A Guide to Choosing the Right Eyelash Extension Style for Your Eye Shape

Christine Steuber
Oct 24, 2022
Check out my guide to find out what types of falsies will look good on your eye shape.

As someone obsessed with the perfect eyelashes, I know firsthand how choosing the right lash extension styles can make all the difference in your appearance. During my one-year “lash extensions” journey, I made many mistakes, which is why I’m here today to help you avoid those embarrassments.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions belong to popular beauty treatments that involve adding synthetic or real fibers to your natural lashes. The extensions can give your lashes a fuller, longer, and more luscious look.

The first thing you need to know is that there are two main ways of applying the eyelashes:

  • Individual lash extensions – single strands of synthetic fibers that a technician applies to your natural lashes one by one. 
  • A set of lash extensions –  multiple strands of synthetic fibers applied to your natural lashes all at once. 

How to choose the right option for you? Well, it all depends on the final results you want to get. 

For instance, individual lash extensions are perfect for a natural appearance, while the set is great for a more dramatic look.

How do you apply eyelash extensions?

The whole process of application depends on the method you choose – individual or set. If you go with the set method, the technician will apply a strip of false lashes to your natural lash line. This is a quick and easy way to get fuller lashes, but the downside is that the strip can sometimes be visible.

With the individual lash method, you apply each false lash one by one to your natural lash line. This takes more time than the strip method, but it looks much better, at least in my opinion.

In both cases, it all starts by measuring the lash extension against your lashes to trim it to size, if necessary. 

The next step is applying a small amount of adhesive to the base of the lash extension and then using tweezers to carefully place it on your lashes. After that, a technician will hold the strip or individual lash in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to set.

Finally, your lash artist will trim any excess that may be sticking out.

Pros and cons of eyelash extensions

Before making the final decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of this beauty treatment, ladies. This section will cover all the information you need to know.

Let me first walk you through the pros of eyelash extensions:

  • Save you time in the morning because you won’t need to put on mascara or eyeshadow.
  • Make your eyes look bigger and more awake.
  • Perfect for special occasions.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Relatively low-maintenance.
  • Long-lasting.

And here are the negative sides you must be aware of:

  • Eyelash extensions can be expensive.
  • They can cause allergic reactions.
  • Falsies can damage your natural lashes.
  • They can be uncomfortable.
  • They can be a hassle to remove.

Also, according to dermatologist Dr. Dray, lash extensions may lead to many other complications, such as blepharitis. She also points out that women who suffer from rosacea should skip this treatment because of their sensitive skin around the eyes.

By the way, I’ve recently written two articles about the warning signs of bad extensions and my personal experience wearing falsies – make sure to check them out.

7 Types of Lash Extension Styles

Do you know what kind of lash extension styles you are looking for? If not, don’t worry; I’ll assist you and help you with this matter. 

In this section, we’ll explore seven different lash extension styles so that you can make the best decision for your look.

Style #1: Natural

Let’s start with the natural lash extension styles mimicking your own lashes. This means the extensions will be almost the same length and thickness as your natural lashes.

Here are the main characteristics of this style:

  • Extensions are shorter and thinner.
  • They are applied individually.
  • The curl of your lash extensions should match the curl of your natural lashes. 

Wondering how perfect natural extensions look? There you go, girls:

Natural lash extension style example
Credit: Pinterest

One of the best things about natural lash extension styles is that they look very realistic. If applied correctly, no one will even be able to tell that you’re wearing them! They’ll just think you have naturally long and luscious lashes. Isn’t that great?

Style #2: Natural sweep

Let’s continue with the natural sweep lash extension styles that include lashes evenly spaced out and clustered together to give a more natural look.

And here’s what you have to know about this style:

  • Usually lighter and thinner than regular false eyelashes.
  • They are soft and fluffy, which makes them more comfortable to wear than regular false eyelashes.
  • The extensions should gradually get shorter as they get closer to the inner corner of the eye.

Just look at this amazing lash style:

Natural sweep lash extension style example
Credit: Pinterest

So, if you want to accentuate your eyes without looking like you’re wearing a lot of makeup, natural sweep eyelash extensions are a great option. They add length and thickness to your lashes, making them look fuller and more attractive.

Here’s some important info – all natural styles USUALLY belong to the category of „mink lash extension,” or extensions made of fur obtained from Siberian mink or Chinese mink.

Style #3: Cat-eye

The next on our list is cat-eye style, a type of eyelash extension that is longer in the outer corner giving your eyes a dramatic, feline look.

So, what makes them so special?

  • Make your eyes look wider.
  • Perfect for a night out or a special event.
  • Available in a variety of colors, styles, and lengths.
  • The inner lashes are pretty short.
  • Can be applied individually or in sets.

Let me show you how they look:

Cat eye lash extension style example
Credit: Pinterest

So, cat-eye lash extensions are the way to go if you’re looking for a dramatic, show-stopping look. They’ll give you a sexy, feline gaze that will turn heads wherever you go. 

Style #4: Reverse cat-eye

And if you want your eyes to really stand out, try reverse “cat eye” eyelash extensions! The inner half is longer, and the outer lashes gradually get shorter, creating a really attractive look.

The key characteristics of this style are:

  • The extensions are placed on the outermost lash line.
  • The inner lashes are longer compared to the classic cat-eye style.
  • They are great for women who want to open up the eye area.

Wondering how these falsies look? Let me show:

Reverse cat eye lash extension style example
Credit: Pinterest

For a classic, sophisticated look, reverse cat-eye lash extensions are a perfect choice. They’ll add just the right amount of length and drama to your lashes without looking overdone.

Style #5: Open-eye

Looking for another style that will open up your eyes and make them look longer and wider? Then you’ll love the open-eye extensions. These lashes are longer in the middle and shorter at the corners, creating a symmetrical look. 

Here’s what you have to know about them:

  • You can expect to get around 8 mm lashes for the corners and around 12-14 mm for your eyelid’s center.
  • If you have straight or downward-facing lashes, open-eye lash extension styles will give your eyes a more lifted look.
  • This is a great option for those who want to enhance their natural lash line.

In the following pic, you can see the perfect example of what I am talking about:

Open eye lash extension styles example
Credit: Pinterest

The lash extension styles like this will give you the appearance of having big, beautiful eyes. Besides, they can also help to make your eyes look more almond-shaped.

Style #6: Squirrel

We continue our list with unique squirrel eyelashes. The length of these eyelashes gradually gets longer from the center of the eyelid to the outer corner. 

Here are the main features of this style:

  • The longest eyelash extensions are attached to the edge.
  • The lashes of almost the same size cover the middle of the eyelid.
  • Inner lashes are the shortest.

This pic shows the best how the squirrel lashes should look, providing the exact lengths:

Squirrel eyelash extension style example
Credit: Pinterest

So, if you are looking for a balance between a natural and dramatic look, then this is the style for you.

Style #7: Dolly

Finally, a dolly style of lash extensions involves adding extra lashes to the mid eyelid, giving the appearance of fuller, longer lashes.

And here are their main characteristics:

  • More volume at the base of the lashes.
  • Longer and thicker in the middle.
  • There are shorter lashes on both eye corners.
  • Curled and well-defined.

Let me now show you these stunning beauties:

Dolly lash extension style example
Credit: Pinterest

This extensions style uses a fluffy, full-coverage style to give you luscious and voluminous lashes. This way, you’ll achieve the effect of having wider, fuller eyes and get a cute doll-like appearance.

How to Choose Eyelash Extension Styles for Your Eye Shape

Okay, girls, now we know that choosing the right style of eyelash extensions is important to ensure a flattering, natural look. 

But before you book your appointment and show the pic of perfect lashes you found on Instagram, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • First, assess your natural lashes. Are they long, short, sparse, or thick?
  • Second, decide what kind of look you want to achieve. Are you going for a natural look or something more dramatic?
  • Finally, take into account the shape of your eyes. 

These factors will help you narrow down the lash extension styles that best suit your wishes.

In the following sections, I will show you how to choose falsies based on your eye shape. Let’s get started!

1) Almond eyes

Kim Kardashian celebrity with almond shaped eyes
Credit: Pinterest

Let’s start our list with the beautiful Kim Kardashian and her almond-shaped eyes, defined by having a small crease in the inner corner and a slightly wider crease in the outer corner of the eye. These eyes are round and open, giving the person a more youthful and attractive appearance. 

There are three types of lash styles that perfectly flatter almond-shaped eyes:

  • Cat eye style 
  • Natural
  • Natural sweep
Lash Extensions for Almond Shaped Eyes - Firstforhers
Lash Extensions for Almond Shaped Eyes – Firstforhers

However, girls with almond-shaped eyes should avoid lash extensions that are too long, too thick, or too straight because they can weigh down their lashes and make them look droopy. That’s why you should skip open-eye and dolly style.

2) Round eyes

Katy Perry celebrity with round shaped eyes
Credit: Pinterest

The second on our list is stunning Katy Perry and her round-shaped eyes. There are a few key characteristics that define round eyes. First, the pupil is usually centered in the iris, giving the eye a circular appearance. 

Second, the whites of the eyes are often more visible. Finally, round eyes typically have less defined creases in the eyelids.

If you have this eye shape, you’ll look fantastic by wearing the following styles:

  • Natural style
  • Natural sweep
  • Cat-eye
  • Squirrel
Lash Extensions for Round Shaped Eyes - Firstforhers
Lash Extensions for Round Shaped Eyes – Firstforhers

Finally, avoid extensions with a lot of curls, such as dolly style, which can make your eyes look rounder. Also, if you want to make your eyes look less round, skip lash extensions that are applied too close to the inner corner of the eye, like reverse cat-eye.

3) Close-set eyes

Miley Cyrus celebrity with close-set eyes
Credit: Pinterest

If you have eyes like Miley Cyrus, you’re in the close-set eyes category. This is a type of eye shape where the distance between the eyes is relatively small. Also, close-set eyes can give the appearance of a smaller forehead or a more pronounced nose.

The following three styles mostly flatter close-set eyes:

  • Cat-eye
  • Natural sweep
  • Squirrel
Lash Extensions for Close-Set Eyes -Firstforhers
Lash Extensions for Close-Set Eyes – Firstforhers

Keep in mind one thing – extensions that are too long or too thick can cause your eyes to look even closer together. You should also avoid extensions with a lot of curls, like dolly style, and those that have long inner lashes, like reverse cat-eye, as they can also contribute to the illusion of close-set eyes.

Instead, go for shorter and thinner extensions with a more natural curl, which will help create the illusion of wider, more spaced-out eyes.

4) Wide-set eyes

Amanda Seyfriend celebrity with wide-set eyes
Credit: Pinterest

Contrary to Miley and her close-set eyes, here we can see actress Amanda Seyfriend and her wide-set blue eyes. Here, the eyes are set further apart than average. People with this eye shape often have a larger-than-average distance between their pupils, giving the face a more open and expansive appearance.

To visually make eyes look closer, go with these lash styles ideas:

  • Natural 
  • Open-eye
  • Dolly
  • Reverse cat-eye
Lash Extensions for Wide-Set Eyes - Firstforhers
Lash Extensions for Wide-Set Eyes – Firstforhers

Ultimately, avoid straight extensions. Curved or flared lashes will help to create the illusion of closer-set eyes. Also, don’t choose squirrel and cat-eye styles since they will only accentuate the width of your eyes.

5) Deep-set eyes

Blake Lively celebrity with deep-set eyes
Credit: Pinterest

Deep-set eyes are next on our list, and the best example of them is the fabulous Blake Lively. As we can see, this type of eye is wider and has a prominent brow bone and lid crease. The irises sit relatively low in the sockets, giving the appearance of a smaller eye overall.

And here’s the list of the extensions that look the best on deep-set eyes:

  • Natural
  • Natural sweep
  • Open-eye
Lash Extensions for Deep-Set Eyes - Firstforhers
Lash Extensions for Deep-Set Eyes – Firstforhers

Note that squirrel and cat-eye styles are a bad choice for deep-set eyes because they are too heavy and can actually make your eyes look smaller. You should also avoid getting lash extensions that are too long or too thick in the middle, like dolly style.

6) Upturned eyes

Taylor Swift celebrity with upturned eyes
Credit: Pinterest

Upturned eyes like those of Taylor Swift are similar to almond-shaped eyes, but the outer edges tilt slightly upwards, giving you a perpetual look of surprise or like you’re constantly flirting. Many people, including me, find this extremely attractive.

The lash extension styles that mostly flatter this eye shape are:

  • Natural sweep
  • Dolly
  • Open-eye 
Lash Extensions for Upturned Eyes - Firstforhers
Lash Extensions for Upturned Eyes – Firstforhers

Finally, avoid too thick extensions because they can weigh down your lashes and make your eyes look even more upturned. Also, skip the styles with a lot of drama, like squirrel or cat-eye, because they will hide all the beauty of your eyes, making them smaller.

7) Downturned eyes

Anne Hathaway celebrity with downturned eyes
Credit: Pinterest

Opposite to upturned eyes, in this example, we can see Anne Hathaway and her downturned eye shape. If you have it, too, it means the outer corners of your eyes point downward, giving the illusion that your top eyelid is much larger than your bottom eyelid.

In this case, you’ll want to make your eyes look more smokey, and you can achieve that with these lash styles:

  • Cat-eye
  • Squirrel
  • Open-eye
  • Natural sweep
Lash Extensions for Downturned Eyes - Firstforhers
Lash Extensions for Downturned Eyes – Firstforhers

On the other hand, you should avoid too long or too thick extensions. These can end up weighing down your lashes, making them droop even more. Speaking on this, don’t wear dolly and reverse cat-eye extensions, as these styles will make your eyes look more downturned.

8) Hooded eyes

Jennifer Aniston celebrity with hooded eyes
Credit: Pinterest

Next, hooded eyes are a type of eye shape where the eyelid is partially or fully covered by the brow bone, as we can see in the example of Jennifer Aniston above. The form of hooded eyes can vary, but they often have a slightly drooping eyelid and a crease extending beyond the eye’s outer corner.

That’s why these lash extension styles will suit your eye shape:

  • Natural
  • Open-eye
  • Dolly
Lash Extensions for Hooded Eyes - Firstforhers
Lash Extensions for Hooded Eyes – Firstforhers

Finally, avoid cat-eye and squirrel lashes, as they only weigh down your already-heavy eyelids more and make you look like you haven’t slept in days. 

9) Monolid eyes

Lash Extensions for Monolid Eyes - Firstforhers
Credit: Pinterest

Let’s continue with one unique eye shape called ”monolid”. Monolid eyes have a single, continuous eyelid that covers the entire eye. This shape is relatively rare, and women of Asian descent, like beautiful actress Kim Go Eun, are the most likely to have it. The natural lashes of monolid eyes usually tend to be straight and sleek.

Although beautiful and unique, these eyes can pose some beauty challenges, like picking the right lash extensions style. But don’t worry, I researched and selected the best options for you:

  • Natural
  • Natural sweep
  • Open-eye
Lash Extensions for Monolid Eyes - Firstforhers
Lash Extensions for Monolid Eyes – Firstforhers

Also, avoid thick, voluminous lashes since this style can look overwhelming on monolid eyes and actually make your eyes appear smaller. For instance, the dramatic cat-eye is a definite no-go for those with monolid eyes, as this shape will only accentuate the lack of definition in your eyelids.

10) Small eyes

Megan Fox celebrity with small eyes
Credit: Pinterest

There’s no strict definition for small eyes, but they generally refer to eyes that are proportionately smaller than the average. If you have small eyes, you’re in good company – some of the most iconic celebrities, like Megan Fox, have small eyes, too!

Small eyes often have less visible white space (known as the sclera) around the iris, making them appear darker. Also, natural lashes tend to be shorter and less voluminous on small eyes. That’s why you should choose an eyelash extension from these categories:

  • Natural
  • Natural sweepy
  • Cat-eye
Lash Extensions for Small Eyes - Firstforhers
Lash Extensions for Small Eyes – Firstforhers

Finally, avoid long, thick dolly and squirrel lashes, as they can look overwhelming on small eyes. Plus, they can also be uncomfortable to wear.

11) Protruding eyes

Mila Kunis celebrity with protruding eyes
Credit: Pinterest

Is there any girl with protruding eyes reading my blog? Protruding eyes appear to stick out more than usual, which can be caused by a number of different things, like health issues, but is most often due to genetics. They tend to be larger than average and have a round shape.  

At this moment, you might be wondering what types of eyelash extensions look the best on protruding eyes. There you go, ladies:

  • Cat-eye
  • Squirrel
Lash Extensions for Protruding Eyes - Firstforhers
Lash Extensions for Protruding Eyes – Firstforhers

Finally, avoid dolly and open-eye styles because they will make your eyes look even more bulging.

Over to You

And that’s it, my girls! Here we conclude the article on the best eyelash extensions for different eye shapes.

Let’s summarize once again what we learned from this guide:

  • Eyelash extensions will give your eyes a beautiful look, and you won’t waste a lot of time on makeup.
  • On the other hand, lash extensions can damage your natural eyelashes and require a lot of money.
  • If you want to visually lift your eyelids, choose natural sweep or cat eye extensions.
  • To reduce large or protruding eyes, choose a squirrel or cat eye style with thicker extensions.
  • To enlarge small eyes, go with a natural, open-eye, or dolly style.
  • Avoid thick, heavy, and long eyelashes if you have small, downturned, monolid, and Asian eyes.

I really hope you enjoyed this guide, and if you want more similar content and beauty tips, visit my blog and enjoy reading!

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