24 Unique Outfit Ideas with Combat Boots for the Baddie Aesthetic

Christine Steuber
Sep 14, 2022
Looking for baddie outfits with combat boots? I have 24 options for you here for every season and weather - check them out!

Are you looking for some baddie outfits with combat boots to rock this fall? 

This aesthetic is an ideal way to quickly add an edge and a chic vibe to your appearance. So, if you are willing to hop on the bandwagon of the baddie aesthetic but are confused about how to style your outfits, I’m here to inspire you.

Today’s guide will share 24 outfit ideas featuring stellar combat boots. And don’t worry, my styling tips and recommendations will be suitable for all seasons so that you can look fashion-forward throughout the year! 

Are you ready to look Instagrammable? Let’s get started!

What is a Baddie Style?

First, let me tell you more about this unique aesthetic. It is a trend that incorporates the following elements: 

  • Pairing seemingly incompatible pieces of clothing
  • Wearing upscale clothes
  • Preferring skirts and shorts
  • Putting curves and skin in the foreground
  • Wearing chic sunglasses in all colors and shapes
  • Striking fashion accessories are a “must” part of an outfit

The baddie aesthetic is commonly perceived as villainous, rebellious, and exciting, so it’s not surprising that this trend first made rounds on Instagram. 

To be precise, it all started in the summer of 2016 when Kylie Jenner posted a picture wearing long nails, gold chains, and boxer braids. Jenner became the face of this style and is praised for inventing such a cool look.

What are Combat Boots?

Combat boots are big, resilient shoes usually made of black leather. Typically, soldiers wear these shoes during combat or training due to their stability, firm grip, and adaptability to challenging terrain. 

Are you curious how these boots first came into being? Who created them? 

The first-ever US Army modern combat boots were rolled out by the M-1943 Uniform Ensemble. Then known as “Boots, Combat Service,” the footwear goes way back as they were an invention during World War II. 

So, it looks like we can thank the terrible war for having these edgy shoes today that help us look like a baddie.

Are you ready to learn more? Let’s keep scrolling, ladies.

Which Clothes to Combine with Combat Boots?

It’s finally time to unveil the most exciting part of my guide – baddie outfits with combat boots. In the following sections, I will be walking you through the essential styling tips to remember while finalizing your outfits with combat boots. 

You’ll dress yourself up like a pro after reading my insightful recommendations!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1) Skirts

Possibilities are literally countless if you want to pair a skirt with your much-loved boots. In fact, the combat boots with skirts are an unmistakable combo that will always make you look stunning!

However, you need to decide on the style of your appearance first. For instance, will your baddie look have a girly or casual street vibe?

This will help you out with dressing up according to the occasion. And if you’re confused by this fashion talk, let me visually explain it to you.

Jeans skirt grey T-shirt combat boots baddie outfit idea

So, if you are interested in casual streetwear, choose a jeans skirt and pair it with a simple black T-shirt. This killer look requires minimum effort on your end, yet you’ll still be in the limelight. The sunnies add a flair of mystery and a more dangerous look, too. 

On the other hand, if you want some Barbie-inspired style, consider something like this:

Crop top tight pink skirt combat boots baddie outfit idea

This cute female outfit consists of a gorgeous tube skirt, a long-sleeved, high-cut patterned top, and chic black accessories. 

I’ve always adored the contrast between baby pink and black & white. Don’t you think these colors blend nicely in a baddie outfit with combat boots? 

2) Jeans

When pairing combat boots with jeans, the type of pant leg is of considerable importance. 

Speaking of this, you must be wondering, “Do I need to tuck skinny jeans into combat boots?” So let me answer this first. It’s not necessary, but you can. For instance, if you opt for skinny jeans, there are two options. You can either purchase the ones with the cut above the boots or tuck the jeans into the shoes. Both choices are fine, and the decision is totally up to you. 

But to enjoy a wider fit, try rolling up the jeans, so they go right above the boots. For instance, that would be a good idea to do with this model:

Gucci sweatshirt jeans combat boots baddie outfit idea

These flexible buttoned jeans have a comfy fit and look spectacular when paired with a full-sleeved sweater. Throw in some rosy shades, and you’re good to go, baddie!

And now it’s time for an option perfect for those who are a little more daring and brave when it comes to fashion. Check this fantastic combo out:

Dyed flared jeans pink long-sleeved shirt leather jacket combat boots baddie outfit idea

These dyed flared pants accompanying white combat boots, a white leather jacket, and a pink sweatshirt scream sophistication with a hint of sass. 

3) Pants

Same as jeans, pants pose no restricting rules when it comes to the baddie outfits involving boots. I recommend opting for pants that are tighter around the calf muscles to highlight all the beauty of the shoes, but that all depends on your preferences. It will look totally fine even if the trouser legs fall over part of the boot.

Let me inspire you with the first outfit:

Black trousers sweater crop top combat boots baddie outfit example

This super casual yet mysterious ensemble consists of black trousers and a patterned crop top. These pants are a combination of sweatpants and cargo style, and as such, they pair perfectly with combat boots.

And do you maybe want something a little brighter? Take a look at this combo:

Pink cargo pants pink T-shirt combat boots baddie outfit idea

I just love the baddie outfits with combat boots that have pink details because such combinations remind me a lot of “Bratz” stylings (don’t tell me you haven’t watched that cartoon).

The long, baby-pink T-shirt with pastel trousers and a cool cap creates a nice balance. The gold hoops amp up this baddie attire, while rosy shades add a touch of femininity. 

4) Leggings

And if you’re a big fan of leggings like me and desperately want to match them with combat boots, I have good news – you can do that! 

If you are still suspicious about this combo, please breathe a sigh of relief and see how good it can look:

Leather leggings blue T-shirt fanny pack combat boots baddie outfit idea

For truly empowering attire, choose the leather leggings. This tight and alluring piece pairs well with a cool blue T-shirt and bright details, creating an attractive street-style baddie look.

On the other hand, if you want something more sporty, consider this outfit:

Black leggings rustling jacket combat boots baddie outfit idea

The simple black leggings, a white crop top, and a vibrant rustling jacket are the definition of comfort, so you can wear them for long walks or travel

In order for the combat boots to fit into this type of styling, I opted for those without laces because they seem more neutral and sporty.

5) Shorts

My ladies, here’s another great revelation – shorts look great with combat boots, too! Therefore, if you love this piece of clothing, you will have the opportunity to enjoy pairing it with your favorite shoes all the time of the year. 

Impatient to see how to do it? Check it out:

Black jean shorts sleeveless crop top neon blue combat boots baddie outfit idea

These black denim shorts with a sleeveless crop top and a deep neckline allow you to flaunt your curves. The color of the top aptly matches the metallic teal boots. Silver hoops and black sunnies make this already perfect attire even more “baddie.”  

And if you’re looking for something more casual but still striking, consider this combination:

Jeans shorts black cropped T-shirt black combat boots baddie outfit idea

If the light-washed shorts are your thing, try to pair them with a black top. This will effortlessly create contrast for a wilder look. Besides, the double-sided boots, black cap, and attractive accessories exude an air of exclusivity. 

6) Tops 

Okay, enough about bottoms; it’s time to focus on tops now. Different tops look great in combination with combat boots, but if you want to achieve a baddie look, it’s essential to choose ones that exude that vibe. To help you with this matter, I picked two great pieces:

Black bandeau top blue striped jeans fanny pack combat boots baddie outfit idea

These wide-leg pants with a black off-the-shoulder top create a timeless combo. It brings out your upper curves while adding a touch of playfulness to the bottom. Apart from that, the double-strapped boots bring out the much-needed edginess. Throw black accessories in, and you’ve got yourself mesmerizing attire.  

P.S. If you always want to have endless options at hand when creating your baddie outfits, I advise you to buy these tops in several colors.

And for a long-sleeved option, consider something like this:

Blue cropped sweatshirt ripped jeans combat boots baddie outfit idea

A hoodie of some style is a staple in baddie outfits with combat boots. Besides, it feels like hoodies and boots were made for each other, right? 

Above, we can see a cropped hoodie with long sleeves and ripped jeans. The darker blue shade of the top plays contrast with the bottom. 

Lastly, the pink cap and other accessories create an outfit that will surely make everyone’s head turn towards you. By the way, this styling reminds me of my high school days, and I think it would be an ideal option for senior portraits.

7) Jackets

Let’s continue with jackets, as they are a fun and artful addition to any outfit, including the ones with boots! There are no hard and fast rules for styling jackets with combat boots, but ensure that it has that quite dangerous, street-style vibe to get the baddie look.

You can try something like this:

Jean jacket short black leggings orange crop top combat boots baddie outfit idea

The baddie outfits with combat boots and jean jackets depict a special vibe, don’t you agree? This is the perfect attire to do errands, visit a theme park or go shopping with your friends. 

Short black leggings, zipped black boots, and an oversized jacket look great on the bright orange crop top. Plus, the same shade of sunglasses and a purse break the monotony and raise the outfit to a higher level.

And if you want some baddie combination for a night out, I’m sure you’ll like this:

Pink cleeveless top short skirt leather jacket combat boots baddie outfit idea

Blindly trust a leather jacket with ankle-high combat boots to amp up your ensemble. Besides, a black skirt with fringes and a pink leather top make the whole look so striking and irresistible.

8) Dresses

And last on our today’s list are baddie outfits with dresses. To achieve that desired dangerous look, baddies prefer wearing short, bodycon dresses with army boots.

Below, I prepared two options to prove my point – one with long sleeves and the second one with thin straps.

Let’s look at the first combo:

Purple bodycon dress with cuts black combat boots baddie outfit idea

This attractive body-hugging dress with cuts all over the sleeves and waistline looks so powerful! The close neckline and subtle pastel color strike a bold contrast with black high-top boots, which is a real treat for sore eyes. 

And if you prefer showing your arms, go with a timeless black cocktail dress:

Blue sleeveless cocktail dress pink leather jacket combat boots baddie outfit idea

These baddie outfits with combat boots are my absolute favorite, as you stand out from the crowd with minimal effort! Pink sunnies, pink hoops, and a tight-fitting pink leather jacket add a WOW factor and seal the deal!

Clothes that Don’t Go with Combat Boots

Although combat boots are very versatile, keep in mind that there are clothes that are simply a bad match with them.

For instance, combat boot outfits for women should not include pantsuits, formal tulip skirts, and similar professional clothing. Office attires don’t pair nicely with heavy and glaring boots. Instead, they look better with loafers, heels, or ballerina pumps.

Therefore, choose the clothes we talked about earlier and focus on more casual and chic pieces.

Creating the Baddie Aesthetic with Combat Boots for Every Weather

At the beginning of this guide, I told you that our goal is to look cute in combat boots throughout the year. So, as promised, I will share baddie outfits for all four seasons to fulfill this aim. 

You’ll learn how to look Instagrammable and fashionable wearing combat boots without the intensity of any weather causing you a hurdle. 

Let’s dive in!

Autumn outfits with combat boots

It starts to get chilly in the fall, which is why you could get confused about baddie outfit ideas for this weather. But I’m here to show you how boots and warm clothing pieces can look fabulous together.

Let’s start with the first outfit inspo:

Blue sweatshirt black tight skirt puffy coat combat boots baddie outfit idea for autumn

A sweater over a dress strikes the right balance between cozy and trendy and pairs flawlessly with combat boots. But since autumn is unpredictable, it’s better to layer it up with a black buttoned jacket.

And if you’re not a fan of oversized pieces, don’t worry. I have prepared something for you too. Take a look:

Cropped hoodie straight jeans fleece jacket combat boots baddie outfit idea for autumn

Pair a cropped hoodie, straight jeans, combat boots, and a nice fleece jacket for a dressier look. 

This outfit is an excellent option for the beginning of autumn when it is still not too cold outside. In addition, the black hoops and small purse seal the deal. 

Baddie style inspiration for winter 

If you’re wondering how to create a baddie outfit featuring army boots during the coldest months of the year, I got you covered! Whether you wish to wear a blazer, jacket, or hoodie, combat boots will look fashionable with any clothing this winter. 

And here are the visual examples to prove my point:

Cropped long-sleeve turtleneck straight jeans puffer jacket combat boots baddie outfit idea for winter

Who doesn’t love a puffer jacket? This long, zipped black model is the best choice for optimum insulation without sacrificing your style. 

In addition, the black crop top with long sleeves to wear underneath is a great combo. By the way, you should wear combat boots that are extra sturdy and warm during the winter.

Let’s move to the next outfit: 

Black hoodie grey jeans cropped green puffer jacket combat boots baddie outfit idea for winter

Hoodies and combat boots might seem like an unlikely combination, but as we can see above – it works. A dark hoodie, a vibrant jacket, and a pair of combat boots are the perfect combo for a stylish and comfortable outfit. 

Outfit ideas featuring combat boots for spring

In my opinion, the spring season gives the most room for flexibility and experimenting with different clothes. This fun, breezy time is perfect for some baddie looks!

Let me inspire you with this spring attire:

Sleeveless white top plaid shirt jean skirt white combat boots baddie outfit idea for spring

This super-cute outfit consists of a sleeveless high-neck top, a plaid shirt, a jean skirt, and white combat boots. The high neckline ensures you stay warm, while the oversized shirt can be wrapped around the waist if you get hot or want to hide your tummy after a good lunch.

And are you ready for a rocker-inspired spring outfit? Check this out, ladies:

Cropped black T-shirt ripped jeans neon yellow leather jacket black combat boots baddie outfit idea for spring

Displaying the streetwear trend, this classic attire comprises ripped jeans, a black crop top, and a neon jacket to seal the deal. Finally, a lightweight black purse, yellow sunnies, and combat boots provide an edgy look.

Hot Baddie summer styles

I’m sure many of you have wondered if you can get away with wearing baddie outfits with combat boots in the summer heat. The answer is yes! You can totally rock a pair of combat boots in the summertime.

Let me show you how to style army boots for a summer look that’s both fashionable and functional.

Jean shorts one-shoulder black top combat boots baddie outfit idea for summer

This outfit screams edginess and youthfulness with the jeans shorts and an off-the-shoulder black top. Matching accessories and a yellow cap bring out that baddie look. This combo will challenge the heat all day while you feel comfy. 

And now tell me – what’s a summer without a fancy spaghetti strap dress? This feminine clothing can definitely look fantastic with combat boots. 

Let me convince you:

Green bodycon dress black combat boots baddie outfit idea for summer

This outfit is perfect for a day of exploring and walking through the city streets. The mini green dress is both comfortable and stylish, and the combat boots will protect your feet from any rough terrain. In my opinion, combat boots are the best shoes to pair with dresses if you want to look casual and elegant at the same time.

 Finally, the black accessories help to tie the whole look together.

Wrapping Up

And that’s it, my ladies! Now you are ready to unleash your fashionista and rock all the baddie outfits with combat boots. 

Let’s go through the key points once again:

  • Try to match the color of the accessories and your top.
  • Wear high ankle boots in winter. 
  • Wear bright and bold patterns in summer. 
  • When it comes to skinny jeans, you can either wear ones with a cut above the boots or tuck the jeans into them.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment – express your style.

To further level up your fashion game, check out similar guides on my blog. Thanks for reading!

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