Best Waist Trainer for Weight Loss That You Can Wear During Workouts

Christine Steuber
Jul 5, 2021
Forget about what corset Kim Kardashian wore underneath her 2019 Met Gala dress. And why? Simply because the fashion/beauty standards set by celebrities like Kim Kardashian…

Forget about what corset Kim Kardashian wore underneath her 2019 Met Gala dress. And why? Simply because the fashion/beauty standards set by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and even Khloe are unrealistically high. And if you don’t know how to separate the good from the bad and toxic, then you might be in big trouble living up to these “standards.”

When we’re looking at the best waist trainer for weight loss, the whole purpose of the thing is something else entirely. Many women put them on to accelerate fat burning during a workout session. Then there are some who also keep them on during the day, like 8 hours or something, for shedding more while doing what needs to be done in the day.

Now, whatever your reason for wearing a waist trainer, keep in mind that it’s only a healthy choice for you if the fit isn’t too tight or restricting. Yeah, you may want to cinch your waist to create a natural-looking hourglass shape BUT don’t do that at the cost of your abdominal muscles and internal organs.

Trust me, there are plenty of ways to lose weight and to target the most problematic areas of your body, such as your belly pooch. So why not turn to these effective, healthy methods instead of just strapping on something so tight that you find it hard to breathe.

So if you catch my drift, let’s look at some of the top-selling waist trainers that surely make workout sessions sweatier, thus more effective…

A Quick Look At The Top 3 Choices!

And now it’s time to dive deeper with a lot more amazing recommendations from the waist trainer category!

12 Women’s Waist Trainers to Achieve Weight Loss Goals Faster

1. Eleady Neoprene Waist Trainer Corset

Eleady Best Neoprene Waist Trainer

A high-compression neoprene body shaper corset like this is bought with the intention to wear during workout or training sessions. Whatever size you choose, the Eleady waist trainer fits perfectly while also covering the entire torso. This also means no riding-up complaints.

When doing cardio or lifting weights, it just knows how to keep the tummy in and the core tight, which is sure to shed more sweat. Along the same vein, you have the amazing neoprene fabric to increase the temperature of your core in order to accelerate fat burning in the tummy area. Therefore, slimming down your waist in the most natural manner.

You get abdominal compression as well as lumbar support with this thing. The latter also paves the way for posture correction. Many women during their postpartum are quite fond of this and the double-layered compression binder in the waist as all of it keeps their belly pooch from hanging out and looking unshapely.


  • High, double-layered compression
  • Neoprene fabric creates heat in the abdomen
  • 4 hooks for an adjustable, more comfortable fit


  • Some have had to size up
  • Not long enough for a long torso

2. LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss

LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Tummy Control

Let’s say you buy this amazingly popular tummy control waist trainer and then open the package and realize that maybe you ordered the wrong size. If that happens, do not be alarmed because this thing may look tiny but it stretches like a dream, even in the case of an XL size.

Since the previous one does not fit all that well on a long torso, the current corset does. So hiding all those highly-resistant-to-shed rolls, bumps, and bulges you may have get compressed rather comfortably, provided you avoid choosing a size too tight.

The lace adjustability is not only practical but also looks very sexy while holding your flabby tummy in to make it look flatter and slimmer and also lifting your breasts in case your twins are a little droopy too. And all the while the fabric of the corset feels extremely soft and comfortable against your skin, which means all-day wear is not such a bad idea.


  • High, double-layered compression for tummy tuck
  • Lightweight, comfortable, stretchy fabric
  • Spiral steel boning doesn’t roll down or up
  • Adjustable hook closure with front zip for easy on/off


  • The zipper is not entirely seamless through clothing

3. Moolida Waist Trainer Weight Loss Belt

Moolida Waist Trainer Belt for Women Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Workout Fitness Back Support Belts

One that fits perfectly and that also shows a noticeable difference after just a single workout session. This Moolida Waist Trainer Belt looks pretty seamless under normal, everyday clothing. You get that perfect, desirable hourglass body shape. Just please make sure you don’t get a size that feels too cramped – beauty doesn’t have to be painful!

In terms of weight loss, this trainer in the form of a fitness belt is EVERYTHING. You can do HIIT workouts, burpees, and ab exercises in this for quicker, natural waist-cinching results. The only major issue here is the boning part of the waist trainer rubbing against your skin, which is why it’s so highly recommended to wear a t-shirt below it for preventing chafing.

Rest all is nothing but praiseworthy. Such as the wide wrap that covers and fits perfectly well around the tummy. Along with the fact that comfortable, cushioned compression is what you get with lower back support too. And just so you know, neoprene is used (the latex-free kind), so the likelihood of skin irritation is surely minimized.


  • Sufficiently wide trainer belt for all types of workouts
  • Higher mid-section compression to hold the tummy in
  • Acrylic boning in the back for lumbar support
  • Latex-free, thus skin-friendly neoprene


  • Boning tends to dig into and rub against the skin

4. Gepoetry Waist Trainer Body Shaper Belt

Waist Trainer Belt Waist Cincher Trimmer Slimming Body Shaper Belts Sport Girdle for Women

When the fabric and overall design feel so stretchy and comfortable, the benefits of a waist trainer belt receive a boost for sure. Thanks to neoprene, this body shaper belt is also very effortless to clean and doesn’t even irritate the skin. With its highly adjustable hook closure, you can create a fit that compresses and, at the same time, also allows you to breathe.

The tummy-trimming belt is both wide enough and thick enough. The sufficient width keeps the trainer in place during your workouts. And sufficient thickness is the best for generating more heat and sweat when you’re working so hard to shed fat. Especially in the case of running or lifting weights!

It seems like a lifesaver for many women in their postpartum stage too. Because, after all, the waist trainer offers both support and compression in the abdominal region. It cinches to also keep the spine in the correct position.


  • Latex-free, skin-friendly, stretchy neoprene
  • Double line of hooks for a more comfortable, accurate fit
  • Breathable mesh backing and posture-correcting boning stripes
  • Wide, thick belt for proper coverage and heat/sweat generation


  • Velcro tends to unfasten and also wear out easily

5. QEESMEI Waist Trainer Body Shaper Belt

Waist Trainer Belt for Women & Man - Waist Cincher Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt - Slimming Body Shaper Belt

There are a couple of things one should know before buying this waist trainer. And these facts, in no way, are listed to discourage you from buying. It’s just that once you know what to keep in mind, you can make a more well-informed decision.

So anyway, there’s no doubt that this body shaper belt is not an effective weight-loss tool. But here’s the gripe – it works better, meaning feels more comfortable when doing cardio and not so much for weight training. It also brings tons of lower back relief in case you happen to do a lot of heavy lifting and sitting.

One more thing – women on a weight loss journey are better off choosing one size down. On the other hand, if you just want support, then consider going one size up. Otherwise, in both cases, simply stick to your actual size for a mix of support and weight loss.

The rest of it is pretty well-structured in my opinion. Stretchy neoprene doesn’t bother the skin, mesh backing takes care of breathability, a double line of hooks and loops provide the most accurate and comfortable fit, and the flexible acrylic bones offer the much-needed lumbar support. A highly functional and versatile waist trainer indeed.


  • Made of skin-friendly latex-free neoprene
  • Also works as a back brace for lower back pain relief
  • Reinforced acrylic boning improves posture


  • Not suitable for a longer torso
  • A little too bulky for regular clothing

6. SHAPERX Women Waist Trainer Slimming Belly Band Shaper

SHAPERX Women Waist Trainer Eraser Belt Tummy Control Waist Trimmer Slimming Belly Band Shaper

Even with a large set of breasts, this SHAPERX waist trainer feels very comfortable during workout sessions. Those, men and women both, who have struggled with back pain tend to have a problem when exercising. So, at such times, a body shaper like this can really be of immense help.

Firstly, it surely does a wonderful job when it comes to shaping your body while also easing any lower back pain or discomfort. To be honest, not many such waist trainers are able to achieve both results at the same time.

Moving on, there are straps on both sides, which is perfect because they allow you to adjust to your heart and organs’ content (meaning no uncomfortable or painful constriction).

So even if this is your very first trainer belt, you don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong. Wrapping it around is pretty easy because of the Velcro adjustment, plus the compression and support minimize to a great extent long-standing back pain. And you get a spandex belt too to bring more comfortable cinching action into the picture.


  • Stretchy neoprene prevents skin sensitivities
  • Ventilation holes and mesh backing eliminate sweat
  • Double adjustment system with Velcro for the perfect fit


  • Might be short for some and also visible through clothing

7. Yianna Waist Trainer Girdle Cincher Body Shaper

YIANNA Waist Trainer for Women Underbust Latex Sport Girdle Corsets Cincher Hourglass Body Shaper

This product has earned over 67,600 ratings on Amazon!!! So if that’s not an effective weight loss waist trainer, then I don’t know what is! Just like a pear-shaped body with its wide hips and thighs gets a more ‘balanced’ look with specific kinds of jeans only, a bulging tummy, for whatever reason, also demands something more definitive, like THIS.

You could be 6 months into your postpartum stage and still find this body shaper the most comfortable and useful. Even with the majority of your weight in your tummy, this doesn’t make your abdominals feel sore.

The level of tummy compression that’s packed into it is perfect for weight loss goals. You can wear it for long hours during the day or for your heavy, long training sessions too. It also works pretty seamlessly as a boned waist trainer corset as well. You can do a lot – lift the under-bust region and boost thermal activity – simply by wearing this body shaper.

And the fact that a combination of spandex, nylon, and lycra is used is proof that the brand really cares about the quality and performance of its products. Another proof of that is the inclusion of covered boning. The covered part means no digging into or rubbing against your skin to cause chafing or any other kind of skin irritation.


  • 3-layered fabric with high compression for an hourglass figure
  • Mesh design, thus breathability is not a concern
  • Flexible spiral boning bends and recovers easily


  • Tends to ride up and dig into the under-bust region

8. LadySlim Fajas Colombianas Latex Waist Trainer Cincher

Lady Slim Fajas Colombianas Reductoras Y Moldeadoras para Mujer Latex Waist Trainer Cincher Shaper for Women

A simple, traditional waist trainer cincher yet it’s capable of doing so much more than the modern designs of today. LadySlim Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Trainer Cincher is a fine purchase that could make you very happy about getting the hourglass shape you desire.

You know natural latex is used when there’s that god-awful, strong chemical odor. Now, this may be a very common complaint but at least you know that the brand is not fooling you into believing that latex is used. So that’s a win-lose situation for sure!

Furthermore, the fit of this trainer cincher is the best part. And the fact that the fit seems perfect even for women with a long torso is even more commendable. As the day wears on, the body shaper feels more and more comfortable. And that’s mainly because the material is also incredibly stretchy and naturally molds to and moves with the shape of your body.

Then the latex layer also contributes a great deal when it comes to creating the sauna effect. So you can wear the waist trainer and look forward to sweating, thus shedding more fat during exercise. This way, it’s even possible to re-shape and minimize fatty deposits present in your skin. Now you know why latex waist trainers like these are so darn popular!


  • Durable, high-quality, waist cincher
  • Made of stretchy latex to create fat-loss sauna effect
  • Very snug yet comfortable fit
  • Even though thick, doesn’t feel bulky under clothing


  • Strong, unpleasant latex smell

9. Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset

Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset Zipper Vest Body Shaper Cincher Tank Top with Adjustable Straps

First of all, if you have a short torso, let me tell you now only to skip this review because this Nebility Waist Trainer Corset is made for a long torso. So in case you’re too short, then this is simply going to bunch up and the whole fit and feel won’t seem right or comfortable.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, let’s talk about all the wonderful things this body shaper is capable of doing. The quality is outstanding given the affordable price tag. And just so you know, women who have had as many as 3-4 kids have taken a fond liking to this one.

That means if your abdomen region is the most vulnerable or weak part of your body too, be it because of pregnancy or simply just weight gain, then you can rely on a waist trainer like this that really FITS yet doesn’t make your feel suffocated. Speaking of which, shoulder strap adjustability also comes to the rescue to achieve a more customized, comfortable fit.

And with adjustable straps, you can also get a more well-supported breast shape. On top of that, the brand has also incorporated the push-up effect in the under-bust to make your chest look less droopy and more lifted. Along the way, firm control in the back and underarm eliminates your natural rolls, bumps, and lumps.

It’s a very practical and even safe choice for women who have never ever worn a waist trainer. Tasks like bending, exercising, and sitting are all possible, minus any discomfort whatsoever.


  • Made of moisture-wicking polyester and stretchy spandex
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and 3 rows of hooks
  • U-shaped, push-up breast support/shaping


  • Not the best choice for a short torso

10. TrainingGirl Women Waist Trainer Tummy Control Belt

TrainingGirl Women Waist Trainer Cincher Belt Tummy Control Sweat Girdle Workout Slim Belly Band for Weight Loss

Let’s say you decide to give this one a try on a limb, so are you heading toward disappointment? I don’t think so at all, even if you carry most of your weight in your stomach area. If your regular size is L/XL, then maybe you can get an M for a more snug fit. L/XL or M, the fit feels super-comfortable because of the perfect sizing.

Hugging the mid and lower sections of your tummy is what this waist trainer knows how to do best. Along with increasing sweat production and paving the way for shedding more water weight.

It’s also a very effective tool for relieving back pain and correcting body posture. All thanks to the brand for including spiral steel boning that, even though offers so much support, bends and recovers quickly. This means you get a complete range of motion.

So while you’re exercising and dieting to achieve your weight loss goals, why not turn to a comfortable, breathable, and not-at-all-constricting waist trainer like this.


  • Compression waist belt speeds up perspiration and fat loss
  • Made of latex-free, stretchy neoprene
  • Flexible spiral steel boning provides back support
  • Double-adjustment waistband increases compression


  • Poor quality Velcro and zipper

11. GAODI Women Waist Trainer Vest Slim Corset

GAODI Women Waist Trainer Vest Slim Corset Neoprene Sauna Tank Top Zipper Weight Loss Body Shaper Shirt

Compress all your mid-section tummy fat with the help of this super-comfy waist trainer that also acts as a typical sauna suit. Since it’s made of neoprene, there’s a lot of heat and sweat generation happening in here. At the same time, neoprene also means quick sweat absorption with more flexibility, durability, and stretch.

Moreover, the vest-style corset minimizes your waistline and makes the tummy look flatter. A very suitable choice even for women in their postpartum recovery stage, this waist trainer is just what you may need for slowly and steadily helping your body get back to its natural shape post-delivery.

And you have zero hooks to deal with here. You know what means, right? Everything you want to hold in is held in without having to struggle with hooking the thing on all the time. And even without these hooks, you get tummy control and back fat smoothing, along with a slightly more lifted bust. Now you see why it’s so highly recommended!


  • Made of stretchy, sweat-absorbent neoprene
  • Sauna vest for producing 3x more sweat
  • Zipper included for easy on/off


  • Straps are not adjustable

Not designed for a short torso

12. Burvogue Waist Trainer Latex Corset Cincher

Burvogue Waist Trainer for Weight Loss-Women Trimmer Slimmer Belt Latex Corset Cincher Body Shaper

No way are you going to find this waist trainer an uncomfortable or useless choice, even if you’ve got a C-section done. But keep in mind that the initial fit will be a little too tight – you’ll barely make it to the first hook.

However, if you manage to pull through, then only a few more wears like this are sure to open it up. Otherwise, go one size up to avoid the break-in discomfort and pain.

Gaining weight is such a natural part of life. But this doesn’t mean that you should let it happen because being fit and healthy is very important. That said, you can speed up your weight loss process, especially fat loss around your tummy, with the help of this cincher.

You can adjust the fit based on your waist size and shape. Plus, 9 steel bones in the under-bust prevent roll-ups and make sure your body posture is properly aligned. But the most crucial part, no doubt, is the high compression around the belly. Thanks to latex, this tends to tuck in, temporarily of course, 3 to 5 inches of your natural waist.


  • Double-layered, high compression latex boosts heat activity
  • Stretchy spandex and all-weather, comfy cotton
  • Front-placed 4 rows of hooks for max. adjustability
  • Extra Firm Control with 9 steel bones for shaping


  • Feels uncomfortably tight at first
  • As it stretches, original shape retention is non-existent

What Is A Waist Trainer?

Best Waist Trainer for Weight Loss

A compression band made of high-compression, stretchy material or blend of materials that you wrap around your midriff section – well, that’s a waist trainer. Pretty much the cousin of a corset.

More often than not, waist trainers are made using stretchy, thick fabrics and designed with hooks, Velcro, or lace as the closure system.

But then you have to keep in mind that you don’t need to wear them the Victorian style. Those lead to pretty ugly consequences like spinal deformity and organ failure on the account that they were just too tight and thus restricted natural breathing and movement.

So the modern-day corset or waist trainer offers more breathing space, literally. The design, at least in most cases, consists of steel boning that performs the job of also improving your body posture. And giving you an hourglass shape!

Do Waist Trainers Help Lose Belly Fat?

If losing that belly pooch and overall weight was as easy as that, nobody would be overweight, right? But you also have to take into account that wearing a waist trainer can indeed accelerate the process of fat shedding during a workout by generating more heat and sweat in the abdominal region.

Obviously, you have to pair this up with regular workout AND healthy eating.

Very Interesting Benefits of Wearing A Waist Trainer

1. Most Important Of All – It Gives You An Hourglass Figure

One of the primary reasons why waist trainers are so popular – they help you achieve that perfect, desirable hourglass body shape you may or may not be working so hard to achieve. After all, they do cinch your waistline to highlight your curves.

But, needless to say, this is just a temporary solution. Meaning don’t expect a long-lasting effect with a waist trainer because that’s something you get only with intense exercise and strict healthy eating habits.

2. Very Little Known – It Improves Body Posture

Waist trainers, especially those that feature steel boning, correct your body posture while also providing tons of lumbar support. So if you lift too heavy at the gym and/or sit for too long at work, a waist trainer, at such times, feels like a blessing in disguise.

3. Most Misunderstood – It Aids In Weight Loss

The weight loss that women and men normally expect from waist trainers is not a result of NO EFFORT. You have to pair it up with your exercise routine if you want to shed more fat more quickly.

But when you wear a waist trainer for your workout session, the sauna effect produced by the compression leads to a greater amount of sweat generation, thus accelerating the process of fat loss.

So if a brand is telling you to wear its waist trainer and then expect to lose weight automatically is actually scamming you. A healthy diet and regular exercise are not only required but also a healthier approach to weight loss.

Just be sure to choose a size that allows you to breathe. Because muscles and tissues demand oxygen during exercise, and if you wear something that’s too constricting, you may have a hard time breathing and may possibly even damage an internal organ.

4. Not A Healthy One – It Decreases Appetite

If you’re looking for ways to curb your appetite, try reducing your daily calorie consumption, fill up on water, and incorporate these very useful, science-backed tips. Wearing a too-tight waist trainer and squeezing your stomach is no way to go about it.

When you consume the right type of nutrition on a daily and consistent basis, it becomes much, much easier to limit or eradicate unhealthy cravings.

What Then to Keep In Mind When Buying Waist Trainers

Best Waist Trainer for Weight Loss

1. Material

The two most common fabrics I’ve come across include latex and neoprene. Both are pretty stretchy, which means they accommodate your natural body shape and allow you to move freely. Where neoprene is the best for creating the sauna effect, double-layered latex is good for high compression.

Neoprene offers excellent sweat-wicking and moisture-wicking properties. While latex makes the waist trainer ultra-breathable on hot days. However, latex allergy is a thing. So if your skin is too sensitive, then stay away from latex.

You also have other fabrics like nylon and polyester, with stretchy spandex of course. Nylon and polyester both are pretty decent given their lightweight, quick-drying, and wear-resistant properties.

2. Size and Compression

How tight do you want your waist trainer to be? Please don’t let it be so tight that you can’t breathe or move because of it. The perfect fit is when you can pull the waist trainer to its third row of hooks. And if it rolls over your waist, know that the size is too small.

As for compression, there’s Firm compression brought about by latex material. Along with the hook closure system of course. With Firm compression, the thermal activity gets not only activated but also boosted. So you perspire more in your mid-section area to shed more fat.

Now, the latex-free alternative is neoprene, with its high, double-layered compression.

Then there’s Extra Firm compression too for those who want an even more snug fit. But this might not feel so comfortable during your workout or day.

3. Type of Waist Trainer

The first option is the corset-style waist trainer, with the hook closure of course. And they come with bones that are made of acrylic, steel, or plastic. No doubt, they do a better job of compressing your tummy and improving your posture. Although this boning often tends to dig into the skin and/or cause chafing.

The next option is a waist trainer belt. It’s a wraparound piece designed with semi-flexible, soft arms that you wrap around the waist to cinch it in. These are certainly more comfortable for both workout sessions and daily wear. But some, especially the cheaper quality ones, have Velcro straps that seem to lose their stickiness after a few wears.

Most Useful Tips to Lose Belly Fat with A Waist Trainer

Here’s how wearing a waist trainer can actually help you shed belly fat more quickly…

1. Make Sure You Get the Right Size of Waist Trainer

Sizing right is very, very important. Because a waist trainer that’s too loose isn’t going to compress anything, which means no sauna effect is produced. Likewise, something that’s too tight is only going to cause pain and discomfort. So you may just end up not exercising or wearing a waist trainer at all because of potential damage or injury.

So make sure you pick the right size to bring both comfort and compression into the picture.

2. Wear Your Waist Trainer When Working Out

This is Waist Trainer 101, right!

When you have the waist trainer hugging your abdominal muscles, the core gets tightened and warmed up. And that opens the door to more sweat generation and fat shedding.

Here are the top 5 exercises that target tummy bulge

  • Crunches
  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers
  • Russian twists
  • And running of course

Once again, just make sure it’s the right size and feels comfortable without restricting movements or the ability to breathe.

3. Consume A Well-Balanced, Healthy Diet

I’ll tell you what to avoid in order to reap more benefits out of your every workout session with the waist trainer…

Say NO to the following…

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Carbonated drinks
  • High-sodium foods
  • Carbs, dairy, sugar, fried food, and more

And say YES to these items – high protein, leafy green vegetables, nuts, fatty fish, green tea, and more.

Drinking plenty of water daily is also a must at all times!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Waist Training Flatten the Tummy?

Contrary to the claims put forth by brands and celebrities, waist trainers do not reduce belly fat. However, they do create the “appearance” of a flatter tummy with the help of things like compression, steel boning, etc. But then you can indeed wear a waist trainer during your workout sessions to sweat more, thus lose more water weight and fat.

How Often to Wear A Waist Trainer?

Provided you’ve got the right size waist trainer, meaning it’s not too tight, then no longer than 8 hours a day.

As for women who only want to wear a waist trainer to exercise, every day of the week that you work out to reach your weight loss or general fitness goals is perfectly alright.

For How Long to Wear A Waist Trainer to Lose Weight?

Now this question’s answer depends on how fast you meet your weight loss goals. You can wear your waist trainer during workouts for as long as your belly fat still exists. Once you’ve achieved your desired body shape, you can then wear the waist trainer less frequently only to strengthen your core.

Typically, a minimum of 8 weeks of wearing the waist trainer is essential to see any noticeable difference.

Is It Okay or Safe to Eat Wearing A Waist Trainer?

Your abdominal muscles are going to be compressed, right? So there’s no chance it’s safe or comfortable to eat like that. Otherwise, you’ll get super-bloated afterward or maybe just throw up – both of which are not healthy at all.

Is It Okay or Safe to Sleep Wearing A Waist Trainer?

You might feel that you can speed up your weight loss process by keeping the waist trainer on during the night as well. But let me tell you why that’s the most horrible idea.

Firstly, the fact that you want to do this means you’re in a hurry to lose weight without putting in the required effort to get there. There’s no pay-off if there’s no hard work – always remember that.

Secondly, waist trainers, no matter what material, type, compression, etc., obstruct blood circulation and breathing, along with triggering acid reflux and stressing your abdominal muscles. This is applicable in the case of long-hour wear.

So the answer is NO, you should not sleep with a waist trainer. It’s not only unsafe but also uncomfortable and painful. They say pain is gain, so they certainly were not talking about waist trainers here. Instead, use the pain is gain motivation during your workout sessions to train harder and lose more weight faster in a more natural, healthy manner.

Are There Any Side Effects of Wearing A Waist Trainer?

The first negative effect is constricting your capacity to breathe. The lung’s capacity is reduced by 30%-60% when your waist trainer is on. And with less oxygen in your system, expect dizziness, shortness of breath, headache, etc.

Another very common complaint among women who overdo waist training – digestive troubles. Such as acid reflux, heartburn, bloating, and the like. After all, too tight waist trainers worn for too long are certainly going to crush your insides, possibly even causing serious damage.

Speaking of which, internal damage is also highly likely to take control in the case of squeezing your mid-section with a waist trainer. The organs that might get affected are your kidneys and liver. Rib fractures and decreased muscle strength are also quite common, serious problems that arise due to waist trainers.

Now You Understand EVERYTHING About Waist Trainers!

It’s now more important than ever to state that a smaller waistline may be an attractive goal to achieve, but at what cost? I mean do you really want to risk your precious health for something that you can achieve through other, safer means too (exercise, healthy diet, etc.)?

There’s no denying that the right type and size of waist trainer during running or lifting weights is sure to result in more perspiration in your belly region, thus paving the way for a greater loss of water weight and fatty deposits.

So the important thing here is to choose wisely. Something that I have made it easier for you to do with this article, at least that’s what I hope I’ve done.

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