8 Best Skirts that Hide Tummy for Your Perfect Summer Style

Christine Steuber
Jun 22, 2022
Looking for skirts that hide tummy and also look good in outfits? Check out my guide with examples, tips, and visual inspo!

Belly fat is something that a lot of women have, and we should not feel insecure, ashamed, or bad about it. It’s completely normal and doesn’t mean you can’t look seductive and attractive. 

However, just to feel a bit more confident in your clothes, you need to choose the right outfits. Your belly bulge can become almost invisible if you cover it with the right piece of clothing. When it comes to clothing, a challenge many women experience is finding the skirts that hide tummy.

Can you relate?

If yes, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll find the key tips for finding the most suitable skirts to cover the belly bulge.


Let’s open our virtual wardrobe!

1) Pencil Skirt

We’ll start our list with timeless pencil skirts that hide tummy and work for all shapes and sizes. For instance, look at this super-stylish outfit with a gorgeous red knit midi pencil skirt and a fancy black blouse: 

This high waisted-model looks fashionable and, at the same time, can conceal flaws thanks to its stretchy material that functions as some kind of corset in the abdominal area. You can also wear shapewear under it to feel more fit and tight.

If you want a totally chic combination, dare to go with pronounced and bright skirt colors such as neon pink. Check this combo out:

Neon pink pencil skirt black T-shirt outfit
Credit: LIVD Apparel

Plump women will adore this high-waisted model that shows the best of their legs, makes their curves more seductive, and creates a thin silhouette!

For this type of skirt, it is best to choose fabrics that contain 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex because, in this way, the skirt model will follow your body line and visually narrow the waist area.

2) Draped Skirt

The next on our list are amazing draped skirts that hide tummy and are suitable to wear for all types of occasions.
I’ve chosen two lovely models for summer outfits. Take a look at the following polka dot skirt with the neat drape on the front, which masks the fat tummy, making the overall look more original and feminine:

Polka-dot draped skirt white T-shirt outfit
Credit: Pinterest

Also, the folds on the sides add the volume and thus create the desired hourglass figure. In my opinion, this outfit is an excellent option if you have an apple body shape. Speaking of apple body shapes, I’ve written an excellent workout plan for this type of figure, so I recommend you to read it. 

Besides this casual outfit, here’s one fantastic inspiration for a night out. Take a look:

Red draped skirt polo neck outfit
Credit: UBuy

I am literally in love with this midi-long pencil skirt with a draped knot in the front. I mean, how can you not love a piece that makes your bottom look stunning while hiding your bloated tummy? With its wonderful shade of red and unique design, this skirt pairs perfectly with some slim blouses. A piece of fabric is placed exactly around the abdomen, so this is a perfect skirt to hide the belly.

3) A-Line Skirt

Let’s continue with an A-line skirt, a universal piece of clothing for curvy women because it provides a perfect waist level. These skirts are usually sewn from lightweight fabrics and are suitable for all rectangular body shapes or women with no waist and hip transition. 

By wearing an A-line skirt, you’ll cover the tummy and add pomp to your hips. Here’s one great example to better understand what I am talking about:

A-line black skirt blue top outfit
Credit: Pinterest

This simple black A-line skirt has an elastic band in the belly area and spreads from the hips downwards, thus creating a balanced silhouette. As we can see above, the tummy is completely invisible, and the tight blouse in a striking blue color emphasizes the attractive upper body.

Although it is a common belief that women who want to look thinner should only wear black and dark clothes to hide their belly, this is not a strict rule. In fact, if you choose the right piece of clothing, you can look great in light shade, too, as we can see in the example below:

White A-line skirt yellow blowse outfit
Credit: Pinterest

This pure white skirt with invisible pockets on the side looks phenomenal and hides every body flaw starting from the belly all the way to the lower body. To visually lengthen your figure, I advise you to wear high heels, and you are ready to shine!

4) Tulip Skirts

All women who have thick hips and a plump tummy will adore the next skirt model I prepared. Skirts for plus-size women in adorable tulip shapes will perfectly define your figure and create the hourglass look. These models are an unmistakable choice because they visually correct figure flaws and hide the belly. Check out this lovely combination:

Striped tulip skirt black top outfit
Credit: Pinterest

In this example, we can see how this cute model paired her striped skirt with the top tucked in and thus created the hourglass figure. Diagonally placed lines and lacy sandals elongate the figure and make it look thinner.

If you’re not a fan of stripes or patterns, I’m sure you’ll like the next one-color skirt model. I singled out a beautiful purple cotton tulip skirt that folds over the front and thus hides any imperfections in the tummy area:

Purple tulip skirt black top outfit
Credit: Pinterest

This skirt has an accentuated black band on the waist, creating the illusion of a slim waist. In general, this design shows the best of your attractive legs and hips, and due to its versatility, it’s a must-have piece this summer!

5) Flattering Skirts

If you love leather clothes, let us look closely at the best leather skirts that hide tummy and will flatter your figure. These skirt models are definitely in style, and you can wear them for different occasions. 

Let’s start this section with one chic, very powerful, and striking leather skirt in dark brown. The skirt is in A-line design, has a high waist, and thus hides all the flaws in the abdomen area. Check it out:

Flattering leather skirt black top outfit
Credit: Pinterest

The casual black top fits perfectly with the skirt, creating a simple and, at the same time, elegant look.
The next skirt I singled out definitely deserves its place among flattering skirts that hide tummy, and it will be especially liked by all ladies who love rock style. Just look at this fantastic emerald green skirt with lots of tulles:

Flattering tulle skirt top leather jacket outfit
Credit: Pinterest

A casual white T-shirt, leather jacket, and high heels perfectly complemented this style and made this lady look like a real fashion icon!

6) Pleated Skirts

If all these models aren’t your ideal skirts to wear to hide a tummy, consider trying the pleated ones. Pleated skirts have been trendy for a very long time. Ladies adore them primarily because of their versatility and ability to hide extra kilos. These models look fabulous on all body figures, especially rectangular, pear, and apple-shaped bodies.

The key advantage of these skirts is to optimize and balance body proportions.

Look at this beautiful olive green maxi skirt that gives this girl volume in the right body parts and hides the critical belly zone.

Green pleated skirt white shirt outfit
Credit: Shein

In this example, we can clearly see the silk belt on the waist that creates the desired transition and an hourglass figure.

And if you are more fan of shorter skirts that hide tummy, I have singled out one great model in bright yellow. This pleated skirt hides all the flaws and is an excellent piece for spring and summer outfits. Check it out:

Yellow pleated skirt black top outfit
Credit: Pinterest

To highlight the attractive upper body, I suggest wearing a blouse with sumptuous sleeves. This way, you will achieve an ideal body balance. I recommend choosing pleated skirts out of polyester because this fabric will not wrinkle much and keep its beautiful, original look.

7) Maxi Skirts

If you are looking for a comfy, elastic fabric skirt that will correct the body’s shortcomings and tighten your belly, then it’s time to buy a maxi!

Such models are excellent for silhouette modeling and achieving an hourglass figure. Let me show you one fantastic example I’ve chosen for you:

Matching maxi skirt and top set
Credit: Asoph

This gorgeous plus-size women’s matching set features a tie-dye wrap crop top with a high-rise maxi skirt. Besides that, it contains functional side pockets. I simply fell in love with this outfit, and precisely because of the many patterns, the tummy is completely invisible. The waist also appears visually thinner.

For all my casual beauties for whom the previous example is still too much, I have singled out one classic option of a maxi skirt that you can wear every day and look great.

Back maxi skirt black T-shirt outfit
Credit: Amazon

It is always a good idea to have such a soft, cotton maxi skirt in your wardrobe because you can combine it in various ways. In addition, the black color further thins and visually lengthens your figure.

8) Skirt Pants

Skirt pants or culottes have become very popular today mainly because they are super-comfortable, fashionable, and most importantly – these models hide the hanging belly very well!

In addition to looking lovely, skirt pants are practical because you don’t have to worry if the wind blows a little stronger and lifts your skirt.

Let me prove to you how amazing these can look:

This lady paired her skirt pants with a plain, tight black sleeveless top and looks phenomenal. The pants are wrapped tight in the tummy area, so they perfectly camouflage the belly fat.

I took the following inspo from Helen’s Closet Patterns again because this woman has incredible pieces of clothing and is a real fashion icon. Just look at these jeans culottes that look like a long, attractive skirt.

This type of skirt-pants is great for an everyday casual look and can be easily combined with a variety of tops, basic t-shirts, and blouses. And yes, something that interests us the most – these are the skirts that hide tummy in the best possible way!

How to Choose and Style Skirts to Hide Tummy

As a woman with a bloated, big stomach 24/7 and a skirt lover, I just want to tell you –don’t give up quickly. And remember – there are solutions to every problem, so I am going to show you the best options for you.

I’ve come up with the key outfit tips to choose and pair the best skirts that hide tummy. Let’s start:

  • Choose the skirts with an elastic waistband. This way, you create a transition in the waist and an illusion of an hourglass figure.
  • Opt for the wrapped and ruched skirt models. The ruched and wrapped fabric in the belly area makes the stomach less visible.
  • Always choose high-waisted skirts. A high waist visually thins the figure and creates curves in the desired places. On the other hand, low-waisted skirts make a counter-effect, so try to avoid them.
  • Wear shapewear. If you want to look amazing and hide all imperfections, I suggest you invest in quality shapewear. It will visually tighten your entire waist and lower body.

Okay, now that we’ve learned the basics, it’s time to show you some great skirt outfits that will fit you flawlessly!

Styling tip #1: Mix a pencil skirt with a light sleeveless chiffon top

Since I like pencil skirts the most, we will start this section with this model. Look at this adorable combination with a dark skirt with an elastic band in the waist area and two lines on the front. It is paired with a sleeveless chiffon top that perfectly hides imperfections in the abdomen area. Add some beautiful fashion accessories, and you are ready for an evening out:

Pencil skirt with a light sleeveless chiffon top outfit

No worries, I also prepared one casual combination for a daily walk around the city. A beige pencil skirt, a brown crop top with ruffles, and fancy accessories like a handbag and sunglasses complemented this styling.

Casual outfit pencil skirt with a light sleeveless chiffon top

The skirt we could see above spreads slightly under the waist and puts the focus on the hips instead of the belly.

Styling tip #2: Try a draped skirt with a tie-front crop top

We continue with one super-chic styling that won me over at first sight! Just look at this draped skirt that folds over the belly, hides fat, and lengthens the figure. A pink tie-front crop top and fashion details added a touch of uniqueness to this lovely outfit. Wow!

Green draped skirt with a pink tie-front crop top outfit

And now it’s time to show you the best outfit for tummy elimination that will perfectly fit you this summer! A draped orange mini skirt with a piece of fabric hanging from the side and a yellow-orange crop top is an attractive and bombastic combination for city walks or a cover-up for the swimsuit. Check it out:

Orange draped skirt with a tie-front crop top

A beautiful knit bag, flat slippers, and fancy sunglasses took the whole styling to the next level. Simply adorable!

Styling tip #3: Put together a turtleneck with a pleated skirt

If you are wondering how to wear a skirt when you have a belly during the colder days, I have something for you!

This elegant styling with a pleated champagne-colored skirt and a white turtleneck is perfect for dinner or some gala night. The belly is absolutely invisible, and the golden details divert attention from all possible flaws.

Beige turtleneck with a champaign pleated skirt outfit

And if you’re a fan of darker shades, the next outfit is yours! A plain tight black turtleneck and stunning tricolor skirt are great options to dress to hide tummy and look glamorous. Check it out:

Colorful pleated skirt black turtleneck outfit

Black details like ankle boots, a purse, and sunglasses give that special final touch to the whole outfit!

Styling tip #4: Give a crop top a go with a maxi skirt

Speaking of the dark colors, I prepared another stunning all-black outfit with a maxi skirt and crop top. The skirt has a visible elastic band that creates the desired transition on the waist. A big bow in the middle of the top draws attention from the belly towards the attractive upper part.

Black croptop with a maxi skirt outfit

Let’s get back to the bright and vibrant summer colors. This outfit is my favorite because it exudes uniqueness, liveliness, and positive energy. A beautiful white crop top with puff sleeves and a bright pink maxi skirt with a big bow in the tummy area create the perfect body balance. Take a look:

Pink maxi skirt white crop top outfit

White details like slippers, a bracelet, handbag, and earrings perfectly counter this striking pink skirt. We can say that balance prevails throughout this outfit!

Styling tip #5: Pair a tank top and a jean jacket with your skirt pants

And as for the cherry on the top, we left fantastic skirts-pants that you can combine in countless ways. I prepared the first outfit for some elegant occasion, consisting of gray-blue pants with fabric at the front that creates the skirt look. A simple black tank top, cute heels, and washed jean jacket are a combination that is hard to resist!

Black top grey skirt pants jean jacket outfit

The second styling is more casual, so you can wear it every day and look great. Skirt pants with thin lines are refined but, at the same time, simple, so you can wear them with even a plain white tank top. Check it out:

White top black skirt pants jean jacket outfit

The tummy will be super-camouflaged, and details like white sneakers, a beige jean jacket, and attractive zebra patterns on the glasses and handbags make this combo rock!

Over to You

My dear ladies, that’s it! These are all the ideas on how to wear a skirt with a tummy and look fantastic.

Let’s have a quick recap first:

  • Go with the high-waisted skirts with elastic waistbands.
  • Choose the ruched and wrapped models.
  • Wear striking shirts and tops to shift attention from the bottom.
  • Dare to wear skirt pants when you want to feel comfy and look flawlessly.
  • Side slit and draped skirts are an excellent option for putting the focus on your legs.
  • Use shapewear to define and tighten your tummy and thighs.

If you love this guide and are interested in more styling tips, feel free to visit my fashion blog and enjoy reading!

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