22 Wedding Dress Styles with Bows on the Back

Christine Steuber
Mar 14, 2022
Looking for gowns for your special day? I've got a perfect selection of wedding dresses with bow on the back for you to make you look…

A couple of decades ago, a wedding dress with a bow on the back was considered high fashion and one of the biggest trends in clothing. Brides all around the world chose this style because it made them look like elegant princesses. Bows added a romantic flair to the look, making it elevated and exquisite.

But what about now?

Over the past few years, wedding dresses with bows have been ousted by other designs. However, it doesn’t mean they’ve gone out of style. My goal today is to show you that if you’re interested in similar wedding gown designs, you have an abundance of choices. That’s why I’ve collected 22 absolutely gorgeous bow wedding dress examples to get you inspired.

Let’s dive in!

Are Bows Back in Style?

Bows are a usual statement piece on many clothes. However, they are much more than that – they reflect a flawless balance of femininity and elegance. Besides, there are tons of wedding dresses with a bow on the back, so you’ll definitely have a wide variety of options to choose from. 

Tons of designers have created wedding gowns with this style. Let’s take one of Nadia Manjarrez’s creations as a perfect example. Although I am not a fan of short wedding dresses, this beauty with a large bow on the back simply leaves me speechless. Just look at how trendy the whole combination looks, especially because of this cute bow on the bride’s head:

According to Anna Price Olson, the real-weddings editor at Brides, brides see an opportunity to express themselves in their wedding dresses, and a bow is definitely a statement piece. So, if you want to say: ‘I am a romantic’ or ‘I am a modern bride’, you can do so by choosing a design that rocks a huge bow on the back.

Celebrity wedding dresses with bows

If you’re not convinced by the statements from the designers I mentioned above, take a look at the beautiful actress Sadie Robertson and her amazing wedding gown. 

Sadie’s dress was nothing short of magical. Satin material gracefully hugged her slim figure. The back was also decorated with a beautiful, large satin bow that added a dose of romance and charm to the dress:

Sadie Robertson wedding dress with a bow
Credit: Instagram

The low bun matched the overall look and highlighted her shoulders and back. She also wore elegant satin gloves and looked just like a princess!

25 Wedding Dress Designs with Bows on the Back

Now that I’ve proven to you that it’s absolutely possible to rock this style, I know you’re tempted to see more samples of dresses with bows on the back for brides. 

Below, you’ll see bows in all their glory. Honestly, these styles left me absolutely in love with this dress model, so I’m sure you’ll also be impressed with their elegance and beauty!

Satin wedding gowns 

The first dress on my list is the definition of striking sophistication. This piece by Anne Barge is a dramatic trumpet model that displays a structured draping, a strapless neckline, and of course, a bold bow at the back, as you can see in the picture below:

Anne Barge Trumpet wedding dress with a bow
Credit: Anne Barge

It follows the trend of modern minimalism by effortlessly combining the latest fashion tendencies with timeless style. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the use of the premium satin fabric and extensive beading makes this gown a total stunner.

Here’s one more amazing satin dress design with a bow on the back. This one also features a trumpet silhouette with a gorgeous V-line. It is a long, sleeveless dress with a huge bow right above the hips. The scoop neck column also adds a delicate touch, take a look: 

The dress showcases gorgeous craftsmanship embodying originality and high quality. The bow will definitely steal the attention of all guests at your wedding and oomph your confidence on the big day.

The next design is for all the ladies who want to maximize elegance. This strapless piece by Anne Barge is an A-line gown made of silk satin organza. It rocks an oversized and asymmetrical bow created with Baroque lace. There are buttons on the hem as well – something we don’t often see in gowns with bows. Check this beauty out:

Anne Barge A-line wedding dress with a bow
Credit: Anne Barge

Even though one strand of the bow is falling on the floor, it somehow doesn’t fail to appear whimsical, and this is the best part about this satin wedding dress. 

Lace wedding dresses

The first lace dress with a bow I am going to present to you is designed by Oleg Cassini. The vertical position of the bow beautifully cascades into a flowing train, making this dress absolutely stunning: 

Oleg Cassini lace wedding dress with a bow
Credit: Oleg Cassini

To make sure that the bow remains the star of the show, the remainder of the dress looks fairly simple. The exaggerated sweetheart neckline, a sheath silhouette, and the scalloped trim train all look organically together on this lace wedding dress.

The next wedding dress with a bow appears very minimal compared to the previous model. It showcases a classic small bow without long straps, as you can see below:

Lihi Hod lace wedding dress with a bow
Credit: Lihi Hod

This beautiful dress is adorned with extremely long straps and an open back. At the bottom of each shoulder strap is a small beautiful bow, and in the middle, you can see the buckle buttons.

One more wedding gown on our list truly boosts the value and glory of lace by bringing back the vintage concept. You know what they say – everything new is a well-forgotten old. This is especially accurate for this wedding dress. 

Designers are constantly inspired by fashion in the bygone eras, and I’m also quite captivated by them. Let me show you the one that won my heart:

Vintage lace wedding dress with a gown
Credit: Pinterest

The small bow with the laced top gives a special charm to the bride’s overall look. The overall design of the dress combines traditional and modern styles thanks to the lace that’s made of interesting large details that effectively emphasize the back, chest, and arms.

A-line wedding dresses

Describing the next dress as simple, usual, or normal would be a painful understatement. This extra stylish A-line wedding dress by Allison Webb showcases a deep V-line, a skirt with pleats, and a low cut-out that ends with a large bow on the back. As a result, this gown is a highly impressive piece with unrivaled attention to detail:

JLM Couture Alison Webb A-Line wedding dress with a bow
Credit: JLM Couture

Allison Webb’s sleeveless dress displays a pearl trim on the bodice. You should also check out the floral details on this Italian jacquard fabric – they add an extra dose of femininity to the total look. 

Made of luxurious silk faille, the following A-line beauty displays an A-line gown with exquisite beaded floral embroidery. To me, the wow factor is definitely the oversized back bow. These details are sufficient to put this Carolina Herrera bridal dress in the limelight:

You have to admit that the playfulness and drama of the plunging neckline is an appreciable attribute. It’s the perfect way to show some skin without feeling too exposed on the wedding day.

Do you maybe feel like a single bow isn’t enough? Amsale Rachel is here to fulfill your desires with two gorgeous draped taffeta bows. These pretty bows make sure that the classic and sleek piece is just as Instagrammable from the back as it is from the front. Just look how cute they look like:

Amsale a-line wedding dress with a bow
Credit: Amsale

As you can see, there is also a fit-and-flare silhouette and a sleeveless, straight neckline cut from silk faille. This material boasts a slight sheen without overdoing it.  

Tea-length wedding gowns

Tea-length wedding dresses are slowly becoming more in-style, especially for the brides who want to show more skin and break the norms.

The first design I want to show you is a knee-length structured, ivory dress made of heavy Mikado fabric. The backshift bow and the sleek cut are the main qualities of the piece. Take a look at how sleek it is:

Amsale tea-length wedding dress with a bow
Credit: Amsale

The gown’s off-the-shoulder area wraps delicately around the arms and ties to form a stunning back bow. The modern silhouette and useful side pockets are the details that I particularly like about this dress.

If you think that all these dresses are just too simple for you, I’ve got a real gem. The next model, the Lennon dress by Rime Arodaky, is for those of you who want extra drama! The long and puffy bell sleeves intensify the dramatic factor, whereas the plunging back jazzes up the tea-length dress for the modern bride:

Rime Arodaky tea length wedding dress with a bow
Credit: Rime Arodaky

I think this dress would look incredible with a clutch bag and a set of striking stilettos for an ideal ’70s after-party look. 

If you aren’t in the mood for drama, I have a piece by Sachin & Babi for you. It is a perfect mini wedding dress with a big bow. The white dress instantly transforms into an ethereal statement maker due to the trailing streamers and a huge detachable bow:

Sachin&Babi tea-length wedding dress with a bow
Credit: BHLDN

I think this Archie dress can be worn again after the wedding. You can even discard the show-stopping bow afterward for an effortless cocktail party look. All in all, the Archie dress is an elegantly tailored dupioni mini. It comes with back zip and a polyester lining.

Cross-back dresses with a bow

Even after so many styles that we have covered so far, there is something so sultry and appealing about cross-back design that is not inherent to any other style. The way the fabric wraps around the back in two straps simply screams femininity. 

Check out this tall pleated maxi wedding dress with a cross-back bow:

The sleeveless and backless design is perfect for any woman who is daring enough to show skin. The satin lace meets beautifully at the back. 

If you want a more luxurious cross-back dress, let me show you this Temperley design from the Spring 2019 collection. Most of the dress is made of lace, and the floral accents on the sleeves are a great detail. The same patterns travel to the back to form a lengthy ribbon: 

Tiny flowery patterns are also visible on the upper layer of the skirt. You will definitely look like a fairy in this magical piece. Everything about this dress shows you how delicate it is – another reason to love it even more!

If you are looking for an unusual back design, then the next dress is yours. This is not a simple cross-back gown – it has two large straps that intersect at the X letter to the middle of the back, take a look at this fantastic design:

Credit: Dora Grace

As you can see, some fabric in the middle is also sewn horizontally, and there is a small bow that falls towards the bottom. Doesn’t it look unique?

Ball gowns

For all of you who want to look like a real princess on your wedding day, keep reading. I’ve picked the most luxurious and sumptuous ball gowns for you. 

The first beauty on the list is definitely my favorite, and you can see why. Produced by the renowned Elie Saab, it is a strapless ball gown with a dramatic maxi bow at the back. 

Credit: Elie Saab

You probably can understand now why I said that is so special. A whimsical long train and a tailored taffeta create a perfect combination. The sleeves slightly cover the shoulders, and there is a pleated bolero to complete the look.

Let’s continue in the same tone of luxury. Effortlessly poised, the Waverly ball gown by Lela Rose deserves attention when we talk about bows. In the back, there is a detachable bow belt that highlights the fitted waist:

It has pockets and an iconic bow which looks impressive. And do you know what the best part of this dress is? It’s created of recycled fabric, which makes it completely sustainable. This will truly make a statement on your big day. 

Brent by Amsale is one more super-attractive ball gown made of beautiful silk faille. The way the bows are allocated on the dress looks really unique to me – all thirteen of them run down from the back’s center to the end: 

Credit: Amsale

These simplistic bows captivate the eye, from the extensive hem of the full skirt to the low bodice. A deep plunging neckline highlights the bride’s decolletage and ends the silhouette with pleasing curves.

Mermaid dresses

Mermaid wedding dresses are timeless and always a good choice. The first gown I am going to present you is a sultry mermaid dress made of Mikado fabric decorated by an architectural bow: 

Covered buttons travel down the long sleeves, which adds a surprising twist to this sleek design. Viktor & Rolf have truly outdone themselves with this unique bow wedding dress.

The exemplary silhouette of the next mermaid wedding dress on our list exudes timeless temptation and class. Its huge bow at the back cascades down the train, offering major princess vibes. The bow also makes the silhouette a regal choice for a black-tie wedding: 

Credit: Anne Barge

I personally love the layers on this dress. This model is fitted throughout the hips, waist, and bodice and aesthetically flares up at the end. If you are into a wedding dress with an open back, Celine by Anne Barge is the one that deserves your attention. 

Since mermaid wedding dresses are usually worn to make a statement, let me show you the fantastic piece by Vera Wang that fulfills this duty aptly: 

Credit: Vera Wang

It looks like this Helen dress displays the word “love” embroidered in black at the back, but it also comes with a huge black bow. 

Draped French tulle sleeves and a black strap are the most striking parts of this fashion piece. So, it’s basically a white dress with a black bow. Have you ever seen something more unique?

This style is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is a superb choice for an upscale bride wanting something that will make everyone drool. 

Flower girl dresses

I couldn’t forget the darling little girls that fill the weddings with so much love! It’s only fair to give them a separate section discussing their dresses. 

Bows are definitely serving as an accent on bride’s dresses as flower girls love this trend wholeheartedly, too. No matter where a bow is placed on a flower girl dress, it always exudes youthfulness and sweetness. 

The first one is a tea-length with long, transparent sleeves in champagne color. Its luxurious tulle cover the whole length, and the three cute bows look attractive one below the other:

Credit: BHLDN

The second one is the same length but made with somewhat different materials. The floral prints and a light-colored bow are the primary highlights of the piece. It’s perfect for little girls and can be worn with flat shoes of any shade:

BHLDN flowergirl dress with a bow on the back
Credit: BHLDN

The third on our list is an off-white option with a very big bow as a statement. A little above the knees, the satin material and floral embroidery at the back look stunning. Just take a look at this cute little lady:

If you don’t like these neutral colors, you can also purchase the similar one with a blue bow or some pink details.

Over to You

I hope all of you beautiful brides-to-be are convinced that a bow on the back of a dress is a timeless, attractive, and stylish trend. With so many different outfit ideas and wedding dresses to choose from, you can always blindly trust the bow movement as it will never disappoint you. 

Don’t be afraid to pick any material and your favorite style details for your wedding gown with a bow. The dress will still look stylish and make you the center of attention at your wedding. Plus, you can choose a dress featuring the bow on the arm, neck, or even front. The options are literally endless. 

Interested to read more interesting wedding tips and guides? Want to get more fashion advice and home improvement ideas? Visit my blog and find the topic that suits you best!

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