Best Bum Lifter Pants Before and After – The Perfect Push-Up Butt Effect!

Christine Steuber
Jul 29, 2021
A lifted, well-toned butt is something that not just women but men also want, right? It’s just that women are more vocal about it. And also…

A lifted, well-toned butt is something that not just women but men also want, right? It’s just that women are more vocal about it. And also the fact that the whole bum lifter pants before and after discussion is more targeted toward the female gender than men due to the wider range of such clothing items for women than men.

So if you’re a woman making sure you’re working out regularly to shape your buttocks, then why not give these pants a try while you’re at it. They surely know how to fix the issue instantly!

But then buying casual jeans and workout leggings like these can be quite an annoying task because most of us don’t even know what works on our natural body type and shape. In that case, the top recommendations and streamlined buying process discussed in this article have got you covered!

These Are the Top 3 Choices!

Now that the best of the best has been pointed out, it’s time to pamper your curiosity with more options that have been reviewed in a much extensive manner. But before we get to those in-depth reviews, how about we cover some basic ground first…

What Are Butt-Lifting Pants?

What Are Butt-Lifting Pants?

The term is butt or bum lifting pants, right? And that’s pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think? Pants, jeans, or leggings specifically crafted for lifting and shaping your booty to make it look more enhanced, sculpted, and rounder.

More often than not, these types of bottoms are constructed using fabrics that hug natural curves while also making your body look slimmer. Some styles are also equipped with pads or inserts for lifting your tush and also increasing its size, appearance-wise.

Bum-lifting pants are certainly a more harmless option than, for example, surgically lifting your buttocks or skin-lifting injections.

Now Let’s Talk About the Benefits of Wearing Butt-Lifting Pants

Below you’ll find the obvious AND little-known benefits of these magic pants…

1. They Perk Up Saggy Buttocks Instantly

Doing squats regularly definitely gives your backside a perkier shape. But then what to do if you want those desired results sooner or don’t want to put in that extra effort for getting there? Then you just take the help of these kinds of bum-shaping pants for instant results.

At the same time, such types of jeans and leggings also have anti-cellulite properties. So the butt cheeks look perkier and also free of dimples or a bumpy, uneven texture.

2. They Lift the Butt the Most Naturally

Just the simple task of sculpting the shape and size of your buttocks in itself looks very seamless and natural. It looks as if you’re wearing a body shaper or padding in order to lift what’s sagging. When, in reality, you’re not!

So that desirable hourglass silhouette you seem to love so much is brought into the picture – all the while hugging your tummy and waist.

3. They Feel Comfortable for All-Day Wear

When something is hugging your natural curves and bumps, it need not be uncomfortable too. In that case, bum-lifting pants are in no way too tight if you get the right size. On the contrary, they enhance your butt and flatten the tummy. Without any troubles like your undies riding up or panties showing. And this means a full range of movement!

4. They Also Flatten Your Tummy

Apart from doing what they do in the butt region, these butt-lifting pants do some tummy control as well. Just like they smoothen out the shape of your heinie, they compress the tummy area as well too for making it look toned and flat.

Oftentimes, the stretchy fabric is outfitted with padding, which wraps around the waist for creating the perfect hourglass shape starting from your abs to the thighs.

Most Important Factors for Buying Butt-Lift Jeans/Leggings

Types of Bum-Lifting Pants

Regular (High-Waist) Jeans

Let’s start with regular jeans – your everyday high-rise, skinny-fit jeans. That make your buttocks look perkier the most effortlessly. These are often a combination of spandex and denim for the most body-hugging fit.

Colombian Jeans

Then there are special Colombian-style pants, also termed as push-up jeans. These pants were originally designed for the typical bigger buttocks of Colombian and Brazilian women.

All the different materials and styles of Colombian jeans share a common trait – they all shape the booty along with slimming the waistline, so your body looks well-toned and shapely, even though curvy.

Workout Leggings

The next type of butt-lifting pants is workout leggings. The materials used for construction for gym or workout leggings are a blend of stretchy spandex and any sweat/moisture-wicking fabric like nylon, polyester, etc.

No doubt, these are the best when it comes to covering and smoothing out cellulite while obviously lifting your butt cheeks. So while you’re busy strengthening and toning your glutes, these make your backside look well-sculpted already like you’ve been training your whole life.

Yoga Pants

The final on the list is yoga pants. Much like workout leggings, these too provide the desirable butt lift without making it look as if you’re wearing a body shaper. You get the push-up effect in the butt area with a slimmer waist and tummy. And the fabrics used, once again, are soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking.


More often than not, the choice is between two different blends. The first choice is a combination of spandex and cotton while the second blend of fabrics includes spandex and polyester or nylon.

Cotton, no doubt, is incredibly soft, comfortable, and breathable (perfect for butt-lifting jeans). But nylon and polyester are a more fitting choice in terms of activewear since they wick away moisture/sweat very quickly and have quick-drying properties as well.

And it goes without saying what stretchy spandex does – it gives you the freedom of movement while also making sure that the pants, be they jeans, workout leggings, etc., hug your natural curves the most comfortably and seamlessly.

Padding vs. No Padding

Now it’s up to you to choose butt-sculpting pants with padding or no padding. But, at the same time, you should know that padding may not feel the most comfortable, particularly if you’re not spending a huge sum of money. And when something is so uncomfortable, then it just doesn’t matter if it’s lifting and shaping your buttocks.

In that case, maybe select a style with removable padding. So you can easily take it off if it starts to feel like a nuisance.

Size and Comfort

I have merged these two very important factors because whenever we talk about comfort, sizing is the first thing that comes to mind.

The great news here is that almost every top brand gives you size charts based on your body height, weight, and other measurements. But, mind you, not all size guidelines are the same. So make it a point to check the size chart of the brand you’re picking and then choose your size accordingly.

And when selecting your size, keep in mind the purpose or context of the pants. For example, yoga pants and workout leggings are mainly designed for exercising, running errands, etc. On the other hand, Colombian pants and regular jeans are for casual settings.

The ultimate goal is that your pants or leggings allow you to move around in them freely while also fitting and hugging all of you properly. Avoid something too tight that restricts your ability to bend, move, or even breathe.


The brand decides your budget, or is it the other way around? To be honest, no matter the type of clothing or body-shaping undergarment, always opt for a renowned brand. Only then can you expect great, long-lasting performance.

Purchasing too cheap butt-lifting pants (under $20 mostly) is a rather sticky situation you may be getting into. On the other hand, there’s absolutely no need for you to spend more than $100 either. Unless you know it’s a legitimate brand that has genuinely earned a huge number of positive reviews.

Best Bum Lifter Jeans

What push-up bras do when it comes to lifting and shaping your breasts, these jeans do the same for your heinie. So the butt looks round and plump, which is something you yourself may like looking at to boost your confidence levels and make you feel less self-conscious.

1. Meisite Women’s Butt-Lifting High-Rise Skinny Jeans

MEISITE Women's Butt-Lifting Skinny Jeans

Just because they’re a skinny fit doesn’t mean these butt-lifting jeans don’t hug you in all the right places. The super-stretchy fit ensures that hugging and accommodating your natural curves, lumps, and bumps is not a concern. Plus, there’s the high-rise waist to flatten what needs to be flattened (muffin top, lower belly pooch, etc.) along the way.

The great stretch and the fact that these skinny jeans know how to lift your hips and buttocks definitely give you a slim figure the most comfortably and effortlessly. After all, you are looking at typical Colombian-style Brazilian butt-lifting and butt-shaping jeans that seem to be so popular among women looking for ways to make the backside look more well-shaped.

These have also been categorized as mom jeans. Stretchy and soft, they let you bend and move as much as you like without displaying “the crack.” And unlike poorly designed Colombian-style jeans, the zipper here stays up and the placement of the back pockets is not awkward at all.


  • Easy pull-on jeans for a round bottom
  • Stretchy spandex is part of the soft, breathable fabric blend
  • High-rise waistband means no muffin top


  • The pockets are fake
  • Waist fit may be slightly loose

2. Fashion2Love Colombian High Waist Butt Lift Levanta Cola Skinny Jeans

Colombian Design High Waist Butt Lift Levanta Cola Skinny Jeans

This brand is one that comes up time and again for women wanting to lift and shape their buttocks. The stretchy fit is indicative of the fact that these jeans are made for naturally curvy women. And despite the stretchy fit, the jeans have a very impressive shape-holding capacity. Thanks to the thicker denim construction.

The high-waist, on top of that, seems perfect for also shaping the butt and slimming the figure. Speaking of slimming, the skinny leg style also makes your silhouette look more elongated and shapely.

Just like the previous option, these too are Colombian-style jeans that make the backside look more worked out and rounder. Plus, the blend of fabrics – polyester, spandex, rayon, and cotton – brings into the picture much-needed factors like softness, breathability, stretch, elasticity, comfort, and the firm, push-up effect.


  • Stretchy, skinny bum-lifting jeans
  • Colombian design pushes up, rounds the buttocks
  • High-rise and full-length for an elongated, slim silhouette


  • No pockets
  • Slightly too high-waisted for a short torso

3. LT.ROSE Butt Lifting Colombian Jeans

LT.ROSE Butt Lifting Colombian Pants Up Jeans

Super-high waist means a slimmer waist with no visible signs of a muffin top – that’s the best part about these Colombian-style jeans that obviously also provide a butt-lifting appearance. The fabric blend of spandex and denim consists of enough flexibility for all-day comfort and freedom of movement.

And just so you know, the denim used is highly resistant. Then there’s spandex too for high elasticity, along with polyester that certainly makes this pair more impact-resistant and stronger.

The high-waist shapes and lifts your tush. And then it combines with the skinny fit for slimming and elongating your legs. In comparison to normal jeans, these are definitely more body-fitting and body-shaping in a more comfortable manner. Comparatively speaking, they also hand out more stretch to truly fit your butt properly.


  • Colombian-style, high-waist jeans for butt-lifting
  • Stretchier and softer than regular denim
  • Skinny, body-slimming fit, even for curvy women


  • Faux zipper and no real pockets either

4. Hybrid and Company Women’s Butt Lift V2 Skinny Jeans

Hybrid & Company Women's Butt Lift V2 Super Comfy Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans

It’s very, very important for skinny jeans to stretch, which means they should have a fabric blend that includes spandex. And that’s precisely why you should even consider buying these Hybrid and Company Butt Lift V2 Skinny Jeans. They give your butt cheeks, no matter how large and/or not worked out properly, a lifted and well-contoured shape.

Think of them as comfortable yoga pants that enhance your natural curves and make your hips, butt, and legs look like they are subjected to heavy training sessions at the gym.

Incredibly comfortable because of the inclusion of stretch denim, these skinny jeans perform the function of fitting and slimming really well. Just make sure you don’t size up. Otherwise, you may end up not liking the extra looseness – the fabric is that stretchy indeed. So just imagine how well-fitted your regular size would feel while also allowing you to move around freely.

Even jeans from top brands like Seven for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Target, etc. stand no chance against Hybrid and Company when it comes to factors like budget, comfortable high-waist fit, and long-lasting durability.


  • Butt-lift jeans contour and lift the bum
  • Glove-like fit with just the right stretch
  • Truly high-waisted with not too bulky buttons


  • Too long, even for tall women
  • The material might feel too thick and heavy

5. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Totally Shaping Skinny Jeans

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Totally Shaping Skinny Jeans

Jeans by this brand are everything! Firstly, the sizing of Levi’s brand hits the nail right on the head, irrespective of the style of the jeans. They fit perfectly, despite the Totally Shaping Skinny design. There’s no amount of bunching or pulling from any area. Right from the mid-rise top all the way down to the skinny, tapered bottom, the jeans stay tight and fitted.

The incredible slimming silhouette surely attracts ‘have you lost weight’ compliments. All thanks to the top slimming panel that’s positioned high enough for preventing muffin top or any sort of tummy bulge whatsoever. No folding over or slipping down concerns either with regards to the waistband.

Moreover, the super-comfy butt and leg area creates a very flattering shape, no matter your natural body type. No doubt, this is a pair of fully functional skinny jeans in the classic Levi’s design with a mid-rise waist, five pockets, waistband designed with belt loops, and zip fly plus button closure.


  • Way stretchier than other skinny-fit jeans
  • Totally Shaping style lifts saggy buttocks
  • Mid-rise waistband suitable for all body types
  • Tummy slimming and shaping panel included


  • Too long, so ankles bunch up if you’re short
  • Back pockets are awkwardly spaced

Best Butt-Lifting Workout Leggings

Buy any one pair of the two pairs of bum-sculpting leggings reviewed below. So while you’re actually toning your buttocks, these leggings already give you the shape you desire in order to motivate you to keep going…

1. Zitaimei High Waist Anti Cellulite Booty Workout Leggings

ZITAIMEI High Waist Yoga Pants Booty Workout Leggings

These workout leggings with their very popular scrunch-butt appearance are the best choice for women with an already heavy bottom. So they do a wonderful job of making your large heinie look more shapely and flattering. However, those not so “well-endowed” down there should definitely steer clear from such high-waist scrunched-up leggings.

The best part about them, apart from the scrunched butt thing, is that they’re squat-proof and superbly comfortable. The carefully structured rhombus pattern also offers just the level of compression you need down there during your training sessions. More importantly, the textured pattern pushes up i.e. lifts your buttocks.

Then comes the wide, tummy control, and high-rise waistband for shaping your abdominal region. So no more tummy bulges, lower belly pooch, or muffin top. And let’s not forget about the 4-way stretch fabric construction. So the workout leggings allow you to perform all kinds of butt and body conditioning exercises you want at home or the gym.


  • Rhombus textured leggings with slimming compression
  • Thick, elastic, quick-drying fabric blend
  • Plenty of stretch to prevent chafing, irritation, etc.
  • High-rise, wide waistband for tummy control


  • Pills and snags very easily
  • Not for women who don’t have large buttocks

2. Hionieiy Women’s Ruched Scrunch Butt Lifting Workout Leggings

Hioinieiy Women’s Ruched Scrunch Butt Lifting Leggings High Waisted Workout Yoga Pants

If you want your booty to look all toned and shapely, then these Ruched Scrunch Butt Lifting Workout Leggings certainly get the job done in the most flawless manner. You’re sure to receive compliments and you may never have to worry about dimples or cellulite showing through your workout leggings.

The stretchy fit, needless to say, is simply amazing in that the leggings fit true to size, no matter what size you order. You get that very rare second-skin feeling with 3D tailoring that fits perfectly against your body.

But what’s so attractive or appealing, no doubt, is the honeycomb texture. Combined with the elastic band, it makes your butt look and feel lifted while also shaping your hips and thighs.

And then there’s the comfort factor too – meaning these leggings, even though ruched with a scrunched pattern, feel extremely comfortable irrespective of the activity (squats, running, dancing, etc.)


  • Textured, scrunch-butt leggings for butt-lifting
  • Stretchy, anti-tear, quick-dry materials
  • Honeycomb concave lining increases breathing space


  • Very thin, thus see-through material

Best Butt-Lifting Yoga Pants

You can wear these jeans to make your buttocks look rounder instantly, but you certainly can’t wear JEANS for all occasions and at all times, right? So for those other scenarios, such as exercising at the gym, doing yoga, and performing any kind of other physical activity or chores, why not choose the following scrunched booty-shaping yoga pants…

1. Seasum Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants

SEASUM Women's High Waist Yoga Pants Scrunched Booty Leggings Workout Running

They’re high-waisted and textured – meaning all geared up to take on your large booty and lift and shape it like no other scrunched-butt yoga pants out there. And don’t even hesitate to wear these out in public. After all, it feels good and boosts confidence levels to know that your problem areas don’t appear to be so problematic.

Needless to say, wear them without a panty, which eliminates the visible panty line concern. Unless you don’t mind wearing thongs of course. One look at it and you know that the yoga pants don’t let you down in case your buttocks already happen to be a bit on the heavier side. More enhancement plus lifting/shaping benefits – that’s what you get.

Also, these are magic-like anti-cellulite workout leggings as well. The textured fabric hides away cellulite dimples while also lifting the booty. On top of that, the fabric blend has quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties, along with high levels of comfort, stretch, and softness. Who ever came across such an unbelievably well-designed pair for movements!


  • Brazilian-style booty-enhancing leggings
  • Tummy-shaping high waist with push-up butt lift
  • 4-way stretch conforms to every shape and movement
  • Lightweight, sweat-absorbent, and non-see-through


  • They snag and wear out too quickly
  • Waistband not thick enough

2. Fittoo Women’s Seamless Tummy Control Yoga Pants

FITTOO Women’s Seamless Leggings Ankle Yoga Pants Tummy Control Running Workout Tights

This squat-proof, ultra-stretch, seamless pair goes hard on butt lifting and smoothing. Even though these Fittoo Tummy Control Ankle Workout Tights are thick enough to ensure durability, firm compression, and whatnot, optimal breathability is not a problem at all.

The leggings have a high-rise waist, which seems like the perfect choice for all those women out there who are conscious about their muffin top or lower belly bulge. And to make things even more streamlined and flattering, the fabric is super-stretchy. But, needless to say, the high-rise, wide waistband provides tummy control.

Another very crucial factor these yoga pants deliver is lightweight comfort. And since you’re most likely to be working out, doing yoga, or running chores in these leggings, the fact that the fabric blend is quick-drying and sweat-absorbent also makes the deal even more difficult to resist, right?

Just make sure you get a Large or Medium size if your buttocks are bigger than usual. Even then, this pair hugs all those natural curves and bulges (thanks to the miracle-like stretchy fit).


  • Stretchable fabric and fit with no chafing or irritation
  • Seamless and non-see-through design
  • High-rise, wide waistband for tummy control
  • Very thick yet soft and breathable


  • Not made for women with thick thighs
  • The material doesn’t feel the most durable


The Drawbacks of Butt-Lifting Pants – How to Avoid Them?

Everything has its pros AND cons, even bum-sculpting pants.

Now you need to understand that, in no way, are these your everyday, regular bottoms. There may be different styles available but that only means you have to be extra careful about which design suits your body type the most in order to shape your buttocks.

Then the next thing is that butt-enhancing bottoms are only a temporary fix. Once the garment is off, your body returns to its natural, regular shape. So you should incorporate more permanent solutions to alter the shape of your tushie, such as exercising your glutes regularly (squats, lunges, etc.). Here’s a very helpful video to get you started…

In comparison to costly and, more importantly, PAINFUL surgical methods, choosing an effective remedy like wearing bum-lifting pants, even though temporary, seems like a better decision.

Another major downside – women with a smaller butt are almost never satisfied with these types of butt-shaping pants. The reason – simply because there’s not enough mass in their butt cheeks TO ENHANCE.

And now the final straw is that you should keep away from cheap quality butt lifters. But how do you find out if the manufacturer is genuine or not? Read customer feedback and reviews. Check if the brand has a legitimate, working website. And more often than not, an unbelievably low price is also a good indicator of the quality, effectiveness, and durability of the product.

How Can Butt-Lifting Pants Last Longer?

When washing these pants in your washing machine, make sure to use the gentle cycle, a mild detergent, and warm water. But don’t even think of washing padded bum lifters in a washer. Instead, hand-wash them with a mild detergent and cool water to keep the padding from getting damaged.

Now It’s All Your Choice!

You really don’t have to waste your precious time and effort anymore when it comes to finding just the perfect butt-shaping and butt-lifting jeans/pants/leggings.

There are just enough recommendations I’ve reviewed in this post that are specifically crafted to meet all crucial criteria. Such as comfort, control, elasticity, compression, push-up effect, tummy shaping, AND MORE!!!

For a perkier behind, these pants get the job well done while you’re sweating your heinie in the gym toning and shaping those glutes. And if not, then go ahead and be lazy – at least you’d be doing that in these amazing bum-enhancing bottoms!

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