The Ultimate Styling Guide to Wearing a Bodycon Dress

Christine Steuber
Jun 27, 2022
Have you spotted a bodycon dress you'd like to buy but are not sure how to wear it? Read my guide with styling tips and recommendations!

Let’s admit, we all love a chic body-hugging bodycon dress, but we often avoid wearing it. Why? Well, I’ll start with myself. The tummy is always in the foreground every time I put it on. But the fashion industry is literally brimming with fantastic bodycon dresses, so it’s hard to resist. 

If you’ve always dreamed about wearing a bodycon dress, like me, but never dared to do so, now it’s time for a change. Kick your fashion fantasies alive as today’s guide will share the best figure-flattering techniques to look fabulous in this piece of clothing.

After reading my tried-and-tested tips, I promise you’ll adore your body and overall look the next time you wear a bodycon dress. So, let’s dive in.

What Is a Bodycon Dress?

The bodycon dress is a piece of clothing made to hug your physique. It is made of stretchy fabrics with the sole purpose of being tight-fitting, conforming to your body shape. 

The seductive style is meant to show off, accentuate, or highlight a woman’s curves. We’ve all seen Kim Kardashian wearing bodycon dresses and looking stylish and attractive:

Kim Kardashian bodycon dress Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

Now that we’re aware of what a bodycon dress is, some of you might be wondering about its origin. There’s a whole fashion history of this dress which I will be explaining in the next section. Follow me, ladies!

History of a bodycon dress

Bodycon has been a fashion trend for years, and the name of this clothing literally means “body-conscious.” 

Originally, these were thin dresses, the purpose of which was to put a woman’s figure in the limelight. The fabrics used for it should be body-hugging and flawlessly stretch across the silhouette.

The first-ever bodycon design was unveiled in the early 90s by the designer Hervè Leger. However, back then, the attire went by the name of the bandage dress, but compared to it, a bodycon doesn’t offer any support or shape to your physique. 

This means that the thin material of a bodycon is notoriously unforgiving if you’re trying to hide a tummy pooch or any other physical flaw. So, wear confidence or shapewear before slipping into this dress. But more on this later.

Best Bodycon Dresses for Different Body Shapes

I’m aware that so many gorgeous women are reading my blog, which is why I have made individual sections for each. This will boost your confidence and give you a better idea of how to wear a bodycon according to your body shape. 

And don’t worry, I’ve added plenty of visual inspo ideas to help you further. You can thank me later!

Apple body shape

In simple words, an apple-shaped body has a bigger upper body than the lower half. For instance, apples have broad shoulders with a wide waist, but if you go lower, the physique gets narrow. 

If all of you beautiful apples desire to look fit in bodycon dresses, make sure to check out the following outfit ideas I prepared for you. Let’s start with one attractive red dress:

Red bodycon dress for apple-shaped figure outfit idea

If you want to look spectacular in this dress, follow this easy trick. All you have to do is accentuate your best body features. In the example above, we can see how the midsection makes the waist look shrunk while also accentuating the chest. 

But if the long sleeves aren’t really your thing, let me show you how to style a sleeveless bodycon on an apple figure:

Gray sleeveless bodycon dress for apple-shaped body outfit idea

Another foolproof trick for apples is to choose a bodycon that aims to highlight their lower body. For example, this short bodycon dress will bring all the attention to your legs.

Pear body shape

Our next physique is the polar opposite of apples. If you have a proud pear-shaped body, your bottom will be broad, whereas the chest area will be tinier. If you feel insecure regarding your pear bodies, I’ll show you how you can love your figure and look fabulous in bodycon dresses.

The main thing you have to focus on is achieving balance. So, pick a dress having a pattern or style at the top. For instance, the following dress has bold sleeves that catch everyone’s attention:

Bodycon dress with bell sleeves for pear-shaped body outfit idea

Another method of accentuating your upper body is adding accessories like a necklace or earrings to complete the look.

And for the pears who want to feel glamorous, the following dress with the low V-neck and ruffled sleeves will be the perfect option:

odycon with V-neck for pear-shaped body outfit idea

In this example, we can see one diagonal ruffle on the skirt that visually makes the hips thinner.

Banana body type

If your waist is the same size as your hips, and your bottom and shoulders have the same width, you have a banana-shaped body

This figure can look great in any outfit, including bodycon dresses. I’ve added two visual examples to prove what I am talking about. 

Let’s start with the patterned dress that strays away from the conventional bodycon dress standards as it comes with a lengthy piece of fabric hanging down. Ladies with banana-shaped bodies will look fantastic in this design because it will balance their figure and visually create curves:

Bodycon dress with a belt for banana-shaped body outfit idea

And if you want to look more elegant, here’s a fantastic sleeveless, satin bodycon with a low V-neck that you’ll fall in love with:

Bodycon with deep B-neck for banana-shaped body outfit idea

In this body-hugging dress, you’ll perfectly balance the  bust and hips and look super-stylish!

Triangle and inverted triangle body shapes

Many triangles and inverted triangles have difficulty buying dresses that would look good on them. But let me tell you something, my dear ladies – you’re obviously choosing the wrong pieces of clothing! You can actually look brilliant if you follow a few fashion tricks. 

How to look good in a bodycon dress with this body type? Fear not; let me make this easier for you! 

Triangles have about 5% more measurements in their thighs and hips. This is contrary to their smaller bust and shoulder measurements. On the other hand, inverted triangles have a thinner lower body while the upper body looks broader.

First, I’ve chosen two great dresses for the triangle shape that will balance your lower and upper body. Check it out:

Bodycon with boat neck and ruffles for triangle body shape outfit idea

The boat neckline and frills on the shoulders add volume to your upper body, and that’s exactly what your figure needs. Go with some fancy details, and you will look flawlessly in this leather, seductive dress!

Let’s continue with more ruffles on one simple off-shoulder bodycon dress for the triangle figures. While the dress is snugly hugging your body down to your knees, the striking design on the upper body will move all attention towards the chest and thus create the balance you’re striving for:

Black bodycon with boat neck for triangle body shape outfit idea

Now we’re moving to outfit ideas for inverted triangles. No sleeve on the one side combined with the long sleeve on the other will make your upper body look thinner. Take a look at this fantastic yellow dress with more fancy yellow accessories:

Yellow one-sleeve bodycon dress for inverted triangle body

And what about the straight bodycon dress with lovely floral patterns? This model will add volume to your hips and thus make your lower body look more balanced with the shoulders and chest area:

Flower pattern bodycon for inverted triangle body

If you add some vivid details like orange high-heels, a purse, and attractive sunglasses, you’ll definitely capture everyone’s attention!

10 Best Tips for Styling and Wearing a Bodycon Dress

Now that we’ve covered the types of bodycon dresses each body shape should wear to look attractive, it’s time to bring out the best styling tips for wearing this dress.

If you follow a few simple fashion rules,  you can look fabulous in this stylish clothing piece.

Let’s get started.

Tip #1: Invest in shapewear

Since bodycon dresses sometimes heighten your insecurities, buying shapewear can help boost your confidence.

You can consider investing in shapewear as a foundation layer to give support without being visible. You’ll wear shapewear like your second skin, along with the bodycon. 

Ladies with a muffin top or anyone facing some physical insecurity should definitely use the shapewear. For instance, it’ll hide your tummy pooch and hip dips by flattening your stomach and smoothening the curves. 

And please don’t be hesitant to slip into shapewear, as almost all women opt to do so, particularly to camouflage a body part or look slimmer in their bodycon dresses.

Let me now show you some of the best shapewear I recommend you to wear. We’ll start with these big coverage panties that will be completely invisible under your dress. Their purpose is to tuck your tummy inside, lift your bottom and tighten your thighs:

Shapewear underpands for bodycon dress

We’re moving to another type of shapewear, known as a partial bodysuit. Bodysuits are a great option to wear under the bodycon dresses with sleeves since they have visible straps. I would personally combine it with this type of mini-dress:

Shapewear partial bodysuit for bodycon dress

When choosing shapewear, pay attention to two essential things – the right size to fit around the waist and the length of the leggings so they don’t protrude under the dress.

Tip #2: Use a hairspray to keep the bodycon dress from riding up

How to stop a bodycon dress from riding up? This question must be stuck in your mind. That’s why I am about to share a helpful tip for this problem. 

Simply buy a high-quality hairspray, which I’m sure is already available in your beauty products collection. 

Spray your thighs sufficiently, and you will never have to worry about the dress riding up.

Tip #3: Pick the right undergarments

We’re now aware of the importance of the right shapewear, but we shouldn’t skip undergarments as well when it comes to this sophisticated dress. 

Let me help you with this matter. 

We’ll start with this adhesive bra, an excellent go-to solution for many women who love wearing bodycon dresses. It’s best for off-the-shoulder and low V-neck dresses as it will look like you aren’t wearing a bra at all. Pair it with the seamless panties, and your dress will fit you the best way possible:

Strapless bra seamless pants undergarments for bodycon dress

And if you’re more of a fan of straps, here’s a deep seamless bra with flexible straps in the beige color. This type of deep plunge neckline with a U shape shows off cleavage and works well with both high-cut and low-cut clothes:

Bra with flexible stress seamless underpants undergarments for bodycon dress

You can combine this bra with beige seamless panties so the underwear will be completely invisible.

Tip #4: Add layers

Is a bodycon equally attractive during winter or when you want to layer up for fashion? The answer to both is a definite yes. 

Whether you need a jacket because of the low temperatures or because you want to spice up your outfit, various models will perfectly complement your bodycon dress.

Let’s start with this cute, black-and-white patterned coat that can work well with a dark or black bodycon dress:

Black bodycon with jacket outfit idea

And what about a timeless jean jacket? This fabric is a cult favorite among many women, including me. Let me show you how brilliant it can look with the bodycon dress:

Bodycon dress with jean jacket outfit idea

I think that this piece of layering is an excellent choice because it doesn’t hide the beauty of the bodycon dress and, at the same time, gives a touch of uniqueness to the overall outfit.

Tip #5: Don’t wear flats

Even if you’re blessed with a tall height, I still would not recommend flats with a bodycon to you, ladies. The reason is simple –  flats tend to throw an opposite vibe to the dress. So, make pumps or heels your best friends with this dress, as they’ll elongate your figure. 

Let me show you a few examples of shoes to wear with the bodycon, and I’ll start with classy black sandal heels. If you ask me, you can pair these stylish sandals with literally everything!

Heeled sandals best shoes for bodycon dress

These glamorous heels seal the deal and make the following midi black dress pop out even more. Take a look:

Black bodycon dress with heeled black sandals outfit idea

Your bodycon dress will also look fantastic with the classic high-heel pumps. Sexy stilettos heels will match all of the clothes in your closet perfectly, so they are a sure-fire way to top off any styling:

High-heel pumps best shoes for bodycon dress

Let me show you an outfit inspo to make your outfit look flawless! Create contrast with your bodycon – wear a lighter tone of dress with a darker tone of the heels, or vice versa:

Bodycon dress with high-heel pumps outfit idea

If you decide to wear midi dresses, like the one we could see above, I suggest wearing higher heels, at least 10 cm, to visually lengthen the figure.

Tip #6: Add minimum accessories

Another piece of advice I think is noteworthy is to wear only minimal accessories with your bodycon dress. We want the dress to stand out, and wearing accessories in excess will put the outfit in the background. However, it doesn’t mean you should give up on them completely. 

The first tip – wear a decent, one-colored necklace with your bodycon, as it brings attention to your neck and collarbone:

One-colored necklace with bodycon dress outfit idea

Also, add  a fancy clutch bag to store your belongings. This all-black outfit above is perfectly completed with black heeled sandals. 

And if you want to break the darkness and monotony, dare to go with some shiny details. Check out the inspo below:

Contrasting accessories with bodycon dress outfit idea

I am literally in love with these dangling silver earrings, attractive heeled sandals, and the purse sporting the same shade. Wow!

Tip #7: Go for darker bodycon dress colors

Since a bodycon’s primary purpose is to make your body look distinct and glamorous, I suggest you pick darker shades. Dark colors will lengthen your figure and make you look slimmer and more seductive.

The first example shows a super-cute outfit with a dark navy blue bodycon and color-matching accessories:

Navy-blue bodycon dress outfit idea

This outfit is perfect for pale skin women who want to wear dark clothes, but black doesn’t suit them very well. The navy blue is very close to black yet still holds its own charm gracefully. 

Speaking of black, the following bodycon dress is a great piece of clothing that every woman should have in their closet. It’s versatile, and you can wear it in a thousand ways. Here’s an inspo:

Black bodycon dress outfit idea

You can upgrade this all-black outfit with one gold watch, which is a sufficient and decent detail that elevates this styling to the next level.

Tip #8: Try patterned dresses

We’ve mostly seen only plain bodycon dresses till now, which might make you think patterned bodycon dresses would not be that fashionable. However, I’m here to reassure you. 

We’ll start this section with the always-in-fashion floral pattern on the midi bodycon dress:

Off-shoulder floral pattern bodycon outfit idea

As we can see above, these white flowers look perfectly on the black fabric. The dress is off-shoulder on one side and has a thicker shoulder strap on the other. This bodycon model will hide all the flaws and highlight only the best of your figure.

And what about some stripe patterns? Take a look at this super-chic piece:

Striped short bodycon dress outfit idea

If you have a tummy pooch, your figure will adore this style because these lines create the illusion of tightening the waist area.

Tip #9: Search for the right bags

We’ve covered the accessories part, but we should pay special attention to bags. Forget about big, bulky bags with bodycon dresses as they don’t look good together. A small to medium size bag should work just fine, as we can see below:

Red bodycon beige bag outfit idea

Neutral color bags work the best with one-colored bodycon dresses. This creamy beige shade we can see above embodies femininity and can pair nicely with charming and seductive red dresses.

A long-strapped small bag is another excellent alternative. It’s easy to carry, looks classy, and pairs perfectly with all types of bodycon dresses. Take a look:

Leather bodycon black bag outfit idea

This little leather handbag, black heels, and a tight leather dress look so dramatic! No detail other than a purse is needed. Less is more!

Tip #10: Pick the right hairstyle

If you’re the type to worry about your hair the most, let me assure you that bodycon dresses work great with various hairstyles. 

For instance, if you have naturally long hair, a closed bun using a fancy leaf or floral accessory is a simple and beautiful hairstyle. It can look good with any bodycon, especially those in light colors like the one we can see below:

Low bun best hairstyle to wear with bodycon dress

And what about stylish ponytails? To show off all the beauty of your dress and highlight your face, lift your hair into a high ponytail.

Ponytail best hairstyle to wear with bodycon dress

The ponytail can be straight, curly, or wavy – depending on your preferences. One thing is for sure – it will look fantastic in any way.

Bodycon Dress Trends in 2022

The best thing about bodycon dresses is that you can wear them all year round. If you’re unsure how to combine them depending on the weather, let me show you how to make bodycons your go-to ensemble in the hot and cold seasons.

Summer style

First, take a look at this bodycon dress with the one-shoulder off that looks so fresh and summery:

Pink floral off-shoulder bodycon summer outfit idea

The floral patterns are feminine, while bright pink heels and a bag add more spark to the outfit. Rose-colored sunnies are great for protecting your eyes against the sunlight and look super-fancy at the same time!

Let’s continue with the lime green shade bodycon dress that looks so attractive! The spaghetti straps are another trend in summer bodycon, and you can’t go wrong with them:

Neon-green spaghetti strap bodycon summer outfit idea

And as the cherry on the top, I left one fancy red piece! This one-shoulder off-red bodycon with a spaghetti strap is so airy and breezy and strikes the perfect balance between pretty and practical. Check it out:

Coral bodycon dress summer outfit idea

Brown fashion details such as sandals, a purse, and sunglasses fit perfectly with the red color. Indeed a wonderful combination for some elegant summer dinner!

Winter style

If you think your fashion options are limited on cold days, you couldn’t be more wrong. In this section, I’ll show three winter bodycon outfits you’ll fall in love with.

Let’s start with the bodycon dress with the vertical ruffle in the right upper sleeve. This adds dynamics to this attire and makes it look unique. Take a look:

Black bodycon dress with ruffleed sleeves winter outfit idea

In the following example, we can see a plain red bodycon with full sleeves, which is a perfect option to hug your body and make you look fabulous in winter:

Red bodycon dress beige high heels winter outfit idea

Lastly, here’s an all-green ensemble that is a perfect option for the winter holidays. Check it out:

Emerald green bodycon dress winter outfit idea

Plush is the best fabric to keep you warm while ensuring your fashion game is killer. The pointy green heels, dangling green earrings, and green clutch totally seal the deal.

Can You Wear a Bodycon Dress to a Wedding?

Bodycon dresses are a top-tier option for parties and special occasions, and you can also wear them at weddings. Whether you’re the bride or a guest, I’ll show you how to ace a bodycon dress on the wedding day.

Let’s start with the spaghetti strap satin dress that flawlessly accentuates your curves, while the low V-neck makes you look more feminine. The corset-like top makes the waist look slimmer, so it’s an ideal gown for all apple-shaped women who want a smooth transition between hips and waist:

Silk bodycon dress wedding outfit idea

We’re moving to the lace bodycon dress that displays unique prints at the top layer. A white bodice underneath perfectly hugs the figure and shows the best of it:

Lace bodycon dress wedding outfit idea

Recently, Kourtney Kardashian wore a bodycon dress at her wedding, and what can be a better inspiration to do the same for all the lovely brides-to-be? Her satin bodycon was short, yet it highlighted her curves and paired well with the long veil:

Kourtney Kardashian white wedding bodycon dress
Credit: GeoTV

Finally, here’s some fashion inspo for female guests who have to attend a wedding soon and consider wearing a bodycon. Check out how cute and beautiful this styling looks:

Floral bodycon dress outfit idea for a wedding guest

The dusty pink shade with a long floral print runs through the dress. Short sleeves, stylish wavy neckline, and pink accessories make the outfit completely unique.


And that’s it, ladies! This concludes my guide on how to wear a bodycon dress. We’ve covered everything about it, like history, 2022 trends, and styling tips. Let’s sum up:

  • Opt for dark shades.
  • Choose heels and pumps rather than flats.
  • Pick the right undergarments and shapewear.
  • Be minimal with accessories.
  • Consider patterned bodycon dresses or layering up.

I hope you’re now ready to rock the bodycon style! If you want to boost your fashion knowledge with more inspiration and outfit ideas, check out the other articles on my blog.

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