How to Decorate Your Home Deck with Plants – 9 Best Ideas

Christine Steuber
Jul 22, 2022
Are you looking for deck decorating ideas with plants? Check out my guide with 9 inspirational examples and recommendations of deck plants.

How would you describe your ideal home deck? Is it minimalistic? Peaceful? Or cheerful? If you love spending time on your patio, it’s a great idea to cultivate your personal outdoor escape. Pairing the right plants with deck decorating ideas will definitely help you achieve the desired effect.

If you ask me, nothing spices up the place better than some flowers and greenery. But if you’ve never done a home improvement project involving plants, this guide with inspirational decor ideas is exactly what you need.

Ready, steady, decorate!

What Plants Are the Best for Deck Decoration?

We’re enthusiastically ready to decorate the patio with plants! But for someone who doesn’t understand the language of the plants, it may be hard to pick those that would sit comfortably on the deck. 

Whether you prefer blooming flowers or simple plants, I have plenty of gorgeous choices here. You will never find your patio boring again. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with nature without leaving home!

Let’s dive in!

1) Marigolds

J K via Unsplash

In the realm of flowers, marigolds are a cult favorite. Most of the blooming plants demand pampering or special treatment, but marigolds continuously bloom like a weed with minimal maintenance.

You can easily find classic yellow and orange marigolds everywhere, but other variations exist as well. While they perfectly endure warmer temperatures, you can blindly trust marigolds to survive until the first freeze. Just ensure you give them sufficient sunlight.

2) Lavender

Daiga Ellaby via Unsplash

How could we skip almost everyone’s favorite flower? Lavender’s scent is timeless, therapeutic, and divine. It’s no wonder why we often see it growing in homes in one way or another. 

You can involve this aromatic plant in numerous deck decorating ideas. It doesn’t bloom as frequently as other plants, but when it does, your deck will be filled with its calming scent. You can expect lavender to consistently bloom through summer and spring. 

However, remember that lavender demands direct access to sunlight and is sensitive to overwatering. If you’re careful with it, lavender will not just delight the eye but also repel mosquitos.

3) Caladium

Dawn McDonald via Unsplash

Caladium is rarely seen at homes or around them, and I find that quite sad. These beauties definitely deserve appreciation and love. Let’s see how they look and what care they require.

Combining bright red and pink shades with heart-shaped, lush leaves, it’s obvious why caladium belongs on your deck. It is also an excellent option for homeowners hunting for annual plants. 

But you should be aware that this plant can only grow in a semi-shaded and humid environment. So, if you reside somewhere with a different climate, you, unfortunately, can’t have caladium.

4) Ornamental grass

Cathy VanHeest via Unsplash

When it comes to ornamental grass, unlimited options are available – from Japanese Forest Grass to Purple Fountain Grass. I advise you to surf through this diverse collection before deciding which one should decorate the deck.

Ornamental grass adds privacy while maximizing space with aesthetic appeal. That’s why you can keep it as a potted plant.

5) Hydrangea

Josefin via Unsplash

There are many reasons why hydrangea is hailed as a people pleaser. These blooming shrubs are the most stunning in the first half of summer but can also persevere until cold days.

With the ability to tolerate almost all types of soil, hydrangeas don’t require some special care, so they are an excellent option for first-time gardeners.

Most hydrangeas require shade in a warmer season but also demand sunlight to blossom. So, make sure to plant them in a relatively shaded area that gets sunlight before noon.

6) Fuchsia

 Michiel van Kaam via Unsplash

Is there anyone else who loves fuchsia as I do? These plants are so extraordinary and look mega good!  However, in comparison with hydrangea, fuchsia needs some extra care.

Plant these blooms in semi-shade or direct sunlight, according to the variety you own. At the summer’s peak, a south-facing scorching placement can be too much to bear for this plant. 

So, select a sheltered spot because the wind can blow away the petals easily, especially in the bigger flowering categories. As for soil, there’s no specification, but keep it well-drained.

7) Berries

Joshua Woroniecki via Unsplash

Using berries in deck decorating ideas might be a demanding task, but the result is worth the effort.

It’s up to you to grow berries in pots or without, but don’t expect a generous yield in the former scenario. Apply organic fertilizer and compost in late winter, if necessary, for optimum growth. 

Also, ensure the soil is evenly moist and mulch to prevent weeds. Pick the berries ASAP in the morning, when they’re still cool. Don’t pick them when they’re wet.

8) Herbs

Herbs plants for deck decoration

I know what you’re thinking – it’s challenging to grow edible plants. But did you know that most herbs have the talent to grow like weeds? 

I suggest you craft your own patio garden with herbs suitable for your culinary preferences, varying from sage and chives to cilantro or basil.

To ace this deck decorating idea, remember that most herbs require direct sunlight throughout the day, particularly if you aim to grow a huge crop.

9) Cherry tomatoes

Sebastian Völkel via Unsplash

I love adding cherry tomatoes to most of my recipes, which is why my patio is adorned with this beautiful and yummy plant. Although cherry tomatoes can grow in whatever condition, I suggest you offer them sufficient space. 

Cherry tomatoes will be the happiest in well-draining soil, with a pH balance of 6.2 to 6.5. As for sunlight, give them four to five hours daily.

10) New Guinea Impatiens

 Lisa Marie via Unsplash

New Guinea Impatiens are a definite winner in the contest for the best outdoor patio plants. This bloom presents a wealth of tropical colors ranging from violet to orange.

However, these plants aren’t good at tolerating drought and usually prefer partial shade. So, to maintain the glorious bloom of Guinea Impatiens, keep the soil damp and add some fertilizer.

11) Pelargonium

Pelargoniums for Europe via Usnplash

Pelargonium is a massive genus of plants spreading across 300 rare species, along with a praiseworthy variety of coloration in their pinwheel-like petals. Thanks to its prolific array, this classic works flawlessly in many home decks.

However, the sheer amount of blooms depends on how  regular the feeding schedule for these demanding species is. 

Although a big chunk of pelargoniums needs direct sunlight, some categories can tolerate average shade without obstructing their ability to bloom.

12) Hibiscus

Jessica Sloan via Unsplash

Hibiscus is known for its rare scent and stunning look as it grows in bold neon colors that resemble a highlighter. So if you want to add a touch of vividness to your deck, these are the flowers you should go for.

Please note that hibiscus flowers usually need complete shade or sunlight if you want this plant to blossom until fall. While you won’t experience any issues with it during the summer, keep in mind that this tropical variety doesn’t do well in winter.

9 Deck Decorating Ideas with Plants and More

Now that we know what the best plants to choose for our home deck are, it’s finally time to unveil the central part of my guide – deck decorating ideas. 

Below, I have shared nine inspirational ideas for decorating your patio using only greenery and a few more decor details. In no time, your deck will look better than ever before.

Idea #1: Trailing plants on wall

The first on our list of deck decorating ideas is one “old school” concept that is still so frequently used because it looks fantastic. Check it out to better understand what I am talking about:

To beautify your walls, consider cascading plants. You can also hang them in petite baskets. Some of the best trailing plants are fuchsia, tomatoes, lobelia, and petunia, among many others. 

I love this idea as it makes walls practical. If you’re bored of plain walls and don’t want to do any DIY art either, trailing plants are your perfect solution.

Idea #2: Pallet stand to hang pots

Whether you prefer aesthetic, functionality, or both, let me share an adorable decor idea you’ll definitely love. With minimal equipment, you can ace this super-cute decoration.

Pallent stand to hang plants deck decorating ideas
Credit: Pinterest

To bring this stylish deck decor to life, you only need small pots and a wooden pallet. Adjust the pallet on the fence and hang some potted plants or flowers on it. You can also paint the hanging pots with bright colors to make them look unique. Hang them vertically, horizontally, or in whatever direction you prefer.

Idea #3: Flowerful vertical patio garden

If you are willing to maximize outdoor space, vertical gardens are the practical and quick solution. You can choose just one species or select your top few favorites – flowers, fruits, vegetables, whatever you want!

Flower vertical patio garden deck decorating ideas
Credit: Pinterest

The above example shows three species, and that’s how the owner made the perfect versatility in his outdoor corner. This idea can be accomplished on fences, walls, or barriers. I have a vertical garden in my backyard, too, and I love it!

Idea #4: Wire wall with hanging mini buckets

We’ve covered an idea involving a pallet above, but this one includes a wire wall instead, which is equally budget-friendly and easy to make. You can hang or stick literally anything on this flexible wall.

Wire wall with hanging mini buckets deck decorating ideas
Credit: Bob Vila

With a plethora of mini buckets, you can add all your favorite plants and showcase them in a fancy way. Ideally, position the wall near a seating area on your patio, so you can enjoy watching it while drinking tea or coffee. Herbs are the most suitable for this purpose, but flowers will also look super cute! 

Idea #5: Hanging wooden frames and galvanized planters

If you take your patio décor seriously, you might consider making galvanized planters for your precious plants. This is the best gift for your greenery selection.

Hanging wooden frames with galvanized planters deck decorating ideas
Credit: Pinterest

And here’s one helpful piece of information – galvanized steel prevents rusting, which is the biggest enemy to your plants besides pests. 

Luckily, this material is appealing to the eyes too, and by pairing it with wood, you’ll create a cozy ambiance on your home deck.

You can also use this idea for indoor decor, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to put the plants on the floor. If you live in a small house or a loft apartment, this is a great idea to incorporate plants in your home.

Idea #6: Cinder block vertical garden

If you liked the vertical garden, you’d be even more thrilled to know that many other plantscaping ideas for creating a mini garden exist. For instance, take a look at this amazing decor:

Cinder block vertical garden deck decorating ideas
Credit: Decoist

These herbs in cinder blocks look totally unique – talk about creativity! If you’re not a fan of pallets or the classic frames we discussed above, then cinder blocks might be your cup of tea. They are also affordable and practical, creating a happy place for your plants to grow. 

You can also add pictures above the plants to make the whole corner look even more artistic.

Idea #7: Staghorn ferns in wooden frames on the wall

The following idea is specially made for the lovers of staghorn ferns, and  it is one of the edgiest deck decorating ideas. Check it out:

Staghorn ferns in wooden frames on the wall deck decorating ideas
Credit: terrain

Although you will have to invest a little more effort and proper maintenance in this decoration, it is definitely worth it!

Idea #8: Coffee table converted into plant shelving

We’ve talked a lot about the home deck itself. Now let’s switch to specific patio furniture for outdoor home decorating. For instance, we’ll put your old outdoor table to good use. 

Have you ever thought that it’s possible to transform a coffee table into a safe place for your plants?

As we can see above, the middle of the outdoor coffee table has been carved out to make room for some beautiful plants. This one-of-a-kind idea is highly impressive and useful for those without much space for plant decor.

Idea #9: Light up & revitalize your deck

When we talk about the outdoor furniture and deck decor, it would be incomplete without some romantic lights, right?  

I believe no matter how many surprising decor ideas emerge, nothing can beat potted plants on a table and beautiful string lamps. Take a look at the following example:

Lights to decorate deck
Credit: Pinterest

If you want to make your space as warm and cozy as possible, definitely consider hanging lights, which are aesthetically beautiful and, of course, practical when spending time outside in the evening.

Over to You

I hope I inspired you with helpful deck decorating ideas on incorporating the greenery to make your patio inviting, cozy and beautiful. To sum up, we discussed the following:

  • Caladium, berries, herbs, pelargonium, and cherry tomatoes are the least popular but worthy greenery options.
  • You can add galvanized planters, trailing plants, or ferns in wooden frames on your patio wall.
  • Additional decor concepts include a pallet stand, wall, cinder block, and a vertical garden.
  • You can transform your coffee table into a “vase” for your plants.
  • Add string lights to make your outdoor corner warmer.

If you liked this article, I invite you to check out the other home improvement, beauty, and fashion guides on my blog.

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