25 Blue Ombre Wedding Dress Ideas for Your Special Day

Christine Steuber
Mar 18, 2022
Looking for wedding gown ideas? Why not consider a blue ombre wedding dress? I've put together a few examples for inspiration, check them out!

Ombre, or the blending of one color hue to another, is a popular trend that you can see in nail art, hairstyles, home decoration, and fashion pieces, particularly during summer and spring.

So, why not add magical ombre details to your bridal look? Lots of celebs such as Lydia Hearst or Gwen Stefani have worn an ombre wedding gown to their wedding ceremony and proved how fantastic it could look.

Of course, you can choose an ombre gown in any tone to match the ambiance of your special day, and, in this article, I’d like to talk about a blue ombre wedding dress. Is it still among the trends in clothing? Do you have enough options to choose from?

Yes, you do! Just as I showed you tons of examples of dresses with bows, I’ve also picked quite a few breathtaking blue ombre wedding dress options to make you look in-fashion at the ceremony.

Let’s get started!

Are Blue Ombre Wedding Dresses in Style?

Let’s get out of the comfort zone and stop choosing only white for weddings. Blue can also be a perfect color for your special day!

As a textile treatment, the ombre was introduced in 1840 and was observed throughout the 19th century. 

We can say that the ombre is one of those trends that have never been forgotten. It returned to fashion and quickly gained popularity again. Until this day, ombre dresses are a cult-favorite among women, and you’ll soon understand why. 

25 Ombre Wedding Gowns for Your Inspiration

To make everything is perfectly harmonized on your big day, ensure the venue’s ambiance is balanced with the dress color. Also, choose the dress that will best suit your personality and body shape.

I’ve made several categories of this dress type (age, material, and size) so that no one feels left out! Without further ado, take a look at the list of my 25 favorites and choose the best blue ombre wedding dress for your lovely day.

Wedding dresses for beach wedding

Beach weddings will never get boring or untrendy. There’s something really special about celebrating love near the sea. And, going for a blue ombre in your wedding gown will add that ocean-y feel.  Of course, the intent of your dream dress also matters a lot. 

For instance, if you want to look elegant and relaxed at the same time, the dress you can see below is a perfect choice. The back lace applique is a striking statement that pairs nicely with the beach environment:

With cap sleeves, a line of beads in the center, and floral patterns, the back completely steals the show. An ombre blue skirt at the bottom complements the upper part, and I am literally in love with it!

If you prefer a more simple wedding look, why not consider the blue ombre wedding dress below?

While the entire dress is pure white, the ombre touch at the skirt’s edge gives a hint of the coastal wedding. 

If you want to shine in the spotlight on the beach, this uber-chic statement dress is here to wow you. It is my favorite one from this section: 

The soft ombre effect starts from a pure white and gradually gets darker towards the bottom. The pastel blue skirt and white bodice complement each other flawlessly.

For a more striking look, the following blue ombre wedding dress is a great choice. The beautifully embellished bodice with a plunging neckline and patterned design goes hand-in-hand with the white skirt and a long colorful train:

It’s perfect for a bride who wants more colors at the edge. This one displays teal, turquoise, and purple. The three shades merge smoothly together, creating a real WOW effect.

Or, why not choose a dress like the one in the picture below with a soft touch of pastel blue combined with gorgeous white tulle that looks like sea waves?

Beach blue ombre wedding dress out of tulle
Credit: RMINE

And if you want to look like a princess at your beach wedding, take a look at the next dress. This champagne gown with an open back is just the perfect way to show elegance on your big day! The bodice combines with a full skirt, creating a romantic and elegant look:

If you still haven’t found your favorite one you want something more spectacular and luxurious, keep reading! The next section will impress you!

Tulle wedding dress designs

Tulle is a ‘star’ in wedding dresses because it’s, first and foremost, lightweight and practical, not to mention that it also looks absolutely gorgeous! Yet, this fabric is still pretty demanding and needs a lot of upkeep to survive a wedding day. 

Let’s briefly go through some pros and cons of this material.


  • Comfy and lightweight.
  • Offers huge volume and is easy to form frothy layers.
  • Can work with form-fitting silhouettes, like mermaid or A-line.


  • Extremely fragile and can get damaged easily.
  • It isn’t suitable for some outdoor or cramped venues.
  • It is difficult to travel wearing it.

However, all possible difficulties and disadvantages become negligible when a bride in a tulle dress appears. Tulle gowns simply leave you breathless. Speechless. Many of my friends wore such wedding dresses, and each of them looked like a real queen. So let’s look at some examples to inspire you!

The first on my list is an enigmatic sleeveless gown with a volumetric and dramatic tulle skirt and a significant trail:

Sleevless blue ombre wedding dress with tulle skirt
Credit: Mywony

The powerful look is created by an illusion of a mesh neckline with hand-sewn floral patterns. The multicolored skirt displays a grey-lavender ruffle base, a satin underskirt featuring silver-grey color, another grey-blue center layer, and a big black layer with folds.

Another bold blue option is a strapless dress that features a light slate grey as a contrasting shade, making the whole look absolutely mesmerizing. The designer selected very interesting colors and details to make this gown super-attractive:

Strapless wedding dress with blue ombre corset
Credit: RMINE

And, if any of you girls want a pink touch in your wedding dress, pay attention because the next one is yours! With an off-the-shoulder, plunging neckline and a skirt full of lovely colors which end with amazing blue shade, you can’t remain indifferent:

Let’s continue with one more fantastic light blue ombre wedding dress. Layers tulle and silk ribbon make this gown a real eye-catcher. Don’t you agree?

Still too simple for you? Okay, I get it! You want to have all eyes on you, steal the spotlight, shine and make everyone talk about your gown. Well, in that case, choose the wedding dress with a hearty white corset and a lot of tulle, just like the one in the image below:

And if you want a more noticeable ombre effect, take a look at the next wedding dress that’s also a stunning showstopper. A few shades of blue are combined on the A-line skirt, and you just have to love the gorgeous combination of colors: 

If you don’t like voluminous tulle or too many details, the next section with silk dresses that exude sophistication and simplicity is waiting for you!

Silk wedding dress designs

Silk is a luxurious fabric that makes any garment look and feel more elegant. But what would it look like in a blue ombre dress? Let’s find out. 

Let’s start our silk list with the sleeveless royal blue gown, which gradients to classic blue, then becomes pastel blue, and finishes at pure white:

Silk blue ombre wedding dress
Credit: Cocomelody

Without a trail, this floor-length model is for those who want to lay the emphasis on elegance and simplicity. The dress is made of chiffon silk which means it’s very comfortable for dancing all day and night. 

I am super excited to show you the next beautiful blue ombre wedding dress made by Marisela Veludo. The intricately embellished bodice with floral patterns appears highly seductive. Just above the hips, there’s a V-cut from where the attached ombre skirt starts. Take a look at this stunning gown:

The well-known adage “less is more” holds true for the following ombre wedding dress. This dress is featured in the category of simple silk wedding dress, and it comes with a turquoise ombre that I like so much:

If you liked this turquoise option, stay with me because we continue with a similar, teal tone.

Ombre teal wedding gowns

Imagine the attractive ocean wave color, aka teal. This shade takes you to some warm, tropical destinations, doesn’t it? 

Let’s start our list of dresses in this shade with this off-the-shoulder dress. The trail steals all attention with its unique design. A plunging neckline and lace applique bodice pair beautifully with the flowing skirt full of teal in mint tones: 

The next dress shows the magic of color only at the edge. Instead of a lace applique bodice, the whole dress is made of chiffon. There are unique patterns at the edge that look fantastic. The blue-teal ombre combination also gives this dress a very charming effect:

If you have an apple or pear body shape and are looking for a dress that would put an emphasis on your waistline, the dress below with a white teal ombre is a perfect option. The gown is accented with a wide belt that’s actually sewn into the dress, giving it an even better appeal:

One more dress in a teal shade is an excellent pick for those who’re looking for a wedding outfit that exudes feminine energy. The embellished lace applique bodice, ombre on the skirt ranging from completely white, over teal, turquoise to black at the bottom create an absolutely unique look:

Wedding dress with ombre teal blue bottom
Credit: SevenProm

Finally, if you’re looking for a sheath wedding dress, take a look at the teal gown in the image below. It has such a romantic and elegant vibe, and the transition of teal color is perfect for your outdoor ceremony during the spring or summer months.

To make your overall look perfect, don’t forget the jewelry. In my opinion, beautiful, timeless pearls go perfectly with the teal color of the dress:

Pearl necklace wedding dress look
Credit: Etsy

You can add some lovely pearl drop earrings, too:

Pearl earrings
Credit: Etsy

And if you are planning to have a beach wedding, go with a cute shell bracelet:

Sea shell bracelet
Credit: Etsy

Jewelry will take your whole wedding combination to the next level, so pay special attention to it and choose the details you like the most.

Styles for plus-size beauties

If you’ve been a long-time reader of my blogs, you must know that I always include ideas for plus-size women. Since plus-size beauties have gorgeous curves, it is important that the dress they wear emphasizes the best assets of their bodies. 

Below, I’ve written four quick tips for plus-size women to select a wedding dress:

  • Visit special bridal shops that specialize in your size.
  • Start looking for the right dress on time.
  • Don’t ignore your comfort.
  • Get a proper undergarment.

The first dress I am going to show you will make you feel like an ice queen. This timeless design has an elegant, classic, fit, and flare style that compliments your body type. It is also suitable for the apple body shape because it hides all flaws of the lower body:

If you are more busty, the following elegant gown will be ideal for you. The vibrant blue ombre from sky-blue, navy-blue, and classic blue look unique with colored lace on the skirt layers:

With built-in cups, a heart-like neckline, and a hidden zipper, it’s not only practical but stunning, too. The poofy Crinoline skirt is added underneath the dress, with a thick English net to create some volume. 

Resembling an ice mermaid gown, the next off-the-shoulder dress is made of tulle but in a totally different A-line style. The following example is more luxurious, and the crowd of tulle begins already from the waist. Check this beauty out:

A-line plus-size blue ombre wedding dress
Credit: Bien Veil

The following model comes in dark shades, contrasting with the wedding gown options that I’ve shown you so far. This dress is a combination of a top with a 3/4 sleeve and a skirt in black, dark blue, and navy blue colors. The belt around the midsection defines the waistline, creating the hourglass shape:

Dark blue ombre wedding dress with 3.4 sleeve top
Credit: DavidsBridal

And as a cherry on top, take a look at this beautiful, elegant dress in a pastel blue color. The top is completely white with a V cut on the back:

If you take a better look at the dress above, you’ll see that the top is pure white. The perfect contrast here is made thanks to different blue ombre shades.

P.S. The whole ombre skirt is hand-painted by Tyler Galloway. Impressive and unique, isn’t it?

Dresses for flower girls

Enough talking about dresses for bridal style. Let’s focus on our adorable flower girls now.

The first one is a cute dress made of tulle, with a dusty blue skirt. There are white snowflakes on the top, so this dress is perfect for winter weddings:

The next one is an aqua ombre beauty with a long, intricate bow of the same shade – a lovely combination for your sweet flower girl. The light tulle layer starts at the top of the skirt, and the spherical patterns on the bodice make this princess dress even more special:

And, if you want a more puffy skirt, check this beauty out! Ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles – a long ombre blue tulle skirt is a major fashion statement. God knows how many layers are going on in this dress, but they make this dress look absolutely gorgeous:

Puffy blue ombre wedding dress with ruffles for flower girl
Credit: JJsprom

Lots of ruffles, bows, sequins, or maybe something simpler? What is your favorite for little flower girls? I personally prefer a lot of ruffles, it’s so cute!

Ideas for bridesmaids

Dear bridesmaids, don’t worry, I didn’t forget you either. It’s important to talk about bridesmaids while discussing this topic because they complete the wedding vibe. Bridesmaids take care of the bride, help her with the dress and all other things, and make the celebration go the way she wants.

Before we jump in, are you aware of the bridesmaid’s rules and etiquettes for choosing dresses? If not, read through the following tips:

  • Follow the bride’s directions.
  • Do not wear white dresses or suits.
  • Also, do not wear black color unless the bride wants it.
  • Your goal should be to blend in with the surroundings and let the bride shine. 

Now, I know how stressful it can be to finalize the dresses for all the bridesmaids. If you’re a bride and decide to wear a blue ombre dress, your bridesmaids should follow the lead. For this purpose, I have selected three amazing pieces. 

In the first example, the off-the-shoulder lace applique bodice at the back is pure sophistication. The light blue ombre starts to appear at the knee length, with pure white at the slight skirt trail. The dress is flowy and comfortable, and the bareback is very feminine, take a look:

Blue ombre wedding for bridesmaids with lace applique
Credit: AliExpress

And if you prefer a combination of blue and black instead of blue and white, check out this fantastic dress with belt in the waist area:

Black blue ombre dress for bridesmaids
Credit: DHgate

The last one in the guide is a spaghetti strap dress. It repeats the same ombre effect as in the picture above, just with the white at the bottom. The heart neckline is very defined, and there’s a navy blue belt at the midsection:

So, my dear bridesmaids, there are many options available. But remember that the bride is always in the first place, so talk to her before making any decisions.

Over to You

So, did you enjoy these wedding ideas for alternative wedding dresses? I hope you did! And I also hope I’ve persuaded you to choose this trend for your future wedding ceremony. 

As I have explained, all brides, no matter what material or design they prefer, can look gorgeous in this ombre trend. And, if you’re looking for more lifestyle tips, hover over to my other blog posts about fashion, home, and self-care. Have fun!

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