How to Make Small Boobs Look Bigger – 5 Most Effective Ways to Boost Size

Christine Steuber
Aug 19, 2021
To be completely honest, I’m not here to advocate the ridiculously high and even unrealistic standards set by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Instead, my focus in…

To be completely honest, I’m not here to advocate the ridiculously high and even unrealistic standards set by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Instead, my focus in this article on how to make small boobs look bigger is to provide simple, quick tips for increasing the volume of your breasts (whatever your reasons for doing so!).

When you can choose to wear butt lifting and shaping jeans in order to make your buttocks look more sculpted, then why not get the enhanced chest appearance too if that what’s you want. Although, all along the way, keeping in mind that body positivity and just being confident and comfortable about and in your skin is also very, very important.

Now let’s talk about the options you have at your disposal right now for how to make breast rounder and fuller and how to get cleavage when your flat…

How to Make Small Breasts Look Bigger – 5 Most Effective Ways!

1. Wear A Well-Fitted Bra

Wear A Well-Fitted Bra

You must absolutely know how to measure the natural size of your breasts. Only then can you expect your bras to fit you well for supporting AND enhancing the natural breast shape. Also, a too loose bra is as detrimental to the condition and appearance of your chest as a too tight-fitting bra.

Now please remember that not all brands use the same sizing standards. So your bra size is bound to differ from one brand to another. So getting a well-fitted bra means providing all the support your boobs demand, small or big, along with preventing shoulder and back pain.

After all, only a bra that fits as it should is able to use the padding and push-up elements to their maximum potential.

2. Choose Soft-Seamed Bras

Choose Soft-Seamed Bras

First off, stay away from contour bras because these tend to settle in the bottom area of the cups, thus appearing small. On the other hand, bras with soft seams are the most suitable for the natural shaping of the breasts. And by shaping, I mean molding to the shape and size of your boobs while also preventing the minimization of their appearance.

The beauty of seamed bras is that their construction consists of a fabric or a blend of fabrics that aren’t too stiff, unlike contour bras. This means they easily mold to the shape of your breasts.

3. Buy Cleavage-Enhancing Bras

I’m sure you already know that there exist a ton of different bra styles and designs. So if you wish to boost the volume of your breasts, you obviously should choose the right kind of bras that are specifically crafted to give you that appearance. And that would be plunge bras, push-up bras, and stick-on bras.

Plunge Bras

These mostly padded bras have a lower cut in comparison to regular bras. This means you can wear your low-cut necklines more confidently. Plus, they do a wonderful job of pushing breasts together, thus creating more cleavage. So your boobs are bound to look bigger.

Push-Up Bras

Plunge and push-up bras have a lot in common. The latter is also padded like the former. But push-up bras always come with an underwire, which is put in place particularly for pushing breasts together, no matter their size, and toward the center. That’s precisely why the push-up style works so well for sagging breasts.

Stick-On Bras

Sticky or stick-on bras, the best ones of course, also perform the task of pushing the breasts inward and upward. These are equipped with adhesive and padding for making the chest look extra bumpy. Speaking of extra bumpy…

4. Convert Your Bra Straps to Racerback

Convert Your Bra Straps to Racerback

Let’s assume you buy one of the bras highly recommended for boosting breast size. Despite that, you still don’t have the cleavage you desire. So how do you go about solving that problem for that extra oomph factor? Have you ever tried criss-crossing bra straps?

You can indeed get this done in the most comfortable manner with convertible straps. Or simply with the help of a bra clip or safety pin for holding your existing bra straps together.

But why the racerback style? Just because it helps a great deal when it comes to moving your small and/or sagging breast tissue together and upward. This is certainly going to give your cleavage a more well-defined appearance.

5. Try Bra Inserts

No need to stuff your bra with toilet paper anymore. You can instead stuff them with proper bra inserts. These are made just to enhance the cleavage in the most effective, supportive, comfortable, and seamless manner. And there are all types of inserts, such as fabric, silicone, gel, etc.

All you have to do is stuff the inserts into your favorite bra provided the bra has an inner pocket in the cups, and then there it is – that instant cleavage!

What to Avoid At All Costs, If You Can

I know that sometimes budget or financial constraints may not allow you to buy new bras in case your old ones happen to look and feel worn out. But here’s the thing – you cannot expect overused bras to even support your breasts, let alone shape them.

And bras, over time, are inevitably going to lose the original elasticity brought about by spandex. So if you notice your nipples pointing downward with your bra on, know that it’s time to swap that bra with a brand new piece.


Be it seriously defying gravity or just getting a subtle boost, these 5 easy, quick remedies are sure to bring about the appearance you desire. To be honest, increasing the size and enhancing the shape of your breasts is actually an easier undertaking now than ever. All thanks to the availability of the most flattering bra styles.

Just keep in mind that your natural body and breast shape are unique in their own way. Do not ever compare because, firstly, that doesn’t do any good and also that there’s no one right way of looking and feeling beautiful. The ultimate goal is to make sure that comfort and support, more than anything else, are a part of your bra-wearing experience.

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