What Are the Best Jeans for Apple Shapes and How to Wear Them? (Reviews 2021)

Are you tired of hiding your natural curves in boring denim? It’s time to buy these best jeans for apple shapes. You can show off your legs in these flattering styles. There are more ways to look good with an apple shape than in bootcut denims.

So what you need right now are quick and stylish recommendations. Jeans that look good for your shape and feel comfortable as well. Read on to find out the best jeans for apple shapes at an affordable price.

Best Jeans for Apple Shapes – Table Comparison and Top 9 Reviews

There’s nothing better than owning a stylish and comfortable pair of jeans. You can pair them up with anything. And they’re a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. You may not wear jeans every day but it’s good to have that option, right? 

Lee Women’s Easy Fit Frenchie Capri Jean#9Cotton, SpandexCapri Jeans
WallFlower Plus Size Basic Legendary Skinny Jeans#8Cotton, Polyester, SpandexSkinny Jeans
Dickies Women’s Relaxed Straight Leg Jean#7Cotton, Polyester, SpandexStraight Leg Jeans
NYDJ Womens Barbara Boot-Cut Jeans#6Cotton, Polyester, Lyocell, Elasto-, ElastaneBootcut Jeans
Lee Women’s Modern Series Curvy Fit Bootcut Jeans#5Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, SpandexBootcut Jeans
NYDJ Women’s Marilyn Straight Leg Denim Jeans#4Cotton, Polyester, Lyocell, Elasto-, ElastaneStraight Leg Jeans
Levi’s Women 711 Skinny Jeans#3Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, ElastaneSkinny Jeans
Amazon Essentials Women’s High-Rise Skinny Jeans#2Cotton, Polyester, ElastaneSkinny Jeans
Levi’s Women’s Curvy Bootcut Jeans#1 - Editor’s ChoiceCotton, Polyester, ElastaneBootcut Jeans

9. Lee Women’s Easy Fit Frenchie Capri Jean - Best capri jeans for apple shapes

Lee Women's Easy Fit Frenchie Capri Jean, Silver Lining, 14

The Lee Women’s Easy Fit is a stylish carpi jeans. It has a comfortable cotton and spandex construction. So you know it’s breathable and tight. Capri jeans are essential for women with apple shapes. It doesn’t make your body look too round or short.

You’ll like the way these capri jeans shape your body. The fabric stretches to conform. It has a comfortable and basic capri style. With stitched pockets, stretch denim, and pretty colors.

The fabric will definitely stretch to conform. And that’s one of the things that make it look good. The capris do not look or feel too big. It has a petite style that is supportive enough for small and large sizes.

The waistband also sits very comfortably on the body. It’s not tight and doesn’t show any gaps. So from the waistline all the way to the leg opening. These are one of the most supportive and comfy picks. Ideal for curvy women.


  • An ideal choice for the summer.
  • Smooth and clean lines.
  • A well-balanced shape from waist to thighs.


  • The size runs slightly larger than usual.

8. WallFlower Plus Size Basic Legendary Skinny Jeans - Best plus-sized jeans for apple shapes

	 WallFlower Plus Size Basic Legendary Skinny Jeans in Darcy Size:24 Plus Long

You won’t find a comfortable pair like these. The WallFlower Basic Skinny Jeans is smart and stylish. It has a classic, modern design. That not only looks good but it feels just as comfortable.

These are very functional skinny jeans. It has a tight fit but not too grippy or constricting. It’s flexible enough to accommodate all your movements. You can wear them for longer hours. It feels supportive and comfy from everywhere.

One best quality of this pair of jeans is the crotch. It prevents chafing, keeps your crotch dry and sweat-free. Even if your thighs rub together, the fabric feels light and smooth. You can sit cross-legged, you can stretch them out in front of you, etc.

The plus-size shape is also perfect for most women. It adds versatility. So you know that these pair of jeans are made just for you. The length and wrap of the legs are also quite impressive. Not too tight and stiff - just the way most women like it.


  • Stretch and firm fit.
  • Super high-quality fabric construction.
  • It has a slimming effect.


  • None so far.

7. Dickies Women’s Relaxed Straight Leg Jean - Best mid-rise jeans for apple shapes

Dickies Women's Relaxed Straight Leg Jean, Antique Dark Indigo, 12 Regular

These jeans flatter any apple body type. They’re slimming from the hips and butt. And with the straight legs fit, they’re super supportive. You can flaunt your hips in them while balancing your thighs. This is the best combination of style and comfort in a pair of jeans.

These jeans are made from some of the softest materials. And in terms of appearance, it has a very chic and classic look. The relaxed fit ensures easy and flexible mobility. It doesn’t overstretch nor does it chafe.

Whether it’s summer where you are or winter, the fabric always feels light. It sits firmly on your hips and thighs. And then it simply elongates your legs are is has a straight leg fit.

You can expect 100% comfort and support in these jeans. It’s mid-rise and it creates the perfect shape and silhouette for an apple-shaped figure. The wash lasts for a very long time. And since it’s polyester, there’s zero color fading.


  • Durable, lightweight, and supportive.
  • The straight leg opening is impressive.
  • Not too long, not too short.


  • The size is a bit inaccurate.

6. NYDJ Womens Barbara Boot-Cut Jeans - Best comfortable jeans for apple shapes

NYDJ womens Barbara Boot-cut jeans, New Dark Enzyme, 0 US

Slim, classic, and stylish - this is what comes to mind when you talk about these jeans. It has proper jeans length for most women. The waist fit is comfortable with no muffin top or bulging. It looks just as flattering from the front as it does from the back.

These jeans give you a supportive and shaping feeling. The closure, pockets, and waistband. All these features come together perfectly. So there’ll be no tugging, pulling, or chafing.

The fabric is firm but not too tight. It’s skin-tight enough to shape your body and curves. Especially helpful for women who are bigger at the hips and thighs. The fit has a slight stretch. Making it easier for you to take them off after a long day.

Having said that, the fabric doesn’t sweat either. So it makes sure that you don’t as well. Keeping you dry and comfy for as long as you wear it.


  • They fit perfectly well for all sizes.
  • Soft and smooth inseam.
  • Innovative and useful TuckLift technology.


  • The waist is a bit high rise.

5. Lee Women’s Modern Series Curvy Fit Bootcut Jeans - Best shaping jeans for apple shapes

	 Lee Women's Modern Series Curvy Fit Alana Bootcut Jean, Eclipse, 6

Don’t you just hate when a gap appears near your waist? For curvy women, this is always the problem. But if I told you that the Lee Modern Series Curvy Fit has a proper waistband? That it doesn’t cause gaping at the waist and carries your curvy shape beautifully?

Because that’s exactly what these best jeans for apple shapes do. It can carry heavy hips and thighs weight. It doesn’t cause bulging or chafing. And from your waistline all the way down to your ankles. It has a shaping and slimming effect.

It also offers tummy control for women with a muffin top or sagging skin. It smoothens out wrinkles and cellulite. The perfect alternative for shaping your butt.

You can buy these jeans in a variety of colors. It has a contoured, stylish, and supportive fit. Basic but modern in many ways. Ideal for women looking for a classic denim appearance.


  • Easy to wash and rinse with water.
  • Perfect for short to medium height women.
  • Supportive and comfy waistband.


  • None so far.

4. NYDJ Women’s Marilyn Straight Leg Denim Jeans - Best slimming jeans for apple shapes

	 NYDJ Women's Marilyn Straight Denim Jeans, Black BDM, 14

Straight-leg denim is quite the trend in 2020. They look stylish and feel comfortable and supportive. The best ones so far are the NYDJ Marilyn Jeans. They’re comfy, smooth, and durable to wear.

You can make the most of your classic and basic outfits with this pair of jeans. It has a lifting, slimming, and shaping effect. Very real, very long-lasting, and quite appealing.

The classic pockets and zip fly is basic. It doesn’t take away the cool and cozy style of standard denims. And denims like these, you’ll always want to wear it for everything. Be it for casual dinners, fancy parties, or date night!

These are the best of the best-fitting jeans you’ll ever own. It has the right waistline for an apple-shaped figure. It hides your tummy and slims your hips and thighs. And the straight length elongates your lower body. Making you look taller and more in shape.


  • Accurate and fit-specific sizing chart.
  • They feel breathable and dry.
  • The fabric is smooth inside out.


  • You can feel the seams/lining of the denim.

3. Levi’s Women 711 Skinny Jeans - Best everyday jeans for apple shapes

Levi's Women's Plus Size 711 Skinny Jeans, Mystery Black, 36 (US 16) M

Who said only skinny women could wear skinny jeans? Levi’s 711 Skinny Jeans fits the apple-shaped beautifully. Whether you’re looking for new ways to complement your body type. Or you’re bored of wearing the same-old, rusty boot cut jeans.

These jeans will be perfect for your body type. It has cotton, viscose, polyester, and elastane. The fit is classic and the fabric feels smooth and light for a long, long time. Even after you machine wash it, it will remain soft and smooth for a while.

You can pair these jeans with simple and stylish outfits. It’s the most modern and classic option out there for an effortless look. The medium waist fit is shaping and supportive. And since it is midrise, it has a good stretch to support and cuddle your body.

So it’s not too tight, not too loose. The fit is slimmer at the hips and thighs to provide a proper, curvy body shape. The heaviness of the fabric is only so that the jeans do not lose their shape. It’s just as described by the brand. And it has a classic black jeans fit.


  • Ideal for thick hips and thighs.
  • Skinny and supportive jeans.
  • Enough stretch and comfort for mobility.


  • Double-check the waistband size.

2. Amazon Essentials Women’s High-Rise Skinny Jeans - Best shaping jeans for apple shapes

Amazon Essentials Women's High-Rise Skinny Jean, Medium Wash, 0 Regular

If you are apple-shaped, you will love these. They come in a wide variety of sizes. You can machine wash and dry them. The jeans have a unique and highly-functional fit. So it’s one of the best choices for women.

The modern skinny fit is also quite impressive. It looks good and feels just as comfortable. It has a classic zip-fly with button closure. With pockets and a waistband that are supportive.

The shape from the back is very form-fitting. It slightly lifts and shapes the buttocks. So if you have big hips and thighs, this will suit your body type.

In terms of size, it’s quite accurate and useful. It has an exact measurement chart for the waistband, hips, and length. The material, since it has elastane, has a bit of stretch to it. So it’s nice-looking and firm-fitting.

If you’re looking for a slim and tight fit, go for these jeans. They look slimming and skin-tight without suffocating you. The waistband is not too constricting so it doesn’t press into your stomach. It’s a supportive and clean-cut pair of jeans.


  • Soft and lightweight fabric.
  • Incredible stretch and shaping.
  • No inner thigh chafing or pilling.


  •  The length is a bit short.

1. Levi’s Women’s Curvy Bootcut Jeans - Editor’s Choice

Levi's Women's Curvy Bootcut Jeans, Dark And Saturated, 30 (US 10) R

The Levi’s Curvy Bootcut Jeans pair really well with plain tees and shirts. The cotton, polyester, and elastane material blend are durable. It has a stretch that is both firm and soft.

For apple shapes, these jeans are spectacular. You can machine wash them. They won’t lose their shape or firmness. It has a stretch on the mid-section with a boot cut leg. This means it’s slim on the hips and thighs.

If you have big hips or thighs, you need proper support. But what you don’t need is tight-fitting legs that steal all the attention. With this bootcut fit, you don’t have to worry about that.

At a decent and affordable price, you can buy the best jeans for apple shapes. They do not shrink or wrinkle and do not look loose or baggy. The seams are soft and supportive. You can feel how light and comfortable it is to wear as soon as you put it on.


  • Supportive and comfortable waistband.
  • Bright and long-lasting wash.
  • Comfortable and soft material.


  • The pant legs are a bit longer than expected.

Buying the Best Jeans for Apple Shapes (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Mid Rise Length


A mid-rise length in jeans for apple shapes is the perfect match. Lots of times, the incorrect shape or rise of jeans can end up making you look shorter. With a mid-rise length, if you have a curvy figure, you can look taller too.

It doesn’t only elongate your legs but makes you look leaner as well. The waistline is a tricky business when it comes to buying new jeans. But there is a lot you can do to avoid looking shorter than your actual height.

Also, you don’t want your body to look mismatched. Especially when you have bigger hips and thighs than you do a waistline.

So mid-rise jeans reduce the bulky appearance of your short waistline. It can disguise your waistline into looking slim and shapely.

A mid-rise length will also reduce the “muffin-top” effect on your tummy. It half-masks your lower abdomen for better shape and tummy control. Instead of pressing into your stomach, the waistband sits comfortably on your waist.

If the jeans you have right now, pinch and poke your belly. Then you’re wearing the wrong type of jeans. So this is the perfect time to switch to the best jeans for apple shapes.

Fit and Style


One style of jeans that works for most women is wide-leg jeans. This includes bootcut jeans, straight jeans, and capri jeans. Straight-leg jeans are fantastic because they mimic the trouser-like effect.

The bigger leg openings elongate your lower body. While also shaping your hips and thighs. Such jeans sit tight on your hips and thighs. The legs start to become wider from above the knees.

This goes well with all outfits- basic, casual, classic, chic, formal, and fancy.

Having said that, not all apple-shaped figures look the same. Your preferred fit and style of jeans may be different from another’s. Even though both of you are characterized as having an apple figure.

What you need to look at is your size. It’s best to take measurements of your waistline, hips, and length. And then find the proper jeans that will flatter your body size and shape.

Minimizing the bulkiness around your hips and thighs is priority number one. So you must always keep this in mind before buying any new jeans for the first time.

Do Skinny Jeans Look Good?


I can understand why you’ve been avoiding skinny jeans for this long. Women often think that skinny jeans are made for smaller waists and skinnier legs. But that is not true.

The skinny jeans on this list will elevate your style.

They’re types of denim that have skinny legs but they flaunt your thighs and booty. With mid-rise waistbands, that helps you show off your best assets. So what you have an apple-shaped body?

You can still look and feel good in skinny jeans, right?  

The best option out there for skinny jeans for apple shapes is dark colors. Darker shades create the perfect silhouette. If you want to minimize your waistline, they will do that. If you want your butt to look rounder and your thighs leaner, they will do that too.

The point is to balance the shape of your body. So it looks like a nice curvy figure rather than a plump, round figure. And that’s exactly what skinny jeans achieve so eloquently.

Look for skinny jeans with a long inseam. They elongate the length of your legs. Making you look tall and lean. If you want to elevate this look too, it’s best to wear heels or flats that look minimal.

Pair narrow skinny jeans to hide your muffin top with the right pair of shoes. And you won’t feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about wearing skinny jeans anymore.

Styling Tips for Apple Shapes


Here’s what people don’t tell you about wearing the best jeans for apple shapes...

Always wear jeans with back pockets

Back pockets are not optional. Especially when you have a curvy figure. They can seriously make your butt look good.

If you have a big butt, avoid heavy details in your back pocket. A simple design that is both classic and basic will do. Under no circumstance buy a back pocket with embellishments or flaps.

All this will do is grab more attention to your butt. What you want is proper shaping and not enlarging the appearance of your butt from behind.

Opt for either bigger pockets or pockets that are set closer together. They will make your buttocks look slimmer and toned from behind. And for curvy women with wider butts, they also scale your hips and thighs to size.

So you look less stout and leaner but still curvy.

Always wear jeans with a slight stretch

Jeans with a good stretch draw the line between baggy and extra-tight. Always look at what the jeans are made of. If the jeans have more cotton, they will stretch out with time. They’ll start to feel and look baggy, wrinkly, and worn out.

Materials like spandex, polyester maintain proper firmness. They will shape your curves rather than wrap around them. And most importantly, such blends retain their original denim shape really well. This makes them longer lasting and sturdy to wear for hours.

Final Thoughts

The Levi’s Women’s Curvy Bootcut Jeans rocks the classic apple-shaped figure. It’s the perfect pair out there - it’s stylish, functional, and long-lasting. It seeks out your natural body shape to create the ideal silhouette.

So you not only look amazing in denim jeans but you feel relaxed too. It’s a full-length, mid-rise pair of jeans. The bootcut fit doesn’t look too baggy or wrinkly. Even after you wash it a few times.

If you’re looking for jeans that have a very relaxed fit and functional to wear. Then you’ve come to the right place. These selections are superior, stylish, and super comfy. A balanced fit is what is essential for women with apple-shaped figures. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here.