Weight Gain Supplements for Women – Do They Work?

Christine Steuber
Jun 8, 2022
Struggling to gain a few pounds? Consider adding weight gain supplements to your diet! If you're not sure how they work, check out this guide.

Have you ever wondered why thinness is closely related to the term ‘vitality’? Does being skinny actually mean being healthy? Why do we think it is okay to tell people they’re underweight while it is rude to point out that someone added a few extra pounds?

You would be surprised if I told you how many people are complexed by their skinny bodies. It can be very hard to gain mass, just as it is challenging for obese people to lose weight.

The main causes of this problem are health, genetics, or it can simply depend on body composition and metabolism.

But, no matter how challenging it is, there are still some ways to gain some pounds fast, and weight gain supplements are a great option. In this guide, you’ll learn about the science behind these products and my personal recommendations.

Get ready to gain some weight in the right places!

What Are Supplements for Weight Gain?

Weight gain supplements are products for building muscle mass and achieving bodybuilding goals. Aside from these benefits, supplements for weight gain also boost stamina and increase physical strength. Women can feel a rise in their endurance level too, and that’s something that all of us need, right?

Also known as mass gainers, weight gain supplements are composed of carb powder, protein powder, and some natural flavoring. These components make these products high in calories, helping you gain weight.

As the primary ingredient, carb powder helps you build mass. Muscles accumulate carbs in the form of glycogen, which is responsible for adding that much-needed strength and fullness to them. 

Research confirms that as well. For instance, the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition recommends consuming carbs for building muscle weight. This research also points out that consuming calories, carbs, and protein will improve your weight, endurance, and muscle mass if you combine it with a solid workout plan. 

Here, I need to emphasize – if you want weight to be evenly distributed throughout the whole body, training is an essential factor. 

So, my advice is to not even start with the weight gain process unless you plan to include training. Otherwise, there may be a counter-effect because you could add some pounds in unwanted areas, such as your tummy.

And yes, I know that sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself and start training, but it will bring you brilliant results, trust me. So, put on some comfortable yoga pants (you can go with these that lift your bottom to visually create some curves) and start sweating!

Also, the time at which you consume these supplements is of great importance as well, according to this study. You should take the supplements between your usual meals, after your workout, and before you go to sleep.

Do weight gainers really work, and how fast?

Now it’s time to prove the worthiness of women’s weight gainer products. Are they effective? Will you really gain muscle mass with them? I’m sure you’re very curious about these questions, so I am going to clear off all your doubts.

To prove my point, I’ll be sharing major real-life success stories of people who trusted mass gainers and were happy with their decision. 

First up, read this blog that shares how Yusri was able to gain eighteen kilos for 18 months. Just like you, Yusri was insecure about his lightweight body and wished to flaunt a sturdy muscle mass. By eating at least six times a day, hitting the gym daily, and taking weight gainers, he managed to achieve his goal.

Next, meet lifestyle and fitness blogger Tami The Creator, who shows incredible weight gain results in one of her YouTube videos:

She drank 1600+ calorie shakes every day for two weeks and gained almost fifteen pounds! Tami points out that the shake doesn’t have a pleasant taste, but it brings brilliant results. The one thing she also mentioned is that she got three inches in her waist area as well, but she sorted that out by workouts.

I hope these stories inspired you to make some quality changes. However, you can’t expect results overnight – realistically, you’d need a few months to gain a satisfactory weight by incorporating an effective workout and diet plan.

Do weight gain supplements have side effects?

Just like with any other supplements, it’s a must to learn the potential side effects of weight gain products. To further soothe your doubts, let me share possible dangers that can occur when consuming weight gainers. 

Please read through the entire section to be sure these products are the right option for you.

Some risky side effects might be diarrhea, stomachache, liver damage, a stopped menstrual cycle, and increased facial hair. Also, note that if you currently suffer from any heart condition, an irregular heartbeat can occur.

Moreover, if any of you are sensitive to herbs, you can develop an allergic reaction to additives in the form of rash, asthma, or anaphylaxis.

8 Over-the-Counter Muscle Builder Supplements

As you already know, muscle builder supplements are there to help you gain some weight and achieve your desired body goal. But as I pointed out – they are here to HELP, not to make some quick miracles, so please keep that in mind.

Now, let me share different types of weight gain supplements, along with real-life customer feedback and one product example per category. 

Let’s get started!

1) Protein supplements

These supplements are rich in protein, carbs, and some healthy fats. Their sole intention is to promote muscle mass – high-calorie protein supplements increase daily calorie consumption. 

Protein supplements are available in solid, powder, and drinkable forms. The majority include soy protein, casein, or whey. When you add them to your eating plan, protein supplements can greatly help with building mass. 

How to use: no matter what protein supplement you’re consuming, a daily intake of 0.6 to 0.9 grams per pound of body weight is an ideal dosage.

Advantages: protein powder for weight gain will bring the following results to your body:

  • Heavy muscle mass.
  • Higher endurance levels.
  • A significant weight gain.

In case you consider using the most popular whey protein, I highly recommend it! I have a positive experience with this type of weight gain supplements, mainly because it is adept at offering a gradual gain in muscle, not sudden and shocking results.

If you’re still interested to know what whey protein can do for all underweight ladies out there, read this helpful report from Nutrition Review

Disadvantages: side effects of protein supplements only occur if you’re consuming them in excess. Also, kidney stones can form if you take supplements containing too much protein. I suggest you count your daily protein intake and see if it’s under or above a healthy limit. 

Let’s now see the result and the review of one satisfied lady who was using the Optimum Nutrition Weight Gainer Protein Powder during her weight gain journey:

Optimum Nutrition Weight Gainer Protein Powder positive review from Amazon
Review from Optimum Nutrition Amazon page as of June 8, 2022

The above review shows that Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder does its job perfectly! The girl easily gained twelve pounds by drinking this protein post her workout. She also pointed out that this product made her a bit bloated, so she cut it to just one scoop.

2) CB-1 gainer

Do you prefer natural pills instead of powder weight gain supplements? If yes, CB-1 weight gainer is a perfect solution for all the helpless ladies who struggle to put on weight, have a weak appetite, or quick metabolism. 

Also, CB-1 pills have a patented weight gain formula that has helped many people. For any woman who’s conscious about being skinny, CB-1 can solve this problem.

How to use: CB-1 presents multivitamins, pills, and a drink mix. You may choose any of these based on your requirements, but the rule is to take two caps of weight gainer thrice a day.

Advantages: what else can CB-1 do for your body? This weight gain blend also includes vitamins for strong bones and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. 

Disadvantages: the active ingredients in these products rarely cause side effects. In clinical trials, you can find minimal gastrointestinal side effects like diarrhea, nausea, and stomachache. 

Let’s read the review of one satisfied customer who was using the CB-1 weight gainer pills:

CB-1 WEIGHT GAINER supplement positive review
Review from CB-1 WEIGHT GAINER page as of June 8, 2022

As we can see, she gained the desired weight in only eight weeks, and even if the results are “slow”, she is satisfied with them. And if you ask me, it’s better to get results step by step and let your body adapt than to achieve quick results in ten days. It is a shock to the body, and it is not healthy at all.

3) Protein shakes

This is something most of us have already heard of or had experience with. But there’s something you probably didn’t know: protein shakes aren’t only for bodybuilding – underweight ladies can also use this supplement for their benefit. 

I have been consuming female protein powder myself, and it has given me some great results. There are countless brands supplying protein powders, so make sure to choose the right one.

How to use: just add a tablespoon of your preferred protein powder to your shake mix and drink it. 

Advantages: there’s a reason why gym lovers and athletes drink protein shakes – it helps them bulk up, and that’s what we want as well! According to BMJ analysis, protein shakes boost muscle strength and size, especially in adults that perform resistance exercises. Recovery after working out and quality nutrition are further perks of consuming protein shakes. 

Disadvantages: High doses of protein and whey, for instance, can result in acne, exhaustion, nausea, headache, bloating, and a reduced appetite. 

My favorite is undoubtedly Elm & Rye protein shakes because their flavors are so yummy! Let’s check out one review:

Elm & Rye protein shake supplement positive review
Review from Elm and Rye website as of June 8, 2022

Samantha enjoys consuming her Elm and Rye protein powder. And as I said, their flavors are unbeatable.

4) Apetamin

Apetamin is the name of a vitamin syrup that was originally developed by an Indian pharmaceutical brand. The mix of vitamins, lysine, and cyproheptadine is best for adding weight and boosting appetite due to being an antihistamine. You can find apetamin in tablets for females or in syrup. 

How to use: simply follow the directions that the manufacturer prescribed. Directions differ based on the desired result and body condition.

Advantages: how can apetamin benefit you? Let’s see:

  • Cyproheptadine hydrochloride basically serves as an appetite stimulant, especially for patients suffering from cystic fibrosis, when low appetite is common. 
  • Furthermore, it can also help malnourished children.
  • Both pills and syrup can prepare users for activities such as bodybuilding and powerlifting. 

Disadvantages: possible side effects caused by cyproheptadine hydrochloride can result in:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Irritability
  • Blurry vision
  • Headache
  • Tremors
  • Chest congestion
  • Nausea
  • Liver toxicity

Side effects and dangers: Please note that apetamin can interact with grapefruit juice, alcohol, and drugs, such as Parkinson’s disease medicine, antidepressants, and other similar antihistamines. It can also result in difficulty urinating.

Coming to the real-life reviews, there were many of them, but I decided to share this woman’s success:

HERBOGANIC Apetamine weight gain supplement positive review
Review from HERBOGANIC Amazon page as of June 8, 2022

Jacara here claims that apetamin made her eat two more meals than usual. That will definitely lead to some weight gains!

5) Nutrithick

Considering how popular and effective branded weight gainers are in this hot market, I figured out that I should add another one named Nutrithick

This brand is a fantastic choice for all underweight ladies. And the best part? It’s literally only made for women.

This product could be among the best supplements for skinny girls on our list. The brand claims to be a healthier alternative to apetamin. Plus, they encourage users to do 250 pounds of strength training twice weekly, confirming that weight gainers only work when you work out. 

The reason why Nutrithick is better than apetamin is that it boosts estrogen levels simultaneously to improve the growth of the buttocks and breasts. 

How to use: simply browse their products and choose a supplement based on your needs. But in general, you should take weight gain pills twice a day.

Advantages: Nutrithick doesn’t only facilitate weight gain but is also an excellent appetite stimulant and a hormonal balancer. 

Disadvantages: although there are no official side effects, some users have reported chronic headaches after consuming this supplement.

Let’s take a look at the review and before/after pic of one happy customer:

Nutrithick weight gain supplement positive review from Amazon
Review from NUTRITHICK Amazon page as of June 8, 2022

This girl enjoyed a successful weight gain journey with Nutrithick. But as she said, please don’t skip the workouts if you want successful results!

6) Multivitamins

Most of us take multivitamins due to the numerous health benefits. But what if I told you that multivitamins could equally help with gaining weight? Did you know that there are many weight gain vitamins on the market? 

Each of these vitamins plays an essential role in a woman’s body. For instance, vitamin D supports bone tissue and muscles. 

One study investigated the effects of vitamin D on muscle function in postmenopausal women. The final results showed that the supplementation of vitamin D in this group led to an increase in muscle strength and control of progressive loss of lean mass.

How to use: take the prescribed number of multivitamins daily per the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, you should take one tablet daily with food. 

Advantages: multivitamins can strengthen your bones, help gain weight, and boost muscle mass.

Disadvantages: getting too many vitamins can result in hypervitaminosis. Remember, my lovely readers – excess in everything is bad, so keep the balance. 

Check out the following feedback to see that multivitamins have a real positive effect on the female body:

Centrum Multivitamins weight gain supplement positive review from Amazon
Review from Centrum Amazon page as of June 8, 2022

This user said she felt better after consuming these multivitamins. And when you feel good and are healthy, your appetite is good as well. Everything in our body is connected – don’t forget that!

7) Amino acids

Amino acids don’t only serve as nutritional supplements, but they’re effective in gaining weight. For example, leucine is adept at building muscles, according to one study

In another report released the same year, eight women were taking the whey protein and amino acids in two groups. Results showed that both supplements gave the same desired effects. 

How to use: take the prescribed number of amino acid supplements daily as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Advantages: amino acids can help you stay fit, strengthen your bones, and offer many other health benefits. 

Disadvantages: if you don’t take amino acids appropriately, they can overwork the kidneys. Plus, pregnant women should avoid amino acid supplements. 

Let’s see the review of Sarah, one satisfied user of Zhou Muscle BCAA, a supplement containing amino acids:

Zhou Muscle BCAA weight gain supplement positive review from Amazon
Review from Zhou Nutrition Store Amazon Page as of June 8, 2022

As we can see, Sarah’s muscles recover much faster after training and are not in pain. And when a muscle recovers, it means it grows. And when muscle grows, then we gain muscle mass. You see, again, everything is connected!

8) Cipla actin

Cipla actin is the last on our list today. It is a natural medicine that works by increasing your body’s energy demand, which in turn makes you want to eat more. I consider it a practical and safe way to cope with undernutrition. By promoting the urge to eat, your body’s energy levels will improve. 

How to use: the standard dose of cipla actin is 2 mg twice or thrice a day. However, this can fluctuate depending on the user’s response. The maximum dose is 12 mg daily. 

Remember to consume the tablet half an hour before a meal. It’s also recommended to monitor your involuntary movements during the consumption of Cipla actin. 

Advantages: Cipla actin boosts your appetite, which is why all age groups can take it.

Disadvantages: if you ignore the instructions, some potential side effects that might occur are blurry vision, drowsiness, constipation, dizziness, restlessness, and dry mouth. 

Let’s see how it works with real-life review:

Weight Gain Appetite Stimulant Cipla actin positive review from Amazon
Review from Weight Gain Appetite Stimulant eBay page as of June 8, 2022

This eBay shopper takes you through the before and after stages of consuming Cipla actin. And the best thing is that the weight distributes evenly in the right places. Looks like a great product, doesn’t it?

Over to You

That’s it, ladies. I hope the skinny females in my audience learned everything they needed about weight gain pills. To sum up, these are the pros and cons of weight gainers:


Weight gain supplements will increase your appetite, boost your muscle mass, add delicious curves to your body, and improve your stamina. 


While cons are rare and minimal, they include stomach ache, diarrhea, and nausea. 

Harmful side effects can occur if you’re allergic to herbs or grasses. And if you have a heart condition, avoid weight gainers as it can cause irregularities in your heartbeat.

I hope everything’s crystal clear to you. You can hop on a life-changing body transformation journey now. If you want to read more fitness and beauty articles, feel free to visit my blog!

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