10 Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge for 2022

Christine Steuber
Jan 2, 2022
Are you looking for the perfect tummy-control swimsuit for your shape? So what is the best swimsuit to hide tummy? These stylish swimsuits will flaunt your…

Are you looking for the perfect tummy-control swimsuit for your shape? So what is the best swimsuit to hide tummy? These stylish swimsuits will flaunt your curves and meet all your wardrobe needs. The best thing about these swimsuits is that they’re all slimming.

Slimming swimsuits act like shapewear that you can wear to the beach. The compressive fabric offers bust support as well. And with a stylish back that you flaunt under the sun.

If swimwear is something you’re constantly worried about. Don’t be with these best swimsuit choices that hide your tummy. You can still look sexy and feel comfortable while wearing it.

Best Swimsuits to Hide Belly Pooch 2022 – Top 10 Choices

10. AS ROSE RICH Plus Size Swimsuit for Women

AS ROCHE Plus-size swimsuit

If you’re looking for a fun, colorful swimsuit, perfect for a day on the beach, check out this model by AS ROSE RICH. This brand specializes in swim- and sportswear and has developed some great swimsuits for plus-size women.

This swimsuit is essentially a two-piece, consisting of a high-wasted bikini and a tankini, allowing for ultimate tummy control. However, such a combo doesn’t make you look bulky. On the contrary, it accentuates your curves and looks leisurely.

The fabric of this swimsuit consists of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, which means that it is stretchy enough to make you feel comfortable and not encaged. The texture of the fabric is also breathable and dries up in the sun pretty quickly.

If you feel like this swimsuit is too tight, you can loosen it up using wide adjustable straps and one hook with three matching eyes at the back. This is a perfect option for ladies with larger breasts.


  • Perfect fit for curvy women.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Breathable fabric.


  • Sometimes not true-to-size.

9. RXRXCOCO Women’s V-Neck One Piece Swimsuit

RXRXCOCO Women V Neck One Piece Swimsuit

Sometimes it can be really hard to find a one-piece swimsuit that will both highlight your curves and hide your tummy pooch. If you feel the struggle, look no further, this swimsuit from RXRXCOCO is a perfect pick. And look at the color! Gorgeous!

Of course, this animal print is not the only option available. You can opt for a simple one-color swimsuit or even choose a floral design. The fabric is 90% nylon and 10% elastane. The material is a bit thick, meaning it will dry a bit slower in the sun, but it also holds everything together perfectly.

The best part about this swimsuit is the V-neck – it is made with adjustable straps. The straps are also designed with metal ornament, making you look stylish. It will definitely make you stand out on a beach or during a swimming pool party.

To help the swimsuit hold its shape, I’d recommend hand-washing it in cold water. It’s also better to dry it naturally. Otherwise, the fabric will expand, and the piece will lose its integrity.


  • Soft, stretchy fabric.
  • Accentuates a pear-shaped figure.
  • Comes in many sizes and colors.


  • Straps might feel too thin and long.

8. Century Star Women’s Athletic One-Piece Retro Flounce Swimsuit

Century Star Womens Athletic One Piece Retro Flounce Swimsuit

If you’re looking for a classic swimsuit with a twist, this Century Star model is for you. It has a ruffled tiered tummy control in the front, seamlessly hiding your pooch and adding a flirtatious vibe to your look.

The swimsuit is made out of elastic, which can be both good and bad. On the one hand, it’s a stretchy fabric, meaning it won’t feel tight and will allow for easy movement. On the other hand, elastic wears off pretty quickly if not taken care of properly. However, it dries very fast, which is perfect if you’re spending an entire day on the beach.

You also get a detachable breast pad with a suit, which makes it easier to wash and dry. By the way, don’t machine-wash shit swimsuit, or it will shrink. Handwash is the best option (for most swimsuits, by the way).


  • Breathable fabric.
  • Perfect fit around breasts and waist.
  • Dries fast.


  • Can stretch pretty quickly.

7. Panache Swim Women’s Balconnet Anya One-Piece Swimsuit

 Panache Women's Anya Bra-Sized Balconnet One Piece Swimsuit, Black, 40 JJ

For a simple and shapely swimsuit piece, try the Panache. It offers an excellent range of swimsuits for most female body types. It’s a very supportive choice for busty women. It’s not all that common to find the ideal fit for a woman with big breasts.

So the Panache is a more tailored and sophisticated choice for you. It fits right out of the box. It’s not too tight or baggy around the bust. The sleek ruching front ensures that your tummy looks slim and tucked out of the way.

It’s not a struggle to get into and take off. Even if the swimsuit is all wet. The sizing is accurate and fits according to your preference. The fabric is lined everywhere from the front. Even though the fabric is thin and light, it’s not see-through.

If you’re looking for something inexpensive and long-lasting, the Panache should be your pick. It is a great swimsuit, very supportive, and accommodating of large sizes.


  • Fits perfectly well from the back and waist.
  • Strong and flexible fabric.
  • Fitting is true to size.


  • Not for tall torsos.

6. I2Crazy Women’s One Piece Swimsuit

I2CRAZY Tankini Swimsuits for Women Sexy Vintage Print Beachwear - S,Flower-07

The I2Crazy One Piece Swimsuit is going to be the best swimsuit piece you’ll ever buy. It’s ideal for sizes small through large. And then some. It’s available in a variety of colors and patterns. So I highly recommend you buy more than one in this style.

The swimsuit covers everything perfectly well. It’s ideal for well-endowed and curvy women too. The fabric feels not too tight or body-fitting. The eye-catching print takes the attention off your tummy.

This is a push-up swimsuit with a slimming shape. The deep plunge design makes the entire outfit look really sexy and flattering. It’s also easier to run around in on the beach or by the pool. Whether you’re in the water or outside, it stays on without any fuss.


  • It hides the tummy and waist really well.
  • The fabric is soft and smooth.
  •  The swimsuit fits true to size.


  • It’s a bit lose for small breasts.

5. Miraclesuit Women’s Tummy Control Oceanus Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Must Haves Oceanus Tummy Control V-Neckline One Piece Swimsuit, Black, 10

The Miraclesuit Oceanus Swimsuit has a controlled and sleek neckline. It’s a waist and tummy minimizer. And it’s one of the top-performing choices to pick. The bust has a built-in underwire that adds lift and support.

This is not just designed to hide your tummy. It’s also an excellent waist cincher. The wrapping and ruching front slims the waist effectively. But without squishing or pinching the skin. It makes you look slimmer and sleek without you buying a smaller size.

I highly recommend you buy this swimsuit. The material is thick and supportive. But it feels lightweight and soft for long-term use. It definitely holds your stomach and waist in. It’s slimming all the way to the back.

The hips don’t feel too up or low. It has enough coverage for you to feel confident in. The top seams are thick, strong, and flexible. No amount of stretching will lead to tears.


  • The minimizing waist and tummy are great.
  • Contoured and shapely bust support.
  • The fabric feels smooth and breathable.


  • None so far.

4. Gottex Profile Women’s Bandeau Flyaway Swimsuit

Profile by Gottex Women's Bandeau Flyaway Tankini Top Swimsuit

You won’t find everyone wearing the same style of swimsuit to the pool or beach. Another flattering swimsuit style is the bandeau swimsuit. It’s light and comfortable. And does a better job of hiding the tummy that any other swimsuit I’ve ever seen.

This best swimsuit to hide tummy doesn’t have a compressive fit. But it’s slimming and flattering, nonetheless. It has adjustable and removable shoulder straps. The fit is true to size. It flows very naturally along your body.

The bust support is impressive too. If you like swimsuits that make your bust look slightly bigger, then go for it. For a regular torso, this is the ideal pick for a swimsuit. Since the swimsuit’s straps are adjustable and removable you can style them easily.

In terms of comfort and durability, this is a classy choice. It offers good coverage, support, and size. You can pair it with some good bottoms to go with the eye-catching print. And it’s just as stylish and supportive as any one-piece suit.


  • Removable straps are adjustable and fitting.
  • Lightweight and supportive mesh fabric.
  •  Not too exposing or conservating.


  • Bust padding can get worn out quickly.
  • The size runs slightly small.

3. Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit High Neck V-Neck Mesh Ruched Swimwear Black L

This is the kind of swimsuit you’d buy again and again. It’s available in so many different colors. And it’s one of the top-rated swimsuits for women. It has a slight ruched front to hide the tummy. And a flatteringly sexy mesh fabric at the back and chest.

The style of this swimsuit is undeniably gorgeous. The mesh inserts coupled with the plunge bust support and high neckline. Well, let’s just say you don’t find swimsuits like this so easily. Even more tempting an offer when you look at this swimsuit’s price tag. It’s super affordable!

There’s a band underneath the bust to lift and support your breasts. So that it doesn’t slope downwards and stays up all the time. Whether you’re going in and out of the water or chilling under the sun.

The fabric and fit of the swimsuit are very shaping and contouring. The ruched front gives you a slimming effect. While from the back, the mesh inserts feel well-trimmed and chic.


  • Great bust support and lift.
  • Plenty of coverage and contouring.
  •  The mesh fabric is see-through and smooth.


  • Less butt coverage.

2. Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear

Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear Black Halter One Piece Swimsuit Ruched Padded Bathing Suits for Women Slimming Vintage Bikini

Nothing sells better than a product that has thousands of ratings! The Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear is attractive and comfortable to wear. Made from spandex, nylon, and polyester lining. It is a functional swimsuit to hide the tummy 100%.

If you have a short torso, then an extra-long swimsuit is never going to fit you well. Thanks to this swimsuit, you don’t have to settle anymore. This swimsuit is perfect for women with shorter torsos.

What about women with slightly longer torsos? Well, the best you can do is buy a single larger than your usual. This swimsuit will fit you just the same. This swimsuit makes you feel confident and protected. It is snug and skin-tight but it gives you the best tummy control feature.

It holds your muscles firmly and supportively. Even if you bend over or lay down, the fabric doesn’t feel too stretched. It’s easy to re-adjust the fabric as it’s smooth and flexible. Think of this as a staple for your summer shopping trip. It’s sag-free, wrinkle-free, and affordable.


  • It holds everything in without feeling too tight.
  • Excellent bust and back support.
  • Very comfortable and light to wear.


  • The straps feel a little tight.

1. Ekouaer Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit – Top Choice

Ekouaer Women's Elegant One Piece Swimdress Floral Colorful Swimsuit(PAT 3,Large)

I highly recommend this one-piece swimsuit to most women. Its clever ruching front makes anyone look curvy and sexy. And it does one hell of a job hiding the tummy. This vintage-inspired swimsuit comes in a variety of prints and colors.

It’s perfect for the hourglass-shaped, petite, and straight-body. The fabric feels soft and comfortable on the skin. And in terms of size, it’s not too tight or baggy. Just make sure you refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart.

Even for a swimsuit, this pick is quite a crowd-pleaser. It has adjustable straps for back and bust support. It hugs the body without squeezing anything too aggressively. Also note that the colors look very attractive and eye-catching, even at a distance.

So if you’re looking for something comfortable and smart to wear at the beach. This swimsuit is very smooth and flattering to wear. As a swimsuit, it’s elegant and supportive. With a soft material and adjustable straps that are built to last.


  • It doesn’t get saggy or wrinkle in water.
  • Easy and quick to get in and take off.
  •  Light and seamless contoured padding.


  • The darker colors are prone to fading.

Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge – Buying Guide

Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge

Swimsuits are not that hard to shop for. A good swimming suit is supposed to feel even better than it looks. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

That’s why I’m here to help you sort through the mess.

There are so many flattering swimsuit styles to buy. But you want something that is specific to hiding your tummy.

Swimsuits like that are stylish and go perfectly with any body type. So it’s not such a drag when you know what swimsuit works for you. And after reading this guide, you’ll most definitely know what does.

Size Matters

First and foremost, the only thing that matters in a swimsuit is size. If you don’t start with proper sizing, you’re never getting the swimsuit of your dreams.

Most swimsuits take the bra measurement into consideration. So this is not about the size of your dress, but rather the size of your bra. If you buy a swimsuit in a shop, you’re more likely to try it on before buying it.

That is where shopping for swimsuits online gets a bit tricky. You want proper bust support first before anything else. And if the swimsuit is unable to support your breasts. Even if the rest of the swimsuit feels fine, you will not buy it.

So here’s what you have to do.

Take your bra measurement one more time before you finalize a swimsuit online. You need to take measurements of your bust and band size. That is the fullest part of your breasts and the underbust.

For swimsuits, you also have to size your waist and hips. Based on these measurements, compare the bust and the band size of the swimsuit. And then you can fall back on the dress size to find the ideal swimsuit fit for you.

Tummy Control

Best Swimsuit to Hide Tummy Bulge

What to do for tummy control? Between a bikini and tankinis, the ideal swimwear choice for hiding your time is a swimsuit.

It’s the ideal choice for curvy women. And for women with breast sizes D or larger. So yes, well-endowed women will benefit the most from this style. Swimsuits offer relatively more coverage of the body than other types of swimwear.

They cover the body from the top of the bust down to the upper thighs. But this just one reason why women buy swimsuits rather than bikinis. A primary reason is tummy control and shaping.

Swimsuits are made of one synthetic blend fabric. This shapes the body in the same way a shapewear garment does. Only that swimsuits are not too tight or restrictive.

The fabric smoothens and flattens your stomach. You can buy something that cinches your waist slightly for slimming. You can bend, lay back, and move around in a swimsuit. And it won’t expose too much. It keeps everything under wraps sophisticatedly.

One of the top features of a swimsuit is the ruching front. With the help of wrapping, it hides the tummy section very effectively. This is not only incredible for women who are shy. But it’s the perfect choice for maternity and new moms.

Do All Swimwear Offer Tummy Control?

Best Swimsuits to Hide Belly Pooch

Bikini and tankini are not the ideal choices for tummy control. They flaunt your stomach rather than shaping it the way swimsuits do. Here’s the difference between a swimsuit and a bikini and tankini.

Bikinis are bras and bottoms. You can buy different bra shapes in a bikini swimwear suit. And the same applies to matching bottoms that go with the bra. You can opt for wireless or wired bras. A balconette, plunge, strapless, full cup, demi-cup, and halterneck bra.

Bikinis do not offer any coverage of the abdomen region. It covers and protects your bust region and your nether regions. Unless you’re wearing something over a bikini, you can’t expect any tummy control from a bikini.

Tankinis are great for women who want more coverage. They are tank tops that go down to the belly button. And matching bottom that sits below it. You can also pair a tankini with swim shorts if you lower body coverage.

In terms of tummy control, tankinis are not 100% effective. They offer no padding or swimsuit structure. So were you to wear a tankini top with brief shorts, your stomach will still show.

It doesn’t over support and coverage on the lower section of the stomach. So there is a possibility that your stomach will pop out from the area between the tank top and bottoms.

The quick and simple answer to the question is no. Only swimsuits offer an excellent fit and style to hide the tummy.

How to Wear Swimsuit to Hide Tummy?

How to Wear Swimsuit to Hide Tummy?

What do you have to do to be able to wear the best swimsuits to hide tummy? Whether it’s summer or not, getting swimsuit ready is always a tempting offer. And if are already on top of your fitness and health game, it’s time to make these simple adjustments too!

You’ll find an overwhelming range of swimsuits to wear. But there’s no guarantee that all of them will suit you well. Once you find your ideal swimsuit style, here’s how you can make the most of it.

Sit upright

You won’t believe the effect this has on your favorite swimsuit. Slouching can make your swimsuit look wrinkled and saggy. And it makes you look short and rounder. To hide your tummy well in a swimsuit, make sure you improve your posture – sitting and standing.

It’s scientifically-proven that posture matters during weight loss.

This way, you’ll avoid fat rolls where there actually are none! Your tummy looks tighter and flat. And with your shoulders and back straight, you can improve the way your body looks and feels.

Start Exercising Daily

A good way to feel slim and stoned in a swimsuit is to keep moving around. Make sure you exercise daily and use the stairs whenever you can. Studies suggest that even 7 days of daily exercise can change the way you feel about your body.

Jogging, cycling, and even dancing can change the way your body feels in a swimsuit. So don’t skip out on this amazing experience.

The most effective way to get ready for the swimsuit season is push-ups. Push-ups are the most versatile exercise. It tones your biceps, deltoids, abs, pecs, and triceps all at once. If you’re a beginner, you can do a knee push-up. But make sure you maintain proper form and technique while doing so. 

Cut Salty Food to Avoid Bloating

 If you’re eating too much salt, one of the ways it shows is bloating. Higher salt intake can cause stomach bloating – and here’s the proof. When you’re trying to fit into a swimsuit, you don’t want to feel bloating while doing so.

The best way to get back on track after a salt binge is this. Drink lots of water so that the salt in your system gets flushed out faster. Make sure you consume potassium-rich foods. Potassium helps reduce sodium naturally. So eat foods like bananas, leafy vegetables.

Adding fiber to your diet is also a good way to de-bloat. Stick to veggies, fruits, and whole grains to stay healthy and fit.

And lastly, sweat it out. Sweating releases toxins in the body which reduces bloating. A high-intensity workout that gets your heart rate up. And a good steam session afterward might help.

Tips for Buying Swimwear Online


Are you buying swimsuits online for the first time? There’s no doubt you’re confused about a lot of things. Let me simplify it for you with few quick-to-get tips about finding swimwear online.

Never Look Back

Everyone gets a little crazy online. It’s only natural. And when it comes to swimwear, versatility is the number one priority. So don’t hold yourself back if you find something different online.

Make sure you buy a swimsuit that matches your every need. If it doesn’t work across your outfit needs, then don’t even bother investing money in it.

Quality Over Everything

What the swimsuit is made of is very important. Proper seam, lining, and stretch protection. There’s no point buying a swimsuit that will last for only a month. Make sure the fabric you’re buying is high-quality and durable. It should be able to retain its original shape season after season.

Flaunt What Works for You

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about here. If you want a swimsuit to hide your tummy, that’s completely natural. But that doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt other parts of your body if you want to.

This means showing off parts of your body that you absolutely love. A plunge neckline, low-back design. There are swimsuits that offer tummy control and look sexy as hell!

Final Thoughts

Going to the beach or spending your time at the pool has never been this simple. With the best swimsuit to hide tummy, you can stay relaxed and comfortable. Such swimsuits don’t only look great but they feel super supportive as well.

It lets you protect your stomach without looking baggy or awkward. Such swimsuits have all the basic elements to make conservative dressing look good. So your style is as unique and chic as somebody wearing a bikini!

Just like the Ekouaer One-Piece Swimsuit which is a great choice. It’s a top-competing swimsuit for women. And it won’t damage that easily no matter how many times you step out in it. It’s durable, supportive, and 100% tummy-friendly.

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