10 Best Swimwear Bra Inserts That Enhance the Shape the Most Naturally

Christine Steuber
Jul 14, 2021
The best part about swimwear bra inserts, at least the top-rated ones reviewed in this article, is that they’re versatile. Meaning also suitable for regular bras,…

The best part about swimwear bra inserts, at least the top-rated ones reviewed in this article, is that they’re versatile. Meaning also suitable for regular bras, strapless dresses, etc. And they’re suitable for all breast shapes and sizes.

Each one offers enough coverage to keep your nipples from flashing others. Plus, the molded cups conform to your natural breast shape.

But it’s only logical to assume that not all of them are designed for ALL women. Some feature reinforced stitching (for more durability), some have more width (for larger cup sizes), while some are extra padded in the bottom (for a fuller, push-up effect).

So it’s up to you and your breast type/shape to choose bra inserts that work for you!

Top 3 Choices for A Quick Look!

Now, what you see below is a more in-depth approach to these top choices and more such popular recommendations that women have time and again bought to boost their confidence levels…

10 Best Bra Inserts for Your Bathing Suit!

1. CYOUNG Silicone Adhesive Bra Pads

Silicone Adhesive Bra Pads Breast Inserts

These push-up sticky bra cups are simply just awesome in bikini tops, especially those that are more structured. Holding your breasts in an upright position they know how to do best. After all, the thicker bottom does add support while also creating the push-up effect to lift your bust for a perkier appearance.

Although there are two noticeable concerns with these silicone adhesive bra pads. The first is that they absorb just too much water. And the other is that the adhesive film sticks to all else but the insert. It’s extremely sticky only if the pads are dry through and through.

But the brand claims that the high-quality self-adhesive secures those bra pads for preventing any mishaps or accidents, which is true. You can also wash the adhesive layer in the case of multiple uses. And then there’s the whole design that’s breathable and lightweight. All thanks to the inclusion of soft cloth and top-quality sponge.

So feel free to fit them into your swimsuit, bras, and even your sleeveless/backless dresses!


  • Thicker bottom for visible breast lift
  • Sponge and cloth – lightweight and breathable
  • Seamless appearance and neutral nude color


  • Absorbs a lot of water
  • Adhesive not very sticky when pads are wet

2. Uplift Secret Silicone Bra Inserts

Silicone Bra Inserts - Clear Gel Push Up Breast Pads

You have nothing to worry about, especially foam soaking up water, because these bra inserts consist of gel padding. And gel, unlike foam, doesn’t absorb water. But don’t dismiss them based on their appearance. I mean they do look slightly odd-shaped, heavy, and hard. Give these bust enhancers a little while to grow on you.

And by a little while, I mean only a few minutes. The material certainly warms up to the temperature of your body while also softening up. This way, their fit starts to feel more and more natural.

What you may also appreciate is how wide they are, which is just the best thing in case your cup size is larger. So if you’re a D cup, then the width prevents the formation of noticeable lumps in the middle, unlike smaller or narrower inserts.

You do get a natural-looking push-up effect, and that means an enhanced cleavage. And this might sound like a huge relief in case you happen to have uneven or saggy breasts. And unlike other bra inserts once again, these don’t bother sensitive skin.


  • Bust enhancing and lifting pads
  • Reusable, durable with a zippered storage pouch
  • Made of gel, so they don’t soak up water
  • Sufficient width for full coverage of wide-set breasts


  • Not the most lightweight
  • You may have to size up

3. Boobles Foam Triangle Bra Inserts

Boobles! Foam Triangle Bra Inserts and Swimsuit Pads

These triangle-shaped swimsuit pads are made of foam and create just the push-up effect you may have in mind. So your swimsuit makes your natural body look curvy and flattering. For bikini tops that are triangular in shape, these fit perfectly. But that doesn’t mean you can wear them in a one-piece bathing suit!

But are the bra inserts water-resistant? Yes, of course. What about being somersault-friendly? Meaning you can do as many somersaults in them as you like during your pool or beach time fun and they won’t come off.

They’re incredibly soft and lightweight because of the foam and cotton design. The natural-looking push-up appearance they give your twins is the best part. The lift and fullness effect is surely rare to come by, which makes these not-too-bulky, very soft pads even more likable.


  • Triangle-shaped bra inserts
  • Plastic zippered storage container included
  • Foam pads feel comfy, light, and breathable
  • Water-resistant with extra padding support


  • A little too thick for a smooth appearance

4. Epiphany LA Women’s Push Up Padding Inserts

Epiphany LA Women's Push Up Padding Inserts for Swimsuits

Given the high price here, these are certainly high-quality, really thick bathing suit bra inserts. So you don’t have to worry about them losing their original shape once stuffed into your bikini and then in water. These padding inserts are great for anyone with a smaller set of breasts.

If your cup size is very small, you know how difficult it is to find bikini tops that just don’t gape. In that light, these push-up padding inserts fill in the gaps while also enhancing the shape of your breasts by pushing them up. So you can use them for everything – sports bras, regular bras, and swimsuits.

Since breathable foam is used, the inserts feel lightweight and soft. And when it comes to seamlessly blending into the bikini top to give your breasts a round shape with thin edges, the padding inserts take care of that pretty well.


  • Strategically placed padded hearts for lift
  • Lightweight, breathable foam
  • Tapered edges create a seamless, discreet look


  • Pricey and not for larger cup sizes

5. LZWIN Waterproof Silicone Chicken Cutlets Bra Inserts

Waterproof Silicone Chicken Cutlets Bra Inserts

Brands like these surely understand the trouble women go through when it comes to filling out a bikini top when flat-chested. Bra inserts like these are definitely designed to end that struggle. Place them on top or you could use these for creating the fuller, push-up effect.

These are also waterproof of course, along with being durable, comfortable, washable, and reusable too. And they don’t poke out or anything of the sort. All thanks to the not-so-long length of the silicone bra inserts.

The silicone used, just so you know, is 100-percent medical-grade. Very soft for sure, plus it molds pretty well to the shape of your natural body. And looks completely seamless and discreet from the outside.

Moreover, the inserts are triangular-shaped, which means perfect for bikini tops. And many women also use them for making their breasts look 1-2 sizes bigger.


  • Triangle-shaped, soft breast enhancement pads
  • Push-up effect for a fuller chest
  • Waterproof construction and seamless appearance


  • Unfortunately, they keep sliding around

6. ButyHome Silicone Breast Inserts

Silicone Breast Inserts - Waterproof Enhancer Clear Gel Push Up Bra Inserts

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and then there’s gravity too – these factors are bound to have an impact on the shape of your breasts. They may no longer be as perky as they once were, right? And needless to say, that’s completely okay because there are bra inserts like these that make it all look controlled and shapely, if not make it all go away.

You can enhance the shape of your droopy sisters in your swimsuit using such breast inserts. And also lift them, which is the best part. Put them into your bikini top and that’s about it. Feel free to also wear them in your strapless bras for the desirable push-up effect.

You might find them slightly heavy, although that feeling wears off pretty soon. I mean 15 minutes into it and you won’t even notice you’re wearing them. The medical-grade silicone, since it’s high quality, makes sure that the inserts feel soft against your skin and also mold to the natural shape of your body.

Also, in case you happen to have bras that might be too big, then you can certainly rely on these breast inserts for filling them out. Must-have lingerie essential in every woman’s closet indeed because we all know how the size of our breasts keeps fluctuating.


  • Breast enhancement inserts increase cup size
  • Waterproof, washable, reusable, and durable
  • Made of 100-percent medical-grade silicone
  • Even though slightly padded, they are seamless


  • Not very lightweight or flexible

7. TopBine Bra Pad Inserts

TopBine Bra Pads Inserts

If your existing bra inserts are all trashed and it’s time to buy all new ones, you can consider choosing TopBine. For one thing, these are comparatively more affordable and, at the same time, high quality. The proof of the latter is the fact that they don’t wear out despite multiple washing and drying.

But one thing I’d like to mention is that if you have a cup size larger than C, you might find the coverage a bit lacking. Otherwise, for women with a smaller chest, these are just the perfect fit.

Covering nipple erection is another thing you can do with these thick enough bra inserts. Wearing thin clothing now doesn’t mean drawing attention to your nipple protrusions. More importantly, the padding inserts stay put even though they don’t offer full coverage.

All the edges are sewn properly, which says a lot about the durability of the inserts. Along the same vein, these are breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and moisture-wicking. Perfect for swimwear and lingerie!


  • Lightweight bra inserts hold and lift the breasts
  • Chest pad is sewn and not glued, thus more durable
  • Perforated, breathable cups wick away sweat/moisture


  • Not enough coverage for larger cup sizes

8. Double Scoop Push Up Bra Pad Inserts

Push Up Bra Pads Inserts Breast Enhancers

Once again, these are more suitable for women with a smaller chest. You may have experimented with all sorts of inserts and bras because of your smaller size, right? So compared to all those trials and errors, the current solution is the best one indeed. For one thing, they add 1-2 cup sizes easily in the most comfortable, seamless, and natural manner.

The sweat-free silicone construction is amazing. And so is the fact that the padding inserts are undetectable. These aren’t equipped with adhesive just by the way, which means you put them into the bra or bikini top. Plus, there’s no silicone gel, so no heaviness to carry around.

At the same time, no silicone implies no sweat as well. You won’t even find your boobs sloshing around in them – just the perfect fit for instant cleavage and volume!


  • Bra inserts with double-sided tape
  • Machine-washable and water-resistant
  • Very lightweight with bust-boosting padding


  • Too heavily padded for some
  • Not wide enough for larger cup sizes

9. DAYKIT Removable Push Up Triangle Bra Pad Inserts

2 Pairs Removeable Push up Triangle Bra Pads Inserts

If I had to use one word to describe these swimsuit pad inserts, that word would be flattering. Believe it or not, these triangle-shaped, push-up bra inserts aren’t stiff, rigid, or heavy. Despite the padding added for lifting your chest, which is what’s so flattering about them.

The quality and fit are excellent factors, unlike cheap pad inserts often integrated into swimsuits. The support that these hand out is sure to make you feel more confident and comfortable.

The sponge used for the construction of the bra insert maintains its original shape. So it doesn’t get deformed easily, even during intense activity. They’re plenty versatile, no doubt about that either. The goal here is to insert them into just about anything – be it swimsuit, regular bras, dresses, etc. – to enhance the size and shape of your chest.

And everything feels super comfortable. All because of the use of polyester fabric, which is the best for not just comfort but also its lightweight design, durability, wrinkle resistance, shape retention, and more.


  • Lightweight, comfortable bra inserts
  • Polyester foam – retains its shape very well
  • Triangle-shaped, thus perfect for bikini tops
  • Enough support and coverage for swimwear, cold weather, etc.


  • Because of thickness, not very seamless or smooth

10. SERMICLE Bra Pad Inserts

Bra Pad Inserts 4 Pairs,Sermicle Bra Pads

Don’t let the fact that this has been reviewed last be any indication of its performance or quality. SEMICLE Bra Pad Inserts do exactly what you have in mind – take your favorite comfortable and stretchy bra to make it look more discrete. It’s time to prevent your headlights from making an appearance each time you wear thin clothing.

Although I have one complaint – since the contact side is nylon, there will be a certain amount of sweat. No doubt, cotton would surely have been better.

But the most amazing and flattering part is the under-boob lift. Compared to regular pads, these bra inserts provide a lot more boost. So you can insert them into bathing suits as well as sports bras and bralettes. The weight doesn’t bother at all nor do the inserts move around.

They’re triangle in shape, which makes them even more suitable for bikini tops. And the whole thing just feels soft, breathable, and lightweight against the skin even after getting soaked in water.


  • High-quality foam sponge bra inserts
  • Thick padding yet lightweight design
  • Sewn edges don’t fall apart easily
  • Extra padding in the bottom for push-up effect


  • Nylon contact side, thus not so moisture or sweat wicking

Choosing the Best Bra Inserts for Swimsuit

Best Swimwear Bra Inserts

To make the buying process less confusing and more streamlined, here’s what you should be keeping in mind…

1. Your Bra Size (Cup Size)

So the size of your breasts consists of two measurements – one is the fuller part of your breasts (cup size) and the other is the under-bust region (band size). So in the case of buying bra inserts, it’s the cup size that matters.

Here’s how to properly measure your breasts in case you didn’t know…

Now based on your cup size, choose the right type of bra inserts (below). More often than not, women with a smaller cup size (A, B, or C) go for the bust-enhancing type of inserts since these naturally and instantly increase cup size. While D cup sizes or larger prefer full-coverage with shaper pads for smoothing out the shape of the breasts.

2. Types of Bra Inserts

Now, these are the most common ones…

  • Bust Enhancers: As the name suggests, these kinds of bra inserts increase the size of your breasts by 1-2 cups. Needless to say, ideal for women with a smaller set of breasts.
  • Shapers: These make the breasts look smoother while also lifting all that tissue to make it look naturally perky and well-shaped.
  • Push-Up Bra Inserts: The push-up effect, in most cases at least, is the result of heavy or extra padding in the bottom of the cups. Full-coverage of course, these padded bra inserts (often in the shape of a half-circle) lift your breasts for creating cleavage.
  • Waterproof Pads: Obviously, perfect for swimwear, waterproof and even water-resistant bra inserts are typically integrated into bikini tops and swimsuits. But you should be choosing triangle-shaped ones for your bikini top. Although there are other shapes and sizes for sure.

3. Material

So there’s foam, silicone, and gel. To be honest, the gel is the least common material used for bust pad inserts. But then you should know that gel inserts do not absorb or soak up water like foam. On the other hand, lightweight foam inserts are the most commonly integrated into bra tops and bathing suits. No doubt, they enhance the shape of and lift your breasts.

What about silicone bra inserts? These conform to the natural shape of your breasts. Plus, silicone is much like an adhesive – it keeps the pad intact and secure as the temperature rises.

How to Wear Silicone or Adhesive Bra Inserts?

Here’s how to go about inserting bra pads into your bikini or swimsuit top…

  • Firstly, is the size of the top and that of the bra insert the same? The former needs to have enough room to cover the entire bra pad. Only then does it remain invisible and discreet.
  • Now it’s time to insert the padding into the bikini top. And in case you have one of those stick-on bra pockets, then just place the thing against your breasts and maybe even use the waterproof kind of bra tape for securing the pad.
  • Going back to bust-enhancing padding, the thickest part, which is the bottom part of the insert, goes at the bottom of your breasts. Adjust them based on the shape of your boobs. Once they’re evenly placed, use the waterproof tape if needed. The tape should cover your skin and the bra pad evenly.
  • Now is test time – lean forward and check if anything slips out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bra Inserts (FAQs)

What Kind of Bra to Wear Under Swimsuit?

You should never wear any regular bra below your swimsuit. The best type of bra to be worn under is one that’s specifically designed for the purpose. More often than not, swimsuits are equipped with built-in, form-fitted built-in bras.

And if you’re worried about nipple protrusions, then simply just add padded inserts into the cups of your bikini top.

How to Wash Silicone Bra?

With silicone bras, it’s best to preserve the adhesive by avoiding products like cleaning solutions, bleach, alcohol, etc. Instead, just use some mild soap with tap water. Using the circular motion, gently clean the silicone bra using your hands under running water.

Can You Add Padding Into A Swimsuit?

You obviously can add padded inserts into your bikini or swimwear top as long as it features integrated breast pockets. Just place it into the sewn-in section and then use waterproof bra tape for securing the pads.

Are Silicone Bra Inserts Waterproof?

Silicone bra inserts are indeed waterproof while also being reusable, washable, and durable. They’re perfect for the beach, pool, and even all kinds of wear and occasions.

How to Fill A One-Piece Swimsuit?

Let’s assume you bought the most flattering one-piece swimsuit for large thighs. In that case, how are you supposed to fill out the top? Simple solution – just put on bra inserts to fill in any gaps between your swimsuit top and your chest.

That’s It Then!

When it comes to smoothing, shaping, and even increasing the size of your breasts, bra inserts do a wonderful job. If they didn’t, then why would so many women buy them and then also leave so many positive reviews all over the web?!

It’s only natural to feel self-conscious in swimwear, most women do. On top of that, our headlights showing through the bikini top don’t make it any easier, right? So how about addressing all of those concerns simply by inserting one of these pads into your swimsuit. Just make sure they’re discreet, well accommodating, supportive, and comfortable.

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