Best Underwear for Sensitive Skin in 2021 – Hypoallergenic Comfort

Christine Steuber
Oct 15, 2020
There are plenty of reasons to pick out the best underwear for sensitive skin. So when you’re confused about what underwear to wear, finding something comfortable…

There are plenty of reasons to pick out the best underwear for sensitive skin. So when you’re confused about what underwear to wear, finding something comfortable and itch-free can help.

Sensitive skin needs to be taken care of, no doubt about that. And when you wear underwear every day, this is something you have to think about even more.

For example, what type of underwear material do you prefer? Because synthetic fabrics like spandex and polyester tend to cause discomfort for sensitive skin. Cotton, though it may be a soft and breathable fabric, gives rise to dampness and sensitivity in humid weather. Nevertheless, it seems like the most popular choice for sensitive skin since it’s an organic and breathable fabric.

In order to understand the key basics of buying underwear for your sensitive skin, you can go through the essential “How-To” guide in this post. But before that, let me just list a few of the top recommendations for you…

Most Comfortable Underwear That Suits Sensitive Skin

1. Rael/Hesta Organic Cotton Panties – Best for Big Tummy

Rael/Hesta Organic Cotton Panties Underwear

Type of Underwear Bikini hipster or hipster brief
Waist Medium-to-low rise
Material 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex
Sizes XS to 4XL

When pregnant ladies have praised this pair of organic cotton ‘hypoallergenic’ panties for their ability to accommodate a growing belly, then your non-pregnant tummy pooch has nothing to worry about. The waist of these undies feels incredibly comfortable, unlike panties with a tight elastic band. Plus, no itchy rashes and no bothersome tags either.

The softness of organic cotton is indicative of the fact that zero chemicals have been used during manufacturing. Moreover, the panties feel silky and smooth to touch. After all, this is a high-quality pair available in an assortment of basic colors.

Sizes are available too – ranging from extra-small to 4XL. And even the larger sizes (XL and up) fit around the tummy, hips, and buttocks very comfortably. So once you get your size, expect the panties to feel very soft and stretchy because of the use of hypoallergenic, organic cotton. With a band that just never digs into your skin!


  • Stretchy, hypoallergenic organic cotton panties
  • Silky smooth quality (not too thick nor too thin)
  • Perfect, comfortable fit even around large thighs
  • No pilling, no shrinkage upon washing


  • Visible panty lines through thin clothing

2. Hesta Women’s Organic Cotton Menstrual Sanitary Protective Panties – Best Period Panties

Hesta | Rael Women's Organic Cotton Period Menstrual Sanitary Protective Underwear

Type of Underwear Bikini hipster or hipster brief
Waist Low-rise
Material 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex
Sizes XS, S, L, XL

Once again, Hesta surprises the modern woman with their oh-so-comfortable collection of organic cotton panties that are the most suitable for skin sensitivities. And the current set of 3 panties is also the best for when you’re menstruating and have to wear sanitary pads.

So it goes without saying that the underwear comes down slightly lower on your legs. But then that, in no way, feels uncomfortable. The panty is supposed to sit in that manner. Plus, there’s the wider crotch region, which is also much-needed for both leak protection and full coverage.

The water-resistant gusset-to-waistline lining is what prevents any unexpected leakage. And even with big buttocks, you don’t have to worry about full coverage. They’re plenty flexible in that sense and also feel extremely comfortable during your menstrual cycle.


  • Soft, chemical-free organic cotton panties
  • Water-resistant, wide crotch perfect for sanitary pads
  • Very comfortable, full coverage even for a round booty


  • Expect them to shrink after washing

3. City Threads Girls’ Briefs Underwear Panties – Best for Girls (not Adult Women!)

City Threads Girls' Briefs Underwear Panties in 100% Cotton

Type of Underwear Bikini hipster or hipster brief
Waist Mid-rise
Material 100% cotton
Sizes All sizes for kids (female-specific)

Most importantly, these panties, which would fit your daughter perfectly, are not made using materials, dyes, etc. known to trigger itching, rashes, or any form of such skin sensitivities. That’s the beauty of 100-percent, super-soft cotton. The material just mentioned, no doubt, breathes and also stretches quite generously to fit your comfort level.

At the same time, there are no fasteners, snaps, buttons, and zippers incorporated into the design. So your kid is most likely to not cry about (pun intended) how irritating the undergarment is.

What’s also equally important is if the panties stand up against the test of time. Obviously, you want to buy tough, high-quality garments and undergarments for children precisely because of their playful, mess-causing nature. In that case, look forward to these girls’ brief undies being worn again and again without showing signs of wear and tear.

If your child is a sensitive being when it comes to tags, seams, and the like on her clothing, then this indeed seems like the best solution.


  • Super-soft cotton panties wick away sweat and moisture
  • Waistband is also enclosed in a super-soft fabric
  • Thick enough to withstand regular use and washes


  • They feel a little too thick, which some kids might not like

4. Cushyou Bamboo Panties Underwear – Best Hypoallergenic Underwear

Cushyou Bamboo Panties Underwear

Type of Underwear Briefs
Waist Medium-to-low rise
Material 50% bamboo, 60% viscose, 10% lycra
Sizes XL

Bamboo has antibacterial properties. Bamboo keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Bamboo is highly moisture-wicking and sweat-absorbing. And more importantly, bamboo is a material that, when used for undies, feels super-soft and hypoallergenic against the skin.

The material composition here also consists of comfortable lycra and breathable, lightweight, sweat-absorbent viscose. With the latter, high elasticity (for a comfortable fit) yet shape retention (for maintaining the original shape) becomes a huge part of the experience.

And with the gusset crotch pocket, your skin is further protected against irritation of any kind because of the seams, structure, etc. of these brief panties. They’re the very reason why going commando is such a bad idea.


  • Made of hypoallergenic, antibacterial bamboo
  • Moisture-wicking and sweat-absorbent properties
  • Brief type is perfect for body shaping and extra support
  • Lycra flexibility allows freedom of movement


  • Not such a widely popular choice (very little known)

5. COSOMALL Women’s Cotton Soft Briefs Panties – Most Affordable Pack of Underwear

COSOMALL Women's Cotton Underwear

Type of Underwear Bikini hipster or hipster brief
Waist Low-rise
Material 96% cotton, 4% spandex
Sizes L to 3XL

So this is a reasonably-priced pack of 6 pairs of pure cotton panties for all those who are high on the radar of skin sensitivities. These undies are also the best for full coverage even during workout and training sessions. The fit feels the most comfortable at the time of exercising – meaning no struggling with embarrassing wedgies at the gym.

Another thing that’s amazing is how soft the pair feels against your skin. In fact, it gets softer after you run it through the washer. The appearance or quality of these hipster panties doesn’t get compromised despite regular use.

There’s no bunching, pinching, feeling hot, riding up, etc. – just genuine lightweight, breathable, comfortable foundation wear. It’s full coverage at its best with the softness of cotton and a little bit of form-fitting spandex stretch.


  • Ultra-soft, cotton stretch panties for full coverage
  • Crotch lining also made of soft, breathable cotton
  • Shape retention, premium quality, and hip-hugging support
  • Silky, shiny waistband stays put at all times


  • Not seamless by design
  • Leg holes tend to feel too tight

6. OUENZ Women’s Cotton Underwear – Best for Body Shaping

OUENZ Women’s Cotton Underwear

Type of Underwear High-waist bikini brief
Waist High-rise
Material 95% cotton, 5% spandex
Sizes S to 5XL

You have every reason to look for underwear that hits two birds with one stone – one for your sensitive skin and the other for controlling your muffin top. With full coverage, a wide elastic waistband, thicker and soft cotton construction, these brief panties have been praised even by women after childbirth i.e. during postpartum recovery.

The use of natural cotton is what ensures breathable comfort and keeps your skin from getting irritated or triggered. The legs are not guilty of riding up and the fabric composition is not guilty of not being too stretchy.

Moreover, the crotch area is double-layered for extra protection and every stitch is sewn down very smoothly for preventing rips. These are starting to seem like those rare-to-come-by work panties that never shift or roll down the waist during busy, work days. Even if you’ve just gone through childbirth or even if your size is XL.


  • Super-soft, high-quality natural cotton panties
  • Double-layered waistband and crotch
  • Wide elastic waistband creates tummy control/shaping
  • Full back coverage and flat seams


  • Stitches come loose and shape shrinks very soon

What to Look for In Women’s Underwear If You Have Sensitive Skin

What to Look for In Women’s Underwear If You Have Sensitive Skin

Here are some key essentials to keep in mind when buying new underwear. These pointers surely help you prioritize your skin health down there. Just one little mishap can ruin your day and how you feel…

Should I Consider Buying Seamless Underwear?

There’s nothing as comfortable as wearing seamless underwear. Seamless underwear styles not only hide panty lines but feel gentle and smooth against your skin. The leg holes that wrap all around your upper thighs do not cause any amount of chafing, which is just what’s perfect about them if you’re an active person who moves around a lot.

Another serious concern for sensitive skin is skin darkening. You’re more likely to get dark spots and dryness when the material is rubbing you the wrong way. This can lead to marks that take a long time to fade away. And sometimes skin darkening no amount of moisturizer can cure.

Another good reason to choose seamless panties is quality. When your average underwear gets old and worn out, the elastic paves the way for skin rashes. So whether you’re sitting in one place for long or you’re walking around, it’s bound to cause chafing and skin dermatitis.

But, fortunately, with seamless underwear, you simply don’t have to worry about any of this. With no seams pressing into your skin, concerns like skin rashes and chafing are just not applicable anymore.

What is the Best Underwear Material?

The material is just as important as the style of underwear. Even more so, in fact, if you have sensitive skin. Between nylon, polyester, cotton – which is the best material for sensitive skin?

You will be saving yourself a lot of trouble wearing natural fabrics. These include cotton and bamboo materials. If you’re mindful of the material you pick, it will certainly create a calm and dry environment down there.

And this means refusing to choose synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and lycra unless they’re a part of the blend with cotton or bamboo.

Nonetheless, synthetic materials are non-breathable, which tends to cause skin irritation, rashes, and infection especially if you’re extremely prone to such skin sensitivities. So the last thing you need is for your everyday underwear that makes it worse.

Hands down, cotton is the first choice when it comes to protecting your skin from rashes and irritation. It’s a sweat-absorbent, moisture-wicking, breathable, ‘hypoallergenic’ material even during hot climates.

However, if you have super-sensitive skin, you should consider trying organic fabric blends. Such as organic cotton with bamboo. That would become twice as breathable, eco-friendly, and soft, thus quite helpful in the case of extremely sensitive skin. And even healthy if you’re tired of using standard cotton!

Another huge benefit of wearing organic cotton or bamboo is that both are hypoallergenic. They are not only perfect for sensitive skin but also for healthy skincare. Meaning the safest choice for people struggling with eczema, rashes, and skin darkening.

What Style of Underwear Prevents Skin Irritation?

For women, you have classic bikini briefs and seamless underwear. Classic briefs are generally made from organic cotton or bamboo. With briefs, you get full coverage, protection, and comfort. Bamboo briefs are indeed a popular trend among women with sensitive skin.

Now you should also know that briefs are tight in that they offer support and shaping. But there’s no doubting that they provide a proper fit with the ability to prevent chafing, rashes, and itching.

Then, somewhere in between, there are mid-briefs that give you a little more coverage than classic briefs. You can purchase them in midi, full, or boy-leg length.

But if you hate wearing underwear completely but still want protection, go for a G-string. This particular style, though at first may not seem like the most comfortable option out there, is not something you can’t get used to. But you’ll only know once you try.

To be honest, in terms of preventing or triggering skin irritation or infection is concerned, thongs, G-strings, etc. and full-coverage panties are much the same. Ultimately, it’s the fabric that matters. Nevertheless, make sure there’s a cotton material crotch panel, along with a fit that isn’t too tight as that could lead to chafing.

You can also purchase bamboo or cotton G-string underwear so it doesn’t chafe, cause discomfort, or trigger your skin sensitivities.

How to Wash Your Undies the Right Way?

How to Wash Your Undies the Right Way?

As with underwear that is either made of cotton or bamboo or both, you have to be careful. Such underwear requires extra care especially when you have sensitive skin.

A gentle washing cycle using a mild or eco-friendly detergent is necessary. Keep in mind that harsh chemicals tend to ruin the fabric. Besides, if you have sensitive skin, harsh chemicals just do not suit your skin either.

And that’s why there are hypoallergenic detergents, which are softer and gentler. They don’t contain artificial chemicals or fragrances. Therefore, safe for your delicate skin and your delicate underwear.

If you want your underwear to last longer, always pre-soak your garments. Avoid directly putting your dirty underwear in the washing machine. Pre-soaking softens the fabric and makes sure the underwear retains its original shape post-wash.

Another important tip: never tumble-dry your bamboo underwear. Always air-dry it once you take it out of the washer.


The reason you need special panties or underwear in case you happen to have sensitive skin is its soft, gentle material. Meaning fabrics like cotton and bamboo feel luxuriously soft. Plus, they’re supportive, offer coverage, and don’t sag over time. And even better, they stay dry and comfy even if you wear them every day of the week!

That’s how important it is to buy undies that don’t bother already troubled skin. These are comfy, safe, and in some cases, even more sustainable.

The soft feel of fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo prevents rashes and chafing. They’re even thermo-regulating, which is great because this means you will keep cool down there in summer and warm in winter. Fabrics such as bamboo also have anti-static benefits. In simple words, that means no stickiness, itching, or dampness even when you sweat.

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