Best Swimsuits for Big Thighs In 2021 That Don’t Necessarily Look Boring!

Christine Steuber
Jul 1, 2021
There are just way too many choices these days, right? But do you think the same applies to you if you have big thighs? Well, at…

There are just way too many choices these days, right? But do you think the same applies to you if you have big thighs?

Well, at least in this article you do because I have reviewed only the best swimsuits for big thighs. The list includes one-piece swimsuits with halter tie-ups, plunging necklines, racerback straps, and a lot more. Even two-piece swimwear is a part of this (high-waist bikini bottoms, bandeau tops, etc.)

One thing I’d like to mention though as the creator of this article – that women, no matter their size, should wear just about any swimsuit they want to wear. Meaning you don’t really have to choose something based on how “flattering” it makes your body shape look.

But if you prefer one that boosts your confidence by shaping and/or slimming your problematic areas, then no harm in that either. As I said, feel free to wear whatever you wish!

Now If You’re In A Hurry, Check Out These Top 3 Favorites!

These top 3 choices along with many more are reviewed in the most unbiased manner below. So if you got the time, then read through it all to find a swimsuit that makes sure your large thighs aren’t a problem anymore.

Most Comfortable Swimsuits for Women with Big Thighs

1. Daci Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit

Daci Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit for Women High Neck Plunge Mesh Cutout Monokini Swimwear

True to size – that’s what you get, even if your size is large or extra-large. Then there’s the very attractive high neckline, which is yet another most suitable element in the best swimsuits for thick thighs. With it, you also get a greater amount of shaping and support.

Although you may have to wait and see how the mesh performs in terms of durability. However, the visual appeal of this plunge mesh neckline is simply out of this world. And what I know to be extremely practical in this one-piece bathing suit is the mesh cutout in the waist region, which is specifically crafted for tummy control and highlighting your natural curves.

No doubt, this is an unexpectedly flattering one-piece swimsuit for all those women confident enough to show off their voluptuous bottom half.


  • One-piece swimsuit made of stretchy, quick-dry material
  • Peek-a-boo mesh for shaping and looks very attractive
  • High neckline offers more support


  • Built-in bra pads feel and look a bit awkward

2. Bestag Thick Thighs Saves Lives One Piece Swimsuit

Bestag Thick Thighs Saves Lives One Piece Swimsuit Bathing Suit Swimwear

A widely popular design, Thick Thighs Save Lives One Piece Swimsuit is specifically made for women who find that most of their weight is in their thighs and buttocks. Also, if you simply hate trying on swimwear, one like this can really feel like a blessing in disguise. It’s proof that buying online doesn’t necessarily have to go wrong provided you get the right size.

Speaking of size, even an XL fits perfectly around the butt and thighs. But you may have a problem with straps sliding off because the top feels slightly big on the shoulders. However, if you have larger breasts, then no need to worry about that AT ALL.

But what’s more important is that this one-piece swimsuit makes you feel a lot less self-conscious about your big legs. At the same time, it doesn’t even ride up the buttocks. On the contrary, it’s a very comfortable, perfect-fitting number the most suitable for curvy women.


  • Fabric blend includes durable, quick-drying polyester
  • Cotton for coolness and comfort on a hot, sunny day
  • Perfect fit with the right level of body-shaping compression


  • Straps keep falling off
  • Short torso if you’re tall

3. Holipick Women Sexy One Piece Swimsuit

It’s common to struggle with finding a swimsuit that perfectly fits around larger buttocks and thighs because, let’s face it, most of the designs are made for skinny legs. On that note, plus-size or curvy women are forever grateful for brands like Holipick that manufacture swimwear for voluptuous body types as well.

This one-piece bathing suit, with a deep V plunge neckline, lace-up side openings, cross back, and high-cut legs, is just what you might need to transform your beachside/poolside look. It covers your entire behind completely.

Even with major, more pronounced hip dips, I cannot emphasize enough how great this one is at eliminating any possible worry you may have with regards to your hips. And since the sides and front are adjustable, you won’t be gambling either in case you have a smaller chest.

On top of that, the materials used are a combination of stretchy, smooth, comfortable, and skin-friendly. You can adjust the straps and even remove the built-in padded bra if you like in order to achieve the most flattering fit for your natural body shape.


  • Deep V neck with plunge, adjustable lacing
  • Padded bra for chest support and shaping (removable)
  • Adjustable side lacing and cross back look very stylish


  • Bikini area cuts into thighs
  • Too many strings to tie and deal with

4. CUPSHE Women’s High Waist Bikini Swimsuit

CUPSHE Women's High Waist Bikini Swimsuit

Not every woman here has worn a bikini-type swimsuit. Many are just too self-conscious because of their bigger thighs, buttocks, or tummy. So whatever your reason, it’s time to change that with this perfectly fitting High-Waist Bikini Swimsuit by CUPSHE. Even ‘moms’ have praised this one for helping them embrace their natural body shape more confidently.

Firstly, a high-rise waist means seamless shaping of your curves and balancing out the extra curvy figure around your hips and thighs. And with the sizing of the brand being spot-on, the properties of stretchy spandex can be of great help indeed. But you can size up in the top in case you don’t want the swimsuit to be extra revealing.

Now the best part is yet to come – this High-Waist Bikini Swimsuit comes in 5 different patterns/colors. And each one looks extremely attractive, so all the best picking one!


  • High-waisted bikini cinches the tummy with overall shaping
  • More coverage around the buttocks and hips
  • Stretchy spandex highly resistant to sagging or losing shape


  • Shrink-prone chinlon is a part of the fabric blend
  • Not an adjustable top

5. Pinjia Cute One Piece Swimsuit

PINJIA Cute One Piece Swimsuit with High Cut and Low Back for Women Bathing Suits

This polyamide one-piece swimsuit fits tall, curvy women, no doubt about that. If you have larger thighs, thinner midriff, bigger hips – basically, a curvier body shape – then don’t think twice before putting this on and making the most of that high-cut design.

A big hit at bachelorette and birthday parties for sure! Just make sure you get the right size based on the measurements provided by the brand. Because, according to that, you may have to size up if you’re taller. So don’t be afraid, skeptical, or nervous about this swimwear not fitting taller women. All you have to do is go by THEIR size chart.

Many women say that the fit is slightly tight overall and the front is a bit too low. But what I’m saying is that such backless swimsuits are supposed to fit this way in order to keep all of you in place.


  • One-piece swimsuit fits like a glove
  • High-cut legs, thus perfect for thick hips and thighs
  • Polyamide fabric construction – stretchier and stronger
  • Made for plus-size women too


  • No bra or breast padding for any support
  • The print on the swimsuit comes off pretty quickly

6. Omkagi Women’s 2 Pieces Bandeau Bikini

OMKAGI Women's 2 Pieces Bandeau Bikini Swimsuits

If as someone who has always been self-conscious about thick thighs or large buttocks hanging out of a bathing suit, then it’s YOU especially that the brand is trying to target. This two-piece bandeau-style bikini is a very flattering choice indeed. But then keep in mind here that you need to size up in case you have a bigger set of breasts.

The bottoms, in particular, are the best part because of their high-cut design, which is precisely what balances out the appearance and shape of “thunder” thighs. And the fact that the bandeau-style top is separate means you can be flat-chested with larger thighs and still look pretty amazing in this swimsuit.

And just so you know, the top features removable bra padding. Most importantly, the design is available in plenty of different patterns and colors. So you may have a pretty hard time finalizing which pair you want to buy because they ALL look so very stylish and attractive.


  • High-waist, high-cut bikini bottoms for a flattering shape
  • Stylish off-shoulder, strapless bandeau bikini top
  • Great stretch, thus you get the perfect fit


  • For larger breasts, top might feel too small (so size up)

7. Cocoship Vintage Sailor Pin Up Retro One Piece Skirtini Swimsuit

COCOSHIP Vintage Sailor Pin Up Swimsuit

The first on the list, this one-piece skirtini swimsuit is for all those women who prefer not showing off their large thighs, hips, and buttocks. In that case, you may have not liked all the previous high-cut swimsuits I’ve reviewed so far.

A skirtini surely offers more coverage than high-cuts. And that could be better if what you prefer is a swimsuit that hides away problematic areas. By far, this one’s the most flattering and there’s just no denying that. Even moms agree! So you can imagine how body-shaping it must be, particularly in the tummy area.

The overall slimming fit consists of soft, removable cups. As for the bottom part of the swimsuit, it’s double-layered for tummy control. And then you have the wide, adjustable halter neck tie-up for much-needed comfort and support. You can easily secure the top using these halter straps to hold your breasts in place.

Plus, extra points to the bottoms for not pinching thick thighs nor flashing anyone.


  • One-piece skirtini with a flattering slim fit
  • Double-layered bottom for tummy control
  • Adjustable, soft, removable cups provide breast support
  • Made of stretchy spandex and strong, quick-drying nylon


  • Boyshort bottoms tend to slide up in water

8. Wavely Plus Size One Piece Tummy Control Ruffle Swimsuit

Wavely Plus Size One Piece Swimsuits

A one-piece swimsuit plus it’s got ruffles – that’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Meaning you can make your large thighs look more well-balanced while also paving the way for some amazing, desired tummy control action.

Plus-size women and curvy girls don’t have to struggle anymore to find a swimsuit that they actually like and feel comfortable in. The thick material makes it a point to suck you in, the most comfortably of course, without showing any rolls or bulges.

The super-curvy body shape with large thighs and hips is often the most difficult to shop for, let alone shop for online. So a flattering fit like this reaffirms your faith in the whole “fashion” industry – makes it seem like there is some hope after all in this superficial market.

The extremely flattering shape is enough to get you off the fence about buying this tummy control ruffle swimsuit. Sizing is spot-on with lots of breathing space – meaning it’s not extremely tight yet it hugs all your natural curves and complements all the right spots i.e. your big thighs. Plus, it looks very stylish with a maxi skirt or shorts.


  • Plus-size one-piece swimsuit in many prints
  • Ruffled, ruched design for tummy control
  • Adjustable, removable shoulder straps
  • Stretchy elastic and quick-drying polyester


  • Straps keep falling off
  • Cup padding feels a bit awkward

9. Miraclesuit Women’s One Piece Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Network Madero Sweetheart Neckline Underwire Bra Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Let’s say you have 2 kids, hence are extremely self-conscious about not just your thick thighs but also your tummy, hips, and buttocks. At such times, this swimsuit by a brand that’s much appreciated among plus-size women works like a miracle.

Agreed that it’s not cheap or an inexpensive purchase but keep in mind that you’re paying extra for all the right reasons. The perfect fit is one, which means no need to size up or down, although you can depending on how loose or tight you want your swimwear to feel.

Then another is the strategic shirring and draping. This certainly highlights your natural curves, thus taking attention away from any one particular vulnerable spot. And that, in this scenario, would be your thunder thighs.

The slimming effect, no doubt, is the most shocking part simply because it’s so rare to come by. Furthermore, the overall well-built construction, along with the fact that you also get a built-in underwire bra with this, is simply wonderful.

You can wear it as it or with a skirt or shorts – it’s all up to you!


  • Very flattering one-piece swimsuit for slimming/shaping
  • Miratex fabric for more shaping power and control
  • Sweetheart neckline + underwire bra accentuates the bust
  • Moderate-cut bottoms make legs look taller


  • Too low back, thus may show back fat

10. Lomitti Women’s Side Tie Two Piece Bikini Swimsuit

Lomitti Women's Side Tie Bikini Set Light Support Laced Top Sexy Two Piece Swimsuit

If most of your weight is in your thighs and butt, then too you can flaunt a two-piece swimsuit. It’s just got to be the right one, such as this Lomitti Side Tie Bikini.

More often than not, women with larger hips, buttocks, and thighs choose the XL size, which fits like a dream. Although you may find the bottoms to be a little cheeky. Nevertheless, that’s just a minor complaint given how flattering everything looks.

The classic plunging neckline of the top features a tie-up back, so you can adjust it however and how much ever you like in order to get the most customized fit. Along with light support and removable padding.

Then there are the cut-out strappy bottoms. And even these are made using stretchy spandex and quick-drying nylon.

And one last thing – if you don’t like this color, there are plenty of others to choose from. But no matter the color, this two-piece swimsuit offers the perfect, most flattering fit for your summer, swimming adventures.


  • Two-piece swimsuit for moderate coverage
  • Plunging neckline creates the illusion of length
  • Strappy, cut-out bottom design shapes the bottom half
  • Removable padding + back tie for a customized fit


  • Slightly cheeky bottoms
  • Oddly shaped inserts, but they’re removable

11. Dixperfect High Waisted Two Piece Bikini Set

Dixperfect Two Pieces Bikini Sets Swimsuit

Honestly, you’re most likely to fall in love with everything about this bikini set. The low scoop crop top + high-waist high-cut bottoms – what’s not to like?! And if you’re concerned about how they’re going to complement your “thunder” thighs, just have faith in the high-cut design of the bottoms.

Such high-cut bikini bottoms are specially designed for curvier women. I mean why would a brand like Dixperfect manufacture swimsuits that don’t appeal to the masses when the masses consist of real women with curves, bulges, dips, and everything. So expect nothing but a flattering shape in this case.

You know the top is made for active women with all that amazing chest support you get. Even the bottoms are well-designed with their high-rise waist and banded construction.

Since the size runs smaller, you should order one size up. Once the tricky sizing part is taken care of, the swimsuit feels nothing but super-comfy. Plus, you also don’t end up flashing anyone at the beach or pool.


  • Low scoop, very supportive bikini top
  • High-waist, high-cut bottoms neutralize thick thighs
  • Highly flexible and durable (nylon + spandex)


  • Finding the right size is not easy
  • Bottoms are slightly cheeky

12. Tempt Me Women Ruched One Piece Monokini Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit

Don’t think that the final piece is any less competitive or body-flattering than the others. Tempt Me Ruched Monokini is the perfect choice for a demographic that’s been ignored for way too long i.e. curvy and plus-size women. This one-piece swimsuit is so good that you’ll end up buying more than just one color in this. The colors are aplenty by the way!

Women with flabby bits, ample thighs, tummy bulge, arm flaps, and the like have praised the fit and style of this swimsuit. Proper coverage is what you get indeed, no matter what you’re trying to cover in the top half.

And to make matters even more attractive, there’s the deep plunge mesh neckline. The high-neck just complements that even more. Such a style is sure to make your top half appear to be taller while the ruched pattern conceals your belly pooch and the cut of the bottoms creates the illusion of longer thighs and legs.

Even the back looks quite sexy with the see-through design. And bonus points for practicality in the form of an under-the-bust band that contours and lifts even larger breasts.


  • Made of stretchy spandex and quick-drying nylon
  • Padded push-up bra for chest support and lift
  • Deep plunge mesh neckline elongates body shape
  • Ruched pattern conceals any tummy bulge


  • Bra cups are too large and firm
  • Butt coverage is very little

What’s Important When Buying A Swimsuit for “Thunder” Thighs

1. Material

Not every piece of swimwear is designed using the same material or even the same blend of materials. However, typically speaking, swimsuits are made using a combination of polyester or nylon with stretchy spandex.

Polyester may not be as soft as nylon but it’s definitely more chlorine-proof, thus more durable. Then there’s nylon, which is incredibly soft and also stretchier than polyester.

2. Design

What do I mean by design? The way the swimsuit is structured. Needless to say, not all swimsuit designs have the same style. And that means not all designs are going to look good on one particular body type (in your case, big thighs).

There are some pieces that look very stylish and flattering on plus-sized women that may not look as great on slender figures. And vice versa of course.

More often than not, women with a broader bottom half choose thigh-coverage swimwear, in both one-piece and two-piece designs. For example, skirtini, swimdress, swimsuit with boyshorts, etc.

But then some of them prefer to balance out the shape of big thighs by flaunting them with a high-cut bikini bottom. So you can do both – cover up or expose your thighs.

3. Neckline

Big thighs or not, the most popular neckline for swimwear is high-neck. So you too can be a part of that beach trend. There’s just no denying that the high neckline looks utterly flattering.

Then there are other popular choices too – adjustable ties, halter types, cross shoulder straps, or no neckline at all (I’m thinking bandeau bikini tops).

4. Color

So what color bathing suit makes you look thinner? No doubt, the answer is a dark-colored swimsuit. There’s just no denying that darker colors slim down the shape of the body. So you can choose either black or any other color but in a darker shade of course.

But then in the end, if a bright or vibrant colored swimsuit is what you can want to wear, even with big thighs, simply just go ahead and do that. So it’s all a matter of personal preferences and how much you don’t care about what others think.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Make Big Thighs Look Smaller In Swimwear?

The first trick, one that works like magic, is wearing a dark-colored swimsuit.

Then another one takes the form of a high-cut bottom that gives your large thighs more space, which means it feels a lot less constricting and a lot more comfortable.

And more and more women with a heavy bottom are also now turning to the two-piece and one-piece swimsuits designed with adjustable tie-ups as a hack to create the illusion of thinner thighs.

How to Hide Cellulite In Swimwear?

One very effective method is coverage. If your swimsuit has enough butt and thigh coverage, then you don’t have to worry about your cellulite being on display. However, I don’t see anything wrong with showing cellulite either in case you happen to be a more confident person with a body-positive attitude.

But if not, no worries because there are plenty of high-waist bathing suits equipped with tummy control/shaping panels. You also have swimsuits with bottoms in the shape of skirts (skirtini) or boyshorts (tankini).

How to Hide Back Fat In Swimwear?

I’ll tell you what doesn’t work in your favor here – bikini swimsuits with thin or narrow straps. Because these are sure to dig into the skin deeper and cause more fat-bulging.

Instead, go for broader, flatter straps. And also high backs for smoothing out back rolls and lumps.

What Swimsuit Is the Best for A Big Tummy?

Without the shadow of a doubt, high-waist bikini. This type of swimwear not only supports the abdominal region but also slims down your waist.

On top of that, if it’s a darker-colored high-waist bikini bottom, even better!

Final Words

Swimsuits, when they’re not suited for your body type, can be very unflattering and uncomfortable. So if you have large thighs, it’s crucial to look at styles that work toward balancing out the rest of your body shape. Or you could simply choose swimwear that offers enough coverage to cover your thighs if that’s what you want.

But many women are now choosing to flaunt their big thighs with high-cut bikini bottoms. It’s actually turning out to be quite an effective hack for making the heavier bottom half of curvier women look more in proportion with the rest of the body.

So there are plenty of styles to try – you just have to pick the one you’re most comfortable with!

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