How to Create More Storage Space in a Loft Apartment

Christine Steuber
May 23, 2022
Do you live in a loft apartment and don't know where to put your stuff? Read these 8 ideas for loft apartment storage organization.

Have you decided to live in a loft apartment? Since this property type is budget-friendly and super-modern, many office buildings and old warehouses are transformed into small loft apartments. 

However, it’s a must to learn loft apartment storage ideas because these spaces do not have built-in closets or shelves like the ones we usually have in traditional homes. 

That’s why, today, I decided to supply you with practical loft storage ideas and recommendations to help you organize the space and fit all your stuff there. 

Let’s get started!

What is Loft Design?

Loft design refers to the latest urban style of interior design. Sufficient industrial elements in decoration and open space are its two main characteristics. You can expect cement floors, high ceilings, exposed pipes and beams, and raw brick walls.

This design is very trendy in the USA, the place of origin for this architectural style. Freedom-loving, intuitive people who prioritize minimalism, innovation, and practicality are the perfect candidates for moving into this type of home. 

The literal meaning of loft is an attic or the top floor of a warehouse. There are no partitions in a loft (except utility rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms), and residents can enjoy the sunlight through the wide windows. 

The hints of the past (antique frames, raw brick walls, and metal ladders) and modern furniture are the combinations you will see in these homes. 

Also, while a studio apartment comprises one to two rooms, loft apartments are more spacious because contractors build them from old properties and then roughly break the space into apartment-sized units. The most common variations of loft design are glamorous, bohemian, and industrial. 

But again, don’t expect any pre-installed storage units. You will have to introduce loft apartment storage ideas on your own.

Loft Apartment Storage Tips

Now that we know what a typical loft interior design is, let me share general tips to incorporate loft apartment storage ideas.

  • Measure the space.

First of all, make sure you know the square meters available to you, and then decide how much space you need to store your things. This step will demand considerable time, but measurements will put you in the right direction. 

  • Take photos of the apartment to visualize the storage space.

It can be hard to imagine what your desired loft space storage should look like without taking pictures. You can draw lines over the photos to decide where everything should go. Be as detail-oriented as possible and remember to take your time. 

  • List all your things from most to least important.

You should choose the location of storage units based on your preference. Make a list of the most and least important things to you. The things you use daily should be in the nearest proximity. 

  • Make a list of inventory needed to build extra loft apartment storage.

Finally, after knowing how much space you need and what priorities you have, it will be easier to bring the ideas for loft storage to life, so you’ll just need to make a list of materials necessary for construction. At this point, you will know how much money you have to spend on this project.

8 Ways to Design Loft Apartment Storage

Now that you are aware of how you will transform space, you are ready to discover loft apartment storage ideas. I will unveil eight practical tips that will help you in this process. 

Let’s begin!

Idea #1: Utilize vertical space

Making use of your vertical space is the first loft apartment storage idea. This concept is excellent because, as I have mentioned, there are high ceilings in lofts, so you can use walls for built-in shelves and wardrobes. Besides, this approach can truly revolutionize your home, as you can see below. 

This one is a fresh, airy Scandinavian design that cleverly adds storage solutions in the form of numerous loft closets or cabinets. You can see how the designers maximized the space under the stairs by adding display shelves. These details are not only useful but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of the whitewashed wall:

Display shelves on the walls loft storage idea
Credit: FSI

Another great idea for using the maximum of every room is the high ceilings that you can often notice in industrial loft design and interiors. As you can see in the following example, the shelves reach the very top, which allows for a lot of storage space:

Loft apartment storage idea with shelves on the walls
Credit: Pinterest

However, use the top shelves for the things you will not use much because it is not practical to climb there every day, right? And, of course, find a place for some functional ladder.

Idea #2: Turn your staircase into a closet

Moving on with loft ideas for storage, this section shows how you can use your stairs as drawers. This can sound confusing, but let the visual examples “talk” instead:

Stairs as storage for loft apartment
Credit: Pinterest

The compact stair risers hide an arrangement of built-in drawers. As a result, you will have a neat storage unit where you can stash much of your stuff. 

Keep in mind that every modern loft apartment can make its stairs serve a second purpose. 

And now, tell me, do you love books? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then this interesting design of a contemporary bookcase/staircase will be your storage for books, boxes, or knick-knacks, check it out:

As you can see, the main construction acts as an avant-garde lens to display stairs, along with the innovative storage solution. I am in love with this idea!

Idea #3: Buy a bed with built-in storage

Your home will be incomplete without a bed, so why not get creative with your furniture and find another purpose for it?

There are many beds with built-in loft storage solutions in the market, so let me show you some of the best, in my opinion.

Let’s start with the urban bedroom that offers flexibility and storage under and around the bed without sacrificing space and comfort. Take a look at this cozy room:

Loft apartment bed as a storage idea
Credit: Homedit

Many homeowners, especially those with children, already own the type of bed that you can see below. But to create more space in your loft, I highly recommend investing in a bed with built-in drawers. If you have extra clothes, just store them there. I also use this space for bedding, pillows, and blankets:

Bed as a storage for loft apartment
Credit: Furniture123

And here’s another great thing about this concept – this bed can fit two people, which further increases functionality and takes up minimal space.

Idea #4: Add shelves above your bed

Speaking of bed, why not add shelves above it as well? Although the previous step is simpler, there is another loft room storage solution that can help you create the extra space you need. It is practical, and you’ll be able to easily sort your things. I am in love with the following design, which includes a lot of storage space and an amazing shiplap-like wall behind the bed. Absolutely perfect, isn’t it?

Shelves above bed storage idea for loft apartment
Credit: Pinterest

Another great example in this section is the IKEA bedroom. It shows how you can carve out some space above and around your bed and create a customized closet. Check it out:

Storage area above bed for loft apartments
Credit: IKEA

What’s also great about Ikea? You can personalize and customize all your bedroom storage and make it the way you want and need!

Idea #5: Create a built-in wardrobe

Next on our list of loft apartment storage ideas is a built-in wardrobe.

Let’s be honest, is there any woman who doesn’t dream about a walk-in closet? In a loft apartment, you can use some walls to install built-in closets, such as the one with shelves for shoes below:

Built-in closet storage idea for loft apartment
Credit: 2lgstudio

Also, who said curtains could only be used for showers and windows? This neon green curtain that you can see above adds a playful and soft touch to built-in wardrobes. 

Furthermore, if wood and other materials used in traditional wardrobes are not to your liking, why not try mirrored doors that will playfully bounce light around? It is also a great solution to make a small room more spacious:

Small built-in closet idea for loft apartment
Credit: Livingetc

In the picture above, the designer just placed built-in wardrobes on both sides. Mirrors also have a practical function – they help you out in getting ready.

Idea #6: Consider buying multi-purpose furniture

To organize a small loft space, nothing will help you more than multi-purpose furniture. I personally love how creative these goods are and the value they add to a home. Here are some loft apartment ideas with multi-purpose furniture I liked the most.

Let’s start with a cult favorite triple-duty sleeper sofa. I used to own this in my very first home, and it made me love my bedroom even more! Netflix, soft blanket, and warm tea – that’s my first association! Take a look at this fantastic piece:

Multi-purpose sofa storage idea for loft apartment
Credit: Amazon

So, if you don’t have sufficient space for a guest bed, this is your must-have product! 

Now, let me show you another great piece of multi-purpose furniture. Whether you’re a book hoarder or just like to prop them for decoration, consider buying the bookcase with a fold-down table like this one:

Book shelf-table storage idea for loft apartment
Credit: IKEA

The fold-down table can serve for dining or as a comfy workspace. In case you decide to put it in the kitchen, these shelves can be an ideal place for your spices. An extra tip: you can also install a backsplash behind it to protect your wall! 

Idea #7: Add shelves and closets to declutter the entryway

When you have a small home, it is essential to decide what you will do with the entryway. If you’ve been reading my blogs for a long time, you know that I was talking about the significance of the halls and the right ways of decorating them, in particular, with lighting and chandeliers

Essentially, the entryway creates the first impression when guests enter your place of living. With loft apartments, it can be challenging to organize the entryway space into a storage, but the following examples prove that it’s possible.

With some basic DIY skills, you can add closets, shelves, or both, in the entry space. These storage units can fit your shoes, bags, coats, and whatnot. Take a look at this fantastic example:

Entryway storage unit idea for loft apartment
Credit: Closet Envy

And if you think you don’t own too many belongings, you can skip the built-in cabinets. In that case, consider this cute option for your loft style apartment:

You can install this type of furniture very quickly. Plus, the chalkboard labels are functional and will make everything well-organized.

Idea #8: Create window seats with extra storage space

Last on our list of loft apartment storage ideas are window seats that will add some magic to your home. This is a mesmerizing spot to relax at sunrise, sunset, and all the hours in between. 

I love to sip tea sitting on my window seat and basking in the outside views. But can this area be useful in stashing some of your more stuff? Oh yes!

For instance, you can build an entire storage unit under and around your window, thus utilizing the vertical space:

Window sit storage unit idea for loft apartment
Credit: Pinterest

Also, if you’re a person who only thinks about making your window seat a cozy reading nook or an intimate coffee corner, simply stack up books by building broad cabinets, like in this interior:

Window sit with book shelves storage idea for loft apartment
Credit: Thisoldhouse

This storage method is very simple and practical, and you can put anything on the shelves – from clothes to kitchen and bathroom supplies.

And, of course, if you want to have a nice view while looking out the window, make sure your little yard is nice and neat. One beautiful outdoor table, chairs, and lanterns for the atmosphere – the perfect combination to enjoy!


This concludes my guide on loft apartment storage ideas. I hope you are now more than ready to live the new chapter of your life in a modern home. Your loft apartment will never feel suffocating or restricted in space if you organize it correctly. 

You can place loft storage shelves anywhere to boost the aesthetic factor and add value. To sum up, below are the general tips for loft apartment storage:

  • Measure your available space.
  • Take photos of the apartment to visualize the storage space.
  • Make a list of the main stuff.
  • Calculate the tools and budget required to construct new storage solutions. 

If you need guidance in more home improvement projects, simply read my previous blog posts. Best of luck!

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