Beauty Shouldn’t Require Sacrifice – 8 Signs It’s Time to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Christine Steuber
Oct 14, 2022
Are you lashes too thick or hard to brush? This might be a sign of bad falsies. Check out other signs you should be aware of.

Imagine this – you are going to the beauty parlor, super thrilled to get your falsies done for the first time. The process takes a while, but you feel high from anticipation. After all, you’ll get those doll lashes you’ve always wanted (and don’t we all)! 

Yet, after a week, you notice that your extensions don’t look all well – they stick to each other, irritate your eyes, or maybe even start falling out. 

If you can relate, my dear, it’s time to remove them. Otherwise, they’ll cause more harm. And if you’re wondering what other signs of bad eyelash extensions are, read on to be prepared. After all, forewarned is forearmed.  

Sign #1: You Can Hardly Separate or Brush Through Your Lash Extensions

If you can hardly brush through or separate your lash extensions, they’re likely overdue for a touch-up. When lash extensions start to get matted and clumped together, it’s not only difficult to brush through them, but it also increases the risk of damaging your natural lashes.

There are a few reasons why this happens:

  • Your extensions are too heavy, so they weigh down your natural lashes and make them more prone to tangling.
  • Your lashes are too long, so they might be hard to manage.
  • You didn’t brush your eyelashes regularly, and they got tangled.

So what’s the solution? You should brush your extensions daily with a soft brush, and if they start to stick together, you can carefully use some quality lash separator tool to help loosen them up. 

Sign #2: Your Eyes Feel Irritated During and After Application

When I had eyelash extensions applied for the first time, I was really excited about it, but unfortunately, my eyes felt irritated during and after the application. I believe that some of you have experienced this problem too, so I did some research and found out that there are a few reasons why this can happen.

  • Chemical burn
  • Allergic reaction
  • Poor hygiene of the lash technician
  • The person applying the extensions is not experienced or trained properly
  • The glue is not of good quality
  • You have sensitive skin or eyes
  • You wear contact lens
  • Poor aftercare of the lashes

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to avoid this:

  • Make sure you go to a reputable place that uses high-quality products.
  • If you have sensitive skin, ask the technician to use hypoallergenic glue.
  • If you experience any irritation during or after the application, immediately remove the extensions and wash your eyes thoroughly.

You can also use cold compresses, allergy eye drops, and oral antihistamine products (of course, consult your doctor first).

Sign #3: Eyelashes Twist and Poke Your Eyes

I have been using eyelash extensions for a while now, and another downside I noticed is that sometimes they stick into my eyes. This usually happens when I’m asleep and cannot fix them until I wake up.

You can also experience this if the lashes are applied too close to the eye or the glue is not of good quality.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered a few solutions that have helped me. First, I make sure to brush my lashes every night before bed – this helps keep them from getting tangled while I’m asleep.

Second, I use a silk pillowcase, which prevents my lashes from rubbing against anything while I’m sleeping and keeps them looking perfect in the morning.

Third, I use oil-free makeup remover to clean my lashes every day. This helps keep them healthy and free of build-up.

Sign #4: The Application Process Lasts Only One Hour

Here’s another myth I used to believe in – I thought that the short application process for eyelash extensions was great. I mean, who doesn’t want to save time? It was quick and easy, and I always got the desired results. 

But then I started noticing that my eyelashes were falling out more and more. Besides, they were thinner and weaker than before. I did some research and discovered that the short application process is actually bad for my lashes and  can lead to long-term damage, which is why my eyelashes have been falling out.

So what’s the solution? There’s only one thing you can actually do – change your lash technician. I now choose only the professional salons that take the time to carefully do my eyelash extensions, making sure not to damage my natural lashes in the process. If you ask experts, the process should take at least 1.5-2 hours.

Sign #5: Inner Lash Extensions Appear Too Long

I have seen a lot of women, including my friends, who make the same mistake when it comes to their inner lash extensions. They think that the longer the lashes are, the better. But that’s not the case.

Besides looking fake, long inner lash extensions can damage your natural lashes. Here’s why:

  • They put a lot of pressure on your natural lashes, which can lead to them breaking or falling out prematurely.
  • The weight of the extensions can also cause your natural lashes to become deformed or curved.
  • Long inner lash extensions can make it difficult to clean your lashes properly, leading to infection.

To avoid this, your lash artist should use a spoolie brush to brush the inner lashes down, making them less noticeable.

According to eyelash expert Ariel Renee, the best thing to do is to keep your inner lash extensions short. This will take the pressure off your natural lashes and make it easier to keep them clean and healthy.

And to better understand what excessively long inner lash extensions look like, I found one example:

Too long inner lashes bad lash extensions example
Credit: Pinterest

In this pic, we can see good work and bad lash extensions at the same time. Why do I say this? Well, the result is flawless, and the lashes look fantastic, but the inner lashes might harm your eyes.

Sign #6: Falsies Last No Longer Than a Week

I’ve been getting lash extensions for a few years now, and I’ve noticed that sometimes they don’t last as long as they’re supposed to. After a couple of weeks, they start falling out and looking sloppy. I didn’t understand why this happened, but it was really frustrating.

I’ve done some research, and it turns out that there are a few reasons why lash extensions might start falling out prematurely:

  • The lash technician doesn’t apply the falsies properly.
  • Oil-based products on lashes or around the eyes break down the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall out.
  • The lashes are applied too close to the skin.

There are a few things you can do. First, make sure that your lash technician applies the lashes slightly away from the skin, not right on it. Additionally, clean your lashes daily with a gentle cleanser, and be careful not to rub or pull at them.

I was also very intrigued by the words of Zoe from Naaz Beauty Studio and think this is something you need to keep in mind. Eyelashes can sometimes fall out more if a woman is breastfeeding or during her menstrual cycle. 

Sign #7: Extensions Feel Too Heavy and Thick

So when I first heard about lash extensions, I was all for it. I went to my local salon and got them done. And at first, I loved them. They looked amazing. But after a few days, I noticed that they felt heavy on my eyes. 

And then, after a week, they started falling out. I decided to visit a woman who is an expert in this field, and she told me that it was because my natural lashes were too weak to handle the weight of the extensions.

Plus, heavy and thick falsies can cause the following problems:

  • Your eyelids might hurt.
  • They can hinder your vision.
  • They can increase the risk of eye infections.

Again, I researched and found a solution: lighter, thinner lash extensions. Here’s a perfect example of good work:

Properly done eyelash extensions example
Credit: Pinterest

These extensions are much easier on the lashes and don’t put as much strain on them. Besides, they are also less likely to fall out.

Sign #8: You Can See the Glue

Finally, let me share my friend’s poor lash experience. When she did lash extensions for the first time, she noticed that one of them had fallen out a few days later. And when she looked closer, she saw a tiny glob of glue on the extension. She started to worry that maybe her lash extensions wouldn’t last. And then they really started to fall out.

We did some research together and learned that seeing glue is a bad sign. It means the extensions have not been appropriately applied, or the lash artist used too much glue. Also, this might be a sign of the glue’s bad quality. Not only that, but it can be harmful to your eyes if it gets into them. 

The only thing that you can do in that situation is to remove your bad lash extensions as soon as possible.

P.S. Don’t do that at home. Instead, make sure you go to a reputable place for removal.

8 Examples of Bad Lashes Extensions

Okay, ladies, I know you’re probably wondering how bad lash extensions actually look. That’s why in this section, I’ll be discussing eight examples of bad work and explaining the reasons behind each one. That way, you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Example #1: Badly glued eyelashes

Poorly glued eyelashes bad eyelash extensions example
Credit: Pinterest

As we can see in the first example, the black glue is visible, and the lashes are already starting to fall out in the inner eye corner. And there are also weird lumps of adhesive sticking out all over the place.

One possible reason is that the lash technician used too much glue. Another possibility is that the glue was not of good quality. So, all you can do to avoid this is change your lash technician and give your trust only to those with experience and knowledge and work with high-quality materials.

Also, according to Stacy Lash studio, it’s always better to choose clear glue since it’s stronger and will last longer.

Example #2: Too long extensions on the inner corner of the eye

Too long eyelashes on the inner eye corned bad lash extensions example
Credit: Pinterest

Although these eyes look glamorous and seductive at first glance, this is another example of bad lash extensions.

There are a few reasons why extensions that are too long on the inner corner of the eye can be a bad idea:

  • They can be uncomfortable. If they’re too long, they may brush against your eyeballs, which can be irritating.
  • Long lashes that are straight and uniform in length can look fake and overdone.
  • They are bad for natural lashes.

If the extensions are glued on too tightly or are pulled out during the removal process, they can cause your natural lashes to fall out prematurely.

Example #3: Thick extensions

Too thick eyelashes bad lash extensions example
Credit: Pinterest

And if you wonder if thick lash extensions are bad for your eyelashes, the answer is – yes, absolutely.

If the extensions are too thick, they can put undue stress on your natural lashes and cause them to break or fall out excessively.

And although you may be going for a dramatic look, you don’t want your eyelash extensions to look fake. Thick extensions can achieve this look, making you appear as though you’re wearing a costume instead of enhancing your beauty.

Finally, the thicker the extensions, the more difficult they are to keep clean and free of tangles. This can quickly become a hassle and make wearing them more trouble than they’re worth.

Example #4: Messy and tangled eyelash extensions

Messy and tangled eyelashes bad lash extensions example
Credit: Pinterest

Okay, here is an example of a total mess! This is exactly where we can see that something has gone wrong. First of all, we can see excessively long eyelashes again. But the bigger problem is poor maintenance, which has caused tangling and each hair sticking out in a different direction.

These eyelashes were probably not brushed regularly, and there is a possibility that this woman used inappropriate mascara or other products not recommended for contact with falsies.

And if you don’t clean and take care of your eyelash extensions regularly, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to eye infections and other health problems.

Example #5: Too heavy extensions that close the eye

Heavy extensions that close the eye bad lash extensions example
Credit: Pinterest

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this pic is, “Can she even see properly?” Here we can notice extensions that are too heavy and cause eyelids to droop, making it difficult to open eyes.

Plus, the weight of the extensions can cause your natural lashes to fall out, and the amount of glue used to attach them can be damaging to the delicate skin around your eyes. In short, this type of lash extensions hurts your eyelids.

Finally, when your lashes are super heavy, it can be tough to get all the dirt and makeup off them. You might end up with raccoon eyes if you’re not careful.

Example #6: Unbrushed eyelashes that are difficult to separate

Unbrushed extensiosn difficult to separate bad lash extensions example
Credit: Pinterest

Here’s another example of unbrushed bad lash extensions that are probably impossible to separate. Also, it might be dangerous to try separating tangled lashes. When you pull to separate them, you can cause serious damage. This move would probably lead to losing natural lashes and make them more difficult to grow back.

Furthermore, unbrushed eyelashes can irritate your eyes, causing redness and swelling. And let’s be honest, unbrushed eyelashes just don’t look good and make these eyes look small, beady, and untidy.

Also, don’t try to brush your eyelashes by force. Instead, go to your lash artist, who, in this case, will most likely recommend removal.

Example #7: Gaps between lashes

Gaps between lashes bad lash extensions example
Credit: Pinterest

When it comes to this picture, first, I want to ask you to compare the left and right eye. What you can see immediately are the gaps between the eyelashes on the right eye.

Gaps in your lash line can be caused by many things, from poor application to using the wrong adhesive. It could also be the fault of the client’s poor maintenance, which would mean that they probably don’t brush their lashes regularly or use inappropriate products. However, if you leave the salon like this, I recommend you return there as soon as possible.

Example #8: Clumped and damaged eyelash extensions

Clumped and damage bad eyelash extensions example
Credit: Pinterest

The last on our list are clumped and ruined lashes that many girls have experience with. One of the biggest mistakes women make regarding falsies is not following the aftercare instructions, so usually, something like this happens. To avoid this terrible situation, it’s important to brush your lashes daily with a clean, dry mascara wand to keep them from clumping together.

Also, be careful when using makeup removers or cleansers around your eye area, as some of them can be too harsh and end up damaging your lash extensions.

Ultimately, if you don’t get your eyelash extensions done by a professional, they will likely look stuck and damaged.

How to Take Care of Lashes After Removing Extensions?

I’ll be honest with you. When I first decided to remove my extensions after months of wearing them, I was very skeptical and scared that I would lose most of my natural lashes. Luckily, I stopped using eyelash extensions and had no problems because I let the experts do their job. They also explained to me what proper aftercare looks like.

That’s why I’ve put together a few tips to make it easier for you, too:

  • Gently cleanse your lashes – use a lash cleanser or an oil-free makeup remover to remove any residue from your lash extensions.
  • Be careful when brushing – use a clean, soft brush for brushing your lashes. Avoid using waterproof mascara, as this can cause your natural lashes to fall.
  • Don’t pull or rub – it’s important to avoid pulling or rubbing your lashes, as this can damage them. If you need to remove something from your lashes, use a cotton swab.
  • Follow up with serum – after cleansing your lashes, apply a lash serum or conditioning treatment. This will help keep your lashes growing healthy and stay hydrated.
  • Don’t use eyelash curlers – if you use an eyelash curler after removing lash extensions, you could re-damage your lashes. 

And if you want to speed up the process of growing your natural lashes after removal, the experts from Luxe Lashes Australia recommend eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins, niacin, iron, and proteins like fish, spinach, nuts, and avocado. They also advise using some quality supplements for skin and hair.

Finally, here’s one of the most important pieces of advice – take a long break before getting your eyelash extensions again.

P.S. If you want to learn more about the products helping your natural lashes recover, check out this article with my personal experience.

Over to You

And that’s it, girls! My guide for avoiding bad lash extensions and getting the perfect ones ends here.

Once again, let’s go through the key tips you should remember:

  • Too long, too heavy, and too thick extensions are too much of a burden for your eyelids and can cause natural eyelashes to break.
  • If your eyelashes are tangling and obstructing your vision, remove them as soon as possible.
  • Contact your lash technician if your eyelashes start to fall out after a few days.
  • Brush your eyelashes regularly, and do not use inappropriate products such as waterproof mascara.
  • If your eyes become irritated or swollen after the application, do not delay your visit to the salon and, if necessary, to the doctor (as it may be an allergic reaction).
  • After removing the extensions, take proper care of your natural eyelashes to help them recover and grow.

Do you want to read more beauty tips about skin, hair, and nail care? In that case, take a coffee, visit my blog and enjoy reading!

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