12 Best Bras for Sagging Breasts (2021 Reviews)

Christine Steuber
Sep 28, 2020
“Live your life and forget your age” – a common quote we often come across on social media. And truth be told, you should live your…

“Live your life and forget your age” – a common quote we often come across on social media. And truth be told, you should live your life that way. But the natural process of aging gives rise to physical changes. That isn’t easy to forget. For women, it’s the sagging of their breasts. So if your bosoms are drifting southward, then you need the best bras for sagging breasts.

Breasts, more often than not, get saggy because of common factors like genetics, drastic weight gain or loss, larger breast size, and some more. This means fairly young women might also have to deal with sagging breasts. It’s not entirely an aging-related concern among women.

Your breasts can start to droop even if you wear the wrong bra size. Did you know that? Most women across the globe make the mistake of choosing an incorrect bra size and even style.

The support your breasts demand comes from bras. It’s the only way you can lift them up to defy the force of gravity. In that case, the bra better be well-equipped. In terms of size, support, comfort, and design to keep your twins looking and feeling perky.

If that’s what you desire from your everyday bras, then do take into some serious consideration the following styles…

Best Bras for Sagging Breasts

1. Warner’s Women’s Full-Coverage Underwire Bra (Top Choice)

Warner's womens This is Not a Bra Full-Coverage Underwire Bra,Toasted Almond,32D


If you don’t want your breasts to feel squished in, then go for this underwire bra. That’s right. It’s an underwire bra and it’s so comfortable and supportive. The nylon and spandex do a lot more to the fit of the bra than you think.

For starters, it doesn’t give you skin bumps around the back or sides. There is no weird tugging sensation by the shoulder straps. And most importantly, they lift and support your breasts. For sagging breasts, this is a huge relief. Because it makes you look slimmer and more upright.

These are the best underwire bras that actually stay in place. A daily essential must-have if you want your breasts to look slimmer and less awkward. You can finally wear the skin-tight top you’ve been wanting to wear. Because no bra lines will be seen through the shirt.

The padding around the underwire is a huge plus. It provides cushioning and breathability. Completely eliminating pinching, squeezing, and sagging of the material. Something to think about when you want the best possible bra fit for sagging breasts.


  • Excellent padding around the fasteners.
  • Smooth, bulge-free appearance.
  • The band is super comfortable and well-made.


  • The plastic strap rings are noisy.

2. Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire Free Bra (Best for Lift and Support)

Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-free Bra, 36D, Nude

Across the board, women loved this wire-free bra. It has the best lifting and supporting bra design for sagging breasts. And it’s without an underwire, which makes it a treasure to keep. Nylon, polyester, and spandex with cotton lining. So it’s support and comfort combined.

It’s a versatile bra choice for many reasons. You will be satisfied with this bra and find no faults while wearing it. It’s a neat and modern wireless bra. With a broader fit across the cups so that your breasts stay in.

The padding under the cups and around the back is well-constructed. So instead of your breasts drooping downward, they look and feel elevated. Fastening the straps is easily done. You can do it yourself since it has a cotton lining. So it won’t rub against your skin while you do so.

All in all, this is a classy and functional choice for women with sagging breasts. The cups have an excellent volume, so they give you a smooth and sleek look. The 4-way support ensures no bulging and sagging for big and small boobs.


  • Quick and easy to wash.
  • The straps are supportive and irritation-free.
  • Light and firm cup support.


  • No underwire reduces support’s shelf life.

3. Vanity Fair Body Caress Full Coverage Wirefree Bra (Best Full-Coverage Bra)

 Vanity Fair Women's Body Caress Full Coverage Wirefree Bra 72335, Damask Neutral, 42B

Made from nylon and spandex, this wire-free bra is another one of my favorites. It has full-coverage cups with an elastic band for better bust support. The straps are convertible and adjustable so you won’t fall short of options on how to wear it.

For an all-around stretch, comfort, and support, this bra is perfect. It gets top scores for suiting different breast shapes as well. And it’s so easy and quick to put on. You’ll no longer have to wrestle with the straps or the fabric to get through.

The bra is wire-free but it has an elastic band under the cups for stability. It vows to keep your breasts elevated and firm. So that while wearing the bra, you don’t feel like you’re wearing it. The fabric is really breathable and light. It doesn’t even itch when it’s hot and humid outside.

So if you’re looking for something comfortable and airy to wear. But also supportive enough to cushion saggy breasts, then buy this bra right now.


  • Very comfortable and breathable to wear.
  • It looks smooth and slim under tight clothing.
  • Best t-shirt bra to wear all day.


  • The cup size runs a bit large.

4. Bali Women’s Double Support Wire-Free Bra (Best Wire-Free Bra)

Bali Women's Double Support Wirefree Bra

This brand is known for its seamless and incredibly supportive bras. So when it came out with its new and improved wire-free bra, women fell in love with it right away. For saggy breasts, it doesn’t get any better than this.

It has a seamless lining that supports and cushions your body. Soft and light but at the same time supportive without causing pain. The molded lines around the cups offer shaping from the top and sides. This prevents bulging and looks smooth over tight tees or shirts.

The double supportive cups don’t feel at all tight or hot. The upside is that it offers a minimizing effect. So even if you are heavier, it doesn’t cause any sort of irritation or sweating. This bra is valuable and simple. Ideal for plus-sized and petite women.

Soft and supportive around the shoulders. All thanks to the adjustable strap design and seamless lining. The light padding of the cups feels soft against the skin. So there’s no protrusion from the sides or top over your clothing.


  • Non-elastic shoulder straps are supportive.
  • The band offers a perfect fit.
  • Ideal for shaping and minimizing breasts.


  • Do not wash very often.

5. Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra (Best Strapless Bra)

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Strapless Full Figure Underwire Bra 74380, Midnight Black, 34C

The Vanity Fair is a special and unique bra for sagging breasts. It’s a strapless bra. Now, I know what you’re going to say. How can I wear a strapless bra for saggy breasts? Well, that’s the thing. For a strapless bra, this is quite impressively supportive.

It’s a full-figure underwire bra with a nylon and spandex stretch fabric. It’s good for smoothing out bumps and bulges in visible spots. This, for most women, is around the back and the sides.

Being strapless, the focus is on the under-bust where the underwires are padded. There’ll be no protrusion, poking, or slipping. All thanks to the no-slip silicone-free under-bust padding. It’s breathable and feels smooth against the skin.

If you have saggy boobs and find it difficult to keep your breasts in a strapless bra. This bra is absolutely supportive. It not only holds your breasts in. But it also cushions and holds the breasts up to get rid of back fat. With less bulging around the sides and back, you feel at ease.


  • The cups stay in place and do not slide down.
  • Ideal for well-endowed women.
  • No cup digging or poking underwires.


  • Do not hand wash regularly.

6. Glamorise Women’s Full-Figure Plus Size MagicLift Wirefree Bra (Best Full-Figure Bra)

Glamorise womens Full Figure Plus Size MagicLift Original Wirefree Support Bra #1000, Burgundy, 36B

The Glamorise MagicLift Wirefree Bra works wonders for big women. It’s hard enough to find a bra that fits well-endowed women. This bra suits big breasts that are sagging. It’s one of the most comfortable bras for women.

Made from a blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon. It’s wireless and supportive. The seams around the cups prevent a cone-like shape of the breasts. It has soft cups that feel light and airy against the skin. The cone shaping of the breasts is to the minimum. Instead, it’s well-contoured and firm.

In terms of durability, this is a direct winner. It doesn’t lose its shape or fade with time. You can put this bra in a mesh bag and pop it in the washing machine. It won’t wrinkle or sag. And you can wear this bra all day long without feeling trapped or clammy in them.


  • Easy to put on and wash.
  • Comfortable for all-day wear.
  • The bra lifts each breast separately to minimize.


  • The shape of the cups is slightly pointy.

7. Wingslove Women’s Push Up Everyday Basic Bra (Best T-Shirt Bra)

Wingslove Women's Push Up Everyday Basic Comfort Lightly Padded Underwire Plunge T-Shirt Bra Lift Up

The Wingslove Push-Up Basic Bra fits well and stays in place. It’s ideal for day-long wear and has the perfect coverage for a push-up bra. For the price, this bra is of great value. It holds true to size. It fits well with cups that are supportive from under the bust, the sides, and the top.

For breasts that are slightly concave, this push-up bra is essential. It complements and contours the natural shape of the breasts. So you’d be wearing a bra for your breast shape. And not trying to squeeze your breasts into the rigid structure of the bra.

This t-shirt bra has less padding under the bust. This reduces the bra’s volume so that there’s less gaping and protrusion. This is not only good for supporting the under-bust region. But it reduces gaping from the top to avoid an awkward cleavage.


  • Great for supporting and lifting the breasts.
  • The cups are smooth and breathable.
  • Adjustable hooks for proper fit.


  • The underwire needs more padding.

8. Elomi Women’s Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra (Best Support Bra with Side Slings)

Elomi Caitlyn Side Support Bra, 36E, Raspberry

Why does anyone wear an underwire bra? For extra support and structure so that your breasts don’t spill out. The outstanding backbone that is the band of this bra makes that possible. It’s one of the best bras for sagging breasts.

Not a single inch of the fabric is wasted. This bra provides support from all sides. Especially the sides to prevent side spillage. It has full cups that are smooth and soft against the skin. The top half of the cups are embroidered while the bottom has a satin padding.

This style is aesthetically-pleasing and stylish. The shoulder straps have a slight stretch to make up for the fact that they’re not adjustable. The side slings keep the bra in the right place. So there’s less shifting, sliding, and no poking whatsoever.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and proven choice, go for this one. It’s the best choice for heavy and broad breasts. And it shows no trouble when sitting, standing, or leaning forward.


  • Great for mobility and sitting/standing still.
  • Sizing is accurate.
  • No back or chest pain from day-long use.


  • The cups lack a bit of stretch.

9. Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Push Up (Best Push-up Bra)

Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Push Up & In Demi Bra DM9900

For the ultimate lift, the Maidenform Love The Lift Push Up is perfect. It’s known for its seamless lift and support style. It’s the ideal bra for most bra sizes and sagging breasts. And it comes with side slings that do most of the heavy lifting.

This is a push-up bra with unique straps. The criss-cross shape of the straps at the back is very appealing. But they also perform a noteworthy function. Because of their extensive back support, they keep your breasts up and firm.

While the side wings ensure a clean, sophisticated, and bulge-free appearance. Making it the best choice for quick outfits. Because the straps are adjustable, this bra is easy to put on and take off.

It holds your breasts even while you move, bend, or lean forward. There’s enough padding to prevent gaping or bulging. And the cups support and elevate your breasts without making them look pointy and awkward.


  • No protruding or awkward cleavage.
  • It feels nice and light against the skin.
  • Comfortable and itch-free side slings.


  • Too low for small breasts.

10. Maidenform Women’s Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra (Best for Side and Back Smoothing)

Maidenform Women's Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra

The Maidenform Comfort Devotion Bra works wonders for women with sagging breasts. It has an underwire but it feels like it doesn’t. The soft and supportive elastane fabric does most of the heavy lifting for you.

It has a CloudFoam stretch and support that feels wonderful. Straps that fit on your shoulders rather than digging into the skin. And cups that have extra coverage for a comfortable and flattering shape.

The bra is easy to put on and take off. It’s available in a wide range of sizes. And it has smoothing pads around the back and sides. This eliminates all fat and skin bulges. Especially from areas that are more noticeable. That is from under the band at the back and near the underarms.

If you’re nervous about showing your natural breast shape. You can stay rest assured that this bra will simplify and accentuate your breasts naturally. So that you feel comfortable and your chest looks more natural and effortless.


  • Ideal for fuller breasts.
  • The cups conceal nippage very well.
  • No bulging, gaping, or wrinkling.


  • The lace detailing looks awkward.

11. PrimaDonna Deauville Full Cup Bra (Best for Large Breasts)

PrimaDonna Deauville Full Cup Underwire Bra White 30E

The PrimoDonna Deauville Bra is a good, stylish, and long-lasting choice. It’s a full-figure and full-cup bra for most bra sizes. It has a custom elastic fit, which sits well on each cup. Providing a good unlined stretch from the top and sides.

The back of this bra has a narrow frame. And that’s exactly why it’s one of the best bras for sagging breasts. It prevents sagging by pulling your breasts up and flat against your chest. But not in a smothering manner at all. Just enough to lift and support your breasts.

The close-set back also supports the adjustable straps. Making it easier for you to wear the bra comfortably. The padding feels light and breathable against the skin. Along with the bottom band, it doesn’t dig into the skin. There’s a bit of stretch in the band to take the pressure off.

The size and style of the bra are amazing as it is. It doesn’t need altering. It’s not too structured or bony. It’s just what women need to support their breasts from looking saggy.


  • The padding around the underwire feels smooth.
  • Easy to take on and off at any time.
  • Soft, supportive, and comfortable fabric.


  • None so far.

12. Natori Women’s Pure Luxe Custom-Coverage Contour Bra (Best for Small Breasts)

Natori Women's Pure Luxe Custom Coverage Bra, Black, 32B

Women just can’t get enough of this custom-sized contour bra. It has a simple and refined design. Comfortable with a soft lining and stylish fit. Even though this is an underwire contour bra, it doesn’t have a thick lining.

The bra is very defined and pretty. There’s lace on the inside of the cups area. You can wear it under light and flowy dresses. And even if it shows, it looks nice. Under skin-tight tees, it looks smooth and feels breathable.

This bra is super soft and has an incredible fit. It spends less fabric but ensures all-round support. Especially for women with sagging breasts. The band under the cups and around the back feel great.

As far as cleavage goes, it gives you a sophisticated appearance. Nothing too flashy nor too hidden. Your chest will look relaxed and supported no matter what you wear over this bra.


  • Not too tight around the back.
  • Best for contouring under t-shirts and shirts.
  • Not at all pinchy or stiff.


  • The cups lack proper padding.

Best Bra for Sagging Breasts – Buying Guide

Best Bras for Sagging Breasts – Buying Guide

The majority of women are worried about their sagging breasts. Because many factors contribute to the southward drooping of the boobs. Now it goes without saying that beauty is more internal than external. Even so, sagging breasts tend to make many women feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

So it’s only natural to look for the best bra for lift and side support. So your breast tissue, all of it, can get a natural-looking, comfortable lift. But there’s a lot more revolving around the topic of sagging breasts. And it’s time to dive deeper. This means you can make better decisions. With regards to your lifestyle and bra choices to keep your breasts from sagging.

First Of All, What Are the Most Common Causes of Sagging Breasts?

The inevitable, natural downward pull of gravity. And also the inevitable, natural process of your skin losing its elasticity. These are the most common causes of sagging breasts. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other major contributing factors as well. For example, your genetics.

Breast tissue shape, more often than not, is built into your DNA. And that comes from parents. This means you’re more likely to have breasts shaped like your mother’s.

Needless to say, other factors also play a huge role when it comes to the perkiness of your breasts. Such as drastic or sudden weight changes, moderate to heavy smoking, larger breast size, not wearing a proper-fitted, supportive bra, etc. Even habits like neglecting to apply sunscreen to prevent sun damage, which often results in your skin losing its elasticity.

Irrespective of the cause though, when your twins are looking droopy, it’s reason enough to give them a lift. This could be a temporary solution. Such as wearing the best bras for sagging breasts. Along with more permanent remedies. Like doing chest exercises on a daily basis. And consuming a healthy, anti-aging diet.

Common Myths About Sagging Breasts

Common Myths About Sagging Breasts

And now it’s time to debunk some of the most common myths circulating around the sagginess of breasts.

Breastfeeding Causes Breasts to Sag

This is FALSE information, not based on any factual content. In fact, recent research studies have proved that breastfeeding doesn’t lead to ptosis (a fancy term for drooping). The actual guilty party here is your pregnancy. And not breastfeeding after pregnancy.

When pregnant, most women tend to put on weight. And weight gain at the time of pregnancy causes the stretching of your breast ligaments. This, in turn, creates the drooping effect post-pregnancy. So the best way to avoid this is to maintain a comparatively healthier weight gain during pregnancy.

Wearing a Bra Prevents Sagging Breasts

Once again, this is not entirely true. What the best bras for sagging breasts do is give them the lift, shape, and support you find desirable. But these bras do not and cannot prevent potential sagging. Because sagging breasts, more often than not, are a result of gravity and the loss of skin elasticity.

One thing is for sure though. That wearing a sports bra during high-intensity activities like aerobic exercises keeps your bouncy boobs from moving. And that means your breast tissue remains unaffected. Even though you’re performing high-impact movements. So, is a sports bra good for sagging breasts? The answer is a loud and clear YES.

Sun-Tanning and Smoking do not Affect the Appearance of Breasts

Let’s apply simple logic in this case. The natural UV rays of the sun are harsh and harmful to your skin. They have the ability to cause skin damage. And this means the breakdown of collagen and elasticity.

Even smoking has the same negative reaction on the skin. The heat produced from cigarettes alters your skin’s elastic fibers and narrows down blood vessels. The former creates collagen loss. And the latter restricts blood supply.

So you have yet another compelling reason to quit smoking. And to apply sunscreen on a daily basis.

Going Braless Causes Breasts to Sag

There’s no scientific evidence whatsoever to back this particular claim. Now I’m not saying that you should not wear a bra at all. Unless you decide not to wear one for your own reasons. But the fact remains unchanged that bras, even the best ones for support and lift, fix the issue of sagging breasts only temporarily.

And if you skip wearing a bra altogether, it’s not going to cause any more sagging that is already going to happen with a bra.

Features Included In the Best Bras for Sagging Breasts

best bra for lift and support

There are hundreds and thousands of supportive bras out there. That comes in all kinds of shapes. But if you want to get your hands on and your boobs in the best brassier. Then make sure it meets the following criteria…

  • Stretchable fabric construction with low to moderate give
  • Reinforced or boned siding
  • Underwire
  • Narrow-set straps
  • T-seamed, full-coverage cups
  • Wide band

If you want your bra to keep your breasts from looking saggy. Then these features matter a great deal. If not all, make sure the bra style has at least most of them. These factors, ultimately, are responsible for providing support, comfort, and lift. So without them, you simply cannot expect the bra to make your bosoms look uplifted and perky. No matter how expensive!

Most Suitable Bra Styles for Saggy Breasts


There are plenty of bra styles, aren’t there? You may be wearing the correct bra size. But if the structure of the bra doesn’t suit your sagging breast tissue, then what’s the point! When the bra is properly fitted and shaped for your breasts. Then it’s bound to turn that frown upside down. Irrespective of your age!

In that context, here are the most common bra styles women with sagging breasts choose…

1. Full-Cup Bras

This means bras with full-coverage cups. They work best for women that have large sagging breasts. The full-coverage structure of the cups offers sturdy support. Simply by preventing your breast tissue from spilling from the top and sides.

Full-cup bras shape your breasts very naturally. While also providing a gentle, comfortable lift. They are often built with molded cups. That is responsible for all the much-needed, comfortable shaping of sagging, large, and/or disfigured breasts.

2. T-Shirt Bras

The best t-shirt bras have a sleek, seamless design. And features that give your breasts the smooth lift and support they demand. T-shirt bras also feature molded cups for maximizing the support factor. On top of that, they create a naturally round shape with a slight lift.

Most women opt for t-shirt bras when wearing body-hugging tops and dresses. Because this particular style lifts sagging breasts the most seamlessly and supportively in the case of tight-fit clothing.

3. Underwire Bras

Make the underwire your breast friend when it comes to boosting bra support. No doubt, underwires bring tons of boob support into the picture. To lift your sagging breasts!

This type of bra may or may not be padded. It all depends on what you find the most comfortable. There are many lightweight, padding-free underwire bras that don’t cop out support. In fact, the underwire is the only thing responsible for naturally lifting the shape of your breasts. Be they big or small!

4. Balconette Bras

For fewer firm breasts, how about trying on a balconette or demi-cup bra style? These bras are sure to give your bosoms a perky and rounded look. Simply because balconette bras are designed to reveal more top breast tissue and inner breast tissue.

Most balconette bras have wide-set straps. These are perfect for holding up your breasts. Just keep in mind to choose the padded balconette style in the case of sagging breasts. As this particular version is better equipped to support your boobs. While also creating the intended round appearance.

5. Push-Up Bras

Push-up bras and sagging breasts go hand in hand. In fact, the answer to what is the best bra for saggy breasts after breastfeeding? And what is the best bra for small saggy breasts after weight loss? The answer, more often than not, is a push-up bra.

What the push-up effect does is defy the force of gravity. Thus, lifting your breasts the most effortlessly. Push-up bra styles have a plunge neckline ideal for your favorite deep-neck tops and dresses. This plunge feature also offers support. And makes your breasts look closer together.

It’s the official anti-sagging bra if you ask me!

How to Shop for the Most Comfortable Bra for Sagging Breasts


Get Professionally Fitted By A Bra Expert

There is no shortage of lingerie stores, right? So why not head to one and get fitted by a bra professional! Someone who’s familiar with how the brand designs its bras and determines the fit.

If you ask any bra expert, she’s more likely to tell you that the majority of women shopping at the store purchase the wrong bra size. And that says a lot about how much we give importance to the sizing factor.

With that in mind, get professionally fitted by a bra expert. And then buy your bra online. So you’ll have a better, more accurate understanding of the sizing guidelines every manufacturer provides.

Not All Brands Use the Same Sizing Standards

Your particular breast measurements are important. You should always keep your cup size and band size in mind when choosing bras. But don’t get hung up on any one size. Simply because different brands use different sizing and fit standards for their bra styles.

This means your collection can include 2-3 unsimilar sizes of bras by different brands. So make it a point to check the manufacturer’s size guide chart at the time of buying the bra.

Experiment with Sister Sizes

It often happens that when the band fits perfectly, the cups seem too big or too small. If that occurs, then feel free to go for the sister sizes. Meaning going one size up or down in the cups. With one size up, the band size should go one size down. While with one size smaller cups, the band size has to move one size up.

For instance, is your regular bra size 34C? Then your two sister size options are 36B and 32D.

Don’t Hesitate to Splurge

If you really look for a comfortable, supportive bra within your budget. You’re highly likely to come across not one but many. Nevertheless, expensive bras are truly worth it. As long as you’re buying the proper size and style.

Also, these are high-quality bras that offer all the comfort, support, and lift you need. And they last for a longer time. So you don’t have to buy bras very often.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Fix Sagging Breasts?

You may not be able to prevent sagging completely. But you can surely postpone, slow down, or minimize the effects of the process. Simply by incorporating these habits into your daily life…

Strengthening your pectoral muscles by performing chest exercises. Such as push-ups, dumbbell chest press, up and down the plank, dumbbell fly, etc.

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. There are foods to reverse the effects of skin aging. At the same time, avoid a crash or extreme diet. That tends to cause sudden, drastic weight loss. Because when that happens, your skin loses its natural firmness. Thus, causing your breasts to sag.

There’s no denying that a well-fitted, supportive bra keeps your breasts lifted. Like the best bras for sagging breasts I’ve reviewed in the article. But this is more of a temporary fix than a permanent solution.

Sleeping on your back instead of snoozing on your side goes a long way indeed. The latter cause your boobs to dangle downward. Therefore, stretching the ligaments. The former, on the other hand, keeps all your breast tissue weight supported fully on the chest. And that helps in retaining their perky appearance.

How to Measure Bra Size for Sagging Breasts?

So how to find the right bra size for sagging breasts? You start by measuring the under-bust region. This is your band size. For the cup size, measure around the fullest part of the breasts. And in the case of sagging breasts, keep the following instructions in mind…

Bend over, so your breasts are dangling down at a 90-degree angle. And now measure your cup size to get a properly fitted bra.

Take your measurements at least two times to compare the numbers. The goal here is to get the most accurate measurements of your cup size and band size.

And in case you have small sagging breasts, then refer to bra sizing guides that include smaller cup sizes. Such as AA and AAA cups.

Final Words

Needless to say, the roundup of the best bras for sagging breasts is a result of hours and hours of research. Along with tests and trials. I have also gone through hundreds of genuine customer reviews. So the top 12 bra styles shortlisted in this post are bound to give sagging breasts a perky, rounded, and lifted appearance.

These bras may not reverse the effects of the natural process of sagging. But they certainly minimize the saggy look. And also prevent any further drooping of your heavy or small bosoms.

And if you decide to choose a bra that’s not on the list, that’s okay too. Just make sure it’s well-equipped with features like underwire, wide band, narrow-set straps, full-coverage cups, etc.

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