How to Choose Denim Shorts for Big Thighs – Best Styling Recommendations

Christine Steuber
Jul 13, 2022
Are you looking for denim shorts for big thighs? I have more than ten options for you here, plus tips on how to stretch your shorts.

Finding the best-fitting denim shorts can be quite a task, especially if you’re slightly big in the thigh area. In this case, you might be struggling to find a pair of denim shorts for big thighs that are comfortable and look good. If you feel the challenge, you’ve landed on the right page.

Below I’m sharing all the tips and tricks for choosing the best-fitting denim shorts for big thighs. In addition, I’m going to provide ten denim shorts models that will look stunningly good on ladies with curves.

Why Choose Denim Shorts for Big Thighs?

Denim is a cotton-based material often used for making jeans, shorts, skirts, and jackets. The material is quite popular due to its looks, color variety, and thick texture. 

The popularity of denim shorts is evergreen due to the many benefits it offers. Here are some of the perks I personally adore about this material:

  • Variety of colors. Although some may think that denim comes in a few standard colors, it’s not true. Denim is available in a wide array of colors and shades, providing you the versatility of choice.
  • Wrinkle-resistant material. Denim is pretty sturdy, so it doesn’t develop wrinkles easily. Thus, it’s perfect for traveling where you can take it out from the luggage and put it on right away without ironing.
  • Eco-friendly material. One of the best advantages of denim, in my opinion, is that it can be recycled. Denim made of cotton is easily recyclable, so if you’re part of the green movement, denim shorts are the right choice.
  • Extra comfort and super fit with stretch denim. Apart from traditional denim, there’s also stretch denim which consists of polyester that makes the material elastic. These denim shorts fit like a glove, especially on thick legs, and provide comfort due to the material’s flexibility. 

Now that you know more about denim and its benefits, let’s move on to some models of shorts for women with big thighs.

10 Models of Shorts for Thick Thighs

It’s time to spruce up your wardrobe with some new pairs of shorts. It can be tough to find cute jean shorts that fit perfectly on thick legs. Therefore, I’ve selected ten models of jean shorts for big thighs to inspire and prepare you for your next shopping trip.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

1) High-rise shorts

High-rise plus-size shorts Amazon
Credit: Amazon

High-rise shorts come in different lengths and designs, which gives you a wide selection of choices. You can find high-rise denim shorts in every color and shade to fit your taste. 

For thick thighs, I’d recommend picking high-waisted shorts that are loose around the legs. It’s just more comfortable and hugs your legs and waist perfectly.

The versatility of high-rise shorts allows you to style them with tons of outfits. In the example below, I made an outfit idea with black high-rise shorts. You can style them with a cute top and some sandals: 

Outfit idea with high-rise denim shorts for big thighs

You can also wear these shorts with button-down shirts, hoodies, sneakers, boots, and other clothing items and accessories.

Now let’s move to another pair of good jean shorts for big thighs – the mom-style shorts.

2) Mom style shorts

Mom-style denim shorts for big thighs Forever21
Credit: Forever21

Whenever you’re hesitating about which style to pick, you can always go with tried and true mom-style shorts. The wider leg area is perfect for thicker thighs, providing more leg room for comfort.

Here’s a great outfit idea with mom-style denim shorts for big thighs you can wear in summer:

Outfit idea with mom-style denim shorts for big thighs

You can create a fun outfit by combining your mom-style shorts with a cute white top and some classic Chucks. But like I said, this model can be combined with tons of outfits, so let your creativity out!

Next off is one of the trendy jean shorts models of this summer – the high-rise mid-length shorts.

3) High-rise mid-length shorts

High-rise mid-length plus-size denim shorts for big thighs Target
Credit: Target

This option is a combination of high-rise and Bermuda shorts. You can find options with loose or narrow leg areas to fit every taste. This style of shorts has become quite popular recently, not only for denim shorts but with sporty biker shorts as well.

As for styling, I think these shorts are perfect for comfy casual outfits. Below I’ve created an outfit with high-rise mid-length shorts that I’d definitely wear around my day-to-day chores.

Outfit idea with high-rise mid-length denim shorts for big thighs

As displayed in the image above, you can style these shorts with a simple tucked-in T-shirt and some of your favorite sneakers. 

The next one in line is my personal favorite style – the distressed denim shorts, aka cut-off shorts.

4) Distressed denim shorts

Distressed denim shorts for big thighs Rainbowshops
Credit: Rainbowshops

Who said ladies with big thighs can’t wear short shorts? You absolutely can rock short denims on your thick thighs. The above example of distressed denim shorts can be your next favorite item in your wardrobe.

In my opinion, this model provides a cooler and put-together look. You can wear distressed denim shorts for casual errands, an evening stroll, or a relaxed event.

I came up with the outfit idea you can style using these shorts. Just take a simple white button-down shirt and style it with some boots and a belt in the same color. To complete the look, I’d add gold jewelry which provides a more luxurious look to your outfit.

Outfit idea with distressed denim shorts for big thighs

Distressed denim shorts are perfect for hot summer days, no matter how you style them. Whether you take the example I provided or create your own style, I’m sure it will look great on you.

Now let’s see what the next style of shorts has to offer.

5) Long inseam shorts

Long inseam denim shorts for big thighs Target
Credit: Target

Long inseam shorts are another popular choice for big thighs, featuring a long inseam and a mid-length size perfect for your curves. You can style this model in an array of ways.

I came up with one outfit idea, which you can see in the image below. You can wear long inseam shorts with a basic top and some comfy sandals. This is a perfect outfit to run everyday errands or go for an evening stroll.

Outfit idea with long inseam denim shorts for big thighs

Long inseam shorts can come in various designs, from a distressed look or rolled-up edges to side slits.

Now we’re off to pleated shorts, another perfect style option of denim shorts for thick thighs.

6) Pleated shorts

Pleated denim shorts for thick thighs Boohoo
Credit: Boohoo

If you’re looking for a cute pair of shorts with wide leg openings, pleated shorts can be exactly what you need. This design provides enough leg room and sits loosely around the thighs.

You can style these shorts for different occasions, whether you want a casual look or maybe a cocktail party outfit with some accessories for a more glam outfit.

Here, I’ve created a casual look with pleated shorts, which you can see below. You can pair them with a tank top, chunky sneakers, or even boots.

Outfit idea with pleated denim shorts for big thighs

You can try different outfits with these shorts. Adding some accessories and changing the shoes can provide a whole new look to the shorts.

Moving on to one of the best options of denim shorts for big thighs.

7) Shorts with wide leg opening

Wide-leg denim shorts for big thighs Boohoo
Credit: Boohoo

This style of denim shorts is a ride or die for people with big thighs. They have a wide leg room, providing you utmost comfort to move around freely. In my opinion, these are the best looking as well as the most comfortable shorts for bigger thighs.

Also, what’s great about these shorts is that you can style them for different occasions. For instance, you can create a cool summer look just like in the below option. Style it with a tucked-in loose shirt, a leather belt, and chunky boots to go out with your friends.

Outfit idea with wide leg denim shorts for big thighs

Also, if you’re going to an event, you can style these shorts with some nice shoes, a loose blouse, and some boujee accessories.

If you’re looking for an edgy look with more room around the thighs, the next option is perfect for you.

8) Side slit shorts

Side-slit denim shorts for big thighs Amazon
Credit: Amazon

This model is ideal for ladies with big thighs since it features side slits that provide more leg room. So, with this option, you kill two birds with one stone – these are not only trendy but comfy as well.

Here, I’m sharing a cute casual outfit with side slit shorts. You can pair them with a loose tucked-in shirt and classic Chuck Taylors.

Outfit idea with side-slit denim shorts for big thighs

The fashion industry offers denim shorts with different depths of side slits, so everyone can find a pair that best suits them. 

The next style is ideal for those who prefer mid-length denim shorts for big thighs.

9) Bermuda shorts

Bermuda denim shorts for big thighs Walmart
Credit: Walmart

If you’re looking for some comfy mid-length shorts for thicker thighs, the Bermudas are a great choice. You can look out for loose-fit ones that contain spandex – this will provide you the most comfort you can get from these shorts.

Bermuda shorts hint at the 00s trends, which are back now, so you can slay some early 00s looks with these shorts.

I’ve created a mood board with one style option for these shorts, but you can always mix and match to your taste. The below example is in the early 00s mood, which is quite trendy now. You can style your Bermuda shorts with a crop top and some simple sandals with a low heel.

Outfit idea with Bermuda denim shorts for big thighs

However, you can go with some chunky sneakers and a hoodie if it’s chilly outside. This style of denim shorts is versatile, making it perfect for experimenting with your wardrobe.

Finally, moving on to the last option on my list – the classic rolled denim shorts for big thighs.

10) Classic rolled shorts

Classic rolled denim shorts for big thighs Walmart
Credit: Walmart

You can never go wrong with some classic rolled shorts. If you don’t feel comfortable with too short denims, but at the same time, you don’t want to go with knee-long shorts, these are the perfect option.

Classic rolled shorts are a conservative style that, in my opinion, are a basic must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe no matter what body shape you have, from apple shape and triangle to pear shape and so on. 

These shorts are ideal for a casual look to run errands and get along with your day-to-day business. Below I’ve created a casual summer look with rolled shorts, which you can style with a printed T-shirt and some pair of sneakers for a comfy outfit.

Outfit idea with classic rolled denim shorts for big thighs

Now let’s check out what denim shorts are on trend this summer.

Trendy Denim Shorts for Big Thighs in 2022

Every year comes with new styles and trends, and you have to keep your finger on the pulse to keep your wardrobe fresh. The same goes for shorts, so if you are traveling around a lot this summer and need cute vacation outfits, here are some short models that are trending in the summer of 2022. 

One of the fashionable shorts designs this year is a distressed cut with an elastic waist, as seen in the image below.

Distressed denim shorts with elastic waist summer style Walmart
Credit: Walmart

This is a comfy pair of shorts that are loose around the thighs and look great on big hips.

Another trendy pair of denim shorts for big thighs are the A-line cut. Just like the name implies, these shorts have the shape of the uppercase letter A. They go wider from top to bottom, as in the image below.

A-line denim shorts for big thighs BooHoo
Credit: Boohoo

And the final ones on my list are high-waisted folded denim shorts for big thighs. This pair is designed to hug the thighs and make the legs look thinner, as you can see in the image:

High-waisted rolled denim shorts for big thighs Kohls
Credit: Kohl’s

So if you have thick legs and want to get some trendy denim shorts, this is the perfect option.

How to Stretch Denim Shorts?

I’m sure all of you have a pair of denims that sit well until you wash them. Denim material tends to shrink after washing, and at first, it may sit uncomfortably and even seem like it got smaller. 

If you feel the pain, there are some hacks to help you stretch denim shorts after washing. Below I’m sharing some tips that helped me deal with this unpleasant problem:

  • Using heat. I’ve done this many times, and it definitely helps. You can use an iron or a hair dryer for the trick. Simple ironing helps stretch out the denim and even out all the wrinkles. If there’s no iron around, you can use a hair dryer. Just turn on the hot air stream, and it will give a slight stretch to your denim.
  • Doing squats. This may sound funny, but it actually works. Whenever you feel like your denim shorts have shrunk after washing, just put them on and do squats. You can do other exercises as well to help the material loosen up.
  • Spraying water. Another method you can use to stretch out denim shorts is using water. Just spray some lukewarm water on the shorts and use your hands to pull the material and stretch it. Then let the shorts dry.

If you’re scared that these methods will damage your shorts, don’t be – denim is quite sturdy and can withstand pressure.

Over to You

And we’re done. Let’s sum up what we’ve covered so far:

  • Choose shorts that have enough leg room and are loose around the thighs.
  • Shorts with a high waist and long inseam are a go-to option for big hips.
  • Finally, mid-length shorts are not only trendy this summer but also look great on bigger thighs.

As for the design of shorts, you can choose anything that fits your taste, from distressed and side slits to cut and rolled edges.

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