finally, a long, floating dress with a basket bag and comfy trainers is a combo made especially for strolling in the fields. Finish the look with a light lip gloss, cool sunnies, and a high ponytail to look all dolled-up:

Long dress look idea for a countryside vacation

And don’t forget – always bring a jean jacket for your next countryside trip. It can be a little colder outside of town, especially in the evening.

4) Styles for humid weather

Many travel destinations such as Bali, Maldives, and Costa Rica, unfortunately, have humid weather. But no worries – you still have plenty of options for summer travel outfits in sheer humidity. 

First and foremost, choose clothing items that aren’t too tight around your body. For instance, a breathable, long skirt will make sure that your legs don’t sweat. You can pair it up with a sleeveless top. And, easy-to-wear flat flip-flops will allow you to walk for hours without sweating, complementing the outfit and making it look relaxed:

Outfit idea to wear in high humidity

I don’t recommend wearing heavy accessories. Just pick a lightweight bracelet, purse, and classic dark sunnies.

Another great outfit option to wear in high humidity is a cutout dress. These garments are usually made of cotton or other breathable fabrics that make your body feel comfortable and absorb sweat. Besides, cutout dresses look super cute:

Cutout dress outfit to wear in high humidity

This dress helps your skin breathe freely and makes you look fabulous at the same time. The open-toe sandals, golden hoops, and long-strapped purse follow the same principle – comfort with style. 

In general, if fashion is not a priority for you on a hot summer trip, blindly trust any clothing made of pure cotton. The cutout in the little dress below allows airiness, and the linen fabric cools your body. This way, a dress will not stick to the skin during humid days.

Cotton dress outfit to wear in high humidity

You can add a small basket bag and hat to protect you from sunlight. 

5) Outfits for a vacation in the city

To me, city vacations are the most stressful ones. City fashion loves flaunting luxurious clothes, so you really need to think your outfits through if you also want them to be practical. That’s why I’ve put together three styles that will help you remain comfortable but also add chic to the look.

First comes the silky green top in the example below, which defines sophistication and creates a truly cosmopolitan style. Paired with this top, high-waisted, loose linen pants will instantly make you look posh:

Green top and loose pants outfit for a city vacation

Don’t forget to wear classy heeled sandals and a purse of the same color as your accessories. 

Want to look more casual instead of poised? I got you. In this case, loose shorts and a top with a backless crop are the right components for a seductive city outfit:

Top and shorts outfit for a city vacation

Little black purses and wedge heel sandals are always a good choice for such summer travel outfits. 

Lastly, a jumpsuit is one more thing that needs to be in your suitcase for a summer vacation in the city. Take a look at this floral red piece paired with lady-like heeled flip-flops:

Jumpsuit outfit idea for a city vacation

I also recommend wearing simple, round earrings, sunglasses, a little purse, and some hair accessories with this outfit.

6) Style ideas for a beach vacation

Summer vacation is incomplete without a trip to the beach, right? Cocktails, sunbathing, and refreshing in the beautiful sea – that’s what heaven on the Earth looks like. Besides swimsuits, in this article, I want to focus on other clothing options we can wear to the sunny beach.

First of all, I simply love the bikinis that clasp at the back of your neck, like the one you can see in the picture below:

Bikini outfit to wear on the beach vacation

Also, the light summer dresses as an addition will offer layered protection. Wear simple flip-flops, black sunnies, and throw in a good, big beach bag! 

Next come floral bikinis, which are a favorite for many women, including me. These are just the most adorable and can be paired with almost everything. Such bikinis look the best with denim shorts and some dark sunglasses like in the picture below:

Floral bikini with shorts outfit idea for beach vacation

You can’t deny it – this outfit will look absolutely gorgeous somewhere on a beach on the Black Sea cost in beautiful Bulgaria. To complete this look, you can add a simple tote bag and fancy sandals to make you look super-cute and feel comfortable.

Also, a flowy white dress reaching just above your knees is a great option if you’re not in the mood for swimming. Inspire yourself with this outfit:

Dress outfit for the beach vacation

You can pair this dress with a small handbag, flip-flops, sunglasses, and a pearl bracelet. This outfit is a perfect choice to go out drinking your favorite cocktails at the beach bar.

7) Vacation outfits for women over 50

Lastly, I haven’t forgotten our beautiful women thriving in their fifties! There are certain ways to still look sexy at this age, so don’t give up on yourself just yet. When it comes to summer travel outfits, middle-aged women can rock all attires by following some basic tips.

The fifties are characterized by many changes in the body. One of the irritating things is excessive sweating, which is why you need to focus on choosing light, comfortable and breathable clothes.

Elegant shirts, linen pants, and flat shoes are your best fashion friends during the summer months. Check out this simple and at the same timeless summer outfit you can wear for afternoon walks:

Shirt and linen pants outfit idea for women over fifty on vacation

In my opinion, a linen shirt and pants are a winning combination. Despite long sleeves, it won’t be too hot for you because the linen fabric is very breathable. You can wear an outfit like this on the plane as well – it is very soft and comfy.

If you prefer dresses, spacious models with floral patterns will work best for you. You will look fresh and super fancy in such a dress, and it will let your body breathe. Besides, you won’t have problems styling it, just check this outfit below:

Floral dress outfit idea for vacation for women over fifty

Look at this flowy dress, green slippers with floral detail, and a big black knit bag – doesn’t it look perfect for a vacation? As a fashion accessory and protection from the sun, there is a knitted hat and large sunglasses. This is also a perfect outfit for a countryside vacation and humid weather.

To shine on the beach, I advise you to choose one-piece swimsuits that will hide any possible shortcomings. If you choose a darker shade, you will look slimmer and thinner. Let this outfit complemented by a belt at the waist and great fashion accessories be an inspiration for you:

Beach outfit for vacation for women over fifty

I recommend adding elegant sunglasses, a large beach bag, a cardigan, and fancy slippers. And of course, don’t forget the hat to protect yourself from the sun and to make your overall look even more feminine.

Over to You

And voilà, this sums our guide to styling your fashionable tourist outfits. Let’s go over the major pointers once again:

  • Light, breathable, loose, cutouts, and off-the-shoulder are some of the timeless summer trends.
  • Regarding dresses for travel and one-day trips, prioritize comfort. 
  • Wear cotton and revealing clothes in the humidity. 
  • In the city, be as fashionable as you want, but pack a practical outfit too.
  • Always wear hats and sunglasses on the beach.
  • For women in the fifties, adopt styles more suitable for your age – modern dresses, large bags, flat shoes, etc.

Do you need more fashion recommendations similar to this one? My blog with even more valuable tips is waiting for you!

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