How to Buy the Best Swimsuits for Belly Fat? Can You Hide Your Belly Fat?

There are all kinds of body shapes. You can have a pear shape, hourglass figure, or an inverted triangle shape. There are probably more shapes than we know of! This makes shopping for swimsuits harder. And if you have a tricky size for whatever reason, we have something that will help you.

The one thing that really disappoints women is not finding the proper swimsuit to hide belly fat. It can frustrate women who love going to the beach or pool on a regular basis.

The material feels too tight and constricting. When you sit down, it shows every crease and folds from the sides and front. And this makes you even more conscious about your belly fat.

While having belly fat is very natural, wearing an uncomfortable swimsuit is not. What you need is something supportive and relaxing to wear.

Here’s the ultimate swimsuit shopping guide for real women.


Taking the Proper Swimsuit Size


One of the biggest reasons why your current swimsuit is tight is improper size. My best advice to you would be to take your body measurements again. Then compare it with the size chart of the swimsuit brand you buy.

Each swimsuit brand will have a different size chart. Some brands may be the same but it’s always good to re-check.

Here are the ideal size measurements for swimsuits...


This refers to the circumference of your chest. Use a measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. For some women, this is in the right middle of the bust. While for others it can be slightly lower than the center.

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part. Make sure the tape goes under your underarms and all the way around your back. Do not press the tape too tightly into your skin. Just make sure it’s gently pressing on your skin for the ideal swimsuit fit.


Your waist is the measurement of your body above the belly button. Just above the belly button and below the ribcage. In curvy women, if you bend slightly, you’ll notice a crease in your skin at the side. That’s where the waistline begins from. And that’s the measurement you must take.

You have to do the same thing you did while wearing your bust. Wrap the measuring tape around your waistline.


This is the largest part of your buttocks. Wrap the measuring tape around the rear to the front. Keep the tape parallel to the ground. And standing in front of a mirror, make sure you’ve covered the fullest part of your hips.

Best Swimsuits for Belly Fat


You can easily find different swimsuit styles for belly fat...

1. Ruffles 

Layered ruffles on the swimsuit can easily hide belly fat. It can complement a large waistline. Even if your chest and hips are comparatively slimmer. And even if they are not, angled ruffles look good.

The ruffles draw the attention away from your belly fat and love handles. You can walk around in a swimsuit like that without feeling conscious about the shape of your body.

2. Tummy Panel

Some swimsuits come with a tummy panel to flatten and shape belly fat. It sculpts your tummy and hips for a slimmer and curvier look. Modern swimsuits do not make the tummy panel too tight. It’s form-fitting, slim, and breathable to wear.

3. Empire Waist

An Empire Waist swimsuit sits above the waistline. It’s a high-waist swimsuit with a well-fitted top that ends right under the bust. Another common name for such a swimsuit is “babydoll dress.”

If you look at pictures of this kind of swimsuit online, you’ll get a better idea. The style really tricks your midsection into looking slimmer. It will slim your tummy as soon as you put it on.

The fit is shapely, contouring, and smooth to touch. If you have a muffin top and love handles, this will take care of that immediately.

Such swimsuits also offer incredible bust support. You can buy printed swimsuits with an empire waist. Or opt for darker colors to create a flatter and more sexy effect.

4. Tankini

Tankini swimsuits are sporty and fabulous. It’s the perfect swimsuit to wear if you hide a bikini bulge. It’s a tank top styled swimsuit that you can wear like a bikini. You’ll find a tankini in all colors and patterns. It doesn’t look dull. And it doesn’t feel tight.

A tankini is great because you don’t have to make any size adjustments. You buy what fits you well. It’s fit to perfection and you’ll feel very comfortable flaunting it in public.

Can You Hide Belly Fat In A Swimsuit?


To hide your belly fat in a swimsuit, don’t wear swimsuits that sit under your waistline. Make sure you buy a swimsuit with an empire waist. This will cushion and flatten your tummy even more. Once the swimsuit is on, your stomach will look flat and smooth.

Another impressive way to hide belly fat in a swimsuit is to add layers. You can buy a swimsuit with angled ruffles that steal all the attention. The ruffles will hide your belly fat in the most effective manner.

Even if you have love handles or a muffin top, it will cushion the bulges. You can sit, stand, swim, and somersault. The ruffles accentuate your curves while shaping your body from the waistline.


I hope this article helps you find your ideal swimsuit fit. Many swimsuit styles help you hide your belly fat. And if you don’t want to hide your belly fat, then slightly shape it. So it doesn’t stick out of your swimsuit in an awkward manner.

The idea is to make you look sexy and relaxed in a swimsuit. So choosing a bathing suit that fits you like a second skin. It covers all the important areas of your body such as your bust, waist, and hips. And more importantly, it doesn’t feel too tight and constriction.

All of these factors are important. This article covers all the best features of a swimsuit. And how you can find some of the best swimsuits for belly fat right away.