22 Outfit Ideas to Wear to Your Next Wine Tasting Event

Christine Steuber
Sep 12, 2022
Don't know what clothes to wear to a winery? I have 22 picks here, along with outfit ideas for every weather!

Are you invited to a wine tasting for the first time but don’t know what clothes to wear to a winery?

I get you! With breathtaking views, delicious wine, and fun people, it’s important to look your best. 

For this reason, in this guide, I will share many outfit ideas for different seasons and styles for both men and women. If you’re ready to elevate your wine tasting attire, stay with me.

Let’s get started.

7 Essential Winery Etiquette Rules

First things first, let’s talk about the winery dress attire code. Although there are no strict rules, everyone expects you to look nice. Plus, you’ll receive better service and attention if you look your best. 

So, let’s discuss the basic clothing etiquette rules that apply to all locations and seasons!

Rule #1: Don’t wear strong perfumes 

When you’re at wine tasting trying to focus on the different flavors, a strong perfume will only get in the way and mess up your taste buds.

Therefore, go easy on the scent. 

I advise you to pick some light deodorant and totally skip the perfume for this occasion. This is the only way you can decipher the prominent notes of the wine. Besides, not everyone appreciates distracting fragrances, and some people may even be allergic.

Rule #2: Stay away from heels

Whatever you want to wear at the winery, remember that comfort is the key. So, along with your perfume, skip heels as well.

In case you’re planning to visit many wineries in a day or have signed up for a wine tour, you’ll have to walk a lot, so comfy shoes are the only option. But don’t worry, it doesn’t only have to be sneakers. 

Ladies, you can decide between some nice loafers, flat sandals, slides, or wedges.

Loafers to wear to the winery
Credit: Pinterest

Moreover, I suggest you consider whether you’ll be walking on cobblestone, gravel, dirt, or grass. The type of terrain will help you make the right choice. 

Rule #3: Go for closed-toe shoes

Since heels are out of the question, I’m about to show you a commonly worn footwear at wineries. Closed-toe shoes pair the best with clothes to wear to a winery. If you’re still not convinced, let me show you two appropriate options:

Closed-toe sandals to wear to the winery
Credit: Pinterest

I prefer closed-toe shoes as they protect your toe fingers and still look good. This footwear ensures style and comfort with each step. 

Let’s see another option:

Ballerina shoes to wear to the winery
Credit: Pinterest

These cute ballerina pumps redefine class and elegance with comfortable wear. The best thing? They pair perfectly with all types of dresses!

Rule #4: Yoga pants are a no-go

I know how much women love yoga pants because I’m the one, too. And I am sorry to burst your bubble, but this is also something that’s not appropriate to wear to a wine festival or any other winery event. But don’t worry, here are two other pant options that you can wear instead:

Chino trousers to wear to the winery
Credit: Benetton

I personally adore chino trousers as they’re not too tight or thick – ideal for summer. The loose fit and permanent cuff at the ends maximize comfort for wine tasting. 

But if chino isn’t your cup of tea, here’s an alternative:

Stretchy jeans to wear to the winery
Credit: H&M

I bet you guessed it already! Jeans are versatile enough for this occasion too. These ankle-high jeans can look good with a blouse, shirt, or top. Plus, you can move in the stretchy fabric easily.

Rule #5: Appropriate shorts are allowed 

When it comes to clothes to wear to a winery, women are often confused about whether shorts are appropriate for this event. Well, luckily, you can bring them to the party! But let me guide you to the best models with two Pinterest examples.

White shorts black top to wear to the winery
Credit: Pinterest

These airy, white, frilled shorts seem to reflect cottagecore vibes. A black top, handbag, and sandals ensure the perfect look during your wine tasting journey. 

But if you want something a bit more common, you can pick something like this:

Jean shorts white top sandals clothes to wear to a winery
Credit: Pinterest

Simple and sweet, jean shorts are every girl’s best friend. And yes, you can absolutely wear them to the winery. Just pair them with the right T-shirt and blouse and you’ll rock this style.

Rule #6: Adding layers is a good idea

Based on the season, layering up is always a good idea. By dressing in layers, you’ll be able to adjust to the changing temperatures and enjoy your experience.

In the summer and spring months, opt for a denim jacket or some cute floral blazer. Let me inspire you with an adorable combo:

Floral blazer and shorts clothes to wear to a winery
Credit: Pinterest

What about an outfit that is both stylish and comfortable? Look no further than this combination of a floral blazer and shorts. This ensemble is perfect for a day spent exploring the winery or meeting friends for lunch.

Lastly, a long warm cardigan is a great choice for fall and winter. Consider something like this:

Jeans black turtleneck long knitted cardigan clothes to wear to a winery
Credit: Pinterest

However, when it comes to adding layers, ensure that your look doesn’t appear bulky, as you need maximum freedom of movement. 

Rule #7: Dress a bit classier than casual

If you want insight on the best fashion tips for wineries, let me give it to you straight – dress a bit classier than usual.

Since wine tasting is itself a posh activity, everyone is expected to dress nice and classy. And since you’re reading this guide to learn how to dress better for the occasion, I’m here to help you. 

Ladies, try wearing a tulle skirt, a sensual dress, or a bow top. Just pull out the most trendy and chic outfit you own and flaunt it!

12 Outfits to Wear to a Winery

We’re finally ready to unveil different clothes to wear to a winery. As always, I have made plenty of outfit ideas based on different seasons and styles.

After this guide, you’ll become an expert on winery outfits. Let’s dive in!

Outfit #1: Floral Patterns 

When I think about wine tasting outfits, florals automatically come to mind. There’s some special charm in a floral print, don’t you think? And the first season that comes to mind is spring. 

So, here’s how to rock a springtime attire in a winery:

Floral dress loafers black purse to wear to a winery

Inspire yourself with a romance of winery gardens in this floral dress that looks so cute! If you want to elevate this look, just add some dangling earrings and a black clutch. 

And since it might be muddy in the vineyard, I suggest you wear closed-toe shoes which you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. 

Outfit #2: Midi Dress & Fancy Details

When it comes to spring clothes to wear to a winery, I recommend choosing a classy midi dress, like this one:

Green polka dot midi dress ballet pumps outfit to wear to a winery

This polka dot dress is so cute and flattering, and you’ll be able to wear it with confidence! The belt in the center and the flowy skirt really pull the look together. 

I’d recommend pairing it with a floral shoulder bag, beige ballerina pumps, and statement earrings to seal the deal.

Outfit #3: Chilly Autumn Combo

When temperatures start to drop, that’s when stylish layers get their time to shine. I would like to say that this is the motto of casual winery outfits in the fall. 

Besides, autumn sometimes feels gloomy and cloudy, so let’s add some color to our styling with a chic pink sleeveless dress:

Pink midi dress black blazer black boots fall outfit to wear to a winery

This piece  is mesmerizing on its own, but you can really make it pop by wearing a knitted, lightweight cardigan on top. A sweater over a dress is a timeless combo that looks brilliant!

Outfit #4: Shorts & Blouse

Among clothes to wear to a winery, blouses and shorts have earned a solid reputation for being reliable and stylish. This is an ideal combination to wear during the summer months when the heat is unbearable.

Let me show you how fancy it can look:

Black blouse print shorts sandals to wear to a winery

The black shorts featuring flowers and a cotton off-shoulder blouse are both great picks for summer. Elegant sandals, a handbag, and tassel earrings add the perfect touch of playfulness.

Outfit #5: Off-the-shoulder neckline 

As we can see from the example above, the outfits for ladies in the warmer months usually include an off-shoulder neckline as it lets your skin breathe. 

So, tell me, what do you think about something like this?

Green off-shoulder dress yellow ballet shoes outfit to wear to a winery

This cute cocktail dress would be perfect for a summer day at the winery. It features a nice green color suitable for the season. Pair it with closed-toe breathable shoes and a striking yellow bag to look flawless!

Outfit #6: Tank top & Midi skirt 

When it comes to clothes to wear to a winery that are both practical and induce confidence, I want to present you with this fantastic combo:

Tank top midi skirt loafers outfit to wear to a winery

I love the elegance of this blue midi skirt! I own a couple of such pieces, and they always come to the rescue when I don’t know what to wear. A skirt like this can pair effortlessly with a solid tank top and look stunning. 

In contrast, add some golden details to bring the outfit to the next level.

Outfit #7: Classy Jumpsuit 

And what if you don’t want to wear a dress to the winery? No worries, I have an excellent alternative for you – a jumpsuit. It looks great on most body types and is really easy to wear and accessorize.

Take a look at this one:

Red jumpsuit black ballerina shoes to wear to a winery

This red jumpsuit creates a chic outfit that would be perfect for a posh winery. You can accessorize it with gold hoop earrings and timeless black pumps. 

And don’t forget your sunnies!

Outfit #8: Simple blouse and jeans 

If you are wondering if there are any casual clothes to wear to a winery, I have good news – yes, the options are endless! In this case, jeans come in handy to save the day. So if you were asking yourself, “Can I wear jeans to a winery?” there’s a positive answer again – yes, you can!

Check out this combo:

Green blouse flared jeans loafers outfit to wear to a winery

This combination is perfect for a visit to a vineyard! Wide-leg jeans and a top with ruffles create a balance between classy and everyday wear. The green loafers are an elegant touch, and the small handbag is the perfect size for carrying the essentials.

Outfit #9: Maxi dress 

What do you think about wearing a maxi dress for the winery? I think it would be a great choice!

Personally, I’d go for an airy maxi dress to ensure freedom of movement. I just love feeling like I’m not wearing anything at all.

Here’s an example of a dress I’m talking about:

Blue maxi dress mules outfit to wear to a winery

The open-toe sandals, black sunnies, and navy blue handbag pair flawlessly with the rest of the outfit.

Outfit #10: Cute Romper 

And if you are looking for the perfect one-and-done outfit to wear to a wine tasting event, go with a cute romper – they are stylish and look flattering on all body types.

Let me show you one adorable romper that I fell in love with:

Print yellow romper with lace-up sandals outfit to wear to a winery

The loose fabric will help keep you from getting too hot in the sun and protect your skin at the same time. Add some neutral accessories and show up to your next wine tasting looking like a total boss!

Outfit #11: Flowy dress 

If you’re looking for something that will give you that country club aesthetic, choose floral clothes to wear to a winery.

Flowy floral dress sandals outfit to wear to a winery

For example, this blue floral dress is so pretty! You could pair it with some basic sandals or add a blue bag and earrings for a more put-together look.

Outfit #12: Layers to beat the cold 

Finally, let’s talk about what to wear in the winter months – cold temperatures can really complicate your outfit choices! But layers are your best friend. Besides, a layered look is always more stylish than a single piece of clothing.

Wondering how to do it? Let me show you:

Pullower black pants jacket boots outfit to wear to a winery

Doesn’t this ensemble look warm and cozy? Just choose a basic sweater and a long sleeveless cardigan. Finally, add cowboy boots to the combo as an extra fancy detail.

Summer Winery Outfit Ideas

Ready to look fantastic during your summer visit to the winery? In this section, I’ll show you both formal and casual wine tasting outfit ideas for the hot weather.

Let’s go!

Fancy a black-and-white combination? Then you’ll love this one-shoulder dress. It guarantees ventilation and freedom of mobility – two things needed for summer.

Striped maxi dress sandals summer outfit to wear to a winery

In this dress, you’ll be comfortable no matter what. Whether sitting or standing, you’ll feel great during your winery visit. Pair it with black accessories, and you’ll seal the deal! By the way, if you are a broad-shouldered lady, this asymmetrical cut will perfectly balance your upper body.

And if you want something tighter and more attractive, consider wearing a bodycon dress like this:

Red flowery bodycon dress sandals summer outfit to wear to a winery

If you think you can handle a tight piece during your wine tasting tour, this floral dress belongs to the best clothes to wear to a winery. It strikes a balance between dressy and casual. Style it with chunky sandals, a beachy bag, and black sunnies to protect your eyes. 

P.S. If you are wondering what are the best shoes to wear with a red dress, I recently wrote about it, so you can check out your options.

Outfit Ideas to Wear to a Winery in Autumn

And now we are coming to the crisp autumn season that brings you in the mood for wine tasting. That’s why I have prepared two outfit ideas. 

Check out the first one:

Turtleneck sweater black jeans booties autumn outfit to wear to a winery

For a fall trip to the winery, I would go for a relaxed and lightweight sweater with stretchy pants. You could brighten up the outfit by adding ankle boots and a purse in burgundy since this color resembles wine. And I don’t know about you, but this looks like a great outfit idea for senior pictures as well, right?

Next, if you want to wear a nice dress suitable for autumn walks, let me inspire you with this beautiful model:

Black dress boots autumn outfit to wear to a winery

If you don’t want to bring a layering piece, you can wear a long-sleeved shirt under the dress, so you don’t have to sacrifice your style. Besides, dresses with A-line skirts and a belt on the waistline are the perfect option for hiding the tummy. 

And again, add some burgundy details that will fit perfectly into the event. 

Winter Winery Outfit Ideas

And when temperatures really drop, it’s time for a winery dinner party! But don’t worry, I’ve got your back, ladies! I’ve prepared two fantastic outfits for the colder days.

Let me show you the first one:

Long coat beige turtleneck pants loafers winter outfit to wear to a winery

I love this color combination! A white turtleneck sweater and brown wide-leg pants look adorable together. Finally, beige loafers, a small purse, and a long brown coat complete the outfit and make you ready to shine!

And if you prefer dresses even when the snow is falling outside, then a sweater dress is the perfect option. 

Black turtleneck dress grey coat thigh-high shoes winter outfit to wear to a winery

If you’re looking for a cozy and stylish way to stay warm and look fancy in your winter wine tour outfit, you can’t go wrong with a sweater dress. 

Complete the look with details such as a purse, thigh-high boots, and a belted coat.

4 Outfits for Guys to Wear to a Winery

Enough about ladies; I bet my male readers are dying to see some cute outfits for themselves to flaunt at a winery. 

Ahead, I’ve shared four outfits, and to keep it fair, you will find out how to dress up for different seasons as well. Here we go, guys!

Outfit #1: Printed ensemble for the bold ones

The first section is for guys looking for unique clothes to wear to a winery. In my opinion, men should experiment with their fashion sense in summer by wearing something similar to this:

Flower-print shirt navy-blue shorts loafers men outfit to wear to a winery

This Hawaiian-style shirt looks great with blue shorts and classy loafers. I would definitely recommend this outfit for hot summer days when you want to look your best and not get too hot. It’s simple and so cool at the same time!

Outfit #2: Transitional pieces in autumn 

Moving into the fall season, it’s important to consider both a warm September afternoon and a chilly morning. Here’s how you can ace your look in both temperatures:

Grey cardigan blue polo shirt jeans sneakers men outfit to wear to a winery

Put on a polo shirt, jeans, and comfortable sneakers, and don’t forget to bring a cardigan if it gets cold.

Don’t be fooled by the hot afternoon hours because you can already feel the chilly air during the evening. For this reason, some layering pieces are a must-have on autumn days.

Outfit #3: All-black in the winter 

When it gets cold enough that a coat becomes necessary, you can put on something like this for winter outfits for vineyards:

Black pullover jeans coat and boots men outfit to wear to a winery in winter

This head-to-toe black attire is how men can look ‘winery cool.’ The elements in this ensemble pair nicely to create an edgy and poised vibe. 

Throw in black socks, comfy pants, and ankle boots, and you’re good to go. This outfit proves one thing – less is more!

Outfit #4: Classy Style

And if you’re looking for an idea of what to wear during the spring heat, then I’m sure you’ll love this timeless combination – khaki pants and a breathable white shirt. 

White button-down shirt beige pants sneakers formal outfit to wear to a winery for men

This outfit incorporates neutral tones that never go out of style. This is the best way to achieve breathability and coverage at the same time in the spring.

To take the outfit to the next level, add a belt and All Star footwear, and you will look absolutely fantastic!

Over to You

Here, I conclude my guide on clothes to wear to a winery. I hope all of you now know that the juxtaposition between practical and stylish is the secret ingredient in creating a flawless ‘wine-tasting’ ensemble. 

Let’s go through the tips once again:

  • Don’t wear perfume, heels, and yoga pants in the winery.
  • During the muddy weather, always wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Layers are a great option for all seasons.
  • Although there is no strict dress code, try to be a little more dressed up than usual.

Did you like this article? If your answer is ‘yes,’ I have good news; other fashion guides are waiting for you on my blog. Check them out!

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