16 Vans Alternatives to Add to Your Wardrobe

Christine Steuber
Sep 5, 2022
Looking for Vans alternatives both style- and price-wise? I've got 16 options for you here - check them out!

Are you looking for Vans alternatives? I totally get it – they can be a little pricey, and sometimes you just want something a bit different.

Luckily, there are many great brands out there with shoes similar to Vans. They differ in price and quality, so everyone can find something that suits their style and budget.

I made detailed comparisons to show you each brand’s differences, advantages, and disadvantages. Plus, I’ll share some great shoe recommendations for men and women.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What are Vans and are They Still in Fashion?

Vans is an American apparel and shoe manufacturer with headquarters in California. Recently, skate style has picked up fame again, which means that Vans are still in fashion. The brand produces aesthetic sneakers for both genders in an abundance of shades and styles. 

Originally, these were skate shoes that were both attractive and durable. Today, anyone can wear them, from children and teenagers to adults.  

Currently, the most popular styles of this brand are Vans High Tops, Vans Low Top Sneakers, Vans Unisex Sk8-hi, Vans Unisex Old School Low-Top, and Vans Unisex Slip-on. 

Now, let’s talk about the brands that can compete with this giant.

10 Vans Competitors to Consider

I know we all love Vans, but sometimes it feels like everyone is wearing them. If you’re looking for something different but with the same skater-inspired and versatile style, I’ve got some great options for you!

I’ve rounded up ten high-quality alternatives to Vans that are sure to make a statement. Keep reading to see what you should shop for!

1) Nike

In the list of brands like Vans, Nike obviously comes first as it is the world’s most valuable sportswear brand. The company sells casual wear and sportswear and some killer Vans lookalikes. 

So, if you are looking for a model of Nike sneakers that resemble Vans, this is the option for you:

Nike SB Charge Women's Skate Shoes Vans alternative
Credit: Kohls

These Nike SB Charge Women’s Skate Shoes are a great flexible model for skating with a lightweight canvas that hugs your feet and soft foam cushions that make every step easier.

Even though Nike costs more than Vans, it is worth the price due to its breathability feature, excellent grip, and long-lasting lacing.

2) Converse

Converse is another prominent brand that sells apparel, footwear, and accessories. I’d say that Converse has been a top rival of Vans for many reasons. 

First and foremost, its offerings celebrate self-expression and individuality, which young adults and teens highly appreciate. Generally, both brands are similarly priced across the majority of models. 

Interested to see the Converse model similar to Vans? Let me show you:

The skater-inspired shoe displays a molded CX sock liner and a CONS traction rubber outsole, while the suede upper offers a premium finish. Plus, an elasticated tongue, poly-cotton laces, and softer bottom than Vans are further perks of these skate-ready shoes. 

3) Adidas

Among similar shoes like Vans, Adidas is another strong rival. It definitely showcases a wider variety than Vans in the apparel and footwear categories. 

There are a couple of differences between these two brands. For instance, Adidas partners with high-profile celebs, such as Kanye West, Beyonce, and Pharrell Williams.

On the other hand, Vans boasts an influence on the grunge and punk rock music scene. Speaking of affordability, Adidas comes with an average cost of $56, so it’s more affordable. 

Now let’s look at a model of Adidas shoes that strongly resemble Vans slip-ons:

Nizza RF Slip model brings a nostalgic feel due to its grandmother’s couch sentiment. Crafted with recycled materials, the retro sneaker displays a vulcanized midsole and a signature rubber toe overlay. These details strengthen the skateboarding roots. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a cheaper version of the popular Vans slip-on sneakers, these are the shoes for you!

4) Puma

Let’s continue our list of Vans alternatives with Puma. It is a brand that sells footwear, sportswear, accessories, apparel, and sports equipment.

Even though Puma was originally an athletic brand, it has expanded its inventory to fulfill the demands of casual wear buyers. The brand boasts an edge over Vans as it broadens the target audience. 

Another perk of Puma is its global presence because it directly sells products through a massive 700 stores. Compared to Vans, Puma shoes have a diverse offer but also a more expensive price structure.

Want Pumas with a touch of Vans? Consider this model:

Puma Suede Classic XXI Vans alternative
Credit: Puma

Suede Classic XXI Sneakers have a rubber outsole and midsole for resilient traction and grip, low-top silhouette, comfort sock liner for quick step-in cushioning, arch support, and full lace closure.

The advantage over Vans is that Pumas will also look cute with slightly more elegant clothes. Feel free to pair these shoes with dresses and skirts, and you’ll look stunning!

5) Fila

Fila is another powerful Vans off-brand competitor, as it holds a prominent influence on urban youth and teen culture. Besides, it offers more casual wear as compared to athletic apparel. For that reason, it’s more similar to Vans as opposed to Puma, Nike, or Adidas. 

The brand works with iconic trendsetters like Rihanna and was also featured in the 2019 Milan Fashion Week. Also, compared to Vans, Fila’s prices are lower, so its products are available to a wider audience.

If you’re looking for sneakers that are almost identical to Vans but more affordable, I’m sure you’ll like this model:

Fila Classic Canvas Vans alternative
Credit: Amazon

These Classic Canvas shoes have imported rubber soles, metal grommets, and logo tongue patches. It looks like we found Vans’ twin sister, right?

6) New Balance

Let’s continue with New Balance, a brand that is among the pioneers of sports footwear. Its simple styles and classic footwear are more unique than the bold, sporty shoes available in the inventory of the rivals. 

New Balance is definitely a top rival of Vans and is way more affordable. 

Let me convince you with this great model:

New Balance Skater Shoes Vans alternative
Credit: New Balance

These shoes blend classic materials and shades to achieve a look trusted by skateboarders. You can expect unrivaled performance along with the minimalistic aesthetic due to the canvas and suede upper. For impact protection, a PU insert is added, which is another advantage over Vans.

7) Skechers

When it comes to the best Vans alternatives, we just can’t forget Skechers. This brand presents performance and lifestyle apparel, footwear, and accessories. 

Both Skechers and Vans are lifestyle footwear brands. Also, they are very similar in price, but you can still find Skechers models at slightly lower prices. 

These chic Skechers caught my attention:

Skechers scater shoes Vans alternative
Credit: Amazon

If any of you are sick of simple styles, how about this poppy-pop art animal design uncannily reminiscent of Vans? 

This multicolored piece has its sole made of fabric, with both outer and inner sides composed of textiles. Other details include a vulcanized platform midsole, flexible traction outsole, a slip-on style, and cushioned memory foam insole.

It’s well known that Skechers prefers comfort over looks, so we can add one more point for this brand over Vans.

8) Reebok

Next in line for Vans alternatives is Reebok, which started as a manufacturer of running spikes. Both Vans and Reebok sell casual wear and sneakers, but the latter is more pricey. 

In the last few years, Reebok has transformed and focused more on trends and styles that young people like.

Let me now show you its great Vans lookalikes:

Reebok Slip-on Royal Bonoco Vans alternative
Credit: Kicks Sport

Reebok Slip-on Royal Bonoco shoes are amazing walking trainers made of cotton blend fabric with a rubber sole. Checking off comfort and durability, these laid-back sneakers have a pull-on closure type and an outer material of canvas. 

Besides, ‘One Kick’ low-cut design is easy to put on and take off, making these shoes a great option for traveling outfits.

Since Reebok prefers simplicity, these models will not appeal to people who like unique designs. If you are still a team of ‘patterns and colors’, consider other alternatives or the original Vans.

9) Under Armour

Under Armour is another great rival on our list. It presents branded athletic footwear, professional apparel, and accessories. 

The biggest difference between Under Armour and Vans shoes is the design. Under Armour shoes have been made with athletic needs in mind. Vans shoes, on the other hand, have been created for various needs, ranging from skateboarding to casual walks.

In general, Under Armor has higher prices than Vans, but you can often find discounted products such as this outlet example:

Under Armour skater shoes Vans alternative
Credit: Ikarinotekken

These shoes showcase top-tier construction and finish. Although they resemble Vans, they still have a slightly more elegant design – the sophisticated look makes them perfect to pair with all kinds of outfits, including country club attires or business suits.

10) Champion

Champion is the last brand on the list that sells shoes that look like Vans. The company makes footwear, casual wear, and accessories. 

During the 1970s, Champion distributed its sportswear to NBA and NFL teams. This means that Champion boasts more experience than Vans, but the pricing is almost the same.

Both Vans and Champion are known for a diverse range of products that all generations love. Different designs and prints in all colors are attractive and take every outfit to the next level.

Let’s take a look at this colorful model that can rival the popular Vans:

Champion skater shoes Vans alternative
Credit: Zalando

These low-cut shoes are composed of synthetic material on the outside and textiles on the inside. I especially like the adjustable lacing. Even with the round toe shape, the heel remains flat. 

We all know that Vans are usually demanding to maintain due to the brushed leather. That’s why you’ll love these Champion shoes, which are very easy to clean, and the cloth simply slides over the smooth material.

3 Best Vans Alternatives for Women

Now that we have covered the top ten Vans alternatives, I want to take a moment to talk to all the girls who are looking for such shoes. 

Ahead, I will share three comfortable Vans lookalikes (with proof of customers loving them) that any woman can feel to be up-to-date with style. 

Here we go, ladies!

Option #1: Cariuma Black Contrast Stripe Canvas

Cariuma is a much-loved sneaker brand that sells premium, clean shoes with a special focus on sustainability. This brand has adopted an eco-friendly approach by using waste to produce shoes that last for years, which means there’s no need to splurge money every year. 

What do you think about these beauties?

Caricuma skater shoes Vans alternative
Credit: Cariuma

Exuding vintage simplicity, this model features a black canvas upper with contrast stitching. 

Let’s now see what a happy customer said about them:

Cariuma Black Contrast Stripe Canvas positive customer review
Screenshot from Caricuma website as of September 4, 2022

As Meg stated, Cariuma OCA High shoes perfectly support your feet on tiring walks and pair seamlessly with all outfits. 

Option #2: Keds Low Cut Sneakers

This revolutionary model was actually made in 1916. The familiar style and sublime comfort instantly made it a hit globally. 

Do you agree that this model below would look fantastic with summer outfits?

Keds Low Cut Sneakers Vans alternative
Credit: Kohls

The Keds Champion seasonal women’s sneakers come with textured and flexible rubber outsole, breathable, soft lining, and classic canvas upper. 

Let’s read one positive review:

Keds Low Cut Sneakers positive customer review
Screenshot from Kohls website as of September 4, 2022

If you are looking for light and fancy shoes that you can wear all day, listen to Nicole’s advice and add them to your cart.

Option #3: Madewell Women’s Cityscape 

Last in the Vans alternatives for women, I decided to include Madewell, which has some models that look almost identical to the popular Vans Old Skool Classic.

Let me prove you:

Madewell Women's Cityscape Vans alternative
Credit: Madewell

Inspired by vintage skate gear but with a fun glittery bottom, the Sidewalk Low Top Sneakers model guarantees an extra supportive fit. 

The MWL Cloudlift insoles will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds, and they’re fit for long walks. 

Time to read the feedback of a satisfied customer:

Madewell Women's Cityscape positive customer review
Screenshot from Zappos website as of September 4, 2022

As we can see, the quality and high standards of these shoes are praised by tons of customers. The reviewer also pointed out that the insole is interchangeable, so if you have orthopedic issues, you’ll be able to fit your insole.

3 Vans Lookalikes for Men

I couldn’t forget all the lovely guys who read my guide, so this section is dedicated to Vans alternatives solely for men. Lucky for you, there are many options both in brands and styles in the market. 

Let me share my top three favorites with you!

Option #1: Rothy’s RS01

With a padded collar, knit upper, and a contoured footbed, these RS01 shoes are highly comfortable and look like classic Vans slip-on sneakers. Better yet, the recycled knit upper enables you to throw the shoes in the washing machine and easily clean them. 

Rothy’s RS01 Vans alternative
Credit: Amazon

When it comes to appearance, the low-key style can be easily paired with casual outfits.

Okay, now let’s read one positive review:

Rothy’s RS01 positive customer review
Screenshot from Amazon as of September 4, 2022

This customer was hesitant to buy these shoes at first, but in the end, they turned out to be the best possible choice. In addition to being affordable, they are of high quality and have a very attractive appearance.

Option #2: SeaVees Legend

Reviving laid-back looks from the old days, SeaVees are some of the best Vans alternatives on the market. If you want to score throwback kicks, look no further than these cool shoes:

SeaVees Legend Vans alternative
Credit: Nordstrom

The top-tier twill and a classic look are the selling points of the Legend model. You can also express your style with any of the available colors. 

Wondering what customers say? Let’s find out:

SeaVees Legend positive customer review
Screenshot from Nordstrom as of September 4, 2022

In a few short words, the customer described his satisfaction with these shoes that look very masculine and classy with his shorts. You heard him – get it before it sells out!

Option #3: Madewell Sidewalk Low-Top

Yes, Madewell is not only a great option for women. Men can take advantage of its Vans alternatives as well. 

Let me prove you my point with this brilliant shoe model:

Madewell Sidewalk Low-Top Vans alternative
Credit: Madewell

With a single brown stripe, a grey tongue, white lacing, a blue heel tab, and a white upper, these sneakers seem to redefine modernity. They look so much like Vans Filmore, right? 

Let’s see what a happy customer says:

Madewell Sidewalk Low-Top positive customer review
Screenshot from Zappos website as of September 4, 2022

This customer is very satisfied with the comfort and appearance of his Madewell shoes. However, he advises you to take a model that is half the size larger.

Over to You

This concludes my guide on Vans alternatives for everyone. I hope you gained sufficient information on the best Vans rivals and alternatives. Have you decided yet on which brand you will invest in?

If you haven’t yet, let’s go through the basic tips from the guide one more time:

  • Nike, Puma, Reebok, Converse, Adidas, Fila, New Balance, Skechers, Under Armour, and Champion are the top ten Vans competitors.
  • Women should also consider Madewell, Cariuma, and Keds.
  • There are great Vans lookalikes for men by Madewell, SeaVees, and Rothy’s. 

And that’s it, my dear readers! If you liked this guide, consider reading similar content on my blog!

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