26 Ideas to Decorate Your Loft Apartment

Christine Steuber
Jul 4, 2022
Decorating a loft? Check out my guide where I share loft design ideas to make this space homey and inviting.

Loft apartments are hotcakes in the real estate world. Many celebs, including Vanessa Carlton, reside in lofts. I’m a huge fan of this property type myself, but probably like you, I was a bit skeptical that it could be demanding and limited in decoration. But, after researching this topic, I realized I was wrong! There are plenty of  loft design ideas that can bring a refreshing transformation to the current interior design. And that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you today.

So, if you’re unsure how to work around this property type, I will share the most practical and inspiring decor ideas for all rooms. Since all homeowners have varying aesthetic senses, my tips and recommendations will suit all preferences.

Let’s dive in!

Loft Design Ideas by Room

Time to kickstart the first significant section of my guide – loft design ideas for all rooms. I have added two visual examples for each room based on different styles to show you what it looks like in reality.

1) Kitchen

A kitchen is the soul of every home. Think about it – this is where you cook and eat with your loved ones. This special room deserves a stellar interior and decor, and we’ll start our loft design ideas with it.

Many loft apartments have no boundary between living and eating areas, which ultimately means more than enough space for redesigning and decoration. But on the other hand, you have to think carefully and create a good plan to make the kitchen functional and beautiful at the same time. Let me show you some ideas.

In the first example, you can see a full-white kitchen. All cabinets and backsplash tiles are in pure white color, making the perfect contrast with the wooden beams. In the middle of the kitchen is a large marble island that is very functional and can serve as a dining table. Additional cupboards are placed inside the kitchen island, thus providing maximum storage space:

The following example is for those who have a low attic and are wondering how to place the kitchen in such a space. Consider installing only the lower kitchen cabinets in that case. See how great it can look in reality:

Low attic loft kitchen design idea
Credit: Pinterest

As we can see in this example, a small kitchen looks charming in a loft apartment, and with smart solutions, the owners of this place have achieved a functional space. You can also put a high table and chairs that will not take up much room.

2) Bedroom

If you are hunting for more loft design ideas to spruce up your attic, I have good news for you. There are literally hundreds of ways that can totally revamp your loft space with a low or high attic. And in the following examples, I’ll show you how it can work in your bedroom.

Let’s start with one wonderful room that won my heart! So, if you get pulled in by the allure of the magical and mysterious, consider this extraordinary design in your loft apartment.

Low attic loft bedrom with accent wall design idea
Credit: Pinterest

The navy blue walls exude the feeling of a night sky, further influenced by the hanging star-like lights. Plants, candles, and aroma diffuser will make you feel like you’re spending time at some magical picnic under the stars.

Next, we’re moving to a brighter and more simple Scandinavian space. This room will perfectly fit into your loft apartment as it brings in more light and doesn’t clutter the space, thanks to the minimalist trend it follows:

Low attic white loft bedrom with glass doors design idea

Add a plush rug and comfy pillows to make the room cozy. Seal the deal with home details, such as wooden furniture or a wicker basket for a natural feel.

3) Lounge area

I know how challenging it can be to create the visual flow and privacy in a loft lounge. But believe it or not, you can make the open spaces in your lounge comfy and intimate with some easy changes. 

Here are some easy fixes for adding coziness to your space.

Loft lounge design with colorful elements
Credit: Thomas Loof

No matter how much neutral tones or whitewashed design is in your decor, never be afraid of color. Designed by Nick Olsen, the lounge above is proof that bright hues can revitalize a loft without seeming inconsistent or overwhelming. 

If you want to transform your lounge into a luxurious room, consider installing an interior glass door from the floor to the ceiling. Take a look at this fantastic interior:

This way, you will keep the lounge room private without shrinking the openness of the loft. In this formal loft designed by Maltsev, the French glass doors expand towards the ceiling and make the space breathtaking!

4) Bathroom

I know loft bathrooms are tricky to decorate as they’re usually tiny and may include sloping ceilings. But I’ll show you how to get the design right with some inspiring real-life examples.

Despite its limitations, a loft bathroom can be highly effective design-wise. With so many bathroom fittings available in the market, you can transform your space easily.

Have a look at these two bathrooms to gain inspiration for your loft project:

Attic bathroom with subway tiles loft design idea
Credit: Chris Snook

Adopt a ventilated, light bathroom design with subway wall tiles and black grouting. As we can see in the image above, an urban, sleek edge is accomplished by the gold fittings, and it looks fantastic! The designer added extra luxe feel with the handcrafted bulkhead oval wall lights.

And what about the compact tub? If you ask me, you can never go wrong with it in a bathroom. Below we can see the Tubby Tore freestanding bath from Albion Baths, a compact fix serving as a focal feature:

Loft bathroom design with navy-blue walls and dark bathtub
Credit: Luke Weller

In collaboration, Mitchell + Corti Architects employed built-in shelves between the rear wall and a protruding chimney stack. Lastly, the corner mirror enhances a sense of space and brightness. This type of bathroom would fit perfectly into a smaller loft apartment because it does not take up a lot of space, and at the same time, it is very functional and looks nice.

5) Kid’s room

As we all know, loft style apartments are open spaces, so sometimes it might be challenging to create a separate room for children. Even if it looks impossible at first sight, there are thousands of ways to make the perfect space in lofts so your children can play, enjoy their hobbies, and sleep. 

Kids need a lot of space, which is why it is crucial to allocate a separate area for them. Let me share my favorite children’s room ideas that you and your child will adore. 

If your little ones despise the traditional style, consider a rare loft bed design like this one above. This is a celestial sky with futuristic lights and a slide. The entire space resembles the moon, achieving an out-of-this-world appearance. 

And if you’re a fan of old-school farmhouse style, look no further. The following loft bed design by Fancy Fix Decor brings an authentic warm feel, while the window boxes brimming with greenery and distressed white wood add a touch of nature to the whole interior:

Not only this, there is a whole play kitchen and a sitting area at the bottom where your little ones can spend some lovely time with their siblings or friends. 

6) Home office

Since so many of us are working from home, I figured that adding some loft design ideas for this particular room would be a good idea. An effective home office design should actually make you want to sit down and finish your to-do list.

Let’s start with the first example.

When I think of a workspace at home, fresh and clean decor pops up in my mind. And I’m sure that many homeowners in my audience feel the same. Even if you desire an all-white interior, a little color will do no harm. 

Look at the above study in a New York apartment, for example. The aluminum shelves display a sufficient amount of shapes and colors. Separation from the rest of the space is achieved with sliding doors to allow privacy and concentration during work.

If you ask me, the following example is a real dream for all work-from-home people. Just look at this fantastic combination of industrial and Scandinavian style in this sunny loft apartment:

Loft home office in wood design idea
Credit: decoist

Innovative use of space inside the stylish home office is very well done here! The huge windows allow enough light, and the whole room is so warm, modern, and artsy. It just inspires creativity and productivity!

7 Nifty Ideas to Update Interior in Your Loft Apartment

Now that we’ve understood how to decorate a loft room-by-room, it’s time for more interesting tips to refine the interior of your loft apartment.

These tips revolve around decoration, furniture, and more factors you need to cover to get the perfect space. Plus, I added lots of affordable ideas for budget-conscious homeowners.

Let’s get started with our budget-friendly loft design ideas!

Tip #1: Use mirrors to expand the space

Mirrors can play a significant role as they add class and style to every living space. If you find the right place for them, mirrors are actually a secret to creating a snug environment in your loft apartment. 

And since this object is must-have furniture for a loft, the below options will help you decide on a design. 

Here’s the first breathtaking inspo:

Full-sized mirror decoration for loft apartment
Credit: Pinterest

For the homeowners who want to go all out, I suggest a full-sized industrial loft mirror. This high-class accessory will elevate your functionality and splendor. It also serves as a method to optically enlarge the space. The larger a room feels, the more luxurious it looks. 

Let’s continue with another full-size mirror that captivates lovers of natural shades. It’s a beautiful addition to any bedroom, bathroom, or hall. Take a look:

Wall-size mirror with wooden rim decoration for loft apartment
Credit: Extraspace

With an artistic frame, this mirror will emphasize your room’s environment, reflect the light and make the open floor plan of your loft twice as big.

Tip #2: Retain original loft decoration pieces

When it comes to loft design ideas, it’s important to keep some of the original features of the warehouse or factory that was remodeled to make your loft. This includes:

  • Pillars and vents
  • Brick walls
  • Original floors
  • Original windows 

Time to see how these features actually look in lofts. 

In the first example, the  attic room over the garage showcases original shiplap walls on the upper side, customized cedar beams, and knee walls. The satin white shiplap is a relief to sore eyes. Check it out:

Wooden shiplap original loft design
Credit: Pinterest

In the following example, we notice that original brick walls dominate this space. The spacious loft is cozy yet modern and has a cool industrial vibe. The bricks achieve a warm atmosphere, and the two huge original windows bring amazing views and enough sunlight:

The natural grey and beige colors dominate the loft, while a big white couch and sofa additionally open the concept of the whole space.

Tip #3: Consider industrial-style lighting

Go back to the industrial roots of your loft by adding some chic industrial lights. This lighting perfectly complements the loft characteristics and automatically makes the space appear a hundred times better. Take a look at these fantastic decor pieces:

Industrial style grey chandeliers loft design idea
Credit: Karman

The abundance of free space means you can add an extensive array of lights. This edgy industrial decor allows you to mix and match antique and contemporary light styles. As long as you ensure that the chandeliers don’t conflict with each other, you’ll pull off a flawless interior statement. 

Think about installing fixtures on the available tracks (bars or rails) using fasteners or cables. Below we can see how such lights perfectly emphasize elements in the room, like graffiti, brick walls, and metal panels:

Track lights are a superb solution for your loft, as they scatter light in the wide space.

Tip #4: Add textile pieces to make the space cozier

A loft inside a house is incomplete without some warm textile pieces, such as rugs, throws, carpets, and pillows. This may be the most economical way to decorate your loft. 

You can purchase new ones or reuse the previous textile pieces from your old house. Either way, they’ll add a cozy factor. 

Let’s take a look at this unmade bed with an all-white look. The homeowners broke the white monotony by adding some black and white pillows with an attractive wavy pattern:

White textile with accent pillows loft design idea
Credit: My Paradissi

The neutral colors with a few wooden details scream a minimalist interior design. While the light is pouring in, these pillows and blankets will make the bedroom feel super cozy.

And if you are wondering how to add a dose of coziness to the sophisticated loft spaces, check out this brilliant interior design:

Blue couch grey carpet loft design idea
Credit: Nodus

Simply throw a lot of little pillows on your sofa, and don’t forget to embellish your floor with the shaggy carpet!

Tip #5: Spice up your home with greenery

If you still feel things could be better, here’s another budget-friendly option for you – greenery! Many homeowners, including me, absolutely adore plants since they enliven the space. But there are tons of home plants available, so you might be wondering which one to purchase to decorate your loft.

If you ask me, placing your plants beside the stairs is the best decorating area in every loft. You can hang the creepers on the stair rails, while dainty little pots can be tucked side-by-side. Check out how good it can look:

And what about adding greenery everywhere in your loft? Do you think it will be too much? Let me reassure you:

Above, we see a fantastic two-story loft with plants in all corners blessed with abundant sunlight coming through huge industrial windows. The furniture and decor are simple, so the lush greenery is the perfect option here.

Tip #6: Organize storage space to get rid of clutter

Loft design for home can’t be done well without involving a functional storage space. Keeping this in mind, I’ve got two visual examples for aesthetic yet practical storage ideas.

Since your loft was probably a factory or warehouse once, you can take advantage of all spaces and funky corners. As we can see in the example below, a homeowner translated wall obstructions into an excellent opportunity for floating storage shelves: 

Wall shelves loft apartment storage idea
Credit: Decoholic

While there are many ways to store your clothes, an on-show dressing room is the best practical solution in loft apartments. This type of storage means you’ll never lose any clothing and can find everything easily:

Built-in wardrobe loft apartment storage idea
Credit: Hammonds

My advice is to replace classic or mirrored doors with open clothes panels. This will boost the illumination and space and also force you to keep your closet tidy.

Tip #7: Throw in some color with at-home art gallery

In my opinion, art gallery walls reflect the homeowner’s personality. It can be a collection of personal photographs or some prestigious artwork. 

Some loft design ideas for art gallery walls are:

  • Symmetrical patterns
  • Cohesive design 
  • Singular canvas 
  • Asymmetrical patterns
  • Neutral look 

Consider the color palette, frames, and styles before crafting your art gallery wall. This will strike the perfect configuration. 

Let’s now see the best ideas for gallery walls in the loft apartments. 

These diagonal lines in the interior above are ideal for odd corners in your loft. The bold diagonal focal lines add a dose of vividity to your space. For a fun focal, consider a triangular composition and graphic art.

And what do you think about the entire wall of art? This idea is great for an art collector like me. Don’t be afraid to overcrowd your wall as soon as you keep the perfect balance in your room. Take a look:

With a big wall, you can throw in mixed media and pops of color. I am in love with this design as it resembles some lovely coastal destination.

Over to You

A loft lifestyle comes with high expectations, literally. Wide spaces and high ceilings mean there’s sufficient room for your favorite stuff, but you can easily get lost in the sea of excess square footage. 

After going through my guide, I hope that your loft decor worries are covered up and sorted out. Let’s repeat the main tips:

  • Utilize mirrors to diversify the space.
  • Retain original loft features.
  • Add industrial lights, greenery, and textile pieces.
  • Create a storage solution.
  • Make an art gallery wall.

If you’re impressed with this guide on decorating a loft, consider reading other home improvement articles on my blog.

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