24 Creative Ideas to Decorate a Gazebo for a Wedding

Christine Steuber
Jun 17, 2022
Are you planning to have a wedding gazebo for the ceremony? Here are some creative ideas on how to decorate it!

Imagine a wedding completely different from the usual, with a fairytale location and the perfect backdrop for romantic photos. Exactly this kind of magical wedding you can bring to life inside a charming gazebo. Stylishly decorated gazebos, each with its own unique concept, guarantee true romance and stand out from the standard wedding halls. Choose a wedding gazebo for your dream day and enjoy full intimacy while saying your big ‘I do.’

Organizing your ceremony inside a gazebo also lets you show your creativity and decorate it the way you want. However, getting some inspiration always helps steer us in the right direction, so let me present you with some great ideas that will brighten up that little space where the two of you will start writing a new page of your lives.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Wedding Gazebo, and When Do You Need It?

Wedding gazebos are pavilion structures, freestanding or attached to a garden wall, roofed, and open on all sides. It’s a perfect little shelter for the couple to have an intimate and romantic ceremony, a bit isolated from the guests and crowd.

Old rustic wedding gazebo example
Credit: Pinterest

The primary purposes of a wedding gazebo are:

  • A covered area for the couple during the ceremony.
  • Cover for bars or a workspace for serving staff.
  • A smaller reception area for guests.
  • A smoking area.

If you want everyone to stay closer to you during the ceremony, a wedding gazebo won’t be a good option. In this case, a tent would be a better choice since it’s larger and more spacious:

Wedding tent image example
Credit: Pinterest

Also, the advantage of the tent is that you can set up tables for the wedding guests to have lunch in the same place where you exchange vows. On the other hand, this won’t be possible inside a small gazebo. However, if you decide to have a modest wedding, you can also set the table inside the wedding gazebo for you and the parents to have a festive lunch.

What to Put Inside a Wedding Gazebo?

Choosing the right gazebo decorations can help you add elegance to the structure and make the setting more personalized.

Decorate a gazebo in the style that your ceremony will follow. But if you don’t have the inspiration to make it all perfect, don’t worry. I created a list of fantastic ideas to help you with wedding decor.

1) Decorative pillars

Let’s start this list with a simple but, at the same time, effective way to decorate your wedding gazebo. Decorative pillars can make the place look more spectacular, elegant, and romantic. Of course, gazebos already have the pillars, but feel free to add yours that can serve many purposes. For instance, you can put two half-columns with flowers at the entrance. Check this out:

Wedding gazebo with decorated pillars and half-columns
Credit: Pinterest

Also, don’t forget to decorate the existing pillars to make the whole place more magical. You can cover them with draping fabric and overlay them with flowers from each side. Take a look at this decor:

Wedding gazebo pillars with decorated with draping fabrics and flowers
Credit: Pinterest

I personally like white and baby pink colors for outdoor gazebo wedding decor the most, but that’s not a strict rule. You can also decorate it with colorful flowers or just green leaves. Why not?

2) Lighting

Since gazebos provide shade, they usually lack lighting. But you don’t have to worry about it because there are easy and practical solutions to make the lighting perfect, even on a cloudy day or a dark night. 

The first option is chandeliers. Instead of dragging out house lamps, rent a large chandelier and let professionals hang it above the altar area. This kind of lighting also helps take better and more quality pictures:

Wedding gazebo decorated with a chandelier
Credit: Pinterest

The next option for creating a glowing scene is light strands. Wrap lights around pillars or garlands to create an ethereal and whimsical aesthetic:

Wedding gazebo with lights wrapped around pillars
Credit: Pinterest

To incorporate the decor subtly, you could also place light strands on the pavilion’s roof from the inside and outside, like in the example below:

Wedding gazebo decorated with cascading lights
Credit: Pinterest

Add this soft decor feature to your backyard wedding gazebo and make the ambiance look flawless.

3) Furniture

Although there is usually not much furniture inside the gazebo because of the cramped space, that doesn’t mean you cannot add it. It is a good idea to place a small table covered with a light fabric in the center of the wedding gazebo.

You can put rings and a book on that table to sign after getting married. You can also add a small vase of flowers and other details you prefer. Take a look at this decoration:

Wedding gazebo with a table inside
Credit: Pinterest

If you plan to have a long ceremony where you will share your love story and all the juicy details with your guests, then it’s not a good idea to stand on your feet all the time. In that case, bring two chairs, so you and your future husband can sit. This can look super-cute; check it out:

Wedding gazebo decorated with a table
Credit: Pinterest

In addition, if you want a wedding with a smaller number of guests, you can place a few tables and chairs inside the pavilion. This way, you can celebrate the whole ceremony from its start till the end with your loved ones:

Wedding gazebo decorated with table and chairs
Credit: Pinterest

Also, if you are getting married in a gazebo with built-in benches, just add beautiful decorative pillows, and your perfect oasis will be ready! And one more thing, you can use your wedding gazebo for the receiving line as well, so you can put some cocktails and aperitives there.

4) Candle holders

The next on our wedding ceremony decoration list are candles. You can put them on the pillars at the entrance, at the small table, or on the gazebo floor. Aside from creating a romantic atmosphere, they are also cost-effective. But since open flames can be dangerous, especially outside, I recommend using specific candle holders because they are safe and add a cozy look.

What do I mean by ‘specific’? For instance, look at these great holders surrounded by high glass. You can still see the candles, but at the same time, they are protected from external influences:

Closed candle holders wedding gazebo decoration idea
Credit: Pinterest

Another great idea is the so-called ‘floating candles’ combined with your favorite flower submerged in water. Just look at how gorgeous this decor looks:

Floating candle holders wedding gazebo decor idea
Credit: Pinterest

You can put one or more flowers in the glass. Also, you can customize this decoration to the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are getting married at sea, decorate the bottom of the glass with algae and shells. There are countless combinations. Dare to experiment!

5) Linen and tulle

Does any material feel quintessentially bridal more than tulle? Its lightweight and fresh look also gives the interior and exterior a romantic touch. 

Gazebo designs fit perfectly with tulle, and I will show you two examples to prove my point. First, you can use this fabric to cover all the pillars and add a dose of freshness, simplicity, and charm to your wedding gazebo:

Wedding gazebo pillars decorated with tulle
Credit: Pinterest

As we can see above, this option looks brilliant for a beach ceremony. By the way, a summer wedding is always a wonderful idea, especially if you organize your little corner near the sea. I am also in love with this design:

Wedding gazebo pillors decorated with cascading tulle and flowers
Credit: Pinterest

Apart from that, you can use the tulle only on the front pillars to make the entrance look more glorious:

Wedding gazebo with decorated entrance
Credit: Pinterest

But tulle is not the only option for the decorations. The simple linen can also look fantastic. And it doesn’t have to be white. I literally fell in love with this unusual wedding gazebo with beige and pastel green linen wrapped around it:

Wedding gazebo decorated with green and creme linen
Credit: Pinterest

This decor idea would fit perfectly for a vintage wedding, right? So if you are looking for something different with a more natural and simple design, this is what you need!

Wedding Gazebo Decor Ideas with Flowers

Flowers are the most common wedding décor details, and we just can’t imagine a wedding day without them. They instantly transform every space into a magical oasis. Since the flowers will always be in style, I decided to pick up some excellent ideas for your gazebo decorations. Let’s make it bloomy!

Idea #1: All-white paradise

The first on our list is a stunning floral arch that can look fantastic on your gazebo. Decorate the entrance with lots of flowers and thus add a dose of charm to your wedding venue.

When choosing this wedding gazebo design, you don’t need to add any other details to the roof or the pillars. This kind of decoration is subtle and breathtaking at the same time. Just look at this fascinating example below:

Wedding gazebo decorated with white flowers
Credit: Pinterest

Wedding traditions tell us that the white color is a symbol of purity and new beginnings, so opting for the white flowers and decoration is an unmistakable choice. You can also add large lanterns at the entrance for an extra dose of charm and a romantic atmosphere.

Idea #2: Spring blossom

The following decoration I singled out literally won my heart. It is a combination of burlap and stunning spring flowers. The small gazebo is decorated from top to bottom with a multitude of white and pink flowers and thus adds an incredible dose of liveliness and energy to this seemingly impersonal structure:

Wedding gazebo decorated with flowers and burlap
Credit: Pinterest

In addition to flowers, we can also see twigs springing and hanging around the pillars. This is definitely a number one choice for a garden wood gazebo for me!

Idea #3: Flower rain

The following example I’ve prepared is for all brides who love super-cute decorations in baby and pastel pink tones.

This design makes it seem as if many flowers are falling from the middle of the roof. It’s so impressive, and if you look at the pic below, you’ll understand why I call it ‘flower rain’:

Wedding gazebo with flowers cascading down the ceiling
Credit: Pinterest

In addition, we can see hanging plants coming down from a beautiful rose garland. The pillars are also covered with flowers, and there are blooming rose bushes in front of the entrance. There is no other word to describe this decoration than – WOW!

Idea #4: A touch of roses

If you want flowers in your gazebo decoration but don’t want them to predominate, let me show you the following example.

The picture I posted below shows the perfect balance of florals at each corner of the pavilion. The pillars are covered with champagne-colored curtains, while the flowers hug them in the middle:

Wedding gazebo designed with champaign color curtains and roses
Credit: Pinterest

In this decoration, we can also see the lovely decorated tablescape with individual composite white and pink roses. The decorators were thinking about every detail, so they installed an impressive backdrop made of paper flower camellias. I adore this!

Idea #5: Pampas & flowers magic

One of my favorite design elements is the pampas grass. This feathery, golden brown plant looks incredible in outdoor settings, especially when you combine it with some striking flowers and tropical leaves. Let me prove to you how brilliant it can look:

Wedding gazebo decorated with pampas grass and flowers
Credit: Pinterest

This beautiful design reminds me of a fancy jungle and exudes a unique tropical spirit. This is one of my top three favorites.

5 Cheap DIY Decor Ideas

A beautifully decorated wedding gazebo doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on it – you can have lovely decorations without exceeding your wedding budget. Let me show you some ways to save a lot on decor, and don’t worry – they won’t take away the charm. With these five DIY ideas for decorating a gazebo, I’ll prove that you can achieve a magical ambiance on a tight budget!

Idea #1: Timeless balloons

Balloons bring joy and festivity to any celebration, so why not use them for your wedding decor?

They can replace expensive traditional big-day details such as a floral arch. I found one great example of how a couple decided to decorate their pergola for a wedding with colorful balloons and thus brought vividness to the space. Take a look:

Pergola decorated with balloons for a wedding
Credit: Pinterest

Of course, if you don’t prefer bright colors at your wedding, you can do the same with white, champagne or rose balloons.

Idea #2: Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a great and affordable way to instantly give your gazebo a splash of uniqueness. Whether you decide on classically stylish white or want to go with more accent colors, hanging paper lanterns can create a decor that will impress your guests.

Check out how sweet this looks like:

Wedding gazebo decor with paper lanterns
Credit: Pinterest

As we can see, the soft colors predominate in this decor and fit perfectly with the white gazebo. This is a pure example that less is actually more!

Idea #3: DIY curtains

To add a magical and spectacular look to your wedding gazebo, you’ll only need a few old fabrics like white sheets. Cut the fabric into thin strips and tie them to the gazebo roof. This way, you will get a beautiful decoration that exudes freshness while gently swaying in the breeze. Check out what I’m talking about:

Wedding gazebo decorated with fabric strips
Credit: Pinterest

Like in the previous example, you can also buy or make paper flowers and put them above the entrance for an even more beautiful and unique overall look.

Idea #4: Ribbons

Ribbons are a great décor idea suitable for any wedding. Besides, they are so creative and budget-friendly! There are countless ways to use ribbon for your wedding decoration, and I decided to show you how you can make your gazebo unique with them.

I am simply thrilled for couples who decide to experiment and opt for different, non-traditional wedding ideas. Let me show you one brave decor example:

Many colorful ribbons cover this gazebo, thus making it a wonderful place to pronounce ‘I do’. Besides, your pictures will simply look stunning.

Idea #5: Pom poms

Let’s finish our list with pom poms or fluffy balls of fun, as I like to call them. They are so pretty, super easy to make, and cost-effective, too – definitely a win-win!

Try using twine or ribbon to hang these beauties in the center of your gazebo, right above you and your partner. Take a look at this beautiful pom-poms decoration:

Wedding gazebo decorated with pom poms
Credit: Pinterest

Plus, you can make the small pom poms and put them on the corner of the guests’ chairs to make them match the general design! Also, if you carefully remove them after the ceremony, you can reuse them for a day-two party.

Over to You

And that’s it, my dear readers! We just learned how to decorate a gazebo for a wedding in different ways. Ideas for gazebo wedding decorations are limitless, and you don’t even have to spend much money on them. You must think outside the box and let your creative side go wild! Feel free to make your wedding place unique and the way you want. And remember, there are no wrong options. Candles, lamps, flowers, tulle, balloons, pom-poms, or something else – it’s totally up to you!

So take the time to visualize your idea and create a memorable ceremony location.

P.S. I have already shared many tips and ideas on wedding ceremony decorations, traditions, and outfits, so I invite you to read them on my blog!

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