Choose These 10 Dresses If You Have a Plus-Size Apple-Shaped Figure

Christine Steuber
Oct 21, 2022
Don't know which dress would flatter your plus-size apple-shaped body? I have ten models here - check them out!

Girls, do you know the biggest superpower you can possess to boost your plus-size fashion game? Knowing your body shape’s strengths and weaknesses and styling your outfits accordingly! 

That’s why I’ll dedicate today’s fashion guide to all my plus-size apple-shaped beauties whose biggest pitfall or insecurity is that stubborn tummy pooch. I promise I’ll make you stop feeling hopeless while picking the best dress for the plus-size apple shape.

I’ll also walk you through practical and stylish dress recommendations that will flatter your figure.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What Is a Plus-Size Apple Body Type?

A plus-size apple body type is characterized by bigger arms and a lush bust with the addition of the following features:

  • A poorly defined and large waist.
  • Slim legs.
  • Narrow hips. 

This means that apple-shaped women have the following wardrobe goal – to divert attention from their midsection.

Plus-Size Apple Body Shape Characteristics - Firstforhers

There’s one more thing that I would like to point out at the very beginning – most ladies confuse pear-shaped and apple figures. 

Let me explain: classic pears carry most weight around the lower body (hips and bottom). Their hips and thighs are wider than their chest and shoulders. And as I mentioned earlier, apples carry most of their weight in the tummy area.

Now that you know the basics, keep scrolling to find much-needed fashion inspo. 

Celebrities with the plus-size apple body shape

If you ask me, the quickest way to learn how to dress as per any physique, including an apple body type, is to simply observe the celebs with the same figure shape. Because, let’s be honest – we all have some stars who inspire us, right?

And here is some good news – my dear apples should be happy as they are in great company! Many attractive apple-shaped celebrities dress themselves up in effective ways hiding all imperfections.

This section will introduce two of such celebs so that we can discuss how you should take inspiration from them.

Here’s our first lady:

Mindy Kaling is our first celeb with a round apple figure. The belted dress downplays her waist while the length highlights her pretty legs. She definitely knows how to show off her assets – big bust through a cut-cleavage line.

Let’s move on to our next celebrity:

Catherine Zeta-Jones celebrity with a petite apple-shaped body
Credit: Pinterest

Catherine Zeta-Jones is more of a petite apple shape, but we can still gain massive inspiration from her! Same as Mindy, Catherine is shifting attention to her attractive legs while the low neckline perks up her bust. 

General Styling Tips for Ladies with Plus-Size Apple-Shaped Figures

As with any physique, a plus-size girl with the apple shape has to follow a set of foolproof styling tips to make fashion-forward choices.

Ahead, I’ll introduce the four tips you should strictly follow if you want to elevate your fashion game.

Tip #1: Make your waist more defined

As previously stated, apples tend to have a poor waist definition. Therefore, your first aim is to highlight this area in the right way. 

Here are the tips you should follow when picking the best dress for the plus-size apple shape:

  • Opt for dresses that nip you in under the chest. 
  • Choose a ruched waist.
  • Blindly trust a belted dress.
  • Go for a tiered dress.

Allow me to illustrate my point with an image:

Yellow wrap dress with a defined waist for plus-size apple-shaped body
Credit: Pinterest 

This breezy summer yellow dress is a faux wrap piece with a well-defined ribbon on the waist. It’s a feminine way to add definition to the waistline. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want to showcase your tummy pooch and simultaneously want a defined waist, never wear a loose dress. 

Tip #2: Highlight your bust

Things are about to get sweeter here as I’ll show you how to emphasize your bust, aka the best assets apples own. This will ultimately divert attention from your poorly defined waist. 

So, what should your plus-size dresses display to achieve this effect? 

Here are some ways:

  • Choose a low V-neckline or plunge neckline.
  • Go for mini-length or off-the-shoulder dresses.

Let’s see an example:

The fit and flare style of the ruched chest is responsible for highlighting the bust in the best possible way. Finally, open-cut sleeves add that dramatic touch and make this cocktail dress super-attractive.

Also, avoid round necklines since your whole figure will look more round. Strapless dresses would also be your enemy, apples, so skip them as well.

Tip #3: Bring focus to your legs

Don’t want to put the limelight on your bust? Choose a dress that highlights your legs instead. Here are some models to achieve this:

  • Mini length
  • Skater 
  • Asymmetrical 
  • Split leg

Let’s see an example to prove my point:

Silk midi dress with split-leg cut best dress for the plus-size apple shape
Credit: Boohoo

This lovely satin slip dress features a split-leg cowl detail with a midi silhouette. It gives your curves a big hug and accentuates your assets at the same time!

On the other hand, avoid maxi or midi dresses that are not defined at the waist because they will make your proportions completely unbalanced.

Tip #4: Allow your slim arms to stand out

Also, there are some dresses for putting your tummy pooch in the backseat while simultaneously highlighting slender arms. As a proud owner of a plus-size body, try hunting for sleeveless, spaghetti-strapped, or off-the-shoulder dresses.

See this example:

Maxi dress with spaghetti straps for plus-size apple-shaped body
Credit: Pinterest

Let black fabric and blooming details camouflage your tummy pooch while spaghetti straps emphasize all the beauty of the arms and shoulders. This will allow you to show off your slim arms without putting too much focus on them.

Finally, avoid anything that will add bulk to your arms, such as loose sleeves and ruffles or embellishments on the arms. Also, avoid putting on chunky cardigans and sweaters over your dresses.

10 Best Dresses for the Plus-Size Apple Shape

After gaining helpful information from my styling tips, we’re ready to unlock the main section of today’s guide – dresses for apple-shaped figures. 

I’ll share the best options for your physique that you can confidently flaunt in any weather and occasion. 

Let’s start.

Choice #1: A-line

Playing it safe first, the A-line silhouette is a universal favorite as it flatters all body shapes equally. So why shouldn’t my lovely apples take advantage of this extremely forgiving silhouette? 

I love the A-line, too, as it effectively moves the focus away from the tummy pooch. If you ask me, this is the best dress for the plus-size apple shape:

Floral A-line maxi dress for plus-size apple body shape
Credit: Pinterest

Here’s a charming piece for summer or even autumn if you layer up appropriately. This dress showcases an A-line silhouette and tie-neck, both of which will flatter your figure. 

The A-line silhouette effortlessly defines the waistline while hiding the tummy. As the dress naturally flares up under the stomach, it successfully diverts attention to the right places. 

Choice #2: Wrap dress

Let’s continue our list with the wrap dresses that downplay your broad shoulders and bring attention to your best assets thanks to a specific V-neckline. 

Here’s one great example:

Silk burgundy wrap dress for plus-size apple body shape
Credit: Pinterest

We can see a burgundy mini-dress with a functional wrap. The wrap style, collar puff sleeves, and fitted cuffs do justice to the plus-size apple body by downplaying the waist significantly. 

Instead, this dress accentuates the bust and highlights the legs. The up-do hairstyle also plays a part by bringing the chest and dècolletage to the foreground. Finally, elegant black shoes seal the deal!

Choice #3: Mini dresses with structured sleeves

The statement or structured sleeves are another effective way to balance the apple shoulders. They help accentuate your best features and downplay any problematic areas. 

Plus, the sleeves will add a bit of extra coverage, so you don’t have to worry about your arms looking too big.

Let me show you the best dress for the plus-size apple shape with super-cute sleeves:

Mint color dress with structured puff sleeves for plus-size apple body shape
Credit: Pinterest

This outfit for the apple shape showcases the cult favorite short puff sleeves that fashionably add maximum volume to the upper arms. Not only this, but the stylish sleeves also lift the viewer’s eye upward and away from the midsection. Just make sure these ‘puffs’ are not too voluminous.

The lime green ensemble in a mini length offers another help – bringing attention to the beautiful legs. Lastly, the square neckline allows your dècolletage to shine. 

Choice #4: Off-shoulder dresses

If you want a “shoulder moment” and flaunt your upper body, go with a good ol’ off-the-shoulder outfit. Off-shoulder dresses help accentuate your best features, like your collarbone and shoulders. They also give the illusion of a slimmer waistline.

Don’t you agree that this is the best dress for the plus-size apple shape? It looks so attractive! 

Off-shoulder bodycon dress for plus-size apple body shape
Credit: Pinterest 

Again, puff sleeves add a luxurious touch to your shoulders. Furthermore, a short and sweet dress elongates the apple figure while an off-shoulder style flaunts the upper body. 

You can choose any length of the dress, but I prefer mini as it can bring your legs to the limelight – further attention away from the midsection.

Choice #5: Asymmetrical

Now, slip into a rare asymmetrical silhouette to have a major leg moment. Asymmetrical dresses are great because they help create the illusion of a slimmer waistline while also tending to be very flattering on curves.

If you choose the right model, you’ll be able to get coverage in all the right places while putting the focus on your best assets, such as legs.

For instance, check this out:

Asymmetrical black dress for plus-size apple body shape
Credit: Pinterest 

This flexible bodycon with an asymmetrical drape is also the best dress for the plus-size apple shape that accentuates the figure by guiding the eye from the above hemline to the attractive bottom. 

Choice #6: Skater dresses

A skater dress is another flattering choice for a plus-size apple lady like you. The flared skirt will help balance out your top half, and the fitted bodice will show off your curves. 

Plus, skater dresses are just fun to wear! They’re flirty and playful, making you feel confident and beautiful.

Here’s an example to prove my point:

_Floral skater dress for plus-size apple body shape
Credit: Pinterest 

The asymmetrical hemline adds personality and elongates the figure. On the other hand, the V-neckline and straps guide the spectator’s eye to the bare shoulders and dècolletage. Besides, the nipping under the chest and a voluminous skirt will effectively hide your tummy pooch. 

For maximum confidence, you may choose a skater outfit with a plunging neckline or a belted tie. 

Choice #7: Empire waist maxi dresses

Now tell me – did you know that an empire waist dress also looks good on an apple shape? It will flatter your figure by hiding your belly and accentuating your waist. Plus, the flowy skirt will camouflage hips or thighs if you’re self-conscious about them.

Finally, there’s no better option for a fancy occasion. See the example below:

Maxi empire waist dress for plus-size apple body shape
Credit: Pinterest

Achieve an hourglass silhouette and put your waist in the limelight by choosing a maxi empire waistline dress like this one.  Its waistline starts under the chest and gracefully flows down with volume to the end.

Also, it doesn’t constrict your waist or cause any discomfort. Finally,  it’s just really cute! 

Choice #8: V-neck models

Last on the list are my favorite V-neckline dresses. They help elongate the neck and show off your best asset – cleavage and an attractive upper body. They also provide a slimming effect by drawing the eye towards the center of the body.

Here’s how:

V-neck maxi dress for plus-size apple body shape
Credit: Pinterest

This is a gorgeous velvet maxi dress with a deep V-neckline which flawlessly highlights the lush bust and doesn’t let eyes fixate on the midsection. It also helps create the illusion of a longer and leaner body. 

Options for women over 50

The last section of my guide is dedicated to all my ladies over the age of 50 who are looking for the best dress for the plus-size apple shape! I understand your pain, but there’s no need to worry. All age groups deserve to feel confident and fashion-forward, which is why I will share two outfit ideas just for you. 

Let’s start with the first dress.

Beige bodycon for women over fifty with plus-size apple body shape
Credit: Pinterest

Who said that apples over the prime age of 50 couldn’t don a bodycon? This body-hugging dress for the apple shape comes with a belt to accentuate the waistline, and the midi silhouette moves the attention to the legs. 

Rather than your midsection getting the stares, the sleeveless dress highlights your arms. Finally, add a striking accessory, like the necklace above, to ‘’WOW’’ the crowd.

And when it gets cold, you can look fantastic in a cute sweater dress like this:

Sweater wrap dress for women over fifty with plus-size apple body shape
Credit: Pinterest

The most important thing when choosing a sweater dress is to ensure it has a defined waistline (for instance, with a belt).

Let’s move on to the best dress for the plus-size apple shape to achieve a more sophisticated look:

Pink wrap midi dress for women over fifty with plus-size apple body shape
Credit: Pinterest 

Flatter your body by slipping on a sweet monochromatic dress. The cinched waist, V-neckline, and draping on the arms all favor your body shape, making it look more proportional.

Over to You

Looks like we have finished our comprehensive guide on the appropriate dresses for an apple-shaped body. I hope you liked my recommendations and are looking forward to acing your best features in these outfits! 

These are the tips I discussed for picking the best dress for your body shape:

  • Add definition to your waist with a cinched or ruched waist. 
  • Avoid loose dresses, halter necklines, and clingy fabrics. 
  • Highlight your chest with an off-the-shoulder, plunge, or V-neckline.
  • Add focus on your legs with a split leg, high slit, asymmetrical, mini, or skater dresses.
  • Let your slender arms have attention by wearing spaghetti-strapped, strapless, or statement sleeves. 

And that’s all! Check out similar useful fashion guides on my blog to make yourself stand out anywhere and anytime! Thanks for reading, ladies!

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