Best Shapewear for Muffin Top That Provides Instant Tummy Control

Christine Steuber
Jul 16, 2021
Favoring one brand, for example Spanx or ShaperQueen, over another is not what choosing the best shapewear for muffin top is all about. To be honest,…

Favoring one brand, for example Spanx or ShaperQueen, over another is not what choosing the best shapewear for muffin top is all about. To be honest, shapewear is more than that. Meaning there’s a lot more that goes into this undergarment than just Spanx’s targeting shaping or ShaperQueen’s elasticity.

Does the shapewear feel smooth against the skin? It is breathable? Does it wick away sweat and moisture? What about a crotch opening to make bathroom visits more convenient? And do you always have to keep pulling it up each time you decide to put on shapewear for your busy day?

Getting all these concerns ironed out is what this article is all about. So allow me to introduce you to the best of the best choices first…

Quick Glance – Top 3 Shapewear Styles!

Just like these, there are many more such high-waist shapewear designs that I’ve reviewed below and that women find super comfortable to wear for a no-muffin-top appearance…

Top 10 Shapewear Brands That Banish the Muffin Top

1. Vaslanda Women Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts Thigh Slimmer

Women Muffin Top Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts Thigh Slimmer Butt Lifter Panty Waist Reducer Shaper

To be completely honest, when the price is that low, you don’t expect the product to perform like it’s actually making a difference. But then when you have people complimenting and congratulating you on losing weight, you know something amazing is going on because of your shapewear, right?

These Tummy Control Thigh Slimmer Shorts are high-waisted control panties that reach your mid-thigh and are equipped with strong compression. So you look thin right from your under-bust all the way down to your legs. And thank goodness, or thanks to the brand, for the blend of fabrics – highly elastic spandex and soft, comfortable polyamide.

With the 4 spiral steel bones structured around your waist area, this shapewear keeps from rolling up/down or slipping. So the compression around the belly region stays in place to make your abdominal section of the body look slimmer than before.

Plus, this compression literally extends. In fact, the thigh coverage features a honeycomb design that shrinks fat, so even your hips look trimmed and toned and your buttocks well-lifted.


  • High-waist shapewear with mid-thigh coverage
  • Spiral steel boning prevents roll ups and downs
  • Highly stretchable and seamless for comfort


  • Squeezing into it is not easy

2. Nebility Women Waist Trainer Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts

Nebility Women Waist Trainer Shapewear Tummy Control Body Shaper

This is a high-waisted tummy control thigh slimmer, and the best one at that. The whole thing feels lightweight and breathable against the skin. Thanks to the stretchy comfort, which is just what you need for all-day wear.

It goes without saying that the high-waist design delivers the much-needed all-around slimming, that is it makes your tummy area look less like a muffin top. No bulges and no lumps either. What’s also amazing is the smooth and soft feel of the undergarment in the crotch area. It’s not an irritating shapewear design AT ALL!

Women with a natural hourglass figure are often looking for ways to hide their muffin top. No wonder curvy women speak so highly of this brand. After all, it has designed this marvelous piece that slims down the front, sides, and your hips and thighs. On top of that, the material is just so moisture-wicking and breathable.


  • High-waist thigh slimmer with a stretchy fit
  • Double-layered compression control and shaping
  • Spiral steel bones for back and mid-section support
  • Seamless design, soft crotch, and butt lift


  • Size runs small, so size up

3. Maidenform Women’s Open Bust Body Shaper

Maidenform Women's Open Bust Body Shaper FL1856

If you’d rather wear your own bra in your shapewear, then you can consider buying this Maidenform creation. And this Maidenform creation, just by the way, is the best when it comes to smoothing out your bumps and lumps while obviously bringing under control your muffin top.

The body shaper is true to size, although you might struggle a teeny tiny bit in order to pull it on. Especially hooking the shapewear back together after every ladies’ room visit is a task indeed. But then it’s up to you to decide if all that trouble is worth it or not for a higher cause.

And the higher cause is the shapewear reducing your muffin top, flattening your tummy, and also perking up your boobs. Don’t think, even for a second, that this feels squishy by any chance. The compression isn’t excessive to make your body shape look and feel deformed. It’s a shaper after all, so it makes your natural curves look smooth, minus the muffin top.


  • Comfortable, daily wear control and shaping
  • Open bust design with wide straps
  • Non-binded legs offer flexibility and comfort


  • Hooks in the crotch are not easy to work

4. Montel Women’s Thigh Plus Size Shapewear

Montelle Women's Thigh Shapewear Plus Size Firm Tummy Control High Waist Shaper

This one starts from the under-bust region and travels down to reach your mid-thigh. So that’s shaping your whole problematic area, which is great and just what you might need if you’re plus-size or curvy. And no need to worry about the thighs rolling up or the under-bust rolling down. Everything is super comfortable and smoothed out!

You don’t have to size up or anything because you’re afraid the shapewear will feel uncomfortable or constricted while also smoothing out your muffin top. Many women also choose this one for preventing their thighs from rubbing against each other.

Apart from the amazing no-slip design, this shapewear also features a wide gusset opening. So each time you have to make your numbers in the bathroom, the whole experience is easy and convenient. Plus, this gusset is all-cotton for breathability and comfort.

Moreover, the brand has incorporated flat seams. Going seamless, to be honest, doesn’t fix much because it tends to leave your buttocks looking flat. On the other hand, flat seams shape and contour the backside really well. At the same time, the shapewear is invisible under clothing with no visible panty lines.


  • Anti-slip, ultra-soft thigh slimmer shapewear
  • Firm control compression for waist, hips, and thighs
  • Curve-enhancing flat seams and wide-opening gusset
  • Great for plus sizes and post-pregnancy


  • Too long thigh shaping – not for short women
  • A tad too stretchy

5. Maidenform Women’s Wear Your Own Bra Shapewear

Maidenform Women's Wear Your Own Bra Shapewear

Not all women prefer or can afford to spend $70-$80 on shapewear. And if you’re one of them, then turn all your attention to Maidenform here. The brand understands concerns like holding the tummy in all the time, being too self-conscious about your back rolls and muffin top, and an overall bouncy and jiggly midsection. Enter this Wear Your Own Bra Shapewear.

Many users have complained about the shapewear feeling too hard to put on. One thing I’d like to say to that – avoid putting it on over the head. Start at the bottom instead and then pull it up, one leg at a time.

Once you’re through with that, expect nothing short of the most comfortable and supportive tummy control that does the smoothing out of your muffin top seamlessly.

Wear Your Own Bra means you can put on your most favorite bra that works for your body type. So in case you happen to own one of these side boob spillage preventing bras, then simply put it on and enjoy the fit flexibility and all-day control and shaping.


  • Wear Your Own Bra design for lifting/shaping breasts
  • Mesh lining for targeting the sides and tummy
  • Shoulder straps are wide enough, thus stay put
  • Made of stretchy elastane and shape-retention nylon


  • Bottom prone to sliding up

6. Spanx High Power Panties

Spanx Higher Power Panties

When you think shapewear, you automatically think Spanx. But then, at the same time, there are women who have never tried Spanx before. If you’re one of them, you’re most likely to never choose another brand ever again. These Spanx High Power Panties come up higher without feeling the need to roll down in the front, back, or sides.

Given you may have a pretty noticeable muffin top, this shapewear features comfortable compression to tuck it all in without feeling constricting. Speaking of which, it doesn’t feel too thick, bulky, or heavy – just lightweight shapewear that’s easy and quick to put on and remove.

Furthermore, the brand is Spanx, which means you’re bound to have no issues with the size. And the whole thing is high-waisted, like all Spanx shapewear designs, to give you more coverage as well as properly concealing your muffin top.


  • High-waist panty shapewear with targeted compression
  • Stay-put, comfortable waistband with anti-slip strip
  • Blend of nylon and spandex – high elasticity and shape retention


  • Cuts into thighs after a point
  • Rolls down in case you’re short-waisted

7. ShaperQueen 102 Thong Shaper Panty

ShaperQueen 102 Thong Shaper Panty

If you really hate your muffin top, then there are very effective methods to permanently get rid of it. Such as a strict, dedicated workout routine. Along with a healthy, well-balanced diet. And all of this is to be done consistently if you want to see results. Along the way, you can take the help of shapewear like this for instant tucking in of your muffin top.

These shaper panties by none other than ShaperQueen hold your belly pooch in very comfortably. No rolling down concerns either nor do you have to deal with any awkward-looking bulges. And if you happen to spot any bulges, then it could be that you’re wearing the wrong kind of bra.

Stick to your true, actual size. The shapewear may look small at first but don’t worry about the size because the panty feels like the perfect fit once you put it on. It makes the part it covers look much slimmer, no doubt about that. Minus the muffin top as well as any panty lines!

The mid-section compression panel is generously sturdy, which is pretty awesome because it not only holds the tummy in but also corrects your body posture. I mean who knew modern-day shapewear could also relieve back pain and provide back support!


  • High-waist shaper panty for tummy control
  • Anti-slip boning keeps shapewear from shifting
  • Thong design lifts the buttocks
  • Made of high-quality, breathable, stretchy fabrics


  • Thongs aren’t the most comfortable choice after all
  • Boning tends to cuts into the breasts

8. BESTENA Womens Slip Shorts

BESTENA Slip Shorts Womens Comfortable Seamless Smooth Slip Shorts for Under Dresses

The thing about shapewear is that your actual size may look small but it only LOOKS small. Meaning the slip shorts feel super stretchy, thus are very accommodating no matter how big or curvy you are. You can easily wear them under your tight dresses. The shapewear is lightweight and comfortable and doesn’t show through clothing.

You can also wear them for preventing chafing if not for slimming. Those chub rubs you often have to deal with get eliminated indeed. Slip shorts, especially these ones seem perfect for preventing this kind of painful or annoying discomfort.

Moreover, there’s the thick elastic band that goes around the waist for taking care of your muffin top. And in case you also happen to have thick thighs, then the thigh coverage here, with compression that too, enables smoothing in that particular problematic region too.


  • Slip shots perfect to wear under tight clothing
  • Seamless, smooth design for a line-free appearance
  • Mid-thigh length for more coverage and shaping
  • Thick elastic waistband suitable for muffin top


  • The waistband is not exactly high-rise
  • Might be too long for short women

9. Squeem Perfectly Curvy Women’s Strapless Waist Cincher

Squeem - Perfectly Curvy, Women's Firm Control Strapless Waist Cincher

You’re surely going to be excited to put this on for two main reasons. The first is that this waist cincher shapewear supports your belly pooch and back. Although you might want to reconsider if your day consists of sitting for long hours instead of standing or being on your feet. Because if you’re sitting all day at work, then the boning might dig into your chest.

Aside from that, the Squeem waist cincher corrects your posture, relieves back pain, and obviously it creates a slimming effect in your waist. You can pair it up with just about anything – tight dresses, workout attire, jeans, and whatnot. Plus, feel free to put on a camisole under or over it without feeling any sort of discomfort.

The use of materials like natural rubber and cotton makes sure that the shapewear conforms to your natural curves and bulges. But it’s the corset-style, or should I say comfortable, modern-day corset-style fit, tummy control, and shaping that seem like the best thing. Reduces the waistline, plus hook-eye closure provides adjustable compression.


  • Mid-section slimming high compression
  • Waist cincher with boning for back support
  • Rubber and cotton blend adapts to all shapes and sizes


  • Hook and eye closure shows through clothing
  • Boning digs into the breasts

10. Jenbou Tummy Control Body Shaper

Jenbou Body Shaper for Women Tummy Control Shapewear

Call it thigh slimmer, high-waist shorts, butt-lifting panties, or tummy control body shaper, the multipurpose function of this shapewear doesn’t change. It works like magic when it comes to concealing your muffin top in case you’re insecure about it. Even thigh coverage is included for those whose insecurities extend to their hips and buttocks as well.

The high-rise waist is the very thing that gets rid of the muffin top by flattening your tummy and smoothing out bulges and rolls. Since the blend of fabrics involves high stretch (thank you, spandex), you also get butt-lifting and butt-shaping benefits.

The fit is excellent, no doubt. And the way this shapewear compresses your waist without causing any discomfort is quite surprising given how very affordable it is. Seems like the perfect choice for women who desire that perfect hourglass shape.


  • High-waist body shaper for a flatter tummy
  • High-stretch, thus butt-shaping effect
  • Firm control all the way down to mid-thigh length
  • Moisture-wicking, comfortable, and breathable


  • No crotch opening for bathroom visits

How Big Is Your Muffin Top?

Best Shapewear for Muffin Top

First, let me tell you what a muffin top means. It’s the portion around your waist and tummy that is actually an accumulation and storage of stubborn fat. And this visible body fat tends to stick out of tight jeans, skirts, shorts, etc. It’s very common among both women and men.

Now you might also want to know that fat in the belly region is considered to be the most dangerous. So all the more reason to get rid of it, right? Not everybody desires to lose fat and weight to look good but also to feel healthy and fit.

Considering all of that, it doesn’t really matter how big is your muffin top, the fact that you have excess fat around your tummy might in itself be a troublesome issue for you. Because then putting on simple clothing like jeans, bodycon dresses, etc. is something you stay away from.

But, at such times, what actually helps is shapewear (for temporary smoothing of course). Body shapers, and not corsets and waist cinchers, smooth out your natural bulges, bumps, lumps, and rolls. They don’t necessarily take off inches, as in the case of corsets and waist cinchers, but they do slim you down.

Needless to say, more permanent results include a proper and regular exercise routine and a well-balanced, healthy diet.

Choosing Shapewear to Banish Your Muffin Top

1. Material

Based on my reviews, shapewear is mostly made of a blend of spandex and either polyester or nylon. Then there are some that are also designed using a combination of rubber and cotton. Now let me tell you that spandex seems like a must because of its high elasticity that allows shapewear to conform to the natural shape of your body, so you can move freely.

As for choosing between nylon and polyester, the former is a more common choice because of its high levels of stretchability and strength. But then polyester is more breathable and quick-drying.

And lastly, there’s cotton (for lightweight, hypoallergenic comfort) and rubber (conforms to all body shapes and sizes).

2. Size and Comfort

When you talk about comfort, you immediately think of the material and size of the body shaper. Material I’ve covered above, so now it’s time to talk about the size of shapewear. Anyone who has ever worn shapewear that’s too tight will tell you how uncomfortable it feels, and the same applies to a fit too loose.

As far as preventing your muffin top is concerned, proper sizing is a must. Something too tight is inevitably going to create or enhance a muffin top. Expecting more shaping out of a smaller size is counterproductive because it just gives rise to more unwanted bulges and rolls around your belly.

3. Level of Support

The level of control or support in shapewear differs. There’s Firm and Extra Firm. Naturally, the extra support works the best when you have a lot to conceal in your tummy area. Many women during their postpartum stage prefer extra support because they want the abdominal muscles to relax and recover quickly after the drastic surgery.

Even in the case of a muffin top that’s too big or difficult to control, Extra Firm control goes a long way as a very effective solution to the problem.

There are plenty of body shapers that flatten the tummy and then there are those that shape your waistline. Providing back support and improving body posture are also some new benefits that modern-day shapewear is able to do. Thanks to the spiral steel bones that are integrated into these designs.

And of course, the longer ones, meaning mid-thigh length shapewear focuses on shaping and smoothing out your buttocks and hips too. But then if your only priority is your muffin top, you can choose accordingly.

4. Flexibility and Stretch

The first thing that comes to mind – stretchy spandex. At the same time, I’m also thinking about shape retention, which means polyester. So a blend of spandex and polyester means the shapewear accommodates all your natural curves and movements while also retaining its original shape for a long, long time.

5. Bathroom-Friendly

The shapewear should be bathroom-friendly, right? Otherwise, it’s only going to be a nuisance each time you want to go to the ladies’ room. The body shaper, ones that cover your backside and hips of course, designed with an open crotch or adjustable hooks in that particular area is the most convenient kind.

That means not having to remove the whole thing and then put it back on just because of the inevitability of nature’s calls.

6. Seamless

Nobody wants their shapewear to show through clothing unless you’re wearing a really thin shirt or dress. But then it’s best if the body shaper isn’t visible through your outfit.

Shapewear with fine details, flat seams, no panty lines, etc. – basically, shapewear that has a seamless construction looks nice and smooth even through tight dresses and tops.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Spanx Work for A Muffin Top?

High-waist Spanx shapewear does indeed prevent the formation of muffin top below your skirts, dresses, tops, and casual and formal outfits. Spanx designs lightweight, smooth shapewear that controls problematic areas to smooth out natural bulges and rolls.

For example, Spanx shapewear panties certainly slim down the appearance of thick hips or thighs. The brand’s aim is to make the natural shape of your body look slimmer and more shapely.

Does Shapewear Hide Muffin Top?

When you choose the right kind of shapewear styles, like the ones I’ve shortlisted in this post, you can really smooth out your muffin top. These surely know how to create a more flattering body shape with a tucked-in tummy, slimmer thighs, and lifted buttocks.

Shapewear, the perfect design and size, trims down those extra fat layers around your belly to make your abdominal region look smooth.

What Is the Best Shapewear for A Big Tummy?

A lower belly pooch or tummy bulge is as bothersome as a muffin top. More often than not, they’re all a part of the body when you don’t take care of your health and have zero fitness goals. Or if you’ve just had a baby of course.

So what’s the best type of shapewear for a large tummy? Certainly high-waist tummy control compression shapers in the form of shapewear shorts, waist trainers, belly wraps, and more.

The Wrap-Up

The muffin top – the most dreaded yet common problem many women and even men have to deal with when they have more fat accumulation in their tummy area. Women can smooth out the appearance though with the help of shapewear. So you can put on tight clothing the most confidently. Lucky for you, there are all kinds of body shapers for banishing the muffin top. From light smoothing to extra-firm compression and control – the choice is all your

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