What Shoe Colors Go Best with a Burgundy Dress – A Full Guide

Christine Steuber
Sep 21, 2022
Burgundy dresses are gorgeous, but it's hard to find the right shoe color to match them. If you can relate, check my guide with styling tips.

Imagine this: you’re getting ready for a big, long-awaited event this fall, and you’ve found the perfect wine-colored attire, but one thing is still bothering you – what shoes to wear with a burgundy dress?

Whether you’re going for a casual or formal look, I’ve got you covered. I’ll walk you through accessorizing tips, shoe ideas, and special recommendations for everyday style, date nights, and weddings.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Best Colors to Match with Burgundy

First things first, we need to learn the best color of shoes to wear with a burgundy dress. Because let’s face it – wine-red is very peculiar, and not all shades will look good with it. 

So, let’s list some safe choices. However, I also want you to look unique in your burgundy dress, that’s why I threw in some out-of-the-box ideas, too. 

1) Gold 

Burgundy and gold are two colors that go great together. 

Gold is a color that represents luxury and sophistication, while burgundy is a rich, deep color that evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. When paired together, they create an elegant and inviting aesthetic that is perfect for any occasion.

Let me convince you with this outfit:

Red burgundy dress with gold color shoes outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

These stellar gold high heels are ideal for a bridesmaid’s outfit or a cocktail party – they add a sense of glamour, and the golden shine highlights the depth of the wine-red color. 

2) Beige 

The next best color of shoes to wear with a burgundy dress is none other than beige. Beige shoes go great with a burgundy dress because the colors complement each other. The burgundy brings out the natural richness of the beige, and the beige provides a nice neutral backdrop for the burgundy.

Let me show you:

Beige shoes to wear with a burgundy dress
Credit: Pinterest

As we can see, neutral tones give that elegant touch and simply look good with a burgundy dress! Furthermore, since these shoes match your skin tone, they will make your legs look longer. 

3) Black 

The next on our list is a timeless black. Burgundy and black create a classic color combination that always looks chic. Wondering why? Well, black is a great base for any color, but it can be harsh on its own. Burgundy brings out the best in black, making it more versatile and sophisticated.

And great news – no matter what your skin tone is, these colors will work for you. Let me prove my point with this breathtaking attire:

Black shoes to wear with a burgundy dress
Credit: Pinterest

This darker hue will make your ensemble stand out while coordinating well with the deep shade of your maroon dress. 

4) Silver 

Another foolproof color option for wine-red dresses is silver, and here’s why –  burgundy represents passion, while silver signifies serenity, making a perfect balance. They are both luxurious colors and have a similar level of sophistication.

So, if you want to add a bit of shine to your outfit, inspire yourself with this combo:

Silver shoes to wear with a burgundy dress
Credit: Pinterest

Nothing can beat the allure of metallic silver footwear, right? Silver shoes with a burgundy dress? Sign me up!

If you are visiting some fancy place like a top-notch restaurant or a country club and want to make a statement with your clothing, let the silver shoes elevate your attire!

5) White

If you want to create a sense of sophistication and refinement, you should opt for white shoes to wear with a burgundy dress. Burgundy is a rich, warm color, while white is fresh and clean, making it a perfect match for any formal occasion.

For instance, take a look at this beauty:

White shoes to wear with a burgundy dress
Credit: Pinterest

Let’s face it: there’s nothing more sophisticated than pure white pumps on the red carpet. Whether the maroon dress is casual or formal, you can blindly trust this epic shade to make your look magical. 

Also, what I love about white is that it doesn’t steal the richness of the burgundy shade. 

6) Brown

Are you hunting for cute shoes to go with your burgundy dress rather than something glamorous? In that case, brown is your perfect match! Burgundy and brown are both earth tones and have a similar vibrancy, so they look fantastic together.

Still doubtful? See the pic below for some inspiration:

Brown shoes to wear with a burgundy dress
Credit: Pinterest

This combo can offer you a great outfit for laid-back settings but also make you stand out if you decide to oomph your dress. 

Besides, wearing burgundy and brown together can give off a rustic vibe that is perfect for country-themed events. 

7) Red (burgundy) 

And now tell me please, which colors match with burgundy clothes the most but are still an unpopular option? It’s definitely red and burgundy. I know ladies steer clear of the matching shoe color with the dress, but hear me out. 

Burgundy and red are both warm, rich colors that convey luxury and sophistication. Red is a bold color that catches the eye, while burgundy is a more subtle shade that can add depth and richness to an outfit.

Thus, wearing burgundy and red together shows that you are confident and not afraid to get out of the “fashion” zone.

Let me prove my point:

Red shoes to wear with a burgundy dress
Credit: Pinterest

Whether you’re looking to make a bold fashion statement or just add a pop of color to your outfit, burgundy and red are always a winning combination.

8) Blue or turquoise 

For the ladies who truly want to look extraordinary in their maroon dresses, I’ve got the thing for you – blue footwear. Wondering why?

Well, burgundy and blue both convey a sense of sophistication and wealth. Also, burgundy can add depth to blue, and blue can brighten up burgundy. Besides, these two colors create a striking contrast and a sense of boldness.

Let me show you a cute burgundy jumper dress and blue sneakers that would look so cool in the senior pics

Blue sneakers to wear with a burgundy dress
Credit: Pinterest

There is a fun factor and playfulness added to the burgundy piece just by wearing the right color of the shoes. So ladies, don’t be afraid to try any shade from the blue spectrum – bright turquoise to cobalt and navy.  

9) Pink 

Let’s finish our list with the girls’ favorite – pink! It is a feminine color associated with romance and love, while burgundy is a powerful shade that conveys confidence. When we sum it all up, these two colors together can make a bold statement.

Still not convinced? Check this out:

Pink shoes to wear with a burgundy dress
Credit: Pinterest

A burgundy maxi dress, a baby pink cardigan, and fancy pastel pink boots create the perfect look for rocking the city streets!

P.S. If you are planning to wear a red dress but are not sure what color to choose, you can find the answers and inspiration in my recent article on this topic. 

Colors to avoid

Yes, I know I have previously complimented the burgundy color for being oh-so-versatile, but still, some shades don’t pair well with it. Here’s a graph displaying them all.

Colors to Avoid with a Burgundy Dress - Firstforhers

Now, let’s go over the list of colors you should avoid while flaunting your beautiful burgundy dresses:

  • Orange – while it can be a great accent color, orange can also be overwhelming when used too much. When paired with burgundy, it can create a jarring effect.
  • Yellow – when used in large amounts, it can make burgundy look drab and boring.
  • Purple – it only looks good if worn with bright burgundy. The reason is that if your dress is wine red, purple can evoke a similarity. 
  • Green – unless you want to achieve a holiday vibe and look like an elf, better avoid this combination.
  • Grey – It can make burgundy look muted and subdued.

Fortunately, we still have tons of colors to play with!

7 Shoes to Wear with a Burgundy Dress

Now, it’s time to finally reveal the most exciting part of my guide – presenting the best shoes to wear with the burgundy dress. 

The options can feel endless, so to sum it up, I’ve put together a list of my seven favorites. From classic pumps to on-trend sneakers, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s begin.

1) Sneakers

I decided to start with sneakers since they are the comfiest option on the list. Besides, sneakers are a great way to transform your polished outfit into a more casual one. 

So next time you reach for your burgundy dress and want to add a bit of a sporty vibe to your look, don’t forget to match it with a pair of stylish sneakers.

Wondering what it looks like? Let me show you.

White sneakers burgundy dress leather jacket outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Hailey Bieber is a major source of fashion inspo for many women. And if she is brave enough to wear sneakers with her spaghetti-strapped burgundy dress, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it yourself. 

What about practicality? 

You can catch errands, meet with your friends, or take care of your appointments in this relaxed combo. 

2) Heels

Let’s face it, ladies – heels also come to the top of the burgundy dresses shoe list. Heels will help elongate your legs, making your wine-colored dress stand out even more.

Furthermore, heels always add an element of sophistication to any outfit, no matter what the occasion may be.

For instance, check out this great combo with brown shoes:

Leopard heels burgundy dress outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

This beautiful dress with brown heels creates a versatile combo; you can wear it to formal occasions, business meetings, or lunch with friends. One thing is for sure – you will look flawless.

3) Pumps

If you find heels too uncomfortable or just too much for you, the next best bet is pumps that pair perfectly with wine-colored dresses. 

There’s no better way to add a little pizazz to your outfit than by donning a fabulous pair of pumps. They are super-comfy, give a pulled-together look, and can elevate your whole style.

Don’t believe me? Let the picture convince you:

Beige pumps burgundy dress black purse outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Nude pumps enjoy great popularity with burgundy dresses, and you can see why. If you want to look professional for a meeting or show your good taste in front of friends, just wear pumps, and you’ll dress to impress! 

4) Sandals

Other comfortable shoes to wear with a burgundy dress are sandals – they can add a touch of elegance to your outfit, whether you’re wearing a casual burgundy dress or a more formal option.

Plus, you can show off your pretty pedicure and keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Here’s a great look to inspire you:

Black sandals burgundy cocktail dress outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Above all else, comfort is key. Dresses and sandals are incredibly comfortable, so you can wear them all day without worrying about your feet hurting at the end of the day. And let’s admit it – this cute ruffled dress and lace sandals look absolutely spectacular together.

5) Ankle boots

And do you want to look trendy in the colder months? Style a burgundy dress with some booties! Wearing boots with a dress is a fashion-forward way to stand out from the crowd during the fall and winter. 

Besides, with the right pair of boots, you can make a simple burgundy dress look amazing.

Let me show you how to do it:

Black ankle boots burgundy bodycon dress outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Here is another proof that black shoes look amazing with a burgundy dress, and they’re a great way to add some edge to a feminine look. If you ask me, this ensemble is perfect for fall and crisp red leaves, isn’t it? 

6) Knee-high boots

Similar to ankle boots, knee-high boots are another trendy shoes to wear with a burgundy dress. This classic combo is as old as time, and it looks like it will never go out of style. 

I’d also add that knee-high boots are the perfect way to add a touch of “drama” to your outfit and make everyone turn their head.

Wouldn’t you notice this super-fancy outfit?

Knee-high black boots burgundy bodycon dress outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Besides looking brilliant, knee-high boots are a great way to add some extra warmth to your outfit in colder weather. Pairing black knee-high boots with a maroon dress is a stylish look that is sure to charm even the biggest fashion critics.

7) Combat boots

Last but not least, combat boots are edgy shoes that go with a burgundy dress. Picking an outfit that breaks the mold is always a good idea, and wearing a dress with combat boots is an unexpected and unique way to stand out. They are perfect for making a statement without being too over-the-top.

Let me inspire you with this stylish combo:

Black combat boots burgundy maxi dress leather jacket outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

As you can see, wearing a dress with combat boots is simply cool, and you can wear this look for any occasion, whether you’re going to work, out with friends, or even to a formal event.

Adding a few accessories is all you need to take this look from day to night. A scarf or necklace can dress it up, or you can keep it casual with a pair of sunglasses or a hat.

Which Shoes to Wear with a Burgundy Dress to a Wedding?

If you’re looking for an excuse to wear that burgundy dress you’ve been dying to show off, weddings are the perfect opportunity! But what kind of shoes should you wear for such an occasion?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered again. Below I’ll show you some nice shoe colors to wear with a burgundy dress. You’ll be the best-dressed guest at the wedding, guaranteed!

Let’s start with the first one of my burgundy outfits:

Burgundy chiffon cocktail dress beige heeled sandals wedding outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Want to keep it low-key but don’t want to compromise on looking feminine? I’ve got just the thing for you. This sleeveless, ruched waist maroon dress with a V-neckline is the pinnacle of sensuality. 

Furthermore, the beige color of the heeled sandals doesn’t clash with the burgundy, helping to tie the outfit together. 

As stated earlier, beige is an elegant color ideal for any festive event, therefore, it is a great choice for weddings. I recommend you to wear sandals to summer or spring weddings when it’s nice and warm outside.

Here’s one extra idea: If your partner is going to the wedding with you, you can suggest wearing a suit to match a burgundy dress to get that cute couple vibe.

You can also opt for an unmistakable choice – a burgundy dress and timeless black pumps. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style: 

Maxi burgundy chiffon dress black heeled pumps wedding outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

Wearing a dress and pumps is a great way to boost your confidence and feel fabulous. This pairing will help you exude elegance and poise and make you look higher and more attractive.

Furthermore, black pumps will add a touch of drama and refinement to the whole outfit. Unlike sandals, black pumps will be a perfect choice for winter or autumn weddings.

Which Shoes to Choose with a Burgundy Dress for a First Date?

And tell me now, is any lucky lady going on a date soon? Obviously, a burgundy dress outfit is a foolproof option. But if you’re confused regarding footwear, I’ll help you with this matter as well.

Let me show you the first great option for date night:

Sleeveless burgundy bodycon dress black heeled sandals outfit idea for the first date
Credit: Instagram

Oomph your appeal with this body-hugging, sleeveless burgundy dress with a midi silhouette. And to seal the deal, black sandals with minimal heels are an excellent idea for a date dinner or movie night. 

And if you are invited for afternoon coffee or lunch, the following option is for you:

Burgundy cocktail dress beige sandals outfit to wear to a first date
Credit: Pinterest

To look casual yet still flirty, try wearing beige open-toe sandals with your maroon dress. You will look elegant, but at the same time simple and relaxed for a pleasant time with your partner.

Finally, for burgundy dress accessories, consider sunnies and a clutch purse. 

Which Color Accessories to Wear with a Burgundy Dress?

Okay, now that we know everything about the best shoe match, let me help you with the different color accessories to wear with a burgundy dress.

So, accessory colors that pair best with a burgundy dress are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Burgundy/red

Now let me show you a few outfits to inspire you.

The first outfit is perfect for a night out. The velvet burgundy dress is flattering, while the metallic sandals add a touch of glamour. The little maroon bag is the perfect size for your essentials, and it pulls the whole look together.

Burgundy V-neck cocktail dress burgundy clutch and gold sandals outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

And if you want something more casual and fresh, I am sure you’ll love this combo with white accessories:

Burgundy cocktail dress white sneakers beeded purse outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

As you can see, it’s a good idea to accessorize a burgundy dress with white details like a hat, sneakers, and a mini purse for a day spent exploring the city or hanging out with friends.

And finally, here’s an inspo for this autumn:

Burgundy bodycon dress white cardigan necklace clutch outfit idea
Credit: Pinterest

In this outfit, we can see a combination of burgundy, beige, white, brown, and black, and it all looks so stunning together!

This is the perfect outfit for a ladies’ lunch or shopping date. The beige sweater over a dress provides  the charm, warmth, and coverage you need. 

Ultimately, a long necklace is a chic touch, and the tricolored bag is perfect for carrying all the stuff you need. 

Over to You

And that’s it, ladies! This concludes my detail-oriented guide on shoes to wear with a burgundy dress. I hope you liked my outfit ideas and are now ready to shine on all occasions!

Let’s run over the tips one more time:

  • The safest and most common shoe colors to pair with your burgundy dress are black, silver, gold, white, and beige.
  • You can also wear pink, blue, and red colored footwear if you carefully pair it with the rest of the outfit.
  • Avoid orange, yellow, and grey shoes. 
  • Wear sandals or heels on formal occasions, like weddings or dates.
  • Complete your look with a purse, hat, and other accessories. 

If you want to keep your fashion game on point, make sure to check out my blog for more style guides!

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