10 Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts That Hug Your Changing Shapes

Christine Steuber
Jul 18, 2021
Women with large breasts already have a tough time finding bras that fit, support, and feel comfortable. So the task of choosing the best nursing bras…

Women with large breasts already have a tough time finding bras that fit, support, and feel comfortable. So the task of choosing the best nursing bras for large breasts is even more daunting.

But the good news is that they are MANY that accommodate a fuller bust while also providing convenience, support, and comfort during your early stages of pregnancy as well as postpartum. I say early because that’s when the first wave of breast fluctuations hits, and that’s when the breasts get even bigger.

While it’s natural for your cup size to increase during pregnancy and breastfeeding, what’s not natural or healthy is to wear bras that only make it worse. On top of that, if you already have a larger set of breasts, then the increased cup size causes even more discomfort. But, at this point, it’s all about getting the right fit, along with proper breast health.

Let’s Start with the Top 3 Nursing Bras!

Top 10 Reviews of Nursing Bras That Fit Large Breasts

1. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra

Motherhood Maternity Women's Maternity Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra

A huge relief for sore pregnancy and post-pregnancy boobs, this seamless, full coverage, and lightly lined nursing bra by Motherhood Maternity fits like a dream. If you’re just fed up of wearing bras with an uncomfortable and even painful underwire, it’s now time to switch for the sake of your breast health. A break from something is always a good thing.

You don’t get a uni-boob nor does the bra sag, which is something most women with large breasts complain about whenever buying bras. This one offers plenty of support. All you have to do is wear it just once and you’re most likely to buy a few more if you don’t have any budget constraints.

But the fact that the bra comes up high, though that’s justified because a larger bust needs that kind of coverage and support, means wearing low-cut necklines is a bit tricky. But then if that’s really a concern for you, maybe exchange this one for its smaller version that is more suited for women with not-so-large breasts.

And let’s not forget that there’s the clip-down function and adjustable straps to make the undertaking of breastfeeding more convenient.


  • Seamless, full-coverage bra made of soft fabrics
  • Lightly lined cups prevent nipple protrusions
  • All-day support for large breasts
  • Clip down feature makes breastfeeding easier


  • High-coverage cups, thus not for low-neckline tops
  • They don’t lift and separate

2. BRAVADO DESIGNS Body Silk Maternity & Nursing Bra

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Body Silk Seamless Wireless Maternity & Nursing Bra

If you think you know what a comfortable bra feels like, all that’s about to change with this maternity/nursing bra that’s both seamless and wireless. The comfort level of this one is surely going to spoil you for any bra you ever try on in the future, even regular ones.

Even if you get a large size, you’ll still have no issues wearing low-cut tops without the full, high coverage cups showing. You clip the bra at the back, much the same as any regular bra. But unlike regular bras, the section holding the shoulder straps doesn’t seem to hang out. And of course, that’s a good thing. So no more having to tuck it in all the time!

The fabric used offers 4-way stretch, which seems to work in the favor of the fluctuating shape and size of your breasts during pregnancy and maternity. It features molded cups with removable foam padding for preventing the uni-boob appearance and for discretion.

On top of that, there are knit-in zones in the cup to give your heavy, breastfeeding breasts extra support and lift. It’s the perfect choice for women frustrated with bras that just don’t seem like they’re made for large breasts, irrespective of pregnancy.


  • Seamless, wireless bra with 4-way stretch
  • Molded cups with removable foam padding
  • Cups feature knit-in zones to support and lift large breasts
  • Clip down function re-attaches firmly


  • The band stretches out too quickly
  • Since cups are removable, they keep shifting around

3. WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra

WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra

If you’re not such a frequent shopper and simply just prefer or can only afford to buy bras once in a while, then you should consider getting this one for your nursing breasts. You’re most likely to love the sturdy construction and wide straps of this Wireless Lace Nursing Bra by WonderMoms.

Even the back latch is pretty amazing, and so is the fact that the bra creates a slimming effect in the back. Even if you choose your pre-pregnancy breast size for this bra, you’re sure to not get disappointed. The strong front clips keep everything together, thus making your large breasts feel well-supported and comfortable.

The front and top openings give you easy, quick access. This means you don’t have to struggle to reach across the body just to unhook the bra. And since the bra is wireless and lightly padded, you can rely on its comfort level. Speaking of comfort, there’s the U-shaped back and adjustable, thick shoulder straps as well for extra support.


  • Front and top openings for easy breastfeeding access
  • Pretty lace detailing for visual appeal
  • Soft, breathable cotton lining and light padding
  • U-shaped back and adjustable shoulder straps for support


  • Not full-coverage cups
  • The band digs into the skin

4. Essential Pumps&Nurse All In One Nursing and Hands Free Pumping Bra

Essential Pump&Nurse All in One Nursing and Hands Free Pumping Bra

Now here’s a nursing bra specifically designed for women who pump multiple times a day. If you’re one of them, then have you used one of those zip-front bustier bras that pumpers usually start with? In that case, this bra, compared to that, feels much, much more comfortable. And you can easily wear it below your clothing too.

For pumping, just put the breast shield into the bottom opening, and no need to detach the breast shield from the bottle. That means easy and quick pumping.

Moreover, there’s the convenient crossover design that paves the way for nursing and, at the same time, wearing the bra comfortably all day long. The stretchy, soft, and wireless construction ensures superior comfort throughout the day or night. Thanks to the blend of cotton and spandex.

As for pump compatibility, the list includes Medela, Bellema, Evenflo, Spectra, Avent, Philips, Ameda, Lansinoh, etc. The fact that no underwire is incorporated into the design along with the fact that the nursing/pumping bra holds the flanges of the pump very securely (and that’s important because bottles get heavy) is the best part.


  • Made of soft cotton and stretchy spandex
  • Convenient pull-down feature for easy nursing
  • Hands-free pumping through the side opening


  • No strap adjustability
  • Pullover bra, thus not easy to wear/remove

5. Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

Women with extra-large breasts deserve to be pampered with bras like these. Because they have spent just too many hours and too much of their valuable time searching for nursing bras that actually fit, support, and are convenient for breastfeeding.

So you’ll be quite surprised with the high level of support of this Nursing Sleep Bra by Kindred Bravely. And the support is applicable even when you have large, plus-size breasts.

The comfort and softness of the fabric blend – stretchy spandex and hypoallergenic, wonderfully soft bamboo – keep you from removing the bra regardless of how many hours you’ve had it on.

And it’s not just the super-soft fabric that makes you feel so good, the bra is also equipped with an easy, convenient pull-on closure. As for the pull-aside access for breastfeeding, it’s the quickest way to get your baby to enjoy his/her mealtime.

But there’s just no denying that it’s the fabric of the bra that’s responsible for the growing number of positive reviews on the Amazon product page. This fabric blend, because of the inclusion of bamboo of course, is generously soothing. And that’s much-needed when dealing with scabbing, soreness, and bleeding.


  • Pull-on style, wireless nursing bra
  • Very stretchy to accommodate fluctuating, large breasts
  • Pull-aside access for easy breastfeeding
  • Also made of hypoallergenic, soft bamboo fabric


  • It stretches out a bit between washes
  • Straps are not adjustable

6. Simple Wishes DLITE Hands Free Pumping Bra

Simple Wishes DLITE Hands Free Pumping Bra

Let’s say you’ve already pumped for your first kid before. But now, for the current one, it doesn’t have to be such an uncomfortable or unpleasant experience anymore, even with large breasts.

Now you can perform all your breast milk pumping sessions with a hands-free nursing bra like this. And no need to be skeptical because it supports all pumps made for large breasts.

Although, and this goes without saying, you can’t wear this bra under your t-shirts and expect it not to show. The stitches, unfortunately, are visible through clothing. But then it’s a hands-free nursing bra that’s one of a kind, and that in itself is a HUGE accomplishment.

You get 4 overlapping layers that form a secure, tight seal for the bottles and they give you proper, discreet coverage too. You can zip it on easily in the front and with the elastic reinforcements at the top, there’s no slipping or anything like that.


  • Very soft and comfortable pumping bra
  • Velcro panel at the back for the perfect fit
  • Overlapping layers create a secure hold for milk bottles


  • Visible seams through clothing
  • Velcro adjustment rubs against the skin

7. Anita Maternity Microfiber Underwire Nursing Bra

Anita Maternity Women's Microfiber Underwire Nursing Bra #5068

A triple-D cup means having a hard time finding a bra that fits, let alone one that fits your pregnancy or post-pregnancy large boobs. And don’t think, even for a split second, that this bra’s underwire is obtrusive in any way. It doesn’t dig into your underarm region or your skin, unlike regular bras with wire. The whole thing fits like a glove!

With thick, strong straps, you don’t have to worry about chest support, no matter how large your breasts. And of course, the underwire also hands out tons of support along with keeping your boobs lifted.

But you know, the cups are a bit thin. However, that’s not much of a drawback because thicker materials don’t give you the flexibility you demand in the case of bigger cup sizes.

Moving on, the snug hold and slip-free design are the most suitable for nursing mommies. The single-handed clasps for nursing make the task at hand much, much easier. There are very few nursing bras like these that also make the breasts look more shapely on an everyday basis.


  • Made of high-performance, more durable microfiber
  • Unlined, molded cups feel light and comfortable
  • Tailored underwire for lift and extra support


  • Too light or thin padding in the cups

8. iloveSIA 3Pack Womens Full Bust Nursing Bra

iloveSIA 3PACK Womens Full Bust Nursing Bra Seamless Maternity Bra

Your pregnancy and postpartum stages are marked by fluctuating breasts. More often than not, the cup size is what increases unbelievably. So for those days and some pain-free comfort and support, turn your attention to this budget-friendly pack of Full Bust Seamless Maternity Bras by iloveSIA.

Super comfortable even for sleeping, you can wear this bra to manage your boobs leaking during the night. Along with a nursing pad of course.

But the best part is how amazing the fit is. Just make sure you get a large size, which is sure to fit perfectly even if your breast type is plus size or full figure. The straps at the back aren’t tight, which is quite surprising. Plus, you get plenty of stretch across the back to accommodate all your natural bumps and lumps, along with holding fluctuating cup sizes.

Snapping the clips on and off for the purposes of nursing and pumping is very easy, no doubt about that. These help a great deal when it comes to holding in place those bottle pump flanges. And despite months of pumping and wearing and washing, these bras feel and look new. You don’t expect that from such inexpensive nursing bras!


  • Seamless, wireless nursing bra with 4-way stretch
  • Molded cups with removable foam padding
  • One-handed clip down feature for easy breastfeeding
  • Inner sling provides extra support and lift


  • Since pads are removable, they keep shifting and folding

9. Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Wirefree Nursing Bra

Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Wirefree Nursing Bra

Pregnant women with very large breasts, even 38HH, have only good things to say about this Cotton Candy Wirefree Nursing Bra by Cake Maternity. The clasps for nursing never come off on their own plus no issues unsnapping them even during the middle of the night for breastfeeding.

And if you absolutely detest padding and underwire, you’re surely going to love the comfort of this one. This bra feels comfortable even when using a pump. Thanks to the stretchy fit, pumping without any discomfort or inconvenience is possible indeed.

A bra like this feels like a savior when large breasts prefer wireless, adequate support. So your milk-filled boobs are not left bouncing or hanging. The pull-over style with the racerback design is also something that seems the most appealing, visually and practically, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


  • Wireless nursing bra with 4-way stretch
  • High-tensile, high-quality yarn holds its original shape
  • Oeko-Tex certified, thus skin-friendly
  • Full-coverage, double-layered, soft cups
  • Cups feature full side sling for easy breastfeeding


  • Not the most breathable bra
  • Chest support is a bit lacking

10. Cake Maternity Zest Nursing Sports Bra

Cake Maternity Zest Nursing Sports Bra for Breastfeeding, Sports Maternity Bra

Let me start by telling you the biggest problem with this bra – shallow cups. But then, at the same time, you have to take into account that the shallowness of the cups is needed for compressing your breasts in order to deliver support during exercising. After all, it is a nursing SPORTS BRA, right!

Nevertheless, slightly deeper cups to accommodate larger breasts would’ve been more helpful to prevent soreness. And it’s not like you can size up, which would mean too large cups and no support.

However, despite this drawback, the Cake Maternity Zest Nursing Sports Bra is hugely popular because it offers tons of comfort. The well-engineered construction and modesty panel are proof that the brand cares about how you feel during your postpartum recovery stage.

There’s a minimal stretch along with lots of support and breathability. The first two – stretch and support – are indicative of how well this sports bra prevents bouncy boobs. On top of that, breathability takes the form of spacer fabric between two layers to allow moisture and sweat to evaporate and activate the cooling effect.

With the back J-hook system, you can take the bra from a breastfeeding nursing style to a sexy racerback sports style in no time. And then there’s the A-frame of the bra for forward breast positioning, so your little one can latch on for all the milk supply he/she needs with utmost ease.


  • High-quality nursing sports bra with just enough stretch
  • Full-coverage cups with spacer fabric for cooling effect
  • Seamless, soft, and silky cups feel very comfortable
  • Wide shoulder straps with racerback J-hook


  • Very thin, light padding
  • Cups not deep enough for very large breasts

When Do You Really Need A Nursing Bra?

During pregnancy and postpartum, the size of your breasts changes all the time. Therefore, the need for a nursing bra that’s made using stretchy spandex, so it can accordingly adjust to its fluctuating shape by expanding or contracting. This way, your breasts remain supported no matter these fluctuations.

Bras like these offer all the much-needed support and comfort to deal with pregnancy and breastfeeding related concerns. Such as breast swelling, more nipple sensitivity, blocked ducts, frequent changes in the cup size, extra milk weight, and on and on.

So in comparison to regular bras, nursing bras are better equipped with their wireless, seamless, and full-coverage design to provide comfort despite the problems.

Once again, it’s during pregnancy and postpartum that your bra size also changes. So, at such times, you have another reason for choosing nursing bras. A comfortable maternity bra is specifically designed for that very purpose, unlike regular bras of course.

They feature things like clip-down cups for easy breastfeeding/pumping access, molded cups to accommodate the natural, fluctuating shape of your breasts, a no-wire design to protect sensitive breasts, etc.

9 Most Important Factors for Buying Nursing/Maternity Bras

1. Material – Stretchy & Sturdy

Now the blend of material should be a mix of stretchy and sturdy. The former comes from highly elastic spandex, which hugs the natural and fleeting shape and size of your breasts while also allowing them to breathe.

As for sturdy, I mean choose thicker fabrics than lace in order to increase the level of chest support. For example, polyester, nylon, or cotton.

If your bra is not stretchy enough, then your large breasts are going to get squished in them. And here’s what happens when boobs get squished when breastfeeding…

  • Breast swelling or infection (mastitis, blocked ducts, etc.)
  • Aggravated nipples
  • Back or shoulder strain
  • Under-boob rashes
  • Top and/or side spillage

2. No Underwire

The greater part of my recommendations too is wire-free. And why do you think that is? Because underwires place a certain amount of pressure on your milk ducts. In that light, go for nursing bras with no underwire, rather choose ones that feature underwire-like knitted panels for providing extra support.

3. Size – What A Proper Fit Feels Like

Anything too tight is only going to cause pain, discomfort, and affect the supply and flow of milk. Conditions like milk spillage, plugged ducts, under-bust rashes, back pain, and excessively aggravated or sensitive nipples.

So keep in mind that the fit isn’t too tight nor is it too loose. A proper fit allows you to slip only two fingers under the band. The bra wings should feel secure yet not too tight. You should be able to breathe deeply without any restrictions.

The cups of the bra ought to fit smoothly, meaning no spillage, bulges, or poking action taking place. Even the straps must not leave any indentations on your shoulder or mess with your posture.

4. Cups – Full-Coverage, Molded with Clip-Down

Obviously, for large breasts, what works is full coverage. That means full-coverage cups that cover everything at the top are the most supportive and comfortable.

Then comes the part where I also tell you to go for molded cups since they support as well as lift your beasts. This implies no uni-boob, even in the case of large breasts.

The cups should also feature removable padding foam inserts. This is for extra shaping and discretion. Just the removable part should be compulsory because then you can remove the foam inserts whenever you like.

And one last thing, the cups of these types of bras are also outfitted with a clip near the attachment of the shoulder strap. As you can guess, these clips make way for quick, convenient access for breastfeeding. And when the clips can also be handled using just a single hand, the whole task of nursing becomes even easier.

5. Seamless Design

A seamless bra is a must because who wants their nursing bras to show through clothing, right! All you have to do is look for molded or encapsulated cups. They prevent the formation of a uni-boob, especially if you have a larger set of breasts already.

Plus, seamless bras with molded cups lift and separate. And once again, this is great for women with a larger bust.

6. Straps – Wide & Adjustable

The bra better be designed with adjustable, wide straps. Only then can the straps evenly distribute the heaviness of your breasts, which are filled with milk during the postpartum and breastfeeding stages. This reduces the level of pressure falling on your neck and back.

7. Under-Band

We often talk about bra cups, thus neglecting the under-band. So let me avoid making such a common mistake. An elastic under-band is very, very important because then it creates the perfect fit, irrespective of the shape and/or size of your breasts.

So make sure that the under-band features an adjustable back or an entirely different but easy-to-adjust bra extender.

8. Pumping

If you want a nursing bra that lets you pump the most conveniently and quickly, then make sure your maternity bra has side openings to insert the breast pump flanges. So you can just insert the flange and initiate pumping the hands-free way.

9. A-Frame Sling

Nursing bras that have the A-frame sling consist of complete front and side boob coverage. Needless to say, these are certainly more discreet in that they only expose the nipples for the purpose of breastfeeding.

At the same time, they’re also very reliable when it comes to keeping your breasts in place and well-supported. Just look for folded edges, so they don’t poke into your skin.

Benefits of Wearing Nursing Bras

When your breasts are large during your pregnancy and post-pregnancy stage, it’s only in their best interest to be contained comfortably inside a nursing bra. This type of bra is designed to support a large chest with clip-down cups for easy breastfeeding access.

To be more specific, here are some amazing benefits provided by a nursing bra…

  • Soft, lightweight, hypoallergenic fabrics like cotton and bamboo along with stretchy fabrics like spandex for all-day comfort and flexibility.
  • Padded cups for nipple discretion. And padded shoulder straps too for preventing shoulder strain due to large breasts.
  • Broader shoulder straps as well, which means proper, even distribution of milk-filled, heavier breasts to avoid neck, shoulder, and back discomfort or strain.
  • Full-coverage cups to keep side and top spillage at bay. Plus, they hand out all-around support.
  • Thicker under-band for supporting your large breasts, keeping them from looking droopy, and providing more comfort.
  • Wireless design and that implies nothing digging into your skin. And nursing bras compensate for the lack of an underwire by being more structured for delivering a greater level of support without squishing your big boobs.
  • Molded cups with removable foam padding – this type of construction is typical of any high-quality nursing bra since the molded part prevents the formation of a uni-boob while the foam padding keeps your headlights from showing through clothing.

These benefits are so practical that even non-pregnant ladies, meaning women with just large breasts also prefer wearing nursing bras. The amount of comfort and support is so praiseworthy that you can’t help but put it on and keep it that way.

A Few More Expert Tips You Might Want to Know

1. What to Avoid

In the case of large boobs, you have to be extra careful about blocked ducts, mastitis, and things like that. On that note, please avoid wearing bras that are too tight, bras with very narrow straps, bras made of thin materials like lace (no support whatsoever), and bras with underwire (wires place pressure on or poke into milk ducts).

2. Always Wear the Correct Cup AND Band Size

More often than not, large cup sizes like G, H, etc. are only available in sizes over 40. So it’s likely that you may end up with a very loose band size, even though your cup size is right. And your breasts can’t afford to make this rookie mistake, especially during pregnancy and postpartum.

When the under-bust band is wide, firm, and fitting enough, it evenly distributes the extra weight of your milk-filled breasts. That’s where the support is supposed to originate from. So always choose a brand that designs bras with a large cup size but a small band size.

But then what if it’s the other way around? Meaning an increased band size but a smaller cup size. In that case, make sure the bra’s band is adjustable at the back. For instance, convertible straps that turn into the racerback style. This way, you can increase your band size while also keeping your cup size the same.

3. Buy Nursing Sports Bras to Exercise

Yes, there’s a nursing sports bra too! After all, moving with large breasts can be a very painful and uncomfortable experience. Something that only a right sports bra can fix!

So what really goes into designing the right nursing sports bra for big boobs?

  • Padded, wider straps for additional support and comfort.
  • Thick under-band for reducing vertical movement.
  • Wireless design, thus minimized chances of mastitis and blocked ducts.
  • Breathable, lightweight fabrics (nylon and polyester). Along with stretchy spandex for the perfect fit and flexibility.
  • Full-coverage cups for full support during movements.
  • Adjustable or convertible back straps (racerback style) in order to create more support.

4. Choose Drop-Down, Separate Cups

By drop-down, I mean cups with the one-handed clip-down feature. The bra’s front panel folds down, so your baby can breastfeed easily while your bra supports the breasts.

And by separate cups, I mean cups that don’t push your boobs together to form the infamous uni-boob appearance. Instead, go for separate cups that lift your chest while also spacing them out and supporting them. Each boob in each encapsulated cup, and not everything just uncomfortably squished together in a cramped space.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Is the Difference Between Nursing and Regular Bras?

You can indeed wear a regular bra during breastfeeding. But you should know that nursing bras are more purposeful and comfortable because they’re equipped with panels or clasps that drop down for easy breastfeeding access.

On top of that, regular bras aren’t flexible, which is something you certainly don’t want to deal with during the harrowing weeks and months of pregnancy and postpartum.

Are Nursing Bras More Comfortable?

If we’re talking about just nursing bras, then YES they’re plenty comfortable for all-day wear. But if we’re talking about nursing/pumping bras, then NO you can’t keep them on throughout the day unless they’re just designed with a side opening for the breast pump flanges.

Along with the cups clipping down for breastfeeding, nursing and pumping bras also open up in the center. And this is where you insert the pump flange to do hands-free pumping.

How to Determine Nursing Bra Size? (Should I Size Up?)

To get a perfect size, size up the cups and size down the band in comparison to your regular pre-pregnancy breast size. For example, if your usual bra size is 32C, then your nursing bra size should be 34D. Wear it on its tightest setting and then adjust the fit accordingly as your boobs grow.

When to Start Wearing Nursing Bras?

Just like postpartum underwear should be worn to control the bleeding post-childbirth, nursing bras are used for when your breasts start to grow bigger i.e. during pregnancy. These bras then adjust automatically to the fluctuating shape and size of your boobs.

But that only happens if you’re wearing a supportive, wireless, seamless, and stretchy nursing bra. As long as it’s all of those things and also comfortable, wearing a nursing bra during pregnancy, postpartum, and pumping is harmless.

What Kind of Bra to Wear While Breastfeeding?

Nursing bras are designed with full drop-down or clip-down cups, so breastfeeding your baby is an easy-breezy task done discreetly. At the same time, a good nursing bra also provides tons of support, mostly seam-free and wire-free support. So even your milk-filled, extra sensitive, large breasts are in good hands.

How Can the Right Nursing Bra Help to Breastfeed with Large Breasts?

A good nursing bra offers just the support large, growing breasts need at the time of breastfeeding. The stretchy fabric allows your engorged boobs to breathe as well as keeps them supported between feedings. And the front of the bra, meaning the cups unclip to make breastfeeding more convenient while also supporting your big breasts.

The Last Take

Everyone talks about how great and rewarding pregnancy is but they don’t talk about the struggles that also accompany it. Nobody talks about how painful the breasts feel during breastfeeding, let alone how uncomfortably huge they become during pregnancy and even when breastfeeding.

You simply can’t wear a regular bra at such times. A nursing bra, especially a proper-fitting, stretchy, and supportive nursing bra designed with clip-down cups is very, very important. It’s what keeps your nipples, mammary glands, and everything that goes on inside, outside, and around them more tolerable.

So choose wisely, hence such a comprehensive post about it!

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