How to Add Padding to A Swimsuit – The Most Useful Guide

Christine Steuber
Sep 12, 2020
Some women find the whole idea of adding pads to their swimsuits loathsome. But then there are some women who think it’s a brilliant way to…

Some women find the whole idea of adding pads to their swimsuits loathsome. But then there are some women who think it’s a brilliant way to bring about more support. After all, the goal is to feel comfortable and more confident in whatever you’re wearing, right? So here’s how to add padding to a swimsuit.

Let me point out that there are plenty of swimsuits out there that don’t feature padding. This type of swimwear consists of plain fabrics. That, more often than not, does not support the chest. So if you’re comfortable wearing these, then good for you.

But if you want to add padding in the form of cups for sharpening your swimsuit. Then that’s not an issue either. Because not all women feel comfortable in a swimsuit that doesn’t pad their nipple protrusions. In that case, you can add padding without having to buy a new one-piece or two-piece altogether.


How to Add Padding to A Swimsuit

How to Add Padding to A Swimsuit

If you think it’s a complicated, difficult, and time-consuming undertaking. Then let me assure you that it’s nothing of the sort. Swimsuit padding liners are available in various sizes. What you now need is a set of useful instructions to get the job done.

Step 1. Select the Pad You Want to Stitch into Your Swimsuit

Don’t just randomly purchase any pair of pads. You have to choose only the best swimsuit padding inserts that also fit your bust size. Otherwise, you’re just inviting unnecessary discomfort, irritation, and inconvenience at the pool.

Needless to say, padding comes in various sizes as well as designs. But, out of these, only a few accomplish the aim of fitting a swimsuit while also providing coverage and support. And here they are…

Enhancement Bust Pads

To give your chest a supported look, nothing works better than enhancement bust pads. These firm up your breasts in the form of providing maximum support.

Penetrable Pads

Also known as waterproof pads, these don’t give rise to any irritation or discomfort. In fact, they feel very comfortable. And are specifically designed for swimsuits.

Push-Up Pads

The goal here, as the term suggests, is to lift your breasts upward and forward. They push up your bust to give your chest a supported, perky lift. Push-up pads are very commonly used in swimsuits as well.

Shaping Pads

For those who want to make their bosoms look fuller inside a swimsuit often buy shaping pads.

Step 2. Position the Pads in the Perfect Spot

DIY swimsuit padding is all about placing the pads, no matter what type, in the correct spot. And that perfect spot is the bust or chest region of the swimsuit. Don’t just stitch it into your swimwear anyhow. Be very careful when it comes to the exact location.

Start by positioning the pads where you want them to be on your swimsuit. But before that, put on your suit. So you can mark the spot for both your breasts. Failing to wear the swimsuit is only going to produce the wrong results.

Keep in mind that adequate bust coverage is necessary. Also, the pads should blend in with your swimsuit, and not stand out. So when marketing the spot, use a pin or something like that. This way you don’t end up losing the location of the exact spot.

Step 3. Sew the Pads into Your Swimsuit

For this part of the process, you require a thread and needle. How else are you going to sew in the pair of pads into your swimwear!

Once you decide where the pads go, meaning once you mark the spots. Turn your swimsuit inside out. Then clip each pad to the inner fabric of the suit. And start sewing from the bottom up. Go round till the pad is completely stitched into your swimwear.

Here are some hand sewing tips that might be of immense help. That is in case you’re new to sewing. In that context, make sure the line of the thread you’re using doesn’t show on the outside. And if it does, then loosen the stitches and do it again. You have to sew the pads into the suit’s inner lining. So it doesn’t cross over to your swimwear’s front.

And you know what, you don’t necessarily need to buy a separate pair of pads for your swimsuit. Maybe you already have a bra with removable pads lying somewhere. So you can use these pads as well to sew into the swimsuit.

But what if the bra doesn’t have removable pads? In that case, just use the bra cups for the task. If it’s an old or worn-out bra, then you can go ahead with this option.

Just get rid of the straps of the bra first. Now place the cups in the exact spot of your swimsuit. Hold them down using pins. And then simply sew the cups around till they’re completely attached to the inner lining of the suit.

Why Wearing A Bra Under Your Swimsuit Is A Horrible Idea


You may have thought, at some point at least, to put on your regular bra below your swimsuit. Simply to add more support to your bust. In that case, let me tell you that normal bras are not constructed to be worn under swimsuits.

So here’s why you should avoid even entertaining the idea of putting on a bra and then a swimsuit on top of it…

1. The Bra Will be Visible

No matter how hard you try to hide those straps, they will pop out at some point. It doesn’t even matter if you succeed at hiding the bra cups as well. Your bra is not equipped to stay put inside a swimsuit.

And just the thought of adjusting the cups and straps all the time sounds irritating. So why put yourself through all that trouble. When you can just as easily learn how to add padding to a swimsuit!

2. The Bra Will Spoil the Fit and Shape of Your Swimsuit

More often than not, swimsuits, mostly the one-piece version, have a tight fit. So wearing a bra under this inevitably creates an odd bump. One that doesn’t look flattering at all.

Let’s say you can’t sew pads into your swimsuit. What do you do then? Why not consider wearing one of those sticky bras inside the suit?

3. The Bra Will Soak Up a Lot of Water

After all, swimwear is made of fabrics that dry faster. The same cannot be said about bras obviously. And if you’re still adamant about wearing one, then make sure it’s built using silicone.


So now you know how to add padding to a swimsuit. And also why wearing a bra under your swimsuit is nothing but a bad idea.

Let me tell you that adding pads or cups is very easy. At the same time, it completely transforms the look of your swimwear and breasts. Making the latter feel more supported and comfortable.

So follow the step-by-step instructions I’ve discussed for DIY swimsuit padding. And you can hide your nipple protrusions at the pool!

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