Will CoolSculpting Work to Help You Get Rid of Cellulite?

Christine Steuber
Jun 20, 2022
Are you tired of fighting your cellulite that doesn't seem to go away? Let me introduce you to CoolSculpting! Read my guide to learn more.

You finally finished your daily workout – countless burpees, squats, and sit-ups, exercising tirelessly to get closer to your dream body. You only stick to smart food choices and manage to ignore your cravings.

After wiping the sweat from your face, chugging down water, and flexing in the mirror, there is still that stubborn cellulite on your thighs. How annoying is that?

If this sounds familiar to you, you must be wondering about the ways of getting rid of cellulite. So, allow me to introduce you to CoolSculpting – a trending procedure to make your pesky cellulite vanish into thin air. 

Today’s guide will share everything regarding CoolSculpting – how it works and what advantages it offers so that you’re no longer conscious about your beautiful legs.

What Is Cellulite and Why Women Get It?

Cellulite is a frequent, harmless skin condition that leads to dimpled, lumpy flesh on the hips, thighs, and abdomen. This skin condition is mostly observed in women. Cellulite resembles the appearance of an orange peel or cottage cheese. 

But similar to any other condition, there are intensity levels of cellulite as well. For instance, mild cellulite is visible only if you pinch the skin. But a severe level of cellulite will make the skin bumpy and result in valleys or peaks. 

You don’t need any medical treatment for cellulite as it’s completely natural. But since some women are conscious of its appearance, they opt to exercise, try to lose weight, massage, or apply particular creams to make it disappear. However, if you ask me, CoolSculpting is the most effective solution, but more on this later.

Cellulite and women go hand-in-hand, but have you ever wondered the factors that result in so many ladies having it on their thighs? There’s no straightforward answer, but let me explain some examples to you below:

With the combination of these factors, women are more susceptible to have cellulite as more fat cells press against weak collagen structure, leading to skin dimples.

Is it possible to make cellulite disappear? This is a good question that must be in everyone’s minds. There’s a common rumor revolving around cellulite – exercise can make it disappear. Is it true? 

Definitely not. While exercising can help in reducing fat, it doesn’t spot-treat cellulite. According to personal trainers, you need to make changes in your nutrition, do exercise, drink a lot of water and control fat-storage hormones prevalent in the abdomen.

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting, or cellulite sculpting, is a brand name for a fat-freezing method that strives to eliminate stubborn fat in some body parts. The other name for CoolSculpting is cryolipolysis, and the FDA approved it in 2010.

Scientists came up with this method by observing fat during frostbite. They found out that fat freezes at the cold temperature. 

So, the CoolSculpting device cools down the fat to a temperature that destroys it. But don’t worry – it poses no harm to the surrounding tissues and skin.

The process behind CoolSculpting

Dr. Adrienne Stewart explains the science behind cryolipolysis. She says this procedure was born when Harvard scientists noticed children gaining dimples after eating popsicles. From there on, scientists found a connection between cold temperatures and fat elimination.

Additional research showed that the fat tissue is more prone to deterioration by cold temperature as opposed to the nearby tissue. So, long exposure to cold temperatures can result in cell death inside subcutaneous fat tissue. Afterward, the fat tissue is expelled from the body in the form of waste materials via natural processes. 

The fat is cooled via a vacuum applicator, and a gel pad is utilized to shield the skin. Afterward, further treatments are executed to refine the outcome. 

Also, I have to point out that the latest CoolSculpting procedure is affordable, painless, and efficient.

Which areas can CoolSculpting target?

Does CoolSculpting only fix cellulite on thighs? Definitely not! Let me share with you seven body parts that CoolSculpting can treat.

  1. Flanks

Also known as “love handles,” flanks respond the best to CoolSculpting, even better than weight loss. You’ll be able to wear your favorite skirts and bathing suits again, without having to hide your flaws. Speaking of bathing suits, I have written a thorough bikini guide for cellulite thighs, so make sure to check it out.

  1. Abdomen

The stomach is the most notorious place that stores fat. When a committed workout routine and diet plan still don’t remove the tummy pooch, CoolSculpting comes as a perfect solution. Most women with an apple-shaped body struggle with this problem because their fat accumulates the most in the tummy area. So, in addition to the treatment of CoolSculpting and a healthy diet, I also suggest you take a look at a workout plan tailored to your figure. It might be helpful!

  1. Thighs

Whether you have inner or outer thigh cellulite, CoolSculpting will bring positive results and help you get rid of that loose skin. The tissues and fat in both areas are different but still treatable.

  1. Double chin

A mini CoolSculpting applicator is specifically made for eliminating under-chin fat, so the CoolSculpting can make an incredible improvement in the facial area, too!

  1. Upper arms

If you have sagging skin hanging from your arms, it, unfortunately, can’t be treated via CoolSculpting. But lumpier fat on the upper arms responds well to the procedure.

  1. Under the hips

The pouches of fat under the hips can also be treated by CoolSculpting, which makes the area contoured and slim. 

  1. Back fat

Finally, the mid-back fat at the sides, lower back that extends from the love handles, and “bra bulge” fat can look amazing after CoolSculpting treatment!

CoolSculpting benefits

Why should you try CoolSculpting? Here are some reasons:

  • Natural results

CoolSculpting achieves a natural body contouring that unveils gradually with time (eight to twelve weeks), similar to how your body gets toned after exercise.

  • Non-invasive

There’s no downtime, recovery, or surgery in the CoolSculpting procedure. Cryolipolysis freezes fat cells in the targeted areas. Afterward, the body eliminates the cells in the coming weeks. 

  • Long-lasting results

If you stick to a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be blessed with long-lasting results on the treated body part. But remember to be patient as the results become visible after some weeks. So, set realistic expectations.

Aside from this, clinically proven fat loss, painless procedure, and the ability to cure multiple areas are major benefits.

Limitations of CoolSculpting 

Now that we’ve covered the amazing perks of CoolSculpting, it’s equally important to discuss the limitations of this procedure. 

  • First, there’s an associated risk that the skin surface can become irregular after getting cryolipolysis.
  • Exposure to cold temperatures can irritate your skin. This can lead to bruises, swelling, and temporary skin discoloration that resolves automatically in some weeks.
  • Slight pain or aching is possible in the targeted area afterward. 
  • A rare but severe side effect is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. With this condition, the fat cells grow bigger instead of being smaller. But this side effect is more frequent in men. 

That’s all for the limitations. Conditions that rule out the use of CoolSculpting are pregnancy, implanted medical devices, nerve diseases, history of hernia, lower circulation, and allergy to isopropyl alcohol. 

Can CoolSculpting make cellulite worse? Well, many experts agree that this treatment eliminates cellulite, but according to the experts from the Element Body Lab, CoolSculpting can worsen cellulite in some body parts, such as the inner thighs.

Who can benefit from CoolSculpting the most?

Who can be an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting? Since this procedure involves being open to drastically cold temperatures, it’s obvious that only individuals with a strong immune system can handle it. 

So, the CoolSculpting is a perfect choice for all healthy candidates who want to get rid of cellulite and lose those stubborn extra pounds.

Although this treatment permanently destroys fat cells, it won’t prevent the formation of new ones. So, clients must follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain positive results.

CoolSculpting Before And After

It’s time for the magic reveal, aka real-life client testimonials after they received coolsculpting cellulite thighs treatment. 

I have added ten before and after pictures from reputable healthcare institutions to show you how effective cryolipolysis really is. Let’s get started!

Example #1: Elimination of saddle bags on upper thighs

First on the list, these authentic pictures from Skinney Medspa prove that coolsculpting for inner thighs is very effective. The inner and outer thigh fat, known as saddle bags, have been eliminated after the treatment, as we can see below:

Skinney Medspa CoolSculpting before and after

The front and back views of her thighs look improved in the after pictures. We can clearly see more smooth and contoured results. If you have similar fat or cellulite on your flanks or thighs, you should definitely consider trying CoolSculpting.

Example #2: Inner thighs disappearance

Aged 50, Mrs. T disliked her stubborn cellulite that didn’t budge even after eating healthy and being active. She wouldn’t wear leggings or tight jeans because of that problem. 

So, she took the bold step to receive CoolSculpting and remove this insecurity. She reached out to 77 Plastic Surgery and became a better version of herself. Check it out:

Her procedure plan included two treatments on her inner thighs. After she began to see her result after the first treatment, Mrs. T instantly purchased a new set of shorts to exercise.

Example #3: Slimming down the banana rolls

In the next example, we can see a 40-year-old woman who was overall happy with her figure but felt insecure regarding the pouches of fat (also known as banana rolls) under the hips at the back of her thighs. So, she wanted to slim down her inner thighs.

Instead of choosing liposuction, which comes with weeks of downtime, she decided to opt for non-invasive methods to reduce cellulite on thighs. 

After considering Californian cosmetic surgeons, she consulted with Marina Plastic Surgery Associates and ultimately decided to go with CoolSculpting. You can see below that she probably doesn’t regret her decision.

Three months after getting her first treatment, a considerable improvement was noticeable. Her inner thighs became smoother and slimmer. 

As for the banana rolls, they became totally invisible. This woman gained significant results!

Example #4: Reducing saddle bags

We continue our list with the particular patient with a severe case of saddle bags. She tried all means to tone out her pesky cellulite, but nothing seemed to work for her.

Ultimately, she decided to go with CoolSculpting, and I can say that it brought incredible results for this lady, check it out:

The “after” picture was taken sixteen weeks after getting her CoolSculpting treatment. You can see that her thighs have become smooth and so much more contoured.

There is really a stark difference between the two pictures, and this shows the efficacy of cryolipolysis. I would recommend to all women with a pear-shaped body to opt for this treatment to get rid of fat accumulation in the hip area. I have also prepared a great workout guide that can help you speed up and maintain results.

Example #5: Another case of banana rolls

I have added another real-life case of banana rolls so that any lovely woman out there with the same physique does not feel hopeless. You can easily get rid of these rolls thanks to the CoolSculpting method. I’ve chosen one great example to convince you. Check it out:

This beautiful woman decided to go under cryolipolysis to get rid of cellulite under the hips. And after only two treatments of CoolSculpting, the post-27 weeks testimonial is in front of you. The results are truly remarkable, to say the least.

Example #6: Toning the upper thighs

Since this area is the most notorious for storing cellulite, and so many ladies have the same condition, I’m adding another relevant case to make you lovelies feel heard and validated.

While this lady did not have severe cellulite, she still insisted on having CoolSculpting to enjoy toned upper thighs. The second picture was taken five weeks after the first treatment. Her upper thighs look smoother and more in shape.

Example #7: Inner thighs bulge

The rest of the authentic testimonials I prepared for you are coming from the Sculpt MD. In the first case, you can see the woman having cellulite right between her inner thighs.

Sculpt MD CoolSculpting before and after
Credit: Sculpt MD

After just one session, there is no more cellulite in the second picture. The inner thighs are totally smooth and contoured, all thanks to CoolSculpting.

Example #8: Slight cellulite on inner thighs

The cryolipolysis session before and after pictures are a wonderful indication of the real transformation in the following woman’s figure. 

On the day of her procedure, the team at the clinic took her before pictures in a series. Let me show you the results:

Sculpt MD CoolSculpting before and after
Credit: Sculpt MD

The woman had very minimal cellulite in the targeted area even before the procedure, which is why the change is not that dramatic. But you can still notice the transformation after looking at it closer.

Example #9: Considerable cellulite on upper thighs

In the last few examples, you could see all intensity levels of this skin condition. And in the next example, you can see the patient who doesn’t have a lot of visible cellulite at first sight, but if you take a better look, you’ll notice the great difference between these pics – tighter thighs and more beautiful skin after the procedure.

SculptMD CoolSculpting before and after
Credit: Sculpt MD

What we can’t see through the pictures, but many women write in their testimonies is the extremely soft skin. This is something that every woman strives for, so I think CoolSculpting is a great option for all of us!

Example #10: Slight saddle bags

Similar to cellulite, saddle bags are also enemies to many women. Just like this patient, the saddle bags are not that striking to the eye, especially if you have some extra pounds. But if you take a better look, you’ll notice a great change after CoolSculpting treatment:

SculptMD CoolSculpting before and after
Credit: Sculpt MD

We can also see that one single session knocked out a considerable amount of cellulite, and that’s really impressive!


Summer has arrived, and if you haven’t been able to tone out your troubled spots, fat freezing for cellulite is an ideal solution. 

I hope that you’ve gained valuable information from my guide and you’re feeling ready to get this procedure. We learned that:

  • Cellulite is a harmless skin condition in which lumpy flesh forms on a body part.
  • CoolSculpting freezes the accumulated cellulite through some devices that inflict cold temperatures on the targeted area.
  • Women are vulnerable to having cellulite due to high estrogen levels, extra alpha receptors, and weak collagen structure.
  • CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure with tons of benefits.
  • There are some people who shouldn’t opt for CoolSculpting, like pregnant women.
  • Flanks, abdomen, thighs, double chin, upper arms, back fat, and under the hips are the best areas that are treatable by CoolSculpting.

And that’s it, my dear readers! If you liked this blog, I’m sure you’ll love my other beauty articles as well, so check them out!

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