Best Jeans for A Pear Shaped Body That Neutralize Wide Hips and Thighs (Updated for 2022)

Christine Steuber
Jan 3, 2022
Wider hips and thighs with a narrower waist – wait, is that Jennifer Lopez? Well, not exactly but yeah, most women with a pear-shaped body have…

Wider hips and thighs with a narrower waist – wait, is that Jennifer Lopez? Well, not exactly but yeah, most women with a pear-shaped body have a triangular frame like that. But does this necessarily have to be a bad thing? To be honest, your natural body type is neither good nor bad – IT JUST IS.

What can be done though is you can make sure you choose the right, most flattering styles for your body type in order to complement the shape. And all basics begin with jeans. More specifically, these best jeans for a pear shaped body. The most suitable choices here would be straight, slim straight, bootcut, and high-waist.

Time to find out ALL about choosing and buying jeans that feel comfortable and, at the same time, look stylish, no matter how curvy, round, or pear-shaped your bottom is.

What Types of Jeans Are Best for Pear-Shaped Women

What Types of Jeans Are Best for Pear-Shaped Women

If you think there aren’t effective methods to make your curviest bits look more streamlined and flattering, then you certainly haven’t tried the following denim styles…

1. Straight Leg Jeans

How is the straight-cut style flattering in this case? Well, straight-leg jeans, firstly, are the best alternative to skinny jeans. So if you don’t like skinny, then you can indeed rely on straight for a more fitted shape and a universally flattering silhouette.

2. Slim Straight Jeans

Yet another skinny-fit alternative, the slim-straight style skims over your wider hips and larger thighs instead of squeezing them all.

3. Bootcut Jeans

The slightly flared hemline of the bootcut style is just what broader hips need to look shapely and well-balanced. The longer legs of bootcut jeans and the subtle hemline flare make your hips and waist seem narrow.

And if you’re pear-shaped as well as short, then you can pair your bootcut jeans with heeled boots or shoes.

4. High-Waist Jeans

It goes without saying that a high-rise waist means the illusion of longer legs. And you want to make your legs look longer when you have a bottom-heavy figure i.e. pear-shaped body.

The high waist enhances a narrow waist while also preventing tummy bulges from showing and gaping at the back of the waist.

Here Are the Most Useful Tips for Buying the Right Pair of Jeans

Best Jeans for A Pear Shaped Body

If you’re pear-shaped, shopping for jeans, let alone shopping online, can be really frustrating. On that note, let’s make the whole process a lot more streamlined and easier…

Choose High-Rise Waist

For pear shapes, nothing works like high-waist jeans when it comes to creating the illusion of a flattering silhouette. With a high-rise, the waist looks more defined, thus drawing focus away from your bottom-heavy figure.

Plus, there’s the added benefit of elongating the length of your legs.

Go for Slightly Wider Ankle Openings

Obviously, since you’re bottom-heavy, it’s only logical to select skinny styles that are designed with a slightly wider opening in the ankles. This keeps your wider hips from looking out of proportion. Tighter ankles certainly place more attention on the hips, especially if they’re bigger as in the case of a pear-shaped figure.

Avoid Buying A Bigger Size

You should know that jeans tend to relax a bit after a few uses or prolonged wear. In that case, it would be best to purchase a size that feels comfortably snug. Whatever you do, avoid going one size up, unless the brand’s sizing is already a little tricky.

And if you happen to be confused between two sizes, always select the smaller one. Simply because that pair is sure to relax and loosen up over time. So you don’t want it to feel and look baggy whenever that happens.

Make Sure Spandex Is A Part of the Blend

When jeans have spandex incorporated into them, you can expect them to fit you like a second skin while also allowing you to move around freely. What spandex does is provide a fit that’s 100-percent curve-hugging. Minus the pinching of course!

Brands like Levi’s have their own exclusive Sculpt Hyperstretch, which performs the task of both hugging and shaping your natural curves.

Try Out Bootcut Styles to Balance Out the Hips

A slightly flared hemline does indeed create a more flattering, well-balanced figure. And this seems like the best thing for pear-shaped ladies who have a heavier and, more often than not, also a short bottom half.

So, at such times, the flare can really neutralize the heavy appearance of your hips. Be it full-length or cropped!

Experiment with Whiskered and Faded Jeans

If you ask me to name the most flattering visually appealing elements in jeans that are the most suitable for pear shapes, it would have to be fading and whiskering. Needless to say, these kinds of elements add more depth while also making your hips look narrower and legs longer.

Keep In Mind That Dark Washes Are the Most Form-Flattering

Compare just about any pair of jeans with one that has a dark wash, and you’ll immediately see how the latter is a more flattering option. On top of that, you can pair just about anything with a dark-wash pair of jeans.

But then please be careful because such distressed jeans can also have whiskering across its hip area. And you certainly don’t want that because it makes your hips look even wider.

Top-Rated Jeans That Fit & Flatter Pear-Shaped Body

1. Vibrant Women’s Juniors Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans

Vibrant Womens Juniors Classic High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans

Firstly, these are high-waist skinny jeans, and I’ve already told you in the introduction that the high-waist style is the most suitable for pear-shaped women. But then I didn’t tell you why that is? So let me do that right now.

The thing about a high-rise waistband is that it highlights the narrowest part of the pear-shaped waist. Plus, the higher rise also prevents gaping at the back of the waistband – something that many women struggle with. And then there’s the whole thing about the high waist smoothing out any tummy bulges.

Now let me tell you that these jeans are amazingly stretchy, which means your wider hips and bigger buttocks are going to have no issues trying to fit in there. And in case you’re looking for jeans that will make your butt look bigger, here are the best ones for you.

Just note that the length of the current one might be too long in case you’re a shortie. Nevertheless, these jeans are wonderfully flattering with an abundance of stretch.


  • High-rise skinny jeans accentuate the waistline
  • Snug-fit waistband with no gaping, pinching, etc.
  • High-quality, soft material with generous stretch


  • Too long for short women
  • Since super-stretchy, they wear out quickly

2. Paige Women’s Hidden Hills High Rise Straight Leg Jean

PAIGE Women's Hidden Hills High Rise Straight Leg Jean

If skinny is not your type, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with straight-leg jeans either. In fact, many pear-shaped women actually prefer this particular style in high-waist as it hits two birds with one stone. Meaning the straight cut remains true to natural curves while the high-rise waistband makes the waist look more flattering.

The material blend consists of rayon, cotton, polyester, and spandex. Needless to say, each fabric comes with its own set of advantages. For instance, rayon is best for breathability, cotton for being hypoallergenic, polyester for durability and shape retention, and spandex for the much-needed stretch for the perfect fit and for enabling freedom of movement.

So there’s no way these jeans are uncomfortable, despite the high-rise waistband or the straight-cut style. Plus, the pair is lightly faded, which always looks good.


  • Straight-leg jeans make you look taller
  • Very flattering and comfortable high-rise waistband
  • Materials used are durable, breathable, and stretchy


  • Sizing is a bit tricky (you may have to size up)

3. Ariat Womens R.e.a.l. Mid Rise Bootcut Jean

ARIAT womens R.e.a.l. Mid Rise Bootcut Jean

First off, you may want to know that the bootcut style has a slightly flared hemline. But then you already know this, right? However, do you also know that the bootcut style, because of its flared design, balances out wide hips? That’s precisely why these bootcut jeans by Ariat are such a popular choice among pear-shaped ladies.

On top of that, a mid-rise waist gives your curvy, petite, and short body (if that’s what your natural shape is) a more flattering and lengthy appearance. Just make sure the waistband at least rests slightly above the belly button.

Furthermore, the fact that a performance-driven blend of spandex, polyester, and cotton is used means the jeans stretch enough for allowing you to move around in them freely while also holding their natural shape.

And one last thing – please size up if you want these to fit your pear-shaped broader hips.


  • Bootcut jeans balance out wider hips
  • Mid-rise waistband makes legs appear longer
  • Tummy-slimming control panels


  • Size runs small
  • If you size up, the crotch may be a little loose

4. Lee Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

Lee Women’s Instantly Slims Classic Relaxed Fit Monroe Straight Leg Jean

The most flattering classic slimming jeans for the curviest women out there. Simply because they cinch at the waist, you don’t have to worry about the relaxed-fit, straight-leg style sagging. So all those pear-shaped women out there troubled by jeans that have to be constantly pulled up, it’s time to come home to this high-waisted pair.

Even hourglass-shaped women find the fit of these classic Lee jeans the most flattering. You just check with the length measurements in case you happen to be much shorter or taller.

The relaxed fit means the fit around the hips and thighs is slightly loose. And then there’s the stretch aspect too that creates the whole slimming effect. The holding power of the fabric for this slimming silhouette is indeed the best part if you ask me.


  • Straight-leg jeans sit more relaxed over the hips
  • High waistband holds up well with no belt
  • Strong stretch included to make you look slimmer


  • Front pockets are not even slightly deep

5. Levi’s Women’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans

Levi's Women's 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans

If you totally dislike the idea of ordering jeans online because of your curvy, pear-shaped figure, then it’s time to put your faith in a brand like Levi’s because they never let you down. Therefore, presenting their wildly popular choice – Levi’s Women’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans.

The high-rise waist, super-skinny leg, and slimming through hips and thighs – all of this is sure to feel like a great pair of jeans that hugs all your natural curves. Plus, these don’t bunch up at the ankle nor are they loose or baggy from anywhere. And why would they be when the classy skinny fit is supposed to lift, hold, and flatter!

Levi’s signature Hyperstretch Sculpt is a part of the experience here. This consists of an advanced blend with cotton and lycra, which means your range of motion is not restricted at all. The super-stretchy fit smoothens out over your pear-shaped body and hugs those natural curves the most seamlessly, minus the appearance of a muffin top.


  • High-rise, super skinny jeans for a slim, long silhouette
  • Levi’s Sculpt Hyperstretch flatters natural curves
  • High-quality, ultra-durable stitches and overall construction
  • Lifts the buttocks and molds to the waist


  • Practically useless pockets as nothing fits in them
  • If you have pets, the jeans act like magnet to pet hair

6. Levi’s Women’s Curvy Bootcut Jeans

Levi's Women's Curvy Bootcut Jeans

We’re done with the super-skinny fit by Levi’s, and now it’s time for their bootcut style that ranks as a top favorite among curvy women. Especially for women with a pear-shaped figure, the fit is just perfect. Plenty of stretch yet not thin. On the contrary, these Levi’s jeans are high-quality, thus ideal for daily wear for a long, long time.

The bootcut jeans are contoured and cut to hug the natural shape of your body, irrespective of how broad your hips or how large your buttocks are. As long as you get the right size (Levi’s sizing is spot-on by the way), you don’t have to worry about an important factor like fit.

Right from the comfortable mid-rise waist all the way down to the knees, the jeans offer a form-fitting silhouette. And since you’re pear-shaped, a common concern you may have with the waistband gaping or simply just not fitting properly gets eliminated altogether.


  • Bootcut-style jeans give the illusion of balanced hips
  • Slimming effect through hips and thighs
  • No-gap, snug-fit, mid-rise waistband


  • A little too high-waisted for mid-rise
  • Fabric not thick enough, thus not very durable

7. Levi’s Women’s 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans

Levi's Women's 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans

Not the super-skinny kind but skinny enough to make your thighs and legs look slimmer and taller, Levi’s 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans are as comfortable as they come. The fact that all Levi’s jeans are true to size means a lot when buying online.

Since you’re pear-shaped, it’s natural for the lower half of your body to be curvier than the top half. Meaning your waist is smaller and not proportionate to your hips, buttocks, and thighs. In that case, the mid-rise waist and the ability of these jeans to lift your heavy seat and lengthen your short legs are just what you need for a well-balanced silhouette.

Even this skinny pair, like the super-skinny one reviewed earlier, features the brand’s exclusive Hyperstretch Sculpt. That’s super-soft, super-supportive stretch to make your body shape and curves look more flattering. With these classic skinny jeans, you’re bound to look a lot less pear-shaped in your hips and thighs.


  • Mid-rise skinny jeans elongate the appearance of legs
  • Levi’s Sculpt Hyperstretch hugs natural curves
  • Body-shaping and butt-lifting benefits
  • Standard and Plus-Size, along with Short, Regular, and Long lengths


  • Back pockets not big enough to cover the butt
  • The ankle is more straight than skinny

8. Goodthreads Women’s High Rise Slim Straight Jeans

Goodthreads Women's High Rise Slim Straight Jeans

Let’s say you take a chance and purchase these jeans, so does that increase the likelihood of things going wrong? Well, not necessarily because these are a part of MY top recommendations. So rest assured knowing that Goodthreads High Rise Slim Straight Jeans offer the perfect fit, which is true to size by the way, and make you look taller.

Their shape-retention capacity is as commendable as their soft feel against the skin. These are premium-quality denims after all. The hold that they offer is incredible for enhancing the natural shape of your body while also slimming it down to make it all look more streamlined and well-balanced.

The stretchy, slimming, and flattering shape seems like the perfect fit for heavy-bottomed, curvy figures. Even women with a more athletic-shaped pear body have grown a liking toward these Slim Straight Jeans. Even they appreciate the fact that the stretchy fit isn’t baggy or loose from anywhere. Plus, they elongate the length of the legs even then.


  • High-waist, body-slimming jeans
  • Fabric blend is comfy, quick-drying, and stretchy
  • Strong holding power, thus more wear resistance


  • Front pockets are very small
  • Too long for crop length and too short for standard length

3 Jeans Styling Ideas for Pear-Shaped Women for 2022

Alright, now as we’ve gone through some jeans options for your luscious pear-shaped fiture, let’s figure out how you can style them to look absolutely gorgeous.

Contrary to a popular belief, wide hips don’t limit your styling choices. You can create both casual and chic outfits with jeans accentuating the perks of your unique figure. Let’s take a look at a few options.

1. A Night-Out Look with a Blouse

styling - going out look
Credit: Instagram

If you’re going on a date or just to meet up with your girlfriends, this look will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. Pair your skinny jeans with a white blouse, a bright-color cardigan, and high heels. The image above I found on Instagram shows how cool this outfit can look.

In case you don’t want to hide your hips, you can opt for a short jacket. It will be more of a grunge style. You can also add a scarf to make our look more layered, but make sure to change heels for combat boots to complement the look.

2. Dreamy Summer Look

Styling - dreamy summer look

If you need a casual, going-to-get-some-bread-and-milk kind of look, here’s how you can style your jeans. Pick a crop top, get some matching shoes, sunglasses, cute bracelets (or earrings), and a purse. The outfit is complete – it looks simple still accentuates your curves.

However, you can easily turn it into a classy outfit – a quick change of sneakers to heels, long earrings, and maybe a stylish hat will make you ready for a night out. You can also throw on a comfy jacket if it suddenly gets cold outside.

3. A Casual Office Look

Styling - casual office look

If your office policy is a bit more relaxed, and you’re allowed to experiment with your outfits (within limits, of course), try styling your pear-shaped jeans with a blouse, a pair of high heels, long earrings, a hat, and a matching purse. You don’t have to tuck in your shirt – this way, you will look light and effortless.

Such a look also works well for dinner dates and other activities that don’t require formal wear. You will still look stylish and put-together, but if you want a more elevated look, ditch the hat and opt for a shirt with an accent, such as embroidery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Pear-Shaped Women Wear Skinny Jeans?

If flattering your natural body shape is what you’ve been looking to achieve with your jeans, then it’s best to go for a pair that’s skinny AND straight. But if you just want to wear plain skinny jeans, then a high-rise waist is the most flattering indeed.

But don’t ever underestimate the natural ability of skinny jeans to elongate the length of your legs, which is something that pear-shaped women desire in order to make their bottom-heavy figure look taller and sleeker.

Do White Jeans Look Good On Pear-Shaped Women?

I don’t see why not as long as those white jeans aren’t very tight in the hip and thighs, so the attention is taken away from those wider parts of your body.

Pair your white denim with an eye-catching top or something that skims your hips, such as peplum tops.

Can Pear Shapes Wear MOM Jeans?

Firstly, what are mom jeans? These are high-waist jeans that have a loose fit and extra material in the crotch area and legs.

So can pear shapes wear these kinds of jeans? YES, and that’s because wider hips and thighs may actually feel more comfortable in the extra space and the loose cut.

The Wrap-Up

In plain, simple words, shopping for jeans is not a fun experience. Particularly when that shopping is done online, right? Different brands have their own sizing standards. On top of that, there’s your “extra” demand of choosing a pair that suits your pear-shaped body.

Then there’s the whole part about which style to choose – some prefer skinny, some bootcut or straight-leg. Now which one is going to look more flattering in the case of a bottom-heavy natural figure?

All this should be taken into consideration. Otherwise, you end up buying jeans that are eventually going to feel uncomfortable and just highlight your problematic areas. Hence, such an extensive article on how to choose the most fitting pair of jeans for women that have a pear-shaped body.

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