Best Bras with Clear Straps That Stay In Place (2021 Reviews)

Christine Steuber
Oct 6, 2021
See, here’s the thing – you can easily put on a strapless bra if noticeable straps are a nuisance in some or the other way BUT…

See, here’s the thing – you can easily put on a strapless bra if noticeable straps are a nuisance in some or the other way BUT the problem with strapless bras is that they’re not the most supportive, plus they don’t even stay put. And matters are worse when your breast size is on the larger side. Instead, you should be choosing the best bras with clear straps.

I’m not trying to imply that clear or transparent bra straps are not visible at all. Rather what I’m saying is that when your strapless bra doesn’t seem like the most comfortable or supportive option, clear straps are the next best alternative.

And since I’m bringing to you only the best choices, you really don’t have to be suspicious about factors like chest support, even with bigger breasts. Some of these are also convertible, which means you can fashion them into different styles for more comfort, convenience, lack of visibility, etc.

Best Bras Designed with Clear/Transparent Straps

1. Dobreva Women’s Strapless Push Up Bra

DOBREVA Women's Strapless Push Up Bra Plus Size Padded Underwire Multiway Bandeau

I could go on and on about just how anti-slip this strapless bra is. And about the fact that it comes with removable clear straps (great for all kinds of outfits indeed). The bra works as strapless and of course with the transparent straps too. Even minus the straps, the lift your boobs receive is simply amazing, and also much-needed in case you have a larger pair.

You might want to know that you get 4 different styles to choose from – No Push-Up (with underwire, without underwire, and soft lace), Extreme Push-Up, Natural Boost, and Medium Lift. This one, however, is Medium Lift with smoothening cups and a push-up underwire.

It has cup padding, underwire, and silicone. The padding is both adequate for discretion and comfortable for all-day wear. The underwire push-up effect is perfect when it comes to lifting the breasts and enhancing the cleavage. And the silicone lining is placed over the underwired band and wings to help the strapless bra stay put.

And finally, the star of the show – the straps of the bra. These are stretchy and removable, and you get to convert them into halter, crisscross, strapless, etc.


  • Made of more elastic and durable polyester
  • Stretchy spandex is also included
  • Mesh side wings add breathability and invisibility
  • Molded, contoured, lightly padded cups
  • No-slip silicone lining and no-poke underwire
  • Convertible, stretchable, removable straps


  • Super-tight underband; order a larger band size

2. Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra

Let’s say you have a sexy outfit you want to flaunt for a particular occasion and your current strapless bra is just waiting to ruin that day for you. Enter Vanity Fair with its Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra.

Your breasts feel not only secure but also pushed up with zero spillage. This is quite unlike most strapless bras sold online. Even if your size is 42D, the fit of this Vanity Fair bra is just out of the world. No sliding down, no making your boobs look saggy, and no discomfort either, despite wearing the bra all day long.

The fabric stretches 4-way and feels super-soft against the skin – that’s where the back smoothing comes from I guess. Back fat and rolls are smoothed without any extra bulges where the bra ends.

Oh by the way, speaking of fabric, the materials used here are nylon and spandex. Nylon, just like polyester, is a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric. And obviously, spandex is stretchy enough to be used for bras.

The most important part – the straps are convertible and removable. You can adjust them at the back for converting them into crisscross, halter, one-shoulder, strapless, and traditional of course.


  • 4-way stretch with spandex
  • Nylon included to wick away moisture/sweat
  • Anti-slip silicone in back, sides, and underwire
  • Adjustable, removable, convertible straps
  • Lightly padded cups and back fat smoothing


  • Underwire pushes hard against the chest

3. YANDW Push Up Strapless Bra with Clear Back Invisible Strap

Strapless Bra with Clear Back Invisible Strap Push Up Padded Underwire Backless Halter Bralette

The transparent back and straps of this strapless, push-up bra are not visible. The clear strap wraps behind the neck and then clips in the front, like a halter neck. Meaning there are no traditional straps that go over your shoulders. Now, this is great for invisibility but not so great for all-day comfort. So that’s something you might have to get used to – it’s either that or strapless.

But then is this strapless push-up bra a pain like other strapless bras that just don’t stay up? If it would be, I wouldn’t be reviewing it here. The current strapless style really stays in place. The anti-slip technology offers a movement-free, secure fit. And this is enhanced with the hook clasping system at the back.

As for the cups of this bra, they’re molded and contoured to give your breasts a natural-looking smooth shape. And then you also have the under-bust foam filling that, by default, lifts and shapes your boobs to make them look perky and feel well-supported.


  • Lighter feeling microfiber bra for everyday wear
  • Molded, contoured cups for natural, smooth shaping
  • Underwire and foam in under-bust lift the breasts
  • Very secure fit with no slipping
  • Removable, matching-color back and halter straps


  • Halter-neck strap style only – can feel uncomfortable

4. Vivisence Eve 1012 Underwired Push-Up Bra

Vivisence Eve 1012 Underwired Push-Up Bra

Transparent silicone straps mean clear for outfits where you don’t want strap visibility to take center stage. On top of that, this underwired push-up bra closes in the front.

To be honest, it may not be the most comfortable choice because of the lack of more adjustability but then when a strapless bra receives compliments from women with larger breasts, you have to take notice. Incredibly supportive with strap adjustability that still makes it easier to secure the right fit.

It’s designed with removable inserts, padded cups, metal underwire, and all that – all basic elements that go into constructing a bra that supports all sizes of boobs are a part of Vivisence Eve 1012. There’s enough silicone added into the mix to make sure this strapless style beats others of its kind when it comes to staying up and staying put.


  • Made using lightweight microfiber
  • Front fastening system for convenience/comfort
  • Anti-slip silicone tape in the back
  • Silicone shoulder straps are removable and adjustable
  • Soft cotton and stretchy elastane also a part of the blend


  • Not enough strap adjustability
  • Front clasp unhooks very easily

5. Wingslove Women’s Strapless Full Figure Underwire Bra

Wingslove Women's Strapless Full Figure Bra

Obviously, the first thing you might want to hear is that the shoulder straps are convertible. Now, needless to say, you can exchange these for straps of your choice or just simply remove them altogether. Removing them means wearing a strapless bra, which is perfect because the concealed silicone (in the back, sides, and cups) make sure the bra stays up.

Also, kudos to the super-soft, skin-friendly fabrics that make you feel comfortable throughout the day. And you don’t necessarily have to be small-chested or even regular-chested to appreciate this one. Women with a breast size of even 38DD, for instance, get more than enough support (holding and lifting support) from this strapless bra.

No spilling out from the sides or top, full coverage is a given. And thanks to the snug, comfortable band, your breasts are not pushed together uncomfortably. Rather they’re well separated, which actually gives a bigger bust a minimized effect.


  • Soft, smooth fabric offers all-day comfort
  • Convertible, removable clear straps for different outfits
  • Molded, underwired cups for lift, support, and shaping
  • Anti-slip silicone backing in the band and cups


  • No padding in the cups
  • Underwire digs into the skin

6. Capezio Women’s Seamless Clear Back Bra

Capezio Women's Seamless Clear Back Bra With Transition Straps

Mothers have bought Capezio Seamless Clear Back Bra for their daughters to wear under dancing costumes. And we all know that bra straps are not supposed to show through during such competitions. Even the band at the back is transparent for the sake of invisibility.

Women with 32D-sized breasts as well love the fit of this bra, even though it looks small at first. That means the undergarment stretches really well for support and full coverage. I think the nylon and spandex blend should be partially held accountable for that.

You can adjust the straps, you can crisscross the straps, and you can even remove the straps. Apart from that, the double-layered construction is also in no way formidable as it still looks seamless on the outside. And on the inside, this double-layered bra supports and contours your breasts very naturally.


  • Removable, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Removable, clear back band/strap
  • Even though double-layered for extra support, it’s seamless
  • Molded cups for extra coverage and smooth line


  • Lacks more comfort stretch and shaping

7. Vogue’s Secret Women’s Strapless Convertible Push Up Bra

Vogue's Secret Women's Strapless Convertible Bra Push Up Lightly Padded Bras with Clear Back Straps

You’re most likely to say “holy moly, what a strapless bra!” once you put this on. Vogue’s Secret Strapless Convertible Push Up Bra you know is made for a larger set of breasts (even 42D by the way) when it actually sits on top of your boobs very comfortably. Although a larger band width would’ve been simply perfect, this setback is not really a common complaint.

But I think what really compensates for the lack of anything, in this case, is the under-bust foam that’s built into that particular region for lifting and shaping your boobs the most naturally. On top of that, you have the seams that rest flat for a seamless appearance.

Even without the neck strap (you get 1 matching, 1 transparent halter-neck strap, along with 1 matching, 1 transparent back strap of course), the fit of the bra is just superb when it comes to pairing it up with all sorts of outfits.


  • More elasticity with polyester and spandex blend
  • Lightly padded with underwire for support/shaping
  • Contoured cups create a smooth appearance
  • Halter-neck strap and back strap are transparent


  • Some find the halter strap uncomfortable for long wear
  • Slightly narrow band

8. Maidenform Women’s Stay Put Strapless Bra

Maidenform Women's Stay Put Strapless Bra

A strapless bra like this can actually solve your big ol’ problem of spillage. In fact, this Maidenform Stay Put Strapless Bra solves more than just one problem. Here, let me explain.

When you wear a good, stay-put kind of strapless bra, you know that even without those straps, the bra is NOT going to slip or slide down. This one especially stays up because its band is anti-slip, anti-slide, and anti-shift.

And here’s the other thing – you can always attach transparent or clear straps to a bra like this. Obviously, it comes with its own matching-colored straps that are removable to accommodate the transparent straps of your choice.

It’s highly recommended even by women with a small bust. Smaller-chested ladies always struggle with strapless bras because they never stay put. But then you don’t need to play tug of war with this one constantly. And this staying-put action comes without the feeling of too tight.


  • Very comfortable, well-fitted padded bra
  • Slip-free power band and no awkward gaping
  • Removable, adjustable bra straps
  • Cups really grip the body


  • The band feels too tight

What Are Bras with Transparent Straps Called?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with bra straps showing, right? I mean we’re living in the 21st century where these things don’t really matter anymore. But then many women still desire to do away with bra strap visibility in the workspace or just when wearing a dress/top that looks better with clear or transparent straps.

These types of bras are usually called strapless bras, but they’re built with the option of fastening the strap or straps in multiple ways. Such as crisscross, halter, one-shoulder, strapless, and traditional.

Such a bra design is pretty much the same as any regular bra but with transparent straps, so you can wear it under a wide range of outfits (low-cut, off-shoulder, backless, etc.) without worrying about strap visibility.

How to Wear Clear Bra Straps?

Applying or attaching clear bra straps is very, very easy…

  • First, you need to have a bra built with removable bra straps.
  • Then hook the transparent straps onto that bra, in the front and back.

And you’re done!

Do Transparent/Clear Bra Straps Actually Work?

If you think that clear bra straps do not provide all the much-needed breast support, then maybe you haven’t been wearing the right bra. Transparent straps provide that kind of support, that too discreetly.

Now you can’t expect these straps to not be visible AT ALL; they aren’t completely invisible. However, when regular straps are just not welcome or when strapless bras keep sliding down, the barely-visible option does seem like the next best alternative.

Choosing Bras with Transparent Straps

Since our main focus here is clear straps, let’s find out what the best ones consist of…


Transparency or invisibility is important indeed, but not at the cost of making your skin feel uncomfortable. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is what is used for creating these clear straps. This plastic is more than just transparent you know; it’s also resistant to abrasion, grease, and oil. Along with having elastic properties!

The straps are stretchy, breathable, and most importantly, even supportive enough for your breasts. So ditching those regular straps doesn’t make your boobs feel left out.


The ugly truth is that transparent or clear straps are not so high in terms of elasticity since their essence itself is soft yet firm. But then there are bra styles that are elastic enough for breast support. At the same time, elasticity also keeps bouncy boobs under control at the time of movements.

This is where elastane or spandex comes into the picture, around 10-20 percent of the fabric blend. Of course, it can be less if that much stretch is not such a priority for you.

Removable, Invisible Straps

Since we’re talking about bras too here, make sure that yours comes with straps that can be removed. Detachable straps are only going to make it possible for you to wear the bra with a broad range of outfits.

Buckles built into the bra design itself (in the upper section of the cup) are a must if you want versatility to be a part of the experience. And mind you, these buckles better not be bulky. Rather they should be small and smooth to keep from protruding out and/or irritating your skin.

Another thing since we’re on the subject of straps – are the straps invisible? I mean there are a few bras that have clear straps but these straps are not exactly ‘invisible.’ The “clear” just means a color that blends with your natural skin color.

Slip-Resistant Silicone Lining/Backing

The only way strapless bras or clear straps are going to keep from slipping or sliding is if they’re equipped with silicone. For example, in a strapless bra, this silicone lining is placed in areas like the back, sides, cups, etc. And with a transparent strap, the anti-slip silicone backing should span across the whole strap.


Now it’s pretty clear that clear straps can be reused. So you can indeed wear the same, single pair of transparent straps with your formal, casual, and dressy attire, which you can’t do with regular bras outfitted with regular, colored straps.

But then you have to pay a little more for these types of multipurpose, versatile bras. The good news, however, is that there are plenty of styles – both inexpensive, moderately priced, and very costly. So pick whatever suits your budget. And, at the same time, do not even worry about quality; as long as it’s a good brand, quality and durability are well taken care of).

All About Clear Straps – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Hide Spaghetti Straps?

If your tank top’s thin or ‘spaghetti’ straps move around quite a lot, and that’s annoying of course, then why not just use bobby pins to stop that from happening. Take two of those pins; slide one (downward angle) where the cup meets the strap and slide the other in the same manner at the back.

How to Hide Bra Straps?

The most comfortable solution here is simply wearing a bra designed with clear/transparent straps. But then this option is not always available, for whatever reasons. In that case, here are two other quick and inexpensive solutions…

  1. Use a paper clip to hook both straps together at the back.
  2. You could also just use a bra clip, which does a more efficient and neat job of hiding annoying, visible bra straps.

How Should I Clean Clear Bra Straps?

Clear bra straps look more ‘invisible’ when they’re actually clear, wouldn’t you agree? So here’s how to clean your transparent straps – just use some body wash or shampoo with a soft toothbrush or washcloth to scrub them clean. Rinse off with cold water, then towel dry.

Concluding Thoughts…

The kind of bras that are available now were nowhere to be found before. Our breasts are now pampered with all sorts of bra designs, styles, and colors. Even strapless bras, as a matter of fact, have somehow managed to stay up. They are now suitable for larger breasts and plus sizes as well, but of course only the best of the lot.

I’m talking about strapless bras because these, more often than not, are designed with transparent or clear straps. And if not, then you can always attach your own pair of transparent straps to it. These straps can be attached in a regular manner (that is over your shoulders) or crisscross, halter neck, one-shoulder, etc. It’s all a matter of personal preferences really!

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