7 Haircuts that Look Perfect on the Pear-Shaped Face Type

Christine Steuber
Jun 24, 2022
What are the best hairstyles for pear-shaped face? Read my guide to see some examples for inspiration. There's also a little extra bonus!

Finding the right hairstyle to fit your face shape can take a while, but it’s definitely worth it. Since each person has a different face shape, not all haircuts can look good on every face shape. The same goes for hairstyles for pear-shaped face.

If the title of this article brought you here, then you probably have a pear-shaped face and can’t decide on the right hairdo. The right haircut for a pear-shaped face can accentuate your features, highlight the perks, and hide the drawbacks. 

I’m going to share stunning haircut ideas for people with pear-shaped faces. But that’s not everything. I will also share some sunglasses ideas to match your face shape.

Keep on reading to find which hairstyle suits a pear face best.

Pear Face Shape Characteristics

A pear-shaped face type is when the person has a defined jawline with a narrow forehead. It’s slightly similar to the square-shaped face, however, it gets wider from top to bottom. The pear-shaped face is also known as a teardrop face shape or a triangle face. The distinctive feature of this face shape is a wider jaw area compared to the upper part. 

We all have different types of face shapes. The most common are square, oval, triangle/pear, and heart. Scientists also say that we inherit face shapes genetically.

You may also be familiar with the pear body shape, as well as apple, triangle, and so on, but let’s not confuse it with a face shape.

So what hairstyles for pear-shaped face are the best??

The perfect haircut for this type of face shape should balance the narrow and wide parts of the head. To better illustrate what I mean, let’s take a look at the haircuts some celebrities with a triangle face shape choose.

Celebrities with the pear face shape

You can see the pear face shape among many celebrities. Since they work with professional hairstylists, they know what haircuts match their face type. So, they are the perfect inspiration for a hairstyle for people with this face shape.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is a perfect example of a pear-shaped face with a defined jawline and narrow forehead. While searching for her most common hairdos, I noticed that she has two go-to styles that fit her face type perfectly. She either has wavy curls or wears a low bun with wavy bangs on the side, as shown in the image below.

Meghan Markle celebrity with pear-shaped face hairdo idea
Credit: Elle

This hairstyle creates the ideal balance between the lower and upper parts of her head.

Kelly Osbourne

One of the wildest representatives of the pear shape face, Kelly Osbourne is known for her risky hairstyle choices. Recently, the celebrity showed off her new haircut that perfectly fits her face shape.

The voluminous waves with side bangs balance her sharp jawline and narrow forehead.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has been known for having different hairstyles throughout the years, especially her haircut during the first season of the “Friends” sitcom. She has experimented with her hair quite a lot, and, as a representative of a pear-shaped face, there is one hairstyle that matches her face perfectly.

Jenniffer Aniston celebrity of pear-shaped face hairdo idea
Credit: StyleCraze

It’s the side-parted hair with beach waves that evens out her face, just like in the above image. Most of the time, you can see her rocking this hairstyle.

Top 7 Hairstyles for Pear-Shaped Face Type

It can be quite the task to find the ideal hairstyle that suits your face shape perfectly. That’s why I’m here to make your choice simpler. I have selected the top seven pear shape face haircuts. 

Everyone can do these hairstyles either on natural hair or on synthetic wigs or extensions. Hopefully, the following looks will inspire you for your next hairdo.

Let’s get started!

Hairstyle #1: Crop cut

In order to balance out the fuller jawline and a narrow forehead, you need to make the upper part of your head look fuller. One haircut that does the job well is a crop cut with layers. As you can see from the image, the layers add volume to the above part of the head, balancing the pear-shaped head.

This haircut leaves your jaw area open to highlight your features while boosting the upper part to even out your face shape. This is the ideal hairstyle for those who like easy-to-maintain short hair, especially for hot summer days.

The next option in the line is the complete opposite.

Hairstyle #2: Textured layers

Layers, layers, and again layers. They are the best friends of people with pear-shaped faces as they add a natural boost to your hair and effortlessly highlight your best features.

Just like in the below image, layers add volume to your hair and conceal the sides of your face.

This way, it’s not visible which part of your face is wider and which is narrower. So, if you want to have long hair, I’d recommend getting textured layers. 

Now let’s add a fringe to the layers in my next hairstyle option for the pear-shaped face.

Hairstyle #3: Layers with side fringe

Layers, again. Well, as I said earlier, they are your savior if you have a pear-shaped head. This option is quite similar to the previous one; however, it includes a side fringe that covers the side of the forehead, losing its narrowness from sight. 

The above image is a perfect example of a haircut with ​​layers and a side fringe. This hairstyle evens out your face, adds the desired volume, and makes your forehead look symmetric to your jawline.

This style works great with both shorter and longer hair. No matter what length you’re going for, add layers and a fringe to fit your triangle-shaped face.

Moving on to another short hairstyle.

Hairstyle #4: Short shag

With this hairstyle for a pear-shaped face, you want to have all the layers on the above part of your head to make it look fuller and symmetrical to the below part. 

If you want to highlight your strong jawline, you can keep your hair length as short as you wish. However, if you’d like to cover up your jaw area, keep your hair longer.

The above image demonstrates how this hairstyle evens out the face shape making the forehead look the similar width as the jawline. 

Don’t want a short haircut? Not a problem. Check out this next option.

Hairstyle #5: Fringe and loose waves

I personally think that loose beach waves with a fringe look best on people with pear-shaped faces. This fringe completely covers the forehead, while the waves conceal the defined jawline, which allows you to put an emphasis on your eyes. The below image is a perfect example of that.

Loose waves with fringe haircut for pear-shaped face
Credit: Pinterest

This hairstyle completely covers the main drawbacks of the pear-shaped face, which are the wide jawline and a narrow forehead. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, then this haircut will be impeccable for you.

Off to my personal favorite hairstyle – the side-parted style.

Hairstyle #6: Side-parted hairstyles for pear-shaped face

This hairstyle is my favorite for all face types, but it looks even better on a pear-shaped face. You can have side-parted hair with both straight and wavy hair. If you want to add more volume, I’d recommend going with wavy hair, just like in the image below.

Side-parted hairstyle for pear-shaped face
Credit: Mane Addicts

This hairstyle covers one side of your face, and the deep side part creates an illusion of a wider forehead.

Finally, moving on to the last hairstyle on my list – the bob hairstyle.

Hairstyle #7: Bob haircuts

The bob haircut is by far the most versatile for people with a pear-shaped head. You can experiment with this haircut as much as you wish. You can wear it with straight or wavy hair, with side-parted or center-parted hair, or even with a fringe. You can see an example in the image below.

Bob cut hairstyle for pear-shaped face
Credit: Pinterest

What’s great about this haircut is that you can slay it during day-to-day chores, events, and business meetings by just adding some waves or parting it differently. This haircut creates a voluminous look that hides your small forehead and the sharp jawline. 

As you now know what the best hairstyles for the pear-shaped face are, let me share which hairstyles you should avoid.

Worst Haircuts for Pear-Shaped Face

Whether you’ll follow my tips and pick a hairstyle from the above list or not, I’m going to share another list of hairstyles that you should not choose for a pear-shaped face. Not all haircuts look good on people with this face shape. 

Keep on reading for more details.

1) Long curly hair

One of the haircuts that are not recommended for people with a pear-shaped face is long curly hair. This hairstyle makes your face look even more triangular, just like in the image below.

Long curly hair hairstyle to avoid for pear-shaped face
Credit: Pinterest

Of course, if your natural hair is curly, there’s nothing much you can do. But remember that curly hair is not the best option for pear-shaped faces.

2) Hair sectioned in the middle

Another hairstyle that is not the best option for people with a pear-shaped face is middle part hair. This hairstyle makes your face look longer and highlights the triangle shape even more.

Hair sectioned in the middle hairstyle to avoid for pear-shaped face

As you can see from the image, this hairstyle elongates Jeniffer Aniston’s face and makes that triangle shape of her face more noticeable.

3) Middle-part bangs

Just like with the above example, middle part bags don’t look good on pear-shaped faces, and the below image is proof of that. As you can see, the middle-part bangs for pear-shaped faces make the head look unnaturally long and emphasize the triangle shape of the face.

So if you want to get bangs, then it’s better to get full ones that suit triangle-shaped faces perfectly.

We’re done with hairstyles. Now let’s see what sunglasses you can style with your hair.

Extra: Choose the Right Sunglasses for Your Pear-Shaped Face

A haircut is not the only tough choice to make for a triangle face, and picking the right sunglasses to fit your face shape is a challenging task indeed.

Below, I’ve selected some of the best-fitting types of sunglasses for pear-shaped faces.

Option #1: Half-rim frames

One of the best choices of glasses for a pear-shaped face are the ones with half-rim frames. What makes these glasses the best option is that the rims of the glasses outline only the top part hence putting an emphasis on the upper part of the face. You can see an example below.

Half-rim sunglasses for pear-shaped face
Credit: Lindberg

The half-rim glasses balance out the triangle shape perfectly. For the strong jawline, it provides a simple rimless lens, while for the narrow forehead, it offers a bold top rim that creates the perfect harmony.

Moving on to a more risky look with cat-eye shades.

Option #2: Cat-eye shades

Cat-eye glasses may not be for everyone due to their extravagant look; however, they are perfect for people with pear-shaped faces. Since the corners of these sunglasses are wide, they make the upper part of your face appear wider than it actually is.

Cat eye sunglasses for pear-shaped face
Credit: Huan G Hexia

Colorful cat-eye glasses are also great for drawing attention to the upper part of your face, balancing out the wide jawline.

Moving on to a rounder look with oval lenses.

Option #3: Oval shapes

Another option that looks good on a pear-shaped face is the one with oval lenses. Horizontal oval glasses visually elongate the upper part of the face, therefore balancing the upper and lower parts of the head.

Oval sunglasses for pear-shaped face
Credit: New Look

As the lenses of the glasses stretch to the sides, they add volume to the upper part and make the forehead seem wider than it actually is.

Now let’s see how oversized glasses look on a triangle-shaped face.

Option #4: Oversized sunglasses

Large glasses are perfect for the pear face shape since they put focus on the upper part of the face and balance out the bold jawline.

Oversized sunglasses for pear-shaped face
Credit: Pinterest

As you can see from the above image, oversized glasses create a large barrier between the upper and lower parts of the face making it visually even. You can pick all kinds of oversized glasses, whether it be with a square edge or rounded.

The next one in the line is the classic choice for sunglasses – the good old aviator shades.

Option #5: Aviator shades

Aviator glasses are another favorite among people with a triangle face shape. In the below image, you can see Jeniffer Aniston rocking the aviator shades. As I’ve mentioned earlier, she also has a pear-shaped face.

Aviator shades sunglasses for pear-shaped face
Credit: Pinterest

The top bar of aviator sunglasses visually connects the eyebrows and creates an illusion of a wider forehead. Also, the shape of these glasses is the opposite of the triangle face shape, so it’s the perfect combination.

Over to You

And we’re done. Hopefully, I managed to help you find the perfect hairstyles for pear-shaped faces. 

Remember that no matter which hairstyle you choose for a pear-shaped face, you need to balance out the top and bottom parts of your head. The best choice for a triangle shape face is adding volume to the upper part of your head to match the wider jawline. 

Make sure to avoid hairstyles that accentuate the characteristic features of a pear-shaped face, like curls or middle part hair. 

Was this article helpful? If so, you can check out my blog, where you will find insightful articles on beauty, health care, style, and beyond.

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