What Is A Water Bra and When to Wear Them?

Christine Steuber
Aug 12, 2021
At one point, women’s thongs were non-existent. But things changed when the first thong swimsuit came out in 1974. Then it only took a year for…

At one point, women’s thongs were non-existent. But things changed when the first thong swimsuit came out in 1974. Then it only took a year for the underwear version to gain popularity in America. And now every woman knows what a thong does – eliminate panty lines. But then why am I talking about thongs when this article is about what is a water bra?

Well, the point I’m trying to make is that there are all kinds of lingerie for women, both underwear and bras. As for the latter, one such most recent invention, water bra, is slowly gaining momentum. Primarily because this type of bra delivers tons of support and comfort while also shaping the breasts (more specifically, giving them a natural-looking boost).

In this post, you’re going to find out everything one needs to know about water bras. Do real women actually wear them? And why? Time to get to the bottom of things!

So What Really Is A Water Bra?

What Is A Water Bra

This type of bra is designed for shaping the breasts with the help of a combination of water and oil. The water and oil mixture is added into the padding, which is what creates the chest-enhancing cushioning to shape your breasts while also providing comfort. This means if you have a flatter, smaller bust, these water bras could become your BFFs.

But then where do they originate from really? Water bras have actually been a part of the market since the beginning of the 21st century. Women, since then, have truly adored the enhanced breast shape and appearance these bras provide. Particularly those women who often struggled with making their small breasts look more pronounced.

And nothing has changed now of course. Although back then, water bras were also popular because they were made of odd, unusual materials. After all, the construction does consists of water (more on this later). And it’s water that gets the job done, which is to naturally boost the size and shape of the breasts. No wonder these bras stood out then!

But even in this day and age, water bras are still well-known, albeit for more practical reasons, which I’m going to talk about at length in the following sections.

Water Bra – What Is This Bra Made Of?

So the main ingredient in the recipe of a water bra is water. A water bra is literally a WATER bra. Obviously, there are more elements involved that make the bra function so seamlessly. It’s actually a combination of oil and water – a filling of oil and water that makes up the cushioning part of the bra.

Then, needless to say, there’s the material surrounding the water and oil filled padding, just like regular bras. After all, that’s where the sturdy, rigid structure and fit of water bras come from. It’s what keeps them from spilling liquid or falling apart.

You know that the padding consists of a mixture of oil and water, right? Now let me tell you that there are also those that are designed with a thicker substance, like gel. You may have heard of gel bras at some point in your life. These too are pretty much like water bras, but with gel padding/cushioning of course.

In fact, there are a few brands that add baby oil instead of water or gel. Because what baby oil does is creates a smooth overall texture in the padded areas of the bra.

You get just water-filled inserts as well, which are removable by the way. That means these water-filled inserts can be added to just about any kind of padded bra you own.

Water Bra – How Does This Bra Work?

How does a water bra enhance the size and shape of your boobs? It’s because of the mixture of oil and water that all the magic unfolds. This mixture changes the size, shape, as well as volume of the breasts. So there’s a reason why it’s such a popular choice among women with a smaller set of breasts.

A water bra, with its water and oil padding/filling/cushioning, creates cleavage while also handing out generous support and lifting your breasts.

The water, oil, or gel (whatever liquid is added) makes sure the bra fits in a rigid and firm manner. So no amount of the cushioning or overall structure of the bra gets compromised along the way, which also means the least likelihood of leaks, punctures, etc.

At the same time, the oil and water combination feels very soft and breathable. Plus, it has the much-needed seamless appearance, so no one knows what type of bra you’re wearing. And that is why it’s highly recommended to choose a water bra with padding inserts made of water and oil.

Water Bra – The Different Types

No matter the type of bra, there are always options in terms of different styles to choose from. Because dressing in the same kind of manner is plain boring, right? So there are different kinds of water bras too for your diverse outfits and occasions.

1. Push-Up Water Bra

Push-Up Water Bra

The push-up style is the most common type of water bra. It’s the classic water bra since the majority of women buy it for enhancing the shape and size of the breasts. And what better way to do so than by pushing your boobs up to accentuate them.

The push-up water bra design consists of a mixture of oil and water for padding that’s surrounded by a strong, sturdy material to keep the liquid from leaking. Obviously, since it’s a push-up style, there’s an underwire. It’s what gives your breasts the structure and shape they may be in dire need of (sagging breasts are a common problem indeed).

2. Plunge Water Bra

Yet another very popular style in the bra category – plunge bras!

This particular style is the most suitable for outfits whose neckline is cut deep down the chest. For example, low-cut necklines. So you can put on a plunge bra at such times and the bra still doesn’t show. However, the downside to plunge bras is the lack of adequate boob support. Enter water plunge bra for enhancing the cleavage and providing support.

3. Demi Water Bra

Demi Water Bra

The thing about demi bras is that they provide half coverage with a low-cut neckline. That means women can bring on their favorite low-cut dresses and tops and never have to worry about visible bra cups or lines showing. And the best part here is that demi water bras are perfect for daily wear too.

But what’s the difference between regular demi bras and water demi bras? The latter contains water inserts to give the chest a natural-looking boost.

Water Bra – Why Wear This Bra?

For the simple reason to enhance the shape and size of your breasts and also to create more cleavage. If these are your priorities, then water bras might just be the perfect choice for you. Because regular bras may not be able to give your chest the enhancement you think it needs unless you choose bras that are highly recommended by experts.

Nevertheless, if your breasts could look better off with a bra specifically designed to shape and lift, no harm in wearing a water bra to get the appearance you desire the most naturally. Plus, the mixture of water and oil feels very soft, smooth, and comfortable against the skin. And let’s not forget the serious lift this bra is capable of providing.

Water Bra – For What Body Type Is It Made?

Regular push-up bras and water bras have a lot in common indeed. But the latter seems like a more comfortable, more functional version of the former. But then who should be wearing a water bra? Who is this chest-enhancing bra designed for in the first place?

Breast enhancement bras like these are for women who want to accentuate the appearance of their cleavage. Meaning ladies with a smaller chest. Even push-up bras are a favorite among women with a smaller set of breasts. Much in the same way, you can benefit more from a water bra to lift your boobs and push them toward the center of the chest.

Even women with sagging breasts appreciate the fit and shape of push-up bras like these. The focus here is lifting the breasts in the most natural manner.

Water Bra – What’s So Great About It? (Pros)

First of all, it’s very, very important to make sure you’re wearing the right size bra (no matter the style or design). Only then can you gain the upper hand in terms of chest support and shaping. So here’s a video demonstration of how to measure your breasts…

Now let’s talk about the perks of wearing a water bra…

The Most Obvious One: It Lifts the Breasts

The essence of water bras is to push your breasts upward and toward the center. Thus, enhancing their shape and size, which means perfect for women with smaller breasts. With a water bra, increasing the volume of your boobs is possible. So they look larger and more shapely than they naturally are.

You can also create more cleavage with water bras since the classic style offers the desirable push-up effect. And you don’t get these kinds of results with regular, everyday bras and even sometimes with normal push-up bras.

The ability of a water bra to push your breast tissue up and toward the center of your chest is the best part. So your breasts receive the enhancement you want, and that too the most naturally.

It Has A Seamless Appearance

If you’ve had to deal with your bra showing through your outfits, then you’re only a part of the majority. So how about getting rid of this common problem by choosing bras that offer a seamless fit? A water bra is seamless indeed, so nobody knows what kind of bra you’re wearing underneath your dresses and tops.

Moreover, they feature adjustable straps. Yet another common problem solved since there’ll be no straps slipping off your shoulders.

It Feels Very Comfortable Against the Chest

Would you believe me if I said that water bras are actually more comfortable in comparison to other bra styles? You should seriously consider believing me because these bras consist of oil and water as padding or cushioning. And this type of liquid structure adjusts and forms to the natural shape and size of YOUR breasts.

Padding made of any other material is bound to feel less comfortable than padding that contains a mixture of oil and water. At the same time, the former may or may not hand out the chest enhancement and support needed. But water bras are particularly designed for those very purposes only – pushing up your boobs while also feeling comfortable.

It Has A Softer Quality Than Push-Up Bras

You know padded push-up bras, right? Now don’t these feel too uncomfortable or stiff after a point? If you agree, it’s time for bringing some relief into the picture with a water bra. And unlike padded push-ups, water bras actually accentuate the shape, size, and volume of your breasts.

They don’t have a stiff or uncomfortable construction AT ALL (just make sure you get the right size and style). But then if you don’t mind the hard structure of regular push-up bras since that very quality itself makes your breasts feel well-supported, then it’s best NOT to make the switch to a water bra.

Water Bra – What’s NOT So Great About It? (Cons)

Every coin has two sides. Likewise, even water bras have their own disadvantages. But then don’t let these discourage you from buying a water bra. You have to understand that not all women have the same type or shape of breasts. At the same time, personal preferences also differ. So what may be complain-worthy for someone might not even apply to your case.

On that note, here’s the one and only thing women don’t like about water bras…

They Are Prone to Popping

Ever heard of Murphy’s Law? It means “a supposed law of nature, expressed in various humorous popular sayings, to the effect that ANYTHING THAT CAN GO WRONG WILL GO WRONG.” Much in the same manner, water bras, since they consist of water and oil filling, are susceptible to popping and leaking.

So you have to be extra careful about keeping sharp objects away from your water bra. Although there is rigid fabric and other material for keeping the liquid mixture safe and intact. Nevertheless, a sharp object can and will puncture the water and oil filled padding.

Even rough use and wear and tear are likely to damage the fabric or pop the padding. So keep away not only sharp objects but also prevent washing your delicates in the washer. Instead, hand-wash your bras, no matter the kind, for prolonging their lifespan.

Let Me Review the Best Water Bras – Top 3 Choices

1. Fashion Forms Women’s The Original Water Push Up Bra

Fashion Forms Women's The Original Water Push Up Bra

The first on the list is The Original Water Bra, which is literally the original push-up water bra. It was designed for increasing the size of your breasts the most naturally, and so it does. Along with creating natural-looking dramatic cleavage!

The quality of the bra is in no way abysmal. If you make it a point to hand-wash this item, it can last for a really very, very long time (even for 2-3 years). And the best part is that the bra enhances your chest in the most natural manner. In fact, your boobs even jiggle much in the same way as natural breasts do.

No hard, molded cups. Rather the whole feel of this push-up water bra is very smooth and seamless. Keeping your twins in place is also what the lightweight bra knows how to do really well, along with providing solid nipple coverage. It has proven to feel comfortable to those women too who have had to deal with the struggles and treatment of breast cancer.


  • Increases breast size for a natural boost
  • Very lightweight, soft, and comfortable
  • Smooth, seamless plunge perfect for low-cut tops/dresses


  • Underwire might poke into your skin
  • Padding is not heavy

2. Fashion Forms Women’s Water Bra

Fashion Forms Women's Water Bra

Here’s another water bra by Fashion Forms with water and oil padding contained inside the cup inserts for changing the way your breasts look. You get natural-looking cleavage enhancement that regular bras aren’t well-equipped to provide. Even Victoria Secret bras, in comparison to this one, feel too thick (plus they’re super expensive!).

The fit is plenty comfortable and the sizing factor is also the most accurate. But then the star of the show, no doubt, is the water and baby oil padding. These inserts or should I call them boob and cleavage enhancers feel very natural (meaning not too thick).

Another very likable quality is the inclusion of removable pads. So you can take out these water-filled inserts and put them in another bra of your choice. Or just take them out for when washing the bra.


  • Padded water bra for lift and cleavage
  • Stretchy spandex and durable, quick-drying polyester
  • Very comfortable fit and true to size


  • Complaints about rolling up and digging in
  • Not heavily padded

3. Frugue Women’s Push-Up Sexy Lace T-Shirt Plunge Padded Bra

frugue Women's Push-Up Sexy Lace T-Shirt Plunge Padded Bra

Done with the push-up style, now let me review the best plunge water bra that is actually a combination of plunge and demi style. This is Frugue’s plunge-style demi bra that lifts and separates your breasts like no other. In the process, you also get good coverage.

The pretty lace design surely looks very appealing, which many women really like, and of course men do too. The open design of the bra means you can wear it underneath just about any top or t-shirt.

On top of that, the subtle push-up effect really enhances the cleavage. The shape your breasts are transformed into feels and looks very flattering indeed. And all this without any extra padding, neither does any part of your breast tissue spill out. Even the underwire performance is favorable in that it lifts your chest. And so do the straps!


  • Plunge-style demi water bra to lift and separate
  • Very comfortable, supportive underwire
  • Moderate padding looks flattering and is removable


  • Not full coverage of course
  • The sizing bit is tricky – too small

Water Bra – FAQs

When Can You Wear A Water Bra?

What it purposefully does is enhances and lifts your breasts. Naturally, it’s not the most ideal style for supporting the boobs like a legitimate seamless, supportive bra. In that case, be a little mindful when it comes to deciding when to wear it.

With work outfits? Yes, that’s perfect. BUT make sure prolonged wear is not a part of the experience. To be more specific, nothing over 7 hours. Otherwise, discomfort sets in and ruins the whole experience.

You can also wear a water bra underneath your date and dinner clothing. Once again, that’s for a short span of time only.

NEVER wear water bras for a workout, exercise, training, etc. sessions. Firstly, you run the risk of puncturing the water and oil filled padding. And secondly, the support factor of a water bra is lacking. For low-intensity or high-intensity movements, you absolutely should wear a sports bra.

Where Can I Buy A Water Bra?

In this article, I have reviewed the most popular water bras for you. The styles reviewed come in different designs and colors, which means you have the liberty to choose one depending on your personal preferences.

For enhancing your cleavage, pick a demi water bra. But then if overall bust enhancement is the only concern, opt for the push-up style of water bra. Whatever you choose, comfort, support, and lift are ALL a part of the experience.

What Does A Water Bra Look Like?

Much like regular bras actually. The padding of water bras is such that it holds the mixture of oil and water inside. So there’s no visibility of leaks or anything of the sort, not unless the bra has been torn down into pieces.

Water bras, for the most part at least, have a seamless, minimalist structure perfect for daily wear to give your breasts an enhanced appearance.

Are Water Bras Suitable for Bigger Breasts?

If you have a bigger bust, it’s in your best interest to keep away from a water bra. Simply because these types of push-up, padded bras feature a little bit more cushioning that doesn’t seem to bode well with already big boobs. You don’t want your chest to look overly padded, right? That’s just going to weigh you down even more!

Instead, why not choose regular push-up bras that are available in larger cup sizes. And if your breasts are large AND saggy, then make sure the push-up also features a stronger underwire and wider band. Women with huge breasts also prefer wearing supportive minimizer bras for adequate chest support.

The whole purpose of wearing a water bra is to make smaller breasts look bigger and sagging breasts look perkier.

Can You Remove the Water Inserts?

If the water-filled inserts in your water bra are the removable kind, then go ahead and remove them if you like. You can even add this removable padding into any other bra of your choice. This means a water bra is pretty much like regular plunge, demi, and push-up bras.

Although keep in mind that water bras are not designed in the same manner as standard bras. On top of that, a water bra with removable inserts is not very easy to find. More often than not, normal underwire bras are outfitted with such removable cups and things like that.

And the whole idea of wearing a water bra is so that you can allow its water-filled inserts to accentuate, enhance, and lift your breasts. So if you remove them, you’re taking away its entire charm.

Why Is There Liquid In My Bra?

The main ingredient in a water bra is what? Water, right? So that’s liquid, correct? Sometimes this liquid is actually gel. Either way, these types of bras feature cups that are filled with liquid of some kind (be it oil, water, gel, etc.).

One reason why such styles are not liked by some women is that they’re prone to leaking. The liquid filling or padding can come in contact with a sharp object and get punctured. Thus, leaking the water filling that was originally contained inside for shaping and enhancing the size of your breasts.

The End – Your Decision to Buy or Not!

As is obvious, buying a water bra is indeed a very tempting decision to make. Partly because of its ability to shape and lift sagging and/or small breasts. And partly because of the inclusion of unusual elements and materials, such as the oil and water mixture for the padding.

The great news is that modern-day water bras are completely foolproof and effective. Especially the ones shortlisted in this article are genuine to their very bone. Meaning high-quality, high-performing, and highly effective when it comes to enhancing the shape and size of your breasts the most naturally.

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