23 Shoe Recommendations to Wear with a Maxi Dress

Christine Steuber
Sep 16, 2022
Looking for shoes to wear with a maxi dress to the next dinner, wedding celebration or any other event? Check out my 23 picks!

Are you looking for the perfect shoes to wear with a maxi dress?

Since there are various types of maxis, the appropriate footwear should be diverse too. No worries, though! Because this is what today’s guide will talk about.

I will be sharing gorgeous outfit ideas appropriate for each weather and occasion. And, of course, I’ll show you the thirteen best shoes to pair with this attractive dress. 

So, sail aboard, maxi lovers!

13 Best Shoes That Go With a Maxi Dress

I know how hard it is to pick shoes to wear with such a long dress. But I will do my best to tackle this challenge by showing you the best options for pairing. 

Ready for the helpful tips to rock your maxi dress? Let’s dive in!

Option #1: Heels

Heels and maxi dresses are best friends! Plus, if you’re insecure about your height like I am, this footwear will elongate your figure and make you look slimmer.

You can choose between pumps, kitten, chunky, or strappy heels to look fantastic in your maxi dress. But, since pumps are a timeless choice and will always be IN, I decided to create an outfit with them to inspire you:

Red maxi dress with black high heels outfit idea

If you are looking for something to wear on a date, to a friend’s wedding, or for any other formal occasion, this red dress is the perfect option. It’s romantic and feminine, while the high black pumps add a touch of sophistication.

Option #2: Wedges

The second best shoes to wear with a maxi dress are none other than wedges. This fabulous choice also helps with height and is suitable for all occasions, including the everyday style.

Among many wedges, the most attractive types are braided style, clear straps, and espadrilles.

Let’s see how this footwear blends with a maxi.

Pink maxi dress with wedges outfit idea

If you ask me, these are the best summer shoes for a long dress. You could walk all day in them and not feel tired. And I prefer their look over heels as they’re more versatile and poised. 

This outfit looks great for a fun day on the beach or holidays. One thing is for sure – you’ll truly look feminine and fashionable in this ensemble. 

Option #3: Platform shoes

Platform shoes are another option that pairs nicely with a maxi. You can consider this footwear to be an ideal balance between hip wedges and traditional heels. 

So, if you don’t feel stable in stiletto or pencil heels, this type of footwear will provide the much-needed support. 

Primarily, two types of platform shoes exist – classic heels and ones raised from the ground without an elevated heel. For more casual walks, you can choose flat platforms, but for a slightly more refined look, opt for something like this:

Striped maxi dress with yellow platform shoes outfit idea

This long maxi dress is airy and light, and the yellow platform heels add a pop of color and a touch of excitement to the outfit. This combo is sure to turn heads, and you’ll be sure to stay cool in the summer heat.

Option #4: Flat sandals

Do you feel a little neglected because heels are not your cup of tea? Don’t worry; flat sandals are also a great match with a flowy maxi dress. 

A long dress with sandals is ideal for both casual and formal occasions. If the event is official, you can invest in sandals with some embellishment or shiny details. But alternatively, you can also pair subtle, versatile sandals with your dress as I did in this outfit:

Patterned dress sandals shoes to wear with a maxi dress

I adore this outfit’s Greek vibe due to the straw hat, feather on the shoes, and blue patterned spaghetti strapped dress. 

Option #5: Flip flops

Summer calls for some classic flip-flops, right, ladies? Flip-flops are a comfortable way to walk around all day without sacrificing style. Besides, you can find them in every color under the sun to match any outfit, including your favorite maxi dress.

Although you might think that these casual shoes and maxi dresses can’t look sophisticated and are only good for going to the beach, I’ll prove you wrong with this combo:

White cotton dress straw hat flip flops shoes to wear with a maxi dress

This white maxi dress is perfect for hot summer days and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The best part? Your feet will not suffer in these cute flip-flops, and you will have the opportunity to show off your nice pedicure.

Option #6: Mules

Mules are another fantastic option to wear with your maxi dress. This combo is not everyone’s cup of tea, as it is somewhat quirky and eccentric. But I like it because it’s unique and bold!

For instance, check out these cute shoes and be the judge:

Blue satin maxi dress blue faux fur coat silver mules shoes to wear with a maxi dress

Doesn’t this sky blue dress with silver mules create an effortless ensemble? The footwear is easy to slip on for a pleasant stroll around the city or a fancy lunch with your girls. Besides, this velvet dress just screams for some heels!

Option #7: Loafers

I have to be honest – loafers with a maxi dress may seem like an uncommon choice at first, but this combo can be super fashionable. Loafers work great when you feel that sandals will be way too casual, but you’re also too tired to wear heels.

Loafers are available in wedge and flat styles, so you can decide what works best for the occasion and your feet. 

Now let’s see how loafers can look good with a maxi dress:

Green cheetah print maxi dress jean jacket loafers outfit idea

As we can see, these shoes match a maxi dress as they create a wholesome look. Besides, the sleeveless dress with a cheetah print is an excellent option for a casual day. Just throw in a black jean jacket to look comfier and seal the deal!

Option #8: Ballet pumps

Ballet pumps are known to be the ultimate alternative to high heels. Although they almost disappeared from the fashion scene for a while, we now see them again on the catwalk. 

Wondering how they look with a maxi dress? Let’s find out.

Bodycon maxi dress leather jacket ballet pumps outfit idea

If you are looking for a pretty and comfortable outfit to wear, this bodycon maxi dress paired with ballet pumps will knock you off your feet!

These ballet pumps are classic and versatile, and they’ll help you stay comfortable and stylish all day long. Finally, I suggest adding a black leather jacket on top if it gets chilly in the evening. 

Option #9: Sneakers

Believe it or not, sneakers and maxi are the combo you’ll probably love the most. Wearing sneakers with a maxi dress is a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds – comfort and style.

I know it sounds like an unlikely match, but trust me, it works! Let me convince you:

Pink maxi dress pink sneakers outfit idea

This outfit is perfect for a casual day out! The pastel pink maxi dress is flowy and comfortable, while the sneakers add a touch of sportiness. A pair of cool sneakers will help you make a statement without saying a word, and it is perfect for casual walks or maybe visiting a zoo or theme park.

Let’s face it, sometimes we just want to be comfortable, and that’s when sneaker shoes to wear with a maxi dress come in handy!

Option #10: Closed-toe shoes

Tenth on our list are closed-toe shoes, a must-have piece in every woman’s closet. A diverse offer of closed-toe shoe types, including tassels, a horse-bit clip, or refined details, can brighten up any outfit.

For instance, a pair of closed-toe shoes can help elevate a casual maxi dress and make it more appropriate for running errands or meeting friends for coffee. Plus, you can easily twist this timeless footwear with a retro look like this:

Green shirt-like dress closed toe shoes outfit idea

This minimalistic, button-down dress with puff sleeves exudes a preppy look and is the perfect way to show off your feminine side. Choose some patterned closed-toe shoes to wear with a maxi dress, and you’ll achieve a chic, lady-like vibe.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with fashion accessories because beautiful dangling earrings and a clutch bag will be a great cherry on top.

This is a great combination for enjoying an afternoon coffee with a friend, dinner with a partner, or a visit to the country club. It’s simply versatile!

Option #11: Ankle boots

Autumn is the perfect time to break out your ankle boots and maxi dresses. The two pieces are a match made in heaven, and they’ll keep you comfortable and stylish all season long.

Let me show you how to style it for maximum impact:

Black sweater dress jacket ankle boots outfit idea

This black sweater dress is a great way to stay warm and stylish at the same time. Pair it with a jean jacket and ankle boots, and you’ll get an edgy look. 

Besides, a sweater dress is an excellent option for all occasions and ages, so it can be worn by older ladies and high school girls who want to look fancy in their senior pictures.

P.S. If you want the boots to stand out, choose dresses slightly above the ankle.

Option #12: Combat boots

And why not amp up your outfit and make yourself stand out with combat boots? I think the maxi dress and combat boots combo is the best thing ever. I know not everyone is on board with this look, but I think it’s time to give it a try.

This match is perfect for days when you want to look put-together but also be able to move around easily.

For instance, check out this styling:

Black maxi dress black leather combat boots outfit idea

This sophisticated belted dress with collars proves that combat boots definitely deserve their place on the “best shoes to wear with maxi dress” list. Add black accessories to seal the deal. 

Option #13: Knee-high boots

The last shoes to wear with a maxi dress on our list are knee-high boots that are the opposite of the chunky ankle or combat boots. Instead, this footwear presents an elegant look and makes you look taller. 

Besides, you don’t have to worry about your feet getting cold. Furthermore, these shoes look good with almost any outfit and make a great fashion statement.

Let me prove my point with this outfit:

Dark-green velvet maxi dress brown knee-high shoes outfit idea

If you are looking for a new outfit for fall, go with some dark green maxi dress and knee-high boots that are perfect for chilly weather. It’s a great way to stay warm and stylish at the same time. 

In addition to the emerald dress, you can also opt for a brown, burgundy, and navy maxi dress since these colors fit perfectly into the fall season.

Which Shoes to Wear with a Maxi Wedding Dress?

Are any of you getting married soon? If yes, have you found the perfect heels for a maxi dress? I totally get you – with so many choices out there, it can be hard to choose what to wear.

So, if there are any brides-to-be with me, this section is for you! Ahead, I will show you two wedding outfits and give you a few tips on choosing the right shoes to wear with your maxi gown.

Let’s take a look!

Trumpet silhouette wedding dress high heel sandals wedding outfit idea

This alluring maxi dress with a trumpet silhouette pairs flawlessly with heeled sandals and all these shiny details. Heeled sandals are an unmistakable option that will always look flawless with maxi gowns.

And if you’re looking for a Cinderella vibe, consider something like this:

A-line wedding dress high heels wedding outfit idea

For a wholesome formal appearance, choose classic heels. This beautiful wedding gown will make any woman feel like a princess on her big day, while the white pumps are the perfect finishing touch to this timeless look.

Choosing the Right Shoes to Style with a Maxi Dress for Every Season

Most often than not, our fashion endeavors are limited due to the influence of the weather. Quite a bummer, right? But don’t worry, I will show you the best shoes to wear with a maxi dress in all seasons! 

Let’s get started!

Fall outfit inspiration

Autumn, also known as the transitional season, makes it tricky to pick the right shoes that go with a maxi dress. The weather is unpredictable, so you have to be prepared for all potential situations during the day.

Our footwear should follow the same mindset, so let me show you how to style your favorite maxi dress with chic ankle boots:

Flower pattern chiffon maxi dress black coat ankle boots autumn outfit idea

Ankle boots are among the best footwear options for the autumn season. Both lower and high ankle boots appear mesmerizing, but the latter brings a trendier edge. Besides, this lovely, lightweight dress combines a warm black coat and all-black accessories to create a stylish look. 

But what else can you wear on your feet aside from booties? Well, sneakers are your foolproof option.

Olive-green shirt-like maxi dress jean jacket white sneakers autumn outfit idea

This beautiful olive dress paired perfectly with a furry denim jacket, white sneakers, and a white bag. Comfort and elegance this fall? Oh, yes!

Shoe options to feel warm in winter

Do your feet need some warmth, but you don’t want to compromise your fashion style? I got you. For those who can’t get enough of maxis and wish to incorporate them into their winter wardrobe, the following footwear options will do the trick. 

Let’s take a look:

Black maxi bodycon dress beige coat with fur lining black ankle boots winter outfit idea

Surviving through the rain and the chills while still looking chic is the motto of winter fashion. That’s why booties are great fashionable shoes that will make you look and feel fantastic regardless of the weather forecast.

Also, pairing the black dress with the long, brown coat is a great way to add a touch of class to your outfit.

And if you’re more a teddy coat fan, you’ll love this styling:

Beige turleneck dress faux fur coat black combat boots winter outfit idea

This is another amazing winter combo of boots with maxi dresses. There’s nothing better than being cozy and comfortable when it’s chilly out. A sweater dress, boots, teddy coat, and gloves will help you achieve that and make you look fashion-forward.

Fresh spring outfits with a maxi dress

Maxi dresses are always a spring staple, but what kind of shoes should you wear with a maxi dress on warm days? Don’t worry because, in this section, I’ll share my top picks for the perfect springtime footwear and some cute outfit ideas.

Let’s start with the first one.

Floral maxi dress jean jacket burgundy loafers spring outfit idea

No woman’s wardrobe can be complete without a floral dress, right? This eye-catching piece with thin straps puts sophisticated red loafers in the limelight. Add a lightweight jean jacket and some chic sunnies to complete the look.

Another helpful tip – if you have broad shoulders, a dress like this one with a V neckline, thin straps, and a wrapped design will visually slim your upper body.

And if you’re looking for a more elegant look, try something like this:

Green floram maxi dress pink kitten heels spring outfit idea

Your selection of shoes to wear with maxi dresses in the blooming spring just need to include kitten heels if you want to achieve a girly and classy look. Besides, they add a bit of height, which is a definitive perk. 

Refreshing summer styling ideas

And finally, there’s nothing like the feeling of summertime freedom, and maxi dresses are the perfect way to enjoy the warm weather while still looking stylish. But with so many choices, how to pick the right shoes and style a maxi dress flawlessly? 

This section will give you a few guidelines to help you make the perfect summertime fashion statement.

Let’s start with the first inspo:

White cotton maxi dress beige wedges summer outfit idea

Celebrate your love for a laidback island style with this boho maxi dress. Next, pair the romantic silhouette with the wedges for a stylish look. Finally, add a fancy hat and a bag with tassels, and your outfit will undoubtedly turn heads!

And if you want to add some color to your styling, wear something like this:

Pink patterned strapless maxi dress pink slippers summer outfit idea

This maxi dress and slipper combo is perfect for lazy days spent lounging in the sun. The pink pattern is eye-catching and flattering, and the slippers keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Over to You

This concludes my guide on the variety of shoes to wear with a maxi dress. I hope I inspired you and that you’re feeling ready to rock your maxi dress outfits. 

To sum up, here are the main tips I shared:

  • Feel free to wear all kinds of heels.
  • If you prefer something more practical and comfortable, choose wedges.
  • Opt for platform shoes with low heels if you want comfort and elegance at the same time.
  • Wear flat sandals if you’re not in the mood for heels.
  • Boho, babydoll, and printed maxis look the best with sneakers. 
  • Ankle boots are great for wearing maxi dresses in autumn and winter.
  • Classic pumps and heeled sandals are the best footwear for brides. 

And that’s it, my ladies! If you need more fashion inspiration, check out the previous guides on my blog! Happy reading!

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