A Full Guide to Dressing a Banana Body Shape

Christine Steuber
Feb 9, 2022
Do you think that dressing up a banana body shape is impossible? I've got styling tips and outfit ideas to prove you wrong.

Banana body shape is the most widespread female figure type in the world. Almost half of the women who participated in the study of North Carolina State University fell into this category. 

Ladies with banana-like figures don’t have any issues with excess weight and are mostly slender. So, you may think, what kinds of problems could women with such a great figure have? 

Well, even though people with this body type typically don’t have to sweat in the gym too hard and exhaust themselves with diets, they are still struggling with styling outfits. 


Keep reading to find an answer to this question. I’ve also put together a practical guide to styling a banana-shaped body with excellent tips and outfit ideas!

What is a Banana-Shaped Body?

A banana-shaped figure has shoulders, bust, and hips of the same width, along with an undefined waist and a flat bottom. In other words, your curves are evenly proportioned, and your body seems to go in one straight line.

Banana shaped body characteristics First for Hers

How can you find out if your body belongs to this figure type? 

So, if your waist measurements are less than 9 inches from your hips and chest, you belong to this club. For example, if your shoulders are 35 inches, your waist should be 26 inches or a bit more. 

You can also take a picture and draw a line from your shoulders to your hips and note where the line ends. That way, you will determine whether you have a banana-shaped figure.

Pros and cons of a banana-like figure

When it comes to the positive aspects of your figure, there are many more advantages than you expect:

  • You have a faster metabolism than other body shapes.
  • Your legs are slender.
  • You have a strong body structure.
  • You can quickly achieve the desired muscle mass.
  • Many pieces of clothing fit you perfectly.
  • When you gain weight, it is distributed evenly throughout the body (the same happens when you lose weight).

However, despite being fit, skinny, and not having problems with a tummy pooch, you still risk certain health conditions if you don’t take enough care of your health. 

For instance, I found the study of eating habits and metabolic conditioning from 2015, which says that unhealthy foods increase the risk of cancer and diabetes even if people do not gain weight quickly, such as with banana-shaped bodies. So it’s time to stop believing in a myth that we’re healthy if we’re skinny.

For this reason, even if you have a banana-shaped figure, you should still focus on eating healthy and balanced meals and leading a more active lifestyle.

Rectangle vs. banana body shapes

Although many people put the banana-shaped body and the rectangle body type in the same basket, some differences still exist. If you don’t really see them, take a look at these features of both figure types:

Characteristics of a rectangle body shape:

  • Equal widths in the shoulders, waist, and hips
  • Undefined waist
  • Flat bottom
  • Excess weight is most pronounced in the torso area 
  • Slim legs

Characteristics of a banana-like body:

  • The shoulders and hips of the same width
  • Small to medium bust
  • Waist measurement is less than 9” smaller than shoulders or hips
  • Flat buttocks and slender legs
  • Weight is distributed evenly

If you compare the characteristics, at first glance, it will seem that these two body shapes do not differ much. But if you look more closely, you will see two essential differences. 

The first one is waist circumference. Although both body types fall into the “straight” body shapes category, bananas still have a narrower and slimmer waist. 

Another distinction is the weight gain pattern. While bananas distribute weight evenly throughout the body, people with the rectangle body shape struggle with excess weight in the tummy area.

There’s one common feature both figure types are rocking –  attractive legs and slender arms.

Celebrities with banana-like figures

Many celebrities with banana body shapes take center stage to give inspiration and guidance on approaching your everyday style. 

For instance, look at how gorgeous Kate Middleton was in a white blouse combined with brown flare high-waisted trousers. The entire outfit was complemented by a dark belt that perfectly defines the waist and creates curves. Dark shades slim down the tummy area while white color gives volume to the upper part and thus turns a banana-shaped body into an hourglass figure:

Kate Middleton outfit Red Magazine
Credit: Red Magazine

Or, take a look at Anne Hathaway – she has a classic banana figure, and she knows how to rock it. The image below shows her wearing a denim shirt, elegant wide-leg pants, and peep-toe heels. The hourglass figure is achieved due to the pants’ fabric falling slightly and creating curves in the hip area:

Anne Hathaway outfit Daily Mail
Credit: Daily Mail

Actress Kate Hudson also knows how to highlight the best of her banana shape. Check out how great light blue linen pants and a long raincoat look on her. She tucked her nude shirt inside the pants, creating a curve in the waistline:

Kate Hudson outfit InStyle Magazine
Credit: InStyle

All these famous ladies know how to camouflage the lack of curves and add a dose of femininity to their outfits. But believe me, they also struggled at one point and needed a stylist to guide them. 

No worries – you don’t have to pay anyone to teach you how to put together stylish looks. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know how to pick the right clothing items for a banana-like figure.

Styling Guidelines for a Banana Body Type

When dressing the banana body shape, your most important task is to learn how to emphasize the waist. 

I will teach you how to create curves, add dimension with fashion accessories, striking patterns, and different cuts. You will find out which clothes for a banana-shaped body are “must-have” in your wardrobe and what you have to avoid.

Let’s dive in!

Key fashion guidelines

So, the most obvious way for you to highlight the waist area is by wearing elegant dark-colored belts that give the impression of a slimmer waist. In general, anything that narrows in the waist area will be a perfect choice.

I also advise you to wear open-back fitted clothes because they will suit you very well and add a romantic feel to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear items with details on the chest, such as pockets, pleats, or even ruffles. These adornments will give your bust a fuller look. But on the other hand, avoid too many patterns in the waist area – they will make it look fuller.

To dress perfectly and highlight the best parts of your body, I summarized some essential points that will help you choose the right outfits:


  • Belted shirts, dresses, and blouses
  • Medium to high round or V-neckline
  • Flared jeans
  • Pencil skirts
  • A-line dresses
  • Short fitted jackets
  • Open-back clothes
  • Different cuts 


  • Overly tight clothing
  • Bottoms with extra detailing around the waist
  • Boxy shaped clothing
  • Oversized clothes
  • Vertical stripes

The biggest advantage of the banana body shape is that almost everything looks very good on it. Even if you have some of the garments I previously listed in the ‘Avoid’ category, you can still restyle them using a belt or a fitted clothing item. For instance, an oversized sweater with a stylish belt will create a whole different look!


To create curves in the midsection, it is important to properly dress the upper part of the body. I recommend the following ideas to choose the shirts and jackets that will fit you perfectly.


If you want your upper body to gain volume, the first rule is to wear the tops with medium to high V-cut or round necklines. This way, you will lengthen the look of your shoulders and emphasize the collarbone.

In the following example, you can see an attractive purple top with a rounded neckline. Also, high-waisted bottoms should always be your choice when you wear shorter shirts like this. Besides, I advise you to wear beautiful puff sleeve sweaters on such tops, as they will give a perfect balance to your overall look.

Rounded neckline shirt outfit for banana shaped body

My favorite recommendation for banana shaped-body is wrapped shirts, as these models give the illusion of a fake slim waist. Let me convince you with this outfit:

Wrapped shirt outfit idea for banana shaped body

It’s also worth mentioning that the tops with ruffles, pleats, and embellishments can volumize the bust, giving you the desired hourglass figure look. 

Check out this outfit which is a superb example of how a combination of ruffles and an open back can look flawless: 

Top with ruffles outfit for banana shaped body

The royal blue top has very pronounced ruffles in the chest area, creating volume in this part. It is slightly tightened under the chest, while the A-line skirt gives the right dimension to the hips and waist.

If you like to wear loose-fitting shirts or blouses, use a belt to draw attention to the bust area and create a distinction in the midsection.

The next outfit includes just about everything you need to highlight the best of your banana-shaped figure. The wide belt creates the illusion of a thin waist, the volumized sleeves draw attention to your arms, and the plaid pattern gives a dimension and special fashion touch to the whole combination:

Plead shirt outfit idea for banana shaped body

On the other hand, I recommend avoiding too many details and colors in the waist area, as this will make the straight body shape even more pronounced.


If you belong to the petite and regular banana figure type, don’t be afraid to rock cropped jackets that will create curves in the chest and waist area.

In the following example, you can see how attractive a short jacket looks with bright high-waisted jeans. This jacket model is very tightened in the waist area, thus creating the illusion of an hourglass:

Short jacket outfit idea for banana shaped body

On the other hand, if you are a tall banana type, opt for longer jackets or coats that highlight the waistline with some striking belts. Take a good look at the next example, and you will realize that if you wear this outfit, no one will notice that you are a banana-shaped woman. In fact, you will look very curvy, thanks to the adjustable belt. Coats with fur in the chest area are always a fantastic option as they give volume to the upper part:

Long coat outfit idea for banana shaped body

However, I’d keep away from the jackets that end above the waist as your body will appear like a rectangle, and no curves will be highlighted.


Now that you have chosen the perfect top, it is time for me to help you with bottom clothing.

So let’s start with jeans.


There are various silhouettes that look great on banana-shaped women. But to add some extra curves to your figure, the flared ones will be an amazing choice. Also, you will know that you have chosen the ideal length of flared jeans if they finish just above your heels.

Look at how great these flared jeans look combined with a basic t-shirt and white sneakers:

Flared jeans with T-shirt outfit idea for banana shaped body

Since the white T-shirt in this outfit ends above the hips, the entire bottom is in the foreground. These high-waisted jeans accentuate the curves starting from the waist area. Washed denim color is an additional plus as it achieves hip volume.

On the other hand, I don’t recommend wearing low-rise jeans as this will make you look even more shapeless. Medium to high-waisted trousers will be the best option for your figure.


Here I also recommend medium to high-waisted cuts for pants. When it comes to the fabric, linen materials are an unmistakable choice because they have a slight fall that allows you to create curves in the hip and waist area. Opt for wide legs and avoid skinny or straight models.

The bright linen pants in the outfit below make the hips more rounded, while the top with a tropical pattern gives volume to the bust area. The pants are tightened at the waist with a button, which achieves a thinning effect in the torso:

Wide pants outfit idea for banana shaped body

‍However, try to avoid straight-fitted and low-rise pants that emphasize your straight silhouette unless you want to highlight it.


Shorts should also be medium to high-waisted. These models will create the ideal balance between the waist and hips. Belts are always a good idea, and make sure you have the back pockets to create roundness in your bottom area.

Check out how cute these shorts look in combination with a floral top. A real summer vibe!

Shorts outfit idea for banana shaped body

Just like for other bottoms, the same rule applies to shorts: avoid low-rise models. Tight shorts are also a bad choice as they will highlight the lack of curves.


Skirts are a great way to add volume to the lower body. Some ways to achieve it are ruffles and patterns. With regard to colors, instead of dark shades, I recommend opting for bright tones to make your hips more attractive and rounded.

Let your outfit be inspired by this light blue ruffle skirt with elastic around the waist that creates a distinction between the upper and lower part of the body. Furthermore, the lovely lace top emphasizes the cleavage and the beauty of the arms and shoulders:

Ruffled skirt outfit idea for banana shaped body

At the same time, avoid angular style and opt for A-line and flaring skirts that define your waist. Let the example above inspire you on how you can combine a skirt for the perfect casual outfit.


In my opinion, A-line is an unmistakable option when it comes to dresses for banana-shaped bodies. A triangle-like silhouette starting at the waist and getting gradually wider from the hips down to the hem will give a balance to your figure. These models don’t draw attention to your rectangle shaped-body and highlight the best parts of your figure, such as your shoulders and slender legs.

Take a look at this romantic combination that boasts a waisted blue dress. The lace in the chest and sleeve area draws attention to the attractive upper body. The waist is created with a narrowed part on the midsection, and the end of the dress is adorned with a lovely ruffle that gives balance to the whole figure:

A-line dress outfit idea for banana shaped body

However, if you want to emphasize your waist to the maximum, choose pieces with belts that you can tighten at the midsection. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for classic belts with buckle or ribbon belts that you can tie in a bow or some other shape. Dresses with belts are versatile and suitable for casual and elegant occasions.

Check out how you can combine a bright-colored dress and a black belt for a daily walk or dinner night:

Bright dress with a belt outfit idea for banana shaped body

Wrap dresses are also gorgeous because the drapery falls nicely over the straight body frame and creates the impression of curves. In the outfit below, an ultra-slimming effect is achieved with a tie waist that cinches on the slimmest abdominal part. If you add high heels and some fancy handbag to the whole attire, you will look spectacular!

Wrapped dress outfit idea for banana shaped body

You can achieve a similar illusion with the colors you wear. Opt for dresses of darker shades around the waistline to tighten your torso area. In addition, different styles of sleeves can make you look even more luxurious and attractive because this way, you will draw all the attention to the upper part of the body.

Check out how incredibly good this evening dress, attractive heels, and a trendy handbag look together:

Evening dress outfit idea for banana shaped body

On the contrary, avoid boxy and straight dresses because they will make you look shapeless and hide your best assets.

Summer clothes

Summer is my favorite season, and I enjoy coming up with outfits for these hot months. Lucky for you, you have an ideal body shape for various types of swimsuits and beautiful, fluttery jumpsuits.

Let me introduce you to the summer essentials you will definitely fall in love with.


When it comes to swimsuits for banana body shape, choose one-piece models with strategically cut details that give the illusion of a curved silhouette. On top of that, fruits, flowers, and colorful patterns are details that your one-piece swimsuit needs. Just look at how adorable these lemons are!

One-piece swimsuit outfit idea for banana shaped body

If you prefer bikinis, opt for bold prints on the upper and lower parts of the bathing suit. High-waisted bikini bottoms will slim down your midsection and visually create an hourglass figure.

Bikini outfit idea for banana shaped body

However, I do not recommend wearing low-rise bikinis because they create a shapeless figure and an even more undefined waist.

Another little tip: if one part of your bikini happens to be too big or stretched, you can try to shrink it. Check out the simple and useful methods I highlighted in this article.


The right jumpsuit for the banana body shape should add softness to your angular figure. This effect can be achieved by layered fabric, cuts, and creases in the bust and hips area. Moreover, if the jumpsuit doesn’t have a tightened part with an invisible seam around your waist, you should definitely go for a belt in the midsection.

Take the following outfit as an example. This jumpsuit is slightly tightened in the waist area, but sometimes it is not enough to achieve the desired result. So you can add an attractive belt to create an hourglass figure and combine it with other fashion accessories:

umpsuit outfit with a belt for banana shaped body

Also, don’t be afraid to pick jumpsuits with wide legs and some sleeve details because such models will flatter your body shape the most. 

Check out this outfit with an adorable denim jumpsuit and accessories in red shades. The belt in the midsection creates a slimmer waist while the cute ruffle sleeves reach from the shoulders to the hips:

Jumpsuit with ruffled sleeves outfit idea for banana shaped body

However, I strongly advise against shapeless and boxy jumpsuits that add volume to both hips and shoulders. It is crucial to emphasize only one of these two sections because otherwise, you will achieve a counter-effect.

Wedding gowns

A wedding is one of the most special ceremonies in life, so every bride wants to look flawless from head to toe on this memorable day.

When buying a wedding gown for a banana-shaped figure, the focus, once again, should be on the waist definition. You can perfectly define it with A-line dresses that are characterized by a fitted waistline and flared skirt. Whether your taste is minimalistic, whimsical and romantic, or traditional, an A-line gown is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.

Get inspired by this beautiful wedding combination that makes your figure look feminine and enchanting. Lace dominates the entire dress, and a striking belt with a silver detail creates an hourglass figure of your body:

A-line wedding dress outfit idea for banana shaped body

I should also say that sheath wedding dresses are an excellent option for a banana-shaped body as their skirts create volume in the hips area. The simple, classic, and timeless cuts go perfectly with decent and elegant jewelry.

Here’s how you can style a sheath style gown for your special day:

Sheath style wedding dress outfit idea for banana shaped body

Yet, my personal favorite for all banana-shaped girls is mermaid wedding dresses. It hugs the chest and waist, creating an hourglass figure. A trumped-shaped skirt, curved side seams, and an extended bottom will add a dose of femininity to your overall wedding look. 

Just look at how attractive and seductive this mermaid dress looks. The off-shoulder style emphasizes your bust, athletic shoulders, and beautiful arms. The dress is narrowed in the midsection, thus balancing the waist and hips:

Mermaid wedding dress style outfit idea for banana shaped body

On the other hand, for a more extravagant look on your wedding day, the corseted dress is the way to go. This style adds thickness and padding, creating the illusion of a slimmer waist and fuller bust. 

If you want to look like a real princess, let the next outfit be your inspiration. The corset on this dress shrinks the waist as much as possible while making the breasts firmer. The tulle spreads towards the bottom and, with its splendor, hides the lack of curves:

Ballgown wedding dress style outfit idea for banana shaped body

When it comes to the don’ts, avoid straight-cut wedding gowns with no belts or pleats in the midsection because these dress models emphasize the rectangle body shape.

If you have a slightly bigger tummy or you are bothered by bloating that you want to hide as much as possible, you may be able to find wedding dress inspiration among my recommendations for the apple-shaped figure.

And remember: whether you’re a rectangular, apple-shaped, fit, overweight or plus-size woman, only one thing really matters – that you feel wonderful, as you deserve on your big day!

Over To You

As you can see, there are plenty of styles you can rock with your banana-shaped figure. There are just a few rules you need to remember. Let’s quickly recap them:

  • Wear belted shirts, dresses, and jumpsuits.
  • Flared and high-waisted pants will fit you perfectly.
  • Avoid low-rise bottoms because, with these models, an undefined waist comes to the fore.
  • Enrich your wardrobe with ruffles.
  • Experiment with different cuts that will give volume to your body.
  • Avoid oversized clothing.
  • Wear one-piece swimsuits and high-waisted bikinis.
  • Choose cropped jackets and long coats with belts.
  • Wear scarves, necklaces, and jewelry that will highlight the upper body.

Your body type is actually a definition of a slender female figure that you should be proud of. Choose the right pieces of clothing, and don’t be afraid to show the best assets of your body. 

Are you looking for more outfit ideas? I’m waiting for you on my blog with many more style tips and interesting details!

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