How to Choose an Outfit for a Topgolf Event?

Christine Steuber
Sep 7, 2022
Got invited to a Topgolf venue but don't know what to wear? I have some tips for you here, plus outfit ideas for different occasions.

“What should I wear to Topgolf?”

You might be asking yourself that question, especially if you haven’t been to this place before and got an invitation out of the blue. 

No worries – I’ve got you covered. In this guide, I will share Topgolf dress code dos and don’ts, the best clothing items to choose from, and some outfit ideas as a cherry on top. 

Let’s see what we’ve got!

What is Topgolf?

Topgolf is a technologically advanced golf game that came around back in the 00s. It’s a driving range game featuring electronically tracked balls and an automatic scoring system. Topgolf is an exciting experience for anyone who likes to combine sports and entertainment. 

These venues include a golf court with a three-story construction containing dozens of bays in each story, a bar, a restaurant, and music. Each bay can welcome up to six players. 

You can choose what type of game to play, and you can follow the game results directly on your personal screen. Since the game is electronically tracked, you can see where your ball lands, what the distance is between the ball and the hole, and many other statistics.

5 Topgolf Dress Code Rules

Before deciding what attire to wear to Topgolf, it’s crucial to know the dress code rules for the sports. Although these aren’t strict rules, it’s better to go by them if you want to feel comfortable at a Topgolf event. 

Let’s see what they’re all about.

Rule #1: Do not wear T-shirts

A simple T-shirt can be the most comfortable attire for any activity, but golf is an exception. Although you can still wear T-shirts at some clubs, it’s not recommended to wear them at high-end court clubs and private games – this item of clothing is considered bad etiquette in such places.

Rule #2: Jeans are a no-go

Jeans are a huge no for a golf outfit. This rule came from the early days when people were not allowed to wear jeans at a golf game. Nowadays, the tradition continues, and even if no one directly bans you from wearing jeans at some golf courses, you can’t wear them at higher-end country clubs. Also, it’s just not that comfortable to play golf while wearing jeans.

Rule #3: Mind the length of shorts

Shorts are an acceptable piece of clothing for golfing attire. However, you can wear only knee-high shorts, which should be 4 inches above the knee. This specific length is chosen because it provides freedom of movement for the golfers.

Rule #4: Go for proper shoes

Wearing the right shoes affects your playing results. If you wear the wrong shoes, your feet can slip, and you’ll miss your shot. Thus, the options are either professional golf shoes or running shoes. At the same time, boots and sandals should stay at home on the shelf – Topgolf is not a place for fashion-forward statements.

Rule #5: Opt for calm colors

Usually, at a golf game, you can hardly see anyone wearing bright neon colors. Golf attire comes in calm colors such as khaki, white, black, gray, and other similar shades. Also, when choosing colors for your golf outfit, I recommend creating a contrast between the top and bottom.

Best Clothes to Wear to Topgolf

Now that you know the main dress code rules for a Topgolf event, it’s time to learn what clothes you can wear. I’m going to take each clothing piece separately and explain how to wear them at a Topgolf.

1) Shoes

The shoe choice is essential for a golf game. The right footwear should be comfortable, have a good grip, and not let your feet slip away mid-game. 

If you’re looking for the best shoes for a golf game, you can opt for standard ones with spikes under the sole that go into the ground to secure your feet and prevent them from slipping. You can see an example below.

Nike golf shoes to wear to Topgolf
Credit: Nike

Tennis shoes are another perfect footwear option for a golf game since they provide enough coverage, comfort, and good grip. As for sandals, I would stay away from them, as they don’t offer much coverage. 

However, if you still decide to wear sandals to a golf game, I’d recommend choosing closed-toe shoes because they give more support to your feet.

2) Leggings

If you want to wear an attire that’ll be comfortable and at the same time provide you the ease of movement, leggings are the perfect option for you. You can wear leggings to almost every golf court.

Colorful leggings to wear to Topgolf
Credit: Pinterest

The only exception is a high-class country club. However, you can always check whether leggings are allowed at the court or not beforehand by calling them or checking their website.

3) Skirts

One of the clothing pieces ladies can wear at a Topgolf is a skirt. However, when choosing the right one for a golf game, you should mind the length – it shouldn’t be too short, but around two inches above the knee, as demonstrated in the image below.

Golfing skirt to wear to Topgolf
Credit: J. Lindberg

When it comes to the style, you can pick between two options, a regular skirt or a skort which is the combination of a skirt and shorts. The latter provides more ease of movement and flexibility.

4) Shirts

When choosing a shirt, polos and collared shirts are the standard golf attire. For the material, I advise picking breathable fabrics such as cotton and microfiber.

Polo shirt to wear to Topgolf
Credit: Under Armour

On a hot day, girls can wear a tank top but don’t wear a tube top or a regular T-shirt. No matter which option you choose, you should always tuck it under your shorts or pants – an ill-fitting shirt is a big no-no for a golf game. 

As for the shirt’s size, you need to pick a good fit since a loose-fitting one is outside of gold clothing etiquette.

5) Jeans

Wearing jeans is not the best decision for a Topgolf outfit. As mentioned earlier, they don’t pass the golf dress code. However, Topgolf doesn’t have strict rules when it comes to this clothing item. 

If you still decide to stick with jeans to wear to Topgolf, go for stretchy fabric. Thicker jeans block your movement and don’t provide the necessary flexibility.

6) Pants and shorts

Pants and shorts are among the most practical choices for golf attire. A comfortable pair of pants is a great option to wear at a golf game.

Khaki pants to wear to Topgolf
Credit: Puma Golf

As for shorts, you need to pick the right length since short shorts are not recommended to wear at a golf game. Also, when choosing a pair of shorts, go for knee-high models. The perfect length is two inches above the knee.

7) Dresses

Dresses allow you to look fancy and feel comfortable at the same time. But just like skirts, they shouldn’t be too short – keep the length of the dress slightly over the knee, about two inches. The image below shows you the perfect dress example for a golf game.

Golf dress to wear to Topgolf
Credit: Adidas

Overall, I wouldn’t advise wearing long dresses, even if you desperately want to show off your latest purchase. Such models get under your feet and create unnecessary distractions during the game.

12 Top Golf Outfit Ideas

Now, let’s practice our knowledge of rules and clothing items to wear at a Topgolf game and put together a few outfit ideas. With our ideas, let’s prioritize comfort and also take different seasons into consideration. 

Let’s dive in!

Outfits for summer

Summer is a hot season to play golf, so your attire should be weather-appropriate. Ideally, your summer outfit should include open clothing made of breathable materials.

The first summer outfit you can wear to Topgolf is a golfing dress, which is a perfect option to stay cool during hot summer days.

Black and pink golf dress to wear to Topgolf in summer
Credit: Golfgrab

Another option for a girl is an outfit with a skirt or shorts. You can style a skirt or a pair of shorts with a tank top tucked underneath the bottom, as portrayed in the image below.

Black golfing top and skirt to wear to Topgolf in summer
Credit: Golf Digest

Now let’s see what outfits to pick for autumn.

Styling ideas for autumn

Choosing an outfit to wear to Topgolf in autumn can be based on where the Topgolf arena is located. If it’s somewhere warm, you can go for a lighter outfit. But just to be safe, let me share two outfit ideas for both warm and chilly autumn.

For sunny weather, you can style your outfit with a pair of comfy leggings, a sporty T-shirt, and a jacket or a sweatshirt. It should be similar to the image below.

Polo shirt jacket leggings to wear to Topgolf in autumn
Credit: Pinterest

As for colder autumn, you can go for a pair of pants or leggings with a golfing skirt to keep you warm. You can take a jacket with you, in case it gets colder.

Leggings golfing skirt and jacket to wear to Topgolf in autumn
Credit: Pinterest

Make sure to choose the clothes from a stretchy fabric to allow better movement.

Clothes to wear in winter

During the winter season, it can be quite windy on the platform, so it’s important to choose the proper clothes to wear to Topgolf. I’ll share two outfit ideas you can wear while playing Topgolf during the winter season.

If you’re going for a more sporty look, you can go for warm winter pants with a warm sweatshirt topped with puffer west. You can see an example below.

Puffer west pants long-sleeve shirt to wear to Topgolf in winter
Credit: Pinterest

For the second option, you can wear warm pants with a sweater or a turtleneck topped with a warm cardigan, just like in the example here.

Sweater turtleneck jeans to wear to Topgolf in winter
Credit: Pinterest

Let’s move on to Topgolf party outfits.

Outfits to a Topgolf party

Choosing an outfit to wear to the Topgolf party depends on the event type. Below I’ll offer two outfit ideas, one for a more casual party and the other one for a more formal occasion.

For the casual party, you can style some skinny jeans with cute sneakers and a tucked-in T-shirt or a button-down shirt. It should look something similar to the picture below.

White pants and T-shirt to wear to Topgolf party
Credit: Pinterest

For a more formal look, you can choose a dress or a classic jumpsuit. Of course, these will look good with heels, but it’s not very practical for golfing. So, I’d recommend wearing flat shoes.

Jumpsuit to wear to Topgolf party
Credit: Pinterest

Personally, I’d opt for something loose and airy. After all, you’ll be moving all the time, so tight clothing can really make you sweat at a party!

Attire for a work event

If you’re going to a work event at a Topgolf venue, your outfit shouldn’t be too casual. Instead, opt for more put-together outfits that aren’t very revealing. Here are two options you can wear to Topgolf.

The first look consists of a pair of jeans with a simple T-shirt accompanied by some elegant accessories.

Jeans white T-shirt to wear to Topgolf work event
Credit: Pinterest

For the second look, you can go for a more smart outfit by wearing a pair of classic pants with a shirt and blazer. The image below is a great example of that.

Pants shirt and blazer to wear to Topgolf work event
Credit: Pinterest

Finish the look with sneakers to be able to move quickly around the Topgolf venue.

Outfits for the first date

When going on a date at Topgolf, you’d want to wear something cute and, at the same time, comfortable. Below, I’ll share two outfit ideas, one for a cute sporty look and the other one for a more girly look.

For a sporty look, you can wear a pair of leggings with an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers, just like in the example below:

Leggings and sweatshirt to wear to Topgolf for a date
Credit: Pinterest

For the second look, you can dress up for a Topgolf date night by wearing a cute cocktail dress with sneakers and some accessories.

Pink dress to wear to Topgolf for a date
Credit: Pinterest

Don’t go heavy on accessories, though, they will only get in a way while playing.

Over to You

And that’s a wrap.

I hope my article helped you prepare for your upcoming Topgolf event. The above-mentioned examples will help you create the best golf outfit from clothing items you can find in your wardrobe. Just follow the golfing dress code rules, and you’ll be able to rock your look at every Topgolf event.

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