Exercises for the Perfect Pear-Shaped Body

Christine Steuber
May 27, 2022
Wondering how to keep your pear-shaped body fit? I've prepared the best workout routine you could ask for! There are some outfits as well.

It can be hard to love your body when the world is so focused on getting an impossible Instagram-inspired “ideal” shape. But let me tell you something at the very beginning of this article – there is no ideal body and the perfect figure, even if you are the proud owner of a pear-shaped body, which resembles hourglass the most.

I sincerely adore this body shape, and I consider it very attractive, but many of my pear-shaped friends want to remove excess fat from their lower bodies. So that’s why I decided to create a detailed fitness routine and workout plan for all of you, my dear pears!

Regular exercise and a healthy diet can transfer your fat to the right places and achieve the slimmer physique you’re looking for. I will be sharing all the right exercises that will bring you closer to your desired body. 

Let’s get started!

What is a Pear-Shaped Body Type?

The key characteristic of a pear-shaped body is a slim waist and wide hips and thighs. If your upper body is slim, but you carry your weight around the lower half, you probably have a pear-shaped body. 

Did you know that this body type is very common, even in the celebrity world? For instance, the queen Beyoncè belongs to this category. She picks up the right outfits to emphasize her curves in the best possible way. And we have to admit it – she always looks attractive and seductive!

Beyonce celebrity example with pear-shaped body
Credit: Pinterest

Another striking example of a celeb with this figure is the beautiful singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. Her wide hips and narrow waist define feminine perfection for many people.

I will show you how to dress according to your physique and which exercises to do to achieve the “fit pear” look they have. Stay focused and keep reading.

Typical characteristics

The first thing you need to know is that the pear-shaped figure has a wider lower body compared to the upper body. Also, there are other names for this physique, such as triangle or A-silhouette. 

If you are not sure you belong to this group, check out the most typical characteristics of the pear body type:

  • A thin neck.
  • Narrow shoulders and waist.
  • Sporty legs.
  • Wide hips.

Pear’s upper body is aristocratic and refined. The difference between the waist and hips is between 25 to 30 cm. 

Before we continue, I want to clarify one thing – having curves doesn’t mean being overweight. Actually, you can also have a skinny pear-shaped body with a slim waist, flat tummy, and curvy hips. Aside from the long and delicate neck and attractive waist, pears tend to have thin and appealing arms. 

On the other hand, I’ve noticed that people often confuse this shape with an apple figure, but that’s incorrect. The apple bodies are characterized by flat hips, the same width of chest and hips, fat in the abdomen, and a poorly defined waist. Read more on this topic in my previous article – I covered all the details there!

A Workout Guide to Getting a Pear Body Type in Shape

And now we came to the main and the essential part of my guide. I know how confusing it can be to find the right workout to achieve a particular goal. But you can stop searching now because I’ve done detailed research for you and listed down the best pieces of training to get your pear body in shape. 

To better understand all exercises, I’ve also added YouTube tutorials that might be helpful on your way to body transformation.

Ready, steady, go!

Workout goals for the pear-shaped body

Before starting your workout, you should set your fitness goals and choose the workout style you prefer. Pears should strive to tighten up thighs, legs, and hips as these are the areas they are most conscious about. 

Moreover, it’s crucial to get rid of extra calories and fat to achieve a slim body shape. Of course, nothing can happen overnight, but if you are consistent and persistent, you’ll definitely get what you want!

Exercise #1: Step Up with Knee Lift & Bicep Curl

Let’s start our workout plan with the exercise that will make your legs and biceps burn! Here are the instructions to do it properly:

  • Put your feet at a shoulder-width distance and take the dumbbells in both hands.
  • Step on the bench with your left foot.
  • Curl the two biceps by bending the elbows. 
  • Bring the dumbbells to your chest.
  • Step down with your right foot, and put your arms down.
  • Repeat the steps on the other side.

Make sure to watch this video by Trainer Approved to understand all the steps of this exercise:

The good thing is that you’ll activate most of your body in this workout while strengthening your core. If you are a beginner, you can do the same exercise with no dumbbells.

Exercise #2: Push Up with Leg Lift on Stability Ball

Have you ever tried the stability ball workout? If you haven’t, it’s time to do it now! It will help you reshape your pear body, and it’s super-fun. Let me explain to you how to do it:

  • Lie down on a stability ball, with hands hanging down in front.
  • Walk forward using your hands.
  • Your posture must be similar to the starting position in a push-up. 
  • Lower yourself on the floor. Push out your elbows and contract your abs until the upper arms parallel the floor.
  • Go back to the original push-up position and work your glutes to elevate your right leg above the stability ball.
  • Lower your leg on the stability ball. Do the push-up again, but with the left leg raised this time.

Check out the short and helpful tutorial from Jennifer Adolfs, who perfectly describes the exercise and shows the correct posture:

Now, let’s check out what’s next in our workout routine.

Exercise #3: Donkey Kick

As you know, pears need to tighten their core and glutes. To target these areas, I advise you to try the Donkey Kick exercise:

  • Lower yourself on all four limbs and keep in mind that knees must be at a 90 angle with buttocks. Your neck and head should be strain-free.
  • Now lift and extend your left leg straight back. Afterward, bend your left knee. 
  • If it’s possible, raise your left thigh higher. Remain in this position for a few seconds, and return to the starting position.
  • Repeat these steps on the other side. 

To be sure that you understand my description, I recommend watching this tutorial by LivestrongWoman:

The next exercise is a bit more complex, but it’s so good to get you in shape!

Exercise #4: Woodchopper Squat

Now it’s time for one exercise that will activate all your muscles – biceps, triceps, gluteus, abs, and back ones! Try the woodchopper squat:

  • Stand with feet at a shoulder-width distance. Hold a kettlebell or dumbbell in both hands in front of you.
  • By extending your hands overhead, raise the dumbbell.
  • Lower the dumbbell by bringing the arms downward quickly, like you’re chopping wood. Your arms should be straight while you are squatting simultaneously.
  • Ensure that the dumbbell is low, but it should not touch the floor. Make sure that your knees do not go beyond your toes. 

I love how fitness trainer Stew Smith shows this exercise from all sides in just 17 seconds, so make sure to check this video out:

Now, over to our next exercise.

Exercise #5: Lunge with Triceps Extension

Let’s intensify your workout, ladies! I’ll show you one challenging exercise that targets all muscles in your glutes and arms. 

  • Stand in a gentle lunge position, with your legs bent. The front foot should be on the floor. Hold a dumbbell in your hands.
  • Raise the dumbbell, extending your hands overhead. Keep the object slightly behind the head.
  • Lower the dumbbell behind your head, keeping your forearms parallel to the floor. 
  • Simultaneously, intensify the lunge to make the knees situate at 90°.
  • Remain in this position for a few seconds and push the dumbbell back. Return to the original position.

You can also click on this link to the video from Kristy Lee Wilson to see how to do the lunge with triceps extension properly. 

How can the following exercise help get you in shape? Let’s find out.

Exercise #6: Reverse Table Top with Leg Lift

For the next exercise, you don’t need any equipment other than a mat. The following exercise will help you shape and strengthen the legs, especially the thighs. Here’s how to do it:

  • Bend your knees and sit on the floor. Place your palms on the floor, keep the back straight, and your feet flat. Fingers should point to the front.
  • Push off from the feet and palms, elevating your hips to make a reverse table top. 
  • Stay like this for a few seconds.
  • Lift a leg upward with the knee bent. The lower leg should be parallel to the floor and perpendicular to the thigh.
  • Again, remain like this for a few seconds. Bring your leg down.
  • Repeat the leg lift on the other side.

I advise you to watch this workout video from Prisma Health Upstate as it shows two possible versions of performing this exercise:

If you’re a beginner, keep your palms on the floor. On the other hand, if you’re advanced, you can touch your foot’s fingers with one hand every time you push your body up.

Exercise #7: Squatting with Shoulder Pendulum

If you love lifting weights and squatting, the next exercise allows you to do both. The arms will gain muscle mass, and the thighs will burn, which means you are doing the right thing, my dear pears. Follow these steps:

  • Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Your back should be vertical with knees and toes.
  • Hold a dumbbell in both hands.
  • Lower your body to form a squat, bend your knees and push your hips back. Simultaneously, elevate your arms in front to the shoulder level, with the palms facing down.
  • Lower the arms and return to the original position. 

In case you need the visual tutorial, I found one well-explained video by Body Fit Solutions, so take a look:

A couple more exercises and we’re almost done with our workout routine!

Exercise #8: Mountain Climber

Mountain climber is a perfect exercise for weight loss as it activates every single part of the body. Here are the instructions:

  • Settle into a plank position with your palms and toes touching the ground. Keep your wrists straight below the shoulders.
  • Pull the right knee to the chest using the strength of your abs.
  • Remain like this for a few seconds. Extend the right foot back into the plank position.
  • Repeat the steps on the other side and speed up the tempo. 

If you didn’t completely understand my explanation, here’s the tutorial from Howcast of one incredible woman who explains and shows everything in detail:

I’m sure you’ll love the following exercise as much as this one!

Exercise #9: Dumbbell Chest Press on Stability Ball

I have to admit that I love stability ball exercises. They are fun and, at the same time, very effective and give excellent results. Since we want to balance your pear figure, we need to achieve more shaped and prominent arms and shoulders. This exercise will help you to get this:

  • Sit on top of a stability ball while holding dumbbells in both hands. 
  • Slowly roll your back down the stability ball until the middle and keep your knees at a 90° angle.
  • Raise the dumbbell above your chest. 
  • Lower your arms slowly while bending the elbows. 
  • By contracting your chest muscles, elevate the dumbbells above the head again. 
  • Remain in this position for some seconds, and then repeat. 

The professional fitness instructor, Jillian Michales, thoroughly explains all steps, so check out the part of her training:

And now, let’s check out what else is left.

Exercise #10: Jumping Jacks

Finally, we came to the last exercise for the pear-shaped body. It’s about jumping jacks, the most popular cardiovascular workout. Your whole body will feel the benefits of this exercise, especially your legs. Let me briefly describe how to do it: 

  • Stand with your feet at a distance of hips width.
  • Jump, extend your feet to the side, and put your arms overhead.
  • Before landing, bring your arms and feet to the original position.

Here you can see the right way of doing jumping jacks. I advise you to include this exercise in pre-workout warm-ups. This is a video by XHIT Daily:

Also, consider using the waist trainer for more sweating and faster results!

5 Outfit Ideas for Pear-Like Figures

If you’ve been wearing whatever clothes your whole life and felt unsatisfied, it’s time to change some things, right?

I have made outfit ideas for all the occasions that will look amazing on your pear curves. You will understand that you can visually change your body by wearing the right pieces of clothing! 

I know you’re impatient, so let’s get started.

Outfit #1: Comfy gym styling

Now that you have gone through my workout plan, I thought it would be a good idea to share a nice gym outfit option. I prioritize ease of movement in my gym attire, which is exactly what this outfit is about:

Workout outfit idea for pear-shaped body

The loose sporty pants are an amazing choice to feel the maximum comfort and neutralize your wide hips’ look. You can also wear leggings if you want your thighs and legs to feel tighter during the workout. Pair it with a hoodie, and you’re ready for the gym. Finally, don’t forget to wear breathable sneakers.

Outfit #2: A day out in the city

Now let’s get a little away from the topic of exercise and sportswear and focus on the fancy outfit I’ve prepared for your body shape. Check it out:

Casual outfit idea for pear-shaped body

These flared jeans are the brilliant choice for your pear-shaped body as they will make your figure look more balanced. Additionally, the low V-neck will let you show off your attractive cleavage and move focus away from your wide hips. Add some cute accessories, and you’re ready to shine through the city streets!

Outfit #3: The beach time

The body of pear-shaped people is ideal for wearing one-piece swimsuits as these will make your hips slimmer and emphasize the attractive midsection. Take a look at this super-cute outfit:

Beach outfit idea for pear-shaped body

As you might already know, the black shade hides all the flaws, so wearing a black bathing suit is always a good idea. Combine it with a bag, flip-flops, and hat in some brighter colors.

Outfit #4: Night out

Whenever your friends make exciting plans to go out, do you instantly start to worry about what to wear?

Well, the below outfit is excellent for any occasion. Whether you’ll go partying in the daytime or nighttime, this off-shoulder, slim-strappy black top made of silk will look flawlessly on your pear-shaped body. It will show your feminine arms and shoulders:

Pear-shaped body outfit for going out

As for the bottom, the jean skirt is a super comfy and stylish option. Leather boots, a little black purse, a shiny bracelet, and red lipstick are everything you need to look fabulous!

Outfit #5: A bit of elegance

And finally, I have prepared an outfit that you can wear for a more formal occasion. This beautiful asymmetrical dark blue dress will highlight only the best of your pear-shaped body and visually reduce your hips. Check out this elegant combination:

Going out outfit for pear-shaped body

Champagne-colored shoes and a purse will complete the look, while gold jewelry will add a dose of luxury to the whole outfit.

Over to You

Now you know that it’s totally possible to get a pear-shaped body fit and attractive. Just follow my workout plan to get the figure you always wanted. Let’s repeat all the ten exercises once again:

  • Step Up with Knee Lift & Bicep Curl
  • Push Up with Leg Lift on Stability Ball
  • Donkey Kick
  • Woodchopper Squat
  • Lunge with Triceps Extension
  • Reverse Table Top with Leg Lift
  • Squatting with Shoulder Pendulum
  • Mountain Climber
  • Dumbbell Chest Press on Stability Ball
  • Jumping Jacks

I hope I have helped you and that you liked my article. If I intrigued you, and you want to read more of my guides, visit my blog and enjoy valuable and fun content!

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