How to Dress an Inverted Triangle Body Type – Full Guide

Christine Steuber
Apr 21, 2022
Which clothes suit best for inverted triangle body type? I've prepared a full guide with tips, recommendations, and outfit ideas.

There are different body shapes, and all of them are special and beautiful in their own way. But how to find clothes that can complement your figure flawlessly?

First, it’s essential to know which body type you belong to. 

Your fashion evolution will start at the moment when you determine the type of your figure. Last time I introduced you to a triangle body shape and explained what to wear and which mistakes to avoid. And today, I’ll be giving special attention to the inverted triangle body type. From tips to instructions and outfit ideas, I’ve highlighted everything about the clothes that will make you look stunning!

So, let’s start.

What Is an Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

Women with inverted triangle-shaped bodies tend to have broader shoulders than hips. In simple words, the body resembles the “V” letter. Many females have this physique but are unaware of it. If you suspect you’re in the same group, read the following characteristics of this body shape to know for sure. 

An inverted triangle figure has:

  • Very broad shoulders 
  • A flat bottom
  • An athletic or sporty constitution
  • Narrow hips and waist 
  • Strong, square, or straight shoulders
  • No waist definition
  • Legs are often toned 

For such women, the aim should be to create more balance between the lower and upper parts of the body. You can achieve this goal by adding definition to the lower body, ensuring that the waist and bust are defined, and making the shoulders appear not as prominent.

Health problems related to this figure type

It is believed that the upside-down triangle body shape possesses highly active adrenal glands. These glands boost the metabolism and make people stay slim. 

However, even with the athletic appearance, if inverted triangles gain weight, they are automatically more vulnerable to heart disease and are a potential victim of osteoporosis. Plus, if a woman has a fuller bust, there is a significant risk of developing breast cancer as well. This is why it’s important to follow a balanced and low-fat diet and live an active life.

Difference between triangle & inverted triangle bodies

Do you know which body shape is opposite to the upside-down triangle body? It’s a triangle figure! If you’re not sure what the differences between these two types are, here’s a handy graph that will explain them to you:

Triangle body vs. Inverted triangle body type comparison - First for Her

Although there is only one less word in the name, these two body types are still very different. Basically, they are the opposite.

Famous people with inverted triangle figures

I really don’t like to see people dictating the ideal proportion of a female body. In my opinion, inverted triangles are beautiful ladies who are lucky enough to show off their fuller shoulders and prime assets. And yes, dear inverted triangle, you can look and shine like a model! I’m going to show you a few examples of celebrities with the exact same figure so that you can feel confident and start to love the advantages of your shape.

First up, here’s actress Angelina Jolie. To me, she’s adept at flaunting her broad shoulders. In the image below, wide sleeves and a round neckline make her shoulders look narrower, while the brown belt in the midsection makes the waist slimmer. The chiffon A-line dress balances the figure perfectly and highlights the best assets of Angelina’s beautiful body:

Angelina Jolie inverted triangle body type
Credit: InStyle

Or take a look at Catherine-Zeta Jones, she definitely knows how to look stunning. A perfectly fitted blazer, orange blouse tucked in wide-leg elegant pants look incredibly good together:

So, if you pick the right clothes, you can always look attractive no matter if you are wearing flat shoes like Angelina or high heels like Catherine. Add some lovely accessories, and your style will rock!

A Guide to Styling an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If you don’t know which clothes to pick for this figure type, below are some fantastic fashion guidelines I made for you. They will help you easily choose the best tops, shorts, skirts, and dresses for the inverted triangle body shape.

Let’s get started!

General styling tips

Are you ready to devour outstanding style tips specially created for your body shape? Before refreshing your wardrobe, read the following recommendations and memorize them:

  • Add volume in the hips area. Attempt to create an illusion of curves at the bottom – it will help balance the shape. The best clothes to wear on the lower body are layered skirts, A-line dresses and flared jeans. Other alternatives are bold prints and light colors if you want to attract attention to your bottom.
  • Soften your shoulder line. Focus on softening the shoulder area of your silhouette. Draping, soft fabrics, bold colors, and narrow necklines will make the upper half appear less bulky. 
  • Add definition to your waist. Pick details around your waist and bottom to create an illusion of curves. Wear pants creating wider legs and putting an emphasis on the midsection.

Now, let’s get to the details. Below you’ll find lovely shirts, pants, summer clothes, and more for your beautiful figure.


Wear tops that add definition to the waist and do the opposite for your upper body. Layering on the hips, dark shades, wrap-style, and asymmetrical cuts are what you should be looking for in tops.

Regarding the neckline, pick long, deep, asymmetrical, halter, and slim necklines to visually decrease the width of the upper body. However, don’t wear low and wide necklines.

As for the sleeves, choose the shapes that make the shoulders look slimmer. For short sleeves, go for tapered or tight shapes. For long sleeves, wear soft flaring fabric. As for sleeveless tops, always opt for wide straps, and refrain from bold details.

1) Shirts

Now, let’s start with fashion tips for shirts before anything else. 

If you are a fan of sleeveless tops like me, focus on choosing thin straps and materials that will spread towards the bottom. In this way, the upper body will look thinner, while the lower part will gain volume.

And as previously mentioned, flared pants are a perfect pair with such sleeveless tops:

Sleeveless top with flared pants outfit idea for inverted triangle body type

The wide bell bottom drives all attention to your legs, creating the ideal balance between upper and lower body parts. Add some lovely details like a little black purse, earrings, and simple high-heel sandals, and you are ready to go!

Let’s continue with another super cute outfit. An asymmetrical cut breaks the neckline abruptly to create a sense of balance that your body shape needs. By pairing it with flared jeans and lovely brown accessories, this outfit will make you look absolutely fancy! 

Let’s continue with another super cute outfit. An asymmetrical cut breaks the neckline abruptly to create a sense of balance that your body shape needs. By pairing it with flared jeans and lovely brown accessories, this outfit will make you look absolutely fancy: 

Asymmetrical cut neckline with bell bottom jeans outfit idea for inverted triangle body

In the following stylish combination, you can see the V-line pullover that makes the shoulders look narrower. The pants in this outfit are slightly flared to show the best of your legs. This can be a great everyday outfit for inverted triangles:

V-neck shirt with bell bottom pants outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Avoid: deep necklines and embellishments on the shoulders.

2) Jackets

When the temperature drops, jackets come to the rescue. But it’s important to know which types of jackets will suit your preferences and complement your body type. 

So, let’s start this section with a classic wrapped blazer to draw attention to the middle and automatically divert the attention from the upper body. Loose pants, classic high-heels, a little black handbag, and some golden details take the overall outfit to the next level:

Classic wrapped jacket outfit idea for inverted triangle body shape

For a more sporty look, choose a simple layered jacket with a belt in the midsection that makes the hips look wider and waist thinner. Leggings, comfy sneakers, a sports bag, a water bottle in your hand, and you are ready for the gym:

Sport jacket sporty look for inverted triangle body

And, if you want to emphasize your lower body with some flared jeans like in the picture below, opt for a waist-length jacket. Timeless white sneakers, a cute backpack, and beautiful sunglasses will make you look stylish:

Short jacket outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Avoid: embellishments, big collars, and shoulder pads.

3) Coats

Coats possess similar terminology and aspects to jackets, and I’ve added three outfit ideas to give you visual examples.

Let’s start with a belted coat that draws the eyes to the midsection instead of the broad shoulders. Okay, this coat, flared jeans, and black accessories – you just can’t go wrong with this outfit, right?

Black classic coat outfit idea for inverted triangle body

In the next outfit, you can see the single-breasted coat that also adds definition to your waist and creates an hourglass figure. Be brave and add some red accessories to your look, such as boots, sunglasses, or a handbag. I know it sounds too much, but check out the outfit below – I’m sure you’ll love it!

Red waisted coat outfit idea for inverted triangle body

If you want to maximize the volume around your hips, choose belted coats like the one in the outfit below. It is looser than the previous ones, and it will make your body look perfectly balanced. Of course, don’t forget to add some brown or beige details to make your outfit stand out:

White belted coat outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Avoid: double-breasted coats and embellishments on the shoulders.


Bottoms should add volume to the naturally toned legs and slim hips of inverted triangle bodies. And unlike the clothes on the upper body, embellishments and details are completely okay with the bottoms.

I’ll be sharing outfit ideas for jeans, shorts, and skirts now, so stay tuned.

1) Jeans and pants

Let me remind you again not to wear skinny jeans because they will create a counter-effect. The options that you can see below will suit you much better. 

In the first example, you can see a gorgeous, light-colored palazzo paired with an asymmetrical neckline top. Add some knitted accessories like a bag or sandals, and you’ll be ready for summer walks.

Palazzo pants outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Let’s continue with lovely pants full of floral prints. Since the purpose of pants for our body shape is to add volume to the legs and bottom, you can see that this pinky set will achieve that goal perfectly.

Floral silky pants outfit idea for inverted triangle body

And if you want a casual outfit, opt for flared jeans that will add dimension and make your hips and leg-line look much more prominent. Check it out:

Casual outfit with bell bottom jeans idea for inverted triangle body

Avoid: low-waist styles and skinny jeans.

2) Shorts

Choose shorts with the sole purpose – to make an illusion of fuller hips and a bigger lower body.

Let me show you cute, wide-leg shorts with an adorable bow on the front side. Okay, I’ll admit, I have an obsession with bows. I even wrote about wedding dresses with bows because I think it’s something so charming and very unique. But let’s get back to the topic. The baggy style of the shorts below is great for making the lower body appear wider than it actually is. Pair such shorts with a basic T-shirt and add some accessories to make it look more stylish:

Shorts with a bow outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Your next choice should be more voluminous printed shorts since these will redirect the attention from your shoulders. And if you pair them with a V-neckline top, your whole body will look more balanced:

Textile shorts outfit idea for inverted triangle body

The next outfit is made for all jeans lovers like me. I can’t imagine summer without jean shorts. For you, inverted triangles, turn-up denim shorts are the best option. You can see just how well it adds width to the hips and legs. Wear a slim top with loose sleeves, and I guarantee you a flawless look:

Jean shorts outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Avoid: tight-fitting shorts and dark colors, as it de-emphasizes your bottom and makes you look top-heavy.

3) Skirts

Let’s start with a box-pleated skirt with a low V-line, which is a great option for the summer. Look at the way it flares from the bottom to add visual depth. Also, check out how cute it all looks in this yellow-blue combination:

Box-pleated skirt outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Here is one more good news for all of you, dear inverted triangles: you can wear any skirt size. Take a look at this stunning layered skirt in a neutral shade. The layers are perfect for making the entire lower body appear fuller:

Layered skirt outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Finally, the next skirt model to have in your wardrobe is a tulip style skirt with vertical and horizontal lines that add dimension to your hips. Throw in some fancy black accessories, and you are ready for a night out!

Jean skirt outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Avoid: tight-fitting skirts that hug your hips.

Summer outfit ideas for inverted triangle body shape

Having an inverted triangle body figure doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a summer with a cute swimsuit and look attractive. I’ll show you the best clothes for the scorching heat so that you don’t compromise your style. 

Continuing the belted clothing tradition, the following simple swimsuit with a belt in the midsection creates a perfect hourglass shape. The hip area is structured appropriately to make the bottom stand out, and it’s a great swimsuit to hide a tummy. Also, bring along a light linen dress, fancy hat, and other summer accessories to the beach or pool to complete the look:

Belted swimsuit outfit idea for inverted triangle body

And if you are a fan of long, flowy dresses, check out this cutie below that will perfectly fit your body. Underneath, you can wear a standard bikini top and panties with ruffles to add dimension to your hips:

Bikini with ruffles outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Finally, to show the best of your body, go for the pleated one-piece and an asymmetrical midriff coverage swimsuit. The combo you can see below is very sensual and attractive and will put your shape in perfect balance:

Midriff swimsuit outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Avoid: patterned bikinis, especially in the upper body.

Wedding outfits

If you want bridal inspiration for the inverted triangle body shape, I have prepared three beautiful dresses for your special day. Let’s look at them.

For those looking for a dramatic effect, the ruffled dress with a sleeveless bodice is a perfect choice. By hiding the lower half completely, this luxurious skirt will make your hips look curvier:

Wedding dress with ruffled skirt outfit idea for inverted triangle body

And if you are looking for ideal petite wedding gowns, go with an asymmetrical, long dress to make you look taller. This attractive piece creates a beautiful female silhouette with the vertical cut in the neckline, which works magic for your shoulders, too. The loose skirt makes the hips appear wider:

Wedding dress with asymmetrical top outfit idea for inverted triangle body

And finally, the thin straps with a loose skirt are everything that your body shape needs to get desired curves on your wedding day. If you add some beautiful accessories, you’ll undoubtedly leave everyone speechless. Check it out:

A-line wedding dress outfit idea for inverted triangle body

Avoid: tight-fitting dresses and a lot of details on the shoulders.

Fashion Tips for Men with Inverted Triangle Figures

Talking about the inverted triangle body shape, we can’t leave men behind. That’s why I have dedicated the last section to my male audience. 

Men’s fashion for an inverted triangle figure can look fantastic if you put in a bit of effort. A slightly loose shirt with simple shorts will mask all your insecurities. And remember, the neckline should never be too low. Check out the outfit below:

T-Shirt and shorts outfit idea for men with inverted triangle body

Wearing fitted or slim shirts will accentuate your muscular build while ensuring a tailored look around your waist. 

You should also try to make your legs appear as proportional as the upper body. 

Straight-leg pants will make your legs look more balanced. As an alternative, patterned pants will also distract the eye from the upper body. Don’t forget to add some fancy accessories to complete the look:

Pants and polo outfit idea for men with inverted triangle body

For special occasions when you have to wear a suit, it’s important that it isn’t too tight, but it should not be too loose either. So, be careful when choosing classy clothes for the inverted triangle body shape.

Don’t wear any padding on the shoulders, too. The perfect combination for your figure looks like this:

Suit outfit idea for men with inverted triangle body

Avoid: slim jeans, padded jackets, and plunging V-line.

Over to You

So, these are all the tips you need regarding the clothing for the inverted triangle figure. I hope everything resonated with you and that you’ll be using this information to pick out your future clothes. 

To wrap up, let’s go over the main styling tips once again just to refresh your memory. Wear clothing that:

  • Add dimension to your bottom. 
  • Create a structured waist. 
  • Soften the shoulders. 
  • If you are a man, avoid a plus-size clothing style.

If you have some other fashion struggles, check out my blog, and I hope you’ll find the right solution to your problem!

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